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99 Ways to Turn Zen On (NSFW-ish)

A small thing that @michiigii-writes-mysme and I did for fun while chatting. Some also came from @vess-hs ! You guys are amazing :33

There are only 2 things that can kill Zen’s beast

  1. Cats
  2. Jumin

But what about what turns it on? What gets Zen riled up enough that he’s just tempted to pounce on you? LET’S FIND OUT. 

99 Things that Turn Zen On:

  1. Holding your hand
  2. Your smile
  3. The smell of your shampoo.
  4. The cute way you sneeze. If MC has allergies, spring becomes mating season
  5. How you have to stand on your toes to kiss him. Extra points if you’re short enough you have to jump
  6. The way you say his name
  7. The way you say his real name
  8. The way you stretch when you yawn. Bonus points if your shirt lifts up and your belly button shows
  9. The way you roll around in your sleep Wrap your leg around him
  10. Your sleepy face when you first wake up in the morning
  11. The way you giggle every time he kisses you good morning or good night
  12. The way you pout when you don’t get your way.
  13. How cute your face gets when you’re mad at him or at anything really. Unless it’s serious, he can’t help but want to hug you
  14. Your expression when you’re deep in thought. “So cute…! …I’m  gonna sex you up, now.”
  15. The way you scratch your nose or twirl your hair when you lie.
  16. The way you watch him when he’s saying some particularly dramatic lines.
  17. The way you can’t keep character and end up laughing     whenever you help him practice lines
  18. Whenever you bend over to pick something up off the floor. Or out of the oven. Especially if you’re wearing a short skirt
  19. The way you throw flour at him whenever the two of you attempt to bake.
  20.  When you play with his hair.
  21. When you pull his hair
  22. When you “accidentally” leave the door open while you shower.
  23. Joining him when he’s showering
  24. The smell of the fabric softener you use.
  25. When you wear his clothes because you don’t have fresh ones of your own
  26. When your hair gets a little windswept so it looks a little wild…he finds it sexy.
  27. Those moments when you subconsciously start braiding his hair when you’re just cuddling
  28. Sitting in his lap
  29. Grind on his lap
  30. The way you sway your hips when you dance.
  31. The way you dance at home when you don’t think he’s watching
  32. When you sing with the radio when you think nobody’s around.
  33. When you try and sing duets with him for fun, even if you’re off-key
  34. The color of the lipstick/lipgloss you always wear. it makes him think of kissing…
  35. When you’re brushing your hair in front of the bedroom mirror and humming a small tune
  36. Holding an umbrella for you when it rains
  37. Those random times you just run into the rain with neither an umbrella or a care in the world. Bonus points if you’re wearing a white shirt
  38. Form-fitting sweaters
  39. Sleevless tops
  40. Short skirts and knee-high boots
  41. Those special nights when you just put on sexy underwear and heels
  42. Lace
  43. Push up bras
  44. Hairstyles that reveal the back of your neck.
  45. When you wear clothes/hairstyles that show off your hickeys. Now the world knows you’re his
  46. Shirts that reveal your midriff or lower back in certain positions.
  47. Long socks that squeeze your thighs
  48.  Anklets
  49. When the temperature is cold in the apartment and you’re not wearing a bra
  50. When you link arms with him while you walk and he gets a little sideboob…
  51. When you wrap your arms around his waist, only to give his ass a good squeeze
  52. When you rub noses with him.(“Nose Graze?  More like nose humping, it was so sexually charged!” -The OC)
  53.  When you lightly kiss him anywhere on his face
  54. Watching you walk away
  55. Those rare moments when you actually get sassy and throw a really sick burn at some rude fan or pervert
  56. Watching you pick your outfit out for the day
  57. Watching you cook/bake in the kitchen, since you told him you could handle dinner yourself Boy is still learning how to cook something that isn’t microwaveable
  58. When you spoonfeed him something. “Say ‘ah,’ oppa~!“
  59. When you open your mouth for him whenever he offers his own food. Sticking your tongue out a little will have a 120% chance of unleashing the Beast
  60. When you stick your tongue out at him while you’re teasing  him
  61. Being so focused on something your tongue sticks out of your mouth
  62. Seriously, just stick your tongue out
  63. When your clothing slips off of your shoulder
  64. Putting your legs on his lap when you’re both relaxing on   the couch
  65. Running your foot up and down his leg
  66. Wrap your legs around his waist if you jump up and hug him
  67. Ghosting your fingers over the back of his hand
  68. Nibble/Suck on his  fingers
  69. 69
  70. gently grazing your nails across his skin to make him shiver
  71. Kissing him right in the hollow of his neck, just under his Adam’s Apple
  72. Nuzzle his neck, especially when you’re both in bed and just sleeping
  73. The little sounds you make when you sleep
  74. The way you just stare at him before he completely wakes up. He knows that you’re peppering kisses on his face, thinking he’s asleep
  75. Calling him “oppa”
  76. Teasing him about the Beast
  77. Letting him take the lead
  78.  Letting him chase you around the apartment. Extra points if you let him catch you. “The big bad wolf has you now, my princess~”
  79. Telling him how manly and cool he is
  80. Run your hands over his muscles. Even if it’s just a massage.
  81.  Running your eyes over his muscles. Even if he’s onstage.
  82. Cheering him on the loudest during the applause
  83. Licking your lips
  84. The way your eyes glint with just a tiny hint of jealousy when his fans gather around during a date
  85. Melted chocolate
  86. Implications that someone may be watching
  87. Seeing you lean against a mirror. Makes his imagination run wild.
  88.  Seeing you on top of and straddling his Motorcycle
  89. Taking off your sweater/jacket to reveal…a backless dress!
  90. Casually run your hands across his thighs, especially if you’re both seated at a table and there are others around. Bonus points if it’s the rest of the RFA
  91. Licking your own fingers
  92. Licking your fingers when they’re coated in a sticky substance
  93. Asking him how a new outfit/article of clothing looks on you. “Let me show you how much I like it…”
  94. Wearing his trademark white jacket. Bonus if that’s all you’re wearing.
  95. Watching you/visiting you at work.
  96. When you ask him to keep costumes on during quickies in his dressing room
  97. When you praise his acting
  98. Taking videos or photos of the two of you during intimate moments. All intimate moments
  99. MC
Let Daddy Show You...

NRequested by @0-alixx-0 : So d’ya know how Jared is a method actor and didn’t break his Joker character? Could you maybe do a story or one-shot where you’re Jared’s gf and you go to see him on set and he’s Joker and at first you don’t understand but when he leads you to his trailer to ‘show you his toys’ you help him 'develop his character’ *SMUTTTT !* 😁😂

Authors note: I am a child of God.. BUT LOOORD I regret NOTHING

WARNINGS: Smut, lots of it… daddy kink…rough sex, swearing… and well some NSFW GIFs….

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"You’re mister J’s new obsession, Sugar” 1/3- Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : You have been married to Bruce for quite some years now, and you both knew it was inevitable that you’d get in danger one day…but you really never expected the Joker to start to be obsessed with you. CHAPTER 1/3. 

Warnings : mentions of sex, also, Bruce is “old” if that bothers you in any way…If your like me and have a thing for older guys, then carry on please.


(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


Looking at yourself in the mirror of your bathroom, you groaned and turned around to glare at your husband that was taking a shower. He immediately felt that you were staring, but to his disappointment, it wasn’t for the reason he hoped for…

-Is something wrong dear ? 

-Yes Bruce, something’s wrong. How old are you ? 

-…What ? 

-Just answer my question honey. 

-…Hum, 46 ?

-Yes. 46. You’re 46 years old.  

At the way you were looking at him, mad as Hell, standing in the frame of the shower door that you just violently swung open, billionaire ex-playboy superhero Bruce Wayne got kinda worried. He was trying to figure out what he did that could have pissed you off that much, as you were really difficult to annoy, almost never getting angry…But boy when you were angry, it was scary. Apparently now though, you were more annoyed than mad. So he was trying to remember what he could have done. 

