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She’s the one bro ~ Vol.5

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“When is this little one going to pop out.” You groaned head falling onto Conor’s shoulder.

“When he or she feels like it Y/N.” Conor laughed handing you some chocolate, “Plus it’s a Maynard baby, we are always late.”

It had been eight months since you found out you were pregnant, you had gone to the doctors the next morning and they relived you had already been pregnant for a month. Of course Jack was enthusiastic and practically jumped onto to Conor when he was telling him, you remember the look of horror on Conor’s face when he realised he had indeed walked in when you having sex and had got pregnant from it.

Right now though, you were a week past your due date and everyone was getting impatient; especially Jack. All he wanted was for a little Maynard to be running around the house, and finally have the family he wanted.

However, being a week past your due date meant that Jack still had to go and catch up on all those meetings he had been missing on. So that left you, Anna and Conor in the Maynard household by yourselves as Jack was in London and his parents were at work.

And it turns out lucky was not your side today.

You were sat on the sofa in between the oldest and youngest Maynard when you suddenly felt the need to go to the toilet, groaning and mumbling a ‘not again’ causing the two siblings to laugh you got and it only took you four steps out the living room when you felt it.

“Conor!” You screamed in panic, you heard both siblings jump up and run to the hall way where you stood with pure horror on your face. “The fucking water balloon popped.”

It went in the slow motion, Conor ran back into the living room to grab you phone so he can call the midwife and Anna, well Anna panicked. Badly. “Oh my fucking God, what do I d-”

“Anna.” You snapped softly, Anna looked up at you panic clear in her eyes. “Call Jack.”

You watched as she nodded and ran into the living room to get her phone, just as she left a pain surged within your body causing you to let a yelp. Conor ran back out with your phone pressed up to his ear, “You okay?”

“It hurts.” You moaned out and Conor quickly rushed that you were in pain to your midwife.

“Okay, um, Y/N. How much does it hurt?” Conor asked, throwing one of your arms over his shoulder.

You said two words that soon turned everyone in a mode of panic, “A lot.”

“Anna!” Conor shouted, “Hey Y/N, look we are going to take you to the hospital okay? It’s going to be okay.”

You nodded feeling the pain get worse, Anna had come out of the living room, shoes on her feet and her phone on speaker. “Jack won’t pick up.”

Conor muttered curse words at your boyfriend as he thought of a plan, “Okay, right, Anna hold Y/N as I get some shoes and my keys, call mum and dad. Y/N use your phone to call you parents and see if Jack will answer the phone to you okay? Okay? Good plan.”

Anna put your arm around your shoulder as Conor jumped over your water leak, Anna passed you your phone as your quickly called your mum telling her it was time and Anna did the same thing with her parents.

Just as you hung up, Conor came spirting down the hallway totally forgetting that there was a pulled of water because he went flying through it and slipped in the air. You had burst into laughter at the sight of a horrified Conor sat in the puddle of you water, “That’s fucking disgusting.” Conor spoke and shouted the last word.

It wasn’t till you had stopped laugh and moaned in pain everyone got back to their senses and the next thing you know you were rushed out into the car.

Picking your phone, you rang your boyfriend, “Heyyyyyyy, this is Jack I can-”

“I swear to shit I am going to fucking kill him.” You muttered untill an idea struck you, scrolling through your contacts you clicked on Lexi’s name and handed the phone to Anna as she was sat in the back seat with you.

“Y/N is ever-”

“Lexi its happening.” Anna panicked voice ran down the phone with Conor shouted curse words at over cars.

Lexi sat on the other side of the phone pale as a ghost, she jumped up from her seat and burst through the doors that held the live meeting Jack was doing. Jack was smiling towards the interviewer when Lexi burst into the room and he knew, he knew just then you were going to be having the baby.

She didn’t have to utter anything before Jack had jumped up from his chair and grabbed her phone out of her hands and started running down the corridors. “Baby?” He asked down the phone hearing Lexi run after him.

“Jack?” Anna asked wincing in pain when you squeezed her hand.

“Is she okay? What’s happening? I’m on my way.” Jack rushed pushing people out the way, one of those people having being Caspar who frowned watching one of his best friend spirt through people with Lexi spirting right behind him.

It took Caspar three seconds before he was running after them screaming at his manager who was gaping at him, “I’M NOT MISSING MY BEST FRIENDS BIRTH.”

Jack had managed to reach Lexis car, where Lexi had thrown him the keys and he was already in the car starting up the car with Lexi he quickly put the phone on speaker and threw it into her lap. He was about to ask Anna to pass the phone to you when he heard the back doors of the car being thrown open and someone jumping in the back seat.

He turned around and saw Caspar sat there putting his belt on, not even questioning how Caspar had found them he pulled out the parking space. “Pass the phone to Y/N.”

“Jack.” He heard your voice and he instantly frowned at the pain leaking within your voice.

“Baby listen, I am going to make this okay?” He spoke speeding through the streets of London.

You yelped in pain and Jack sped faster, “It’s going to take you at least two hours with traffic.”

Jack opened his mouth to speak but Caspar voice cut through “There’s no traffic it will take you an hour and a half.”

“Caspar?” You questioned confusingly.

“Hey shorty, anyway with the way Jack’s speeding it will probably take us an hour maybe less.”

“I don’t care how long it takes, if your ass does not get here by the time I’m squeezing this baby out I am going to murder you.” And with that you hung up leaving Jack to speed to Brighton.

“Listen very carefully Y/N, approximately twenty minutes you are going to have to start pushing. We need you to choose one person to stay in the room with you as well.” The doctor told you wearily knowing that Jack still hadn’t arrived.

Nodding your head, the doctor left you and the Maynard family, “If Jack doesn’t make it, Conor you better be fucking ready.”

“Me?” Conor asked surprised.

“No Connor Ball, yes fucking you.”

Conor nodded, holding your hand for every time you need to squeeze. The doctor came in a few minutes after holding some scrubs, “Have you chosen who will be staying in the time with you?”

Conor stood up holding his hand out ready to take them when a loud bang echoed the room and an out of breath sweaty Jack Maynard entered the room, “Am I late?”

“Oh thank the lord, I don’t know if I could have done that.” Conor sighed pushing the scrubs in Jack’s hands walking out the room, “This baby better be the best damn baby in the world, causing me heart attacks all day.”

“Jack.” You gritted out seeing him just staring you with a face of awe, “Put the damn scrubs on.”

Nodding his head Jack quickly went into the room bathroom and put them on as the rest of his family left the room wishing you a good luck or in Helen’s words “If it’s anything like my boys, you’re going to be in hell.”

The doctor started talking to you about how you were going to need to start pushing but from the corner of your eye you saw Jack hand the midwife something before he walked over to you.

“Mr. Maynard ready?” The doctor asked.

Jack nodded, bending down whispering sweet nothings into your ear as you screamed. “Come on princess, you can do it.”

Jack looked up towards the doctor who nodded at the boy, “One more push baby, one more.”

Jack watched as you screamed one last time before he heard the small cries of your baby, he kissed your forehead laughing softly as you cried in happiness. He lifted his he heads and watch as the midwife came towards him, “Congratulations, it’s a baby girl.”

You watched the midwife show Jack your baby girl before turning towards you and handing her over to you. You choked back a sob staring down at the little girl in front of you, “She’s so beautiful.” You whispered running a finger down her face.

“She’s perfect.” Jack whispered crying, you both stared at the little human before the midwife came over asking if she can check everything again. She handed your little girl to another nurse before she came back with a smile on her face.

“Have you decided on a name?” She smiled.

Jack looked down at you, you nodded with a smile. “Alexa Maynard.”

“Oh what a lovely name, let me go get Alexa for you now.” She smiled walking away.

Jack put his hand in his pocket and messed around with the small black box, he watched the nurse hand his daughter over to you.

It’s time…

The nurse handed Alexa to you before speeding walking away, looking down at your daughter you gasped, tears filling up in your eyes when you read what was on the baby grow.

Looking to your left you found your boyfriend with his left knee on the floor with a beautiful diamond ring.

