let me see your id

❝ I love you too, Jungkook. ❞

Plot: You’re an idol and you’re dating Jungkook. You show up at one of his fan sign and he says to everyone that you two are dating. 

Pairing: JungkookxReader 

Words count: 1,8k+

Genre: Fluff 

For anon, I hope you like it cutie! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

Deciding to go meet your boyfriend during a fan sign didn’t seem to be any more a great idea as at the beginning. The black mask covered your face and fortunately your eyes didn’t reveal much of who you were. Yet the feeling of being perpetually observed didn’t seem to disappear and so the anxiety increased to every minute that passed.  

But you haven’t seen Jungkook for weeks, and if that was the only way to change the situation, you’d be well-born to be discovered.  

“Next time I’ll close you in our room.” Your best friend muttered, as well as the leader of your group and the worst advocate in the world; making you smile amused from underneath the mask.  

“I didn’t ask you to come.. Then we repeated several times that we’re their fans, even if they discovered there I know hey couldn’t see anything strange… ”  

“YOU KNOW? I swear that if I read another article where they ship me and Taehyung I shoot myself. ”  

“What a bad thing Unnie…. In short, Taehyung is an incredible guy. ” You whispered in response, not understanding all that boredom towards that sweet and a little crazy boy. “Then he is also extremely beaut–”  

“But think of your boy!”  

“You Like him! That’s why you’re bored by the articles…. because you’re ashamed to talk to him. ”  

The slap that came soon after on your shoulder only made you entertain more, while patiently expected your turn to go to get the album signed.  

He was as beautiful as always but he seemed particularly cheerful that day, he could even not to bully his hyung and his smile could make you completely melt. It’s been seven months since you started to date and you’ve already figured out you were falling in love with him, but you were too intimidated and scared to confess your feelings. It was your first serious “relationship”, although not yet effective because he didn’t really ask you to be his girlfriend and you were both so young that you were afraid that he could run away in front of your confession.  

“Jungkook-oppa!” “Jungkook, you are beautiful!” “Jungkook I love you!”  

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you guys are wonderful and inspired me to post more bare-faced selfies!!

here’s to my big nose, fuzzy unkempt eyebrows and uneven jaw.

i’d love to see some bare-faced selfies from you guys if you feel like posting them. tag me!

😊He’s A Tattoo Artist (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Ethan is your tattoo artist and while he’s tattooing you, he slowly falls in love with you

A/N: I was originally going to make this a blurb with both of the boys, but I decided to just do E :)

You walked in wanting to get a small palm tree on your wrist with “good vibes” written with it. That’s all you went in for. You didn’t expect your tattoo artist to be extremely attractive or extremely badass.

“Hey there. What can I do for you?” He asked as he flashed a famous smirk.
“Hi I would like a tattoo?” You said with little confidence. He chuckled at you. You were a tattoo virgin and he could tell.
“Well I figured that since you came in here today. What would you like tatted? A butterfly? A flower?” He asked in a mocking tone.

“Actually I would like Good Vibes with a tiny little palm tree next to it on my wrist please?” I asked with a shy smile. I showed him the image on my phone and he shook his head with a low chuckle. “What?” I asked confused.

“I did a tattoo just like that a few days ago. Let me see your ID.” I handed him my license while he makes a copy. I fill out the paperwork too. “Nice you’re over 18. Come to the back.” I followed behind me and he pointed to a bed. I sat on the bed and looked at him. “How do you feel about arrows?” I cocked my head confused. “I’m a vibes guy myself.” He starts organizing his colors. “So I can give you a great Good Vibes tattoo, but the catch is, I’m not going to show you what I’m going to tattoo on you.” I opened my eyes wide at him while I was obviously confused.

“No way.” I tried to stand up, but he stopped me by placing his giant hands on my thighs, holding me down.

“Trust me.” He says and I let out an exhausted sigh. I don’t know what made me decide to trust him.

“What if it’s ugly?” I asked as he was getting the needle ready. He let out another chuckle.

“Trust me, if it’s on you there’s no way it can be ugly.” I felt my cheeks begin to heat up as I knew I was blushing. “So do you trust me?” I nodded and he smiled. “Good. Let me see your arm. No peeking okay?” He says taking my hand in his. I closed my eyes as the needle etches into my skin.


“Done.” I heard the tattoo artist say and I see my entire forearm had a new design inked inside.

“Oh my God. It’s gorgeous.” I said in complete awe at my new ink. I looked to my artist who was grinning. “How much do I owe you? I was told the other was going to be about $120 with a tip.” He shook his head and laughed again.

