let me run my fingers through your hair

Adorable Starters
  • “Guess what I got you!”
  • “That looks cute on you.”
  • “Sorry I worked late today. Want to do something?”
  • “I just want to run my fingers through your hair.”
  • “I’m exhausted. Want to just cuddle?”
  • “Calm down. It’s okay. No one was hurt.”
  • “It’s a beautiful day. Want to have a picnic?”
  • “Want to marathon something on Netflix?”
  • “Care to dance?”
  • “That was a nice surprise. What’s the occasion?”
  • “You are so adorable!”
  • “There’s a festival this weekend. Want to check it out?”
  • “Does this look silly?”
  • “Plenty of room under the blankets…”
  • “Let me help you with that.”
  • “Can we just stay in today?”
  • “I cleared my schedule to spend all day with you.”
  • “How did you like the flowers?”
  • “I feel like going to the beach.”
What I Dream About

I dream about the moment when our lips meet for the first time.
When they exchange those unsaid words we kept all this time.
When finally reality seems better than my dreams.
When you appear right next to me.

I want you to be mine while you say I’m yours.
I want your body pressed against mine.
Feel your heat in my chest in those cold dark nights.
I want to wrap my arms around your waist and never let you go.

Your eyes meeting with mines, seeing way beyond of where we are now.
Your fingers playing with my hair, making me fall more than I already am.

Your smile warming up my heart. Your silly laugh lighting up my day. My lips running through your body,
pausing the moment,
Making it last forever

You is all I want right now,
My world reflected in your eyes,
Making me smile forever,
Is what I always dream about.

Panic Attack- (Teen wolf)

This is my first preference so I hope it’s okay! It wasn’t requested by it just popped into my head and I had to write it

TW- panic attack.

(Always feel free to talk to me, I won’t judge!)



He knows immediately, he sees it coming because he knows the signs and he always knows what to do. He’ll pull you into his embrace, whisper soothing things in your ear, getting you to try and breathe at the same pace as him, he’ll do anything. He’ll get you water, he’ll hold you and after it’s over, he’ll run his fingers through your hair and let you talk it out, not caring that you’ve soaked him with your tears. He has help, he loved you.


It comes with being a werewolf, being able to smell feeling, sure he could avoid it if he tried but when he smells that panic on you, he knows it not good and immediately get’s into action. He’s calming you down before you’ve even got the chance to get too worked up. Scott would talk you through them, get you a paper bag to breathe into, give you a puff of his inhaler, anything you need in that moment that will help you catch your breath and help you feel better again, he’s willing to try it.


Again with the werewolf senses, he could sense it quickly. He would speak to you a lot, saying things like “Come on baby, count to 10 with me okay?” “I’m so proud of you, come on, your doing so well”. He’d encourage you to breathe, to count with him, to breathe with him, taking any pain he could from you. He’d wipe your tears and let you get it all out, he’d then spoil you for the rest of the night, taking it easy and having a nice dinner.


Straight away he’d notice your heart rate pick up abnormally and he’d swing into action, stopping whatever he was doing, getting to you being his main focus, his top priority was getting you to feel better. He’d take you to that special place the two of you share that you always feel calm, he’d hold you, whispering sweet nothings in your ear, kissing your head and just helping you through, he’d be telling you try and take deep breaths, it didn’t matter if it failed, as long as you were trying, he’d assure you everything was okay and he would protect you, nothing would hurt you or they’d have to go through him.


Once Liam realised what was happening, he would too start panicking, he’d try and calm you down, while not being calm himself, further panicking you. He’d be running around getting everything you needed and more, water and any medicines you needed to take. Through time he’d get better and he'd always stick to the same plan, getting you somewhere quiet where you could follow his breathing and have him hold you until you finally calmed down. Liam never brought up your panic attacks again, you asked him once and he had simply said “Their in the past, we’re in the present. I want you and If they come with you then so be it, I want you, all of you” and you only had to hear him say that to know you were in love.


He’s be clueless. Completely and utterly clueless. He’d sit with you and try to calm you the best he could, rubbing your back not knowing whether he was doing more bad than good. He’d get into the swing of it eventually, holding you and whispering things to you always worked best, so he’d do that, try to soothe you, run you a hot bath with candles afterwards to relax you. Peter might not be good showing love or compassion, but his efforts were much appertained and just the gesture of how much he cared was enough help with the calming down.


