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Submitter: pogipi + [pic on the artist’s blog itself]

1.You’re just making excuses for your heart.
2.I’m sorry for lying through the same soft lips I kissed you with.
3.I promised one day that I’d bring you back a star but I caught one and it burned a hole in my hand.
4.When you’re so old that you no longer remember my face, I will meet you for the first time again and again.
5.I want to be your 9pm kisses and 3am whispers. I want to be the one you hold while you sleep.
6.I think you’re making a huge mistake.
7.I think you’re convincing yourself that it won’t work so that you don’t have to try.
8.I think you’re scared.
9.Why did you promise me forever?
10.We can learn to put each other first.
11.We’re not broken, just bent.
12.I’ve forgotten every word except your name.
13.I’m sorry I never thanked you for sacrifice; for the massages and the breakfast in bed and the late night car rides with the windows down.
14.Did you ever care at all?
15.My father found me passed out on the kitchen floor and when I woke, the only thing I could do was throw up vodka and your name.
16.You were always the one that I wanted.
17.Your eyes have always reminded me of a late night ocean speckled with flecks of gold.
18.Am I not good enough for you?
19.I was there when you became a teenager. I was there when you became an adult. I’ve loved you throughout.
20.I would show you love one thousand times over.
21.You kissed me like a promise and I never questioned why.
22.I allow the cold to engulf me in his arms because his touch feels just like yours.
23.I am in love with you to the very depth of your being.
24.I wish I was less volatile.
25.I wish you were less cynical.
26.I wish neither of us knew what tears tasted like.
27.It was 2am and the whole world had stopped. We walked into love.
28.Our bruised necks and scratched backs were the most delightful reminder of our love.
29.You’ve always surprised me into surprising myself.
30.You destroyed me and I said thankyou; I said please.
—  everything i wish i would’ve said to make you stay
Deep Breath | three

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genre: fluff/angst

words count: 2,1k

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After that day I found myself texting Jongin every day. The highlight of my days was when he called me. We had nothing to say to each other but somehow we always ended up talking on the phone for hours.

Slowly I started to know things about him. Like he had moved to the city around the same time as I did for entire different reasons though. He moved because he just felt drawn to the city and I moved here because it was my only choice. I learned that he was actually a dance teacher and that the only reason why he was working at the carnival was because he filling in for a friend. Hearing him talk about his dancing made me want to watch him.

He made me promise that I would go see him sometime and I said that I would. But when the time finally came I was so incredibly nervous I couldn’t even choose what to wear, something that was so easy to me.

“Why do you look so nervous?” Soo asked from the door.