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Harley x Joker x Jerome x Reader

“The citizens of Gotham are warned to stay indoors until Jerome and (Y/N) have been apprehended after last night’s attack on the Wayne Industries.” The Tv blared.

“Blah, Blah, Blah… gotta be something good one.” Jerome drawled as he switched channels.

“I told you we shoulda listened to Mom.” You huffed causing your brother to glare at you.

“Yeah well, Dad’s plan got us into the building and we got the money.” Jerome hopped around on his chair, crouching so he could stay seated while watching you fiddle with the gun in your hand.

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you might get an ovation

pairing: daveed diggs x reader, lin-manuel miranda x reader, daveed x reader x lin (i think that’s how this should be listed idk) 

request: @iamafangirlforeverthing​: “Can you write a reader imagine where daveed and Lin compete for her affections and just pure nsfw…” and @itsme-ashley-marie​: “Can I get some super kinky role play?!” AND @derpypenguin​: “Lin smut with maybe some nice daddy/sir kink with some bondage maybe??”

summary: lin and daveed are both super into reader. she goes with this for a little, before they realize there’s only one way to make them all happy.

warnings: NSFW, smut, flirting, wall sex, dom/sub, begging, dirty talk, clippng lyrics, oral sex, prof/student roleplay, bath sex, threesome (kinda…), spitroasting, mentions of other kinks,

word count: 4,936

a/n: i am going straight to hell. probably tomorrow, honestly. title from clippng’s “wriggle.” this was fun. enjoy!! lemme know whatchu think!! the sequel to this smut sin is here 

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New Girl - One

“Okay, fourth floor.” I folded the small slip of paper and put it into my back pocket, pressing the four when I stepped into the elevator. I wonder what these girls were like – the place seemed clean, they seemed like they were my age. Of course, their age was listed, but it also didn’t sound like they were lying or that there was a possibility that they were predators. I hadn’t even thought of that – I subconsciously rubbed my hands against my jeans, not noticing them become sweaty.

I almost missed my stop, the elevator doors almost closing after being left open in my daze. I saw the red printed four on top of the door, I took a deep breath before stepping out. I looked to my left and saw 4C, then looked to my right – 4D. The doors behind me closed while I prepped myself, breathing in and out slowly as I made my way to apartment 4D.

I raised my fist and knocked once, cursing under my breath as I realized how lightly it sounded, sounding more like a toddler’s tap. I straightened my posture and cleared my throat, raising my fist more confidently as I knocked loudly three times. You’re fine. You’re fine. They’re just girls. They’re just three other girls your age-.

“Hello?” My thoughts were cut off by a deep, foreign accent. I looked up to see a blonde boy standing in front of me, his blue eyes showing confusion as he scanned my appearance. “Can I help you?”

“Uh,” I glanced at the number on the door again: 4D. “Is this the apartment that posted about a new roommate?” Before blue-eyes could answer, another head appeared next to him.

“New roommate? New woman roommate? Yes, hello. This is the apartment with the ad. I’m Jacob. This handsome young fellow is Harrison. Come in, come in.” I smiled slightly, relieved that seemed to be close to my age – and they seemed normal… enough.

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Nine to Five (Part 2)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Summary: Father Stiles AU. All Y/n wants is to find a new family to care for, when she comes across an AD in the newspaper, she couldn’t be happier. Stiles hires a new nanny for his daughter, but he soon realizes that he hired someone that would soon become much more than just a nanny.

Do let me know what you think about this, pretty please. Feedback is always wanted. I don’t know who made the gif, if anyone does, please let me know and I’ll credit it <3

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

It was eight o'clock when you were rushing around your apartment, grabbing everything you thought you would need for the day. It was your first day at the new job, and you swore your clothes were already dripping with sweat. “Best of luck!” Lydia shouted from her room as you grabbed your backpack and rushed out the door to your car.

You lived twenty minutes from Beacon Hills, but you still wanted to make a good impression by showing up early, especially since you’ve never met Rosie before and Stiles had to introduce you before he left for work.

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Love at First Hindsight;

Summary: Steve always thought Y/N was cute, but not much more than that. As Tony’s assistant, the girl was always around, and overtime started to grow on him. 

A/N: Sorry for not really being active the past couple days! I was at a concert last night, and I’ve been shopping getting ready to move away to college in the fall. I hope you enjoy, though! Let me know if there’s anything else you want to see. Also important: I KNOW Sam Wilson served in the military, but all the research I did failed to turn up what rank he was, which is why I didn’t mention it.

Trigger Warnings: Slight violence and mild harassment.

“Welcome back to the Avenger’s Complex, Captain Rogers,” a new, fresh face greeted the arriving ex-criminals, “Same to you, Sergeant Barnes, Miss Maximoff, Mr. Wilson. I can show you to your new rooms, if you’d like? Mr. Stark did some renovations during your absence.” 

“Sergeant Barnes,” Bucky pointed out to Steve under his breath, an amused look on his face, “Sure haven’t heard that one in awhile.”

Steve shushed him, trying to give the girl as much of his attention as possible. He knew she must have been nervous, addressing some of the worlds most powerful superheros AND ex-criminals. However, contrary to his assumptions, the girl carried herself with an air of self-confidence that Steve respected greatly. 

The girl pushed her large, round glasses back up her nose to settle back where they should be before she looked at them, addressing the group once again, “My name is Y/N, by the way. I’m Mr. Stark’s personal assistant. He would’ve loved to be here to greet you himself, but the rest of the team is currently away on a mission.” She pushed here glasses up yet again, Steve noted they must have been too large for her slim nose. Y/N didn’t seem bothered by the stray hair falling out of her carefully crafted bun onto her face. “Follow me, your rooms are all in the same wing for maximum comfort and ease.” 

The group of former vigilantes trailed behind her, taking in the magnificence of the building around them, listening to Tony’s assistant as she chattered on about notable architectural and artistic feats Tony incorporated into the building’s structure. 

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Back To Hogwarts

pairing: Severus x Reader

fandom: harry potter

prompt: ‘arguing but being secretly turned on by it’                                              

warnings: a bit suggestive stuff maybe but no actual smut or anything

@nekodemon73 @kumpmk

Hogwarts. One of the most magical places you had ever been to. Despite your great love for it, you actually hadn’t thought you’d be back so soon, yet here you were. 

Teaching had never crossed your mind while you were a student here, funny how your life can chance with just one simple decision. 

Sometimes, when you come back to a place you once knew as a child, everything looks smaller and not quite like you remembered it. Hogwarts didn’t. It hadn’t changed one bit for you, still the same amazing home that made everyone feel welcome the moment you stepped inside. 

“Miss Blackwood.” The voice made you shudder, old memories slowly surfacing from deep within. The one person you had never managed to get along with and of course he had to be the first to meet you. 

You turn around with the best fake smile you can manage to put on, “Severus.” 

He looks pissed of your use of his first name but you had sworn yourself not to let yourself become intimidated by him again. He wasn’t your teacher anymore and you had no reason to be scared. 

“If you’d follow me, Dumbledore…ask me to show you your new room.”
By the sound of it and the disdain on his face he had most likely been forced to 'welcome’ you back. Something, both of you had rather avoided. The school year hadn’t started yet which probably meant he was one of the few teachers already here.

Snape makes his way through the long and empty corridors, quietly and quickly, like only he could. A talent that had gotten you into a lot of trouble more times than you could count. 

He doesn’t stop or wait for you to catch up and you have to curry to keep up with him. The echo of your footsteps is the only sound that’s audible.  
When you walk by the quidditch field, you stop for a moment and look outside. It was a bright sunny day, no cloud in sight. Would be a perfect day for a match, you had always loved this game. 

Snape clears his throat somewhere in front of you, so you tear away your eyes with a sigh and continue to follow him. 

“We’re here.”  

He opens the door to a small but really nice looking room. The kind where you’re woken up by sunlight hitting your face in the morning and you can’t help but feel good about it. It was entirely different than your dorm room but felt like home nonetheless. 

“Thanks, Sev.” You smirk and step into your new room. Before you can push the door in his face, he gets his foot in between. 

“You should learn to address your superiors with more respect, unless you want to end up getting spanked like a child." 

