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The Jealous Original

Elijah x Reader

Requested By Anon

Warnings: smut, sex

“I’m surprised he hasn’t caught on.” Klaus chuckled as he sipped from his drink and let you rest your head on his shoulders.


“I don’t know what you mean?” You chuckled and he shot you a look.


“Because sitting here snuggled up next to me in plain sight of my brother isn’t an attempt to make him jealous?” Klaus glanced at Elijah and smirked when he found his brother pretending not to watch the two of you.

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because i can’t seem to find a post with a good variety of starters on it…send one in with a character/pairing, and i’ll write for it!


“It may be your shirt, but it was my closet”

“Are you wearing lipgloss?”

“I love your laugh”

“Help me with dinner for a second.”

“Stop! That tickles!”

“Why do you have a folder on your computer with just pictures of me in it?”

“Is that chocolate?”

“Your dancing is awful! Let me show you how it’s done”

“I’ll let you kiss me…on one condition.”


“Slow down…why are you crying?”

“Oh god, did you just beat up?”

“Hey, hey, calm down, I’m not going to hurt you.”

“How long have you been holed up in here?”

“Lean on me, we need to get you home.”

“Would Netflix make it better?”

“Stop apologizing, it’s not your fault.”

“You’re saying goodbye like it’s the last, but it’s not.”

“I’m worried about you, you know.”


“I’m sorry but….I don’t feel the same way.”

“How could you do this to me?!”

“I’m leaving.”

“Shut up, you’re not dying on me just yet.”

“You don’t remember me?”

“They’re just a friend.”

“Take one step out that door, and we’re through.”

“Stop talking to me.”

“Why bother?”

If the 2Ps were invited to their crush's birthday party
  • 2P!America: shows up with a red ribbon on his head and goes up to you like, "ayyee, look at me. im your birthday present" ;))))
  • 2P!China: leans into you and tilts your chin up to smoothly say "hey cutie, would you let me give you a birthday kiss?"
  • 2P!France: he'd have no idea how to act, like "uh, happy birthday. thanks for the invite... i guess."
  • 2P!Russia: "i didn't know what to give you so i hope you don't mind a gift card. um." coughs awkwardly
  • 2P!Italy: "you're glowing... i've never seen you look more beautiful. happy birthday, bella principessa."
  • 2P!Germany: shows up and crashes the party like "HEY FUCKTRUCK HAPPY BIRTHDAY" which works as some kind of ice breaker
  • 2P!Japan: gives you an authentic japanese gift like a tea set/ parasol/ kimono whatever based on your taste "but don't use them incorrectly. you'll be in trouble"
  • 2P!Canada: isn't sure if he wants to show up bc he gets annoyed with crowds, especially with people he doesn't know, but would eventually make himself go to the party just for you
  • 2P!Romano: legit treats you like a queen and spams your facebook/ instagram with happy birthday posts
  • 2P!Austria: hogs all your attention
  • 2P!Prussia: shows up late bc he isn't a social person but gives you a hand-made gift that took him weeks to create "it's not much but i hope you like it..."

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shallura, "I found it."

You got it! :D 

          “I found it.” Shiro looked up to where Allura was sitting, legs bent out to one side underneath her, white hair flowing loose around her head, some kind of holographic book cradled in her hands. Her voice was subdued.

           “Princess, you don’t have to show me this,” he said, shifting. “I probably shouldn’t have asked—”

           “No, no, it’s okay,” Allura said, though she didn’t look up. “I want to share it. I need to share it. I cannot… I cannot simply try to forget that they all ever existed.” Shiro walked over and dropped onto the floor next to her, close enough to let his left shoulder press gently into her back in reassurance. She leaned into him just slightly. “It is just… it is hard for me to believe how long they have been gone. In my mind, it was only a few months ago. Some part of me is still waiting for them to come back.” Shiro fumbled for words, anything comforting he could say, but everything felt hollow. He knew what it was like to lose someone, knew how empty the “sorry for your loss” phrases sounded, how rare it was to get someone who could actually know what to say. And that was just for one person. His experience was barely a drop in the ocean of grief Allura struggled every day not to drown in.

           “I’m here to listen to whatever you want to say,” he murmured finally. She didn’t respond, but she did click open the book.