“When I first talked to you at that bar, I thought god damn I want this girl, not just for the night but I want this girl in my life. I don’t care if she’s my best friend or the girl I wake up to every morning. I want her. The time you fought with my crazy ex-girlfriend with just sass, then laughed like nothing with the boys was the time I knew we were going to be together for the rest of our life’s. I love your smile, I love the way your eyes twinkle, I love your laugh, and God I love you. Will you Marry me?

“Yes, Yes, Oh my god yes!” Jack smiled getting up the floor and very carefully slipped the ring on your finger, as you were still holding Alexa.

Jack whipped your tears pressing a small but still full of love kiss, Jack took Alexa out of your arms and started mumbling promises to his new girl. You stared the two of them in awe before looking down at the beautiful ring in front of you.

From that very moment you knew your life was going to only get better and better from now.

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Bughead Prompt: Everyone always saw Betty Cooper as perfect, and she hated that. It made her feel as if she had to try harder just to keep up that image. To not disappoint the people she loved. She just wanted someone to see beyond her facade, and see her flaws, but still love her anyways. She would soon find out Jughead was that person.

The pressure to be perfect was real for Betty Cooper - Alice was always telling her to sit up straight, tuck in her sweater, maintain A’s in every class while working on The Blue and Gold. Betty hasn’t been able to fail at anything since she got a C+ on a Science test in third grade.

It was a facade Betty hated. She wanted more than anything to go to bed at a decent hour instead of staying up finishing her articles for the school paper and studying to get ahead of the next English quiz.

She wanted to go to school in sweat pants and a tank top, hair loose and her shoulders. Instead, she had to look perfect to maintain the image her mother created for the family.

It’s why, instead of yelling back at the people who made her upset, instead of shedding any tears, she let the anger and hurt build up inside of her.

It’s why, after days of constant abuse from her mother, after a particularly heinous remark about her sister from Cheryl, Betty could feel herself breaking.

She popped into an empty classroom as the first tear rolled down her face.

Jughead spotted Betty closing the door behind her, entering the dark classroom as he rounded a corner.

He followed her quietly, opening the door and peering inside. “Bets?” He whispered when he spotted her crouched down on the floor. He realized she was crying. “Bets, what’s wrong?”

Betty cried harder when she realized who was kneeling down beside her.

“Betty?” Jughead tried again, gripping her hand in his.

“I’m not perfect.” Betty blurted out through the tears.

“I know,” Jughead answered.

Betty looked at him confused. “You sure know how to make a girl feel better.” Betty murmured, tears streaming down her face. One of her fists was balled up tightly.

“Betty, nobody is perfect. Being perfect is overrated.” Jughead smoothed a hair out of her face.

“Tell that to my mother.” Betty whimpered. “That’s what she expects of me.”

“Betty, nobody is perfect.” Jughead said again.

“My facade is cracking.”

“Cracks let the light in,” Jughead said as he reached for Betty’s other hand. He loosened the grip she had on her fingers.

Betty relaxed a little when he said that.

“You know what I like about you, Betty?”  He smoothed his thumb back and forth over her hand.

Betty shook her head, her sobs subsiding.

“I like that if you drink a soda at lunch, you always get the hiccups. I like that when you eat a hot dog for lunch, you always end up with mustard on your cheek, no matter what. I like that when someone offers you gum, you ask what kind, because apparently you’re picky about your gum choices.”

Betty smiled.

“I like that you never learned how to ride a bike, and that when we were nine, you refused to hang out with me and Archie unless we called you ‘Cooper’ because you just wanted to be one of the boys. I love that you get up early on Christmas to try and snoop, even though you’re never successful at it.” Jughead continued. “I like that you’re not perfect, Betty. You’re damn near close, but if you were perfect… well, you wouldn’t be Betty Cooper.”



“Thank you.” Betty sniffed, and leaned in to kiss him lightly on the lips.

Sweater Weather

Word count: 585 word and 3,424 characters

Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader

Warnings: Fluff,Angst,Death ,Suicide


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“Wait Y/N you have something on your- wait let me get that for ya-”

Mick leaned in pressing his finger on the corner of your lips,slowly wiping away the ketchup stain.

You were merely inches apart,his nose almost touching yours as his eyes wondered to yours right before slowly returning their attention to your lips.

You felt the wave of heat radiating off of him as you leaned in closer,now starring at the man’s lips yourself.

The night was beautiful,the cold breeze sending shivers down your spine,gradually cooling you down now and then.

Finally,As you leaned in even closer,Mick gently pressed his soft lips against yours,his hand sneaking behind your neck as he deepened the kiss.

Your heart rate increased and your breathing quickened as you gently pressed your hand against his chest hoping that this blissful moment lasted forever.

Shortly after you pulled away for air,his eyes met yours yet again.And as he rested his forehead against yours,his lips curved into a smile.

“Wow..” You breathed out with your heart threatening to jump out of your chest.

There was this beautiful,euphoric moment of silence before he finally decided to speak up,once again.

“I love you, Y/N ,I always have.”

“I love you too,Mick…More than anything”

That was ,indeed, the story of your first kiss.

You heard a gunshot coming from the war room and you instinctively jumped up from your seat and made your way over,holding up your gun as you walked.

Unfortunately nothing could’ve prepared you for what came next.

Upon entering ,your eyes wandered around the room trying to figure out what exactly happened before they landed on a pair of dead ones that belonged to none other than the love of your life, Mick Davies.

The horrific sight before you was enough to send you stumbling backwards before you hit the wall behind you.


You screamed as your eyes overflowed with tears before both Arthur and Dr.Hess turned towards you.

You saw the overwhelming guilt in his eyes as he looked over to her,unsure of his future actions before she simply shrugged him off and walked out of the room not once looking back.

You were a shaking sobbing mess at this point.

Quickly making your way over to Mick’s dead body you lifted up his bloody head and gently placed it onto your lap as you started slowly stroking his hair,whilst also letting your tears stain his perfect now paling skin.

“Come On-Please-…You’re fine..You’re gonna be fine!.. I’ll keep you safe!!…I’ll-”

Your voice cracked allowing you to cry out his name once more

“Mick-Please..Y-You can’t leave me-”

You held his head against your chest grinding your teeth together as you let the tears pour down once again.

“I love you-Mick-YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME!..YOU Ca-…You can’t….Please..”

His body was heavy and bloody but you didn’t care.You just kept on holding him and hugging him closer to your chest,your heart.

He was your everything.He gave you a home,Introduced you to the british men of letters,…He loved you.

And now he’s dead.

You looked up to see his murderer ,Arthur,still standing next to you.

Without thinking,you quickly picked up your gun and ,before he had a chance to even react, you shot him right between the eyes.

Watching him fall down to the ground,finally you took one last look at Mick before pressing the barrel of the gun against your temple.

A single tear rolled down your cheek as you ran your fingers trough Mick’s blood soaked hair.

“I’m coming.”


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Headcanon that Yuri P is a weepy/honest drunk

We already know how Viktor and Yuuri act when drunk (embarrassingly in Yuri’s opinion). But with Yura still underage in the first season we never see him join in on the fun.

My theory is that completely unlike the other two he is quite a calm drunk- if an incredibly honest one. 

He would finally tell Yuuri he looked up to him (and deny it vehemently later).

He’d confess to Otabek that he really liked him(romantically or as a friend, you choose).

Viktor would practically stalk him trying to get a word of praise and just when he’d think all hope is lost Yuri would mumble thanks to Viktor for being like the big brother/father he never had and Viktor would never let him live it down. Ever.

And don’t get me started on what happens when drunk Yuri sees’s a cat(or god forbid a kitten) when drunk. The ice tiger of Russia will openly start sobbing over how adorably perfect the entire feline species is and you will not be getting your phone/cat back anytime soon.

Any photo or video evidence of the times Yurochka gets drunk mysteriously disappears within 48 hours of the incident.

(Except for a secret memory stick that Mila definitely does not have in her possession.)

