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Holy shit??? I seriously don't think I've ever cried so hard in my life. I didn't even have any tears left after a while, I was just painfully dry heaving. And even though we got a happyish ending all I can think of is that Shin is still immortal and Eun Tak is human which means she will end up dying someday again and then he'll have to be alone again. Shit let's all just pretend the almighty is gonna show some mercy and turn Shin back into a human. Otherwise I'll forever be sad.

Me too… I got to the point where I was literally just making crying noises but no tears were falling out cause my eyes were just way to damn puffy xD

Yes.. the ending is bittersweet cause we know that a human and an immortal can’t have a truly happy ending. While GR and Sunny finally got their happy ending by starting all over with a new beginning. It’s honestly up to the viewers to decide what will happen with Shin and Eun-Tak afterwards… but I’d like to think they’ll be happy because they’ve already suffered enough. But like you said, let’s just pretend that maybe one day Shin turns into a human and they can finally grow old and die together without one have to suffer T.T 

I would be forever sad and in deep denial if he has to continue on waiting over and over for Eun-Tak while suffering from seeing her die so many times. 

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Please don’t hold back on me. Tell me that you miss me. Tell me that you stayed up late cause you couldn’t stop thinking about me, about us. Tell me about the dreams you have with me. Tell me about the way I make you happy. Don’t pretend to have no feelings. Love is not a weakness, and if it is, let’s all be weak, let’s all tell people why they mean so much to us.
“I love you.” she said. “I love you that it was the hardest for me to let you walk away so easily. I don’t want to see your back against me and I can’t pretend that it’s alright with me. To hear you said the words which sound like my worst nightmare and seems to threaten my world. I don’t want to listen as those will crush every part of my being to pieces. Words are never enough to describe how much it hurts. I love you, that even if it will take time for me to accept the truth, I will still do the thing that’ll make you happy. Just like what I’ve promised from the very start.” she breathed so hard and stared at his eyes. She looked at her world as she cried silently. She touched his cheek with her hand and put her forehead on his. She closed her eyes and for a moment, all of their precious memories came crashing back. And like diamonds, she buried them deep down and hope that no one will see it except for her. As she opened her eyes, she said the last words she thought she will never say, “I am letting you go. Yet I will never say goodbye. Because I still believe that, someday, we will meet again. And I hope, that maybe then, you’ll be happier. Maybe then, I’ve moved on. Maybe then, my heart is whole again.” With that, she took a step back and turned her back on him. She started walking away and looked at the only star in the sky. She smiled, and as her tears kept on falling down, she whispered, “I love you.” Again and again until her eyes got tired of crying.
—  ma.c.a // Yes, I Do

if you’re having a bad day: 

1. exercise - sweat it all out, you’ll feel really good about it. 

2. have a warm bathe - sing your lungs out in the shower or just stay in there till you feel really relaxed. 

3. blast out your favourite songs - not those sad ones, but those that get you singing or dancing along with it. 

4. watch a sad movie - you can’t always be smiling pretending nothing is wrong am i right? cry it out, it will feel ten times better. 

5. do things that makes you happy - spend some time alone and let your body recharge by doing things that you love (e.g. reading, walking in the park, cooking) 

i’m not sure if these will help you but there’s no harm giving them a go. they never fail on me whenever i feel really gross and moody!! 

I see how happy you are
And I know
My absence
Doesn’t affect you
I don’t think
It ever did
So, I’ve made up my mind
I’ll smile
I’ll laugh
I’ll post those crappy, inspirational quotes
I’ll lie and say that I’m as happy as I’ve ever been
I’ll pretend to be everything I’m not
And hope that one day
I fool myself into believeing I am
—  But most of all, I will never let you have the satisfaction of knowing that you meant something to me

ey, it’s baby izumi and olivier, cheers


I forged the man of my dreams. We were happy pretending to be other people. We were the happiest couple we knew. And what’s the point of being together if you’re not the happiest? But Nick got lazy. He became someone I did not agree to marry. He actually expected me to love him unconditionally. Then he dragged me, penniless, to the navel of this great country and found himself a newer, younger, bouncier cool girl. You think I’d let him destroy me and end up happier than ever? No fucking way. He doesn’t get to win. My cute, charming, salt-of-the-earth Missouri guy. He needed to learn. Grown-ups work for things. Grown-ups pay. Grown-ups suffer consequences. 


