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Couch Time

REID X MALE READER – this wasn’t written for a prompt or anything, I just think the whole Spencer x reader genre severely lacks the presence of a male reader, and I wanna do my part to remedy that. If anyone wants this to become a multi-shot, just let me know because you guys know how I love the smutty Spencer smut.
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Couch Time

(Y/n) licked his lips. He stared at Spencer, watched the genius’ every move.

Though he’d be sitting on the couch for almost thirty minutes, Spencer fidgeted. He chewed his lower lip, circled the fabric of his sweater between his index finger and his thumb, and every now and again, his eyes would flicker over to (y/n).

While they’d been dating for almost four months now, Spencer and (y/n) had never consummated their relationship, never experienced the physicality of their love, all on the part of Spencer’s inexperience.

It was fine, neither of them minded this missing aspect, though they both desired it, and (y/n) made sure to be careful with his words and his actions. He loved Spencer, loved everything about him, and that included his innocence. If Spencer were more open, more experience, more “touchy-feely”, well, he may not be the same wonderful person (y/n) had fallen in love with, and the last thing on earth he wanted to do was pressure someone so fragile.

That’s not to say pressure hadn’t still entered their relationship. A few nights ago, Morgan commented on the lack of PDA displayed between the couple, and it sent Spencer’s anxieties about his oddities through the roof.

Though (y/n) had comforted Spencer, assuring him that everything was fine and that Morgan’s perceptions didn’t make or break them, Spencer carried the idea on his shoulders as if it weighed a ton.

Tonight, Spencer wanted to be affectionate. He wanted to touch (y/n)‘a hand as they watched the movie. He felt the need to wrap his arms around him growing far deeper than it ever had before. Spencer wanted PDA, he wanted closeness, and truth be told, he wanted sex, but he had no idea how to go about it.

He continued to chew his lip as he considered sliding his hand away from his sweater and toward (y/n). He couldn’t do it.

He hoped this entire time that (y/n) would be the aggressor, but (y/n) couldn’t bring himself to do it either. He didn’t want to rush the timid doctor.

“Spence,” (y/n) finally broke the silence, unable to shake the feeling that Spencer was still upset about Morgan’s words, “You… You ok over there?”

Spencer inhaled deeply, terrified of revealing his needs to his boyfriend.

“Y-yeah,” he shook, glancing up to (y/n), “Yeah, I’m, uh, yeah, I’m totally fine.”

“So, what’s with all the lip chewing and the playing with the sweater?”

“You should’ve been a profiler,” Spencer smiled softly, and then he looked over to (y/n), “If I… I wanted to… You know, just before bed, when you put your arm around me?”

“Yeah,” (y/n)‘a brows furrowed a bit in panic, hoping he hadn’t been overstepping his boundaries these last few weeks.

“Well, I… I really l-like that,” Spencer worried as he spoke, but he felt like he had to express this, “I really, um, it’s just, what Morgan said–”

“Don’t pay attention to Morgan, Spencer. I told you, it doesn’t matter how affectionate you are physically. We know how we feel, right?”

“Right, and I appreciate that, but I just… I want the physical affection. I’ve been wanting it. I just, I don’t know how to initiate it. I don’t know when I can hold your hand or how to reach for it or what I’m supposed to do–”

“Spencer, Spencer, baby, shhh. Listen, look,” he moved closer to Spencer on the couch, “If you want to hold my hand, just hold. If you want to cuddle up when we’re not in bed, just grab me.”

“Just… just grab you,” Spencer eyed (y/n)'a torso, and raised his arms shakily.

“Come here,” (y/n) smiled, wrapping his arms around Spencer and pulling him in.

Spencer smiled widely, his cheeks flushing a bit as he moved his arms around (y/n)’s waist.

“I love holding you,” (y/n) whispered, kissing his forehead.

“I love being held,” Spencer smiled, and then grew nervous again, “And I love when you do that.”

“Do what?”

“K-kiss me,” Spencer looked up to him fearfully, “I wish we… I wish we did more of that. I, um, again, I just don’t know how to begin.”

“Just like this,” (y/n) smiled, reaching his hand to Spencer’s chin and lifting it, “Have you ever seen me do something more complicated?”