The Way I See You// Michael Clifford Smut Imagine

Warning: smut and insecure Michael
Rating: at least pg13
Word count:1147
So this is like fluff and also smut so just enjoy
Written by: S

Your fingers tapped across your keyboard as you finished up yet another almost perfect essay. This weeks writing assignment for your creative writing class was ‘write about something you appreciate’. Michael, your boyfriend of six years, didn’t know it yet, but you’d chosen to write about him.
“Whatcha writing babe?” he asked from the opposite side of the couch. You’d lived together since you’d started college together two years ago and you couldn’t be happier.
“Just another essay. Wanna read it?” you offered, looking up into his sharp green eyes.
“Of course love, you know I love reading your papers.” Even though Michael wasn’t an English major like you, there was never a time when he didn’t want to read anything and everything you wrote.
As his eyes began to flick across the words, a small smile grew on his face. ‘No one has ever made me felt more loved’ and ‘he is the perfect person…my person’ reflected from the screen and he took them in. When he stopped, though, he looked up with a different reaction than normal. His smile dropped and he stared back at you with almost a look of concern.
“What’s wrong Mikey?” you asked, wondering what could’ve changed so fast.
“You just….you write about me like I’m this….amazing guy all….perfect and I’m….. Y/N I’m not…..” he trailed off, his words breaking your heart a little as you’d heard them before but every time he spoke of himself like this it hurt you to know that he thought like that.
“Michael, Michael look at me,” you said softly, crawling over to sit between his legs, convincing him too stare back into your eyes, his now full of tears. “Baby I write like this because it’s all true. There’s no one on earth more perfect or amazing than you in my eyes. You are what I’m most grateful for in life.”
The two of you stayed for a few moments, eyes locked, your hands holding his face, before he leaned in and pressed your foreheads together and let out a choked sob. You felt the tears trail down his face and into your fingers and began to wipe them away.
“I just don’t see how anyone can see me like that,” he whispered, giving you a few ideas. “Baby look at me,” you said again, causing him to open his eyes. “What do you see when you look at me?” you asked.
“I see the most amazing, beautiful girl in the world. The person who I know will always be mine, be there for me, be the best part of my life,” he said, earning a small smile from you.
“See? That’s exactly what I think when I see you Mikey,” you told him, trying to convince him. “But-” he began.
“No, no buts,” you cut him off. “If you can’t see what I see, then I want to make you feel my love,” you said, your tone dropping slightly but still staying soft. You leaned in to kiss him, a slow, soft kiss but still full of all the passion in the world. Your hands trailed down his chest and tucked underneath his tank, rubbing circles on his chest. You began to trail kisses down his neck and onto his collar bones, sucking and nipping softly at the skin. Tugging at the hem of his shirt, you gently pulled it off and over his head, yours following suit.
“Baby you don’t have to…..” Michael started. “Shh, Mikey, let me take care of you,” you cooed, running your hands along his sides while you pressed more kisses below his ear, causing him to hum softly. Your hands found his hip bones and your fingers began to trail lightly across them, back and forth, soothing the skin.
Eventually, you began to work on his jeans, unbuttoning them and pulling them off of him, along with his boxers, while you kissed his perfect lips, this time more hungrily but still soft and loving.
“Such a pretty cock baby,” you whispered, taking it into your hands and stroking it, earning a groan from the back of his throat. You circled your thumb around the tip and pumped his length. Trailing kisses down his chest, you got to the little trail of hair that started at his navel and began to pet over the soft hair with your thumb, kissing the milky white skin around it until you reached his his hard cock again and placed a kiss on the tip.
“So beautiful,” you hummed, mostly to yourself as you looked up at his face, scrunched up as you continued to stroke him, eliciting sweet moans from him.
You took him in your mouth and began to swirl your tongue around his member, causing him to release the most beautiful sound. As you continued to bob your head, he looked down at you, still letting soft grunts and whines fall from his lips. Pulling his out of your mouth, you crawl back to his body to kiss him, working off your lounge shorts as you do so.
“You ready baby?” you ask him as you line him up with your entrance. He nods in response, not being able to form words.
“I love you so much,” you say, kissing his forehead as you sink down on to him, pulling moans from the both of you. You begin to slowly rock onto him, lifting your hips and settling them back down again. As you do, your hand finds his and you lock them together, staring into his eyes for the millionth time tonight. The room is silent other than the sounds of your skin meeting and the occasional whine or moan from either of you, and nothing could be more perfect. You started down at the man you loved most in the world, and he stared back at you, both of you taking in the beauty of this moment.
“Baby I hate to screw up your vibes here but I, mmhh, I need a little more,” he said, causing you to pick up your pace and bounce a little harder, driving him insane. Both of you no longer caring about the noise and letting out groans and swears and mixed “I love you"s. You felt him twitch inside you, and you were close but you wanted him to get there first. As you picked up your pace, you began to nibble on his sweet spot just below his ear and clenched around him, sending him over the edge and setting off your high.
After you’d both come down, you laid on his chest, still peppering him with kisses.
“Do you see now how perfect you are to me?” I ask softly, peering up at him.
“I don’t know how I ever got so lucky to have a girl like you.” he replied softly.

Beautiful (Philip X Reader)


Request Queue

Warnings- ANGST

Requests- “hi! i just recently found your account and spent all of last night reading your stories. could you do one where you’re dating Phillip and you are there with alex and eliza when he dies. Thanks!”

“Right, so could I get an angsty Philip oneshot? Where he is courting the reader and she is there when he dies? It’s also the first time he tells them he loves her?”

A/N- (THIS WOUNDED ME. Not so fun facts: Richard Price and Philip challenged Eacker at the same time. Richard’s duel was the day before and shots were fired but nobody actually got hurt. For the first minute of the duel neither Eacker nor Philip shot. Eacker would raise his pistol and then Philip would too and they just awkwardly did that until Eacker shot. Then, it took Philip 14 hours to die of infection after he had been shot and he was in pain the entire time.)

 Words- 1 ,145 

A loud tap woke you from your sleep. You rubbed at your eyes sleepily. 

“Y/N.” someone whispered. You whirled your head around. Philip was leaning into your window. 

“Philip!” you whispered yelled. “What are you doing here?” You rushed over and opened your window wider so he could climb in. 

“I really needed to see you.” he whispered. 

“Is everything okay?” Your chest began to grow tighter. You tried to shake the tiredness from your mind.  Philip sighed and pulled you into his chest.“Philip, you’re scaring me.” you whispered. “It’s nearly four. Philip, what happened?” you demanded. He sighed again and shook his head, pulling away from you. 

“Don’t worry beautiful.” He bent down so that he was eye level with you and stroked a hand along your cheek. “I just needed to see your face.” You furrowed your brow, ready to ask him again. “Lay down. Go back to sleep.” he said before you could utter a word. You gave him a questioning look before nodding and walking back over to your bed. You grabbed his wrist and pulled him with you. 

“Y/N, I don know-” 

“You’re stressed, and I’m worried, so you’re staying.” you cut him off. He gave you a sad smile. You laid down in your bed and held the blankets up until he finally scooted in beside you. He laid on his side and you pushed yourself into his chest, resting your hands against him. He put his arm around you and pulled your closer. You smiled as he rested his chin against your head. You could feel him destressing and relaxing, which in turn eased your fears. You fell asleep to the sound of his breathing, letting you know he was alive.

You awoke with a start to find that Philip was no longer there. There was a harsh knocking at your door. You rushed to open it. Your friend Richard Price was standing there with a concerned look. 

“Richard!” You covered yourself up with your hands. 

“Y/N it’s…it’s Philip he’s…” Your heart dropped to the floor. 

“What?” You demanded. 

“He’s been shot. He…”

“Where?” You asked calmly, already grabbing your coat. Richard wasn’t answering, and you were getting agitated. “Where is he, Richard!” you screamed. 

Richard jumped. “At a hospital. In Jersey. I’ll take you there.” But you were already out the door. “Y/N wait! What are you doing?” He called after you. 

“A carriage will take too long.” you mumbled. You weren’t upset. You weren’t crying. You could barely think. You just knew you needed to get there now. Across the street, you saw a tall man pulling a stallion along. You rushed over to him, Richard following after you quickly.  

“I’m so sorry to bother you sir but-” 

“Wait,” the man said. “You’re Philip Hamilton’s girl right?” You nodded. He sighed. “Take it.” He handed you the reigns and walked away. You stared at the leather in your hand, horrified. It was worse than you’d thought. 

