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Hey, Squigg! Ive been a fan of the uniqueness and edge of your voice for a while and I gotta ask; do you have any tips for expanding vocal range? I'm assuming you're self taught, but man, you really sound like you know what you're doing vocally.

Oh, wow!  Gosh, thank you!

I am indeed self taught for the most part – I’ve had exactly one music lesson, and it was wayyy back in Middle School… though what I learned from it certainly stuck with me.  Let’s see what advice I can give you.

Number one, when singing, stand up (or sit up) straight – shoulders relaxed and back, feet apart (about shoulder width), and head forward and eeeeeever so slightly tilted up.  Think of yourself as a pipe through which the sound flows – starting at your toes, and resonating aaall the way up and out through your mouth.

Obviously, the sound isn’t ACTUALLY coming from your toes.  It’s coming from your lungs… or rather, your diaphragm.  When you’re singing, use your belly.  Don’t breathe in and feel your shoulders move up – you should feel your gut expand as you breathe in, to give you as much power and control as possible as your voice leaves your throat.  This can be a bit embarrassing the first time you do it, so find a time when you can practice bellowing like this and just try to hit a note as loudly as you can without resorting to shouting or screaming.  You’d be surprised how much power you can get in your voice like this.

Another thing – no matter how high or low the note you’re trying to hit is, NEVER tilt your head to try and reach it.  That’s not gonna help; in fact it’ll make it harder to hit that note.  Instead, focus on keeping your head forward and your throat open – that’ll give the difficult note the most room to resonate in your body before making it to the air.

Don’t sing through your nose.  Unless you’re trying to sound nasally, it’s not gonna sound right, and it’ll cut off a lot of your power and range.  Sing from your gut.

RELAAAAX when singing.  If you tense yourself up too much, you won’t have as much control!  Try to let yourself relax a little when singing, and let the note ring out on its own rather than trying to squeeze it out.

ENUNCIATE.  This is so, so important – I know a lot of singers who have lovely voices, but they don’t enunciate, so you can’t tell what the devil they’re saying.  Bite your consonants and put the notes you’re singing on your vowels – unless the line in the song specifically says otherwise, don’t linger on your N’s and M’s and S’s – the melody is on the vowels.

Practice stretching your range.  Do your scales, sing difficult songs frequently to force yourself to practice controlling your voice on them, so on and so forth.

No matter what, though, it’s your voice – if you practice good posture and technique while singing, eventually you’ll find little nuances that help you embrace what’s most comfortable for you.  Your voice doesn’t sound quite like anyone else’s, so don’t fight what you sound like!  Embrace it and train it!

the snow ball scene is ruined for me bc i’ll be near tears listening to stupid fucking police sing every breath you take i’ll be so fucking in the moment overwhelmed with emotion and then i remember finn’s saying “okay i’m coming in” to millie before they kiss and i let out this horrible horse laugh every time

Translation: FC Booklet #39 - Thank you confessions

Please credit to skysj4

Yabu to members
To Inoo- Thank u for announcing my name when I got lost at the ski grounds
(Inoo: Thankfully u didnt meet with an accident!)

To Chinen - When we went to eat ramen, even though I split carbonic drinks on Chinen’s clothes, thank you for smiling and forgiving me while saying “It’s okay”

To Yuto- Yuto, thank you for accompanying me to search for a new bicycle.

To Takaki - Seems like at the sauna I often go to, you look around restlessly and think “I wonder if Yabu-kun is here?” Thank you (laugh)

To Yamada- When I get drunk and say “Let’s sing karaoke endlessly”, thank you for accompanying me till the end

To Arioka- When you came to hang out at my house, thank you for looking happy while playing fireworks with me!

To Okamoto- When me and Yuri went iceskating and invited Keito, thank you for coming reluctantly (laugh)

Hikaru to members

To Inoo- Thank you for being born with such a cute face
(Inoo: U are welcome)

To Chinen - Thank you for replying “That’s interesting” even when I send silly video clips

To Yuto - Even though my weird faces have not changed since ten years ago, thank you for always laughing everytime I do a weird face

To Takaki - I was like an iron for more than 20 years who could not swim, but last year thanks to you, I can now swim.