He probably hadn’t intended for it to sound so suggestive and hot but the way he said it made all kinds of dirty thoughts run through your head. Bend over his knees, his hand coming down on your ass and…no, no, no, no. No freaking way you were thinking that! 

"Thanks I’ll remember it, in case I come across one of my 'superiors’.”  

You quickly slam the door shut and bury your head in the pillow of the bed.

NurseyDex Week Day 1: Get Together/Mutual Pining

Derek Nurse was fucking beautiful.

And not just like, physically, although he was definitely beautiful in that way too. Derek Nurse was just a beautiful person.

Dex had noticed the physical part first when he was on his tour of Samwell back before he didn’t even know Nursey’s name.

They were at Faber and Nursey had his hands shoved in his pockets as he was making smalltalk with Chowder, and Dex couldn’t help but feel his throat go dry.

Nursey had the slightest stubble on his jaw and his cheekbones were high and sharp like the male models his sister had hanging up in her bedroom.  

And that outfit. Nursey was wearing a tight white t-shirt under a black jacket and Dex couldn’t stop looking at the way the fabric of the thin t-shirt slid over his broad chest.

At the time Dex had been mostly silent, unable to speak for fear of giving away his attraction. But then there was Bitty, and he was so…well, Bitty, and maybe Dex could allow himself to ogle Derek Nurse a little bit…just for the tour.

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anonymous asked:

13 and 15 with Suga

Boy Next Door (Yoongi x Reader Fluff)

Prompt request: “Are you hurt?” + “Is there a reason you’re crawling through my window?”

Summary: Your new neighbour is developing a habit of crawling through your bedroom window when he’s bored. You know you should stop him, but you can’t bring yourself to do it. 

Word count: 1.6k words

Originally posted by dreamyoongi

You were excited when you’re parents told you a new family was moving next door. You were even more excited when you heard a boy who was your age would be your neighbour. In the middle of summer with nothing to do, you couldn’t help but fantasize about the perfect boy next door. It was every teenager’s dream, wasn’t it?

One early Friday morning, you were roused by loud noises coming from outside. Drowsily, you stumbled to your feet and peered out your bedroom window. It was pointless, of course, because the houses on your street were too close together, so all you could see was the vacant house’s bedroom window.

Only, the house wasn’t so vacant anymore.

A boy was standing in front of the window, brushing his teeth while looking half asleep. From what you could see, he had dark hair, pale skin, and some really nice hands. Then, his sharp eyes flicked to yours, and you soon discovered that your neighbour’s gaze was piercing.

Squeaking, you dropped to the ground–out of sight. You felt your cheeks heating up, totally embarrassed that you had been caught spying. Repressing the urge to scream, you crawled out of your bedroom and into the hall, where the noises from outside grew louder.

Now, you knew it was because your new neighbours were finally moving in. And you also knew that the boy next door was as cute as you had hoped. But of course he had to see you rumpled with sleep and invading his privacy.

Shaking your head, you got back to your feet and thudded down the stairs. In the kitchen, your mom was sipping a cup of coffee as she peered out the window, evidently spying on your new neighbours as well.

“Why didn’t you tell me they were moving in today?” you whined, throwing yourself onto a kitchen chair and slumping over the small table in front of you.

“I didn’t want to wake you up so early,” your mom replied, turning around to look at you. “Why, did something happen?”

“The boy is in the bedroom across mine,” you explained hesitantly. “He may or may not have seen me spying.”

“I heard his name’s Yoongi. He’s pretty cute, no?” your mom cackled. “Let’s just hope he finds the spying endearing, not creepy.”

Later in the afternoon, the August heat became unbearable. In your small room, there was little ventilation, so you were sweating buckets. Pushing away from your desk, you walked across the room to the window. You hoped your neighbour wouldn’t be able to see you. With a grunt, you pulled the large window open, feeling a gentle breeze billow through the opening. It wasn’t much, but it made the heat a little less painful.

Returning to your desk, you became so engrossed in watching anime that you didn’t process the sound of the window across yours clicking open. You didn’t hear the sound of someone struggling to stand on their window frame. You didn’t hear the sound of them leaping through the air.

But you did hear the loud crash of something colliding with your bedroom floor.

“Oh my god!” you squealed, spinning around in your chair. In front of you, Yoongi was sprawled on your hardwood floors, facedown and unmoving. “Uh, are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Yoongi grunted, his voice muffled since he had yet to lift his head. Eventually, he pushed himself upright, opting to sit cross-legged facing you. When he didn’t elaborate on the situation, you crossed your arms.

“Is there a reason you’re crawling through my window?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I wouldn’t call it crawling, it was more of a leap,” Yoongi replied, not answering your question. “For a second, I thought I wouldn’t make it. Luckily the drop isn’t that big.”

“You shouldn’t be jumping through windows. That’s dangerous,” you scolded. “But still, that doesn’t explain anything.”

“I’m just bored,” Yoongi said, shrugging his shoulders. “I’ve been unpacking for hours, and I need a break. Our WiFi isn’t set up yet either, so that really sucks.”

You nodded at that, feeling a little sympathy for Yoongi’s situation. “You could have just knocked on the door like a normal person,” you pointed out.

“Yeah, but this was faster. Plus, I’m already here,” Yoongi responded. He jerked his head in the direction of your laptop. “What are you watching?”

“One Punch Man,” you answered slowly, a little embarrassed. But Yoongi’s lips twitched into a little smile, and you thought it was adorable.

“Sweet,” he said, turning to look at the laptop expectantly. “I’m Yoongi, by the way. You’re Y/N, right?”

“Yep, that’s me,” you replied. You picked up your laptop and sat on the floor beside Yoongi, setting the laptop in front of your crossed legs. “I just finished this episode.”

So you and Yoongi spent the rest of the afternoon watching One Punch Man on your laptop. It was a really odd situation, but it was surprisingly comfortable. Little conversations popped up here and there, and you took a surprising liking to your new neighbour. And luckily, he didn’t bring up the spying incident from earlier that day.

Eventually, when dinnertime came, Yoongi announced his departure and disappeared through the window he entered by. You peered after him curiously, but he had already faded into the darkness of his bedroom, completely out of sight. Smiling, you turned away from the window. You figured you should close it, but something compelled you to keep it open.

The next evening, while you were blasting music through your speakers, Yoongi came tumbling through your window again. You shrieked, dropping the nail polish you were holding onto your floor. Cursing, you reached blindly for some tissues to wipe up the spilled liquid.

Yoongi watched you clean expressionlessly, although you couldn’t help but feel his blank gaze was judgemental.

“This stuff is expensive, okay? Plus it stains,” you said defensively, tossing the crumpled tissues covered in black nail polish into the garbage. “Give me some warning next time.”

“What, am I supposed to yell through the window?” Yoongi snorted. “I feel like that wouldn’t make much of a difference.”

“I dunno, just text me or something,” you suggested. Yoongi raised his eyebrow at you, and you stared at him blankly before you realized you hadn’t exchanged numbers yet. “Oh, give me your phone. I’ll put in my number.”

“I left it inside,” Yoongi shrugged.

“Ugh, whatever,” you groaned. You plopped onto your bed and looked at Yoongi suspiciously. “So, why are you here?”

“Bored,” Yoongi replied simply. “Plus, you’re blasting some pretty shit music. I had to come turn it off.”

“Excuse me?” you balk. You pointed a finger at Yoongi. “You trespass into my room and then insult my music? Who do you think you are?”

“I’m just telling you the truth,” Yoongi smirked. You wanted to punch him in the face, but you also wanted to kiss him because damn that was hot. Wait, kiss?

Yoongi got to his feet and walked over to your laptop, sitting on your desk chair. “Let me show you some real music,” Yoongi said, typing something into your computer. Eventually, a new song started playing.

It was just a drum beat at first, but soon powerful rapping began to play. It was fast, and the rapper had a raspy, emotive voice. And their voice sounded strangely familiar.

“Wait, is this your mixtape?” you asked, your jaw dropping.

“And if it is?” Yoongi said, spinning in the chair to give you a look.

