let me run my fingers through your hair


PAIRING: steve harrington x reader, billy hargrove x reader

summary: nancy breaks up with steve and he is a bit of a mess when you find him. being the new girl in hawkins you try to befriend and keep nancy off his mind. it backfires and now you have him falling in love with you, as you fight off the urge to fall in love with him, too. [THIS IS AN AU!]

warnings: swearing, sexual situations, violence

a/n: quentin tarantino is my favorite director and i really love old movies. so here’s this. lot’s of music in here. also, nothing too major happens now. just two characters meet. this is possibly the maybe first time i have such an independant/strong reader

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“Hey, sorry to bother you. I wouldn’t be if… if you didn’t look like you could use some company.”

Your statement is met with silence as the unfamiliar guy in front of you lifts his eyes up to stare at you in bewilderment. Late autumn wind blows past and ruins your neat hairdo. Your hand grips the strap of your purse; you note tears glisten in his deep brown eyes and decide to look away so he’d have enough time to collect himself. The guy sniffles, rubs his eyes before giving you a tight smile; He opens his mouth to possibly dismiss you, but you beat him to it, “There’s no shame in crying. If you’re sad, you’re sad, right? Nothing you can do about it.” He sighs, “May I sit?” You inquire. After a moment of consideration, he gives a curt nod. And so you do.

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Thigh Kissing

Summary: Phil loves everything about Dan, but he loves kissing his thighs more than anything in the world.
Word Count: 1,144
Warnings: None
A/N: Y'all asked for thigh kissing, so I granted your wishes. If you would like to support me and my writing and get perks such as getting my fics a day early, head over to my patreon!

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Phil loved everything about Dan.

He loved the way he smiled, those dimples caving in on his cheeks, his entire face brightening up as though he was the happiest man alive. Phil had no doubt that, for a while, he was the happiest man alive. He was always grinning whenever Phil was around and then he would look at him with those gorgeous chocolate eyes, ones so soft and filled with fondness that it took Phil’s breath away.

He loved the way Dan had started to wear his hair curly, showing a confidence that didn’t used to be there. But it was there now, shining in a way that made him look like an entirely different person. He held himself taller, spoke loudly, and his hair was wild and so soft that Phil loved to run his hands through it.

“Phil, you’re messing up my hair,” Dan would complain when he did this, but he wouldn’t push Phil away and just let him twirl a curl around his fingers.

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*swamped with homework and feelings and managed to shell this out a month late…I’m a mess™*

Request:  Hii can i have a drabble thingy game with jimin?TY😙😉 12,23 by  rebelliousjvmin

Word Count: 8.6k

Originally posted by bwipsul

He’s a literal angel

You were immersed in a deep sleep, tired from working on a large project that was worth half your grade. In you attempt to disconnect from the world around and sleep peacefully, you blocked out the sounds and all touch with reality. The sudden dip in your bed didn’t bother you, the presence of another body and an arm haphazardly wrapping around you, these were things you were blocking out. Until you felt a finger on your cheek.

“Hey, roomie.”

“I hate you.”

“You know you love me.”

“Kiss my ass, Jimin.” You used to think you were lucky to be paired up with your best friend in the dorms of your university. Until you realized he was a clingy, sassy and messy guy that never failed to annoy you. His leisure attitude towards school was opposite to your dedication to reading every word of your textbook. He was a jock, baseball being the reason he was here in your room and cheekily smiling at you.  

“I wouldn’t mind doing that.” You whacked him in the face with your pillow, wanting him to leave your room but he instead pulled you closer against his chest.

“Let go of me, you pervert.”

“You told me to kiss your ass, now…”

“I swear to god, Jimin, I’ll suffocate you in your sleep.”

“Kinky. I always wanted to test out breath play.”

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Good Girl (Smut)


Request: Can you do something like Keep It Down but with Aaliyah being in the room.

Word count: 3,512

Originally posted by sensualkisses

I was lying between each of Shawn’s thighs on the couch, my back resting against his broad chest and his arms wrapped tightly around me.

