let me see your trails

Daddy *Andy Biersack Imagine*

Being in a different kind of relationship had been all but predictable, especially since you were with him. People abroad warned you, said he was bitter, manipulating, a user. That wasn’t true, at least in your eyes. He was stubborn and set his ways, sure, however you understood what he needed, well beyond what anyone else could provide him.

He took care of you in a way to bandage your past. However, this only worked if you devoted your loyalty to him, which you did. He understood that he did not own you, and always made sure that you knew that the door was open if you ever chose to part ways. You could not leave him, he needed you around as much as you needed him. Love could not define how intertwined you were with one another, regardless of how you labeled your relationship.

Sex played a major role. In order to receive what you needed, you absolutely had to give him what he wanted. One thing that came to agreement was that you must refer to him as “Daddy” unless if in public or in the presence of others, then you were granted permission to call him Andy. Sex always varied upon his desire. Sometimes he made love to you, other times he wanted something special. And if he ever needed to only use you, you were to only fulfill his need until he had finished.

Needless to say, you kept this your little secret.

The mirror in front of you reflected the thigh high socks, connected by a white garter. It slightly came over the lace panties, which barely covered your ass, giving the slightest peek at how perfect it was. A leash hung between your bare breasts and lead to a collar secured around your neck where a silver tag dangled.

“PROPERTY OF A. BIERSACK” the tag read.

Letting out a deep breath, you ventured to Andy’s home office. Doing this still made you nervous, because you never knew what to expect from him.

Pitchy moans and profanities spilled from the office. You peeked into the doorway to see what he was up to.

The computer screen displayed a woman with large fake breasts and huge duck looking lips bent over as a large muscular man pounded into her from behind. Andy sat in the chair shirtless with his hand down his sweatpants, pumping vigorously.

“God damn, she’s a slut” he breathed.

Andy rarely watched porn when you were around, mainly because he had you to keep him busy. Perhaps he thought you were still asleep, since it had still been quite early in the day. You had to admit, watching him pleasure himself was a sight you wished to see more frequently.

“Daddy..” you said quietly. It was enough to get his attention, and once he turned away from the screen and looked at you, he couldn’t stop staring. You look absolutely delicious to him, ready to pounce onto like a hungry Lion to a Giselle.

You walked toward him slowly, hips swaying side to side. He watched your every movement, licking his lips. You blushed, leading innocence to linger about. When you got close enough, he pulled you down onto his lap, feelings his stiffened bulge poking at you.

“I wanna tear you up” He licks up your shoulder, then giving it a soft kiss. You began to grind slowly on his lap, rolling your hips every direction. His hands ran all over you, enticing you to dance even more.

You stood up and slid your hands over your chest, pushing your hair back, away from your breasts. Turning around, you bent over, giving Andy a view of your ass. He squeezed it, and gave it a firm slap, chuckling to himself.

“You’re a cutie.” he teases.

He pulled you back onto his lap, but this time you were facing him. Andy left small, gentle kissed along your collarbone, all the way up to your forehead. He wrapped his arms around your waist and rested his head onto yours.

“So tell me, Baby Doll” he says. “Who do you love?”

You looked at him, putting a finger to your bottom lip. “I love you, Daddy.”

He smiles. “Good Girl.”

You then continued to grind on him, rubbing your tits against his chest. He was fully erect and ready to rip into you. You couldn’t wait until he did such.

“Have you been good lately, baby doll?” He asks.

You nod.

“You know what I’ll do if I find out you’ve been naughty, don’t you?”

You remembered the last time you misbehaved. Andy took you downstairs to his basement where he had set up a torture room, or so as you called it.

He had several contraptions set up, such as a wooden cross bolted to the wall. On it hung heavy chains and restraints. Another that scared you was the cage he had in the far corner. He had told you that once he would lock you in there with him he would then fuck you while he had one of the heavy chains around your neck. Of course, he’d never damage you too badly, but he’d make damn sure that you learned your lesson.

Although he never tortured you, he did punish you. You had been back talking and cursing, which was against Andy’s rules.

He took you down there and made your crawl on your hands and knees for him. He called you names and snapped a whip at you. He shoved over sized toys inside of you and tried to make you ride them, even though they were too big to handle. After, he bent you over a steel table, tied your ankles to its legs, and fucked you raw, telling you to say things about yourself that weren’t true.

After, he cared for you and made you feel like his princess again. He assured you that he did not mean those things, but rather did it to teach you a lesson about what disobeying will cost you.

You didn’t want it to happen again, or even worse.

Andy rubbed your thighs, making his way to your lace panties. He rubbed your clit through the soft material, making you grind harder onto him.

He pulled his hand away. “Play with yourself, baby.” He commands, kissing the corner of your mouth.