“Y/N?” Richard asked quietly. You shook yourself out of your stupor. You grabbed a box and used it climb onto the saddleless horse. “Y/N please be careful!” Richard shouted.

“Are you coming or not?” you asked. Richard looked at you carefully and then climbed onto the horse behind you. You rode off quickly down the street, Richard shouting directions in your ear. You squinted your eyes against the wind and urged the horse to go faster, praying no one stepped in your way because you were not stopping. A single tear slipped out of your eyes, but the wind whisked it away. You refused to let any more fall. 

There was a small crowd outside the hospital when you got there. You pushed your way through them into the hospital, but as you stood outside the door to where Philip supposedly was, you hesitated. 

“Y/N? Are you alright?” Richard asked calmly. 

“I don’t know if I can see him like that.” Your voice broke. 

“You’re going to regret it if you don’t see him. Besides, he’s done nothing but ask about you since he got here.” Richard spoke plainly. 

“He has?” Richard nodded. That was all you needed to push the door open and step in. 

“Oh Y/N.” You heard Eliza’s voice, but you didn’t look at her. All you could see was Philip lying on a table. He head snapped towards you at the sound of your name. You stood frozen. 

“Hey beautiful.” Philip croaked, wincing slightly. You rushed over to him, your eyes scanning for injury. Then you saw it. The blood. All over his hands and on his hip and his arm. His arm that was turning black. 

“Oh god.” you sobbed. 

“Hey it’s okay.” he said. “I’m still handsome right?” He tried to comfort you with a smile, but there was blood dribbling down his mouth. You stared down at his state. “Don’t worry.” he whispered. “It hurts a lot less, now that you’re here.” You heard Eliza sob and felt tears slipping from your own eyes. You wanted to be strong for Philip, but seeing him like this broke you. You were vaguely aware of Richard’s presence behind you and Eliza and Alexander in front of you, but you were completely focused on Philip. His breaths were becoming shorter. 

“Doctor Hosack says it’s an infection. They don’t know how much longer he has.” Richard whispered to you. You stared down at him, unable to do anything to take the pain away from your lover.

“At least…” He looked towards his parents. “At least I’m with the three people I love most.” You let a small sob. He looked to you. “I really love you Y/N. So much…” You let the tears fall freely now. Philip had never told you that before. “In fact,” he strained with effort as his uninjured arm reached into his pocket. 

“Son, be careful.” his father said, reaching out. Philip produced a small silver ring. You gasped. 

“It’s not much, but…I was gonna ask your father and..” 

“Oh Philip please don’t.” Eliza turned away and sobbed into Alexander’s chest. 

“C-Can I?” he asked, holding up the ring. You nodded, unable to say anything. You held your hand out and his slid the ring onto your finger. It was a perfect fit. He smiled widely, before coughing quite a bit. Eliza and Alexander rushed over to him. Richard stood near his feet staring down at his friend. 

“Don’t forget me.” he whispered. He closed his eyes and rested his head back.

“Philip no!” Eliza screamed. Alexander pulled her away slightly and held her closely. 

“Let him rest.” he whispered. His voice cracked. You heard the doctor rushing in.

“Philip! Philip I love you too! I love you!” you said, desperate for him to hear it. You grabbed onto his hand. 

A small smile appeared on his face. “Good.” he whispered, squeezing your hand lightly. “I can’t wait to see you in that dress, beautiful.”  He let out a breath and his cold hand went limp in yours. 


cheating taehyung pt 2. requested by anon. makes me so sad :(

he greeted you at the door with a thermos of coffee. you eyed him carefully as he handed it to you. you eventually took the cup though, sipping it carefully as you stepped inside the familiar apartment. everything was the same. you’ve spent over a year living here with taehyung, and you can’t believe it ended so abruptly. you felt tears welling into your eyes because you were really going to miss the place. for a second you let your guard down, completely collapsing. “Why Taehyung? What we had was perfect! Why?” You sobbed. He couldn’t give you a straight answer so you kept sobbing on the floor like you were. You stayed the night there. That night, you laid awake next to taehyung. It felt so right to be there, despite the horrible heart break you felt. maybe you guys should work at this. maybe you two should try a little longer.
and you decided then, you weren’t going to give up on him. you turned your head. 3:30 am. once he woke up, which was always around 9, you would tell him what you just thought to yourself. in six hours, everything would change. you didn’t know if that was a good or bad thing.

sorry it’s so long i just wanted to write a lil thing and give you guys a kind of ending ahah. thank you so much for reading.

message me or send me an ask if you want something specific!

🍃take care of yourself!

- admin e

You Mean It? (Dok2 x Reader)

P.S This was requested by an anon. Girl I went so overboard with that, since there are a lot of scandals like that, g dragon with Nana, Zico with Seolhyun, Zico breaking up with Seolhyun because of the public. Making them look like criminals because they are being normal. Anyways, Enjoy!


JoonKyung was different than any man you’ve dated. First off, his lifestyle was like on the other side of the field, you honestly don’t understand how did you catch his eye. You were an english teacher in a private primary school, you were just a normal person. You still did not understand why he chose you? You were a nobody, while he was surrounded by models and idols, I mean he personally knows CL, what more could you say?

Joonkyung fell in love with how simple you were. You appreciated an expensive candle lit dinner, just as much as a drive thru at mcdonalds, you could dress up and go to the club with him, also you could sit at home and cook for him, you could rock a very dark make up, and you could also sit on the couch bare face, with a bun on your head and sweatpants. He liked that you were just a teacher, you liked kids and worked hard for the simple things.

Things were normal. You were carefull with sneaking around and meeting him, you knew that if people learned about you, they would freak out, you didn’t want any part of it, the spotlight scared you. So when you saw your name and face on the article, pictures of you on Joonkyung’s car, or walking out of mcdonalds holding hands you were mortified

“Dok2 dating a foreigner?

The famous rapper has been spotted with this lady a lot of times. They seem to hold hands and her riding passenger at his car.

Even thought we are not sure how long they’ve been dating, people guess is a year, give or take. If you look closely to his instagram, she is in plenty of group pictures, also she is on the quiett’s instagram page.

The couple seems very happy, sources say that the lady is a primary school english teacher. Which makes people wonder how did they meet and her motives for this relationship.

You can clearly see that she is not Korean or Asian in general. Sources say she is from America, but her parents immigrated there, although we don’t know the country.

What do you think of the knew couple?”

Your instagram started to blow out. People started following you and commenting on your pictures, you didn’t know if you should look, eventually curiosity took over you and you started to scroll through

‘She is so weird looking’

‘I think dok2 needs to learn the difference between curvy and fat’

‘Korean women are too hard to get, that’s why he chose her’

’ Look at her make-up, she needs to take it off and put on some clothes’

'I bet he bought her this outfit’


You threw your phone on the bed. Why were they so mad at you? You didn’t do anything but love someone.Was that a crime? You sat on your couch and turned on the tv, maybe that would distract you

'Now what do you guys think about this?’

'Dok2 is just messing around. I mean, look at this they are walking out of mcdonalds, I’m sure she ate everything there is in that bag. She clearly cannot cook since they are getting junk food, he will come to his senses’

You turned it off and threw away the remote, the sound of it crushing to the floor was heard all over the house. Your eyes started to water, making your vision blurry.

Why did they hate you? Why would they judge you like that? You never did anything to them, you never hurted anyone

Your phone distracted you. You walked back to your room to get it, Joonkyung was calling you


“Open the door”

He said and the line went dead. You took a deep breath and looked at yourself in the mirror, you rubbed your eyes so they want look watery. You slowly walked to the door opening it, Joonkyung immidiately wrapped his arms around you

“Are you ok?”

You didn’t answer. He let you go and took your face in his hands, examinating you

“Have you been crying?”


You almost did, but he came by. He closed the door of your apartment and dragged you to your couch

“I’m so sorry about this. I didn’t know about it, I’ll make sure they will take the articles down”

“It won’t make a difference. They will post others, they will still leave comments on my instagram, they will still think like that, nothing can be changed”

He didn’t like the way you talked. It was so cold and sad, you looked depressed, he took your hands in his, attempting to calm you down

“Baby I-”

“They were right though. I am not what you deserve, I’m just a stupid chubby teacher,I even let you pay my phone bill. How stupid and pathetic can that be?”