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Kai roommates!au
  • him being extra cute like
  • “y/n!! which toothbrush do you want?? green or blue??”
  • you smiling because the last time you chose the green one he pouted for two hours
  • him dressing up while still being asleep and ending up with his shirt back to front
  • you pulling him back into the room because kIM JONGIN NO
  • late night conversation that end up with you talking to the wall
  • “talking about college makes me sleepy”
  • “i was talking about the new avengers film”
  • avengers make him sleepy too probably
  • jongin running after bugs in the middle of the night because you are too scared to sleep
  • “i swear that thing was trying to kill me”
  • kyungsoo coming to check on you and on your messy room
  • “why is the laundry almost reaching the ceiling?”
  • jongin putting the blame on you because well he needs to think about his own safety first
  • you whispering “traitor” every time you bitterly fold the clothes you just washed
  • him feeling guilty so “Y/N!! YOU CAN HAVE THE GREEN TOOTHBRUSH!!”
  • you coming back after class only to find him and sehun on the floor
  • “jongin why are you trying to break sehun’s leg?”
  • finding out that sehun told him the new guy at the cafeteria made a comment about your haircut
  • “he told me i looked cute with it”
  • “exactly!!”
  • sehun rolling his eyes because oH MY GOD you guys are so oblivious
  • you leaving him notes
  • “today my parents are visiting so please remember to put your shirt on”
  • him actually doing it
  • you getting a low grade on a test so when you get home he has prepared dinner
  • two cups of instant ramen
  • but you appreciate the thought because that’s really sweet and he welcomed you with a big hug
  • the cafeteria guy always making comments on your appearance so jongin walks right next to you when you make your order
  • “your food will get cold if you don’t go eat”
  • “i’m just making sure he doesn’t say anything strange”
  • the guy ending up saying something really cheesy so jongin keeps mocking him with taemin
  • “oh no he didn’t”
  • “yes!! he really said that!!”
  • you getting angry because “at least he complimented me on my new haircut!!”
  • taemin going away because his instinct of self-preservation tells him to
  • jongin feeling sad because he wanted to tell you how cute the new haircut was but the guys would’ve made fun of him
  • sehun rolling his eyes again because oH MY GOD guys please
  • you ending up having dinner with minseok because he understands your relationship the most
  • he actually knows you’ve liked jongin since day one
  • “you should tell him, y/n.. i bet he will be happy”
  • you mentally screaming because oh no that would be embarrassing
  • but ending up writing it on your notebook because yes that’s better
  • jongin making sure you know he likes your hair in random moments
  • like you will be washing the dishes and he casually points out that “wow your hair looks really shiny y/n!!”
  • you grinning because you know he just wants you to talk to him again
  • after all the haircut isn’t even that important you just wanted him to notice you a little more
  • things being normal again aside from the guys who apparently are really busy and can’t come over
  • even kyungsoo and the laundry is piling up again
  • so you call minseok when jongin is showering and ask him if he spilled the beans
  • “i didn’t but i have the feeling someone else did”
  • you think about this sentence for the next two hours because nO ONE ELSE KNOWS ??!!
  • when you are almost asleep you hear jongin whispering something so you turn to his side of the room and ??? what are you saying
  • “you know i think i found something in your notebook but i guess it was wrong of me to look into your stuff but yeah the thing is i needed help with that class and i know you always write notes so—”
  • you blanking out because no
  • “—but it’s great because i didn’t know how to confess so oh my god are you okay y/n??”
  • you coming to your senses before hearing “confess” ?? then blanking out again
  • jongin ending up calling kyungsoo for advices
  • “i think something is wrong with y/n she isn’t breathing anymore”
  • the next morning everyone looks at the two of you like you suddenly grew a pair of horns because yes!! they are dating!!
  • sehun rolling his eyes because oH MY GOD finally
  • everything is going perfectly until the cafeteria guy tries to get your number
  • then jongin starts talking to him about haircuts and green toothbrushes so the guy leaves with wide eyes
  • yeah kim jongin can be a bit of an airhead but he is truly a beautiful person and he loves you more than anything else so how can you ask for more?? you already have the most precious human being right next to you

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Can you do a bbrae imagine. (They're not a couple yet in this) where raven's muscles are tight and she's too tired to properly heal herself too tired to yell at bb to tell him no when bb decides to give her a massage - which leads to a fully body massage 😏*wink wink shove shove*

“I could sleep for like…ten years,” Beast Boy muttered. Raven grunted from beside him, exhaustion stamped out across her face. 

This week had been hell. There was a stupid alert nearly every hour, leaving the Titans with little rest. Jump City’s resident villains were relentless it seemed, plotting to take them down by means of exhaustion. 

And it was working, too. Beast Boy felt like jelly, and he was having a really hard time walking straight. 

Shapeshifting took a shit-ton of energy. Not getting enough rest was putting some heavy strain on his body. 

He wasn’t alone in his suffering either. One sideways glance at Raven showed the empath teetering as she walked, and Beast Boy feared she’d stumble into a wall. 

“Here,” he croaked, reaching out for her. His jelly-like arms wound around her shoulders and the two supported each other as they hobbled the remaining distance to the tower’s glorious elevator. One push of a button, and they stumbled inside, both leaning back against the wall.

“Thanks,” Raven murmured. There was a beat before she spoke again. “I feel dead.” 

 “Me too.” 

Beast Boy stared into space, barely registering the silence that enveloped them. Everything felt like a fog, and he was pretty sure he’d pass out upon hitting the pillow. 

“My back hurts,” he blurted. Raven grunted in agreement, and he turned to see her attempting to stretch. She winced as she did so, muttering curses under her breath. 

“I could give ya’ a massage you know.” 

Her wide-eyed stare confused him, and it took a minute for Beast Boy’s fuzzy mind to process what exactly he just said. His face grew hot and he bit his lip. “I-I mean I could. Give a back massage, ‘cuz I know how to! Rita taught me once. But I didn’t mean-” 

“That would be nice.” 