           A chill went through Shiro at the sight of the pictures. Five different aliens, each wearing Paladin armor, the same armor they all sported now. They smiled, one of them halfway through a laugh, gazing at the camera with an amused indulgence for whatever the photographer had said. The one in green he recognized as Alkari, the one in yellow was a Balmeran. The red one was something with fiery pits for eyes and charcoal for skin but almost frighteningly brilliant white teeth. The one in blue was Altean, with long golden hair and pink marks under his eyes. He was the one laughing. The one in black, even though he was younger, even though he was smiling and bright and happy, and had an arm slung around the Balmeran as if they were the best of friends, was unmistakably Zarkon. Allura swiped to the next picture.

           The former Blue Paladin and the former Green Paladin were making silly faces far too close to the camera. It felt so immediate, so alive, that Shiro shivered. Allura reached down and intertwined her fingers with his, her other hand hovering just over the Blue Paladin’s face.

           “His name was Paluno,” she murmured. “He was the son of one of my father’s advisors, not many years older than me. He was so proud the day he was chosen to be the Blue Paladin. He adored history and knew everything about the development of the lions, and Altean diplomacy, and… everything. He always seemed to know everything.” She smiled distantly. “I must have hit him with one of his textbooks half a dozen times to make him stop talking,” she laughed softly. Shiro tried to offer an encouraging smile.

           “We all know at least one person who’s an insufferable know-it-all,” he said. Allura chuckled again.

           “That was most certainly Paluno. Sometimes I thought he would have been better suited to Green.” She swiped to the next image. The Balmeran was perched on top of Yellow waving to them. “Nevax always had candies to hand out. I used to try and trick her into giving me as many as I could get away with. She was the sweetest…” Allura broke off, taking in a sharp breath, her hand squeezing Shiro’s tightly. He reached over with his free hand and swiped the book closed.

           “Maybe we take this a little bit at a time, okay, Princess?” he said. She closed her eyes and nodded. “Do you… want to go back up to the—”

           “Stay with me for just a minute,” she said. “Please.” Shiro squeezed her hand back.

           “Of course,” he said. She leaned her head down onto his shoulder and he froze, afraid to move and dislodge her.

           “Thank you, Shiro,” she said. “For listening.” She sat back up and looked at him. Hesitantly, she moved a bit closer. Shiro felt his breath catch in his throat, but he very cautiously returned the favor, inching a touch closer until their knees were pressing together, and then she suddenly leaned toward him until their foreheads were touching.

           “I enjoy talking to you, Princess,” he said, feeling like a bumbling middle school idiot. What kind of a line was that? His cheeks were hot.

           “You know, you do not actually need to call me princess all the time,” she told him. He frowned.

           “If I were Lance, I’d have some line about how you’re my princess, but honestly I’m not good with the pick-up lines.” Allura laughed again, a real laugh, and before Shiro could react she had given him a lightning-speed peck on the lips and stood back up.

           “Just as well you are not Lance, or that would not have gone as well for you as it did,” she told him. She gathered the book into her arms. “I will see you back upstairs.” She smiled at him – she winked at him – and then she swept out, leaving Shiro’s heart pounding faster than he thought medically safe.

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“I got some ideas…” You whisper into his ear, nipping at it gently. Practice before the show was going too long. Niall had left you all needy feeling and basically soaking before you two had left.

“Mm, what might dat be princess?” He asks, leaning down to kiss your lips gently, his arms wrapping around your waist.

With a smile you rest your hands on is chest, “An intermission blow job.” You whisper against his lips before kiss his nose. “Let me show you how much of a good girl I can be for you.” You bite your lip and press against him a bit more.

“I think dat can be arranged. If ya can get me off during dat intermission… I’ll reward ya in our room.” Niall nods and drags his scruffy chin along your shoulder before kissing up and down your neck.

With a slight shiver, you nod and let him shower your neck in kisses.

The show goes by slower than molasses. The relentless teasing Niall did up until he went onto stage didn’t help anything.

There was always something so provocative about watching Niall perform. The sheer passion and energy he poured into it was more intoxicating then when he was in the bedroom (unless it was scruff being dragged against your inner thighs-but that’s a different story)…

You watched him dance across the stage, guitar on, guitar off, counting down the minutes until he would come running to the back so you could pull him into his dressing room and have your way with him and his cock.

Finally, he comes bouncing from the stage and wipes his forehead from the sweat. “Hey baby.” He pants and kisses the side of your head and you don’t wait two minutes before you pull him into his shared dressing room and lock it. “Hi.” You smile and kiss down his neck.

