let me love youuuu~

Let me love you
  • Never let you go(Nunca te dejare ir): Tauro,Cáncer,Aries,Capricornio,Escorpio,Piscis-
  •  Never let me down(Nunca me decepciones):Virgo,Geminis,Leo,Libra,Acuario,Sagitario

 Don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah

 I won’t give up, nah-nah-nah.

 Let me LOVE YOU


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Since everyone else is doing it, I want to join in! Hey there, I'm Bailey, aka @carryonsimoncarryon, aka Your Bestie :D I live in America, which you know about because I never get to see you in person. I love all the foods except onions and beans, and I especially love BUTTER ;D (You do know I don't actually love butter that much, right?) Enemies-to-Soulmates AUs give me LIFE! And so does your art โค Overall, just bless you and your amazing art and your wonderful friendship :D

please go away with your butter and your dislike for onions and beans for I can not share it


(I`M JOKING I LOVE YOU SO MUCH B!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Never ever go away, let me love youuuu <3)

Newt's birthday texts
  • Thomas: NEWTIE BOOTY
  • Newt: It's 5 in the shucking morning, can it wait?
  • Thomas: NO IT CAN'T WAIT
  • Newt: ...
  • Newt: what?
  • Newt: I'm going to be seeing you in 4 hours for you to spend the entire day with me. You had to wake me up at 5?
  • Thomas: YES
  • Newt: You're a bloody idiot
  • Newt: I love you too now let me get back to sleep
  • Thomas: fine
  • Newt: ...
  • Thomas: ...
  • Newt: ...
  • Thomas: ...you know what the best thing about birthdays is?
  • Newt: what?
  • Thomas: birthday sex
  • Newt: go the fuck to sleep

IshiHime antics 2 by Uni Usa


WELCOME~ (and let me love youuuu~) ヽ( ★ω★)ノ


Curious note: I easily have almost  500 pics in my IshiHime folder, counting doujin pages like those above. Yeah, i know there is repetaed stuff in it, but I am sure it won’t go under 400 pics and I am sure I have more in other CD’s, yeah, almost 8 years of love I have in storage :3 (A bit obssesed doesn’t begin to describe me, uh? xD ) + PS. finally I am updated in my welcoming! woho!!! *lies in the floor*

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"Like- I dunno what to get him, baba, it needs to be something special-" Zayn sighs, looking at Yaser through the grainy video of the phone and he can see his mother in the back, pretending not to listening to his conversation but Zayn knows better. "You could draw him some-" Yaser begins, only to be cut off by Zayn. "I drew him as Batman for our 1st anniversary." (C)

Trisha is suddenly by Yaser, her chin prechered on his shoulder as she squeals out delightedly, “Oh Zayn, give him those old notebooks where you wrote about him.” Zayn squeaks, eyes widening in fright as he looks between his parents, “You didn’t, mum-“ ”Of course not,” Trisha giggles. “But your father did.” Yaser looks at him with a suppressed smirk, cooing out a quote from Zayn’s /private, hidden/ notebook, “His lips were like a dream in which I couldn’t sleep enough.” His parents giggled amongst themselves at Zayn yelped, cheeks blushing a bright red. (F)

I dunno if this makes sense but that notebook thing got me inspired and I can image Zayn’s parents finding the notebooks stashed under his old bed and telling him to gift them to Liam.


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I love how even outside of FWTB henry pretty much married dipper too because dipper and mabel are inseparable. because choosing to marry mabel wasn't just "do I love her and does she love me", a huge part of his decision was "can I handle him and everything he and mabel went through and will go through together, do I want dipper in my life, do I love dipper" and that's absolutely beautiful. and that dipper loves him just as much as he loves mabel really says a lot and that's beautiful too


yoyoyooyyo after way too long… i finally got around to posting another cover. It was my first time singing the song in years but let me know what you guys think and let me know what other song suggestions you fuckers have - love youuuu 

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Could you please do a scenario with the GOM (-Kuroko), Hanamiya and Takao and their s/o making out (kisses and stuff, you know what I mean. *wink wonk*) and then suddenly while the dorks are so into it, s/o sneezes in a very cute way? Oh, thank you so much and I hope you notice me senpai-cchi!~ >___< *sparkles* *hides in a corner* *puppy dog eyes*

OooHH mY GOsh “SENPAI-CCHI”?!  I was reading your request while drinking coffee, 10/10 I was choking when I read that haha! (Hugs) Let me love youuuu! >u< I’m sorry for the wait and I had made this longer than I had hoped for heh~ I hope you enjoy it !!