“Well $120 won’t cover this.” I open my eyes wide again. “But maybe dinner after I get off? Around 7?” He asked me completely taking me off guard.

“Like a date?” I asked sounding dumb. I shook my head as he chuckled. I could see he had his bottom lip tatted. “Why me?” I asked and he rolled his eyes with a laugh.

“Well for starters you’re hella cute.” I felt my cheeks heat up again. “You surprisingly took your first tattoo a lot better than most people. You picked a reasonable first tattoo. You have a cute smile, you just every so often would jump and make a little yip sound that sounded really childish and for some reason I couldn’t stop smiling. Plus you’re super trustworthy of someone with a needle and some ink.” He smirks and I smiled.

“How many other girls have you asked on a date after you tattooed them?” He shrugs.

“None.” He smirked again with a light chuckle.

“Are you lying to me?” I asked cocking my head.

“I don’t know. Do you trust me?” We locked eye contact as he folded his arms and rested on my thighs.

“Yes?” I questioned. He leaned up off of my thighs.

“Good. I’ll see you at 7 then.” He smirked at me as he pushed his seat away and holding his hand out for me to take so he could help me up.

“Wait I don’t even know your name.” I giggled. He smiled at me.

“It’s Ethan. I’ll probably be wearing this exact outfit tonight at The Grove.” I nodded.

“Wait. I can’t afford that place! It took me almost three months to save this much for a tattoo.” I said. Ethan just rolled his eyes again.

“I don’t think you understand how dates work sweetheart.” I felt my stomach start to flutter again. He was honestly the cutest.

“Thanks.” I smiled. “See you tonight.” I then felt a burst of courage and I pressed my lips to his cheek.

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I pulled away before leaving him speechless. I walked out of the shop without another word.

Supergirl: Stronger Together

“So far, things are going pretty well”
“I think I might actually have a handle on this”
“Is that the fastest you can go?”
“Fire again”
“So, did I pass?”
“Is all of this really necessary?“
"I hated keeping this whole part of my life from you”
“And growing up, I always thought you were such a bad liar”
"Even you have your limits”
"What are you waiting for?”
“Oh, God, is that smell you?“
“Who cares what that guy says?”
“It’s hot”
“Do you really think that I don’t know what’s going on with you?”
“That was a really good pep talk. Excellent use of pep”
"Let me see your ID”
"What can I do to help?”
“Take a look around. Don’t touch anything”
"Shouldn’t you be sleeping?”
“I’m sorry I could not be home sooner”
“Why were you working so late?”
“Now get some sleep”
"This job never ceases to surprise”
"What are we doing in here?”
“We need to know that you’re prepared for everything you might face out there"
“How did you do that?“
“Make this a fair fight”
“We may not always know who our enemies are, so we need to be prepared to face anyone”
“Now, come at me”
“Your wind up leaves you open for a counterattack”
“You’re relying on your strength without technique”
“When you are facing a superior opponent, you need to use their strength against them”
“All right, all right, enough. You made your point”
"Why are you walking like that?”
“Calm the hell down”
"Every step of the way, I had to fight, to work hard, to get better, to come out ahead”
"Meet me in the alley in five minutes”
"I don’t want any trouble”
"I don’t wanna be a part of whatever you’re planning”
"I got some mad sewing skills”
"I thought you said it was a cat”
"I’m allowed to have friends, aren’t I?”
“I have a policy against using my friends for business reasons”
"I think I’m gonna take tonight off if you don’t mind”
"I don’t want you getting fired”
"Growing up, I was taught that to accept help from people is not a shame, it’s an honor”
"First, I was scared, but I’m not anymore. I want to do it”
"There’s been an incident”
"I should’ve been there”
"You’re bleeding”
"You are very brave”
"You are so very wrong. I am here to save you all”
"Do not stand against me”
"Never call me that again”
"Show me how to fight. Train me to be as good as you”
"What are you doing? You need to rest”
“There’s something that I need to show you. Something I’ve been working on”
“I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s definitely not from this planet”
"It’s still making me sick. Get it away from me. Get it out of here”


I was tagged by the ever lovely @trans-lexi​ & @laura491​ for my 2016 selfies. Its been a hell of a year, and despite the heartache and struggle and pain I’m somehow still here and better yet I’m actually making progress coming out - to my parents, to my doctor, to my friends - so I guess I can begrudgingly say I’m almost kinda proud of myself. May the same continue next year; maybe finally start HRT?? We’ll see I guess! Lets hope 2017 goes easier on us all 💖

I’m not sure whos not done it yet so please if youve not do go for it and also let me know because Id love to see and share your beautiful faces 😚💖

TalesFromYourServer: Aren't you gonna check my id too?

