let me love you sensei

Based on @paperficwriter‘s Genos headcanon(s)!


It wasn’t uncommon for the Jonin to be found walking through the park in the middle of the day, in fact you could almost always count on him to come through here at some point around this time of day. As he made his way through the park, just enjoying the quiet nature of not having Naruto hounding him about his training, he spied his own pink haired student, undauntedly his favourite of the three. 

It had been a slow day and Kakashi found himself in need of some interaction of some kind, so who better to see than his student who seemed to be alone with nothing to do. He walked up behind the bench she was on and started to speak before she even knew he was there.

“Now, what would our village’s best medic be doing out here, alone, on a day like today?”

Okay let me tell you something about this. This important news message. Now, I saw season 1, I know what they did, but I was still, AGAIN, like, oh, maybe Season 3 announcement, but…

…It was SAME MESSAGE AS LAST TIME. This is like the Rick Roll of Boueibu, I can’t keep falling for it! Please make this a thing, where people post “links to Season 3 info”, but it’s really just this picture XD