We were cuddled up and tangled together under a warm blanket, watching some random movie on the TV that Aaliyah really wanted us to see with her. Aaliyah was lying under another blanket in the beanbag in front of us, resting her head on the edge of the grey sofa.

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Dating Marvel Characters Would Include... Part One

Requested by @yourmainbabygirl

This is part one because I didn’t want it to be too long and I wanted to get this to you ASAP!! 

My Requests are open unless stated otherwise! <3

Warnings: Mentions of sex, cursing

Tony Stark

  • Him protecting you as if his life depended on it after you get hurt on a mission
  • Late night talks to help each other sleep
  • Cute nicknames 
  • You being terrified when he fell from the Chitauri portal 
  • Being the only one to calm him down when he has panic attacks 
  • Letting him rest his head on your chest while you run your fingers through his hair
  • “Y/N, did you just ask me to marry you?”
  • “Not if your answer is no because I don’t want to die of embarrassment.”
  • “That’s adorable..”
  • Passionate sex when he comes back from missions that you stayed home from
  • Rough but passionate sex when you think you lost each other
  • Teasing him about Peter and how much he obviously cares for the teen
  • Getting calls from Peter when Tony won’t answer the phone and listening to his stories about his Spider-Man adventures that day
  • Siding with him on the Sokovia Accords 
  • Tony punching Sam in the face when he knocks you out at the airport 
  • Being best friends with Rhodey
  • Joining in on the ‘Tony Stank’ name calling

Bucky Barnes

  • Teaching him about today’s technology and giggling when he asked silly questions
  • “What does ‘hmu’ mean? It’s in almost all of your messages on this…Facebook.”
  • “Hit me up.”
  • “Why does he want you to hit him?” 
  • Going into a fit of laughter as he looked at you with raised brows
  • Challenging him to arm wrestling matches
  • Regretting the decision to challenge him to arm wrestling matches
  • Having Steve as a sort of big-brother figure
  • Him kissing you for the first time before running to the jet-hangar with Steve during the events of CW
  • Not wanting to leave his side even after he was frozen again in Wakanda 
  • Holding his hands and lacing your fingers with his during nights of love making 
  • Whispered ‘I love you’s’ as you fall asleep
  • Asking him to put his metal arm on you as you sleep in the Summer
  • Tracing the scars that litter his body when you lay in bed
  • Neck kisses
  • Stomach kisses
  • Collarbone kisses 
  • Him calling you ‘doll’ and ‘sweetheart’ 
  • Defending him after he gets arrested in Bucharest
  • Trying to calm him down and bring him back when Baron Zemo says the trigger words 
  • Getting arrested and taken to The Raft
  • Steve then breaking you out of The Raft so you can see Bucky before he goes under

Thor Odinson

  • Asking him about his home and watching him smile as he happily told you all about it
  • “Do you think you would ever be able to take me?”
  • “Of course, Lady Y/N!” He would practically yell in excitement
  • Braiding his hair on multiple occasions 
  • Kissing his neck softly while your hands messed with his golden locks
  • Comforting him when he brought you the news of Loki and Frigga’s deaths
  • Letting him vent to you as you rubbed his back in attempt to help him feel better

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Friends Don’t Do That (Hyungwon x Reader)

Admin: Candi
“hey can i request a hyungwon smut pls? in which he’s like needy and whiny – anon”
Fandom: Monsta X
Member/reader: Hyungwon X Reader
Genre/warning(s):  fluffy smut?
Words: 2.6k
Authors note: He is one of my bias from Monsta X so like I’m in love with him? Hope you enjoy this fic

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Adorable Starters
  • “Guess what I got you!”
  • “That looks cute on you.”
  • “Sorry I worked late today. Want to do something?”
  • “I just want to run my fingers through your hair.”
  • “I’m exhausted. Want to just cuddle?”
  • “Calm down. It’s okay. No one was hurt.”
  • “It’s a beautiful day. Want to have a picnic?”
  • “Want to marathon something on Netflix?”
  • “Care to dance?”
  • “That was a nice surprise. What’s the occasion?”
  • “You are so adorable!”
  • “There’s a festival this weekend. Want to check it out?”
  • “Does this look silly?”
  • “Plenty of room under the blankets…”
  • “Let me help you with that.”
  • “Can we just stay in today?”
  • “I cleared my schedule to spend all day with you.”
  • “How did you like the flowers?”
  • “I feel like going to the beach.”
Shock Horror