Beast Boy blinked, gaping like a fish. “I..you..what?” 

A bemused expression crossed Raven’s features, and she uttered a soft chuckle. “I’d actually like a nice back massage,” she said. “If you’re up to giving one, anyway.” 

He shook himself, suddenly awake. “Uh, sure!” 

Raven smiled. “Great.” The elevator pinged then, and he watched in silence as she pushed herself off the wall and hobbled out into the hallway. Beast Boy gulped. What had he just gotten himself into? 

He followed her, uncertainty pricking his skin. 

They wandered into the empty common room, halting in front of the couch. Raven unfastened her cloak and draped it over the couch’s back before settling comfortably onto the dark cushions. She arched a brow at him, uncertainty shadowing her face. “Should I lay down, or…?”

“Y-yeah,” he stammered. “That’ll be fine.” His gaze was riveted to the empath as she swung her legs up onto the couch and shifted to lay on her stomach, her black leotard exposing just enough of her behind to make him shiver. 

Was it always this hot in here? 

Beast Boy wrung at his hands, forcing his feet to move. He sank to his knees, staring warily at Raven’s back. Should he just…start? A quick glance to the side caused his gaze to entangle with hers, and she raised her brows. “Hmm?”

“N-nothing,” he croaked. “Just, uh, relax.” He forced a smile to his lips and returned his focus to the task at hand. With shaking hands, Beast Boy reached forward and delicately brushed his fingers across her back. He moved slowly, carefully working circles into her taught muscles. 

Raven’s leotard bunched beneath his fingers, and he furrowed his brow as he attempted to work around the obstacle. Typically, a really good massage was done without clothes, but there was no way he was bringing that up. His gaze darted to the demoness’s firm rear, and he flushed. 

Yeah, this was intimate enough for now. Besides, he’d given massages to Starfire while she was clothed, why should this be any different?

Raven let out a moan, making his breath hitch. 

Okay, so maybe this was a bit different than massaging Starfire. 

He shook his head, pushing those thoughts away. Instead, he kept his focus on his hands. Beast Boy kneaded Raven’s back, carefully working at all the knots and strains in her sore muscles, just as he was taught. Based on the hums and moans of pleasure, he was doing a pretty good job. 

“You’re really good at this,” Raven murmured breathily. She stared up at him through lidded eyes, a look that was quickly making him feel flustered. 

“T-thanks,” he squeaked. Her gaze entranced him, and he soon found himself a hairsbreadth away from her. Raven’s breath tickled his face, and their lips brushed. 

“I can go for a five course meal right about now.” 

Cyborg’s voice had them springing apart, and Beast Boy’s back thumped into the coffee table as he scrambled backwards. His face burned, and he stared wide-eyed at Robin and Cyborg’s baffled expressions. 

“Uh, you okay there, B?” Cyborg asked. He cracked a forced smile, keeping his gaze strictly off of Raven. 

“Y-Yeah, I’m great!” he babbled. “Just wondering what’s for dinner!” 

Robin and Cyborg shared a glance, and they shrugged. “I dunno,” Robin said, “I was thinking pizza. What do you want, Raven?” 

She cleared her throat, looking just as flustered as Beast Boy felt. “Pizza is fine.” 

Cyborg grinned. “ ‘Kay well, let me know when you love birds are ready to order.” 

Beast Boy blushed brightly, shooting Raven a glance, only to witness her vanish in a black cloud. Well, this was just great. He melted into the shape of a mouse and scurried away, the sounds of Robin and Cyborg’s chuckles echoing in his ears. 

He really should have just taken that nap instead. 

Well, this turned out to be more humorous than intended. Oh well, hopefully it’s still fun. Enjoy!

-mod vixensheart

Come Back

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
(Kai is being distant and reader moves away ; When Kai finds out he goes to find her , begging her to come back.)


