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  • Taemin: Key made me call people and tell them he was dead to see how they'd react.
  • [earlier that day]
  • Key: is he crying? is Minho crying?
  • Taemin: a little.
  • Key, grabbing the phone: you should be wailing, you stone cold bitch!
  • Key: now call Jonghyun

Aries moon: I am the misunderstood child; I need warmth, like a fire saving me from the cold, a hand to hold, because I can be gentle too

Taurus moon: I am the lost sheep; give me stability like the solid ground underneath my feet, let good things come to me and I won’t feel any greed

Gemini moon: I am the wingless fairy; give me worlds I can discover, so my mind can learn and not only get distracted, give me a voice because I need to speak about my feelings

Cancer moon: I am the long lost mother; let me care for you, because my love is endless, be my boat so I can rest and don’t need to swim in the stormy sea from while to while

Leo moon: I am the supernova; light me up and help me let you shine when I take all the sunlight, show me that the stars and the moon are beautiful as well

Virgo moon: I am the anxious maiden; speak gently and tell me I do things right, allow me to rest and give me trust and be reliable or I will die with bleeding hands and feet

Libra moon: I am the soulles lover; give me a warm hand, someone I can feel whole with, make me stand up on my own so we can find our way back home

Scorpio moon: I am the devils right hand; teach me to embrace love like a fool, kiss me goodnight and you will be allowed to get under my skin

Sagittarius moon: I am the caged bird; let me out, help me to fly and I will come back twice a year - I will not forget you, there is a never ending fire in me

Capricorn moon: I am the lone wolf; be the cave in the whitest winters I can rest in, show me that gentleness and warmth are my best friends

Aquarius moon: I am the wondering wanderer: be the structure I missed in my early years, I want to understand you - be my own eyes and ears

Pisces moon: I am Loreley; let my words wander through your heart and soul, don’t make my sacrifices worthless, be the waves that take me to unarmed dreams

Ed Sheeran song masterpost (edited in italics 10th edit because my boy doesn’t rest )

The Orange room EP

Ed Sheeran EP

Want Some? EP

You Need Me EP

Loose Change

Songs I Wrote With Amy

Live At Bedford

No. 5 Collaborations Project

One Take


iTunes Festival: London 2011

The Thank You EP 

  • (I can’t find the separate songs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ again why is youtube betraying me )

The Slumdon Bridge

iTunes Festival: London 2012

Red (Taylor Swift)


Sons Of Anarchy

Multiply Single EPs




Songs Written by Ed

Studio Covers


All the moments Namjoon Mentioned/Praised/Complimented Jimin in his V live* (Yes all this really happened, Yes we needed it.)  

[About Serendipity]

“Jimin’s song is so perfect and I guess you’ve listened to it a lot. I want you to check this out.” 

(Plays the guide he sang for the song, laughs)

“I worked hard to make a guide for Jimin, but it sounds so funny. Let’s play Jimin’s better version.” (Plays Jimin’s Intro)

“I worked hard on the lyrics for Jimin.. I’ve wanted to work with Jimin, though I didn’t make the whole song, it was fun to do something for Jimin”

“Serendipity came out really well as the intro. I think it’s the best in quality so far… I believe Jimin let us get off to a good start.”

“Jimin asked me when he sang the intro, ‘How should I sing the song?’. Jimin said he wanted to come out of himself. Jimin always sings in the high register, singing in falsetto or shouting in the chorus. That was kind of what he always did. He wanted to get out of that stuff. He wanted to step up his game as a vocalist. He asked me for advice, I didn’t have a lot to offer but I suggested something. He likes drake. He wanted me to recommend songs that are hot these days, though I did not stay all night. For about an hour I picked songs for Jimin, and I took screen shots of the lists of artists and sent it to him. The End” 

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[A wild Jimin appears]

“Hello, Everyone. This is Jimin.” 

(JM covers face & says he’s not wearing makeup) 

“So handsome.” 

“Jimin, I just spoke about Serendipity. How you worked hard to come out of yourself when you recorded it. You heard all that? (JM: Not at all) I was talking about how hard you worked.”

“They can’t see your face, Jimin” (Pulls him in front of the camera) “Why are you covering your face? You look great. Don’t need to cover it. You’re handsome.” 

