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can we have ‘classicists against white supremacy’// ‘classicists against patriarchy’ // ‘classicists against eurocentrism’ // patches

because we’re actually at the ground of what the hate groups and right parties are trying to claim as their own and use as a weapon against others - so it’s time to take back that narrative. 

Son of the Park’s (Part 3) - Jinyoung

(Part 4)

By the end of the week, you’ve gotten used to being over to see Ms. Hwang. It was almost starting to feel like visiting a close friend instead of a patient.

Anyways, ever since you’ve received the mini insult from Jinyoung, you both haven’t been running into each other. He was either out for his celebrity duties early or you always came later to miss him. Either way, you didn’t want to encounter him. He was too cruel to deal with.

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so now i’ve got all of your attention with my horrifically bad editing skills , i’d just like to say a huge thank you for reading this , because it means you’ve taken some time out of your day to check my blog. i actually made claire on a whim shortly after revelations 2 was released a few years ago , && let me tell you , it’s honestly one of the best decisions that i’ve ever made. not only has claire become such a significant part of my life , i’ve made some absolutely wonderful friends on here , as well as writing some really meaningful relationships. after 2 years , my valkyrie baby is still going strong && i really hope she’ll be around for a long time to come yet. but the most important part — is you. yes you , here reading this right now. you’ve all stuck through me during my best && worst times , && all i can say is a huge thank you , from the bottom of my heart. here are a few people who have really made my time here worthwhile , && who i absolutely love to death. ❤

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Momma, Momma,
let me tell you how I burn,
how I revel in it,
red-eyed and feral,
how flames flicker across my teeth.

Let me tell you how I set
every goddamn fire myself,
how it is hell and heaven,
agony and ecstasy devouring themselves
inside of me,
how I scream the prayers
you taught me until my throat
rips itself into a bloody, shredded thing.

Momma, let me tell you how
I became relentless.

Momma, let me tell you how
I became the light.

—  Emily Palermo, Fire Prayer

Frank shielding Karen because the last time this happened he lost his entire family, and he couldn’t lose her too.

Frank shielding Karen because she is the only person who was able to help him remember his family. 

Frank shielding Karen because she never stopped looking for the truth for him and his family. 

Frank shielding Karen because nothing is black and white and even though Frank is a killer and Karen knows that—she also knows it’s more complicated. Karen knows they belong in the grey. 

Frank shielding Karen and using his entire body so hopefully she never feels that kind of pain. 

Frank shielding Karen because for the first time in a very long time Frank finally feels something. 

Frank shielding Karen because he never wants to go without that feeling every again. 

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plot idea that someone already probably thought of but i’m not sure?

after the events of revelations and estelle has taken over the throne of valla as queen, the insanity that took over anankos sets in on her too. because her mother was a human woman, it comes a lot faster than it would for a dragon that would live for centuries. basically she falls into the same depravity as her father before her, and the only people to can try to put her down are her family and friends. 

or they submit to the “dragon god’s” rule. because they just can’t kill her.

So I’ve seen all routes of Fire Emblem Fates and there were many moments that really reached out to me, but there is one moment from Conquest’s Chapter 6 that will always haunt me.


“We make a family, yes?”

My attempt at making a family tree for Orphan Black after the confusing revelations of 3.09. Let me know if you find any errors. I’m sure there are many, this was so confusing to make. Full sized version at my blog.

  • Andronikos Revel: That’s enough of me talking about myself. Bet that a pretty face like you has an interesting personal history too?
  • Sith Inquisitor: None of my boyfriends are riverbank corpses if that’s what you’re worried about.
  • Andronikos Revel: Right… That’s… nice. Not what I expected but good to know!

If canon Marj’s romantic ideas are influenced by bad romance novels, Modern Marj’s are influenced by 80s and 90s movies

Also Azura’s last line in her Revelations S support is “Never let me go” so Marj chooses “Never gonna give you up” as their song completely unironically.

Azura’s okay with it she thinks it’s adorable. She’s not one to mess with an “overplayed” song.

She’ll also call Marj up when she can’t sleep and Marj will procede to do things like this.

Top 5 Ships

Got tagged by @curlykoalas, let’s see what I can get.

1. Han Solo/Leia Organa. Nuff said.

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2. Jaime Lannister/Brienne of Tarth. A beautifully complex platonic ship that I can’t get enough of.

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¾/5. The Mass Effect ships, of course! Shenko, Shoker, and Shega!

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honestly it’s hard looking away from his face because good lord is he handsome
—  Shitty Knight, holding Jack’s face between his hands in admiration