let me punch your face

  • Ren: So, Jaune, Nora -- are you two looking forward to facing one another in class today?
  • Nora: Yup! Time for some good, old-fashioned face breaking. Right Jaune?
  • Jaune: Well, how do you know it's my face that's gonna get broken?
  • Nora, pouting: Don't break my face. I like my face.
  • Jaune: ... Well, at least one of us likes our own face.
  • Nora, putting a hand on Jaune's shoulder: Aww, Jauney, I love your face.
  • [beat]
  • Nora: Now let me punch it.

anonymous asked:

Do you think you could do an individual imagine with each of the Avengers and Bucky and Loki where you're on your period and cramps and emotions are kicking in, and they comfort you or help with cramps in some way? Thank you!

HI FRIEND! I’ve never done something like this before, so I hope I’m doing it right! Thanks for the request and I hope you enjoy! 😊 I’m sorry this took so long, because of GISHWHES I haven’t slept in like 48 hours and I’m waiting to just collapse at this point.

I did: Natasha, Bruce, Steve, Thor, Tony, Bucky, Clint, Loki, Pietro, and Wanda!


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You had been sitting in your room for hours now, completely skipping breakfast because of the amount of pain you were in. A small knock on your door made you groan internally. The last thing you wanted to do right now was talk to anyone because fuck everyone.

“I don’t want to talk to anyone.” You moaned, hands clutching your stomach. “Who is it?”

The door roepend slightly and Natasha popped her head in. She looked like absolute shit - but she was still hot so it didn’t really matter - and you could see her sweatshirt. The thing about Natasha Romanoff is that if you wanted to catch her in dressed down, you’d need to either find her when the world was ending (and maybe not even then) or when she was on her period.

“You too?” You asked with a small smile, motioning her to come in.

She walked in brandishing a bowl of popcorn, two wine glasses and a bottle of red, “Yup and I’m really fucking bored. Netflix?”

You nodded and scooted over on your bed, making room for the bad-ass assassin to sit beside you. You turned on The Heat and the both of you were laughing in no time. 

As Nat was watching the movie, you turned to watch her out of the corner of your eye. Her smile - which was extremely rare - light up her entire face and you found it nearly impossible not to smile yourself.

She caught you staring and turned her head, “What?”

“You’re just really beautiful Nat.” You told her honestly. “You need to smile more.”

She blushed and shrugged, turning back to the movie. The two of you spent the entire day drinking wine, eating popcorn and watching stupid movies on Netflix while cuddling on your bed.

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The second that Dr. Bruce Banner put together that you were on your period he got extremely flustered. He leapt off your bed in a daze and left your room, leaving you in giggles at his adorableness.

But what was strange is that he didn’t come back.

Slightly offended and full of hormones, you sniffled back some tears before heading out into the hallway. The booming surround sound of Tony’s TV echoed down the hall and you knew that Bruce wouldn’t be in the living room watching a movie.

So you headed for the lab, the back of your mind screaming that you should just leave him alone since he obviously didn’t want to speak with you.

Sure enough, as you made your way downstairs, you could see Bruce through the glass walls of the lab. He was sitting at a computer typing away while not moving his eyes off the screen. You tentatively made your way over to the door and slipped in, watching him.

You cleared your throat and Bruce whipped around in his seat, staring at you wide eyed. “Y-Y/N…Sorry I was just… Uh…”

You crossed your arms across your chest, trying to look more irritated than devastated that he was ignoring you. “You were just what Bruce?”

Without waiting for him to answer, you stormed forwards and picked up the laptop, scanning the page with your eyes. You let out an atrocious snort at the research that filled the page.

“You’re such a dork.” You mumble, placing the laptop on a random counter and making your way back over to Bruce. You gently straddled his lap, your arms weaving around his neck as you met his gaze. “For future reference you can just ask me what you can do to help. There’s no need to read the encyclopedia definition of menstrual cramps. I…I thought you’d left….”

