let me sob over your perfection


cheating taehyung pt 2. requested by anon. makes me so sad :(

he greeted you at the door with a thermos of coffee. you eyed him carefully as he handed it to you. you eventually took the cup though, sipping it carefully as you stepped inside the familiar apartment. everything was the same. you’ve spent over a year living here with taehyung, and you can’t believe it ended so abruptly. you felt tears welling into your eyes because you were really going to miss the place. for a second you let your guard down, completely collapsing. “Why Taehyung? What we had was perfect! Why?” You sobbed. He couldn’t give you a straight answer so you kept sobbing on the floor like you were. You stayed the night there. That night, you laid awake next to taehyung. It felt so right to be there, despite the horrible heart break you felt. maybe you guys should work at this. maybe you two should try a little longer.
and you decided then, you weren’t going to give up on him. you turned your head. 3:30 am. once he woke up, which was always around 9, you would tell him what you just thought to yourself. in six hours, everything would change. you didn’t know if that was a good or bad thing.

sorry it’s so long i just wanted to write a lil thing and give you guys a kind of ending ahah. thank you so much for reading.

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