“Come, my love. Let me hold you”

Loki practically begged. She responded with a playful smile, that seemed to say “make me”. He looked at her with longing, no matter how much he pleaded and begged for her touch, she would not give in. She was an illusion but she was just like you; she had the same eyes that longed for adventure just as yours had and the same hair that he had run his fingers through, although he would never speak of his feelings and would often push your love away, his affections for you were genuine. Loki could fool himself with your image for days on end but
He was completely and utterly alone.

Come lay in bed with me. Show me what it feels like to be loved by another person. Let me run my fingers through your hair, kiss up your neck and onto to your face. Let’s just cuddle until we fall asleep. 🙈💤

fight .

thank you to that anon for being so patient - writer’s block is a bitch and this took me wayyy too long

“You’re letting them walk all over you.”

Shawn’s grip tightens on the steering wheel as he listens to you, jaw ticking. “They’re my friends,” he says shortly.

“No - friends don’t use you for your money, Shawn,” you argue back, voice growing in volume as your frustration increases. The car picks up speed and you watch the trees pass on the side of the road in a big blur, your eyebrows furrowed together as thoughts run through your mind, anger clouding most of them. You wrap a loose piece of hair around your index finger as you try to quell your frustration.

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I can’t unknow you,
I can’t forget all your flaws,
All your favorite songs,
The way you stretch and look at me in the morning,
How you used to kiss my nose and my forehead and run your fingers through my hair when you thought I was asleep,
The little noises you’d make in your sleep,
And most of all,
The way you looked at me like I was your everything.

I can’t forget because your ghost won’t let me.

my tongue swells
when I whisper your name
my teeth sink
into your suggestive

let me taste your smell
the way the air feels softly green
before a storm

let me wander your landscape
feel your mountains
traipse barefoot
through your cool streams
stand beneath your waterfalls
let your words bathe me

I want to kiss you
cuddle up with private thoughts
these galaxies of stars
I want to feed you with delicate fingers
like strawberries dipped in cream

I want to touch you
make you tremble with my eyes
draw you so much closer
than we’ve ever been
caressed skin
and interlaced thoughts
fall far short

I want to need you
miss the moments
you’re away
await the next time
we speak and tease
hear your laughter
draw you ever closer
run my fingers
through your hair
inhale your humor
wrap myself around you
keep your warm
and someday-

I want to love you

A Stiles Stilinski Imagine |

“I-I can’t stop thinking about you- about us, Stiles-” You began, running your fingers through your hair in a frustrated manner.

“Well stop Y/n. You’ll forget me.” Stiles replied, as his brown orbs gazed into yours before turning away.

When you then tried to grab hold of him, Stiles immediately pushed your hand away which only made your brows furrow, “Why do you want me to Stiles? I just can’t do that.”

“Well do it for me please, I need you to forget about me.


If you want a full imagine on this, do let me know!! Thank you anon for requesting! 

-Stiles Stilinski

-not my gif

-requests are open

Yves x


I wish you were here. I wish I could lay with you, let you use my chest as a pillow and run my fingers through your hair like you used to like.
Maybe I could still be chasing your nightmares off, you always did scare mine away; still do. I imagine you beside me constantly. I see you in
the drivers seat when Ramblin’ On comes on the radio, and I swear for a second I can feel you too. It doesn’t matter if I’m with a group of
people, I still feel alone in your absence. I’m sure Sam and Cas would ask me why I write you letters you’ll never receive, but they don’t
understand. They don’t understand what it means to ache. I ache for the things I’ve lost. I ache for all that I’m not. But mostly, I ache for
you, D. I just want you to come home to me. It gets worse- you not being here. I sleep so unsteadily without you. It’s becoming increasingly harder,
it’s unbearable. I am in half-agony and half-hope waiting for you. I think I’ll always be waiting. It seems that no man was ever before to any
woman what you have become to me. I love you without hesitation or calculation. Through good and through ugly, unconditionally, with every fiber
of my being, I love you. We never said it out loud but you said it in your sleep once a few years back and I whispered it back into the open air
of your dark bedroom. You’ll never know fully, what I feel for you. No matter how many times I speak the words, no matter how many times I etch
them in ink on paper, you’ll never believe me, I know you. So, know this, for as long as I am at your side, I will go to drastic measures to make
you do so. And I will be waiting. This I promise you. We always hated saying goodbye so, see you soon Winchester.

