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Don’t worry. No one’s going under the ship today. Though, the thought had crossed my mind. No, I’m quite certain I can do better than that.

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Everything with a * next to it is smut which is pretty much nearly everything hope you like my stuff let me know what you think love to hear your opinions.It’s mad how many people are reading my things so thank you if you’re reading this. My requests are closed but only for a short time so I can catch up with requests which I should be posting regularly. Here is all my stuff that I have posted. Enjoy!

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List of my requested stuff

1000 followers smut*

1000 followers smut part 2*

Magcon and Omaha squad

The Omaha guys see you masturbating *

Games night*

Kinky Jack G and Sammy smut*

Shawn Mendes

50 shades of Shawn Mendes *

First time*


Frustrations *

He gets jealous*

Sex bucket list*

He catches you flirting*

He catches you masturbating*

Aaron Carpenter

He’s at your brothers party*

Matt Espinosa

He teases you at dinner

Jack Johnson

He finds your vibrator *

He gets super horny when the guys are round*

Jack Gilinsky

He finds your vibrator*

Dinner Games*

Dr Gilinsky Part 1* Part 2*

His sister walks in on you*

Skype sex*

50 shades of Gilinsky*

Phone blow*

You meet him through a friend and sneak off *

Sammy Wilkinson

Mr Wilkinson part 1 * part 2* part 3*

Old part three *

You catch him masturbating *

You finally get with him*

He’s your coach*

You hate each other but you get drunk and tease him*

He introduces you to the Omaha squad but they don’t like you

Nate Maloley

Rough sex after you tease him*

You watch each other masturbate*

You tease him and leave him unsatisfied*


James Yammouni

Protective but cute

Jai Brooks

You’ve previously been in an abusive relationship

You fall out and he chases you

Luke Brooks

Angry sex *

Beau Brooks

Skype sex*

Beau Brooks Bad Boy*

Tease him at dinner*

Daniel Sahyounie

He cheats on you*

The Joker Diaries 3 [Joker x Harley]

A series of glimpses into the life of Joker, before and after he met Harley Quinn. Suicide Squad-verse. Warning: Contains explicit descriptions of smut, mentions of dub-con and non-con.
Summary: The clown couple are experiencing emotional difficulties.

3. Zero Below

“There’s a fine line between love and hate.
And I don’t mind.
Just let me say that I like that
I like that.”

“Puddin’.” She lingered in the doorway, trying to find something to say that wouldn’t set off a tantrum or further broaden the divide between them.

He wasn’t looking at her; his gaze was focused on the new, even wider flat screen, where GCN was on. As if she was a mere annoyance that he tolerated enough to let live.

It tore at her heart and she decided to try again. Only wearing her favorite silky night gown, she walked over to the couch and stood silent next to him. He still paid her no mind.

She noticed an abundance of weapons surrounding him: knives were spread on the glass table in front of the couch and he wore his gun holster despite being in the penthouse. She had found at least two of his razors in the bed last night.

The past week Harley had tried to please him whenever she could without success. She was overcome with guilt at her overstep that night, when he had left in the middle of sex. Ever since then he had pushed her away in a way he had rarely done before; he was harsh and unrelenting when she begged him to please her, to let her make up for what she did, but he refused her touch. At night he would push her straight off the bed if she even attempted to snuggle up.

Harley missed his rough touches, his attention, those lingering looks he used to give her, like a lion waiting to pounce when she passed by.

She was determined to gain his trust back. The part of her that Harleen controlled had realized that his night terrors had a reason, even if he couldn’t remember why.

Even if he had pushed every memory into the far recesses of his mind it still stayed and tore at him. She knew she had helped him with that. During the extensive ECT at Arkham, she had shattered his last memories, even the ones he wanted to keep.

Slowly she sunk to her knees in front of him, trying to capture his gaze. “I’m sorry, Puddin’,” she tried again. She carefully placed her hands on his thighs, feeling the expensive black fabric underneath her fingertips. He tensed up, but didn’t move.

Finally he looked at her. She didn’t recognize his gaze; it wasn’t their usual hint of mutual understanding, an inside joke they shared. It wasn’t the way he looked when he lusted for her or even had any sort of reaction to her behavior. She didn’t know that look and it tore right through her heart. His blue eyes were not only cold and distant, but strange.

Suddenly she felt his hands in her hair. His fingers tightened and her heart fluttered. He chuckled quietly, an unsettling laughter that enveloped her in familiarity. Finally.