Niall pushes you down to your knees. “Hurry love, you don’t got much time.”

Your hand rubs over his jean clad crotch, humming. Niall bends over and pulls your blouse over your head, just wanting to see your body.

Yanking his jeans down, you mouth him over his boxers, your eyes looking up at him. His body tensed up tightly and you carefully pull his boxers down. Teasing was your favourite but you didn’t have a lot of time to do so.

Your mouth lowers over his dick carefully and you work your mouth lower and lower. The lower you go, the more your cheeks hollow out for him, your tongue swirling over his hard-on.

He closes his eyes and drops his head back slightly, his hand coming to grip your hair back, “Oh fuck.” He moans out.

His moaned praise only encourages you to suck harder and start to bob your head. You wanted him to cum. You needed him to.

Niall knew how to punish when it was needed. But he also knew how to reward you when you were being a good girl.

You trail your nails gently down his thighs before you start to massage his balls gently, your watering eyes moving up to look at him. You start to gag on him on purpose, choking and gasping when you pull off.

You could feel his balls tense in your hands as you start to deep throat him as well as you can. “Yes baby, just like that. Don’t stop.” He begs of you and moves his hips up a bit more, fighting the urge to fuck your face. 

He moans again and whimpers softly, “I’m so close.” He tenses further and there is a warning knock on the door-five minutes left.

Fuck, fuck, fuck! You needed to get him off. You pull off enough to only suck on the head of his dick, your tongue running over the slit and squeezing gently on his balls.

“Choke on me cock again.” He demands and you lower your mouth over him until you’re choking and gagging. “Fuck, such a good girl for me.” He moans out.

With a slight thrust of his hips-pushing his cock back further into your throat-he cums, panting out your name like a prayer.

You pull away and swallow, a triumphant grin comes over your lips and you pull up his boxers and jeans.

“Go!” You urge him so he wouldn’t be late and there wouldn’t be any questioning of what the two of you went off to do.

Niall kisses your forehead, “Love ya like ya can’t believe.” He kisses you on the lips and runs out as you pull your shirt back on and fix your hair, licking your lips free of any cum.

You had a satisfied man, kicking ass on stage.

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Mister Scientia. Do your friends appreciate you enough? If they do, what do you notice they do for you? How do you react to them openly showing you unconditional affection?

“I have noticed that we each do our own thing to show our appreciation of each other. For nearly as long as I have known him, Gladio has always been a pillar of support whenever even I was at a loss of what to do. He’s let me discuss affairs more often then I’d like to admit. I enjoy how good of a listener he can be. He also is a physical support as well, letting me lean on him when I need it. I can’t count how many times I have felt reassurance in his arms as of late.”

“Though I can no longer see his face, Prompto’s smile had often been something I appreciated. He is a very gentle and kind person, and has over the years grown quite well at picking up when one of us is feeling down. He is always the first one to be at my side in a new place, making sure I don’t stumble and giving me enough support and independence I so crave. I couldn’t ask for anything more from him.”

“Though I haven’t seen Noctis for some years now, I fondly remember our history together. There were many private moments between us in our youth, many inside jokes that we’d never share with another soul. I miss the days of our youth when he’d hold my hand if something frightened him or the way he’d smile at me whenever I’d cook something just for him. I miss the soft but reassuring touches to my shoulder he’d leave as a way of apologizing or praising me, never being one to openly speak his mind as well. I dearly miss him and my only hope is that once we meet again, it will be as if he never left.”

imagine for @loverofsuggs

you and dylan are literally relationship goals and you keep getting made examples of by everyone!

you lay on your sofa with your boyfriend Dylan, something you had little time to do these days. recently you had been away from each other and this one of the first opportunities you had to be together for weeks. the blue tv screen dimly lit up the room and your faces. Tyler, Holland and Shelly all sat around you. you smiled at all of your friends and up at your perfect boyfriend. you laced your fingers in his, he squeezed your hand and smiled down at you.

“hey look what i found” said Tyler sitting up in his seat.

“what is it?”asked Shelly.

“a whole Buzzfeed article dedicated to showing the world how Dylan and (y/n) are relationship goals”he laughed.

you and Dylan looked at each other confused and you both sat up.

“let me see that” said Dylan leaning over and taking the phone from Tyler.