He blushed and shook his head, “No, I just wanted to help in the best way possible.”

“But you know what would make me feel better?” You raised an eyebrow suggestively, but he just stared at you confused. “Let’s go back to my room and cuddle - maybe even make out a little.”

He blushed as you stood up and pulled him by the hand, all the way back to your room.

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“I’m going to get you more orange juice, I’ll be right bacK!”

Before you could even protest, Steve was gone. He’d been catering to your every need for two days now, even when you didn’t ask him to.

He returned a few minutes later with your juice and a plate of some kind. The smell hit you and your mouth started to water. 

“Holy fuck, you baked me brownies?” You practically moaned, watching the heat rise off the beautiful pieces of chocolate heaven. You motioned the plate closer, “Gimme gimme!”

Steve chuckled and set the plate down on the bed in front of you, returning to his spot beside you as your human pillow. You grabbed the plate and leaned back, munching happily on your brownies. 

“I’m going to get so fat and I don’t even give a shit.” You mumbled with your mouth full. 

Steve leaned down and kissed your neck, bringing his arms around your waist. “I love you no matter what you look like, so I’m glad you’re enjoying the brownies.”

You rolled your eyes and swallowed, turning up to give up a playful glare. “Don’t say sappy shit like that, I’ll start crying. And if I start crying I won’t be able to stop and then I’ll have to punch you in the face.”

He grinned from ear to ear, reaching down to steal a brownie from the plate that you’d claimed as your own. “I’d let your beautiful hand punch me in the face any day.”

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“I have returned!” Thor announced, bounding back into the living room. 

Natasha and Wanda were sitting with you on the couch, watching anime and sipping fruity mocktails that Tony had made for you girls. 

“Hey Thor!” You smiled, “That didn’t take you very long…”

The hunky God found out about the pain from your lower abdomen and claimed that only the treasures of Asgard would bring you back to perfect health. So now he was back, carrying a sack full of stuff that you couldn’t see.

You moved your feet so that he could sit on the couch, Thor grabbing your feet and pulling them into his lap once he was situated.

He beamed happily, “I brought you only the best Lady Y/N.”

Natasha and Wanda were making lovey-dovey faces at you from behind Thor’s back and you blushed slightly. He pulled out a beautiful blanket that was woven with golden threads and beautiful tapestry-esq designs.

“Wow, this is beautiful!” You awed.

He grinned, “It was my mothers. I would like you to have it.”

Your mouth dropped open and you could see Wanda and Nat staring at Thor is shock. He never really spoke about his family, but you all knew that he mother had died recently and it was very important to him.

“Y-you don’t have to…” You whispered in disbelief, “I can’t possibly take something this beautiful from you.”

Thor met your eyes and you felt your entire body melting inside. Your stomach was turning and the intensity of the moment made you giddy.

“I want you to have it.” He told you firmly, reaching out to grab your hand. “The properties of this blanket are filled with magic and power. You will be in much less pain, if ever again.”

Afraid of saying something stupid, you merely nodded in reply. Then he started pulling out various fruit - at least you assumed that’s what it was - laying them out in front of you. Finally he pulled out a canister with the contents completely unknown to you.

“Um, what’s with the fruit?” You asked, confused.

He chuckled like it was the most obvious thing in the world, “It is proven that the fruit from the gardens of Asgard will cleanse the womb of any woman.”

Nat sputtered in laughter from behind Thor and you sent her a small glare, silently asking Wanda to take Nat and get lost. Wanda giggled and stood up, dragging the laughing assassin from the room.

Now the two of you were alone.

“Right so,” You nodded once, “Cleanse my womb, sounds…cute. What’s in the tin can?”

“Ah yes!” He twisted the cover off the tin and the most amazing and intoxicating smell of mint and lavender wafted across the room. “This is an ointment that warriors use to relax their bodies after a long battle.”