“What’s the matter, Harls?” He leaned forward, the sarcasm in his voice evident. “Can’t leave me alone for one second?” He pushed her away so violently her scalp burned and let go of her.

She remained sitting on the floor, stubbornly staring at him. “No, I can’t! This ain’t my Puddin’, this is just some sad guy that I don’t even know! Snap out of it!”

He growled and stood up in one fluid motion, but she didn’t back off. “You… really are testing me.”

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There was passion and comfort and need and joy, there was a strength that knew no boundaries, a sense of kindred souls made one, and that whole being far, far greater than the sum of its parts.

– X-Men 2 Novelization, Chris Claremont

BOY!!! let me tell you how much i love my mad fat diary i just finished season 2 and im so happy things ended up all okay even though shit had hit the fan i was so afraid her mom was going to have a miscarriage but she has a sister now! and chloe is back! and when chop kissed archie smh what is you doin sweetie!!!!! but spoiler alert SHE FINALLY FUCKED FINN CAN I GET A HELL YEAH


“ g e t  h e r  b a c k , ” 

he snarled at Tamlin over the ranting of the king. 

a mate–a mate already going wild to defend what was his.

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You know I got mad love for you all.

But let me say this.

Republicans need to stop acting like they are being persecuted.

1. No one can look at you and tell you are a Republican.

2. No one is targeting Republican places of worship and business.

3. No one tries to suppress voter turnout in majority Republican areas.

The one thing people can blame on Republicans is 45.

And that’s because most of them voted for it.

That’s on you if did. Own it.

But even so, no one will know you did unless you tell them.

And I won’t even ask.

I know this doesn’t mean things would have been better with Hillary.

If anything they may have been worse.

Misogynists probably outnumber racists these days.

Of course there’s some overlap.

