let me take these crumbs

Snow White and Beauty

Hiya! May I have an imagine where your moms are best friends and go out for a girls night. The two of you have to watch his little sis together and you two are both super duper shy and some how end up falling asleep on the couch together and end up cuddling only for your moms to come home and gosh over the two of you! I love your imagines so so so much!!!

A/N: Since The Basketball Game is similar of how there moms are friends and the little sister. This is kinda of a sequel. So before reading this, you might want to read the basket ball game, but you don’t need to if you don’t want to.

You were in the car, driving to y/c’s house. Your moms were having there ladies night as usual, Friday nights. You kind of dread each Friday. Most kids love the Fridays, but you were super scared slash nervous, and plus, you were completely shy. Last week at the game, you guys somewhat cuddled in the back seat, he even gave you a hug before he shut the car door, he ran away with red cheeks. With yours as well.

You finally reach the house, your legs tapping in an instant. Today and every other Friday, you have to watch his cute, adorable, evil, who make things awkward… His little sister.

You ringed the doorbell, while your mom was fixing her hair.

The door opened and there appeared y/c and his little sister.

“Y/n!” She says happily while wrapping her arms around you. You just smiled at her and put an arm around her as well. You looked up and saw y/c staring back at you with a smile.

Your mom proceeds, leaving you guys to find her friend. She briefly greets y/c and walks upstairs to his mom’s bedroom.

“H-hi.” He fumbles with his words while he ruffles his hair.

“Hey.” You say trying to ease the awkwardness.

His sister looked up at you both and smiled further more.“ I wish you were my sister.”

“That’s impossible though.” You chuckle, while ruffling her hair.

“No it’s not. You can marry my brother, and then we can be sister’s. That’s what happened to my aunt and my mommy. When auntie married uncle bill, now she’s a sister-in-raw. Or is it law, baw…” She keeps rambling, but all you can focus on the fact is that she keeps bringing up marrying y/c. Which made everything uncomfortable.

You guys all sit around the TV, while his little sister bounce across the living room. You just stared at her, astonished that she has this much energy.

Your mom and his mom finally come downstairs.“ Okay. We’ll be back around 11, maybe 12. It really all depends. Here’s the money for pizza.” She hands you the pizza money.“ Y/c. Make sure your sister, brushes her teeth, showers and goes to bed at her bedtime. 9:00.”

“But mom!” His sister whined. “ It’s a Friday.”

“Oh, alright. 9:15.” Her face brighten at the extra 15 minutes.“ And no soda y/c. Last time you drank so much soda, you were in the bathroom taking a pee for so long.”

Y/c’s face brighten.“ Mom.”

You, his sister, and your guys moms start laughing.

You guys say farewells to your mothers, while they go on there ladies night.

“I want to watch Snow White!” His sister protested.

“Of course you do.” Y/c says nonchalantly. He gets up and gets the DVD. He pops it in, while his sister is jumping up and down with excitement.

Y/c goes on his phone, you just stared into space. You’d go on your phone to, but you being the stupid person that you were, left your phone at home. So you stared deeply into the Snow White world.

“I’m dreaming…” Singed Snow White. Then the prince appeared. Snow White was scared.

No she wasn’t scared, she was embarrassed, didn’t know what to say, she was shy. Everything that Snow White felt at that moment, was how you felt whenever you saw y/c.

Midway through the movie, it was getting into dinnertime. So you dialed the number and within 20 minutes the pizza was here.

You weren’t so hungry, so you only ate one for now.

After Snow White, his sister demanded beauty and the beast.

It was on in minutes, but after those few minutes his sister was asleep.

You were starting to get hungry again, so you took the second to last piece of pizza.

All of the sudden y/c looks at you and smiles.

“What? Is there something on my face?”


“Oh gosh, I look like a mess.” You start to get your napkin, till you feel his hand into yours.“

"No, beauty. Beauty is on your face.” He says with soft laughter.

Wtf. Y/c did not just say that.“ No there’s not.”

“Yes there is.” He believed. He truly believed you were beauty. Like if it was a religion he was trying to convert you into.“ And there’s some crumbs too. Here let me get it.” He takes your napkin and wipes your cheek, then your chin.

This was awkwardly amusing. He was trying to be all smooth, but crumbling in the process.

He takes away his hand, his cheek matching yours.“ Y/n.”


“Do you not think your beautiful.”


“Because you are.” He says seriously.“ And never let anyone tell you otherwise.”

You smiled. You weren’t going to tell him you weren’t, because in his eyes, you were.

You continued watching the movie and silents. You felt yourself still smiling in delight.

After a while you felt lightheaded, so you rested your head on the couch pillow. One long blink and you were out.


It’s a little over 1 am. You were on top of someone. That someone was laying fulling on the couch, while you were on top. There arms were encircled around you in death lock. It didn’t hurt of course, it felt soothing. Your arm were wrapped around that person too. That person was y/c.

You heard rustling in the background, so you kept your eyes closed.

You heard laughter, footsteps coming this way. Then a stop.“ Aw! Don’t they look adorable.” Says y/c’s mom.

“Yes. Yes they do.” Your mom says.

Then sleep came back onto you, and everything else was oblivion.

Hey! Hope you guys like it. It was fun writing it.