Aomine: “Daiki, I’m cooking,” you groaned. “Come on ___, just a little bit,” the tall tanned man pressed kisses down your neck from behind as his large hands caressed your hips. You felt your face heat as he started trailing down to your inner thighs. You turned off the stove and whipped around to give him your full attention: arms around his neck, fingers tangled in his hair, and lips locked on his. A small yelp left your lips when you felt large hands squeeze your derriere.  A tingling sensation began to conjure in your nose so you pulled away and pushed Aomine’s chin upward with your palm so that he was now staring at the ceiling. You let out a high pitched sneeze as you borrowed your nose into the crook of your arm. Aomine growled in irritation that you pulled away from the intimate moment, “___… “ he furrowed his eyes at you.

Kise: You sat on the floor in between the long legs of your blonde boyfriend who was inserting the last pin into your hair. “Tada,” Kise sang as he handed you a mirror, “As I thought, ___-cchi looks good with a top knot bun.” You gave him a smile through the mirror, “Thanks Ryouta.” As you were putting away the hair accessories, you felt a soft touch on the back of your neck. You quickly covered it with your hand and leaned back so that your head was on Kise’s lap, “What’re you-.” The feeling of Kise’s soft lips upon yours had sent your blood pumping. His large hands began to scan your torso to the hem of your shirt. Just before he could get the shirt over your navel,” you pushed his head upward and turned yours to the side as you let out a high pitched sneeze. “Wahh, ___-cchi that sneeze was so cute! Do it again,” he exclaimed as his eyes shimmered.

Midorima: You made your way over to your boyfriend and snatched his cell phone away, hiding it behind your back. “___-san give me back my phone,” Midorima demanded as he held out his taped fingers. You lightly straddled your boyfriend and pulled off his glasses, only to put them on yourself, “W-what’re you doing?” he stuttered. You watched as his ears and cheeks become tinged with red, “Pay more attention to me, nanodayo,” you imitated. You pulled his chin upward so your lips pieced together perfectly. You pulled away to observe his now flushed face before going in for more. He placed his nervous hands upon your hips before deepening the kiss with you. There was an uncomfortable tingle that kept occurring in your nose, which broke your concentration on the intimate moment you two were having. You let out a small and short sneeze into the crook of your arm, making the glasses slip. Midorima pulled off the glasses as well as pull you off his lap so he could retrieve allergy medicine for you. “Take it,” her ordered, “W-we can continue some other time,” he mumbled as he pushed up his glasses.

Murasakibara: “Ne, ___-chin you have some chocolate on your face,” your boyfriend pointed at you with a half eaten pocky stick. “Eh? Where?” you searched your face for the sticky substance. He lowered his face next to you and licked the corner of your mouth, “Got it.”Once he had pulled away, your complexion had turned to a pink hue as you stared at him wide-eyed. He lowered his face again, now by your ear, “I wanna have a taste of __-chin.” He began to graze rim of your ear with the tip of his tongue. With his large hands he guided your chin toward his, giving himself better access to your lips. He pressed his sweet lips onto yours which caused you to squirm to his touch. “__-chin, say ‘ahh’,” he ordered. But just as you were about to allow his tongue entrance, you let out a small mouse-like sneeze. You rubbed your nose with the back of your hand. When you looked up at your boyfriend, he held the same expression but you could hear the disappointment in his voice. “___-chin, why’d you have to sneeze,” he pouted.

