let me ship them before one or both become a sociopath


As those of you who read my reviews know, I do write in real time so whatever mistakes I made in the beginning of the post I may have rectified at the end. This post will most likely include anti-Damon/anti-Delena/anti-Bamon/anti-Steroline/anti-Bonenzo sentiments. I will probably call out misogynoir, anti-black and racist treatment and perhaps make references to True Blood, Buffy The Vampire Slayer or other shows.  If you do not like it, no one is forcing you to read. OK? OK. Alright. Let’s go.

1. I swear Sybil is going to try and bring Hell on Earth in which case she’s just a knockoff of Ruby from Supernatural.


3. A black man named Arcadius or “Cade” because we have to modernize everything, as the first psychic. Why do I feel like this is going to go terribly wrong terribly quickly?

4. So Cade sees a man staring lustfully at a girl and tells him that what he imagines is impure and illegal but if the man let’s him deep into his mind then he (Cade) may be able to quell his urges. This results in the village stoning him and burning him at the stake because of his power. But like how though? He didn’t SAY anything that would be like omg he could read my mind! The man was staring at the girl unabashedly, anyone would know what he was a pedophile. And because he was burned at the stake Cade knows what true evil is and Cade got his revenge in death. This is SUCH a weak story.

5. Paul looks good though. Like he looks good. Good. Really good.

6. Georgie’s voice is ANNOYING. Like it GRATES my ears.

7. “I can only deal with one temptress at a time”. How is Georgie a temptress? She’s just persistent and annoying?

8. This conversation between Lou and Damon is painful because this is like sitting down with a bunch of drunk frat guys and listening them talk about how sneaky and manipulative and bitchy women are.

9. So Sybil works for Cade who is probably not the devil but a warped punisher of the wicked who is in fact wicked because he has minions kill for him or something ridiculous like that.

10. How would people know she’s psychic? It would be different if there was a whole bunch of paranoia and they outcast anyone they think is psychic and then one day they just happen upon a real psychic. Also if she’s psychic wouldn’t she know that the villagers are coming for her? How does the psychic ability work? Does she have to zone in on a subject or is she overwhelmed by voices and then learns control? Fucking details man.

11. Why is the music intense like it matters that there are two sirens?

12. Georgie and Nanny look exactly the same to me, it took me a long time to figure out who is who.

13. Damon, why the hell would family be a sore sport for YOU? YOU are the sore spot for THEM.

14. Don’t do it, don’t sit down on the chair backwards.

15. She does it.

16. Why is Sybil purposefully leaving out which one of the sirens she is. If the revelation is that her sister is either Georgie or Seline she could just say I met a girl on the island I was banished to or I lived on an island and a girl came to me.

17. Also I feel like they could’ve formatted her backstory in a better way than her telling Stefan and Alaric the story of her origin when they’re meant to be impatient to break her hold on Damon.

18. Did one of the sisters say “If we cannot live off of what God has provided us for then we are not meant to live at all” I thought this was BC, what God? There was not ONE God.

19. Do the writers think that by making Sybil say that the parallels between her and Stefan are “too good” because they both belong to sibling dynamics in which one sibling is the “good” sibling and the other is the “bad/selfish” one means that they acknowledged how lazy they are by making those parallels? THAT’S ALL THE SHOW DOES. The Originals, Klaus and Elijah are like Stefan and Damon. The Heretics may’ve been a “family” but yet again it’s messed up family dynamics, like this is nothing NEW, all you do is the same thing over and over again.

20. Why is Matt’s hair … why, no.

21. “And I know I tracked you down a few months ago and none of this doesn’t make any sense.” That was awful dialogue. OMG.

22. Damon is responsible for killing Matt’s sister and he almost killed Matt’s dad, yeah, I think it’s a testament to the show’s preoccupation with Damon that Matt wouldn’t just kill Damon right there when he’s knocked out. Honestly. Damon has done too much shit to the people around him that the fact that none of them just go ENOUGH and kill him is completely unbelievable to me. We literally only get that once in 2x02 and he hasn’t grown from that moment, so.