“this is great”laughed Holland sipping the wine in her hand. you laughed and looked at the phone in Dylans hand.

for sure this whole blog was dedicated to you and Dylan. you thought it was adorable.

“oh my god”you laughed falling back on the couch.

“you guys are though”said Shelly.

“we are what?”you asked.

“relationship goals” she answered. you looked at her confused.

“you are. you guys are the best” Holland joined in.

“well we already know that” Dylan joked kissing you on the cheek.

“yeh, you guys are share everything, you help each other through stuff, you support anything each other is doing i wish all relationships were like that” Tyler said.

“its weird”you said as you placed down the plate you had in your hand on the kitchen side.

“whats weird babe?”Dylan asked wrapping his arms around your waist pulling your back into him.

“that people analyse our relationship”you laughed, you thought it was cute that people thought your relationship was successful, which it was but you had never thought of it in the way that they had, it was just a natural thing for you two.

“yeh it is a bit, but it cute”he laughed, his voice rumbling in your ears.

“it is”you said as you turned around in his arms to face him.

he leaned in and kissed you softly, you breathed in his sent and sunk into the familiar and comfortable arms. he pulled away after a few seconds.

“see, relationship goals” he said smiling.

What the Hell

Drabble request from @fluxdoldrums for:

8. “Come on, hit me. Show me what you’ve got.”
18. “Hey, it’s okay. I’m here.”
49. “Don’t laugh at me, I just fell! I could’ve hurt myself!”

Robb X Reader

Warnings: language

Words: 822

“You’re not gonna let a girl kick your ass, are you Snow?” Robb snickered, leaning up against the wall of the castle.

“Shut it, Robb” Jon said, out of breath while you blocked his every strike and hit him in the ribs or the legs, hard.

“Fuck, Y/N. How did you get so good at this?” he huffed out, pausing to catch his breath, resting one hand on his hip and letting his sword fall heavy in the other.

“My dad has been teaching me since I could stand and he was one of the best fighters in Westeros” you laughed, twirling your sword and ready to go for round two with Jon while he looked like he was going to pass out any second. Robb was thoroughly enjoying himself, posted up against the wall and laughing at Jon who was clearly struggling.

“You want some Stark?” you said, holding your arms out and laughing.

“Yeah he does, but not in the way you’d think” Jon said, he was laughing now.


“Nothing!” Robb yelled quickly, rushing over to whack Jon in the ribs so he’d shut up, “I’d kick your ass any day, Y/N.” he said, standing taller and puffing out his chest a little. Robb was a cocky bastard sometimes.

Come on, hit me. Show me what you’ve got” you said, holding your arms out yet again, gesturing for Robb to go a round or two with you. He went over to the rack and slipped a chest piece over his head, quickly fastening the sides. He then grabbed a sword and stomped out to the area of the courtyard where you stood, waiting for him. He swung at you without speaking, immediately showing a pattern of aggressive fighting. You quickly stepped to the side, dodging his strike easily and using his heavy stance as an opportunity to quickly swing your sword and hit him in the side of his ribs. He gasped, but recovered quickly and tried to swing at you again. You decided to have a little fun with him, so the next time he swung you moved with his swing and fell to the ground, faking pain.

“Shit, Y/N. I’m sorry!” he said, running to your side and touching your face lightly with his hand as he hovered over you, “Hey, it’s okay. I’m here” he whispered, stroking your cheekbone with his thumb and looking down at you with wide eyes.

“Stark you are so gullible, I swear” you smirked, rolling your eyes and shrugging away from his grasp, quickly jumping to your feet. He followed your lead and jumped to his feet as well, but not quick enough. By the time he was fully upright you were already swinging your sword, crashing it into his chest hard, causing him to tumble over, somersaulting backwards and landing on his ass.

“Hah! Suck it, Stark” you laughed, circling him, taunting him just a little. He tried to sweep out your feet from under you with his sword, but you saw it coming and jumped over it.

Don’t laugh at me, I just fell! I could’ve hurt myself!” he said, huffing lightly, looking a little defeated.

“At least I could stay on my feet the whole time” Jon smirked, standing a few feet away. His smug face quickly turned to one of surprise as Robb hurled his sword in his direction and he had to duck to avoid it hitting him in the face. He scowled at Robb and picked the sword up, walking it over and putting it back on the rack.

“Don’t be grumpy, Stark. You can’t beat everyone” you said, extending a hand to help him up. He took your hand and pulled hard, successfully pulling you on top of him.