“What a shameless plug!” you exclaimed, clutching your stomach as you laughed. Yoongi gave you an offended look, and you brushed tears out of your eyes. “But this is really good. I didn’t know you rapped. That’s so cool.”

“Thanks,” Yoongi said, glancing away. You weren’t sure, but it looked like he was blushing. “But you have no taste in music, so it doesn’t mean much.”

“Hey!” you shouted, launching a pillow at Yoongi’s head. It bounced off rather harmlessly, but the look Yoongi gave you was murderous. He stood and approached you silently, and you backed up instinctively.

Then, Yoongi’s hands shot out, grabbing your waist and squeezing. You burst into laughter, trying to wiggle away, but Yoongi only tickled you harder. Tears streamed down your face as you laughed silently, your stomach clenching.

“I’m gonna pee,” you wheezed out, trying to push Yoongi’s hands away.

He made a face at that and backed off quickly. “That’s gross,” Yoongi said, his nose crinkling.

“It’s natural,” you sniffed. “You’re lucky I didn’t. That’s what you get if you tickle me.”

“Duly noted,” Yoongi laughed. He glanced out your window at the darkening sky. “I should get back now. I’ll see you soon?”

“Yeah,” you smiled, feeling more fond than you thought was appropriate. “See you soon.”

With that, Yoongi jumped onto your window frame, crouching precariously between your room and a two-storey fall. Then, with confidence, he pushed himself forward, leaping through the air and through his window. Yoongi crashed to the ground of his own bedroom, his muttered curses travelling through the quiet night.

You felt a bit lonely, even though he had just left. But at least you had tomorrow to look forward to. Grinning, you turned back to your computer and flopped onto the chair. You realized Yoongi had still left his mixtape up. Turning the volume on your speakers way down, you played his music, realizing that you may be developing a little crush.

Oh well.

- Girl in Luv

Ok so I was going to write I Got You On My Mind tonight, but I don’t have the time nor the energy for 2k+ part right now. I know I suck, but I want to be able to put out good content and sometimes I just can’t force a story. Plus, this one looked like a lot of fun, which it was. So I’m sorry for everyone who’s waiting, and I promise it’ll be out soon! I hope you enjoyed this imagine, stay tuned for more 💛

the bronco (g.d.)

 ~HEY Y’ALL. I’ve had the worst writer’s block I’ve probably ever had, and that’s why I haven’t been posting much. I’m hoping this lil blurb will help unblock me. For now, I hope you guys enjoy. :)


**Warnings: nothing major, just some cursing and suggestive language. 

(Song mentioned:The Prayer” - Kid Cudi)

“My heart thump, not from being nervous. Sometimes, I’m thinking God made me special here on purpose. So all the while, ‘til I’m gone, make my words important so if I slip away, if I die today…”

Cruising down a seemingly endless country road, the familiar, soothing lyrics rolled effortlessly off the tongue of your boyfriend as he quietly sang along to his favorite artist. The setting sun emitted the most stunning golden glow, adding onto the warmth the faded pink color of his over-sized hoodie brought to his skin. Tousled hair paired with the hoodie and a pair of dark shorts came together to give off a comfy, laid back vibe.

Grayson was currently behind the wheel of the brand new, custom made Bronco his twin brother had surprised him with just hours before.

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You Know Better, Princess

Description: I have not once read a sugar-daddy Tony Stark fic, so I wrote one

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Warnings: smut, jealous!Tony, possessive!Tony, all kinds of good stuff

A/n: its really short (and mostly dialogue), but I just felt this really needed to be done, and I couldn’t help but picture him this way lol here ya go

Originally posted by theperkybuttofrdj

“Come on, princess! We’re gonna be late.”

“I’m coming!” 

I walked out of the bathroom of the hotel to find Tony waiting outside my door. He brought his hands out from behind his back, smirking at me.

“I got you a little present before we go.”

I took the small bag from him, opening it up. I pulled out a new baby pink lingerie set, looking up at him. “And what would this be for?”

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sunshine51879  asked:

Breathe play and Jughead Jones

Something was crawling on your face, just the slightest little sensation that made your eyes flutter until you cracked them open. When you did, sapphire eyes burned into your own.

You smiled up at Jugead, still not used to him sleeping in the same bed as you. He was trailing his hand over your cheekbones.

“You’re so beautiful,” He whispered to you, leaning in to plant a kiss on your cheek.

You couldn’t keep back the smile that pushed against your lips.

“Oh yea?” You mumbled with a voice filled with sleep, your eyes already falling closed again.

“Yea,” He said with a small chuckle. “But you snore so loud,” He teased.

Your eyes snapped open as you stared at him. “No I don’t!” You huffed.

He traced your pouted lips with his lanky fingers, smiling as he stared at your face.

“I hate to break it to you, princess, but yes you do.”

You grumbling something about him being a liar, then flipped around so that he couldn’t study your face anymore.

“Oh, what’s the matter, babe?” Jughead asked, chuckling at your childish behavior.

You settled closer to him, pushing your body firmly against his as you got ready to fall back asleep. But you heard something that tugged your eyelids open, once more. The softest, barely muffled groan from your boyfriend.

Then you felt him push his groin subtly into the crest of your ass, letting another soft moan fall from his lips.

“Jughead, are you really trying to start something right now?” You asked tiredly, glancing over your shoulder at him.

“You’re the one that started it by ramming this luscious ass right into my dick,” He said while taking a handful of your ass and squeezing it.

You smiled now, loving the feeling of his huge hands on you. You wanted to feel his hands everywhere.

“Fine, I started it. Does that mean you’ll finish it?” You asked as you grinded yourself into him.

He hummed in satisfaction, meeting your movement halfway. “I’ll do whatever you want me to, babe.” He flipped you around suddenly so that you were lying on your back looking up at him as he loomed over you.

“All you have to do it beg for it,” He said with a smug grin, his fingers tracing the straps of your nightie, pulling the material down your shoulders.

“Beg? You want to play it rough tonight?” You asked, already breathing heavily, loving the way he let you talk dirty to him.

He hummed out a “yea.”

“You want to try things we never have before?” You continued.

He smiled down at you, always so happy that you’re so ready to commit to whatever sensual game he was trying to play as he placed his hand on your knee and slowly pushed it forward, gathering the material of your nighty on his wrist.

“I would love nothing more,” He said with that thick voice you loved.

He leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead before bringing his delicious lips down to hover over yours. He brought his tongue out, gliding it quickly over your mouth before crashing his lips atop yours, erotically making out with you as his hand continued pushing forward, reaching for your panties.

But his hand found your folds instead of your panties, so he pulled back and stared at you in surprise, a smile slowly crawling into his features.

“You naughty little vixen, you’re not wearing underwear,” He commented, his fingers drawing circles on the skin on either side of your core since he knew that drove you insane.

“If you move a little more quickly, I don’t have to be wearing anything,” You shot back.

He pushed his hands further up your body, pushing the material over your head as he said “Oh my god, I love you so much,” below his breath.

You giggled, pulling his sweater over his head, his beanie falling off with it. You then reached for his shorts, but his hands stilled yours.

You looked up to him and his intense eyes made you still. You waited for him to say whatever was on his mind.

“Do you trust me?” He asked, the previous flirtatious tone replaced by a very serious one. One that made you understand that whatever he was talking about was very important to you.

He was opening up to you.

You nodded. “You know I do. More than anyone else in the world,” Your voice was small and audible only to the man looming over you.

He closed his eyes reveling in your words.

“I love you so much, y/n.” He opened his eyes, searching yours. “Do you really want to try something new? Because I have something that I would really like to try,” He started, his hands gliding along your body, tracing your ribs and exploring the expanse of flesh between your breasts.

You nodded, the vibes in the room taking your voice. You were watching this wonderful man before open up to you like a blooming flower, and you were worried that you speaking might spook him into closing himself off again.

He smiled down at you, gratitude in his eyes. “I don’t know how I ever got so lucky being with you, y/n. Let me show you how much you mean to me. I promise I’ll take good care of you,” He said while his mouth moved ever closer to you.