Let’s pretend Yuri is a person like me and the friend i made this for, and he never had seen snow in his life and he is amazed by it and Victor finds it lovely.

One of my friends asked me some time ago to do a bookmark for her, with Yuri and Victor, under the snow. This was the result, i’m still a mess in digital, but i am happy and my friend is happy! I’ll print the bookmark soon and show it to you and maybe i’ll take comissions (i have so many projects and fanarts i want to do about YOI and so little time), but if you want me to draw something to you, tell me and we will talk about it ^^ Hope you like it and i hope tomorrow we have a happy ending!

Care Takers

Characters: Y/N Ackles (Reader), Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Rob Benedict, Richard Speight, Paige and Erin Ackles (reader and Jensen’s two year old twins - mentioned)

Pairing: Jensen x Wife!Reader

Warnings: gross behavior, snot, teasing co-stars, very light implied smut   

Wordcount: 1200ish

A/N: Silly little one shot inspired by Jensen letting Jared blow his nose on Jensen’s sleeve at BurCon 16.

Thanks to my sassy wonderful sissy @mysupernaturalfics for betaing this silliness for me.


You all but ran off stage to the green room with Misha right behind you. You tried to kick him as he passed you. Pretending to be you, giggling like a schoolgirl and skipping, making fun of your excitement to see your husband again.

“Shut up Mish!” You laughed hitting his shoulder with your fist. “I haven’t seen him since last weekend dude.”

“Oh an entire week. How did you get through it,” Mark appeared, his voice laced with sarcasm making you pull a face of him as he joined you in your path towards the Green Room.

“How long have you been married for again? 4-5 years?” Misha smirked besides you making you pull a face at him.

“Almost 6,” you replied before making a dramatic sigh when the two men started laughing out loud. You put on your pretend angry face, but you knew they saw right through you. Your excitement were not easy to hide after all, since your husband was only a door away from you now.

“You know what! You two suck!” You pouted when they continued laughing at you. You pushed the door to the green room open and all annoyance instantly left your body with the sight of your husband. He was standing with his back against you talking to Rob, Rich and Jared.

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07.06.16 {exams}

Pretty happy with how English went this morning, but geography is tomorrow and I’m terrified. But hey let’s just merrily doddle great headers and banners for everything and pretend I’m way more prepared than I really am.

But I’m back in the haven of my family garden and my auntie invited me round to dinner so all is fine.

Always You

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Summary: Reader’s now ex-fiance calls off the engagement and leaves her high and dry. She finds comfort in Jared. (Anything else will spoil the story, so I’m just leaving it at that :) )

Word Count: ~2,800

Warnings: language, drinking, so much sweet Jared fluff, smut, definite slight objectification of Jared Padalecki’s body.

A/N: Quick reminder that this is fiction and I adore Genevieve, so let’s all pretend she’s happy with someone else for the sake of this story! This is very unedited, and I apologize for anything that doesn’t make sense, grammatical or spelling errors, and anything else you might find. 

*If you’d like to be tagged in the future, just let me know!

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You threw your head back, pulling a mouthful of whiskey from the bottle and swallowing it with a hiss. It burned like hell, but that was nothing compared to the heartbreak you were feeling. You felt tears falling off your face, but didn’t bother to wipe them away. You were alone - truly, actually, completely alone - and quite frankly, you didn’t give a fuck what you looked like. Hearing your phone ring for what felt like the millionth time that night, you finally decided to pick it up.

“Yeah,” you grunted, unable to say much else without breaking.

“[Y/N]?” Jared’s voice filled your ear.

