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Crack Fic

Han and Leia raising their two teen kids, Kyle and Wren, “Even Stevens” sitcom style. They’re going through an annoying goth phase that’s a bit much but don’t tolerate anyone who tries to associate it with the p.o.s. Empire.


Summary: Traveling really isn’t Baze’s thing

Rating: G

Genre: Modern AU, Road Trip, Fluff & Frustration

Words: 777

A/N: Dedicated to @panzertorte!!! The seasonal prompt for this story was Road Tripping




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In ten years, you won’t remember my name. I will be just a tiny puzzle of your youth, a forgotten piece, forgotten kiss, another forgotten snowflake that melted in your hands.
Dear love, I don’t think you understand the power you have over me. How easily you can make my day or ruin my week by a simple text. You have the power to let me grow or to tear me down and you don’t even realise
Don’t give me hope. Please. Be clear that it’s over. Break my heart. It’s ok. Just don’t give me hope. Don’t string me along, allowing me to develop this false pretense that we might get back together. You know that it’s over, but I don’t. I am an optimist. I am holding onto this thin thread of hope that we might miraculously work things out and end up together again. So, please. Break my heart into a million pieces and be clear that there is nothing left to salvage.

-Hope isn’t always a good thing.



Have some unfinished doodles of some punk kids, looks like today I have nothing better to offer m(._.)m


And I thought about you, and thought about you, and thought about you…