Akashi: “As I thought, the black one suits you,” your redhead boyfriend scanned you with his heterochromatic eyes. You eyed yourself in the mirror and traced the fitted fabric, “Sei, you didn’t have to buy this for me.” He walked over to you and placed his hands upon your shoulder, “I wanted to get you something that outshined the rest of the women that will be attending on that evening.” You tilted your head and unravel your hair from its braid and turned around to face Akashi. He looked at you stunned by your beauty, he didn’t think that putting your hair down made that big of a difference. He pulled you in by your waist and cupped the side of your cheek as he reeled you in for a kiss. The feeling of his lips on yours left you in a haze. You felt your face grow warm when you felt his hand moving up the dress but before he could go any further, you pulled away to let out a kitten-like sneeze. Akashi looked at you with a bit of a shocked expression which quickly turned serious, “Don’t sneeze like that infront of other men. You might attract them.” He looked at you up and down once more, “Maybe the dress is too alluring or maybe we should do something with your hair,” he mumbled as he planned your appearance for the event, making sure you weren’t going to attracting too many eyes.

Hanamiya: “Makoto you idiot,” you yelled as you threw your pillow at him, “I swear you’re so dense! You don’t seem to get it do you! I don’t even kno-.” Before you could finish your outburst, Hanaimya stomped toward you and had captured your lips. He pushed you down onto your bed. “Shut up. You yelling like that is really annoying ___,” he glared at you. Your cheeks turned to a slight pink hue. He watched your eyes trace his lips for he knew you wanted more. He pressed another kiss upon your lips while he trailed up your legs to the end of your shorts. The feeling of his rugged fingers graze your skin sent shivers down your spine. He pulled away to look at your crimsoned face while he undid the button of your shorts, “Now, what was it you wa-,” you muffled his voice with the pillow you smacked onto his face. You let out a high pitched sneeze and after doing so you pulled the pillow away slowly to reveal a glare from Hanamiya. You laughed nervously as you hid part of your face with the same pillow, “M-my bad.”

Takao: You had the song Catal Rhythm blaring throughout the house, accompanied by the two of you. Takao had come over to help with the chores your parents left you to. Once the song had finished, Takao plopped himself onto the couch and laid back while he watched you swing your hips to the next song as you rearranged the bookshelf. “Oi, Kazu. What do you think you’re doing?” you glared at him. “Nothing ___-chan,” he smirked. You made your way to him and held out a rag , “Don’t just leave me doing this myself.” He yanked your extended wrist with one hand while he guided your head with the other, making your lips meet his, “Take a break,” he whispered. He drew you back in for a deeper kiss as he maneuvered his hand up the back of your shirt, stopping at your bra’s clasp. You instantly pulled away from the kiss, not because of what he was doing but because there was a strange tingle in your nose. You let out a series of mouse-like sneezes. You looked up at your boyfriend who was now nuzzled into a pillow, laughing nonstop. “What was that… that was like ten sneezes … and it was all so cute,” he said inbetween laughs as he clutched his stomach.

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I am undeserving LET ME LOVE YOUUUU

shush major url envy nsfwufan im crey 

here take some of my favourite kris moments i’ll try to keep it short

some of these are edits i have no sources for i’m so sorry in advance 

surrounded by protection coz boy be an international treasure

kris keepin it klassy

你是很好看 ;A;


squishyyyy squishh 我不知道

fuckin nerd ;A;

he’s so cute and i’m so sad

weird plushie dad

kawaii kris fml

one of his best days imo

dreamy little fucker 

anime game wayyyyy too strong 這是什麼

你好 duizhang r u noodles 

best motherfucking era don’t fight it you know it don’t lie

theory of relativity

the back, the motherfucking back

boy next door hollaaa (idk who made this edit but shite)

yes ur very presh can u go to hell now, satan is waiting we all know u sold ur soul to look that adorable

wu fan and young do standing together what a time to be alive

dat (rly tiny) ass 隊長 pls 

brown eyed monster 我不愛你

frickkkk 我不幸福

piece of shit giant

pimp daddy yifan here to eyefuck everyone in a three mile radius ya’ll best hope ya’ll on the pill or someshit coz he meanin srs bsns


ayyyy lmao that’s an awful sweatshirt maybe i can help u take it off boi

hipster kris ft wubulge

aww helll no from now on cover ur face with a paper bag at all times

ur name shoulda been ew fan

nosebleed city here i come