“No,” Spencer breathed, leaning into (y/n) and pressing his quivering lips against his.

(Y/n)’s eyes fluttered closed, and he brushed his fingers across Spencer jawline.

Breathing a bit more quickly, Spencer leaned into the touch, and parted his lips, deepening their embrace.

(Y/n) groaned faintly in his throat, experiencing a much more intimate side of Spencer than he’d ever been able to, and his hand slid down Spencers neck, falling on his shoulders, and urging him to lie back.

Spencer complied eagerly, his fingers flowing along (y/n)’s back and shoulders as he felt him move on top of him.

As their tongues began to mingle, Spencer’s hand rushed up (y/n)’s neck, danced along his jawline, and used the connection to pull his lips harder into his own.

“Spencer,” (y/n) breathed against his lips, and Spencer moaned softly at the gravely lust that dwelled inside the word.

He moved his hand away from (y/n)’s cheek, letting it continue its upward pursuit, finally resting in his (h/c) locks and gripping them tightly.

The slight tug sent (y/n)’s hips into motion, and they moved slowly, carefully against Spencer’s as his lips began to fall away from the genius’.

Spencer whined briefly at the loss of contact, but was quickly distracted by the new sensation tingling against his neck. His lips parted, and he panted softly as (y/n) allowed his tongue to escape his lips and taste the delicate flesh.

Spencer writhed in the new pleasures and their ability to assume control of his body, but he was saddened yet again when (y/n) stopped moving.

Settling back into the couch, Spencer opened his eyes to see (y/n)’s already staring at him.

“What, um, what’s wrong?” Spencer squeaked out, fearful that he’d messed this up somehow.

“Nothing’s wrong, Spencer,” (y/n) smiled, bringing his hand to Spencer’s lips and brushing the mm softly, “I just want you know that we don’t have to do this. I knew how you were the moment I met you, and I knew what I was in for if I actually got you.”

“I did mess it up,” Spencer whispered softly, looking away from (y/n).

“You what?”

“I just, I was so worried I’d mess this up because I haven’t done it before and I don’t know what I’m doing, but I just… I messed it up just by being me.”

“Spencer, baby, no. No, you didn’t mess anything up. I just don’t want you to do something you don’t want to do,” he tried to smile comfortingly, but the tears forming in Spencer’s eyes almost broke his heart, “Spencer, trust me, if you want to be physical, I’m not ever going to stop you.”

“So, you do want to be physical?”

“Yes, baby, of course I do, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t.”

“But I do,” Spencer smiled shyly, a playful look flashing through his worried eyes.

“You do?” (Y/n) grinned.

“Uh huh,” Spencer returned the smirk.

“Then show me,” (y/n) teased, and was surprised when Spencer did.

Leaning upward, Spencer pushed his lips back against (y/n)’s, taking his shoulders in his hands and pulling him back down on top of Spencer.

(Y/n) couldn’t help but smile at Spencer’s desire for him, and he parted his lips, picking up where they’d left off quickly.

He felt Spencer’s body begin to shift under his own, the genius mimicking his hip motions from moments ago.

A low growl rumbled in his throat, and his hands quickly searched Spencer’s clothing for their break. When he found it, he rushed his hands along Spencer’s sides, feeling his soft skin, and delighting in the response Spencer had to it.

“(Y/n),” Spencer breathed, his back arching in an effort to be closer to him.

“I got you, baby,” (y/n) whispered, moving his lips back to Spencer’s neck, “Don’t worry. I got you.”

Spencer let his hands find (y/n)’s hair again, and his fingers danced against the soft locks. He groaned and writhed under the tender kisses, and was surprisingly calm when he felt the buttons of his shirt pulling open.

As each one revealed new skin, Spencer felt lips in new places, sending new urges and desires through his body along with the overwhelming pleasure of it.

“Spencer,” (y/n) breathed against his hipbone as he opened the last button, “You’re so beautiful.”

Spencer forced his eyes open, looking down at (y/n) as his tongue danced across the top of his slacks.

“Can you…” Spencer panted, unable to form the words.