You sucked in a breath through your teeth and closed your eyes. He’d be able to tell there was something wrong.

“Hey, Jare.” You didn’t even try to sound alright, and of course, he picked up on it right away.

“Be there in fifteen. Don’t move.” He had his keys in his hand before he even hung up the phone.

You didn’t leave your spot on the couch, but you did polish off the bottle of whiskey and toss it to the floor. Jared walked in without knocking, something he hadn’t done in a long time. Seeing the bottle and then you laying across the couch, he walked to you quickly and knelt next to your head. He brushed hair away from your eyes as you looked up at him.

“What happened?” He sat back on his heels while his fingers ran through your hair.

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Living With Regrets - Part 8: Facing the Past

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Jensen Ackles, Rebecca (OC), Michael (OC),

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Warnings:  past abusive relationship, kidnapping, threats, guns, violence towards child (believe me it could have been worse), language.

Wordcount: 4900ish

A/N: This was a one shot - due to interest I worked on a storyline for a part 2 - it now has 10 parts planned.

Thanks a billion to the amazing and wonderful @blacktithe7 for being the world class beta that she is! And thanks to her for being patient and listening to all my whining over this one.

No hate towards Danneel. Let’s just pretend she is happy with someone else. This is fiction.


“Y/N. Stop. Dammit,” Jensen’s hand closed around her arm and spun her around. If she was going to hit him, so be it. He couldn’t let her run of like that.

“Jensen let go! If she is still there… she’s my daughter.” Tears were swimming in Y/N’s eyes, and Jensen’s heart broke for her. He didn’t let go of her arm, but he did reach out his hand to her, offering a place for her to put her car keys.

“Our daughter. I am coming with you, Y/N. Give me the keys,” Jensen offered, making her object. She told him she didn’t want him to put himself in danger for her. Jensen took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. He knew this was her fear talking. Michael had always had this effect on her. He would scare her, make her feel worthless, and she would pull away from Jensen and everyone in her life that tried to show her differently. Jensen knew her reaction wasn’t him, no matter how much he hated when she did this. He wanted her to let him in and he needed for her to see he was with her in this. It was her way of getting through this nightmare, but he also couldn’t let her go out there on her own. He needed to know that she was safe. He needed to make sure Becca was safe.   

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“I started using the gym as my stress reliever, and I did not think that I could ever be fit. I really was just content with who I was and I never felt uncomfortable – I just always thought that was who I was,” Kardashian said during a Live Chin Up Movement panel. “

This only gives me more reason to not like her and her sisters. Why lie tho Khloe, you lying about how you really got that body says you aren’t confident. I hate that they know they have a huge influence on young girls and don’t use it correctly, and let me be clear I’m not at all knocking her for getting work done. If it makes you happy got for it, but please don’t lie to everyone and pretend like you were in the gym and then have the audacity to give advice and tips on his to get this body you didn’t work for. So many young people struggle with loving themselves and unfortunately they look up to the wrong people. People Magazine is trash for this. Please stop living for them in 2017!

So tell me, was it easier to leave me last year, or last week. I should blame myself, I mean I was the one that thought it would be different. 

What a fool. I should have known I was simply a safe place to stay until you found a new home. 

You get so caught up in new people, the freshly polished ones, the ones that haven’t been around to know about the darkness you hide.

Maybe you want to be someone else. Maybe I know to much, which means you can never to pretend to be happy around me. Maybe you would rather pretend to be happy then let me try to help you become happy. 

I hope these new distractions treat you better than the last ones did. And I want you to know even though I said I won’t be waiting to pick up the pieces like last time, that I will be. 

I want you to know that despite my efforts, I will never be able to stop caring about you and I will not ever stop being concerned for your happiness. 

So I hope that this works out for you. I hope that they give you happiness I couldn’t. But I will always be your safe house, and I will always leave the door open for you.

—  I might see you again someday.
Silent Treatment (Taehyung)


Word Count:773

Request: a scenario where taehyung and u fight, then you give him the silent treatment and he begs for ur forgiveness but ur a tad stubborn??? fluffy and happy ending tho!