(Gif source: x)

Characters- Dean x Reader, Sam
Summary- Dean comes back from a witch hunt not quite himself. You do your best to help, and hope that it’s enough.
Word Count- 1,889
Warnings- Angst, Fluff, Language.
Beta- @jpadjackles  **re-edited**
A/N- Prompt: ‘Caught Up In You’ by 38 Special Requested by @anon. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think! Also, thank you all so much for 2.5k followers! I love y’all so much <3

As you crouch in front of the open passenger door, you look over the man in the bench seat. The man you see is far removed from the usual Dean Winchester you knew. He’s eerily quiet, sitting stiffly as he stares, unseeing, out of the windshield. The impala is parked in the bunker’s garage, but he just sits there, motionless, except for the occasional lethargic blink.

When Sam and Dean came back from their hunt, you expected them to be in one of two moods. The first and most preferred was the giddy excitement of a job well done, beers and pie all around. The second was less desired, the quiet thoughtfulness of a rough hunt.

Right now you would take the quiet over this.

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Remus Lupin x female reader - His Awakening (Rated M)

Just some smutty smut!! Remus can’t sleep, a night before the full Moon appears and he feels restless while you tease him so.

Warning- SMUTTY SMUT SMUT!! I MEAN IT! Sex from behind, oral, forced strong Dom!Remus, Sub!Reader, lots of semen, many semen

Originally posted by givemeloveeff

The first few nights before a full moon always left Remus Lupin feeling irritated, twitchy and energetic. His sexual libido hit the roof and shot to the sky, a mix of emotions tore through him, something he thought he would have been used to after being a Werewolf since an early age, but his body could never control these wild urges. The older he became, the worse the side effects.

He lay in bed, on his back with a thin sheet strewn over his naked form. It was already a warm Summer night which enhanced his already hot sweats and after pulling off his sleepwear, he felt the cotton bedding cling to his moisture.

Remus’ eyes fixed on the ceiling and even though it were dark, his vision begin to enhance as he picked out details of the pattern above.

You slept soundly, light adorable snores left you, which Remus likened to the tiniest slumbering mouse and you whimpered gently from your dreams. He smiled, turning his body toward you and pulled himself gently toward your form. You wore a T Shirt and a pair of panties, and as his fingers trailed the waist of your underwear he buried his nose into your hair, enhaling your sweet scent. You were his favourite smell, a treat to his now feral senses and he began to ache for you.

“Remus” you moaned gently, dreaming of him and he wondered what images filled your mind as you slept “please” your begs were enough to send him over the edge. Remus was suddenly jealous of the version of himself in your dream and he worried he was fulfilling your desires far better than the real Remus Lupin.

Tugging at your panties, he wanted to tear the fabric and remove them from your body, without realising his strength right now he had already completed that task with little effort so he pulled them from between your legs and screwed the panties up in his fist, keeping a tight grip on them, before pulling them to his nose, inhaling the sweet scent from your pussy.

You let out a small gasp, and Remus felt your flesh shiver beneath his touch. You changed position, rolling onto your back and your arms spread above you, fingers grasping unconsciously to the top of the pillow you lay your head on. His blue eyes scanned you, a flash of green sparked within his gleaming orbs as his feral vision took you in, his breath heavy, rasping with need. Remus’ fingers gripped at your hips, one hand slid between your legs and parted your thighs which pressed together. Even asleep you teased him so, making yourself so unavailable to him sometimes, which made him want you more.

Your eyes flickered open at his touch, the vision of his silhouette in the darkened room taking position between your legs as he parted your limbs with force aroused you instantly.

 “Remus” you exhaled, a flash of green from his eyes sparked in the darkness. His breath now heavy, a slow, panting rhythm fell from his lips and a hungry growl burned deep within his throat.