The Best Q&A

(Sammy’s pov)
Y/N and I are at my house. We’ve been dating for about 5 months and we don’t live together but she’s almost always at my house or I’m at hers because we live pretty far apart. She’s in the kitchen fixing lunch while I’m on the couch watching tv. I look over at her just to see a beautiful view. My stunning girlfriend wearing my shirt, I love it when she wears my clothes. I dont know why, maybe it’s the fact that it assures me that she’s mine or maybe it’s because they’re huge on her and it’s cute. I just love her, but she doesn’t know that.
(Y/N pov)
I’m in the middle of cutting the sandwiches I made for Sammy and myself when I feel two arms snake around my waist. I giggle as Sammy starts to kiss my cheeks repeatedly. I turn around to face him, both of us smiling insanely. He goes in for a kiss but I quickly dodge it and dash for the living room. “Ooooh no you didn’t” he says as he chases after me. I laugh as I’m at one end of the couch while he’s at the other, both of us ready for movement. I look at the stairs, then Sammy figuring the distance was far enough to get by him. I quickly try to dash for the stairs but Sammy latches his arm around me throwing me on the couch. I spring up grabbing his arms and pinning him down on the couch, straddling him. Panting from all the sudden movement, we stare at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Until I loosen my grip on him and he sits up. Still straddling him from the previous position, I put my arms around his neck. He puts his hands on my waist.
(Sammy’s pov)
“Babe?” I ask Y/N who’s on my lap facing me, arms around my neck. “Yea?” She responds staring into my eyes. “Can I ask you something?” I say “yea of course” she responds hopping off my lap and on the the couch beside me. “So there’s this friend I have-” I clear my throat and continue, “so my friend he um, he’s been dating this girl for almost a year and uh-” I try to make not so obvious that I’m talking about myself, and Y/N and my’s relationship. “Mhm go on” she says putting her hand on my thigh “basically he was telling me that he likes her a lot” I say “I would hope so if they’ve been together for that long” she laughs. “Haha” I nervously chuckle and continue “well he said that he thinks- he knows he loves her and he doesn’t know if he should tell her or not because he doesn’t know if she feels the same way and he thinks the period of time in which they’ve been together is too short to pull that love card. So my question is what should I- what should I tell him to do?” I quickly finish. She looks me dead in the eye, it was like she was staring into my soul. She studies my face for a bit more until she starts to jump back into the conversation saying “well Sammy, my advice is. To tell your friend, that love has no due date, and there are some people who fall in love after the first hello-” she smiles and continues “so when he’s ready, he should tell her because I guarantee that she is in love with him too and has been waiting for him this whole time.” She finishes kissing my cheek and walking off to the kitchen. I start to think long and hard about what Y/N said. Until she arrives back with the sandwiches she made earlier. We proceed to eat and watch some tv, until the time comes where I have to go to the studio.
(Y/N pov)
Sammy and I finish eating. While I’m bringing the plates to the kitchen Sammy comes up from behind me again hugging me “ohhhhh not again” I say turning around to face him. “You know I’m still missing that kiss from earlier” he says wiggling his eyebrows, I look at the stove clock to see it’s about time for Sammy’s studio session. “Isn’t it time for you to go to the studio?” I ask, he looks at the clock and jumps “OH SHIT! FUCK, yeah” he races to grab his belongings while I finish cleaning up the kitchen. Once I’m done which was fairly quick, I see Sammy is about to leave. As I’m grabbing a water bottle from the fridge, Sammy grabs my butt spinning me around and smashing his lips into mine. He grabs my waist bringing me closer to him if that was even possible, after about 15 seconds we pull apart breathing a bit heavily. “Bye baby oh and when I come back we have to make a Q&A for my channel, the fans wanna see wassup” he says laughing a bit “Ok, I might have to go run a few errands, stop by my house and meet up with some people but I’ll be here by the time you come back” I say. He smiles and nods leaving off to the studio.
(Sammy’s pov)
*at the studio*
Johnson gets out of the booth once he finishes his verse, “that was straight fire bro!” I say giving him the handshake as he approaches me Skate and Gilinsky. “Yeah man this songs gonna be dope” Gilinsky adds on, we all agree as Skate gets the weed out starting to roll up a few joints. “Yo G how’s Madison?” I ask him “she’s good why do you ask?” He questions “well ahh I was just wonderin’, when did you tell her you loved her?” I ask him my head facing downward avoiding eye contact. “Ooohh looks like someone got bit by the love bug, not surprised” Johnson says “yeah yeah whatever” I say taking a hit from a joint Skate passed to me. “You think you love Y/N bro?” Gilinsky asks “I mean I know I do, it’s just I don’t know if it’s the right time and-” Gilisnky cuts me off saying “and if she loves you back or if it’s too early, trust me I’ve been there” he takes a hit continuing “let me tell you this, when I told Mads I loved her all the weight came off my shoulders, it was by far the best decision I’ve made. We were friends for a while and one day we sat each other down and I was just like look I’m in love with you. And she felt the exact same.” “yeah but Y/N and I haven’t been together that long, isn’t it too soon tell her I’m IN LOVE?” I say “so? If you love her now why wait?” Gilinsky says. Then Johnson chimes in saying “I guarantee she loves you back bro, it’s all about the connection and how you guys feel. I may be single but I know about love”. “Johnson does know wassup and that’s a whole fact” Skate says. “Soooo what should I do?” I ask them. They all look at each other for a second and then say “do what you think is right”. I sigh as we change the subject, yet Y/N is always on my mind. After about a three hour studio session I notice it’s about time for me to head home. “Alright guys imma head out” I say. “Aight cool see ya later Sammy” Skate says “see ya Wilk” Gilinsky says “let us know how that Y/N thing goes” Johnson says. Suddenly an idea pops into my head “bye guys” I say as I rush out the studio on my way home. I text Y/N to see if she’s at my place.