By the time you were done, your tears escaped your eyes and runned down your face. You bit your lower lip as sobs took over your body, closing your eyes tightly and hair falling to your face. He wrapped his arms around you, letting you cry it out

“Don’t talk like that. You didn’t let me pay for your phone bill, I did it behind your back, cause you spended all of your money to my birthday present, and after you learned about it you didn’t talk to me for a week. You are not chubby, you’ve been working out every day, you look better than ever, even if you were chubby I would still think you were perfect. Baby you are teaching at primary school, I barely got throught it and then dropped out. You came to this different country and managed to survive and leave a nice life, how is that stupid? and we all know you can cook, I mean dong-gab and zino cannot stop talking about your cooking. I love you for every little thing they are mad about”

He kissed your hair, rubbing your back which made you relax in his arms. By the time he was finished, you had stopped crying and just listened to what he had to say. You raised your head and wiped away the tears, smudging your mascara

“You mean it?”

“Of course I mean it. Give me a kiss”

You pecked his lips. He wrapped his arms around you, placing you on his lap, you wrapped your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck

“I love you. Don’t worry about these stupid jealous people, we got way bigger fish to fry”

You nodded and gave him another kiss on the lips. He smiled at you, feeling a bit better since he got you to stop crying


He decided to spend the whole day with you. As you layed next to him, you checked your instagram, you got a notification that he had tagged you in a picture. It was a picture of you with your head on his lap, watching tv

“All we did was love eachother, that is definetely not a crime. So stop talking about us like we are criminals and get a life”

You smiled and put your phone away. You hugged him tightly, as you heard the beating of his heart

“Thank you”

“You’re welcome”

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“One million bullets” - [Tom/Sebastian - one shot].

Prompt: “You’re going about your day, running errands when you get a call from your neighbor, to see if you’re okay since they hear a horrible ruckus coming from your home: loud bangs, glass breaking, & yelling. You’re obviously not there & Tom is away making appearances. You assume burglars or a deranged stalker. You race home & find Tom, a sobbing mess, sitting amongst your destroyed things. And…???”

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: Angst. Drama. // ***I’d like to thank @sebastianismydistraction​ for sending me this scenario which finally inspired me to write something new for this blog. <3 ***

Song referenced in tittle“One million bullets” -Sia.


Sentimental debris…

My house was covered with it.

My heart was beating out of my chest when I put my hand on the doorknob. I had just received a phone call from my neighbor while I was doing some shopping. He wanted to know if I was doing okay because he had heard screams and shattering noises coming from my house. I ran out of the store, got in my car, and drove home at full speed.

My husband, Tom, wasn’t coming back from his trip for another week. That could only mean that someone had broken into my place. My neighbor had used the words “earsplitting” and “havoc” while describing what seemed to be going on inside.

It was quiet when I walked in but I stepped on broken glass as soon as I did. A clear sign of the violent event that had taken place minutes earlier. My eyes roamed the room only to realize my whole living room had been trashed. I was surprised and relieved when I found Tom sitting on the floor right by the coffee table, with his back to me, holding a glass of scotch. But his hair was a mess, his tie was loosened up, and his white button down was dirty, letting me know that his trip was cut short because something terrible had happened.

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Runnin' With the Sons of Liberty

* Hercules × Reader
* 244: Please don’t argue. You have to leave right now, you aren’t safe here.
* Hamiltime

A/N: had a few ideas and this was one of them. Sorry for a delay in posting, just been kinda busy these past few days. Either way, enjoy this Hercules imagine.

Word Count: 1,377


To say your friends were safe would be like saying fish didn’t swim. It was a time of unrest in the colonies. While most people still were loyal to the King, they weren’t pleased with Parliament. You friends were all for revolution and they tended to be very vocal about it.

You always breathed a sigh of relief that they weren’t involved with The Sons of Liberty. They were a radical bunch that acted out against the British Soldiers stationed here. Many of them that were caught were tried for treason and usually executed.

You sighed from your seat at the table as Alexander got into a rousing, and drunken, debate with a loyalist. You toyed with your empty glass, preying he’d stop. “Something wrong Y/N?” Hercules asked from beside you. To your surprise he seemed mostly sober. Then again, he could hold his liquor better than anyone.

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The More the Merrier

Sometimes Jimin gets so under during his special times with Leader that he forgets about roommates, but hey who’s complaining. (AKA that time minjoon was getting frisky in Namjoon’s bottom bunk while poor Kookie was trying to sleep)

JiKookMon, PWP, NSFW, Daddy kink, very mild consensual pain play, toys, I can’t believe I wrote this omg (I’m lying yes I can)

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Imagine #16- Heat of The Moment (No, it's not Tuesday)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Plot: You have an argument and it goes too far. Will you make up?

Word Count: 1,119

Warning: Arguing, slight angst? Crying, I guess.

Note: 200!!!!!!! OMG That’s amazing, you guys are the greatest people in the universe and I love you all<3

Admittedly, your relationship with the elder Winchester brother has never been conventional. You’ve never really done any ‘couple’ stuff, not really. It’s always been quiet and abnormal, finding private moments where you can and sneaking off to be together in the dead of night. Not that you’ve ever minded that.

You’re so similar and yet so different. At the moment, you’re both stressed as hell, and tense, meaning neither of you have had the time nor the energy to make the effort with the other. It’s difficult, and only getting harder.

Take, for example, the present moment. You’re engaged in a heated argument that started over something so small, you don’t even remember.

“You’re so touchy at the moment!” He snaps, arms folded, “How long am I supposed to keep tiptoeing around you?”

“You’re not! I’m not touchy- no more than you!” You glare at him. You’re stood in front of each other.

“That’s ridiculous.” He mutters. “You’re being ridiculous, Y/N!”

“Am I? Am I really? Because if I recall, you’re the reason we’re here, not me.”

“You’re just as much to blame as I am, don’t you dare put this on me!”

“Sometimes you really, really piss me off. You know that?”

“Ditto, Y/N. You’re not perfect either.”

“I’m painfully aware of that, thank you.” You fold your arms. “No need to scrutinize every one of my flaws.”

“I’m not doing that. You are being so dramatic today! Is it that time of the month?”

“Why the hell do all guys always presume that?” You snap, one eyebrow raised. “For the record, no, it’s not!”
“Then please, tell me why you’re being such a bitch!”

You stay silent for a moment, “I thought you’d be lonely in the asshole club.”

He scoffs. You glare at him. You keep yelling at each other. Usually, Sam’s there to stop you both, to stop it from going too far. Tonight, however, he’s not there, and it escalates to a level where you think it might never be repaired. Insults are far, and you’ve both gone too far on more than one occasion tonight.

A smashed vase lies on the floor and there’s a noticeable dent in the wall. You’ve shed a few tears, your eyes red and damp. You’re both almost hysterical, practically screaming at each other.

“You know what? I’m done! Come talk to me when you’re done being a childish brat.” He snaps, “Or don’t. I don’t care.”

“Fine, go run away like the coward you are. Makes sense, really.”

“I’m going out. Don’t wait up.”

“Please, screw off.” You mutter as he grabs his jacket and slams the door. You stumble towards your room, kicking a chair on your way. You drop onto your bed, drained and mad.

Slowly, the adrenaline wears off and you start thinking about the argument and some of the things you both said.

“You’re not worth the effort sometimes.”

“Maybe you should let me die next time, it’ll be a burden off your shoulders.”

It got worse.

“You’re only bitter because you couldn’t save anyone.”

“Just because you couldn’t be daddy’s perfect little soldier?”

“It’s miracle you’re not dead with your lack of skills.”

“Why didn’t you just stay in Hell?”

“They decided I deserved worse so they sent me back to you.”

You let out a strangled sigh-sob, turning over onto your stomach and burying your head into the pillow. You try to hold back the tears but it just won’t work. Each tear you let out is a sign of weakness, a sign that you’re useless.

After what could have been an age or maybe ten minutes (You don’t know or care) you hear to door open. Your stomach twists unpleasantly but you stay where you are. There’s a hesitant knock at our door.