“My beautiful ____________” he grunted your name, his fingers parting your cunt, pulling your lips aside “Why do you do this to me?”

“Do what Remus?” You asked, fingers grasping hard on the pillows still. His free hand pushed up your T Shirt, freeing your tits, nipples already hardened, protruding from your flesh. You gave a soft squeal as Remus flickered his finger over your clitoris rapidly.

“Turn me on so fucking much” he burned, another animalistic growl roared from between his lips.

Remus, usually such a docile, sometimes timid and sensible man, who never usually believed in cursing, turned his personality before the Moon awoke the other side of him. The wolf in him desperate to get out, waiting for the exact cycle of the month to burst from the skin which cocooned it. You had fallen for Remus in his natural state, the kindest, most gentle man you had ever know, but you had to admit you enjoyed this wild side of him. Many times you had woken with him looming over you, his thick dick throbbing, twitching to be inside you, to feel your begging pussy and give you what you deserved.

“Hands and knees” he ordered, his voice deep and strong “Now!” he ordered with reassurance you would do as he commanded.

With a swift whimper and nod, your pulled yourself from around him, flipping yourself onto all fours. Remus grabbed your hair, pulling your head back as he practically roared his command “Scream for me, tonight…” he paused to take a breath “I want to devour you”

“Yes” you gasped with command.

Remus released your hair, and pushed your head down, into the pillow and leant weight on you. His fingers parted your lips once more, massaging your clit causing your hungry cunt to flood over his fingers.

It wasn’t long before he pushed his thick, hard length into you, his weight still on your head to keep you down and he fucked you. Harder than he had fucked you in a long time, he howled gently as he felt the surge of pleasure run through him. Remus growled once more, bearing his teeth viciously and snarls left him as he fucked you with vigour, his thrust became more forceful until his dick filled you entirely.

You felt yourself close, your cunt pulsated against Remus’ cock as he pushed into you and he grabbed your hair once more. His fingers entwined around your locks as he pulled you back up “Scream!” he roared “Scream my name my love!” his command both forceful and desperate equally. You were his, and only his. He needed to hear you cry his name, to know you felt the hunger for him, and he felt for you.

“Remus” you gasped, your cunt juice trickled down your leg, merging with his own flesh as you soaked his cock, across his balls and matting his thick hair.

“Louder!!!” he snarled, his fuck harder than it had been, slow, strong thrusts burst into you and he tugged your head back further, arching your back and his teeth met the flesh of your neck. Remus held his arm across your chest, his fingers pinched your nipple severely, rolling your flesh between his fingertips and he sunk his teeth into your flesh gently, still fucking you like his own possession.

“REMUS!” You cried, squealing his name. The mixture of pleasure and pain seared through you as you cried an orgasm “REMUS!!!” you shrieked once more, followed by a string of grunts and moans, spilling your remaining juice across his thick cock.

Remus grabbed your waist, slicking his cock from your cunt and hurled you onto your back. He straddled your head, pulling your mouth apart, dragging your lips at the side with his fingers and pushed his dick into your mouth. The meld of your tastes danced on your tongue and you struggled to see Remus in the dark as he fucked your mouth. His hands grabbed either side of your head as he rolled his hips into you, banging the tip of his dick into the back of your throat. Your chokes and struggled aroused you both further, your entire body still tingled from your orgasm and it wasn’t long before you felt Remus throb wildly between your lips.

 He grunted, panted and let out a whimper as he spurted his white cum inside your mouth, thrusting himself deep, allowing it to trickle down your throat “Taste me my love” he whispered, running his fingers through your hair as he emptied everything he possessed into you as you swallowed, marking you as his own.

Hickeys (Smut)


Request: Can you do a smut where you wake up next to shawn after a hot night and he wakes you up with hickeys and morning sex ? (Obviously you gave him consent to wake you up like this before haha) ?

Word Count: 1,773


I felt the sunlight from the window burn into my skin. Whenever Shawn was the last one to go to bed, he always forgot shutting the curtains. It never woke him up when the room started to become light, but it always ended up pulling me out of my sleep.