23. Yeah, see, here’s the thing about this parallel. Sybil forced Georgie to eat human flesh so she wouldn’t die on the island, continuously but lied saying that what they were eating was boar, she also lied to her saying there were provisions on the ships when it was just sailors. The show tried to draw parallels between her and Stefan because Stefan forced Damon to turn in 1846 except like it’s not really the same because Stefan didn’t force Damon to kill and become a sociopathic rapist and as an anon pointed out, Stefan and the show try to hype up Damon to be this innocent human when he actually helped Katherine kill humans, so like … I just feel like yelling at the show, YOU TRIED IT. Damon isn’t evil because Stefan didn’t want him to die in 1846 and each time I watch that scene I’m just like … this really doesn’t justify or illuminate anything about who Damon is.

24. Stefan’s angry face is actually really hot.

25. Oh so Sybil is the village girl not the girl from the island. Oh shocker!

26. Did the writers actually fucking make Sybil fucking say to Stefan, “Which siren is your spirit animal?”???? ARE THEY FUCKING KIDDING ME. HOW MANY TIMES DOES IT NEED TO BE SAID THAT THAT SHIT IS OFFENSIVE AND DISRESPECTFUL TO INDIGENOUS COMMUNITIES? LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME? But oh yeah Julie g’waan with that tweet ‘bout respect and value of other cultures. Seriously, this show.

27. So Matt stabbed Damon. And? There was barely any torture. He just stabbed him. Like I am so done with this show. If you’re going to torture Damon then fucking torture him, Matt deserves that shit.

28. Yeah, see Tyler isn’t dead.

29. Why is everyone talking about how Damon wouldn’t be forgiven if he killed Tyler? And how especially Elena wouldn’t forgive that. Damon has done everything he possibly could and Elena has forgiven him. Stop acting like there’s an actual line that Damon can’t cross when we all know there isn’t. It’s ridiculous.

30. Damon talks too much.

31 Oh Seline is the second siren. THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME>

32. Seriously Matt you couldn’t have dunked his head in vervain or something?

33 Damon shut up.

34. Stefan didn’t seal Damon’s fate, shut the fuck up, Damon decided to be who he was because he’s Damon. I’m tired of that narrative.

35. So a black man is the devil. EXCELLENT, TVD. JFC.

36. Also their version of the devil makes absolutely no sense. Why is Cade in hell in the first place when he literally did nothing wrong? Did he create hell for the souls that he keeps and why is he collecting souls in the first place? And they keep mentioning God, as in the Christian God, so how are you going to have a Christian God but not a Christian Hell? WHAT?

37. Cade let out a psychic blast so powerful before he died that he created its own world. THAT IS SERIOUSLY THE EXPLANATION FOR HELL? OH MY GOD.

38. I also find it so fucking tacky that the people who damned Cade and made him create hell are all POC. Like seriously FUCK YOU, TVD.

39. Oh shut up, Damon deserves hell.

40. “A glass of vervain everyday keeps the vampires away” DOESN’T even roll of the tongue.

41. Matt and his father don’t do anything for me.

42. Oh Tyler IS dead, like legit dead. I’m actually mildly impressed.

43. Zach’s performance is actually on point. It’s the best part of the episode.

44. So Georgie goes to hell because she killed a girl in a car accident. OK so like I don’t get it does that mean Julian is in hell too? What about Mary-Louise and Nora? Are they in hell? WHO goes to this hell? Does just everyone who does a bad thing go to this hell?