He leaned forward and gently started lifting your shirt towards your breasts. He met your stare and your breathing caught in your throat. His hands dipped into the ointment before gently rubbing it into the soft skin below your navel. 

Thor’s forehead was scrunched in concentration as he rubbed smooth circles into your abdomen with his gigantic hands. “Is this to your favour?” He asked innocently.

It took everything not to moan as he stared down at you, fulfilling many a fantasy of the God of Thunder hovering above you. “Oh I’m definitely favouring something.” You murmured.

Well, you weren’t in pain anymore…

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“Tony, I don’t want to go out.” You whined as you walked down the sidewalk. “I feel like shit and I want to go back to bed.”

He smiled and kept pulling you forwards, “It won’t be long, we’re almost there.”

You huffed and continued to follow your stupid boyfriend. New York was gorgeous, people roaming around everywhere and billboards flashing brilliant colours, but you didn’t really care. All you wanted was to go to bed - maybe with a nice piping cup of green tea first.

When Tony stopped in front of a small pet shop, your face lit up and you squealed. “Oh my gosh! I want to see the puppiessssss!”

With a roll of his eyes, Tony pulled you into the shop and towards the back. The shop keeper gave him a small nod and the two of you walked through a door that said employees only. Through the door there was a small pen set up with a bunch of corgi puppies running around.

You immediately ripped your hand away from Tony and fell to your knees beside the pen. The smallest one was the only one that cared, running up to you an trying to sit on your lap. 

He was just so small and so adorable that you couldn’t help the small tear that ran down your cheek. No one wanted to play with him because he was so tiny, but his face lit up the second you chose to give him attention.

“You’re so fucking cute oh my god.”

Tony cleared his throat, “But it’s not as cute as me, right?”

You spun around with tear-stained cheeks and glared at him, “Shut up Stark, he’s adorable. Look at his wittle face!” You cooed, scratching his head happily. The little pup placed his hands on your tummy and jumped up to lick your face. “AH KILL ME YOU’RE SO CUTE!”

Tony chuckled, sitting down beside you. The puppy decided he wanted a new friend so he hopped from your lap to Tony’s. “Hiya little fella.” Tony mumbled, awkwardly petting the dog.

You watched your boyfriend interact with the dog, his face looking unimpressed but his eyes betrayed him - he was ecstatic. The energy the little puppy had was enough to keep Stark constantly moving, trying to keep the little thing in his arms.

You choked back a small sob, “My adorable boyfriend is holding an adorable puppy, I think this is too much for me to handle…”

Tony started laughing, standing up with the small puppy in his arms. “So what you’re saying is, if I carry him home you might explode from emotions and hormones?”

You’re eyes lit up and your mouth made an O shape, “We’re going to keep him?”

Stark smirked, “After seeing how happy he made you? There’s no way we’re not taking him home.”

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“Uh.” You groaned, pressing your face into Bucky’s extremely tense shoulder. “This sucks, I hate being a woman.”

He didn’t answer you, but you figured he wouldn’t so you continued your mumbling and moaning. The others were all busy and the whole tower was basically empty except for you and Bucky. 

“I’m going to kill myself.” You whispered, wrapping your arms around your middle in angst. “This is the end for me, I can’t do this anymore.”

You were slightly shocked when Bucky let out a small and very deep chuckle. He looked down at you, turning his head slightly. “You should see a doctor if it’s this bad.”

You scowled, “Are you mocking me?”

He raised an eyebrow questioningly, “No?”

“Uh, I don’t need this right now. My uterus is tearing itself apart, I don’t need you to piss in my cereal too.”

He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, glancing sideways as if he could decrypt what you had said if he thought about it hard enough. “I…I don’t understand.”

You groaned, shoving a couch pillow in your face and screaming into it. When you pulled away you gave the terrified looking boy a small smile. “I’m sorry I just genuinely feel like absolute shit right now and I’m not trying to take it out on you.”