“Tell them how hard you worked on the song” (JM proceeds to talk about it) 

(Minjoon banter occurred, Jimin is about to leave)

“Make a heart before you go, Jimin.” (JM makes heart) 

“So cute. Bye. Good luck on your recording.” (JM Leaves)

“He’s working hard. Can’t wait to hear Jimin’s own song” 

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[Starts to talk about “Best of Me” but Jimin is seen making poses through the door]

“What? Is that a ghost? I guess he wants to be on Vlive but it’s been so long since Jimin did his solo Vlive. I’ll tell him to do a solo live after this.”

“Come in, Jimin. Jimin! You have to make a promise now.” (Proceeds to pull Jimin in the room, then keeps him from running out by holding on to him)

“You have to do your solo v live after me. Promise… I’ve done it a lot, it’s been a long time since you’ve done one. It doesn’t have to be a solo one, but make sure you do a live.” 

(More Minjoon banter, Jimin leaves)

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[Continues talking about “Best of Me”]

“Anyways, still talking about ‘Best of Me’. The guy who wrote it…. I keep getting distracted. I’ll let it slide since it was for Jimin.”

“My favorite part in ‘Best of Me’ is.. I should have asked Jimin to sing that part. My favorite part of ‘Best of Me’ is the bridge part Jimin sang. How does it go?” 

(Tries to mimic Jimin’s voice lol)

“I’m sorry. Jimin used the voice he rarely shows us. The bridge part is.. I think it’s the killing part. I believe thats the best part of ‘Best of Me’ in my personal opinion. Personally my favorite part. He spiced up the lyrics I wrote with his angelic voice. He did a really good job.” (THIS WAS LITERALLY THE SWEETEST THING)

[While talking about “Pied Piper”, Jimin can be heard in the hallway]

“Jimin is outside. I guess Jimin got really bored. He’s on stand by. I guess there’s a long line (to record).” 

[While talking about “GO GO”, RM mentions he ran out of coffee. A few moments later Jimin appears with more coffee for him]

“Are you an angel without wings?” (JM: I’m a Fairy)

(Not too sure about this one, but I think Jimin sings the line “if there is music..” instead of “if there is hope..” & catches himself)

“Music? If there is music, there’s Jimin. I was talking about “Outro: Her” Jimin. (Jm: Were you?) Yes. Sorry, there’s no part of Jimin. (JM: I know that).”

(More Minjoon banter, Jimin heads out the door)

“Thanks! (for the coffee)” (JM makes a heart through the door)

“He’s so cute. We played Sohn Byeong Ho game before. If someone says ‘The cutest one folds your finger’, Jimin has to do it. You know, Jimin is like a fairy from a fairy tale.” (Laughs & thanks Jimin for the coffee again). 

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[Later on, Jimin appears again (Bless this boy) as RM is finishing the live]

(Minjoon talking about the last stage and Mcountdown, Jimin looks at himself in the camera)

“Jimin, It’s not a mirror”. (JM laughs in mochi, NAMJOON LET HIM LIVE)

“We’re sorry for not presenting a lot of encore performances. But Jimin did a great job with the mang-gae leaf. (JM: what’s that?) The leaf you carried over your head, I mean the one your were wearing over your head. Mang-gae leaf. It was cute. (JM: on M Countdown?) Yes.”

(In English) “Thank you for all the love guys, for everything” (JM:……… Yeah. lol) 

“Let’s put it to an end by saying, Army we love you” 

[Minjoon ends live saying “Army we love you”]

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**This is the rough translations from Vlive, we all know how that is lol so bare with me. 

I deliberated for a while as to whether I would respond to this, not because I dislike talking about the topic (quite the contrary!) but because I’m concerned about reinforcing the attitude in fandom that anyone with thoughts about SHINee being gender nonconforming must provide a wheelbarrow full of receipts.

But I finally decided to respond, both because I’ve wanted to have a masterpost on this subject for a while, and because I’m going to assume that you (like me) are a fan who wants to celebrate Jonghyun’s gender nonconformity. So in that spirit: here’s an entire post dedicated to Jonghyun being feminine / gender nonconforming. Sources are linked in each item. It’s long, so I put some of it behind the jump.

  • He talked about wanting to be reborn as a girl so he could date a certain boy, and then added that he would be suited to being “the female one” in the relationship.
  • He wore a few different dresses in 2015, including these three during Married to the Music era, and this grey sweater dress during one episode of Monthly Live Connection. 

