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I was going through all my unfinished and rejected text files (there’s… quite a few). So, instead of leaving them to collect dust on my computer, I decided hey, why the hell not. Think of these as the roughest of rough doodles. Doodles that might be missing hands. Or are all drawn in side-profile. Most of these are NOT finished.

This one is actually finished!


Pale skin, scruffy clothes, blue eyes. Human. Your eyes catch and stumble, but he’s already lost in the busy throng of the market. There’s no reason for you to come to a complete stop, but you do, skimming the crowd.

Gone. A beefy rustblood nearly knocks into you into a cart with de-spined slimeslugs. “Walk much?” she sneers.

You bare your fangs on reflex. It’s merely the usual polite half-distracted scorn twaddle, because she moves on and you turn toward the cart.

“Wow, what was her problem huh?”

You start, look to your left and there he is. All elbows and knees, hair like a bird’s nest, sly smiling. There’s no way you’re not noticing that half translucent skin, the blue-not-blue running in clears streaks like fucking targets. With effort, you drag your eyes up to his face. He grins wider.

Smooth, Karkat, you groan inwardly.

“You don’t look from around here,” he says, winking.

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From Con to Con (Part Nine)


Part Eight

A/N: So I wanted this to come out earlier in regards to Alan Rickman’s birthday but oh well. Lots of love for Snape so if you don’t like him in Harry Potter, sorry about that. (I know he’s a flawed character okay!)

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: love for Severus Snape, language, drinking

Word Count: 5,476

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It was good to be back in L.A.; you had missed being home. The past few weeks had been crazy with filming so when you finally had some days off, you decided to fly down to check out your apartment and for some warmer weather. You were hoping that the more time you spent in the new apartment that it would start to feel like a real home, and not just a storage unit for your items. You honestly felt more comfortable in Rob’s place than you did in the new apartment but you shouldn’t compare the places. This was your actual home, not Rob’s. Time was all you needed to make this place a home for you finally.

Currently, you were cleaning your apartment while singing and dancing to your music around the room to make sure everything was in order for Rob and Rich. They were coming over to go over some thoughts they had for Kings of Con. There wasn’t much time to go over in detail what they needed to during conventions so this small break you had was perfect for them pitching you their ideas. And the three of you could figure out the best time to film any of your scenes.  

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watching tonight’s elimination like

The Morning After (Rob Benedict x Reader)

Summary: You and Rob have sex for the first time, your first time, and he wants to make sure you know how much you mean to him. 

You woke up with a soft grown, the light from the window shining in your eyes. Taking in your surroundings, thoughts from last night came back to you. 

Are you sure?” asked Rob, as he lay on top of you, careful not to crush your small figure. 

You reached up and kissed him, nodding your head slightly. You were ready, you trusted Rob more than anything. 

Rob nodded, pushing himself into you slowly. You grabbed his hand and squeezed it tight. He squeezed back, not daring to let go. 

Smiling at the memory, you zoned back to where you were. Rob and you laid in bed, completely naked, his arm wrapped around you as you had your head laying on his chest. Your arm was wrapped around his torso. 

You squeezed him tighter and pressed a kiss to his chest, loving the moment. Loving him. 

“Good morning, beautiful.” said a groggily voice. You looked up to see Rob’s bright blue eyes, now awake. 

“Good morning.” you said. You could feel your face turning red as you realized how close and intimate you two were in this moment. 

“Last night was-” Rob cut you off. 

“Amazing.” he said. You reached up and kissed him, smiling through it. 

“Was, was it ok? Were you ok?” asked Rob shyly. He knew how much last night meant to you. You knew how much it meant to him that you had trusted him enough to let him see you. All of you. 

“You underestimate yourself, Mr. Benedict. Perfect, that’s what it was.” you said, your head still on his chest as you squeezed him again. 

Rob laughed slightly, rubbing your back with his hand. He kissed the top of your head. 

The two of you lay there quietly just taking everything in. You didn’t think it was possible to feel this content in your life. 

“Y/N?” asked Rob, breaking the silence. 

“Hmmm?” you glanced up at him. 

“You know how much I love you, right?” 

You nodded, staring at him with love and concern mixed into one. Where was he going with this? 

“I’m in love with you.” 

Your body went sort of stiff as you took in what he just said. No one had said that to you before and he knew it. 

“Rob I-” 

“Wait, let me finish?” asked Rob. You could hear the anxiety in his voice. You nodded, implying for him to continue. 

“You’re beautiful, Y/N. So beautiful. You mean so much to me, you don’t even know. Every day when I wake up in the morning. I’m so glad to know it’s your face that’s gonna greet me by my side. You’re my best friend, and I’m the luckiest man in the world to be able to call you my girlfriend. And last night? Last night is one of the best experiences of my life. I’ve never felt more connected to anyone in my entire life. I thank God it was with you.” 

You could feel the tears escape your eyes as Rob said these words. Happiness. That’s all you could feel. 

You slipped more on top of him now, your bodies pressed together. Rob’s face aligned with yours as you rested your hand on his cheek. 

“I’m in love with you, Y/N.” said Rob softly, his hands caressing your back. 

You leaned down, kissing him as passionately as you could. 

“And I’m in love with you.” 

A/N: I wrote this yesterday when I was supposed to be doing my APUSH homework and I post it today as I’m supposed to be doing my APUSH homework. Full circle. 

Also, this is my favorite one show I’ve written. I hope you enjoyed it. 

This is the time of year when I’m most aggravated by Christianity. I try to tell myself to live and let live as I’m not someone who enjoys being upset by blending cultures but the conceited, historically inaccurate, disrespectful, and pushy battle cry of, “Keep Christ in Christmas!” annoys the hell out of me every single year without fail.

Let me emphasis that this is not because I’m against Christianity or any other religion, but because the truth is getting plowed over by narcissism. Christmas only exists because Saturnalia and Yuletide (celebrations of the Winter Solstice) were so popular amongst Pagans and Druids that the newly established Christian church knew it wouldn’t be able to successfully abolish the festivities.

Instead they chose to steal Pagan traditions, distort the reasons behind certain practices, renamed the holiday, and force the Druids to convert at the point of a sword. There is no “War on Christmas” but there was a true war against Pagans. Christ is not and has never been “the reason for the season” and saying that he is shows a blatant ignorance for historical fact.

There are, in fact, documents from church leaders spelling out exactly how to force Pagans into Christianity by molding Christian holidays to existing Pagan traditions. We all know that’s how Christmas, Easter, etc., happened. It was literal theft of spiritual values, traditions, rituals, food, legends, and ceremonies. Hardcore Christians can ignore this all they want but it doesn’t make it any less true.

The presumptuous indignation over keeping Christ in Christmas is invalid and inaccurate. Your holiday is one of the newest out of the many that were established long before Christianity existed – you do not have a right to this season and winter festivities weren’t your traditions to begin with.

So no, there is no Christ in my Winter Solstice. That doesn’t mean I hate Christians or Christianity or even deny the possibility that a man called Jesus existed. I do, however, celebrate my seasonal festivals the way they were intended as much as I can with a culture shoving the theft of my ancestors’ traditions down my throat every day. I have a right to be angry when the theft of our traditions is distorted, lied about, and ignored, but I refuse to let that rob me of the joy of my season.

Happy Yuletide to everyone! I hope that all of my friends and family have a blessed Winter Solstice no matter how they choose to celebrate it. I encourage everyone to spend time reflecting on the true reason for the season - love, reflection, re-alignment of the cosmos, and new beginnings.