                                                                       - Y/N

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Being Jongin’s girlfriend means
  • you sitting on the couch minding your own business and him walking up in the room without saying anything and dropping on the couch and laying his head in your lap
  • and he just falls asleep
  • and you’re thinking “oh let me just run my hands through his hair while he’s sleeping”
  • but he swats your hand away and he’s like “babe let me sleep”
  • he is all about your body like to the point where you feel worshiped because he’s always running his hands all along your sides, down your legs, up your arms, tracing his fingers on your face
  • and all the while he’s telling you that you’re beautiful, gorgeous, flawless, etc
  • “baby i made dinner! i tried a new recipe”
  • “jongin this is straight up just fried chicken”
  • “yes but it’s a new recipe”
  • you two hanging out in his room and kyungsoo staring at you until you say something funny and kai laughs and looks at you with pure love in his eyes
  • and d.o. smiles and you know he’s thinking like “okay she’s cool” and you win him over
  • babysitting his niece and seeing him in his element around kids and your heart is ready to burst and he laughs because you’re grinning like an idiot
  • he transfers all your selfies from your phone to his and you ask him why and he looks at you like “well clearly i wanna stare at your face all day damn”
  • him jokingly telling you that his dream would be to get smothered by puppies and you’re like “haha that’s so crazy”
  • but then for his birthday you blindfold him and take him a mysterious location and he asks you what’s going on and you take off the blindfold
  • and it’s a room full of puppies
  • and twenty minutes later he’s on the floor holding seven puppies and screaming about how this is the greatest moment of his whole life
  • except for when he met you
Adorable Starters II
  • “Do we have any frosting?”
  • “Can you do that again?”
  • “I just want to stay in bed all day. With you.”
  • “Have you met the new neighbors?”
  • “Did you send me those flowers?”
  • “I brought you something…”
  • “We could have a little fashion show.”
  • “Popcorn. Do we have popcorn?”
  • “Something came up and I have to go. Can I take a rain check?”
  • “Take a guess what’s in my hand.”
  • “I made dinner!”
  • “You look so cute in that.”
  • “I just want to run my fingers through your hair.”
  • “Can I get you something else? Tea? Medicine? Another blanket?”
  • “Just lay down and let me take care of everything.”
  • “I know what you need. Cartoons.”
  • “You look ridiculous. And adorable.”
  • “I was thinking of having a party.”
  • “You are looking tasteful but sexy.”
  • “You didn’t have to do that…”
  • “This tie is okay, right?”
  • “I don’t care how old I am. I like being read to.”

If ever, I fall asleep
under your loving arms,
please, do not push me away.
Allow me to remain close to you.
Allow me to rest my world.

If ever, I fall asleep
on your garden of kindness
please, softly,
run your fingers through my hair.
Please, carefully,
fill my skin with your gentleness.

If ever, I fall asleep
in your warmness
Please, slowly,
tuck me into your love.
Please, do not wake me up.
Let me stay.
I shall sleep well.

—  Lukas W. // If ever I fall asleep

anonymous asked:

This chapter definitely proved yuuki is still deeply in love with kaname and still think of him as a lover. Poor zero a real sad second choice.

Ok give me a moment here because I can’t control my laughter 😂⚰

Let me ask, did you refresh your tumblr? Have you seen the new images?? Because you obviously haven’t. Did you see the smiles from the heart Yuuki has plastered all over this chapter??? Did you see Yuuki grab Zero’s hand when they’re not even technically together yet??? Did you see her run her fingers through his hair????? And we haven’t even gotten full translations yet…

I can’t understand how people are still saying these things. This argument has been over a long time ago and I’m surprised we still have to address it. Zero was NOT and NEVER a second choice. “OH MY GOD LOOK YUUKI IS THINKING ABOUT KANAME SHE’S TRULY STILL IN LOVE”. No, bruh. She’s moving on. Maybe you should too and hope for Kaname to do the same.

Mommy Space

It’s okay, darling. Just let me take care of you.
Let me kiss away all your tears and run my fingers through your hair.
Let’s get a bandage onto all your ouchies and put you into your favorite pajamas.
I’ll cook up a nice meal for you and serve it on a cute plate.
No, no. Let me cut up that food for you. These pieces are a bit too big for you.
It’s late, time for bed. Cuddle up next to me and let me sing you to sleep.
My sweet, darling child.
Just let me take care of you.
Let me hold you and keep you safe.