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Keith’s Stupid Mullet

This is dedicated to Grace, my love, @floofykeith, because she’s amazing and she deserves it

In which Keith gets to the bottom of why his boyfriend apparently hates his mullet so much.

“Just admit it!”

“No! Never!”

“Oh, c’mon–”

“If I did it would be a lie, Keith. And lying is bad. Didn’t Shiro teach you anything?”

“Hey!” Shiro squawked from across the room, looking up from his tablet. “Keep me out of your ridiculous arguments, Lance. And besides,” he turned back to the tablet with the air of a man who was just about to betray the trust of everyone who loves him, “we both know Keith never listens anyway.”

Keith gaped, affronted.

Lance crossed his arms, a smirk slipping onto his face.

Ignoring them, Shiro stood from the couch and left the lounge, his eyes never looking up from the tablet.

“Anyway,” Keith continued, putting his forehead to the palm of his hand, “that has nothing to do with the topic at hand.”

“Which is completely pointless, I may add.”

“Lance, can you please tell me why you can’t just leave my hair alone?”

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scared — tom h.

Originally posted by cumberbatchlives

warnings: some swearing.

pairing: tom holland x reader

summary: soulmate au in which whatever your soulmate feels you feel too. you decided you weren’t ready for a relationship, leading tom to get slightly carried  away when he finds out you’re on a date. 

word count: 1.7k

author’s note: thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart if you took the time to read this.

Tom was getting annoyed.

It was his day off from shooting and he’d been lounging on the couch all day with his best mate, Harrison. The TV was playing one of his favorite shows; one that he had watched a good four times from start to finish and nonetheless enjoyed each time. It was his favorite, but he couldn’t revel in it the way he wanted too with his best friend laughing every few minutes at his phone.

Tom tried to ignore it, he really did. He never considered himself a patient person; Harrison didn’t either, which only fueled him to try, but as another chuckle left Harrison’s mouth, he couldn’t help but say,

“Mate, could you shut up?” he groaned. “I’m trying to watch this.”

“You’ve seen this show like ten times”

“Your point being?” he raised his eyebrows, turning up the volume of the TV. “Today’s my only day off and you could be a little more considerate- and woah.”

His stomach churned. It was quick and unsettling. Sometimes he’d feel so excited that it’d do the same, but that was a different; he knew that feeling and he knew this wasn’t it. He felt nervous, his hands began sweating and as he sat up to look at Harrison, his stomach churned again.

“What the he-”

“It’s Y/N” he cut Harrison off. “It’s Y/N, Haz. She’s nervous. She’s nervous, oh God w-why would she be nervous?”

“Maybe because she has a date tonight”


He didn’t hear him right, he didn’t.

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Curls (Shawn Mendes Smut)

requested: eh… not really.

pairing: reader x Shawn

warnings: smut

a/n: this is based off of a conversation @starrynightshawn & I had over the personal offense we took upon learning that Shawn cut his hair. Let me know what you think!

(picture is not mine- credits go to owner)

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Shape Of You

Sebastian sends you a selfie after his workout.

Pairing:  Sebastian Stan x Reader  

Warnings:   Sexual content, Explicit Sexual, Oral Sex, Smut, Dirty Talk, Language, NSFW, Unprotected Sex (wrap it please), Sebastian Stan, Calvin Klein briefs

Word Count: 2,336

A/N: Yes I know I’m supposed to be working on chapter 6 of The Contest but let me explain.  So I was finishing up my first draft of Chapter 6 when Sebastian Stan happened…fucker goes and posts that locker room selfie.  I tried to ignore it, really I did but this scene popped into my head and it would not let me live until I wrote it down. So sorry (but not sorry).  This is a another quickie that I wrote at work so please ignore the typos and the writing.  I just had to get it out of my head so I could get back to Bucky…

Not sure who to tag so I’ll just include my Sebby smut sisters @evansrogerskitten @ek823 and @pearljamkaren 

If you want to be tagged in future Seb smut, just ask…there is more coming ;)  

Shape Of You

By marvelmom

Sitting in the lobby of the gym, you drum your fingers impatiently on your knee.