To Yamada - No one else can probably say this out, but thanks for being the only one to point out “Your clothes are really unfashionable”!

To Arioka- When I was into survival games, thank you for gathering all the members to go together!

To Okamoto- When JUMP was just formed, Keito would buy me a can of coffee and say “Sorry Hikaru-kun” when he was late for meetings. Thank you. But now when I think of it, if you had time to buy coffee, come earlier!  


Members to Yabu
Chinen: Thank you for always accompanying me to eat pork

Yamada: Thank you for taking the headstart to think of the concert production, and saying “Consult me about anything”

Yuto: When I feel sad, the first one who smiles at me before anyone else is Yabu-kun. Thank you.

Hikaru: Even though when I am in a weird mood and annoyingly interact with you, thank you for returning that interaction by going “Uee~h!”

Takaki: Thank you for telling me that “saunas are good!”

Okamoto: Thank you for teaching me about Japan politics

Inoo: In the past, when I couldn’t decide how to use my New Year money, thank you for encouraging me and saying “Buy this game”. I spent all my money (laugh)

Arioka: When we went to watch soccer together, thank you for explaining the match to me

Takaki: I understand that! Watching soccer with Yabu-kun is the most fun ever!

Yabu: I am really happy with those words!

Members to Hikaru
Takaki: When I say “I don’t feel quite well”, thank you for passing me a lot of health supplements and drinks and saying “Drink these!”

Okamoto: When I have a headache, thank you for giving me headache medicine.

Arioka: When I am busy, thank you for being concerned and saying “If you feel like you are going to fall sick, I will give you amino acid”

Yuto: Is Hikaru-kun everyone’s pharmacy?

Yabu: When I was involved in a stageplay alone, he gave me two oranges and said “You definitely lack of vitamin C!”

Inoo: During my stageplay, he gave me propolis spray. But actually the one in JUMP who falls sick easily is Hikaru… (laugh)

All: Ahahaha!!

Hikaru: That is why I am sensitive to other’s health! (laugh)

Yamada: What should I do.. I don’t have any episodes regarding medicine where I can thank Hika. This year during my birthday, thank you for testing wine and then giving it to me as a present. It was delicious.

Yuto: Even though it was just a temporary trend, thank you for giving the members a hand spinner.

Okamoto: Speaking of that, I didn’t get one!

Chinen: On my birthday, thank you for giving me a necklace and saying “I bought two of the same one by mistake”

voltron headcanons

So, me and my lil sis were talking and we got on the subject of voltron aus. Specifically dj/band/performers. 

  • Lance would be the lead singer, with Allura and (occasionally Hunk for deeper notes) as vocals and all that jazz.
    • he was the one who started the band and got all that members to cooperate -coughkeithcough-
    • loves practicing, but complains the most about it
    • bffls w/hunky monkey and sharing an apartment with him
    • bi and proud 
    • really good at leaving dirty socks in the studio
    • sings Cuban songs in the shower (really loudly. there have been sound complaints.)
    • good mix of fabulous, extra, random, funny, and weird 
    • really into camp camp. he and Keith can sing the whole opening song. yes, even the last part
  • pidge plays keyboard and guitar.
    • 14, the baby of the bunch 
    • they started keyboard as a dare from Matt, but soon got really invested (they were $40 richer that day) 
    •  They have done the guitar smash thing more than once, all having something to do with Lance, be it a dare or pure frustration
    • non-binary pal
    • They hacked Keith’s phone once. Unfortunately for them, they succeed. the first thing they saw on his search history was ‘why isn’t 11 pronounced ‘onety one’?’ then ‘can Jesus microwave a burrito?’
  • Keith plays drums LIKE A BOSS 
    • 18
    • he started drumming to impress cute boys. the good thing? a cute boy DID notice. That boy was lance. The down side? Lance has seen him cry because he saw a crack in the cement that looked like a sad face.
    • small, gay, and ready to play
    • did the ba dum chss thing in middle/high school every time Allura/Lance’s voice had cracked while practicing
    • ALL the bad music tastes. yes, country included 
    • the king of 1 o’clock google searches 
    • apartment buddies with pidge
    • emo, but not???
    • Shiro’s lil bro 
    • he and Lance were once Max and David (camp camp) for Halloween. You can guess who was who
    • from Korea, but has the tiniest of southern accents?? like, lance is still so ??? about it


wink wonk

Stronger Than You💪🏾 (Iron Ice)

*Music fades in*

It’s a beautiful day outside, birds are singing, flowers are blooming, on days like these a kid like you…..SHOULD BE BURNING IN HELL.