Kai and Y/N were best friends even tho Y/N’s friends had tried multiple times to get her to stop spending time with him. To them he was a dangerous sociopath uncapable of any emotions but they didn’t know him like she did. When they had first met , a connection had formed between them. Y/N was the only one not judging him and willing to give him a chance , even before Kai had merged with Luke. Even after Kai turned into a vampire - their friendship was the one thing keeping him from

Lately , however , Kai had grown distant. They still hung out , but it was like he wasn’t really there.  
“Kai ? Are you listening ?” Y/N asked him , trying to get his attention for the 5th time that night. He turned towards her , simply nodding. “What did you think of the movie ? Did you like it? You were so quiet on the way here..”
They had been at the movies earlier that evening and as usual the night ended with drinks at the Grill. Kai had acted weird the whole night. He kept glancing at her and looking away the second he noticed she was looking back at him.
“It was fun.” he said simply , finishing his drink. “I gotta go.” Kai suddenly got up and just left , leaving Y/N alone at the Grill wondering what had gone wrong.

Y/N had tried to call him the next day … and the day after that. Kai wasn’t answering any of her phone calls or text messages. She even asked Damon and Bonnie if they knew what was going on with Kai but all they said was that she was better off without him in her life.
Y/N was starting to get really worried. About a week and a half later , Y/N showed up at the Karaoke bar because Caroline had called to tell her Kai was there. She spotted him the moment she entered the bar. He was getting up on stage. Y/N sat in the back where it was dark and listened to Kai singing. He wasn’t very good at it but it was really nice to see him , tho he seemed a little off. The song he had picked was a slow song about broken hearts and impossible relationships.
Y/N waited until Kai got off stage and sat on the bar ordering a drink and before walking towards him.
“Hey stranger.” she said smiling at him , Kai jumped a little in his seat.
“Y/N ? What .. what are you doing here?” he asked looking nervous, not meeting her eyes.
“You weren’t picking up your phone… I got worried.” Y/N said placing a hand on his shoulder. Kai tensed.
“I’m OK.” he said “Nothing to worry about.”
At the same moment some guy bumped into Y/N and she turned around for a sec but when she looked back at Kai he wasnt there. She searched for him in the crowd but he was gone.

3 weeks later

“Do you have to go?” Bonnie asked.
Y/N sighed , there was nothing keeping her here anymore , specially with Kai erasing her from her life. It was time for her to go and find her calling.
“Yeah. I need a change in scenery , a long one.” she said. “I’m almost done packing and already signed a lease on the apartment. Plus .. I there is nothing for me here.”  she sighed.

Y/N said goodbye to her friends promising to call them every day, got in her car and drove out of town.

A few days later Kai ran into Bonnie , Stefan and Caroline at the Grill. He was kind of hoping to see Y/N but she wasn’t there. Using his vampire hearing he eavesdropped on the conversation and what he heard made his heart sank.

“I miss her. It’s been only a few days but it feels like forever.” Caroline said. “I know New York is not that far away but not having Y/N just feels wrong.”

Y/N had moved away ? Kai thought. No, no. I waited too long…
Kai finished his drink and walked towards the table where Y/N’s friends were sitting.

“Hey.” he said , Bonnie glaredat him as if trying to decide betweet melting his face off or ripping his heart out. Kai shifted uncomfortably. “Where is Y/N ? Is she coming here later? ” he asked , pretending he hadn’t eavesdropped.
“Why do you care?” Caroline asked.“It’s not like she is the one who shut you off…”
Bonnie let a small laugh. Kai tried to keep calm , he turned to Stefan.
Stefan sighed and answered his question. “She moved away Kai. To New York.”
Kai’s eyes widened in (fake) surprise. “Do you .. um … do you have her address ? She um … left some things at my place , I think she might want them back.”
Bonnie and Caroline both shot glares are Stefan , shaking their heads in disagreement. Stefan gave Kai a piece of paper with Y/N’s new address.  
“Thank you.” Kai said , a wide smile on his face. He was going to find her , and he was going to get her back. Y/N was the only good thing in his life and he didn’t want to lose her.

“Why did you give him her address ?!” Caroline said angrily in a hushed voice.
“Because …” Stefan took a sip from his drink. “.. Y/N loves him and clearly our little psychotic friend loves her too.” he said smiling.