“What the hell, Robb?” and before you could question him more, his lips were on yours and his hands were squeezing at your waist. You responded by allowing your lips to meld with his briefly, before pulling back. He pouted at the loss of contact.

“I’ll say it again. What the hell, Robb?” you questioned, firmer this time.

“You looked kinda hot while you were kicking my ass” he shrugged, kissing you lightly on the lips again. Your mouth hung open in shock as you rolled off of him, getting to your feet quickly, still not fully processing what just happened.

“I told you he’d want some” Jon said, nudging you with his elbow and raising an eyebrow in suggestion, “I told him to go for it. I figured you liked him too from the way you look at him.”

Your mouth was still open in shock and surprise when Robb threw an arm lazily around your shoulders and kissed you on the temple.

“So you do like me then?” he laughed, squeezing your shoulder gently.

“Yeah, Stark. I do” you giggled, stretching up on your toes and planting a soft kiss to his lips.

FanFiction (Lin x Reader) Platonic

Word Count: 1,112

A/N: I’ve had this request for Old Man Miranda for a couple of days, and I more recently got another one for Lin x Sister, so I’m combining them I hope that’s ok.

“Whatcha doing?” you asked your brother, entering his dressing room. He was sitting on his laptop, reading intensely.

“Look at this website. It’s called Tumblr, but I like to call it the arts and crafts section,” he said proudly. You laughed at how your brother thought he was teaching you about the blue vortex that is the depths of Tumblr. You leaned over his shoulder, seeing he was looking through the Lin-Manuel Miranda tag.

“Look at this drawing! How do people do that?” He exclaimed, clicking the like button.

“Oh my gosh Lin, you think that’s impressive? Let me show you the real side of Tumblr,” you pulled up a chair, nudging him to the side so that you could commandeer the keyboard.

“@(y/t/n) is teaching Old Man Miranda about Tumblr. Wish me luck,” Lin dictated as he typed on his phone. Your fingers flew over the keys, starting with a simple “hamilton imagine” search.

“Ok, so there’s this thing called an imagine. It’s a type of fan fiction where the reader can insert themselves into the story,” you explained.

“What’s fanfiction?” Lin asked. You backtracked.

“It’s stories people write based on things they’re fans of. Sometimes it could be about a character they made up, just put in the universe of whatever it is they’re writing about. Sometimes it’s about two characters or people that they want to interact, whether it’s canon or not. Canon means officially confirmed by the author or whoever,” you added quickly at Lin’s look of confusion.

“So imagines are written in second person, for the most part. The ‘(y/n)’ stands for your name. So here, this one you would read as ‘Hey Lin, what’s up?’. Some people will do that, others just read it as YN and don’t change it in their head. It’s all up to what’s easiest for you, the goal is just to allow you to picture yourself in the story instead of just reading about two people,” you said. Lin nodded.

“Look,” you said as you started to scroll down, “this is the ‘Hamilton imagines’ tag. Mostly people will write fics based on Hamilton and his friends, but use descriptions of you guys, the actors playing them. In terms of imagines it’s actually really interesting, because it’s a mix of the historical and modern that many fandoms don’t have,” you said. Lin’s eyes were scanning the screen quickly.

“Can I read one?” he asked.

“Of course. But only pick a few, I have a lot more to show you,” you grinned. Lin clicked on one, expanding the post to it’s full length.

“I’m going to say hi to the cast. When I come back we’ll do the next part,” you said. Lin just nodded slowly, only half listening as he was pulled into the fic he was reading. You went into Daveed and Oak’s dressing room, jumping onto the couch cross legged.

“What’s up girlfriend?” Daveed asked.

“I just opened Lin’s eyes up to a whole new side of Tumblr,” you shrugged.

“We’re never going to get him out of that dressing room, are we?” Oak joked.

“I dunno, I might scare him with the next bit I’m going to show him,” you said with a laugh.

“(y/n)!” you heard Lin call from the other room.

“This ought to be interesting,” you mused as you left Oak and Daveed.

“What’s the matter?” you asked Lin as you returned to your chair at his side.

“This one has my name on it,” he practically whispered. You started laughing loudly.

“This is what I was going to show you next. The Fandom will sometimes write fiction about you guys. Not as Hamilton and squad, but as yourselves. They define this by calling you the ‘Hamilcast’. So if I search ‘Hamilcast imagine’ up here….” you typed the words into the search bar.