Just found this sub and thanks for the nostalgia, here’s one from back in the server days:

Taking care of a 16 top that’s out for a graduation and the entire family is there, from babies to great grandma. Going around the table taking drink orders and i take the order of the woman who is by far the oldest at the table. I move on to the next guest and take her drink order, but she is quite young so I ask for her id. As she’s pulling it out the elderly woman exlaims, “Well aren’t you gonna check my id too?” The whole table laughs, I laugh, I say in a joking tone, “Ok, let me see your id.”

I go on checking the younger girls id and am about to move on to the next person… wasn’t going to check grandma’s id but she taps me and says, “Sir I don’t have my id with me.” Well I don’t know laws elsewhere, but serving somebody who has no id is illegal in Texas, regardless of their age. Our restaurant had been targeted by TABC (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission) in stings before, we even had officers walk behind our bar and arrest a girl mid shift once. I was not about to serve this woman and fuck around with losing my job while gaining a hefty fine and some jail time.

I told her without id I couldn’t serve her, she responded saying she’s obviously old enough. Best I can recall I said, “I understand that ma'am but you just told me you don’t have your id with you. It’s illegal to serve somebody with no id so I’m sorry but I just can’t serve you.”

I brace for impact. I got 16 fucking people ready to rip my ass apart about how I won’t give gamgam some booze. Here it comes.

Simultaneously the entire table has an outburst… of laughter. They’re all laughing at grandma and calling her out for demanding I check her id when she didn’t even bring it.

I got plenty of shit stories too, but there’s lot’s of good times had when your job has you directly interacting with hundreds of people daily. Some surprise you, some turn out exactly like you expect, but I tried to have fun with people.

By: my_leg_hurts_a_lot

      the physical & soul aspects of my being ache everytime i think abt this song and arthai.na. 


Isa: Excuse me, Sir! You can’t go in here this is a crime scene! 
Victor: I think I’m allowed ..
Isa: Ok, let me see your ID please?
Victor: Don’t you know who I am? I dont need a goddamn ID *tries to go inside again*
Isa: *stops him* I don’t care who you are, you still need to show me your ID to come in here, now get lost before I bring you down to the station!
Victor: Your boss will not be happy about this! 

Yellow Fever - Part 3

Word Count: 3795

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, hallucinations

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“This is the Garland file.” Deputy Linus handed the folder to Sam while Dean and you stood back, leaning heavily on each other and swaying. “Are they…drunk?”

Sam looked back quickly and you smiled at him and he quickly turned back to Linus. “No.” Sam said firmly. “Deputy, according to this, Luther Garland’s cause of death was physical trauma. What does that mean?”

“The guy died 20 years ago, before my time.” Linus shrugged. “Sorry.”

“Then can we talk to the sheriff?” Sam asked.

“Um…he’s out sick today.” Linus lied.

“Well if you see him, will you have him call us?” Sam asked. “We’re staying at the Bluebird.” He grabbed the file and walked out the door without Dean or you, the two of you still standing there.

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Dean/Cas: Your Love is My Drug

For Ayla (deathkisseddean) who requested a destiel AU with pharmacist!dean / 1,187 words

Being an elementary school teacher had a lot of perks. Summers off. Influencing the youth of America. Snack time. Being exposed to fifteen germ incubators on a daily basis was not one of them.

Once a year, usually in the fall when his immune system was acclimating to being surrounded by children who did not consistently cover their mouths when they coughed, Castiel got hit with what always felt like the worst head cold of his life.

This year he had eight-year-old Ellie Winters and a poorly timed, uncovered sneeze to thank.

Thanks to Ellie, Castiel currently found himself in the local Walgreens, looking for the best over-the-counter cold medicine his teacher salary could buy. He grabbed a box of tissues, some Afrin, a bottle of Nyquil, and trudged to the pharmacy counter for the good stuff – the extra strength, extra awesome decongestants that could only be purchased directly from the pharmacist.

“Hey there. What can I do for you?”

Castiel narrowed his eyes at the perky blonde store clerk. Her healthy, energetic presence seemed like a direct insult to his current state of being. “Hello. May I please have some of the prescription strength Sudafed?”

“Sure thing. Let me see your ID and I’ll have someone grab a box for you. Winchester!” She called over her shoulder while simultaneously giving Castiel’s driver’s license a once over. “I need a box of ultra Sudafed.” She eyed Castiel sympathetically as she handed him back his ID. “And hurry up, would ya? Not sure how much longer this one is gonna make it.”

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