His lips pressed kisses onto your hip bones, rising up past your belly and your breasts and he worked his way up to your neck.

You then took your chin in his hand and pushed your face so high that you were staring at the headboard behind you. You felt something wet on your throat so you closed your eyes so that you could feel the sensations better.

He licked a strip up your throat until his mouth reached your chin. He then pulled back and harshly bit the skin on the side of your neck.

You hissed out, so he pulled back with worried eyes.

“Are you ok?” He asked with worry laced in his sexy voice.

You panted while looking at him, so wet that you could feel the moisture leaking onto your thighs.

“Please, go harder,” You begged, loving the sensation, squirming beneath him.

He smirked at you, diving back down to your neck to leave unforgiving nips and hickies along your throat and collar bones.

One of his hands sunk down your body, immediately finding your needy core. His fingers found the moisture on your thighs and laughed along your throat at how wet you were.

He traced the inside of your fold with one finger, teasing you before sinking it so slowly inside you that you held your breath until his knuckle pressed against you.

He heard you let out a desperate pant and pulled back to look at you as you breathed. There was an uncontrollable lust in his eye that drove you insane.

“That’s right, baby, hold that breath for me,” He growled as he pulled his finger entirely out, then slowly pushed it back in, your breath being held again.

This continued a few more times before the longing between your legs turned into a desperate want that needed to be fulfilled immediately.

“Jughead, I need more, please,” You whined beneath him.

“Me too, baby. Hold on,” He said as he positioned himself on the side of you, one hand behind him working on you, the other working its way up your body, holding your chin so tightly that it kept your head still.

He added another finger just as he lowered his hand just below your chin, tightening on your throat so that you had difficulty breathing.

You pulsated your hips, meeting his fingers to add more pressure as you closed your eyes tightly, loving the way his huge hand covered your entire throat.

After a few pumps, he loosened his grip to let you breathe a little.

“Is this ok baby?” He asked.

You gulped down your spit, your throat already a little tender, then nodded at him with a bashful smile.

You pushed him away from your body ever so slightly, but he knew he wasn’t being rejected. Once you had some room to move a little, you spun around and held yourself up on your hands and knees, sticking your ass high in the air.

Jughead’s eyes narrowed on your soaked thighs and dropping vagina, then pushed himself onto his knees to press his chest against your back, his hands coming up on either side of you, feeling every part of you as he reached for your throat.

You pulled your head back, exposing your throat to him. His grip tightened on you as you grinded into his tented shorts, earning a hiss from him.

One of his hands reached back to you, rubbing circles into your clit. You tried to moan, but there was no air for you to do that with so you silently whined as your mouth fell open, your eyes clamped shut.

You brought one of your hands back and began palming him through his shorts, pants falling from his mouth every time you increased pressure.

Eventually he cursed out and pulled away from you.

“Fuck, I can’t hold back anymore, you’re so irresistible,” He mumbled as he pulled his shorts down to his knees, immediately thrusting into you.

His first thrust was violent and harsh, but he pulled out so slowly that you felt him dragging against you while his hand tightened your throat so wonderfully that you felt your face growing red.

He then slammed back into you before pulling out agonizingly slow. Then he slammed back in, repeating these actions until he loosened his grip on you to let you get some air.

His thrusts quickly grew sloppy and he loosened his grip on your throat, bringing both hands to your hips with such ferocity that you were sure they would be bruised.

“Are you close?” He asked with a tense voice.

You tried to talk, but you coughed before rasping out “So close, baby. You’ve got such a magical cock.”

And then he unraveled before you, in the heat of his orgasm, he wrapped a hand so tightly around your throat that you closed your rye from the pain.

You tried to take a gasping breath, but there was no possibility of this happening. You mind was starting to fade and everything was turning black, but in that darkness you felt the most stimulating pressure take ahold of you, pushing you into the sweetest, most intense orgasm you’ve ever had.


 A/N: alrighty here we go. This is the first fic where I feel like the warnings were rally nescessary. I didn’t really proof read this so I hope its alright.It really sucks because I broke my flashdrive again (becuase I have the worst luck). Please send in some asks, suggestions, messages and comments.

Title: Helpless

Rating: Mature (because I am not sure)

Pairings: Thomas Jefferson x reader, reader x abusive!boyfriend

Warnings: violence, abuse, abusive relationship, sad topics, a bit depressing, cheating (if you like squint)

Wordcount: 1935


*Jefferson’s POV*

How often do you feel absolutely helpless? I don’t mean like ‘Oh I don’t know what to do?’, I mean like completely trembling and all your emotions and mixing together so much so that you have no idea how to react, feel, or think.

That’s how I felt when I looked at Y/N and noticed she had a black eye and split lip. She looked like she had been crying when she walked into the coffee shop. When she sat down she gave me a slight smile and began rambling about how clumsy she was. I knew it was a lie. I didn’t care about her fake story. I immediately cut her off by standing up.

“Stop Y/N, just stop. Please, sweet heart,” I told her as I grabbed her hand and pulled her out into the street to hail a cab. I looked at her and noticed the tears springing to her eyes again and I sighed. I yanked her hand and pulled her into my arms. She tensed and gripped my magenta jacket before openly sobbing into my arms. I felt my own tears spring into my eyes but held back remembering that this wasn’t about how I felt. The cab pulled up to the side of the street and I gently guided her into the back seat. I followed in immediately before wrapping my arms around her again as I told the guy my address.

*Y/N’s POV*

It was really warm in the cab and safe in Thomas’s arms as I felt us begin to move. I knew he was upset by the way his arms with taught around me in a secure embrace. Ryan had yelled at me again last night and I tried to avoid the confrontation as much as possible. But when Ryan wanted to fight there was no way to could get out of it. The tears finally stop streaming down my face and let my grip on Thomas’s jacket loosen. I turned my head to the side and rested gently on his chest as I focused on taking deep breathes. I looked out the front window and smiled as I watched the tall buildings blur past. I loved New York City, it was really busy and frantic just like myself. I frowned as I couldn’t help but notice the cloudy and windy weather matched my mood.

“I hope it rains,” I heard Thomas say next to me.

“Why? Isn’t it a bit depressing when the weather is like this?,” I question my face twisting into a scowl as I gripped his jacket again and wiggle into his side pushing my face back into his chest. I felt his hand gently move and rest on the small of my back while the other arm stayed up around my shoulders.

“Water is life. Therefore, rain kind of symbolizes new birth doesn’t it? Not to mention I love thunder. I know a lot of people hate it or are scared of it but the sound is so ethereal.” He said and I glanced up to notice his eyes staring out the window. The cloudy weather didn’t allow a lot of light through but the soft almost gray light seemed to outline his profile and make his look a lot older. He turned and looked down at me. He gently took his hand from the small of my back and brought it to my cheek. I felt his thumb gently stroke where the bruise rested right under my eye. “You put ice on it last night right darling?” he asked with concern shining in his eyes and his southern drawl coming out in full force. I gently nodded and looked down with shame etched on my features. I hated worrying him.

“We’re here.” The guy said from the front. Thomas temporarily unwrapped his arms and leaned forward, pulling out his wallet before handing over the fare. He opened the door and stepped out, making sure to grab my hand and pull with slightly more force than necessary. He was always demanding. I shook as the forceful wind made me stumble slightly and shiver. Thomas look back and frowned before stepping forward and wrapping his arms around me, blocking the wind and ushering me into the apartment complex. He got to his door and still refused to let me go and opened the door one handed. Once in the apartment he ordered me to the coach and began walking to the different rooms and collecting items with purpose.

I took the time to look around the apartment. I had been here multiple times, almost as much as my own house actually. I recalled walking in here the first time and being amazed at how warm and comfy it was. I had met him at his job where he worked as a consultant for a major political firm in the city. I had been asked to make a flower delivery for my part time job. I had strolled in with the cart of flowers and began setting them out as instructed when a man, namely Thomas, had asked if you needed any help considering his next conference didn’t start for another hour. I smiled and agreed. He began talking as her worked having no problem starting and maintaining a conversation with me. Anyone else in that position might have found him pushy but I just found him funny and confident. We had agreed to meet each other for coffee after that. I had developed a great friendship with him when he started inviting me over to hang out. I had developed a high opinion of him. I expected flat sofas and modern décor with monochrome for his apartment style but I was dead wrong.