“See, these are all about you guys,” you said. Lin’s eyes widened.

“People actually write fiction about us?” he said in disbelief.

“You don’t even know. I have to warn you though. While some of it is cute relationships and meetings and things, which we call fluff, stay away from anything labeled ‘smut’.”

“Why what’s smut?” he asked.

“Things you don’t want to read about with your sister in the room,” you said. If Lin’s eyes could get any wider, they did.

“People actually write that?” he asked.

“Yeah. Some of it is really well written, I mean the descriptive language that goes into it is incredible,” you said.

“Hold up! You’ve read this!?” Lin’s hands moved to the screen, shielding it from your view as if that would stop you from going on Tumblr forever.

“I don’t read the ones about you, you dingus. That’s just gross. Although there are some pretty famous ones out there, like ‘Lin Sin’,” you shrugged.

“I had a fan ask me about that once,” he said in realization.

“Yeah exactly. I haven’t read it, don’t worry, but it’s out there. There are also some pretty eh fics. Ones with bad grammar or plot lines or structure. I tend to stay away from those myself, just because I have a hard time reading them without getting frustrated.”

“Ok, ok,” Lin nodded, following what you were saying.

“And then there are some right in the middle. They’re decently ok, the story is cute, the dialogue is relatively realistic, and the grammar is good. These are my favorite to read in any fandom because these are the writers who write because they can, not because they’re necessarily perfect at it,” you told him.

“Ok,” Lin said slowly.

“You can tell who’s writing each story by the name at the top, see?” you pointed, “Usually they’ll have a unique picture, called an icon, to match. That way you can easily know the writing style of the fic without even reading it, since most writers typically use the same style,” you said.

“Wow, people get really creative with their names. Look at all the Hamilton references!” Lin was giddy with excitement.

“People get really creative. You call this the arts and crafts section, but it’s crazy the stories people think up. There’s one blog who writes about you and the cast, but only writes platonic imagines, so instead of the reader being the love interest, they’re the sibling, or best friend, or cast member. Some people write like the reader is a celebrity going to see the show. It’s amazing what your fans think of,” you said honestly.

“Ok, I’m going to read some of these, go away. But come get me before the show!” Lin added as you walked out of his dressing room laughing.

A Lesson From Someone Who Used To Love You

#1 Just kiss her. Kiss her when you’re in your flannel that she loves so much…The flannel that I bought for you. The one that I used to wear.

#2 Let her taste your lips. The lips that learned how to love by tasting mine. Lean into her and kiss her with everything you have. Don’t pull away… And when you’re about to, pull her in closer and kiss her slowly before you part. Show her everything you are; everything she means to you.

#3 Touch her. Let her feel your hands that no longer quiver innocently like they did the first time you touched me. Trace a heart with your finger along her back like I used to do to you. But Please… Touch more than her body. Touch her heart and touch her mind. Leave her body for later, when you can navigate your way trough her best days, and through her worst dreams. Through the screaming, tears, and laughter.

#4 Listen to her. When she comes to you in despair looking for somebody to listen, be that person. Be her person. Let her cry on your shoulder and hold her until she falls asleep. Let her listen to your heart beat faster than it ever did when you looked at me. Listen to the way her voice sounds at three am. Listen to her laugh and listen to the way she’s pretending to be angry at you. Let her know that what she has to say is important.

#5 Skip the bullshit “I think you’re cute.” Tell her she’s beautiful each and every day. Call her in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep and spill out your heart. Tell her that she’s everything you ever wanted…Everything that I couldn’t be. Everything that I fell short of.

#6 Take her all the places we used to go… Do all the things that we used to do, but do them better… Enjoy them more. Enjoy her. Do everything we couldn’t do. Show her off to all of your friends. And let your family fall in love with her, the same way that I once fell in love with them. Look at the stars with her. Tell her how it reminds you of being in a box with little tiny holes punched in the top. Hold her as you fall asleep on the ground, where we used to lay underneath the drunken sky. Fall asleep with her to the sound of crickets and restless leaves falling from the trees…Trying to drown out your mind from calling my name.

#7 Please don’t tell her you love her. Not unless you truly mean it this time.

I’m still in love with you… but I want you to be happy.

