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Kai roommates!au
  • him being extra cute like
  • “y/n!! which toothbrush do you want?? green or blue??”
  • you smiling because the last time you chose the green one he pouted for two hours
  • him dressing up while still being asleep and ending up with his shirt back to front
  • you pulling him back into the room because kIM JONGIN NO
  • late night conversation that end up with you talking to the wall
  • “talking about college makes me sleepy”
  • “i was talking about the new avengers film”
  • avengers make him sleepy too probably
  • jongin running after bugs in the middle of the night because you are too scared to sleep
  • “i swear that thing was trying to kill me”
  • kyungsoo coming to check on you and on your messy room
  • “why is the laundry almost reaching the ceiling?”
  • jongin putting the blame on you because well he needs to think about his own safety first
  • you whispering “traitor” every time you bitterly fold the clothes you just washed
  • him feeling guilty so “Y/N!! YOU CAN HAVE THE GREEN TOOTHBRUSH!!”
  • you coming back after class only to find him and sehun on the floor
  • “jongin why are you trying to break sehun’s leg?”
  • finding out that sehun told him the new guy at the cafeteria made a comment about your haircut
  • “he told me i looked cute with it”
  • “exactly!!”
  • sehun rolling his eyes because oH MY GOD you guys are so oblivious
  • you leaving him notes
  • “today my parents are visiting so please remember to put your shirt on”
  • him actually doing it
  • you getting a low grade on a test so when you get home he has prepared dinner
  • two cups of instant ramen
  • but you appreciate the thought because that’s really sweet and he welcomed you with a big hug
  • the cafeteria guy always making comments on your appearance so jongin walks right next to you when you make your order
  • “your food will get cold if you don’t go eat”
  • “i’m just making sure he doesn’t say anything strange”
  • the guy ending up saying something really cheesy so jongin keeps mocking him with taemin
  • “oh no he didn’t”
  • “yes!! he really said that!!”
  • you getting angry because “at least he complimented me on my new haircut!!”
  • taemin going away because his instinct of self-preservation tells him to
  • jongin feeling sad because he wanted to tell you how cute the new haircut was but the guys would’ve made fun of him
  • sehun rolling his eyes again because oH MY GOD guys please
  • you ending up having dinner with minseok because he understands your relationship the most
  • he actually knows you’ve liked jongin since day one
  • “you should tell him, y/n.. i bet he will be happy”
  • you mentally screaming because oh no that would be embarrassing
  • but ending up writing it on your notebook because yes that’s better
  • jongin making sure you know he likes your hair in random moments
  • like you will be washing the dishes and he casually points out that “wow your hair looks really shiny y/n!!”
  • you grinning because you know he just wants you to talk to him again
  • after all the haircut isn’t even that important you just wanted him to notice you a little more
  • things being normal again aside from the guys who apparently are really busy and can’t come over
  • even kyungsoo and the laundry is piling up again
  • so you call minseok when jongin is showering and ask him if he spilled the beans
  • “i didn’t but i have the feeling someone else did”
  • you think about this sentence for the next two hours because nO ONE ELSE KNOWS ??!!
  • when you are almost asleep you hear jongin whispering something so you turn to his side of the room and ??? what are you saying
  • “you know i think i found something in your notebook but i guess it was wrong of me to look into your stuff but yeah the thing is i needed help with that class and i know you always write notes so—”
  • you blanking out because no
  • “—but it’s great because i didn’t know how to confess so oh my god are you okay y/n??”
  • you coming to your senses before hearing “confess” ?? then blanking out again
  • jongin ending up calling kyungsoo for advices
  • “i think something is wrong with y/n she isn’t breathing anymore”
  • the next morning everyone looks at the two of you like you suddenly grew a pair of horns because yes!! they are dating!!
  • sehun rolling his eyes because oH MY GOD finally
  • everything is going perfectly until the cafeteria guy tries to get your number
  • then jongin starts talking to him about haircuts and green toothbrushes so the guy leaves with wide eyes
  • yeah kim jongin can be a bit of an airhead but he is truly a beautiful person and he loves you more than anything else so how can you ask for more?? you already have the most precious human being right next to you

Imagine Kai getting angry because you won’t commit to him.
“Why won’t you let me?” Kai asked, breaking the silence between you two.
“What do you mean?” You questioned and looked up at him.
“You won’t let me love you, it’s like you’re afraid” Kai admitted.
“That’s because I am. You are the psychopath that is trying to kill my friends. You can’t expect me to fall for you instantly when you do all of these terrible things to the people I care about.” You had tears in your eyes when you left Kai’s place.


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10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms

1. Kai Parker (TVD)

Are you even surprised he took the first spot? This homicidal bastard is the witch woo king of my heart. When I first saw him I was obsessed with Damon, if you can believe it, and I was pissed when he tried to kill him and I was like; who is this kid?! Then he started getting scarier, and sexier, and I was like ok I’m hooked who the fuck is this guy? I still remember the moment I fell in love with him; it was when he killed the cab driver ahahahahaha. He went from cute Kia to Daddy Kai and I was like; let me love you. I will NEVER EVER get over his unjust death. Too bad he didn’t burn Mystic Falls to the ground and didn’t run away with Bonnie and Katherine to spread their evilness to the rest of the world.

