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everyone hates jimin...

seriously you guys…the level of hate bangtan members have for jimin is unparalleled. you won’t believe it but don’t worry, i actually have receipts, starting with the leader, kim namjoon; 

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namjoon hates jimin so much he came around the table to join him. he even hugged him, the hate is REAL. 

(x) i really wanna see if i can find someone who hates me to look at me like this.

the hate is tangible…anyway, lets move on to the oldest hyung, kim seokjin

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seokjin hates jimin’s guts. for real, he despises jimin and that’s why he walked ACROSS the damn stage to seek COMFORT from JIMIN when he was hurting.

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no, but that’s why he’s feeding him;

moving on to yoongi, you know, this is the dude that REALLY despises jimin, 

yes, yoongi hated jimin since debut days. AND hes so UNHAPPY around jimin, gosh (x)

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moving on to hoseok;

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he PULLS JIMIN CLOSER, to seek COMFORT when he was CRYING because he hates jimin. 

(x) i sound like a fucking broken record but like, where do i find someone who hates me to look at me the way hobi looks at jimin 

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do you see the way hobi is pushing jimin away? next up, taehyung

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also what taehyung said;

(x) yes, the HATE IS REAL. taehyung hates jimin so much he’s thankful when jimin’s by his side, was the happiest when they first met each other, wants him to be happy always. 

finally, we have the maknae jungkook, this guy is the one who ABSOLUTELY DESPISES jimin, like damn. the hate rolls off him in waves,

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you know a good way to tell if a smile is fake? it’s by looking around the eyes. if the smile is fake, the eyes won’t ‘crinkle’ (yes, there’re studies)

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crinkled eyes? bunny teeth? jungkook hates jimin’s guts.


you tryna tell me that taehyung and jungkook hate jimin? bitch, those 2 are like the leaders of the fucking #parkjiminprotectionsquad, 

conclusion: ship whatever you want, but if you’re hating on the members and spreading bullshit like ‘everyone hates jimin’ then im gonna come back with receipts to prove otherwise. also, if you hate on jimin, you can fuck off. bye.

Provence Bed Set

5 pieces, 3 color options (black, brown, white)

DOWNLOAD: Mediafire or Simfileshare

High poly (sorry)

  • Bed with mattress: 8709 Polys 5973 Vertices
  • Bed without mattress: 8089 Polys 5487 Vertices
  • Canopy: 4558 Polys 4538 Vertices
  • Curtain/Drape: 2784 Polys 1650 Vertices
  • Joiners: 930 Polys 2788 Vertices


  • Please don’t re-upload ANY of my builds, objects or images unedited, this specifically includes sharing of mods folders (grr).
  • No adfly or pay sites. I happily give my time and energy for free, I expect you to do the same with my objects.
  • Convert, alter, recolor and include the meshes to your hearts content, but please give credit, and tag me, I love seeing everyone’s creations and stories.

Please let me know if you have any problems with my items

I have this wisdom tooth growing in. I don’t know if it’s done growing or not (I hope so) but food gets stuck in it really easily and it’s super annoying to get out

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camboy!jimin reblog if u agree

i have no idea what this is but i know i have sinned

“hey, were you dead? why haven’t i seen you in so long?” the voice on the line huffs and you snicker, shaking your head as you wait for the video to load. your end is a bit blurry but on his end… gosh, it was heavenly.

he decided to dress up a little today; a nice baby blue sweater hanging on his shoulders, riding up until his thick thighs that seem to glow under the dim light he’s propped over his laptop. his door is sealed tight but his eyes are staring into the camera as if they’re the irises that belong to no one else but you and okay, fine. it felt good having the special treatment.

“where’s your face?” he taps impatiently, frowning, “let me see your pretty face!”

you chuckle as your palm covers the lens, and jimin’s not having it, swaying his body back and forth in a childish manner.

“y/n…! are you still mad at me for blowing off our date? i said i was sorry…”

sighing, you decide to stop tormenting him and move your hand away. from what seemed to be a dark-brownish rectangle is revealed to be a beautiful person in just a silk robe that jimin gapes at the sight. (a part of him also wonders if you ever ventured into this line of making money that he partakes in, whether you would rank higher than him despite him coming in the top three males who has the most views)

“fuck…” jimin groans, pupils dilating with lust, his breathing grows shallow and his tongue darts out to wet his lips.

folding your arms on the table and you lean forward, well aware of what you’re doing as the knot seems to loosen and it gives him a sneak peek that he gulps with confirmation, along with the need the imbues his system as he feels hot despite only being dressed in a sweater.

“you were saying?”

“you… are a fucking tease,”

“says the one who does this for a living,”

“…take it off,”

you hum with your finger tapping on your chin, the other playing with the lace before you shake your head with a chuckle, “you’re gonna have to do more than that, jimin-ah,”

“are your doors locked?” he murmurs, drawing himself back and already, you can see the amount of skin showing that it riles you up even more.

“tightly shut,”

he smirks and you know that gaze anywhere. he pushes himself back until he’s laying on his bed and when his legs part for you to see everything, you know the both of you are in for a long night.

“that’s how i’m gonna make you feel when i’m done.”