“Y/N?” Dean. “It’s me. I think we need to talk.”

You stay quiet, not trusting your voice.

“Y/N. I’ll break down the door.” He threatens.

At that, another wave of anger rushes over you.

“No, you won’t. You’ll leave me alone and respect my privacy if you want me to ever talk to you again.” You call back, and you hear his forehead hit the door defeatedly.

“Fine. But I’m staying here.”

“Just keep your mouth shut and it’ll be fine with me.”

You almost feel bad but you can’t find it in yourself to care. A few minutes later, you hear a rustle and a small sheet of paper slides under your door.

‘I love you, you know.’ It reads in his messy handwriting. You almost laugh, but it does bring a smile to your face.

Then, another one slides through.

‘I’m still waiting here.’

And another.

‘I’m going to stay here for as long as it takes.’

Eventually, you give in, unable to handle it any longer. You open the door, and he’s stood there, looking surprised.

He doesn’t hesitate in the slightest, before grabbing you and holding you close.

“I’m so sorry.” He whispers into your hair, holding you almost painfully tight.

“I’m sorry too.” You reply, your voice almost inaudibly muffled by his chest. He pulls away, shaking his head as he looks into your eyes.

“You’ve been crying.” He says, and you shrug.

“It’s no big deal.”

“No big deal? I promised myself that I’d never let you get hurt and not I’m part of the reason you’re hurting.”

“It’s fine, really.” You insist, and he shakes his head. Suddenly, he picks you up bridal-style, and carries you over to the bed. He lays you down, and lies beside you, his hand on your waist.

“It’s not fine. I said some bad stuff ton-“

“So did I, Dean. Let’s just…forgive and forget.”

“That’s fine, but I need to tell you something.” He says, and you nod.

“I was thinking. And remembering. Everything, about you, me, us. I realised. I need you. If you left or died or I left, you’d take all of the good in me with you. I almost hate it, it’s like I’m dependent on you for happiness. I don’t live the most orthodox of lifestyles, you know that, but…” He pauses. “I can’t give you an apple-pie, white-picket-fence life. I can’t give you happy and carefree, I can’t give you anything but my unconditional love and takeout food. I just hope it’s enough.”

“It’s more than enough, Dean.” You whisper, near tears. For good reasons this time, though. “Thank you. You’re all I need. I don’t need any of that as long as I have you.”


“Yeah, really.” You smile as he leans forward and presses his lips to yours.

“I love you so much, Y/N.”

“I love you too.” You whisper, snuggling into his larger frame.


EVERY INCH OF HER SKIN [epilogue] - lately you have been shielding away from your boyfriend’s eyes and he’s wondering whether your feelings have changed or if something deeper is going on inside your head.

Pairing: Reader x Seokjin
Genre: emotional fluff

 2.640 words.

dedicated to my moonpie: I know Jin is not your bias, but I still want to dedicate this to you and make you realize that you’re perfect just the way you are ♥

The girl in the mirror stared right back at you, nervousness eating her up alive from within, the distraught state of her mind clearly visible in the crease of her brows knotted together, her bottom lip trapped between her teeth as she tried to accept that image that was given back to her by a cold mirroring surface.

You took a deep breath and sighed, feeling your heart catching up speed in your chest at the thought of finally being able to see him tonight, after almost a week of distance.

You were always happy, excited even, when he’d be free to spend time with you, you were grateful for all the efforts he made to actually be a present boyfriend, even though his work didn’t help him much with that. This time, though, you were only nervous, scared, almost petrified. The words from the morning still swirling in your brain: you know I love you, right? - you’re not saying it back - are you sure?

You left the bathroom of your workplace and stepped out in the wintry night, the breeze making your skin fill with chills, the cold weather penetrating through your clothing layers invading your heart, turning into stone.

You had tried to push this moment away, the fear of losing him too great to address what had been going through your mind lately. You knew he had noticed, of course he did, and yet you pretended not to know, you pretended to be blind to the way his eyes would turn sadder or confused when you’d shelter away from him, when you’d push him away denying him the intimacy you both craved for. Now, there was just nowhere to hide anymore.

Your steps were heavy along the hallway, your mind already rattled by all the scenarios you had created in it, imagining how this night would be the end of your relationship with him, the moment he’d speak up those final words, a tombstone on your heart.

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Don’t You Dare

I know it has been a million and ten years since I last wrote, and I am so very sorry for that. I have been dealing with some stuff, but I am going to try and start writing again! Starting with this requested imagine/one-shot! 

~Hi could I please ask for a oneshot? A Steve x reader where he finds her crying in the bath after they’ve been married for a few months because she’s so self conscious and self harmed (or almost did)? Just a lot of fluff and our adorable Stevie being his cute 1940’s self. Thanks love~ 

Pairing : Steve x Reader 

Warnings : Self-Harm, insecure, suicidal thoughts, depression, really anything of that nature. So if you are going to be triggered readings, please do not read. I love you all and I don’t want this to trigger you in anyway. If you need anything I am only a message away! <3 

Word Count: 1267

Songs Listened to while writing: To Build a Home, Cinematic Orchestra; So Cold, Ben Cocks; I Found, Amber Run 

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redladymoon  asked:

Hi can you guys update the Dom!Stiles and Aftercare tags that would be lovely. Thanks in advance.

i combined them, hope you don’t mind

Hurt Me (to Heal Me) by SushiOwl (9\9 | 51,418 | NC17)

Stiles likes his job, he does. It’s just that his boss is an asshole. Stiles has been working for Hale and Associates for a while now, and he’s learned to take Mr Hale’s treatment of him with a grain of salt. They’re coexisting, more or less. Stiles puts thought of his boss out of his head when he heads to a BDSM club called The Menagerie for the first time. It’s a nice night, everything is going well, but everything changes when he sees his boss there.

Love of the loveless by sasha_bo (29/29 | 78,135 | NC17)

“This is a club for people interested in BDSM Mr Hale. I assume you know what that is or else Peter is going to regret messing with us next time he comes in.”

everything by verity (1/1 | 3,002 | R)

“I want you to tie me up,” Stiles says.

Derek frowns at him, probably because he asked Stiles whether or not Scott and Allison are coming to dinner.

In the Quiet Morning by leventhian (1/1 | 6,394 | NC17)

There’s a soft smile on Derek’s face, his eyes are still closed, and his normally messy black hair is plastered to his skull. Having this gorgeous man completely stripped down in front of him should be immensely erotic, but Stiles is too struck by how domestic this feels, and for the millionth time, can’t help but just think the word beautiful.

Tractable Docility by leventhian (1/1 | 2,871 | NC17)

“Shhh, Derek, you’re doing so good, baby. Let go of your dick.” Stiles watches in satisfaction as Derek sobs, but does as he’s told, instead grabbing a fistful of sheets. “Don’t come yet. There’s still so much I want to do to you. By the time I’m done, you’re going to be crazy desperate to come.”

Against Me by Sterekism (1/1 | 2,591 | NR)

Because twitter is the perfect place for fic ideas.

The fabric of the blindfold moved softly over the bridge of his nose and eyelids. It made Derek notice the smell of unhurried arousal even more, made him even more aware of every footstep around him, Stiles’ heartbeat circling him. Derek’s own breaths sounded harsh to his own ears.

He was standing in the middle of their bedroom, naked, just like Stiles had instructed. He was already hard and straining, like most of the times when they did something like this. Derek jumped when he felt the hand on his shoulder, massaging away some of the tension that was gathering there.

“Shhhh, it’s okay Derek. I’m going to take good care of you.” Stiles’ whispered words felt deafening to Derek, but they made him relax somewhat. He was safe. This wasn’t one of Kate’s sick mind games. This was Stiles. His Stiles, who always made him feel so good.

Love in Reverence and Worship by leventhian (1/1 | 6,419 | NC17)

“That would’ve been a great way to end the week,” Stiles says as he moves his hands to roam against Derek’s firm body. “Coming home to find all this strength collared, leashed, and cuffed. You’ve got all this power and you wanted to wait for me on your knees. Tell me why, Derek. Tell me why, and I’ll reward you.”