“What the hell is taking him so long,” you mutter to yourself as you pull out your phone and start tapping out a message.

I’m ready to go, everything ok?

You stare at the screen, waiting for a response.  Your phone chimes a few moments later.


Brow furrowed, you quickly type a response and hit send.

What’s wrong?!?

You bite your lip nervously as a flood of scenarios race through you head.  Your thoughts are soon interrupted by a picture flashing onto your screen.

You inhale sharply as you take in the image of your boyfriend, standing in front of a mirror in the men’s locker room wearing a scowl on his face and not much else.

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New Sons - Part 2

Once you’re sure the boys are asleep you quickly make your way out of Medical, heading to the ZETA tubes. Before you can get there, however, you run into a large wall of blue and red.

“Superman, can I help you with something?”

“Where are you going?” Clark crosses his arms over his chest, “I won’t let you confront Luthor. He’s dangerous, he could hurt you”

You roll your eyes, mirroring his stance, “You don’t have to ‘let’ me do anything, Kent. Now I suggest you step aside before you see just how pissed I really am at you”

“You’re mad at me?!”

“You’re damn right I’m mad at you!! Those two boys are children and all you’ve done is treat them like they are a burden to you! It’s not their fault that they were made! It’s also not their fault that you’re too wrapped up in yourself and Lois, who didn’t even care about you until she found out that you were Superman, to even give them a chance!! Now, GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!!!”

Shoving Clark hard, you continue into the ZETA tube and punch in the coordinates for Metropolis. You and Lex need to have a talk.

Mercy leads you directly into Lex’s office, going to stand behind her boss once you’re seated.

“What can I help you with, Mrs. Wayne?”

“I’m not here on business, Lex. I’m here on a personal matter”

Lex leans back, steepling his fingers, “Very well, Y/N. What are you here for?”

“I’m here to talk about Cadmus and the research that you were doing there”

“I can’t say that I know what you’re talking about”

You raise an eyebrow, “So you don’t know about the two Kryptonian clones that were taken from Cadmus by the Justice League, one of which happens to have been made from half of your DNA, virtually making him your son? You also don’t know about the full blooded Kryptonian that was also taken? The one who was given a serum to help him control himself, and was able to identify you as one of the people who he saw regularly outside of his pod?”

“I still don’t …”

“Please, Lex. I’m not here on some JLA mission, I’m here because I have two boys who are terrified that you’re going to come in and bring them back to Cadmus. I don’t want to completely cut you from their life, there are things that were done to them that I know you wouldn’t have approved of. I know that your ‘evil’ now, that you aren’t supposed to care about anyone, but Clark’s already tossed them aside and I don’t want them to lose two fathers in one day”

Lex takes a deep breath, “Mercy, please cancel my meetings for the next week. Y/N” he turns back to you, “I’d like to meet them, if you wouldn’t mind. I’d like to be a part of their lives.”

“I told them that I wouldn’t let you take them back to Cadmus. I’ll fight for them, Lex, I intend to offer them a place at the Manor, a family.”

“I know you’ll be good to them, Y/N. I would like to … make-up for any mistakes that I made in the past. I’d also like to take a look at their files, I was running an investigation on the Cadmus branch that the clones were found at, and discovered some … unsavory practices being implemented on many of the experiments.”

You stand up, giving your old friend a parting hug, “I’ll see what I can do, your meeting might have to wait until after the boys leave the Watchtower”

“Very well, you’ll contact me when we can meet?”

“Of course”

As soon as you step back onto the Watchtower you know something is wrong. Huge chunks of metal are being thrown around, several people are yelling. And in the middle of everything is Match, standing over an injured Conner, eyes glowing red and staring down Superman.

You rush forward, attempting to get between the two Kryptonians, only to be caught around the middle by your husband, “B!! Let me go!!”

“You can’t get between them, Y/N!”

“Let me go, damnit!! I can help!”

Conner makes a soft sound, leaning around Match’s legs, “Y/N? You … you came back?”