🎶Turn around kid it’d be a crime,

If I had to go back on that promise I made for you,

So don’t step over that line,

Ah screw It you’re gonna have an ice time,

Cause kids like you don’t play by rules,

And guys like me hate to be merciful fools,

So let’s go let the room get chiller,

Let’s go You dirty goat killer,

Go ahead and tryna hit me if you’re able,

You should know now mercy’s off the table,

Bet you wondering why I’m even trying,

Cause kid I’m even worse than the Undying,

I won’t let you win We’ll Be here together,

Fighting underground now and forever,

I know you’ll reset but everytime I’ll beat ya,

And waiting here each time to meet ya,

I know you’re made O-o-o-o-of l-o-o-o-o-ove l-o-o-o-o-ve,

O-o-o-o-of l-o-o-o-o-ove, l-o-o-o-o-ove 🎶

*music break*

🎶 This were it stops,

This is were it ends,

If you wanna beat then you better try again,

But no matter how I stall you,

You won’t give up your attack,

Do you just enjoy the feeling of the dust crawling on your back,

Go ahead and tryna hit me if you’re able,

You should know by my mercy’s off the table,

Think that you can spare me like I’m some bum,

Well you didn’t spare my girl SO GET DUNKED ON,

I know you made everyone I loved disappear,

But everything they cared about is why I’m here,

I have their MERCY,

I have their VENGEANCE,


I know you’re made O-o-o-o-of l-o-o-o-o-ove l-o-o-o-o-ove,


*music fades*

So far the best thing I’ve made even if it’s a parody thanks for reading or singing it, I actually feel accomplished for doing this parody song. This is set in the Altertale universe when Frisk/Chara kills Toriel(who switched roles with Sans) early and now Iron Ice is in the judgement hall

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Some highlights from the county chorus festival, particularly the conductor:

~(to the guys) “Your singing sounds like you’ve had too much cough syrup.”

~“Friends don’t let friends clap on 1 and 3”

~“Altos… I could surf on that sound.”

~(in a yawning game show host voice) “These valuable cash prizes!”


~*conductor removes silky red vest*

choir: “oooohhh!!!”

*Turns vest inside out and puts it back on to reveal a plaid vest*

choir: “ooOOOOOOOHHHH!!¡!!”

~“Slhippery snhake”

~*does something cool* “Just start throwing money at me.”

*Continues to teach*

*Student throws a dollar at him*

~*school bell rings, whole choir sings b with the bell*

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"my castle crumbled overnight. i brought a knife to a gunfight. they took the crown but it's alright." -- these words and the way she sings them makes me super emo and it's like a stab to my chest every time i hear it.

janessa, i don’t wanna talk about it…..but let’s

she built her little kingdom up and worked so hard for it and it worked and she was on top of the world for a while there but just like that the media and everyone turned on her again and it’s absolutely heartbreaking to think about her being put through that BUT then you think about the way that as much as this was difficult and hard it seemingly led to her finding a genuine love, which allowed her time to lay low and live a very mundane lifestyle for a while and i think that’s really something she probably really needed and so it’s very, very bittersweet and i think that this entire song, lyrically, captures that bittersweet feeling really well

✨ send me your current fav rep lyrics

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i didn't expect another namkook song for this year's festa since they did one for 2016, but i neeed another duet by them, especially since jungkook is composing now and namjoon sounds so excited about it, even asked why jungkook doesn't come to him like he does with yoongi and hoseok. man, the interviews/promos about it would just be joon and kook going 'you're awesome and so good at music' 'no, you' 'no, YOU' for ages. why won't the universe let me be great??? ;;

WHOOO ARE YOU why you keep attacking my heart with namkook asks i feekjfkjfdkjfdkjđf i FEEL THIS god i always turn to jelly whenever i read your asks im shaKING

i LIVE for the mutual admiration and appreciation going on between namkook the past year!! /clutches heart……. and yes another duet would be awesome because they ALWAYS gotta sing together ;___; since pre-debut… but lately they’ve been comfortable with singing with other members but just… namkook… @ god, @ bighit, @ bts, please heed our prayers

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To others your heart beats, but to me your heart chirps like a million birds. I️ can hear the tweet of a parakeet caged within your chest, singing for the freedom to love. I️ hear the singing of a nightingale, screaming at you to uncover the immeasurable potential you possess. I️ hear the cooing of a dove, singing to let you know you are loved and deserve burning passion. All those birds trapped within your heart, chirping out beats to keep you alive. If only someone else heard them how I️ have.