Your hand pushed past the elasticity band. You felt your wetness, inserting a finger into yourself, working it in and out. Andy let his hardened member spring free from his sweatpants, standing erect, almost reaching his bellybutton.

Your mouth watered and you were coming close. Andy watched you as his cock twitched against him, yearning for stimulation. Before you reached you climax, he pulled your hand away and lead it to his lips, licking and sucking your juices from your fingers.

“You like that, sweetie?” He kissed your and and tangled his fingers with yours.

You smiled shyly, turning your head away to hide your bashfulness. He really new how to do the right things to make your heart flutter.

Andy kissed your cheek as he wrapped the leash around his fist and yanked it forward, smashing your body into his. Pre cum streaked along your stomach, feeling the warmth of his dick.

He leaves wet kisses and love bites around your neck. You want more of him, and you’ll do whatever to get it.

“Look how horny you made daddy.” Andy coos into your neck.

You looked down at his twitching cock, begging for release. It make your mouth water with need. You loved sucking his dick and swallowing his cum.

“Can I play with it?” You ask Innocently.

“I’d love you to, babe.”

You climbed off of his lap and lowered to your knees, spreading his knees apart. Andy slouched in the chair, awaiting to be pleasured.

Taking the large girth in your small hands, you kissed the wet tip, then all the way down his shaft, running your bottom lip back up. You stroked it a few times, making him groan and shiver. Your tongue lapped at the leaking fluids from the head, swirling gently at the small opening of the tip.

Andy bucked his hips. “You’re so fucking sexy, baby.”

You closed your lips around the head and sucked, tasting him thoroughly. You pulled away, making eye contact with Andy. Your lips strung saliva, connecting back to his solid cock.

He watched you carefully, pulling your hair back, as you took him down your throat as deep as you could, then back out, only to repeat it. He bucked his hips, and moaned out.

You removed your lips and pumped him hard, sending waves of pleasure up his spine. With a single grunt he released, all over your hand and pretty face.

Andy sat with his eyes closed for a few seconds before looking down at you once again. A big smile spread on his face. He watched you lick his fluids off of your hand, savoring his unique taste.

“Did I do good, daddy?” You stood up and sat back onto his lap, straddling him.

“You did very good, my baby.” Pushing some hair behind your ear. He licked the remaining bit of cum off of your chin.

You pecked his lips as he picked you up, wrapping your legs around his waist. He carried you into his bedroom, where he lay you down on the bed.

He then crawled in bed hovering over you. Your legs wrapped back around his waist where his erection grazed against your panties.

“Baby, let me see..” Andy trails off. He hooks his fingers around your panties and slides them all the way down your legs. He wraps your leash around his fist and yanks you forward, almost crashing into him.

“Listen to me,” he hisses “when I do this, you better not squeal, whine, or say a damn thing. Understood?”

“Yes, daddy.”

Andy aligns himself up to your crease, brushing his length against your folds, up and down. His warm shaft teased your opening as you grinded along with him.

You couldn’t help but moan.

He pulls away and lowers himself to your ear. “What did I just tell you?”

Stiffening your lips, he proceeds to tease you, this time poking his leaking tip and your clit. He rubbed against it in circles to get it even more wet than before.

“Daddy..” you whimper.

Andy gets off of you and grabs a fist full of your hair. He pulls you into a sitting position and then removes your leash and collar. He discards them across the bedroom where he then grips your throat.

“You’re a disobedient fucking thing.” Andy spat. “I’m taking you downstairs.”

He stands up, pulling you by the wrist. You plead and beg him not to; it was the worst punishment you could receive.

Andy drags you along, not caring how sorry you were or that you were scared. You even attempted to pull yourself away, but it was no use. He was tired of hearing it.

You’re thrown over his shoulder and taken downstairs to the basement. It was cold and dimly lit. Then, you hear the sound of metal clicking, where your naked body hit the hard floor.

Andy had thrown you onto the floor and locked the door to the basement. He went over to his metal table (which closely resembled to one of a morgue) to look for what he wanted to use first. As if you weren’t already afraid, you were horrified now.

“Daddy I’m sorry!” Your voice shook. “I don’t want to be down here!”

Andy gets down low and crawls toward you, his face twisted a wicked grin. This wasn’t Andy, your lover. It wasn’t Andy, the one you fell head over heels for and called “Daddy.”

No. This was something far more demented and sick.

The closer he crawled toward you, you made an effort to move back further away. Your breathing became quicker, creating a sense of panic throughout your whole body.

Andy pounced forward and strained your legs with his. “What’s wrong, baby doll?” His long tongue licks over your lips. “You scared?”

The taunting tone in his husky voice made you crazy on the inside. Even if he did scare you, your body still wanted him to pleasure it.

“Let me see your pussy.”

Your legs parted gingerly, unsure if it’d be a safe move.