A/n:I really hope you enjoy reading it! I’m really excited to get back to writing, hopefully you really like this!~Joy

You were sitting in the living room, arms crossed as Taehyung let out a heavy sigh, his hands started to rub his temple. “Y/n I’m sorry, but I can’t help what the company says is good for the company.”

“So you’re just going to pretend we aren’t dating? You never once brought me up to your managers when they told you that you would be dating a beautiful model?” You yelled, as you started to pace around the room.

“And get my ass kicked? We promised to keep our relationship a secret so you wouldn’t get murdered by my fans!” Taehyung spat back, you stopped in your tracks, turning to look at him.

“Excuse me? I can’t believe you’re blaming it on me!” You cried, as you started to walk away.

“Where are you going?” Taehyung screamed, as you kept walking, as you approached the door of the bedroom you shared you looked back.

“I’m going to bed!” You yelled, as you opened the door, slamming it loudly.

“Come back here! I’m not sleeping on the couch tonight!” Taehyung yells back.

“You can go to your super hot and super rich Girlfriend.” You yelled back through the door.

You decided there was no point in talking to Taehyung, he would move on to you there was no point giving yourself hope. When you woke up Taehyung was already at work, so you decided to chill in the living room, watching movies alone. You occasionally checked your phone for texts that Taehyung might have sent to ask how you were doing, but there was nothing. 

You looked at the snow, falling peacefully, as if it was a slow dance. Usually snow kept you happy, a feeling where you knew everything was going to be alright, but yet all you wanted to do was cry. The snow made it even worse, it made you think how unfair life was, and how you would never be good enough to keep the ones you loved. You didn’t get too deep into your thoughts, Taehyung opened the door, and smiled at you.

“Why were you just staring at the window? You seem bored” Taehyung observed, as he tried to give you a hug, but you only walked away. “Again with this?”

You only ignored him, there was no point, you knew he was going to leave you. Why would you try? You knew it would only hurt you more when she stole him away from you.

You only went down to cook dinner, you knew Taehyung was helpless without you when it came to food. So you made him some food, adding a sticky note on the wrapped up food. ‘Heat it up before you eat’

You ate in your room, you didn’t want to try to talk to Taehyung at the moment, you finished eating, grabbing your plate you went out of your room to go clean the plates, once you opened the door you stepped on a piece of paper, looking down you saw a pink sticky note written ‘I’m sorry’ If you weren’t in the mood you were right now you would be so happy, and you would head to Taehyung to give him a kiss, but you didn’t.

You kept walking, you knew nothing would come out of being stubborn, but just knowing that Taehyung could leave you for someone he could actually hold in public and kiss her without having to worry about the consequences with the fans, or the company, you knew you had no chance competing with her. 

you continued to walk towards the kitchen, in there was Taehyung holding a bouquet of flowers, smiling brightly as he held one sticky note with ‘I’m so sorry I should have said something, I’m sorry for lashing out at you, forgive me?’ written on it. You couldn’t help but smile, you realised you had nothing to worry about, because Taehyung loved you more than he would ever love her.  “I’m so sorry I got so jealous and insecure I thought you were going to leave me for her” You confessed, as Taehyung let out a giggle.

“Y/n I ended it with her this morning, I even told bighit about us” Taehyung smiled, as he gave you a hug.

“I can’t believe you would do that for me? Did they beat you up?” You asked, as Taehyung only laughed.

“Nope they were super accepting, they thought it would be better to show me happy when I officially can take you to dates and stuff like that” Taehyung smiled, as you smiled back. “I love you Y/n, don’t you ever forget.”

“I love you too!”

Happy New Year!
  • Draco: Harry, I love you. In a really, really big...pretend to like your taste in music, let you eat the last piece of cheesecake, hold a radio over my head outside your bedroom window, unfortunate way that makes me...hate you...love you. So pick me. Choose me. Love me.