Copypasta or not this is cute

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Shut up and kiss me already prinxiety

That was fast. Let’s get started!

There’s heat and implied smut involved, you’ve been warned!

For many days, Roman kept dropping pickup lines and flirty comments, singing tidbits of love songs and reciting Shakespeare. Virgil knew what he was getting at, but he wanted to torture him just a little longer. He kept waving the prince off and pretending he couldn’t hear or understand what he was saying.

Roman had had enough.

“Virgil Sanders!” he yelled upon entering the commons area, startling the younger trait. “What the hell, Princey?!” he replied, ripping his headphones off his head. They glared at each other in silence for what felt like forever, sending silent insults to each other.

“I know you know that I’ve been flirting with you for the past week!” Roman crossed his arms and watched as Virgil stood to look him in the eye. The younger rolled his eyes and stepped forward, causing the prince to back up. They kept at this until Princey found himself against the wall. Virgil looked him over, placing his hands on both sides of Roman’s head.

“All the things I could do to you,” he whispered, the ghost of a smirk playing on his face. The prince shuddered at the tone of his voice, eliciting a low chuckle from the Side in front of him. “Virgil, just shut up and kiss me already,” Roman breathed. Virgil leaned forward, his nose nearly brushing against said trait’s.

“As you wish, my Prince.”

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Your life seems so cool. You should totally tell me the orb story. Tumblr won't let me message you though even though we are mutuals maybe you should try messaging me. But it's okay if you don't want to! Don't want to force you.

I promise it’s not that interesting but here goes:
When i was about 8, my sister got married. We don’t have that much money, so we decided to have the wedding in the orchard behind our house. (Basically… our backyard)
So here we are, they just said their vows and it’s a lil dark. All the adults are singing karaoke and all the kids are over with me. I’m tryin to make some friends with these kids bc that’s what you do, right? So I’m like “hey guys, there’s some cats that always hang out behind the shed”
So here I am, leading this hoard of kids behind the shed. Half of them didn’t even wanna go bc it was dark, but I’m just like “no it’s fine, I do this all the time” and that convinces everyone to go and see some cats (tbh who wouldn’t wanna see cats)
Well it turned out the cats weren’t there but when I turned around to tell everyone that, this huge burst of light shines at us. It’s about 3 feet away and 5 feet in diameter. I remember it being the brightest fucking thing,, and I don’t even know how long it was there for, as we all ran the second we saw it and when we looked back it was gone.
10 years later and I’m still shook bc I have no idea what it could’ve been? I used to think I had made it up until I ran into some of the other kids that were there. They remembered too.


Here’s me attempting to sing Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur live on stage during the You’re Welcome Tour! I had never been more nervous in my entire life than right before I stepped out on stage. I immediately ascended to new levels of nervous the second I started playing. But throughout the tour it got easier and easier every time I set foot onto that stage. But it wasn’t because I was getting better at the song, it was because you were so welcoming and forgiving and ready to look past any mistake I could have made. You slowly chipped away at my fears every time I faced them and I can’t thank you enough for the honor of being able to play for you. The world needs more people like you.

Drunk text me. Let me know that when you’re at your most vulnerable, I’m the one on your mind. Call me at three in the morning when you’ve had a nightmare. I’ll come running to hold you. Show up at my door, no flowers, no gifts, and when I ask you why, tell me that you just wanted to see me. Hold my hand. Kiss my nose. Dance with me in the middle of the street. Tell me how much I matter to you, and when I roll my eyes, tell me again. Write me a letter. Sing me a song. Cuddle with me. Please, I just want to know how you feel.

Excerpt from a book I’ll never write