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listened to the myths & legends podcast & drank chai tea with almond milk 🌹

hi guys! 💗 i don’t think i’ll be posting anymore texts today (i’m sorry i had it in mind but i still have to make my medicine and i don’t trust myself to make good content right now haha) but i just wanted to check up on all of you. i was going through my asks and admin posts and i teared up because i got to my first texts and asks and how quickly my blog moved and how supportive you have all been from the start. it warms my heart to know such amazing people and be part of such a loving and supportive fandom.(truly you guys are so cute nct are sooo lucky to have such amazing fans!!) i feel like i can’t express it enough in words how happy it makes me to have you all and your support. thank you for being by my side even when i disappear for spouts of time. i love you all so much! i miss interacting with all of you as much as i used to, please know my ask box is always open for anything! any advice, concerns, you wanna tell me a story, you just wanna share an opinion, anything! you can always shoot me a message too 💘💘💘 much love!


Bigger Than Love - Oh Wonder

“Bigger Than Love is a song that we wrote about when two people are overwhelmingly in love with each other but for some reason, can’t be together at the same time.”

Fitzsimmons Appreciation Week // Day Three: Song Day

For @rycnbergara + Happy Birthday JoJo !!

I reject your reality and substitute my own

If today has taught me one thing, it’s that a lot of Roman fans can’t handle the truth and block you cause you want Dean to get the same kind of recognition and treatment Roman does. Can’t believe the amount of stupid, irrational hate I got today because I dared to not do a backflip in honour of Roman being the second GSC of The Shield. It’s sad that you guys throw such a bad light on all the other, cool and chill and reasonable Roman fans.

GREAT SCOTS! First of, holy shite! Thank you so much, everyone, for following this blog! You have no idea how much it means to both myself and Serey. Each and every one of you I hold dearly in my heart, and heck you’ve even stuck with me with every blog move, and I love you all! I’ve always had doubts, times of inactivity and serious concerns on both my creation and my writing, but to see this many people enjoying both Seremela AND my writing, I can feel my doubts washing away for a time. Even if I’m gone because of school or family life, I always have the little comments people have made and it never fails to make me smile. Thank you!

Secondly, I’ve been around on Tumblr for three years now, and boy! Seeing how much I’ve developed in my writing, and how much Seremela has changed is truly amazing. Looking back to when I first made Seremela, prior to joining Tumblr, I can say that she herself has drastically changed since day one of her creation to now. It’s truly jaw-dropping to see how much she has changed. My writing! Holy shite! I can’t believe how much my writing has changed! Looking back onto some old creative writing works I did in school two years ago, I can’t believe how much as truly changed. I look back onto most of my old writing and question myself on what I was thinking, and how much I did change from back then.

This is all thanks you guys! Your comments, your constructive critism, our little talks, the interactions, the questions, EVERYTHING has enjoyed me to continue with this darling muse of mine. Thank you so much, my darling beans!

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Thank you everyone! And remember: you’re all beautiful and loved!

My mom went threw my sketchbook...

She found it fantastic and she thinks art and animation is a profession… and now tomorrow she wants me to show it to my relatives and especially to my Aunt who likes art ;w;

“Hey, I’m on my way to your room for a nap.”
“Ok. Wait. Keith, are you parading with your ace blanket—again?”
“…Maybe. I’m eating ice cream, too. Can’t share that, but the blanket I can.”

So our resident proud ace boy was born on Asexual Awareness Week! <3 
Just let him have his nap on his birthday. This is Part 2 of this. Redbubble

A Shin from today’s doodles

On a happier note, Jen Bartel is drawing Pharmercy!

In fact, she’s drawing all of your favorite wlw ships and lady favs.


And super, extra, special bonus:

Pharah and Mercy are holding hands!

Eleven’s first day of school
  • El’s so grateful Mike insisted on giving her a ride to school on his bike because it gives her a chance to review all the advice she’s gotten from the party over the last couple weeks
  • But a lot of their suggestions conflict (Lucas: “If you don’t know the answer when a teacher asks a question, don’t make eye contact with them or they’ll call on you” Dustin: “No way, you want to look the son of a bitch right in the eye to let them know you’re not afraid. Then, they’ll call on someone else. It’s a power move.” Max: “No, don’t listen to them, just pretend to be really engrossed in taking notes.”)
  • She gets her class schedule and it’s still a little surreal to see her name (Hopper, Jane) written down
  • She can’t believe how many people are at school and it’s a little overwhelming until she grabs Mike’s hand squeezes
  • He squeezes back right away and doesn’t let go as the walk to their first class
  • The class is English, which Eleven loves instantly (the teacher keeps talking about all these cool books they’re going to read—apparently one is about grapes and El can’t believe someone wrote a whole book on her favorite fruit)
  • She writes down everything the teacher says and fills up three pages in her notebook (although she wonders if she wasn’t supposed to because Mike didn’t take out a notebook at all and he keeps looking at her funny)
  • She has to part from Mike for math class, but Will sits in front of her and keeps passing her funny drawings and notes so the class goes by fast
  • After the bell for lunch rings, they exit the classroom and Mike runs up to them, panting, and starts asking El a million questions about how math class went
  • Eleven’s favorite part of the day is definitely lunch because she gets to sit with all of her friends and listen to them joke and argue and laugh
  • Everything goes smoothly from there until the last class of the day when the teacher asks them to pair up with someone they don’t know and then introduce their partner to the class
  • Eleven panics for a second, but Mike immediately turns to her, sticks out his hand, and says, “hi, my name’s Mike, short for Michael”
  • When the final bell rings, Eleven can’t believe after two years of begging Hopper she finally got what she had been asking for: a day of being a normal kid
  • And it was better than she ever imagined

Read Mike’s POV here!