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L.xa and Clarke: sacrifice happiness/peace to try and help their people. Y'all: there so fucking whack. No one wants them. L.xa: kicks dude offf tower for insulted her dead love. Bellamy: snaps a dudes neck and shoots a messanger just cause he can Yall: fucking evil lesbian. But poor b.llamy. He's got so much emotional pain he cares so much. (I know this is useless to point out as y'all don't seem to care about any intentional or unintentional lesbophobia but just letting u see it)

show me where i called her evil girlie!! deadass clarke and lexus are both white saviors who clearly wanted their leadership roles ..the narrative hasnt given us one (1) clue to tell us otherwise and hey if they have to sacrifice their leadership roles/be isolated from their friends to be together maybe it was fucking whack and underdeveloped!!! just a thought

A Good Thought

during pre-debut vernon tested dino’s english skills and asked him what hyung is in english. dino replied “brother”. then hansol asked him what dongsaeng is and dino replied “princess”, making hansol laugh. Channie later explained that he knew the members were really stressed out and just wanted to make them happy so he said a random word.

What a good boy. A precious boy. Our thoughtful baby maknae

First of all, look how cute Kara/Melissa is on that gif 😍

That being said, I made a short list of people that make my days brighter. Some really good friends, and others that I just love and admire from afar :3

(in alphabetical order)

Big Three:

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@luthoring - Their Royal Gayness™ ♥
@mechanicsofamess - Actual Angel ♥
@potstickersftw - I see you commenting on my fics, I see you ♥

[Oprah’s voice] You get a heart. YOU get a heart. Everyone gets a heart. (I just love everyone okay)

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And a huge thank you to the rest of my mutuals (I’d name you all but there’s literally 500) and my precious followers. I love you all so much ♥


@severeprincesswitch Happy Rhackiversary!! :D It’s been 1 year today since I started shipping these two nerds. Was saving this for today :3 I hope you like it!! Sorry for taking so long!!


Got a new mug and it’s super cute!!

It features characters from @sophiaslittleblog‘s awesome book, Cosmic Callisto Caprica & the Missing Rings of Saturn! You should totally check it out if you have $2 burning a hole in your pocket. It’s a really fun read!

And if you buy the book and love it as much as I did, you can get this mug (and some other cool merch!) right here: [link]

i want what you got - a tanuma/natsume playlist

alex turner - piledriver waltz / patrick wolf - overture / the bravery - bad sun / grimes - easily / reol - chiruchiru / palace - i want what you got / ball park music - all i want is you / jukebox the ghost - hold it in / mother mother - love stuck / sayonara ponytail - sora mo toberu hazu

well i was gonna finish the next chap of CF tonight but then my manager called

symmarah concepts:

  • satya tapping pharah’s visor till she lifts it, she wants to see fareeha’s eyes when they talk
  • pharah carrying symmetra to rooftops to better set up her turrets and portals, symmetra taking special care to shield her before every mission
  • fareeha “what does my armor look like in flight?” amari and satya “let me show u its fine ur butt looks great” vaswani. power couple
  • really quiet and soft conversations about things like the relation and lack thereof between justice and perfect order when neither of them can sleep
  • satya wants to start working out more so she can hero properly and pharah practically explodes with excitement. taking ur gf to the gym w/ u so u can show off AND watch her train. incredible development.
Every Gravedence/Gravebone fic ever:

Credence: Please, Mr. Graves, help me. There is a great evil inside me, Mr. Graves. I can’t control it and it is driving me insane.

Percival: Let me take you to my room and I’ll show u the real great evil ;)))))

Credence: *doesn’t understand* *follows him anyway*

i’m so sick of straight people trying to force their straight agenda into everything