Me: baby u home?
Babe❤:at your place yeah
Babe❤: hurry!
Me:why what’s wrong??
Babe❤️: I miss you :(
(Y/N pov)
I was setting up everything for Sammy’s video when he walks in the door, panting as if he ran a mile. “Hey…Sam you good?” I ask confused “yeah,” he pants and continues “I’m just so excited for this Q&A, there are some great questions” he says “yea I started setting up the camera” I say gesturing to the camera. “Ohh I got that just sit riggggghhhttt here” he says placing me on the couch in front of the camera. He goes to turn the camera on adjusting it a bit until he comes and sits down next to me. “Ready?” He asks “yup” I smile and he starts the intro. “What’s up everybody it is your boy Sam Wilkinson and I’m here today with my girl Y/N” he says smiling at me throwing his arm around my shoulders. I smile at the camera as he continues “and today we are doing a Q&A which is what y'all asked for”. Sammy taps my shoulder slightly indicating that I should continue on “we got the questions off of Twitter by tweeting the hashtag ‘Ask Sammy&Y/N’ and thank you so much for trending WORLD WIDE, we appreciate the love and dedication, we love you all so much annnddddd first question Sammy?” I say and he starts. “What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you at a concert” he says chuckling. “Well, this one time-” I decide to cut him off “SAMMY FUCKING RIPPED HIS PANTS ON STAGE IT WAS HILARIOUS!” I yell laughing. Sammy being embarrassed, sticks his head in the crook in my neck and mumbles “stooopp, I wore these really tight pants and when I got on I was really hype and jumpy and….” he starts to fade out. “It’s ok baby it happens sometimes” I say but I gesture 'no it doesn’t’ to the camera, he’ll find that out once he starts editing. “And I had to go out on stage and help him get off without being exposed because keep in mind he ripped his underwear too, not that everyone hasn’t seen his nudes alrea-” Sammy cuts me off “OK OK that’s enough, next question”.
We get through many questions about tours and social media and the occasional relationship questions until some… unusual ones start to pop up.
(Sammy’s pov)
I decide after about 10min to start throwing in the serious questions. “What do you think about Y/N?” Y/N reads “Hmmm Sammy whatcha think about meh?” She adds on giggling. I smile and respond “I think you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever laid my eyes on”. She smiles at me, as if for a moment she forgot we were supposed to be filming because we were staring at each other for what seemed like hours. I then decided to speak “in fact,” I pause and look at the camera “Y/N is the probably the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me” “oh stoooooopp” she says blushing “No, actually I have to say something.” I say looking at Y/N then the camera then back to her and I continue “Y/N, you are so goddam beautiful, like I don’t think you understand how fucking stunning you are. You’re always talkin’ 'oh Sam I look so ugly today or wow I wish I was as pretty as her’, bullshit. If you could see yourself for a day in the way everyone else sees you, I think you’d finally understand how fucking gorgeous you are.” “Sammyyyyyyy” she says putting her head in my chest out of embarrassment. “Wait baby I’m not done” I say as she lifts her head, her glistening eyes gazing into mine. “I hope you know that every time I tell you to text me when you get home, put on your seat belt, watch your step, stay warm, sweet dreams or have a good day what I’m really saying is I love you. I love you so damn much that it’s starting to steal other words meanings. I didn’t want to fall in love or need someone
I really didn’t want anything 6 months ago, but then you came along and I wanted everything. So Y/N I’m telling you that I Samuel Wilkinson am in love with you, and when I tell you this it’ll be a forever reminder that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me” I finally finish. From the moment I said the words 'I love you’ her eyes lit up, she engulfs me in the best hug. Not just any hug, one of those tight 'lift me up off the floor mama bear hugs’ the hugs were you can feel the other persons heartbeat and a sense of care and love flows. Still hugging me she speaks “Sammy, baby, my love. I’ve been waiting to hear those words for the longest time, ever since we met I’ve known we were special. That the way we talk and laugh around each other is different than everyone else, that I will never meet anyone I trust as much as I do you. And I think most people search their whole lives searching for the thing that we’ve already found.” She pauses and lets go from our previous hugging position, holding my hands “Truthfully I could talk to you all night and day and still have a billion words to say, but too many words become meaningless. So I’ll leave it at that you Samuel Wilkinson are the most wonderful person I’ve ever met, and I couldn’t imagine my life without you in it.” She finishes. We stare into each others eyes both smiling from ear to ear. It’s like we read each other’s minds when we both leaned in for a kiss.
(Y/N pov)
It was like our first kiss all over again, the rhythm perfect, the sensation of each others lips unimaginable. But there was one big difference, it was out of love and that had to be the best feeling in the world. After we break apart I turn around to see the camera still sitting there, I walk closer to it to turn it off. I look to see that the camera is already off. Confused, I look up to see a grinning Sammy looking back at me.