“Because I’m yours.” Derek’s voice breaks as he says yours, and Stiles can feel the possessive thrill lighting up every single one of his nerves.

Good by rustypolished (1/1 | 2,859 | NC17)

To say he’s scared is somehow both simultaneously an understatement and a lie.

He’s not scared (he kind of is), it’s more of a…well, an anxiety, he supposes. There’s a heavy weight in the pit of his stomach that’s mixed in to the arousal that’s started to burn there ever since they’d closed the bedroom door behind them. Some kind of chemical reaction that’s making his heart flutter rabbit-fast in his chest. He’s certain that Derek can hear it, can smell the nerves coming off of him in waves as he steps closer to the bed but he doesn’t move (“I want you on your hands and knees,” he’d said, not fifteen minutes ago, “I want you on your hands and knees and I want you silent.”).

He Always Comes After His Wolf by itsabluejay (1/1 | 6,534 | NC17)

It’s not that Stiles doesn’t love Mondays or Saturdays cause he loves those days too but Thursdays are the days where Stiles gets to show and tell Derek what he means to him, shower him in love and affection because Derek needs to believe him when he tells him he loves him and this is how Stiles does that.


Derek and Stiles are in a Dom/sub relationship and as part of Derek’s recovery they do gentle BDSM on Thursdays so Stiles can show Derek what he means to him.

Desperatio Quieta by leventhian (1/1 | 4,276 | NC17)

“Help me not think for a while?” Derek’s plea is quiet, a little hoarse, and has Stiles’s heart tripping over itself in concern.

“Always.” Stiles whispers, getting Derek to lift his head, so he can press a kiss into the black spikes of his hair.

Seventeen Reactions

Seventeen reacting to when you feel insecure + what they would do for you after finding out. 


I think Seungcheol is the kind of guy to feel guilty that you feel this way, even if it wasn’t his fault. When he sees you whispering to yourself the pain you feel when you see yourself, he’ll feel terrible. But since you felt this way, he would make you feel extra pampered and complimented the next day with a more special and fun trip together, hoping you would avoid the negative thoughts you have. He probably won’t tell you that he knew you were like this because he didn’t want you to get mad at him for “eavesdropping,” just trying to give you some respect in some way. 


The relationship you and Jeonghan have is something any girl would be envious of. You would be staring at yourself in a hurt expression when suddenly Jeonghan would pop up and look at you in worry. He’ll ask you if you were okay, if you answered yes, he would get you to spill the words that you struggle to express. You would say, 

“I don’t know, I feel like I’m the bad one in this relationship because you’re so sweet, handsome, caring, and anything any girl would want– but I’m just normal…” you would mutter with glossy eyes. 

“Y/N-ah, I would never try to prove you wrong but this time, I need you to know that you should never think that way because I chose you for so many reasons, I find more everyday. Please don’t feel this way, just know that, if you think I’m like that, you’re twice as better than me.” Jeonghan would say, serious about what he was saying, only to make you grin. 

“Thanks, Jeonghan.” you would say, the two of you hugging right after, making you feel so much better. 



The comforting gentlemen Joshua already is, I feel like you would keep this to yourself because you didn’t want Joshua to feel troubled by your thoughts. He would catch you staring at yourself in tears whispering the flaws that you had and he would run over to you and give you the most protective, warm hug to you. For sure, you’d be shocked since you thought you were alone but would begin to cry more comfortably and sob while your at it. 

“Y/N-ah, don’t cry, it hurts me as much as it hurts you… If you think your flaws are terrible just know that I love you for your flaws that make you seem perfect in your own way. Don’t think so down because it makes me feel the same.” Joshua would say to comfort you. 

“S-sorry… Joshua, thanks.” you would say, trying your best to stop the tears flowing as Joshua would continue to give you a tight hug, kissing the crown of your head to make sure you knew he’ll always be waiting for you. 


In the relationship the two of you shared, I think you would finally get to your breaking point when you saw how many prettier girls you thought were better than you who liked Jun too. Girls would always compliment him and he would always try to stop them from complimenting knowing any girl would feel about that. A girl would be trying to flirt with him that he wouldn’t notice that you broke your hand off with him and walked off. He would then notice at the end of the conversation and quickly run over to your retreating figure. 

“Y/N, are you okay?” Jun would ask. 

“Why did you choose me?” you would ask sadly. 

Jun would ask you what you meant with what you were saying soon after. 

“I’m not even half as close to being as pretty, sexy, and cute as those girls that always try and talk to you–” 

“That’s what makes you the one. You don’t try to be like someone your not. I like you for who you are. You’re the best person I have ever met and I would regret everything if I never had the chance to even ask you out.” Jun would say, making you feel so much better as he would give you a soft peck on yours lips as he would guide you anywhere with his one his arms tightly wrapped around your waist. 


I think the two of you would both be insecure about yourselves if anything. In this case, you would think your body wasn’t nice (you’re beautiful and you should know that if you feel that way.) and that would make you feel insecure to go out. When Hoshi notices the faces you make when you stare directly at your legs, it’s sad and painful, making Hoshi sad to see you in that state. He’d go up to you and give you a warm hug as you sink in to it. 

“Y/N-ah, whatever you’re feeling right now that is negative, tell me, I don’t want you to keep it in.” Hoshi would probably say, causing you to melt. 

“I-I… I don’t feel confident in my body… It’s like I don’t feel like it’s as nice as the girls we always see…” you would whisper, a tear falling down your face. 

“Y/N-ah, don’t think that way, your body is beautiful and you should know that it’s not what counts outside. It’s what counts inside is what will get you through life. Please don’t think so negatively, I love you because of how beautiful you are inside out, I think your perfect in any way possible. When you feel this way, it makes me feel sad, please don’t feel this way…” Hoshi would say back to you, kissing your forehead as he would stare at you deeply. 


The two of you are like the secretive couple. The two of you go out but you guys act like you’re dating when there’s not many around. It may not be something you would do but you would once and awhile feel insecure that you were not pretty and that Wonwoo would just be feeling bad for you (dead wrong, you’re perfect yourself or with Wonwoo <3). He would catch you when he heard a sob when he visiting your apartment and would quickly get into the apartment with a hidden key that you told him where the key was. He would find you vulnerable and sad as he would ask why you were like this. 

“Is it bad to think that.. I-I can’t be the pretty person you want me to be…” you would say sadly, giving a soft sob soon after as Wonwoo would run over to you and comfort you, letting your small, frail body sit on his legs while he pulled you close, patting your back. 

“Y/N-ah, I never told you to be pretty because no matter what you do, you were always pretty. Your beautiful and you should know that I cherish you more than anything. It hurts me so much when I see a single tear fall down your face…” Wonwoo would whisper silently, causing you to look at him, cupping his cheeks. 

“I’m sorry I felt this way, thank you for being here… for me..” you would then answer, Wonwoo holding the hands that cupped his cheeks as he would then say, 

“Don’t apologize for something that’s natural to happen, please just know that if you think you’re not good enough, I will always think you are.” kissing your lips gently. 


You know, Woozi would probably be someone to easily see through you like an open book. Almost immediately, when he sees the sad looks you give to the girls who pass by Woozi and wink that it’s not jealousy but insecurity. He would definitely talk to you about it for your sake and to make you feel better. 

“Y/N-ah, are you feeling okay?” Woozi would ask but the only thing you would do is say that you were okay, making Woozi push the words out from you. 

“Y/N… I see those looks you give to those girls, it’s not jealousy either, tell me so we can talk… Don’t you trust me?” 

“I… I feel like those girls out there that look at you have much more visual looks than me… I feel sad that your stuck with me instead of such pretty girls…” you would then say, biting your lip to prevent tears from flowing down. 

“Yah, Y/N. You think they’re pretty? Have you seen your visuals? Your looks top theirs so much more and even more to add, your personality and humor is amazing, how could they ever compete against you? I’m so lucky to have you than those ‘pretty girls’ that you see that will never be as loyal as you. Y/N, don’t look at them, look at me from now on instead.” Woozi would say, making you touched as tears would flow, Woozi wiping them and hugging you. 