Kai got in his car and drove to NYC the same night. He could hardly wait for the morning to come. When the first sun rays showed up , he was already in front of Y/N’s new place. He got up to the 5th floor , took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Shortly after Y/N opened it.
“Hi.” he said.
“Kai ? How … What … ” Y/N stuttered. She never thought she’d see him again.
“Can I come in?” Kai asked nervously. Y/N nodded and stepped inside.
He looked around - her new place wasn’t big. It had a small living room with a tiny kitchen corner and a fire escape right outside the window.
“What are you doing here ?” she asked , Kai turned around to face her. A flash of anger in her eyes , saddness too but also happiness. “I thought you didn’t want to see me anymore.”
Kai took a deep breath before speaking. How was he going to tell her what he wanted without sounding selfish ? “Please come back to Mystic Falls.”
“Why would I go back ? There is nothing left for me there.” she said crossing her hands on her chest , looking at the floor.
“I am there.”
“You shut me out , remember? I didn’t even knew you still cared…” she said , her voice barely a whisper.
“But I DO care about you ! Would I be here if I didn’t ? Just … Please come back with me.” Kai took her hand and squeezed it a little. “Please ?”  
Y/N looked up at him , her eyes had started to water. Kai touched her face. He couldn’t stand seeing tears in her eyes.  
“I can’t go back there , Kai. I just can’t. There are just … there are just too many memories everywhere I go.”
Kai cupped her face and touched her forehead with his. “I’m there. We can make new memories , better ones.”
“What are you talking about , Kai?” she said pulling away from him. “Do you even … ” Y/N said , tears starting to roll down her cheeks. He had no idea why she left Mystic Falls. How could he ? There was nothing left for her there because he had abandoned her. It took her moving away for her to realise that she had feelings for him. “Do you even know why I left? You shut me out ! My best friend , the person I care and love most in this world … and you shut me out.”
“Y/N …” he said , wrapping his hands around her pulling her into a hug. “I shut you out because I didn’t know how to tell you … ”
“Tell me what ?” she asked , wiping tears from her face. A flicker of hope sparked inside her.
Kai touched her face , gently wiping another tear rolling down her cheek. “I am in love with you!”  He said smiling. “And I know it is extremely selfish of me to ask you to go back to Mystic Falls with me but - ”
Y/N didn’t let him finish “I love you too Kai.” she said smiling and kissed him before he had time to say anything else.


Word count: 1784

You get stabbed and die in Kai’s arms

‘You can’t go!’ Kai stated, grabbing onto your arm as he didn’t want to let you go.

‘I just want to see what she wants.’ You replied, trying to get your arm out of his grip but his grip was so tight on you, scared to let you go. It didn’t hurt, it just showed how much he didn’t want to let you go or watch you getting hurt.

‘You know she always has a plan. It’s Katherine we’re talking about here. She always has a backup plan. Even when the first plan fails, she has another one and if that one fails, well, you see where I’m going.’

'Kai, nothing’s going to happen. I’ll be completely fine.’ You said and stepped closer and placed your arms on his arms. You’ve never seen him like this. The concern on his face wasn’t new to you, but the way he was looking at you at that moment was.

'I just don’t want to lose you. You know how much of a support you are to me. You get me through all the tough times.’ Kai muttered, his arms wrapping around your body and pulling your body closer to his, no space between them left. You lifted up your hand to his face and ran your fingers through his hair, locking your eyes with his. A smile shone on your face, his hands carefully and gently placed on your back.

'You’re not gonna lose me. That’s like not even in my plans in the near future. Or ever. Everything will be fine, you’ll see and we still have that date tonight.’ You added as Kai lifted you up, your legs wrapped around his waist. He spun you around, a simple and genuine laugh escaping your body, happiness traveling through your body.

'What, dancing? Of course.’ He said as he let you down on your feet and took you by your hands and made a few steps before he pulled you closer and then leaned you down, his strong arms holding you. 'Wouldn’t miss it for the world.’ He added and then leaned down aswell, his lips meeting yours.

'Now, I really have to go, but I’ll definitely see you in a couple of hours.’ You kissed him again, his arms wrapping around you one more time before you pulled away and walked out of the house. A smile suddenly disappeared from your face, nervousness and fear taking over your body. Meeting Katherine was probably a really bad idea, but maybe she wanted to bury the hatchet between you two. Even though you never fought Katherine in a physhical way because she’s a vampire and you were just a human, she never was one of those people you loved to be around so you fought most of the time. She did tried to kill you, but Kai saved you snd since then he’s worried about you. You understood that perfectly, but you were always optimistic and always thought Kai overreacted when it came to stuff like that. He was even scared to let you walk home alone at night after the movies with Elena. It was kind of annoying, but knowing you had someone who cared about you and always wanted to keep you safe.