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YES. I would like the nsfw ver. of my last submission, "GOM+kagami+takao+kiyoshi after their s/o revealed she is into yaoi and spend most of her time shipping them and reading fanfics involving them. (^w^ )b thank you!" Onegai shimasu! please! *bows with excitement* o(≧o≦)o

first of all i’m so sorry for being late 53484854 years but let me make it up to you darling ~

Kuroko: When you told him about you being a fan of yaoi, he was a bit confused, but didn’t mind it. But, when you told him about all the pairings in which he was involved with, you could see his eyes burning with passion.“__-chan, I don’t know why you reading that, but let me show you just how much I’m only yours and how seme I can be.”

Kise: He smirked and leaned in, only a thin layer of air separating the two of you.“You know __-cchi, instead of imagining me doing that with Aominecchi, why don’t the two of us try it out?”

Aomine: A dangerous aura appeared around him and you could feel him undressing you with his eyes. “If you were that horny, you could have just told me. What a dirty girl you are, __. I think I have to punish you a bit.”

Midorima: When you told him, he blushed like mad.“Such a disgrace. As I would ever be intimate with Takao, nanodayo.” It was pretty difficult to control himself, especially since you were laughing so sweet and innocently. “I actually ship the two of you, You could have hot steamy-” “I don’t want to hear it! The only one I ship myself with is you.” Now it was your turn to blush. “I’m gonna show you what real intimacy is, __.”

Murasakibara: He didn’t mind that he and Himuro were shipped, what got on his nerves was that you were paying attention to those stories more than him. “__-chin, I don’t wanna do those things with Murochin. I wanna do them with you, right now.” His jealousy got the better of him, and he would make sure that you never read about him and someone else again.

Akashi: You could see his eye twich in annoyance, but despite that, you could also see his interest rising. “I see there’s a lot of bondage and s&m when I’m involved. Do you like that?” “Yeah! It totally matches your character. And-” Your words were swallowed by his lips. He pulled you in a fierce kiss, you thought it’s a battle for dominance again, but, his only objective was to dull your senses. You understood when you saw his smirk and the lustful glint in his eyes. “I always wanted to try this out, __. After I’m done with you, you will never be satisfied with only reading.”

Kagami: Truth be told, he got aroused from the sole thought of you reading something like that. “Let’s go.” “Huh? Where?” “To bed. I’m gonna show you how better it is to have sex with me than reading about two guys doing it.” You couldn’t even protest because he already had you thrown on his shoulder.

Takao: “Oh __-chan, I didn’t know you were into this kind of stuff. Not that I mind, but I think you don’t need those stories beside a boyfriend who will read every wish from your lips. Or, do you think otherwise?” His eyes were instantly filled with lust and he licked his lips hungrily.

Kiyoshi: Your bluntness took him by surprise. “I’m glad you trust me so much __-chan.” He started off innocently. “But, wouldn’t it be more fun if I pleased you, and not some stories about me and Hanamiya?” He pushed you gently on the bed and hovered over you. “Let’s have some fun by ourselves, __-chan.”



“Hey!” Newt yelled and hit the Glader over the head with a thick stick. You gasped, even though you know it’s part of his job as second in command to stop fights.

“That was cool.” you said and moved in closer to him.

“It’s my job.” he said and leaned into you.

“I just didn’t know you had that side to you.” you said innocently and he licked his lips.

“Let me know if you ever want to see it because I want to show you how aggressive I can be.” he said and smiled innocently at you.

My hair dances in the wind as I roll the car window down
I let the cool summer breeze filter into my car as I drive home from work
As I’m going 70 miles per hour down the freeway
I glance up at the night sky
The moon has never looked so luminous and soft tonight
My mind wanders over to you
I still remember how fast my heart beat as you looked into my eyes right before you leaned in to kiss me
Tonight you are my moon
What a shame
How I never realized how beautiful you are
But as I continue to cruise further down the freeway
The moon seems to drift away
Just as you seem to drift away from me
How come you are afraid to show your true beauty?
The moon seems to shrink just when I feel like I am getting close to it
Just as you seem timid to grow close to me
To let me in
To truly feel the love that you deserve
My heart yearns to climb up onto the moon and embrace its pure beauty
My heart hopes that you too will understand just how much beauty you contain
Maybe one day
My love
You won’t have to be scared to fall
I will be right here
And I will celebrate you for having the bravery
To shine as beautiful as I know you can

Speaking of mantis babies, here’s a mantis update! ヽ(・◇・)ノ

LOOK HOW MUCH BIGGER THEY ARE DAWW. This is the first of my four to molt to 9th instar… He worried me a little last night because I found him lying flat on his stomach on the floor of his container, his molt still partially on, having fallen from hanging on the lid as he was molting. Mantids molt by hanging upside down and letting gravity do most of the work as they slip out of their old skin, but are VERY vulnerable in this state, as their new skin is super soft and any slight disturbance could make them lose their grip and tumble to their demise, their softened body easily crippled. 