Big Bang Reaction: You ignore their kisses because you’re mad at them

anon asked: big bang when you ignore their kisses because you’re mad at them

Thanks for your request again anon! Please enjoy! ~Em

Jiyong: *gets all intense about it* “Jagi…please let me kiss you.”

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Seunghyun: “Jagi I love you, please don’t be mad at me anymore! I hate when you ignore me.”

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Taeyang: *sits with you and listens to why you are upset and fixes it*

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Daesung: *offended* “Jagi, did you just? What did I do to you to deserve that??”

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Seungri: “Okay. Fine. But next time you want to kiss me I won’t let you.”

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No Need To Worry


Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Prompt: “Let me prove to you how much I love you”

Summary: You get mad at Stiles for him not seeing that Malia is trying to intervene into the relationship.

Side Note: Here you go @loverofthosebands​, sorry it took so long!

“I’m sorry Y/N, she came onto me” Stiles placed his hand up in defense, trying to apologize for Malia’s crazy behaviour just moments before.

It was anything new, Malia had been attached to Stiles from day one. Ever since she got turned back into human she would follow your boyfriend around, and Stiles did nothing but allow her to continue to do so. Even though he knew very well that she would end up getting too attached and that would interfere with his relationship with you.

“How many times have I asked Stiles for you to let Malia know that you’re taken. That she can’t have you as her freaking mate, or whatever coyotes do.”

This was probably the most irrational thing you have done in your life, but reason wasn’t present and all you wanted was for Malia to know that Stiles wasn’t her’s.

“She knows okay, but she is having trouble adjusting and I thought I would help her out.” he said again defending her, and not seeing the bigger picture.

“Someone else can teach her to adjust Stiles, it doesn’t have to be you!”.

Turning your back to him it was hard to try and convey your point, did you even have one to begin with? Maybe this whole thing was innocent and the only person making a big deal out of nothing was you. But you couldn’t help the way you feel, and Malia was most definitely over stepping her boundary.

“She’s scared Y/N, and everything is new to her. I can’t just not do anything to help”.

You were quite glad that no-one was here at Stiles house, his dad went to work and it was a scene you didn’t want him to witness.Turning back around you crossed your arms. “Malia has a whole pack around her, there are plenty of other people she can go to for help. I want her to understand that you and me are together, that she just can’t come on in and in print on you and make you her mate”.

Stiles shut the door and looked at you, “If you want to teach her something Stiles than teach her that”.

That sounded harsh but it was the truth. Malia needed to know her place and needed to know that just because she was new to this whole human lifestyle, that it didn’t give her a pass to make moves on your boyfriend.

“You’re making a big deal out of nothing” Stiles told you.

You rubbed your forehead trying to prevent a headache from forming. Of course Stiles would see it as not a big deal, and that just made you look like a crazy, jealous girlfriend who didn’t trust her partner. But you did trust Stiles, and as cliche as it was Malia was the one that didn’t have your trust.

Grabbing your purse you opened the door and headed to your car, Stiles was hot on your trail and kept on shouting your name. “Y/N would you just stop for a second”.

“Why, so I can listen to you defend a girl that wants nothing more than to remove me from the picture?”.

“That is not true and you know it”.

Opening the door you threw your purse in and turned to Stiles, “Spare me the lecture on getting her to learn how to behave now she is human, after being a coyote for 9 years okay Stiles, because I don’t need to hear nor do I want too. But I’m not stupid or blind and the fact that Malia can’t respect that fact your in a committed relationship, speaks volumes. Maybe I’m being paranoid or jealous but I refuse to stand here and allow her to come in, and mark you as her territory.”

He sighed and you knew that he wasn’t liking this fight one bit, “Don’t you think you’re being a little extreme? She knows that you and I are together”.

“Just because she knows doesn’t mean she won’t try and do something. I feel sorry for her I do Stiles, okay it must be tough to adjust to being human after what she went through. But I’m not going to give her a pass or make excuses up for her, just because she doesn’t understand the fact you’re taken”.

Getting into the car you slammed the door shut, putting your keys in the ignition you were about to turn them when Stiles re-opened the door.

“What can I do to prove it to you? Let me prove to you how much I love you” he said.

Gripping the wheel you didn’t want Stiles to question the fact you didn’t think he loved you anymore. And it was upsetting that he even had to ask such a question.

“Stiles you don’t have to prove anything, I know you love me. All I’m asking is for you to take a step back in teaching her how to be a human. Let someone else do it, the responsibility doesn’t have to fall on you.”

“Okay I’ll take a step back, now can we please go back inside and have a movie night?” he asked extending his hand so you would take it.

This was meant to be a relaxing night and it didn’t start off that way, but there was no reason it couldn’t end that way. You grabbed his hand and locking your car you and Stiles went back to his room and binged on food and your favourite movies. Just trying to forget about the ridiculous fight that took place earlier, it was all about trust and you did trust Stiles to not let anything happen between him and Malia.

He loves you and that is all that matters, there was no way he or you were going to let anything jeopardize this relationship.


Caroline Forbes: The only person who understands how much Stefan will always love Damon