You walked to the place Katherine told you and sat on a single bench around, Katherine nowhere to be seen. Street lights were barely shining, just one right next to you and even that one was flickering, creeping you out even more. There was no one around and if you said your heart wasn’t beating like crazy, you would’ve lied because you’ve never been more scared in your life than you were at that moment. Out of nowhere, you saw someone coming towards you as your hands started shaking. You got up and stood at one spot, frozen when Katherine approached you.

'No lover boy this time?’ Katherine asked and titlted her head to one side, grinning at you.

'What do you want Katherine? I think I made it clear that I don’t want to talk or see you anymore. Leave me alone so I can live my own life and-’

'With Kai? Yeah, I heard he became this cute, tamed guy because of you. Too bad. I liked him better when he was ruthless and didn’t care about anyone.’ She stated and walked around you slowly, trailing her hand along your arm and your back.

'What do you even need from me?’ You asked her, not feeling so scared anymore. Courage grew in you as minutes passed. You’ve always been strong and a little bit reckless, rush into trouble, which Kai absolutely hated.

'I don’t need anything from you. I actually can’t come up with anything I would want from you. You’re just a useless and fragile human.’ She trailed off and sat down on the bench behind you, crossing her legs.

'Then what the hell am I even doing here? If you don’t need anything, I’ll just go home because being here is just a waste of my time.’ You said as you wanted to turn around and leave but she grabbed your arm, squeezing it tightly. Your brows furrowed as you winced out in pain, her grip on you getting tighter and tighter. It felt like she was about to break your arm and it looked like that’s exactly what she wanted to do.

'Katherine, stop! You’re hurting me!’ You desperately tried to move her hand from your arm, but unsuccessfully. She came closer, her face only a few inches from yours. She leaned in, her lips against your ear.

'I want Kai. Actually Kai’s help.’ She let you go and sat on the bench again, her gaze strongly focused on you.

'What do you want from Kai?’ At that moment you knew she had something planned.

'I need his help, but, I need the old Kai. You know, the bad Kai who would do anything to get his revenge and Kai who wasn’t in love so… that’s why you’re here. I know Kai will be here any minute because he can’t resist staying away from you and I don’t understand the urge to protect you all the time.’

'I don’t understand.’

'Oh god, of course it’s too complicated for you. What I wanted to say was you’re in the way. Kai is weak because of you and I need him because he can do what I want. He can do magic but what I need is something really remorseless and the only way he would accept it is if I take away the only person he loves and cares about.’ You swallowed hard and took a few steps back, trying to get away from her. Running wasn’t an option at all because she would catch you in a second. She quickly got up and grabbed your arm again. Your eyes started watering, your breathing turned fast and shallow.

'Please don’t hurt me.’ You begged her, her grip firm on your arm.

'Oh look. She’s cying. You know that won’t help you at all. Nothing can help you right now.’ She smiled and looked behind you for a second. A grin appeared on her face before she locked her eyes with yours and then stabbed you with a knife, leaving it in your body as she ran away from you, your body hitting the cold and damp street. You heard a scream behind you but were unable to look, your head hitting the floor.

'No, no! You can’t, no!’ You heard a male voice, immediately realizing it was Kai. He lifted your upper body up a little bit on his lap, his hand supporting your head.

'Kai’ you said, your voice barely audible, Kai’s eyes filled with tears.

'Shhh, you’re gonna be ok. I know that. You’re gonna be fine.’ He looked down at your wound and then back at you, his hand gently caressing your hair. His hands were shaking like never before, panic obvious on his face.

'I'm… I wanna tell you something.’ You whispered, a weak smile appearing on your pale face.

'No, no, you’re not leaving me.’ He said desperately, his arms pressing you closer to his body.

'I love you. Don’t ever forget that and don’t let anyone tell you you’re not worth it. You are and don’t ever let them tell you otherwise.’ Kai closed his eyes as tears rolled down his cheeks.

'You can’t leave me, I can’t do this without you.’

'You can but promise me something.’ You coughed, blood visible on your lips. You felt your body getting weaker with each second, but you weren’t ready to let go. You weren’t ready to say goodbye to Kai, your only true love. There were no words that could explain how much you loved him, his jokes, the weird things he always did when you two were alone.