He nodded slowly, turning his body so he was facing you. “I had a sister…back…before.”

“Oh…” You mumbled. You didn’t really know anything about Bucky, in fact he’s never really spoken to you before now. 

“So I understand what you’re going through.” He explained, a ghost of a smile gracing his lips. “I used to help her by rubbing her stomach.”

He inched forwards, glancing at the hem of your shirt before looking back at you. You thought, eh, what the heck and moved over so that you were sitting sideways on his lap. His shoulders felt slightly stiff, but you grabbed his hand reassuringly and he melted into the embrace a little more.

You lay your head against his collarbone and closed your eyes, humming in satisfaction. “You’re comfortable.”


He wrapped his arm around you and his fingers started tracing small patterns into your abdomen and you sighed in relief. It really felt much better than sitting there in complete and utter pain four hours.

“Thank you Bucky.” You whispered into his shirt.


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“Come on Y/N,” Clint banged on your bedroom door. “Let me in!”




There was a small groan from the other side of the wood before you heard Natasha hissing something to Clint quickly.

“Уходи Натали! (Go away Natalie - dats her russian name - !)” You screamed towards your friend who you knew was out there. “если вы позволите ему в Я убью тебя. (If you let him in here I’ll kill you.)

“Вы можете быть моим лучшим другом, но выидиот! (You may be my best friend but you’re a moron!)” She called back, “Он просто хочет , чтобы помочь , и вы блокировки его. Но хорошо, если вы хотите быть глупым , то остаться там весь день в одиночку. (He just wants to help and you’re locking him out. But fine, if you want to be stupid then stay in there all day alone.)

There was a small huff and you figured she stormed away, hopefully taking Clint with her. But a loud shuffling against the door made you groan again. “Why are you still here?!”

“Just, let me in.”

You flicked your wrist gracefully and the door locked with your telekinesis, not bothering to actually get up to open it. Clint barged in, his eyes looking wide and his hair slightly dishevelled as he stared down at you.

You knew you looked like shit, red rims around your eyes from crying and your mouth screwed up in a permanent grimace. “What?” You snapped angrily. “You’re in. Happy now?”

He shook his head and took a few tentative steps forwards, “Not when I know you’re in this much pain.”

“Yeah well, there’s no fixing that.” You huffed, curling your legs towards your chest as another wave of cramps hit you.

Clint started moving across the room like lightening, turning the lights off and moving things around for a solid 10 minutes before he slipped into the bed beside you, being your big spoon. The room was dark as The Fray started playing quietly, putting a small smile on your face.

“Thank’s Clint.”

What nobody knew is that Clint Barton wasn’t just a master archer, he was also a nifty little singer. So he started softly singing the lyrics to your favourite album in your ear, his hand massaging your tummy as you slowly fell asleep.

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“I don’t understand human women,” Loki mumbled, looking at you curiously. “You’re all so weak.”

You raised an eyebrow, “First of all, God of bullshit, fuck off.”

He chuckled moving to sit beside you on the couch, “Duly noted, continue My’Lady.”

You shifted on the couch so that you were sitting up, giving him the best glare you could possibly muster. “Second, you misogynist piece of shit, not all of us can have the pain resistance of a Goddess. Tell me that your mother doesn’t get cramps like the best of us you - “

You gasped in pain as another wave of pain crashed over you. You clenched your teeth together and shut your eyes. When you opened your eyes again Loki was staring at you sadly, biting his lip.

“Are you alright?”

You sighed and leaned back on the couch, not emotionally fit to deal with him anymore. “I’m fine. Could you leave me alone please?”

He hesitated before walking over to the couch, sitting beside you.

“Well, that was literally the opposite of what I wanted.” You mumbled, “What are you doing?”

He smiled shyly, “May I tell you a story?”

You knew you looked slightly taken aback, but you couldn’t help it. It was fairly rare for Loki to speak so politely to anyone. “Um, yeah ok.”