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Thank you for being so supportive toward my kids Bangtan 🙏 sincerely, A.R.M.Y 💜 Edit : Apparently theres misunderstanding bcs its so hectic on twitter saying kai & baek came to the con , but some exo ls say they werent bcs Kai was in his drama site or smth ? (idk abt Baekhyun tho) Soo … Im so sorry for any inconvenience 🙏
Regardless , lets suppport each other :“)

♪♫♬ “Let me show you a world, shining, SHIMMERING, spleeeendid!

Ayo! Guess who finally drew some bees! I actually had someone a while ago ask me to draw Yang and Blake dancing together from V2′s dance, but hey better late then never, here’s to you anon!

I kind of loathe most all the dresses the girls had for that dance scene, so I decided to redesign their dresses for them. Yang’s dress kind of got the short end of the stick since I didn’t want her dress to cover up her pose, but eh, Yang’s dress will always get the short end of the stick I suppose. XD

The Phantom Thieves of Legends - Intros (cont.)

*Thor smashing glass* Another! This is more introductory stuff where we meet the rest of the Personas, so I hope you all like this one too! Enjoy! First part is here!


“I do hope you’re not planning on starting without me.”

An enchanting voice that resounded like chimes in a gentle breeze approached the table which Arsène, Carmen, and Kidd were seated at, prepared to discuss the object of interest for a most promising heist. The trio certainly had no need to glance up to discern the source of the voice; alas they had done it anyway, as 

Milady de Winter commanded a presence that one couldn’t simply ignore. As per usual, she was absolutely striking; even the most ethereal goddess would quiver with envy. Her short, strawberry-blonde locks captured the sunset, and her doe-like eyes reflected the formidable waking sea. The cunning spy sported an ornate gown, colored with pink and black in addition to golden adornments. Milady was fanning herself with her signature accessory, as the other was now in Arsène’s grasp, receiving a delicate kiss on the back.

“Fashionably late, I presume?” he inquired, casting a wink at her.

Milady sealed her fan shut and tapped the tip of it to her full lips, emitting an amused giggle. “You know me entirely too well, Arsène. It’s always a delight to see you.”

“Milady!” Carmen exclaimed breathily, ensnaring the new arrival with an embrace. “Oh, how I’ve missed you! You look dazzling, I adore what you’ve done with your hair. The shorter length suits you.”

Milady plastered a pair of kisses on each of Carmen’s cheeks prior to returning the embrace. “You’re like an angel that walks the earth, love. I’ve missed you, my dear. I trust these two haven’t given you too much trouble?”

The gypsy snickered into her palm as she retracted to make eye contact. “You needn’t worry; I’ve got them under control.”

“'These two’ are still present, you know,” Kidd grunted, reluctantly sipping his bitter coffee.

Milady’s gaze fell upon the convicted pirate, who simply raised an eyebrow and awaited her inevitably snarky reply. “My goodness, William, you don’t look a day over fifty!”

“Devil curse me of this ridicule; you’re older than I, and I’ve barely grazed thirty,” Kidd countered, his bottom lip protruding to form a slight, indignant pout.

Milady snickered into her gloved hand, planting herself on the chair Arsène had retrieved for her. “You look far younger with that adorable grimace on your face, William. And in regard to your rather rude announcement of my age, I am only older by a few months.”

“Aye, that’s true, but you have yet to act like it, princess,” Kidd jested, the faintest trace of a smirk dancing upon his lips. He certainly wasn’t wrong; Milady devotedly fancied fairy tales and the like, therefore she would often dress the part of a princess in order to replicate the flamboyance of royalty.

Right as Milady was about to huff out an indignant remark, the tinkling bells of the cafe door resonated throughout the venue, implying that more people had arrived. Indeed, two individuals were curiously eyeing the occupied table, prompting Arsène to stroll over to them. 

“You both must have encountered quite a bit of traffic, seeing as even Milady had arrived before you.”

“England has been exceptionally cautious regarding the migration of her people due to the tense relations with France, and I was only visiting. You can imagine how strenuous the journey back to the Vatican will be,” the woman sighed. Her coffee-colored hair was neatly knotted into a crown braid, with the remainder of it snaking down her shoulder and clavicle. Ruby irises glistened with a suppressed excitement at the prospect of seeing her friends once more, and she bore a simple yet elegant monochrome gown.