As you know, this energetic, cute, and funny guy is someone you could rely on. You begin to think that you don’t deserve Seokmin only because he seems to overshadow you from what you think and that you’re dullness doesn’t make Seokmin brighter but brings him down. Seokmin would probably not notice until he finds you calling your friend and speaking out the problem you have, causing Seokmin to give you a good talk soon after the call was ended. 

“Y/N. Let’s go talk.” Seokmin would say, dragging you over to the living room of the apartment. 

“Do you think… That you’re not good enough for me?” Seokmin would ask to confirm, causing your eyes to widen, your head now turned down. 

“Y-yes…” you would said nervously, looking around as you were about to run out the apartment. 

“Y/N-ah, how could you think that? I feel like I’m not good enough for you. Y/N-ah, the jokes I make, the bright and energetic self I am everyday– it’s because of you. If it wasn’t for you, how could I even function to be happy everyday, you’re like my energy, I need you anywhere and everywhere I go, I would risk anything for you.” Seokmin would assure you, holding your hand as he would stare at you softly. 

“Seokmin-ah…” you would say sadly, quickly wrapping your arms around him as Seokmin would wrap his own arms around your waist. 


Gyu~! Okay, so I would say that you would feel like Mingyu’s visuals were so overpowering that you thought your visuals would never match with his. You had the thought that when you stood next to Mingyu, it wasn’t a couple but friends, which made you feel sad. Over a week, Mingyu would see your gloomy and sad state as you would never want to stare into the mirror. If you did, it would be for long periods of time, examining every “mistake” on your face (but where tho ;-;). 

“Y/N-ah… I know you don’t feel good, please tell me what’s wrong…” Mingyu would start as you would stare into the dull wall, looking at Mingyu. 

“Nothing’s wrong…” you would mutter, easily read that you were lying without a doubt, your eyes glossy. 

“No– there is… Please tell me what it is, I feel like a bad boyfriend when you’re like this because you won’t open up to me…” Mingyu would say, causing you to waver until you finally confessed what you felt. 

“I feel like you won’t be able to see me as a girlfriend but a friend because of how ugly I look… I mean look at me… There’s you who’s outstanding that every girl notices that but then there’s me, average dull girl who you found…” 

“That ‘average dull girl’ changed my world, you know. Y/N-ah, I can’t believe you can’t see how much beauty you have, I always think about how perfect you are because your a package that I fortunately found. Your perfect inside out with the best personality, I don’t regret asking you out and I will never regret meeting you, Y/N. Don’t think so low of yourself because your high in standards that you couldn’t even fit the charts.” Mingyu would say, giving you a smile as he would then hug you tight, kissing the crown of your head, causing you to smile with tears. 


I think The8 will find out really quick that you were feeling insecure, but not all the way, he just knew there was something wrong almost immediately. He would see how you would stare at couples sadly as if you wanted to be them. He would confront you as soon as possible when the two of you were at a private area. 

“Y/N, I know there’s something wrong, spill please.” The8 would say bluntly, completely catching you off guard. 

“W-what.. Nothing– Nothing’s wrong…” you would say, The8 figuring your bluff was fake. 

“It’s okay Y/N… Remember you promised that we would tell each other anything?” The8 would say, causing you to spill. 

“O-okay… I just think that… as a couple, I feel like I’m not fulfilling the role of a girlfriend like you are as a boyfriend… I just hate disappointing you in that aspect…” you would admit, causing The8 to soften. 

“Y/N, since day one I never seen you disappoint me, you did the opposite. You’ve impressed me even until this day. You’re so perfect that I can’t believe you’re even human… Don’t think like that, I love you the way you are so stay that way.” The8 would say, interlacing hands with you as you would give a smile. 


This humorous boy would be the sassiest guy you’ve ever met. With the sound of your name, his whole world would change from 0 to 100 because he would do anything for you. When you tell him that you’re sad that you can’t be as funny as he is and that you seem to be the dull girl who stands behind him. Booyonce definitely give you some words to help you understand that this time, you wrong.

“Are you kimbap kidding me? You think you’re dull?! Where?! I can’t find the dullness! You’re the rainbow and I’m the cloud, we’re a perfect combination! Do I need any words to describe how madly I’m in love with you and how much I can describe your beauty inside and out?” Seungkwan would say, causing you to give a smile. 

“You’re right… I’m sorry for doubting myself Seungkwan-ah… You’re perfect too.” you would then say, giving a hug to Seungkwan how would then soften and pat your head, kissing the side of your head softly and assuringly. 

(me and seungkwan when you think that you’re not good enough) 


This boy would never know how sad you were that you were a “talentless” girl dating a talented boy who could have “chose better.” I think he would find out when you start to avoid him and he would finally get you after many convincing words he said to you to tell him what was wrong. 

“I f-feel like… I’m embarrassing you since I have no talent whatsoever and you have every talent in you that can make any girl happy.” you would say, causing Vernon to be shocked. 

“Me? Talented? Your so much better off than me, Y/N. The reason why I am as good as you think I am is because of you. If my talent can make any girl happy, can’t you be happy for me?” Vernon would say, using his toothy smile that made you grin ear to ear from, hugging him. 

(excuse the nodding Dk in the back lol) 


So, I think Dino would be very clueless about your insecurities until he noticed it a week after you began to have doubts. He would plan a special event with you to cheer you up and then tell you how perfect you are after the event. He would be sliding random compliments that were unusual for you like, “You’re so beautiful Y/N how do I deserve you” or “Insecurities suck, I bet you don’t have any because you’re so amazing.” or “I love you because your perfect in your own way, Y/N.” causing you question him as he would say, 

“Y/N, I notice how sad you’ve been and I won’t ask you to be open about it but I’ll let you know that I can be confident enough to tell you your perfections everywhere. I still can never find the imperfection in you, Y/N. I love you.” he would say, kissing your cheek and interlacing hands with you, causing you to blush heavily. 

A/N: it took me so long to make this but it was worth it :D

anonymous asked:

"i work at a movie theatre and i’m cleaning up after the movie is over and you’re the only person left because you’re ugly crying with popcorn over your lap” AU

You’re sitting in the cinema and everyone else shuffled out like, probably four fucking hours ago. You’re not sure. Time is fucking up in your head—you’ve been crying for ages, you didn’t even see the majority of the movie. Whatever, it had dinosaurs and a little human, which doesn’t make sense because people didn’t come around for, like, forever after dinosaurs became extinct but okay hollywood, sure, whatever. 

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Hey dear! I was wondering if you could write a fluffy/smutty imagine with Pietro where you don't think you are beautiful and are too overweight for him but he insists that you are gorgeous and shows you that he loves you? Thank you sooooo much! 💕

Yes! No matter what shape you are you are beautiful so I will definitely write this prompt! 

Warnings: Smut!!! 

You came back from your morning jog, you were breathing heavy and you felt like you were about to pass out. You really hated your morning runs but you had to get in shape for your new boyfriend Pietro. You were as shocked that he asked you out as you were shocked that you were given the opportunity to be an Avenger. You thought that it was impossible for someone as heavy as you to be able to keep up with the sexy and fit heroes on the team. But since you started doing these workouts you had managed to loose ten pounds in two months! That was a big accomplishment for you, bad sadly you thought it was not enough. 

Especially when that dreamboat Pietro Maximoff asked you out. You had first met him when you walked in on him shirtless and in nothing but his boxers eating a bowl of your favorite cereal. “What? You didn’t see that coming?” He said and then it was all a fairy tale from there. 

You stumbled into the kitchen and found Pietro sitting on a bar stool and he immediately wrapped you in his arms when he saw how heavily you were breathing and gave you his water. “Printsessa what’s wrong? How hard did you run? You are clearly overworked.” He says and helps bring the water to your lips and then tears start to form in your eyes. “You need to stop running so hard. Take a break, eat something you have been practically starving for ages.  

“No!” You snap at him “I need to keep working out so I can lose weight!” 

Tears brim in the corners of his eyes and he holds you close and kisses you all over your sweaty face. “Now why on Earth would you want to do that?” He asks. “You are perfect the way you are.” 

“No I’m not!” You deny. “Look at me! I look like a walrus!” You sob and he brings his hands up to your face and kisses you passionately. 

“You are not fat.” He says sternly. And you look up at him and you start to believe him.

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