“Of course I came back! I had some things to take care of back on Earth, and I came back as soon as I could.” You wriggle around, finally slipping out of your husbands hold, “Match, put that down please” Slowly Match obeys, and between one blink and the next you find yourself standing beside Conner and behind Match, “Whoa”


“Calm down, honey. I’m gonna check on Conner, make sure he’s alright. Match, sweetheart, can you tell me what happened?”

“You left us! We woke up to strangers around our bed, and you weren’t here! You were gone! Conner got hurt! They wouldn’t tell us where you were, or what had happened!!”

“Look at me, Match. Look at me, that’s it, look at me” Match locks eyes with you, slowing his breathing to match yours, and lowering the steel beam he had been holding, “I’m here now, I’m sorry I left without telling you, I went to see Mr. Luthor. I didn’t think you’d wake up until I got back, sweetheart”

Conner makes a soft sound, still holding his broken arm, “We – we asked for you, but no one would tell us where you were. I just – you said that you’d be there, but you weren’t, we panicked, ‘m sorry”

Running your fingers through his hair, you gently check over his arm, “I’m sorry, Conner. Match, help me get your brother back to Medical, I can fix his arm there”

Match snarls at Superman one more time before turning and picking Conner up, “I can walk! It’s just my arm!”

“Hush, brother, you’re hurt and I won’t let one of them hurt you anymore. I promised to protect you, and I intend to do that”

“You boys go ahead, I’ll meet you there. I have a few things I want to discuss with Superman and Batman”

Once you’re sure that the boys are out of ear shot you round on the two heroes.

“How could you hurt them?!? They’re children, and they were afraid! You hurt them!!” Jabbing a finger at your husband, “You especially should know! We have FOUR BOYS AT HOME!!!! YOU SHOULD KNOW HOW TO HANDLE THEM!!!!” You rake tense fingers through your hair, “I’m so god damn mad at you, Bruce. Right now though, I’m going to go and help those two boys, who are probably traumatized right now, the one place they think is safe and they are attacked, just because they’re scared!”

Before Clark or Bruce could say anything, you turn, storming off to Medical. Fucking men being fucking idiots, hurting fucking kids!!!

You quickly treat Conner’s arm, wrapping it in ace bandages to keep it straight while his advanced healing takes care of the rest. Match refuses to leave his brother side and watches your every move.

“You said that you left to talk to Lex Luthor?”

“Yeah, he’d – he’d like to meet you two, said that he never really got the chance to interact with any of the clones that were made, and that he was running an investigation on that Cadmus lab”

“He wants to meet us? Does he intend to take us from you?”

“No, Match. He doesn’t want to take you two from me, he wants to meet you, to be a part of your lives, but he agreed that it would be your choice to make. The two of you will choose when you meet Lex, and I’ll be there when it happens.”

Match nods, quietly curling up beside a sleeping Conner. “Promise you won’t leave this time?”

“I promise”

Two days later you decide to take the boys out of the Watchtower and down to the Manor.

“Y/N, it isn’t safe. Just the other day they were destroying the Watchtower in a temper tantrum, and now you want to take them to Earth!”

You take a deep breath, attempting to remain calm by sheer force of will, “Clark, if you tell me one more time how to raise my children …”

“But they aren’t your children, Y/N! They are clones! Of me! They don’t know how to control their powers, how to keep their temper!”

“Really? Because I’ve spent almost three days with them and they’ve been nothing but calm and helpful. Two days ago they were terrified. The only person they knew was safe, which is me by the way, wasn’t there, and you all wouldn’t tell them where I was. And no, I don’t know how to help them with their powers, you’re the only one that can do that, but do I see you in there helping them? NO!!”

“I – I …”

“You what? You’re gonna try and tell me how to take care of two troubled teens that have no idea what a safe place is? That have only known pain and loneliness? Clark, you might be the only one who can help them control their powers, but it looks like I’m the only one willing to help them in every other way. So, I suggest you get out of my way. My new sons need to meet their brothers, and no one, not even you, Kent, can keep me from any of my children.”

How do you think the boys will react to their new brothers?