Anyway, you know that Capricorn is a steady climber, a steady plodder, a steady grazer. Now and then I rebel - I do lift my face heavenward. It seems at those moments that the world conspires to put my head down. I haven’t yet acquired a persecution mania, I hope you understand. I know my role and I know the world’s role. And eventually we will get on together, the world and I. I am doing my best, always, even when I seem idle and perverse and stubborn.
Capricorn always tries, that’s the hell of it. He never lets up. Don’t you see how for me, with my nature, my destiny, my astral setup, that the greatest bliss is just to pause, to rest, to look upward, to be dazzled by the stars, to wonder, to dream, to meditate? What are we climbing heavenward for if not some day to reach the top and survey the world?
—  Henry Miller, letter in The Diary of Anaïs Nin Volume III 1939-1944 | Sun, Mercury, Venus in Capricorn

     Untitled (Black Stallion Fan Art),  for @butterfly1947

     Digital Art, Digital Mixed-media

      It’s Fan Art Friday! Today we have a little Black Stallion Fan Art. 8)

I take request, so let me know if there is something you all would like to see. Have a great weekend!


                          kneipho, August 26, 2016


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4, 6, and 8? For the 'cool asks for writers'?

4. Are there any other fic writers you admire? If so, who and why?
Oh man, putting me on the spot here. Excuse me while my fangirl shows for a moment. I’m only picking a couple because there are too many to even think to name and this ask will get hella long, hella fast.

@ohcaptainmycaptain1918 - She’s a brilliant writer, truly. I have just about read every single one of her stories, and there isn’t one that I’m not completely in love with. She’s one of the reasons I’m such Stucky trash, because she writes in such a way that makes every story believable and they’re always so perfect and UGH. I could go on for hours about her, really, I like… Yeah. I should stop now.

@writing-soldiers - ONE OF THE BEST, LET ME TELL YOU. Whenever I see she’s mentioned me in a post, I have to take a few breaths before I open it so that I can prepare for the potential heartbreak I’m about to read. The angst, the fluff, the EVERYTHING. And, she listens to me drone on about how much I love her on a daily basis and hasn’t complained about how I’m a weird loser yet so that’s a plus. :)

@fvckingavengers - Laur’s stories are incredible and I have re-read them so many times that I can’t even mention it without it sounding embarrassing. She’s got such a way with the characters she writes and no matter what, she always surprises us readers with some of the things she writes for us. In a good way, of course. When I read her work it makes me want to write smut even though I’m horrible at it, but that’s another story. Laur’s kind of the best.

@bovaria - Tesla’s got the imagination of a genius. Really. Her stories are 110% amazing, no matter what, and I could never get tired of them. And who doesn’t love Bucky to the ends of the earth, am I right? PLUS, she’s nice enough to deal with me complaining about how my writing sucks so that’s always really nice.

And seriously there are so many more, I made a fanfic writers post the other day with a bunch of my faves (and I know there are others I forgot on that post but I love them regardless) so that’s where the rest of my fave fic writers would be. :)

6. First fic/pairing you wrote for?
The first fic I wrote and published on here was a Chris Evans x Reader fic where she bumps into him at Wizard World Philly. Because i was low key hoping that would happen to me.

8. Why do you choose to write?
Ooo, I like this question. I choose to write because it’s something I have always loved to do. No matter what it is, I love to write, and when I started reading fanfiction I wanted to give it a try. This has helped me build my confidence as a writer and who knows, maybe one day I’ll start writing my own characters and my own stories. :)

Ask me fic writer things :)

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what speed do you think is best? i didnt know ppl thought .07 was choppy.. i personally don't like my gifs to go super fast (like sometimes ppl dont even seem to put a speed at all) but the gifs are pretty and im like whyyyy

tbh i use this action (the sharpen pack; heavy one) and it takes care of the speed for you..normally it’s 0.05 and it looks the best that way…

before finding that action i used others and it wasnt that great…let me show you

different action

heavy one

see the difference? it’s better than the rest of them…it makes the gif more movie like, more natural imo…

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Whatever you do, don't imagine Watson kissing the scratch, it's just too much

Oh my, now I’ll never be able to watch that scene without thinking that 


what have you done to me!?



ok, let’s see it again and imaging that



So I was tagged by the beautiful @jaijacked to post some pics of myself!
The first one, of course, Suicide Squad! The closest I got to Boomer!
The second one is from a year ago when I was living in LA.
The third one is me and my baby boo Peter Tosh, yes he was named after the reggae singer!

I will try not to tag the same people as she did, so here it goes!
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Let me see you !!!😙😙😙

Pocket Your Feelings

I hear an echo in the wind.
I hear a voice in this place.
I tried already to rescind
who may have lightened up my face.
I keep going down this passage.
I halfway don’t know what I’ll find. Yet each time you warmly greet me.
You, so eager to bind.
I feel a little power
that if I ever dared,
one day I could claim you,
If by then I cared.
When I see you next, I will embrace you, though I fear
that I won’t want to let go, once I’ve gotten you that near.
Silence your eyes.
Quiet your lips.
Put your hands in your pockets.
Don’t let me touch you.
Don’t let me see you.
Don’t let me hear you.
Don’t let me see your heart beat… with your dark eyes. With your passion…
With me.

- B. E. Barnes

Music by @wind-some-light
Writing by @hushed-words

so if, hypothetically, I were to do a giveaway, would you guys like to get crochet items made by yours truly? I’m thinking a scarf, or a little stuffed animal or bookmark (or all three of those for multiple winners!) - or a tablet/ereader case! I’m thinking maybe a some kind of bookish scarf (TBD on how I would make it “bookish”) , and if you guys have ideas for what you’d like to see, let me know!


New video up on my channel! Please let me know if you would like to see any footage of these products being used! If you like what you see please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe for weekly content! XOXO <3 <3 <3

Okay, I wrote the thing. It’s not great but it does have Ian/Hana brotp and is based on my headcanon so?? Not gonna put it on here because it’s rough and not good and I might use it later but if you want to see it, let me know soon because I need to go to bed <3