“Nearly a millennia ago there lived a princess - “

“Are you telling me a children’s fairytale?” You raised an eyebrow.

He chuckled, “Just listen.”

He started his story again, telling you about a princess from a far away land. But what happened next left you completely speechless. As he continued with his story, different characters and animals appeared in the living room, acting out the action in front of you.

It wasn’t real, you knew that, but it was absolutely mesmerizing to watch. You nearly cried when the princess saved the prince from a hoard of ogres and they kissed passionately. 

The characters dissolved and you were left in silence.

“What was that?” You turned to him when the story was over, mouth agape. “How did you…Wow!”

He smiled softly, giving you a sneak peek of the dimples you didn’t know he had. “I like books and telling stories. When I was a child my mother would read Thor and I stories and I would make the characters come to life to make them smile.”

You grinned like crazy, amazed with what you just witnessed. You sat up and launched yourself in his arms, feeling his body rigid with shock.

“That was beautiful.”

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“Printessa, you don’t look well.”

You scoffed, “Thanks babe, I appreciate it. Womanhood is a bitch, you should try it.”

His face reddened and his eyes widened slightly, “Oh you’re - ?” 

You shrugged and nodded, altering your position on the couch. You were trying really hard not to throw up but you were also starving. You turned the channel, turning to speak to Pietro but your boyfriend was gone.

“O-k.” You mumbled, placing your cheek against you knees and continuing to watch the lame cartoons on the screen. A slight breeze was the indication that your boyfriend was back. You turned to him curiously, “Where’d you go?”

He was standing there with a smile spread across his face. His had reached out, “Come with me.”

You stood up and he scooped you into his arms, rushing you across the tower and to his room. When he set you down you looked at the centre of the room in slight awe. He’d set up a fort in the middle of the room, twinkly lights hanging across and his laptop set up to watch movies.

“You did this?” You asked, looking up at him. He nodded, a shy smile on his face. “Wow! Thank you Pete, this is so sweet.”

Together, the two of you watched movies until you fell asleep. The pain being so much more bearable with Pietro by your side.

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Wanda - look at her she’s so fucking precious holy shit

“No Wanda, I’m fine!” You hissed, swatting her hand away from your face. “Stop, I don’t want you in my head like that.”

The small Maximoff girl sat back on your bed and pouted, he arms crossed against her chest adorably. “Well what am I supposed to do then? You are always in so much pain and I can help you!”

Another set of cramps sent you bending over in pain and you lashed out, reaching for Wanda’s hand. “I changed my mind, do it please! Make it stop!”

Gripping your hand tightly, she reached forwards and cupped your cheek. The pain stopped almost instantly and you blacked out for a second. 

When you opened your eyes again, you were laying on a beach in a very skimpy bathing suit. You raised an eyebrow and looked over to the smiling brunette on your right, also scarcely clothed.

“You little tease,” You mumbled, watching her sipping her margarita with a smile. “Where are we?”

“I think it’s Fiji.” She shrugged, “I saw it in a magazine once. It’s nice though, good view.” She commented, staring right at your chest.

You sputtered in laughter, picking up the margarita beside your beach towel and sipping on the lime drink. “Thank you. I’m not in any pain now.”

She beamed, “I’m glad.”

I’m literally in love with Wanda Maximoff and Natasha Romanoff, the are the bae of all baes - slay me.

Masterpost - http://fandomfanaticfics.tumblr.com/post/128071044697/mobile-masterpost

Can You Guys Just Fuck Already? - Bucky x Reader (1/2)

(Prompt List)

Request from anon: I have a request!!!! Can you do “is that my shirt”/“have you seen my jacket?” and “can you guys just fuck already” from that prompt list you reblogged??

Here it is! :)

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Warnings - Swearing, exposed!Reader, Jealous!Bucky, constant mention of sex, that’s all I can think of.