I looked around the room as I threaded my hand into the red fur pillows that were on the plush black leather coach and looked to my feet and the plush purple carpet beneath them. Almost the entire apartment was paneled in a wood and Thomas has made sure that the mantel on which the TV sat was a cobble stone. It was extremely warm and homely with pictures of Thomas’s family and friends in Virginia hanging in the wall. I had asked him about his styling choices and he had responded with the fact that he wanted it to feel like home. I leaned back into the coach letting out a little huff as my back hit the coach. I looked over the lamp on the table and smiled. I had knocked over the previous lamp one time while dancing with Thomas and he had replaced it with a loud orange skinny lamp and purple lamp shade. It was so ugly but Thomas had fawned over the lamp and told me very sternly that if I broke it he would never allow me back in his apartment.

“Go change in the bathroom. I want you to be comfortable darling.” I heard Thomas say sternly. I was snapped out of my revere and there was Thomas standing in front of me and holding out a pair of his boxers and a sweat shirt. He shook the clothes in front of me when I didn’t move. I finally grabbed them and walked into the bathroom to change. I wasn’t sure about taking off my turtle neck. I shook as I pulled it over my head and looked into the mirror only to gasp when I noticed the ring of bruises from Ryan’s hands around my neck had darkened in color. I had been so panicked at the time it didn’t even hurt. I trailed my hands down my sides and let out a sigh. Thomas would see them and get upset. I felt better here though. I felt safer. Last night after Ryan screamed and hit in his drunken state he had locked the bedroom door and I just continued to cower in the corner and eventually got up to get ice and nurse my wounds. I hadn’t even changed my clothes this morning because Ryan was still locked in the bedroom. Tears sprung to my eye but I quickly got control of them and finished changing before summoning the courage to walk out into the family room again.

“MY GOD.” Thomas shouted and I looked up from my feet and flinched at his shocked expression.

*Thomas’s POV*

“MY GOD.” I shouted in shocked at the sight before me. Y/N had changed from her turtle neck and dark bruises surrounded her throat. I notice her flinch and immediately tried to restrain the anger that was surfacing. I would fucking kill her boyfriend. When I found out she had a boyfriend before I met her I had stopped making advances despite my feelings. I remember thinking that he must have been one hell of a man because he had the best girl in New York City. Now I knew that she deserved so much better. She deserved not to be hurt like this. I motioned for her to sit down next to me. She quietly walked over and sat up straight. It broke my heart to see her this tense around me.

“Your staying here.” I said with a neutral voice trying not to get emotional and show that I was serious. Her head snapped up and her eyes met mine.

“What?” she questioned slightly shaking.

“I am not letting you go back and be hurt by him. You’re moving in to the guest room and you’re going to be happy because so help me god if I ever have to see you like this again I might commit murder.” I said my voice straining towards the end. Her eyes widened but soon they watered and her lip quivered as she shook her head in acceptance. I immediately turned to jelly from the immense relief overcoming me and grabbed her arm to pull her to me. I laid back and she came with me having her head rest on my chest.

“Only because I love you.” She whispered as I reached for the remote. I tensed for a split second before looking over at her with wide eyes. She seemed nervous but too exhausted to care as she gave me a sheepish smile and looked at me with her eyes lazily half lidded. I immediately acted on instinct and grabbed her arm hoisting her up slightly higher and firmly pressed my lips against hers. She responded and threaded her hands into my hair. We pulled back with a huff and stared at each other minute before I push her head into the juncture between my neck and shoulder. I cradled her with a arm around her waist and the other hand stroking her hair. I took a deep breath.

“Rest darling. I love you too but you are exhausted and you are going to have a hard day tomorrow too with getting your stuff and telling him.” I felt her shake and immediately gripped her tighter. “But I will be there with you baby I promise nothing will hurt you alright?” She relaxed back into my arm and gave a tiny nod into my neck.

“I won’t need to be scared if you’re there.” I heard her whisper, almost to herself. I felt a small amount of pride fill me at her words.

“I am going to put on a movie and cook some food later alright?”

“Sounds perfect.”

“It doesn’t just sound perfect. I intend to make sure it is perfect darling.”

She glanced at me with a smile on her face and I no longer felt helpless.

Red Velvet Reaction to: Waking You Up For Sex

Anon: How would Red Velvet wake you up for sex? Thank you!!

a/n: smut implied so be warned! ;)

Irene: Will “accidentally” elbow and kick you until you wake up. Then she smiles innocently, as if she had done none of that.

“Oh, you’re awake? Well, since you’re up, do you want to .. ?”

Originally posted by 4-velvets

Wendy: She noisily sets up a chair by the bed, pressing play on the stereo and letting the smooth, sultry music fill the room. Blearily, you sit up and blink your eyes at Wendy, who’s perched on the chair.

“Are you ready for me to show you the new choreo?”

Originally posted by sebootylyfe

Seulgi: Would never wake you up unless she was really needy so she knew you wouldn’t get mad if she did. She shakes you gently, pressing kisses on your face to gently wake you up.

“Babe, I’m sorry but I can’t wait.”

Originally posted by dumblets

Joy: When she’s in the mood, she’s so whiny and needy. She’ll poke and prod and pout; “Come oooon. Wake uuuup already!”

Originally posted by rajrui

Yeri: *ignore Joy haha* In order for her to wake you up, she’d have to be very needy because she would be too embarrassed otherwise. Even when she does wake you, she won’t give a straight answer as to why she did.

“It’s because, you know ..”
“Know what?”
“I want to ..”
“Want to what?”

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Sound of Silence

Characters: Klaus x Mute!Reader

Prompt: Can you do a klaus x reader one shot please? Where the reader is maybe mute but klaus still loves her. And it’s such a surprise and even his siblings are confused but they see how gentle and affectionate he is with her

A/N: italics are things the reader signs

Originally posted by eventhedevilwasonceanangel

Klaus speed over to your side of the car, opening the door for you and offering you a hand.

You placed your hand in his and let him help you out of the car with a grateful smile.

It came as a surprise to everyone when Klaus started to take an interest in you. You had tried to stay out of his way, but he appeared everywhere you went, silently keeping your company until one day you couldn’t take it anymore and scribbled down a note on a napkin – What do you want?

Klaus had scanned the note before leaning back in his chair.

“You are intriguing, love. I know you don’t like me right now, but you will.”

You had raised your eyebrow, but Klaus only smirked. The next few days Klaus showed up even more often and you found out that he was able to understand sign language. You were surprised at fist, but considering his age it wasn’t unlikely that he learned it.

You were still wary, but you found yourself enjoying Klaus’ company more and more – he was charming, a gentleman and you were able to have deep conversations with him.

Once he asked you out on a date your fist instinct was to decline, but he seemed so genuine you just couldn’t.

Letting Klaus take you out on a date was probably the best decision you ever made. No matter what people said about Klaus you never had such a loving boyfriend and the deep connection between you both was undeniable.

Klaus led you towards the mansion, holding the door open for you. He offered you a place on the couch before he poured himself a glass of whiskey. Setting the glass down on the table he vanished, appearing only a few seconds later with a glass of wine for you.

“Here you go, love.” He said, handing you the glass.

Thank you.”

Klaus sat down next to you and effortlessly pulled you on his lap, one of his arms curling around your waist while he held his glass in his other hand. Content you leaned into his hold, resting your head on his collarbone. You had been so excited during the art exhibition Klaus had taken you to that you now were exhausted, but it was so worth it.

Klaus chuckled when you yawned, his warm hand slipping under your shirt to gently trace your skin.

“Seems like someone was a bit too excited today.”

You lifted your head so Klaus could see you roll your eyes, “Don’t act as if you didn’t love it. You bought 5 paintings.”

Klaus laughed, lightly squeezing your hip, “To be fair, I bought 3 of them for you, love.”

You didn’t?!”

“Oh, I did.”