 2. Amy Dunne (Gone Girl)

Does Amy even have a fandom? Well I don’t care. As someone who studied literature and is currently majoring in creative writing Amy is a gem to the world of literature like Hannibal Lecter. She’s just so twisted, calculative, manipulative and fucked up, I love her. When I was reading the book/watching the movie she was holding me onto the edge always like; ‘OMG what is this bitch going to pull off next?’ I was screaming like freaking Kevin McCallister from Home Alone. She’s smart and cunning and just an all round great deep character despite being evil. She’s an asshole and I love her, she absolutely terrifies me. Sorry too nerdy?

 3. Hermione Granger (HP)

The brightest witch of her time. I love her. As a kid I used to look up to her, still do. She had crazy frizzy hair like me and was such a nerd. Plus like me she’s always internally judging you ahahaha. She’s clever and determined and we all know without her Harry and Ron would have been dead by book 1. I LOVE HER!

 4. Jake Riley (Containment) 

Forever ugly crying over my smol heartbroken son. I just love him. He’s obviously been through some shit but yet he’s still so brave and kind and romantic. When he was holding Katie in his arms telling her he loved her while she was dying I was sobbing so hard! (Omg I’m tearing just thinking about it rn) He would literally take a bullet for you and walk through a zombie apocalypse to get to you…just…I’m going to cry. Plus he’s played by my crush Chris Wood that has the sweetest smile.

 5. Hannibal Lecter (Hannibal)

Lol another messed up character ahaha. Hannibal the cannibal is batshit crazy. I read the books a couple of years ago and he was absolutely terrifying. Like Amy he’s a freaking psycho that would totally eat your liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti if he thought you were rude. He’s cunning, observant and as sharp as a knife.

 6. Rose Hathaway (Vampire Academy)

Rose oh Rose. She’s brave and follows her heart at all costs even if it gets her into trouble. She’s savage when she wants to be and super strong. She’s the kind of person that would take a bullet for you. I loved her because she was an unconventional heroine unlike those self-righteous chicks we usually get in YA books or TV shows. Don’t mess with her or her amazing hair!

 7. Loki (Marvel)

Do I even have to explain? He was almost killed as a baby. He was shunned by his father in favor of Thor. He can be little bitch but he’ll do it elegantly lol. Yeah I don’t need to explain why I like him, you ALL know why.

 8. Daenerys Targaryen (Game Of Thrones)

Again do I even have to explain? She’s a badass bitch and unlike those self-righteous heroines and if you double cross her she will kill burn you…with her motherfucking dragons. BUUUURN!

 9. Dean Winchester (Supernatural)

Oh Dean. He’s a super hot, super skilled hunter. He’s the kind of guy that would walk through hell to find you. I love how he’s ready to go straight to hell to save his loved ones. He’s just awesome. Plus he’s obsessed with pies just as much as I am.

 10. Hanna Marin (PLL)

Oh Hanna Marin or should I say Hanna Savage Marin ahahaha. This blond gal always has me laughing. She was bullied her whole life but she came out stronger. She’s so relatable especially when it comes to her family problems. She’s kind and yet savage at the same time. She hasn’t got time for your shit. Plus she’s got a great sense of style AND she’s super hot and smart.

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you did it || kai

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 because he was told his angel would love him forever.

3097 words; normal verse!au; kai/reader scenario; fluff, angst angst

Angel, how are you doing?

The moment Jongin hears the lock clicking, he’s up on his feet and sprinting down at full speed towards the front foyer. Angel is home, he thinks giddily to himself. His sock-clad feet are sliding across the floor as he’s approaching you at top speed.



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I like to think that everyone who has spent a fraction of time with him has a Drunk Yuuri story that usually ends with everyone almost going to jail or waking up in bed together

Also want to firmly believe that Yuuri is the type to make Sorry I Got Wasted And Sucked Your Dick Last Night pancakes the morning after thinking that he was probably a mess and not realizing that people refer to him as the Yuuri Katsuki Experience       

i also want to read that fic but i probably won’t write it because – as a person  who is A Lot like Yuuri – I tend to get real huggy and want to dance but I can’t think of a single instance where I’ve gotten actually horny and I feel like Victor, Takashi and Yuuchan are the only ones with that Experience.

He probably yelled at a shrub and fell asleep in Phichit’s lap, tho.

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once ther was a big handsome king with gold hair and he was very sexi and handsome. he maried pretty girl with big juicy bobahs and a hairs that smelled like flowers and they did the do on their wedding night in front of everyone and they all clapped bc it was so sexy and they were so good looking and everyone was so jealous they all spanked it right there the end

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