Word Count - 1.3K

You and Bucky are in a secret relationship and surprisingly, nobody knew about it. You two frequently sneak into each other’s rooms at night and you both make sure you don’t go on missions the same night, making sure you both can spend as much time together as possible without being too obvious and inevitably, caught.

But recently you have noticed Nat raising her eyebrow a lot more at the two of you, and also not having missions the same night so she gets to watch you and Bucky together when you have a Netflix marathon (Sorry, no chilling when Natasha is there.). She is seeming to catch on slowly you think, and thank god that she’s keeping her mouth shut about her assumptions, you don’t need any more people trying to sniff out the truth.

Keep reading


Euclase deleted her tumblr.

Because of anon hate. Apparently she took everything down from DeviantArt too.

The Supernatural fandom is blessed with a lot of wonderful fan artists, and to me euclase has been the goddess of them all. I’m hitting myself right now. Why, why did I never send her a message telling her how much I appreciate her?? I knew she was getting hate and bullying from people trying to put her down just to see something brilliant shatter. Some people just want to destroy. They see something so fantastic, that they could never create themselves, and it just makes them want to break it. Some anonymous shitstain is feeling SO pleased with themselves right now. And me, I’m kicking myself. An artist of euclase’s caliber could easily have made money off her skills, but she chose not to. Instead she generously gave her art to the fandom, for free. The only thing I could have given her in return was a little appreciation, but I never got around to it. And now she’s gone!

Please, please come back, euclase!


Franz Ferdinand - Demagogue

He’s a demagogue
Check out his rise
He’s fatally famous
He plays with my fears
My shadow side dreaming
It feels so good to be dumb
From the Wall straight to La Quenta
Those pussy grabbing fingers won’t let go of me now
He’s a demagogue
He’d like to punch in your face
He’s a demagogue
Throwing terminal shade
He knows all of the words
He sees a nation of marks
From the mob to chapter eleven
Those tiny vulgar fingers on the nuclear bomb
What’s a mother and father got to do with making me?

Watch on oohprince.tumblr.com

someone stop him

Civil War Trailer

*distant screaming* I also included one american civil war fic because I have a shitty sense of humour.

A Flame In Your Heart (T) coloursflyaway WC:3020

Steve finds Bucky stuck in a vice, but bringing him back takes so much more.

A Guardian Angel and a Cross to Bear (T) catmeleon WC:3,727

After that last letter, he had tried to write to Steve; tried to make himself say “don’t come, don’t follow me here,” but he just let the ink drop puddles onto his paper, leaving stains instead of words. Steve would have come anyway, Bucky figures. They’d lasted three years apart, and that was the most they could manage.

Bucky goes to fight for the Union in 1861. Steve will do anything he can to follow.

Hands (T) ezazahaz WC:1006

He pushed harder, feeling the suit start to crack under his metal hand, the arc reactor giving way. Just a bit more force, and it might push through the grafted skin and false sternum that had replaced the device that had once been a part of the man. This time, instead of saving the man’s heart, it would crush it, and he could never hurt Bucky again, never hurt Steve again.

Bucky has a nightmare.

The benefits of frozen peas (T) boopboop WC:1106

“I don’t like you,” Tony says somewhat nasally. He thinks Bucky might have broken his nose at some point. “It’s the only plan we’ve got, he says,” Tony grumbles, “We need to make a show of disunity, he says, let me punch you in the face, Tony, he says. Your plans suck.”

Scott Lang and the Gang (Series) (not rated) IsabellaJack WC:2,862

“Hey man. I’m Scott Lang.”

things learnt upon reunion (T) dirtybinary WC:2,620

It is their first day on the run, and their first night spent together in seventy years: part mission, part honeymoon.

Bit by bit, Steve gets the hang of Bucky again.

Or: the CA:CW trailer gave me feelings and then this happened.

The War (T) FandomQueen7 WC: 817

Civil War Drabbles inspired by the trailer that I have watched frame by frame at least a million times.