Final thoughts: I just have questions. Honestly. The details of Cade and the devil and this hell dimension are aggravatingly blurry. So now that Tyler IS dead watch everyone forgive Damon despite the show trying to tell us they won’t. I’m perfectly fine with the show emphasizing that Stefan has as much darkness to him as redemptive qualities, that’s why I love Stefan, but there’s also this emphasis on trying to make him the worse brother and he’s not, Damon needs to own his actions and the show needs to stop trying to pass the buck too. I believe Cade will “rise” and with him, villains of the past. If Kai went to this hell too it’d be the perfect opportunity to bring him back. This show sucks with details.  

HBO - PxS foreshadowing?

I find it interesting at all that they have thrown Petyr and Sansa together for a ‘candidate’ to vote on at all if they weren’t even CONSIDERING going there.

I hope they do because I want to watch the fandom have a EPIC MELTDOWN. Sansa actually CHOOSING Petyr would be fucking fantastic and I will swim in the tears of the super fans losing their shit.

If I were Sophie, I would hope to heaven and hell that they do this or her character is going to be nothing more than a side piece for Jon and then when Arya finally reunites (and she will I believe), Sansa will be even pushed back MORE to the side. I can’t imagine they would romantically pair up Jon and Sansa. It just seems too contrived for D&D and GRRM.

If the fandom had their way, Petyr would have been dead years ago. But nooooo, GRRM and D&D have kept him around because his arc isn’t completed yet. I don’t believe his real endgame has been fully revealed either (definitely NOT in the books at least). Petyr has been so damn shady since day one, it would be stupid to reveal his all of his secrets. I still believe he has an ace up his sleeve somewhere. He wants Sansa, that I believe and that he genuinely cares for her. If Petyr has found an equal in any woman, it’s her. Sansa (to the horror of the fandom) is becoming very much like him, and the way he thinks and deals with things. She’s very savvy.

I do think Sophie makes a good point when answering about who is a good match for Sansa. Petyr and her are more alike than people want to admit. Yeah, she’s not the manipulating sociopath that he can be… but it’s taken him YEARS to get that way. They’re both innocents that got dealt a huge and harsh dose of reality. They were dreamers and that has been burned away making them both hardened and wary of everyone. Petyr’s taught her to use her best asset, her mind to empower herself. Now after Joffrey and Ramsay, Sansa will be suspicious of any man now. She doesn’t need them. The rose colored glasses are off and that romantic dream is dead and gone for her.

I think she wants to believe Petyr didn’t know about Ramsay (of course Book!Baelish would never…unless Harry turns out to be a sadistic fuck… and this bs with Ramsay was kind of a strange foreshadowing in the book since Petyr is going to wed her to Harry to get the Vale in order to get Winterfell back. He could be misjudging Harry like he did Ramsay thinking Sansa can/will play him but then he ends up losing that wager with Harry abusing her….and of course Harry WILL die, of that I’m certain. Petyr has no use for him when he has the Vale and then Winterfell within his reach…but that’s for another discussion).

Petyr gives her the “I told you so….well, we’re fucked now” at the declaration of Jon as KITN. Sophie talks about how Petyr could still be her best ally. That basically all bets are off and she is open to working with Petyr, or that “pretty picture” is starting to look really good now that she isn’t the one the North is rallying behind. I think Petyr would have pushed or declared for her as QITN until Mormont spoke and praised Jon.

So, now, Sansa knows Petyr has been playing the game to get him and her to the top. He loves her (so he says… I believe him but he could still be placating her). She needed to know that Ramsay was a miscalculation on his part and she suffered for it, but he was trying to get Winterfell back the best way he knew how and make her QITN/Wardeness. He tells her in the crypt to basically play Ramsay/you have him wrapped around your finger/he’s already fallen for you. That tells me he knew nothing about Ramsay. Ramsay played him good. PEtyr thought Sansa would have taken charge until he came back with Vale forces. Nope. Horrible fuck up and now Petyr needs to win her back somehow.