While he forces his fingers into your tight hole, he barks evil obscenities at you, as well as makes you say some humiliating things.

“You’re a filthy fucking animal.” He fingers you harder and deeper. No matter what he says, you can’t help want more pleasure.

Removing his fingers, he licks your juices off.

“Mmmm.. Tastes like little slut juices.”

Without any further preparation, he pulls a toy down from the shelf above and forces it inside of you all at once.

You squeal in pain, arching your back. The silicon dildo ripped through your walls. Andy fucks you with it at a violent pace. Your head thrashed from side to side as you screech out in pain. Your lower half is being torn to shreds by something that’s too big to even be down there.

He pulls a fist full of your hair and spits in your face. “Who do you fucking belong to, slut?”

“You, daddy.” You cry out.

“Yeah, you like this, don’t you?”

The toy is then torn out from inside of your gaping hole. Never had you been so stretched, and it didn’t feel too good.

“Ride it. I want to watch you fuck yourself.”

He holds the dildo for you to reposition over it. The tip of it pressed against your entrance. You weren’t sure how you were going to ride it.

Your over thinking made Andy grow impatient. He placed both hands on your hips and forced you all the way down. The toy tore between your walls. It’s immense pressure was almost unbearable.

To relieve yourself from some of the pressure, you moved yourself at a slow pace. Your knees pushed you up and down that made your fluids drip from the toy onto the floor below. After a little while, the act became very erotic. Feeling the over sized dildo penetrating your wet pussy felt amazing.

Andy sat in front of you, spreading his legs apart. He pulled you forward by your hair where his cock stood erect. He slapped the member against and slicked his messy pre cum all over your face.

“Look at you. You’re a dirty bitch.”

He gets up and goes back to the metal table. Hanging above it, he pulls a leather bull whip. He unravels it and cracks it a few times on the floor beside him. You steadily get off of the dildo, making sure you wouldn’t hurt yourself.

The disturbing smile returned to your “daddy’s” face. He came toward you again, lashing the whip in your direction. You gasp and crawl backwards as the rough end licks against your ankles.

Your eyes well with tears when you see the welts and broken skin that covered your ankles.

“I don’t like this!” You cry out.

“No?” Andy tilts his head. “Why not, baby doll?” He bites lip, fascinated by your fear.

“It hurts and you’re scaring me!”

“Aww baby, it’ll all be over once I’m done with you.”

He cracks the whip into your direction until you run out of somewhere to go. The back of your head hits a metal bar. As you look up, you noticed that it’s the cage.

“Get in there.” Andy barks.

You begin to sob and shake your head. Physically, you were done with this. But you couldn’t bring yourself to yell out the safe word.

Andy whipped your thighs, earning a pitchy squeal from you.

“Do as I say, fucking whore!”

Obeying, you crawl into the cage. Andy follows behind you and pulls you by your hair to make you stand up. His hand cups your chin, forcing you to look at him.

“Look how broken you are.” He taunts, licking your tears off of your face. You turn your face away, but he pulls it back, licking all over it, mostly lapping at your lips. “I love making little whores like you cry.”

“Stop it!” Using what strength you had, you shoved him back.

Bad move.

Andy gripped your throat and slapped you. Hard. “I’ll do whatever I fucking want to you.” Both his index and middle finger force inside your tender hole. “You’re my filthy cum whore. You belong to me.”

Your knees were killing you. They had been bruised and scraped, which could barely support you, especially after how hard you’d been fucked by that huge toy.

“Tell daddy how much you like it.”

“I love to be finger fucked by my daddy.”

“Why is that?”

“Because I’m a no good slut.”

Andy spins you around and forces you down on all fours. He shoves his solid cock inside of you and thrusts in and out at a vicious pace. The whip is placed around your neck, so Andy can pull on it while he savagely fucks you.

“I wanna cum deep inside your pussy, bitch.”

Skin slaps against skin as he rides you out. You sob and whimper while he uses you to get off. Even though this is an emotional blow, you still find satisfaction in the whole situation.

Your body fell limp while Andy still rammed into you. Small whimpers fell from your lips. You weren’t sure how much longer you could last.

“I know, baby. I’m almost done.” Andy’s voice calmed you.

Minutes later, Andy released inside you with a grunt. His seed spilled down your thighs and onto his. He pulls out and helps you up.

Your legs are still shaky as well as you are in shock. Andy takes your hand and guides you back upstairs where he begins to run a bath for you.

You noticed the scrapes and bruises all over your body. More tears rolled down your face.

How could he feel comfortable with doing this to you?

Andy strokes your cheek, then leans in to kiss you.

“Hey, no more crying, okay?”

You hug him and sniffle into his chest.

“I love you.” Andy rubs your back.

“I love you too, Daddy.”