AKA this movie is going to kill me and I have to vent some way.

What We Used to Have (M) writerseventeen WC:4,614

Set amidst the onset of Civil War. Bucky comes back into Steve’s life, quite possibly when Steve needs him most. The only problem is: he and Tony have history. Intimate and immensely confusing history.

when it’s not a choice at all (T) reignofdreams (ninasdreams) WC:674

In the wake of the Sokovia incident, Steve is told to make a choice.

you used to wear newspaper in your shoes (gen)  RooWanders WC:1238

“Buck, do you remember me?”

“Your mom’s name was Sarah. You used to wear newspaper in your shoes.”

this will be updated as more come out, so check back as time goes on!


Updates 29/11/15

Article 20 Subsection 15: Dick Punching (T) greenbergsays WC:1,394

“You don’t mess with a man’s dick! It violates the Geneva Convention!”

Civil War trailer coda. Tony is very upset that Bucky decided to punch him in the dick during their, erm. Disagreement.

Out of the deep freezer, into the Civil War (not rated) euseevius WC:1302

“You have to go soon, or are you actually able to spend some quality time with me?” Steve asks. “Conspiring against the government and other totally normal boyfriend stuff?”

Because the world might be ready to sacrifice Bucky Barnes for what he did as the Winter Soldier, but Steve Rogers would rather watch the world burn.

put out the flames and set this cold heart free (M) glitteratiglue WC: 1,999

“They’re never gonna stop, you know. Not until they find me,” Bucky says, his face grim.

Steve clicks his teeth together. “I know.”

(In which Steve and Bucky go on the run, and they fuck. Or, all my feelings about the Civil War trailer.)

things learnt upon reunion (T) dirtybinary WC:2,615

It is their first day on the run, and their first night spent together in seventy years: part mission, part honeymoon.

Bit by bit, Steve gets the hang of Bucky again.

Or: the CA:CW trailer gave me feelings and then this happened.

You Were All I Ever Longed For (E) starlight_starbright WC:1,241

A little drabble I thought up after watching the Civil War trailer a billion times.

updates 9/04/16

does it trouble your mind (the way you trouble mine) (T) by coffeestain Words:1.3K

“I remembered and I was terrified to forget again, if something were to happen, it’s all I have so - I wrote everything down. Everything I was sure I got right, everything real, even things I wasn’t quite sure of. I wrote it all down.”


Fluff about Bucky’s backpack.

Flicker (E) (WIP) by Cinderstrato Words:45K+

Bucky Barnes knows how to live off the grid. For someone who’s spent a solid half-century being a shadow, it’s almost too easy. Unfortunately, he’s on the run with a man who’s never turned tail before in the course of his entire stubborn life.

The war’s over, and they’ve all lost.

Post-Civil War speculation.

wide ruled; spiral bound (M) by hitlikehammers Words:5K

The journals, his notebooks were his most prized possessions. They were him, pure and simple, and he’d die before he lost that again. When he lets Steve see them, it’s no less than a baring of his soul.

But it turns out Bucky’s not the only one jotting down the things that mean the most.

More updates to come as more is written!

Seventeen as bad pickup lines
  • Woozi: You are hotter than the bottom of my laptop.
  • DK: You are so fine, I wish I could plant you and grow a whole field of you!
  • Joshua: What time do you have to be back in heaven?
  • Jeonghan: Did you die recently? Cause girl, you look like an angel to me.
  • Seungkwan: Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?
  • Hoshi: You must be jelly, because jam don't shake like that.
  • The8: Your mom told me to say "Hi" to you.
  • Dino: Kiss me if I'm wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right?
  • Jun: Your body is 75% water, and I'm thirsty.
  • Vernon: Dang girl, you're cute, let me get your email address.
  • Mingyu: Can i punch you in the face... with my lips?
  • Wonwoo: I heard you're good in algebra, can you replace my X without asking Y?
  • Scoups: My love for you is like a fart. Everything about it is powered by my heart.
Civil War Ficlist

This will be updated as more fics are added.