Putting his cards on the table like that, telling Sansa about his pretty picture, that SHE was a part of his goal. That he made decisions/ took action to bring her with him, make her queen…take her to the end…. She needed to know that BEFORE Ramsay but now, if she believes him, Sansa may forgive him a little or at least accept he fucked up and didn’t know about Ramsay and didn’t purposefully put her there to be abused. That Petyr DID want her, and did not want her harmed. She trusted him for the most part. Believed that he would give her the North. He came through with the Vale and basically did not ask for anything in return for saving her and Jon’s ass. I fully expected him to ask for her hand as payment for the Vale army. He didn’t.

If D&D want to keep it interesting… and they love controversy, they’ll keep PxS together. Sansa’s come a long way to take a back seat to Jon. They’ve shown enough in regards to her distrust, annoyance, and arguing with Jon. She may be angry at Petyr but she is clearly LISTENING to him. She sent Brienne to Riverrun based on Petyr’s word. He declared for House Stark, meaning he was declaring for her when he didn’t rise and support Jon like everyone else. Sansa is House Stark, QITN, Wardeness and Lady of Winterfell… the rightful heir. Not Jon. Her face shows it.

Both Sophie and Aidan seem okay with it. D&D hasn’t crushed the idea and are now even kind of lowkey shipping /foreshadowing it. The three MAJOR players are Dany/Jon/Cersei with Varys and Petyr still pulling the strings (imo)… but then you have Petyr…not Varys, not Dorne, Ironborn, Olenna… but Littlefinger WITH Sansa no less.

If the fans are to be believed, they say Sansa’s look was of fear and trepidation that Petyr will do something to hurt Jon, etc, etc. It seems HBO and D&D just might have a different direction instead. It’s logical to pair Tyrion with Dany, Cersei and whomever supports her LOL, Jon and someone from the North that supports him so Mormont is a logical choice since she stands up for him… then you have Petyr and Sansa. Sansa really hasn’t been paired romantically with any man for years. Yeah, you had the ‘first crush’ on psycho Joffrey, Sandor, Loras, Tyrion was nice to her… but nothing even compares to the time devoted to Sansa with Petyr. D&D and GRRM have spent a lot of time developing their relationship, especially where Sansa’s character grows the most, her learning how to play the game and save herself. From essentially season 3 to now, you see Petyr manipulating to get Sansa with him and out of KL and getting the power back in Winterfell/North.

Since S4, Sansa has no other romantic interest in any men. She is warming to Petyr, playing him, enough to spar with him, trusting him that he will not let harm befall her, etc. S5 might has given a slight hint that she could possibly be attracted to him after all this time (crypt scene… even the semi-flirting sparing with him in the inn about the ale). Petyr smiles at her baiting him for a fight. Had he revealed his game plan then before dragging all the way to Moat Cailin before telling her his plan, given her a chance to decide which way to go, etc, instead of him making the marriage arrangement without her consent until she kind of had no choice but to trust him and that desire to take vengeance and get her home back once and for all.

I can’t see them spending this much time on them together, to just have her kick Petyr out of the North now that Jon is king. I’m not saying they HAVE to become romantic either. It just seems like an awful waste of relationship/character development if nothing else happens. Petyr lays his cards out for her knowing she can use it against him (which still remains to be see IF he’s being honest with her - “keep your foes confused - if they don’t know who you are or what you want” - kind of hard to believe that Petyr would disregard his own wisdom from YEARS of playing the game to throw it all away when he could be so close to his endgame).

Yeah, this was long winded of me…. but I’m realllllly hoping they keepy PxS together. Their relationship is crazy, interesting, full of fire, suspicious, shady, power hungry, weird sexual tension, and their dynamic is GREAT. You just don’t know where they are going or what’s going to happen between them and that’s makes good story telling. THey play off each other so damn well. They are more interesting together. And Petyr being the troublemaking shit stirrer he is, you know it’s going to be full of drama.

Here’s to HBO seeing that fucking with fandom is one of the best things they could do. This pairing is heated love/hate it conversation around the water cooler. This is one of the more controversial pairings on the show. Shame to cut it short when it could make for good television.

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