The petite individual adjacent to her nodded in agreement. “Yes, and navigating my way through the Middle East was no easy feat, either. Granted, I did seem to stumble upon numerous distractions. I was fortunate to have run into Joan while wandering around this city. Apologies,” they finished frivolously, adjusting their spectacles as they flashed a pearly, toothy grin that contrasted their sun-kissed skin. 

Al Azif, better known as Necronomicon, was an eccentric scholar that ventured throughout the world in pursuit of research, and their vast wealth of knowledge and intelligence could be considered alien. Underneath the headdress that was wrapped atop their head, their silky raven hair was rebelliously fashioned into a low side ponytail that ended just below their chest. Baggy black pants and a fluttery olive long-sleeved shirt completed the modest look.

“For being the eldest, you’re not imposing a very sterling example. Is your age getting the better of you already?” Arsène teased.

Al playfully hunched their back and emanated a raspy voice in an attempt to mimic a wizened elder, “My boy, when you grow to be my age, you’ll understand.” Ironically, their appearance seemed like they had not even struck their twenties yet.

“Perhaps I will have better luck aging,” Arsène heartily chuckled. “Try not to break your hip on the way to the table.”

A pair of men abruptly sauntered through the entrance of the cafe, and everyone had focused their attention on the intruders; one wore a black suit and possessed uncharacteristically cerulean cat-like eyes; the taller male was dressed in black samurai attire with blue garnishments, and his ebony hair (with navy undertones) was tidily styled into a high bun, exposing his prominent facial features. 

The samurai spoke first, his velvety, cathartic voice wafting through the air like a gentle mist. “I apologize for my tardiness, but Japan is quite a ways from here.”

The black clad man next to him shook his head prior to discarding his hat. “Señor Goemon claims that, but I happened to witness him staring quite intently at a pigeon just outside of this cafe. He would have been arrested for frightening bystanders had I not heroically saved the day.”

Goemon grimaced resentfully, procuring a pipe from underneath his vestments as he admonished, “Mock all you like, Zorro; nature is a beautiful phenomenon in its plethora of forms.”

“That is, until that very form decides to relieve its bowels on that pretentious head of yours,” Zorro teased, hanging his jet-black sombrero on the rack and gallantly gliding to the table.

“The nerve…!” Goemon seethed, igniting the base of his pipe and puffing out smoke with a scowl embedded on his soft lips.

Arsène chuckled prior to approaching the disgruntled samurai, then he leaned to his ear and mischievously whispered, “If you wish to enact your revenge on him, I’d be delighted to aid you. After all… that bastard robbed me of my succulents.”

Goemon’s silver eyes widened in blatant disbelief and horror. “Th-that fiend…! Not the succulents…!” He glared daggers at the back of Zorro’s ebony head. “Say the word, Arsène, and I will strike that barbarian down to hell.”

The gentleman thief desperately strained to choke back his imminent laughter; he felt the thinnest shred of shame for preying on Goemon’s gullibility, but his immense satisfaction from the successful prank greatly outweighed his inhibitions. Besides, he wasn’t lying about the succulents; they were resting safely on the windowsill of his stolen villa. 

“I will keep you informed, my dear Goemon. In the meantime, let us join the others. There is much to discuss, and Kidd is but a mere moment away from enduring an aneurysm.”

Kidd didn’t even grant him the satisfaction of reacting as he murmured into his coffee, “It’s only made worse by your incessant bantering. You are aware that I’m being hunted by the French?”

Meanwhile, Arsène had escorted Goemon to the table and promptly reclaimed his seat. “I can’t imagine why, the guards’ standards must have plummeted recently.” Kidd’s irritated stare bore through Arsène and he hurriedly retracted his statement. “I apologize, William, but please be at ease. Milady and I have taken the necessary precautions and eliminated any chance of your discovery. Trust us; we will not allow them to take you,” the thief concluded, a determined conviction flickering in his eyes. 

As much as he adored ruffling his comrades’ feathers, Arsène treasured them infinitely more than any material possession he had acquired through his years of thievery.

Kidd’s expression softened as he bobbed his head in understanding, and Arsène proceeded with explaining the ‘grand scheme’. 

“Now, onto the subject of why I have gathered you all here. You all have been graciously performing favors for me without any explanation, and I thank you for your trust in me, my friends. With your combined efforts, I was able to discern the precise location of a lost treasure that was initially thought to be a simple legend…”