let me love you mr.v!



It was a single question that flowed through the flower girl’s mind as she stared down at the paper, the fine type blurring for a moment as she read over the truth of the letter in hand. Processing it’s information, the paper dropped, fluttering down to the ground as she raised a palm to her chest, her heart beating rapidly with a mixture of shock and…excitement? She had to tell someone. She had to let them know! Bending to retrieve her coveted piece of intelligence, the Cetra turned before breaking into a run, her boots thudding along the ground as she tried to find a familiar face to revel in her joy and share this happy moment after weeks of misery.

It ended up being Mr.Valentine in the end, since, just like Tseng, he knew the intricacies of her rambling better than anyone. Never slowing her pace, Aerith continued to run until she found him, the unsuspecting Turk quite contentedly minding his own business, until the moment she pounced. Her arms were around his neck as she bounced on the spot, her lips pressing to that spot right between his eyes as she squealed almost triumphantly and continued to cuddle the unlikely victim of her elation. “Midgar Hospital’s giving me an interview to be a nurse, Mr.Valentine! I can finally be qualified to look after everyone!”