Knowing that it was no use to fight with Klaus you let your head fall back on his chest.

Thank you, but you really have to stop buying me stuff.”

Klaus pointedly ignored your words, pressing a kiss on top of your head instead.

After a few minutes of comfortable silence, Rebekah strode into the room, flashing a grin at you.

“Ah, y/n. Has my brother finally brought you back? I still want to show you the new dress I bought, but my dearest brother never seems to let you out of his eyes.”

Klaus groaned, pulling you closer to him, “Sister, can’t you see y/n and I are spending time together right now?”

You hit Klaus’ chest, glaring at him for being so rude before you turned to Rebekah with a smile.

Why don’t we have a sleepover tomorrow, Becca? You can show me the dress then,” You signed, making sure your movements were slow and distinct since she just recently learned sign language.

Rebekah’s face lit up, “Perfect! You can sleep in my room and no sneaking to Niklaus in the middle of the night!”

Klaus groaned again and dropped his head on top of yours, “But I wanted to take you to dinner, love.”

“Too late, brother. Y/n and I made plans first.” Rebekah sassed.

Knowing that they would be bickering for a while you took a sip from your wine, only half listening to them arguing about who would be spending time with you tomorrow.

Their argument was cut short when Elijah walked into the room, loosening his tie with a sighed. You waved at Elijah from your spot on Klaus’ lap.

He nodded at you politely, “Good evening, y/n.”

“Ah, Elijah. What is troubling you this time?” Klaus asked, placing his whiskey glass down on the table.

“There are some witches in town. I do not know what they are up to, but it can’t be anything pleasant.” Elijah explained.

Klaus placed his hand on your thigh, rubbing small circles across your skin. Rebekah and Elijah started to discuss if they should pay the witches a visit, but you soon blocked out their voices focusing on the feeling of Klaus’ arms around you.

Klaus didn’t seem to pay attention to Rebekah and Elijah either, instead he randomly placed kisses on your head or nuzzled his nose in your hair.

Roughly 20 minutes later the front door slammed open and Kol came strolling into the room, a bottle of whiskey dangling in his hand.

“Brothers, Sister,” Kol greeted nodding towards the rest of the Mikaelsons, “and the lovely y/n,” he added, walking up to you and lifting your hand to press a kiss on top of it.

You smiled at Kol, but Klaus gracefully pulled your hand from Kol’s grip, glaring at his brother.

“Can’t I have any peace in my own house?” Klaus complained, holding you a bit tighter.

“I see. Still trying to hog y/n all to yourself?” Kol joked.

“As always. I still wonder how she managed to turn him into such a softy. I saw him opening the door for her again today,” Rebekah chimed.

“He’s definitely very intrigued by her, but I have to admit that I’m enjoying this changes. Klaus is a lot easier to deal with when y/n is around. If she wouldn’t be here he would already have left to kill the witches,” Elijah added.

Klaus snarled at his siblings, flashing his eyes. Suddenly the room around you blurred and when you opened your eyes again you were laying on Klaus’ bed. A pair of arms sneaked around your waist, turning you around to face a smirking Klaus.

“Now I finally have you all to myself.”

Smiling you lifted your head and gently pressed your lips to Klaus’. Klaus reacted immediately, pulling you closer until you were unable to tell where your body ended and his began. His hand cupped the back of your head, his lips lovingly working against yours. No words were needed, the kiss revealing all your shared feelings.

Sometimes silence spoke louder than words.

Interruption (Blurb)

Could you maybe do a little thing where harrys little girl wants to hangout with her daddy but he’s busy on the phone and gets frustrated and is stern with her? And she’s so little and hurt and he feels so bad because she’s upset.


He hadn’t meant to be sharp with her. Looking back on it, she really wasn’t being a bother to him at all, other than the fact that he was on the phone with Jeff and trying to solidify some last-minute details for an upcoming meeting.

His daughter, however, hadn’t been aware of that when she came bouncing into Harry’s office, overcome with excitement about something and wanting to share it with one of her favorite people.

It had been a lot of very exuberant, “Daddy, lookit! Look at my kitty, daddy! Daddy, do you see him? Daddy!”

Harry had put a hand up to try and calm her while he apologized to Jeff, but she wasn’t having any of that. She jumped closer to him and started trying to climb up into his lap, the way she often would when Harry was working on something and invited her to join him in doing some “important” drawing with the basket of crayons he kept at his desk.

Today though, Harry really needed to pay attention to this call and it was not the time to have a three-year-old monkey climbing over him and trying to get his attention.

“(Y/D/N), daddy’s trying to talk,” he said, putting an arm out as she continued trying to climb, in fear that she would topple to the ground, “Can you go play with mummy until I’m done?”

“But daddyyyy…LOOK!”

She was holding something up and Harry quickly glanced to see that it was some sort of drawing.

“Sweetheart, please,” he said, a bit firmer this time, “Just give me a few minutes and then I can look.”

He managed to get a few more words out to Jeff while his little girl continued to climb on him.

“Daddy! I wanna sit here with you; can I sit here? Daddy, where’s the crayons? I wanna color!”

“(Y/D/N) Styles, stop it! That’s enough!” he finally boomed.

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EXO When You’re Self-Conscious

contains: fluff / acceptance / curves / body positivity / bubbly shower la la la la

Here’s a Kyungsoo fic about this topic >> [[ Kyungsoo’s Famous Spaghetti ]]

[[ // Masterlist // ]]

// Minseok

You had forgotten to hide the browser when you went to the bathroom and when you came back your desk, there was Minseok, staring at the screen.

“Jagi… why are you on these websites?“

“Hey, stop snooping on my computer, I was just looking…” you said dismissively, trying to push him away from the laptop, but he was strong enough to resist you, so instead you closed the screen to hide several diet pill websites you had been browsing.

Minseok got out of the chair and hugged you tightly around your middle.  “You’re so beautiful… I thought you knew that.”

“I mean… I don’t know.  I just want to lose a little weight, that wouldn’t hurt, right?”

Minseok shook his head.  “You’re smarter than this.  You know those quick-fix diet pills are a scam.”  He reminded you of his own struggles with his weight and how he learned that the only safe, sure way to lose weight was through healthy eating and exercise.  “I only care about your health, not your size.”

Minseok spent the rest of the day, continuing on into the week, sprinkling random compliments into conversation (“Where do you want to go today, beautiful?” / “I love those clothes on you.” ) and hugging you a lot, emphasizing how well you fit into his arms.

[pretend you’re Jongdae]

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// Junmyeon

“Two more hours,” you texted him back.  It had already been two hours, which you had spent on the elliptical.  A moment later, your phone rang and you dropped the dumbbells to pick up.

“Four hours?!  That’s too many!” said Junmyeon too loudly.

“No it isn’t!“ you said.  “I have a lot of exercises I need to get through, so if you don’t mind, I’ll see you in two hours, after I shower.“

“Jagi… one hour is plenty, and two is way more than anyone needs.  Please come home.“

“I’m never going to lose weight if I don’t do this.  Bye, Junmyeon.”

“Wait!  Don’t hang up… is this because of what happened yesterday?  Please, please forget about those rude people.  …Y’know what?  Stay there.“  Then he hung up.  You went back to lifting weights.

Last night, you were out with Junmyeon and you had heard some people laughing at you behind your back about your weight.  You had tried to ignore them and forget about it, and normally you’d be able to not even care, but their tone had gotten to you, and ruined your night.  That morning, you still couldn’t get it out of your head, and it had prompted you to go to the gym.

Two sets later, Junmyeon came running up to you, out of breath.  “Jagi… stop.  It doesn’t matter what they think.“

“Let me be healthy.”

“This isn’t healthy.  You’ve done enough for one day.”  He hugged you.

“Hey, I’m sweaty!”

“I don’t care if you’re sweaty, and I don’t care if you’re bigger.  I love you, ______, and I’m not letting you go until you agree to come home.  And then we’ll both take a bath.”  He had a smirk on his face, and you knew it wouldn’t be just a regular bath.