Added 25/11/15:

I bet we look beautiful (slip sliding on the dancefloor) by spookylinn

Steve couldn’t remember if Bucky’s eyes had always looked like that, bright and colourful, or if it was the setting sun reflecting.
But they looked nice anyway.
And it was safe with Bucky, had always been.

The benefits of frozen peas by boopboop

“I don’t like you,” Tony says somewhat nasally. He thinks Bucky might have broken his nose at some point. “It’s the only plan we’ve got, he says,” Tony grumbles, “We need to make a show of disunity, he says, let me punch you in the face, Tony, he says. Your plans suck.”

A Flame In Your Heart by coloursflyaway

Steve finds Bucky stuck in a vice, but bringing him back takes so much more.

Hands by ezazahaz

He pushed harder, feeling the suit start to crack under his metal hand, the arc reactor giving way. Just a bit more force, and it might push through the grafted skin and false sternum that had replaced the device that had once been a part of the man. This time, instead of saving the man’s heart, it would crush it, and he could never hurt Bucky again, never hurt Steve again.

Bucky has a nightmare.

when it’s not a choice at all by reignofdreams (ninasdreams)

In the wake of the Sokovia incident, Steve is told to make a choice.

you used to wear newspaper in your shoes by RooWanders

“Buck, do you remember me?”
“Your mom’s name was Sarah. You used to wear newspaper in your shoes.”

Added 26/11/15:

A Tumblr ficlet by ipoiledi

You love him by silverynight

“You love him”, Sam said then and Steve didn’t answer to that, though he didn’t need to, because that actually wasn’t a question and also because it was pretty obvious at that point.

things learnt upon reunion by dirtybinary

It is their first day on the run, and their first night spent together in seventy years: part mission, part honeymoon.

Bit by bit, Steve gets the hang of Bucky again.

Or: the CA:CW trailer gave me feelings and then this happened.

Again by appalachian_fireflies

“Do you remember me?” Steve asks, and Bucky knows when he’s trying not to sound hopeful. He can’t hurt him, not again. 

(TW: tagged as ‘rape if you squint’, just a heads up)

Its Own Peculiar Wilderness by beepalais

Bucky went to the corner store to buy an orange, lingering over the magazines until the clerk started giving him the stink eye. He was stalling for time, wanting to skip past Steve being miserable and sore and shoving him away every time Bucky tried to even move. He wanted to be past this, onto when Steve’s pride would heal and his thorniness would recede, so Bucky could finally get a hand on him again without the pretense of tending his wounds.

Bucky knows what they say about third times.

When the Light Came Through by ShowMeAHero

Steve didn’t realize who his soulmate was until it’s too late; luckily, Steve also gets a second chance.

War Time Anniversaries by Akira_of_the_Twilight 

Tony sighed. “Do you know what today’s date is?”
Steve nodded and recited it.
Tony stared at Steve, as if waiting for something.
“Three years ago, the Registration Act was written and presented to you.”
Steve’s stomach dropped.

clear your heart, cut the cord by charlotteicewolf77

But Bucky was and could be everything, and Steve is only a good soldier- not a perfect man.

“Breaking! Sarget Barnes outed himself and CAPTAIN AMERICA!” by CaptainPepper

Breaking! Did SERGEANT Barnes just outed himself and CAPTAIN AMERICA?

America’s most loved hero, Captain Steven Rogers, was spotten yesterday night leaving the teather with long time friend, Sergeant Bucky Barnes, after seeing ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ for the 5th time as Rogers himself told the press who waited for them outside. “Feminist propaganda?”, said Barnes when the subject was raised by one of the reporters, “Good. I’m always a here for feminist propaganda” he finished to the laughs of everyone arround them.

Enjoy! More will be added as they are posted, so make sure you check back!

~ Beth (ghostlywhitedirewolf)