'Anything, tell me.’ He muttered, his voice shaky.

'Promise me you won’t do anything reckless and promise me you won’t forget me. Don’t forget how much I love you.’

'I promise. I promise you, I do, but you can’t leave me now.’

'I have to.’ You whispered, your eyelids getting heavier and you breathing turning weaker.

'You can’t because, you owe me a dance, remember?  Just the two of us.’ He trailed off and moved a small lock of hair from your face.

'I didn’t forget, but we’re gonna have to do it some other time.’ You smiled at him and heavily lifted your hand up to his face, your hand resting on his cheek softly as you caressed his cheek with you thumb.

'No, please.’

'I love you, Kai.’ You whispered and smiled at him, looking at him for the last time. You slowly let go, your hand falling down on your body from his cheek, your body resting in Kai’s arms.

'No!’ Kai screamed out as he brought your body close to his chest, his arms wrapped around you tightly, not wanting to let you go. Tears were streaming down his face, his body feeling as if he was tearing apart. He looked at you and kissed your cold lips for the last time, his hand closing your eyes.

'I love you.’ He whispered and gave you a kiss on the cheek, his whole body shaking. He never thought he would have to let you go in this way or any way. You were his true love and he was yours. He loved you with all his heart and soul, loving everything about you and losing you was the hardest moment he had to go through in his life, but he had to let you go, knowing he was loved by you.

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Well I'm beautiful and I don't draw well :///

i had an image response thought up but i saw this picture in my folder instead and ? its honestly so good ?? i love this picture let me know what you think

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Hey Manda, just dropping in to say and hope you are doing well!! Take care, lovely!! :*

OMGosh! Hi Dearheart! ♥

You put such a huge smile on my face leaving this in my inbox! 

Things have been busy, but not bad - I’m getting annoyed at tumblr a bit though cause keeping up on things lately [notifications and such ] has been difficult! ><;;

I hope things are going well on your end of things, and remember, I’m always here for you. [Even if life makes me forget to say hi now and then. ^_^;;]

Much love♥

Imagine Kai getting angry because you won’t commit to him.
“Why won’t you let me?” Kai asked, breaking the silence between you two.
“What do you mean?” You questioned and looked up at him.
“You won’t let me love you, it’s like you’re afraid” Kai admitted.
“That’s because I am. You are the psychopath that is trying to kill my friends. You can’t expect me to fall for you instantly when you do all of these terrible things to the people I care about.” You had tears in your eyes when you left Kai’s place.

EXO Reaction when is hard for you to say I love you but you finally said it

To put everything behind :),  

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*Decides to play his guitar* “I wrote this song for this occasion.. I have been waiting, and it was worth it” *So romantic*


*Tries to hide the fact he had been waiting for those three words* “It sound better than in my imagination”


*Wasn’t expecting it yet* “YOU DO!? AHHHH YOU  LOVE ME?!”


*Won’t stop telling you how touched he is* “You know I love you too baobei, I will always you! And I hope you didn’t feel pressured to say so, you know I would never do that to you, I love you”


“Just let me squeeze you, yes? You are adorable when you blush, I love you. Ahh now I’m blushing too”


*Decides to surprise you and tell the whole world he loves you back* “I know you are watching jagi, thank you. I love you too so much”


“You realize I’m yours right? That this means you are forever stuck with me right?” *You are his property like he is yours*


*Hugs you tight* “Come here honey, I know it was hard to say. But I won’t make you regret it. I love you”


*A fluffy ball of emotions* “I-I.. jagi I.. too. Love..much….Jagi!”


*This is him the whole year* “She told me she loved me for the first time 256 days ago… My jagi..” *So in love*


*Starts yelling just as if you had told him he was going to be a father* “You all listen!! She told me! She loves me! I love her”


*Is broken. Wasn’t expecting it. Didn’t think he would find the love of his life* “Is… is this real? Someone pinch me”

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you did it || kai

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 because he was told his angel would love him forever.

3097 words; normal verse!au; kai/reader scenario; fluff, angst angst

Angel, how are you doing?

The moment Jongin hears the lock clicking, he’s up on his feet and sprinting down at full speed towards the front foyer. Angel is home, he thinks giddily to himself. His sock-clad feet are sliding across the floor as he’s approaching you at top speed.



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