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// Yixing

You poked at your belly, upset that you felt so bloated again.  Yixing didn’t cook often, but you were always excited to eat homemade traditional Chinese, because it was sooo good.  But it made you blimp up.

“What’s the matter, ______?“ he asked you from the other side of the couch.  “Is something wrong with your tummy?”

“It’s just huge and round and in the way, that’s all,” you said, half joking, half not.

“It’s not in the way,“ he said matter-of-factly.  “You’re never in the way.”

“You don’t have to lie, Yixing.  I know I’m big.”

“I’m not lying,” he said, scooting closer to you.  He lifted your shirt and gave you soft kisses around your belly button, which almost tickled, but you didn’t laugh.  He looked up at you.  “I love you.  Don’t you love you?”

“I do… I’m just really full because your food was so good.”

He grinned.  “I’m glad you really liked it, Baobei.  I want to cook for you more often.  I want to make more time for us to just be together.”

You spent the rest of the evening talking about your future together, Yixing’s arms wrapped around you, rubbing up and down your back.  You forgot all about feeling bad about yourself as the food digested and you were overcome with Yixing’s love.

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// Baekhyun

“Baekhyun, I’m fat, aren’t I?“ you asked out of the blue.

He looked up from his laptop, looked you up and down, and said, “No.”  Then looked back at his screen.

“You’re just saying that.  I’m huge.“

“I disagree,” he simply said.

“What are you doing anyway?” you asked, and he jerked his computer out of sight.

“It’s a surprise,” he said, and you continued to try to look anyway.  “Don’t ruin it for yourself.“

But you were smart.  There was a mirror in the room and all you had to do was look at it at the right angle.

“A photoshoot?!“ you blurted out when you read the backward text.

“Jagiyaaa, why did you do that?!“ he whined, and you sat down beside him.

“…You’re scheduling a couples photoshoot for us?” you asked in disbelief.

“I wanted to, but now maybe not!  And it’s not because you’re fat, it’s because you peeked!”

“So you do think I’m fat!“

“NoooOOOoooOOOooo Jagiiiii staaaaaahhp!!!”  He threw himself on you and tried to snuggle you, but you wrestled away.  “Let me looove yooouuu!!”

Eventually, you settled down and scheduled the photoshoot for next weekend, Baekhyun’s hand on your knee, a blush on your face, him telling you not to change one thing about yourself in the meantime.

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// Jongdae

Jongdae was quick to catch onto your insecurities when you declined to go get food with him.

“Is this because you think you’re too big?”

You were shocked at his bluntness, but didn’t want to lie and say no.  If you only had a little more self-control on a daily basis, you thought, maybe you would be able to go out and eat special treats.  You just looked down at the floor.

He lifted your chin with his finger and said, “You’re being ridiculous, Jagi.”

“I’m not being ridiculous!  Just look at me.”

“I am.  I see a beauty.  And I want to hear you say that.”

“Say what?”

“Say that you’re beautiful,” Jongdae demanded.

You knew he wasn’t going to let you out of his sight until you said it, so you mumbled, “…I’m beautiful.”

“What was that?”

“I’m beautiful,” you said at a regular volume.

“You’re beautiful!“ he shouted!

“I’m beautiful!” you shouted back, now laughing because of the volume.

“YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!!!”  The house shook, and you almost fell over laughing at his roaring.  “ALL OF YOU IS BEAUTIFUL!!!“

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// Chanyeol

“Do you like it?” he asked you with hopeful eyes.

You loved the song, everything about it, except for one lyric in the first verse that had nagged you throughout the entire song.

“I do love it, Chan, but…“  When you said “but” his smile faded away, but you continued, because you knew if you didn’t ask now, there may not be a better time to bring it up.  “…can you sing the first verse again?“

He nodded and began to play his guitar, and you stopped him after the line, after you were sure you’d heard it correctly.

“…What do you mean by my jagi is so squishy, so soft?

“I mean cuddly, I mean fun,” he said.

“…You don’t mean fat?”  You just knew he had noticed the few extra pounds.  You had hoped he hadn’t noticed, but of course he had.  He did have eyes.

“Hmm… maybe you’re right.  That line could be better.  Thanks, Jagi.“  He turned around, scratched out the line, and wrote “so cuddly, so fun” instead.

Then he began singing a song that wasn’t his own… “Beautiful,” and you both laughed as he struggled to sing the other members’ lines.  When he was done, he reached for your hand and pulled you close to him.  “You’re beautiful,” he repeated.

((I’m sure he would write much better lyrics than “my jagi is so squishy/cuddly, so soft/fun,” hahaha))

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// Kyungsoo

You sighed inside the dressing room, a little louder than you had meant to.  None of the clothes were fitting you right, some you couldn’t even put on, so you hadn’t come out of the room once to show Kyungsoo any outfits.  You wanted to hurry, since you knew he didn’t exactly love shopping, but you really wanted at least one new outfit today.

“Are you okay?“ he asked from the other side of the door.

“Nothing fits,” you said, unable to hide your frustration.  Why did nothing good fit your body?  It was so hard to find clothes that were good quality and flattered you.

“Let me in?”

You put your clothes back on and reluctantly opened the door.  His arms were around you in an instant, turning you around to face the mirror again.

“I like how my arms fit around you,“ he said, grinning at the reflection of the two of you, which made you smile.  It wasn’t often he was so frankly affectionate with you.  You supposed he knew you needed it at that moment.

He held your hand and you left the shop, and he promised to stay at the mall as long as you needed to find the perfect outfit.  When you finally found it, and stepped out of the dressing room, he couldn’t hide his blush.

“L-let’s go home now, okay?  …Don’t bother changing back into your other clothes.“

He had that glint in his eye that he got whenever he felt not just thirsty, but dehydrated.  You smiled to yourself in anticipation for what might come when you were in the privacy of your own home.

Turned out, he couldn’t wait that long.  The moment you shut the car door, he had his hands all over you.

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// Jongin

You were so excited to eat at the buffet with him, and he was excited too, until he saw you crying on your way home.  You were stupid to wear this outfit to the restaurant…  It was cute when you weren’t bloated, but it made you look too round after you’d stuffed your face.

He stopped walking and held you, mortified to see the tears on your cheeks that you had been unable to hide.  “What’s wrong?“

“…I’m fat!“ you yelled.

“You’re full,” he replied quickly.  “And you’re beautiful.”

He dragged you straight home and told you to get cleaned up before bed.  You said okay, and once you were in the shower, trying not to look at yourself and trying to get out as quickly as possible, you heard the door open and Jongin peeked inside the curtain before you could protest.

“Can I come in?“

“I’m almost done…“

“Can I help you finish?

He grabbed a washcloth and began softly scrubbing you, repeatedly telling you how beautiful he thought you were, how soft your skin was, how much he loved you, and all your insecurities went down the drain!  You returned the favor, washing him as well, and the water ran cold by the time you two agreed your skin was pruney enough and you could continue in the bedroom.

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// Sehun

Sehun didn’t let you know this, but he blamed himself when you began declining to have bubble tea with him and when he discovered you had started skipping meals.  He figured he hadn’t been loving you enough, so you had started to feel bad about yourself.

He didn’t know how to confront you about it, but one day he found you standing in front of the mirror after getting dressed.  He ran over to you and hugged you from behind, startling you.

“That’s right, my type~” he sang with a laugh.

“Haha, what are you doing?”

“I’m glad you’re dressed, I want to go out for food.  Let’s get dessert.”

“It’s noon!  And besides, I don’t need dessert,” you said, repeating your mantra.

“You don’t want ice cream?”

For him, it was chocolate bubble tea.  For you, it was dulce de leche ice cream.  Your arm hairs stood on end.

“I… No.  I don’t need it.”

Sehun sighed.  “You listen to me.  I want you to be happy, Jagi, and I know the ice cream will make you happy.  So we’re going to get it, right now.”

In your mind, your inner ice-cream lover and your inner weightloss lover battled it out as Sehun dragged you out of the house.  Sehun hugged you the entire time while you ate, rubbing your side and repeating that he was happy to see you eating.  You were so overcome by his affection, you didn’t have space to feel guilty for eating the ice-cream.

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