I didn’t want to make things worse, so I just left him be to see if he would work his way out of it and harden up by morning, and he totally managed! He didn’t come out entirely unscathed, though, and now he has a bit of a perpetual sideways lean which you can see here, and his raptorials (front grabby limbs) have a slight s-curve to them, so he’s a little wonky. :’D Otherwise, though, he’s fully functional and mobile with no crippling deformities, and the next time he molts, he should be totally straightened out again.


This is me loving you
This is me slipping flowers into your pockets
Smiling, and singing your name.
This is me, eyes closed and arms open
In the warm rain
In a dripping yellow dress
Quietly whispering yes

This is me leaning into you
Moving at different times
We are almost dancing
Laughing from our bellies

This is me kissing your knuckles
Calling you home to the honey suckles
Just to hear you say,
Ah, this is me loving you.

—  Victoria Perez Let Me Show You How I Love (2/30)

I fought through and got to attend @troyesivan’s show in LA. Thank you to everyone who literally took care of me 😂💖

From the Wild Squad who’d been there since the beginning, to Mama Mellet offering me water and scolding me to sit down when she saw me stand up from my seat lol. Then hi Connor, thanks for letting me lean on the stair railings in front of you to hold myself up haha!

Troye fucking slayed the LA show and I can’t even comprehend and alliterate how proud I am of him. Seriously.

Also lol if I reach 500 subs, I’ll make a video about all this. Share stories that many of you might want to hear from me. Trust me, I’ve seen everyTHING.


baloneyinterrogator  asked:

DJWifi (because there is a lack of this pairing), butterflies (the nervous kind, not akuma), level 2 Hope this is okay! Sorry if the prompt isn't that great, I had a hard time picking something.

Whoops! So, here goes my over-enthusiasticness in full gear XO The second I got this prompt, I immediately wrote up a quick breakdown of how I wanted it to go only to have that “quick breakdown” turn into something that is gonna be roughly 5,000 words once finished, so here’s Part 1. I’ll try and get Part 2(final part) posted tomorrow. Let me know what you think. Sorry, this part is pretty Adrienette heavy.

EDIT: Including link to Part 2.

“Alright, dude, I’m totally gonna do it.” Nino whispered, leaning closer to his best friend and deskmate.

“You got this, man!” Adrien quietly said back, pumping his fist to show his encouragement. Nino nodded and smiled in acknowledgement as the two boys bumped fists behind their raised books.

Suddenly, the bell rang, signaling the end of class, and just like that all of Nino’s previous courage was wiped away, replaced with what he could only describe as a serious case of the butterflies. His stomach felt like it was doing parkour tricks off his ribcage, his heart racing like he had just been running a marathon, his palms beginning to sweat profusely. This was a stupid idea, who thought of this stupid idea, this was never going to work.

“Dude? Helloooo?” Adrien waved a hand in front of Nino’s face, noticing the complete 180 in his friends demeanor. As he waited for his friend to return to this planet, Adrien saw the objective of the boys earlier ramblings already on her way out the door. “Nino, look! Alya’s leaving! It’s now or never!”

Snapping back to reality, Nino saw exactly that. The girl he’d been secretly pining for, the object of all his day dreams, walking out of their last class of the day, completely engrossed in a conversation with her best friend by her side. Quickly, he jumped out of his seat, jogging the few steps between his desk and the front door to the classroom and hoping, praying, that he had enough nerve to open his mouth when he got there.

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“Oh is that right? What sort of pictures do you plan on taking?” She asked letting out a little giggle. “How do I inspire you exactly?” She asked happily enjoying the fact that they were together. “I don’t have any admirers, just you.” She said kissing his cheek.

“Any that you’ll let me.” He grinned, his teeth showing in his smile. He leaned down, planting small kisses on her face, moving from cheek to cheek to her nose and then to her forehead. “You inspire me to be a better person, to be more present in life… That sounds silly, I’m sure, since we haven’t been talking long and we just met. But, it’s true.”