(Y/n) looked up to him, his eyebrow quirking, and then his eyes left Spencer’s for the bulge in his pants.

“Can I what?” (Y/n) grinned mischievously before running his hand down Spencer’s erection, “This?”

“Y-yes,” Spencer pleaded, unsure of what he was asking with such need and desperation, “C-can you?”

The corner of (Y/n)’s lips pulled them into a cocked smile before he returned them to Spencer’s hipbone. His hand moved back up the bulge in Spencer’s pants, causing him to groan, and then landed on Spencer’s belt, quickly unsnapping it. Following suit with Spencer’s button and zipper, (y/n) sat up on his knees, tugging the slacks away from Spencer’s body, but never breaking his lips connection to it.

Spencer breathed heavily, deep nervous breaths filling his lungs so quickly it almost hurt. He was worried, he was thrilled, he was excited, and he was afraid. He didn’t want to disappoint (y/n), but, God, he needed him.

His heart began to race as he watched (y/n)’s fingers wrap around his boxers.

As he urged them down, (y/n)’s lips followed their direction, and before Spencer knew it, he was naked with his boyfriend’s lips dangerously close to his anatomy.

“You sure this is ok?” (Y/n) met Spencer’s eyes seriously, his tongue begging to taste the genius, “Baby, just tell me if it isn’t.”

“It is,” Spencer said hastily, “It is. It’s ok. Please.”

(Y/n) grinned at Spencer’s yearning before he leaned back down, and allowed his tongue to brush against the tip of Spencer’s hardened cock softly.

Spencer gasped at the fleeting sensation, moving his hips in an effort to find it again.

“Calm down, baby,” (y/n) cooed, placing his hands on Spencer’s hip bones and edging them back against the couch, “I’ll take care of you.”

Making his way to his stomach, (y/n) laid down between Spencer’s shaking legs. Leaning toward again, he rushed his tongue up Spencer’s shaft before engulfing it inside his mouth.

Spencer moaned at his boyfriend’s warm, wet mouth, and gripped the couch cushion roughly.

“Oh, my god,” Spencer groaned as (y/n)’s lips slid up and down his cock, “Oh, god. (Y/n)…”

(Y/n) moaned at Spencer’s fiery words, and the vibrations danced along Spencer’s cock, adding to the pleasure created by (y/n)’s mouth.

His hips began to shift again, and (y/n) allowed it this time, feeling his own cock throb at Spencer’s urgency for him.

He allowed one more moan to form in his throat before he felt Spencer’s bliss reach its peak.

Moaning (y/n)’s name, Spencer filled his mouth with his ecstasy, shaking and panting through the overwhelming release crashing through his body.

(Y/n) gripped Spencer’s hips tightly, his fingers digging into the skin there, as he tasted Spencer’s climax, his tongue careful to catch every last drop and swallow it down ravenously.

Releasing Spencer from his lips, (y/n) moved back up his body, Spencer’s hand reaching for him desperately.

When he made his way back to Spencer, the genius wrapped his arms around his neck and forced him tightly against him.

“That was… Oh, my god… (y/n)… I can’t believe… Can we please do that again? That was so amazing. Wait, can I do that to you? I want to. Let me touch you–”

“Shh, shh,” (y/n) smiled, pulling away from Spencer long enough to steal a chaste kiss. “Calm down, just breathe. We have all night, baby.”

“Y-yes, we do,” Spencer smiled, his breathing still heavy as he pulled (y/n) back against him, “But that doesn’t mean we should waste any time, right?”

“Right,” (y/n) grinned as he crashed his lips against Spencer’s, “God, you are so right.”

Date me so I can spoil you. Let me take you stargazing. Let me take you to your favorite restaurant. Let me show you how worth it you are. Let me show you what it’s like to be loved. Let me show you happiness. I want to see your real smile. Let’s go on adventures. Let me surprise you with your favorite flowers. I want to be your best friend. The person that you turn to when you’re hurting. I want to be more than just a girlfriend. Be my world. Let me show you what it’s like to be the only girl I see. Let me be the girlfriend that will protect you with all I have.

We stopped talking, and now I can feel it again

Missing you, it comes in waves

One minute I’m fine, then a song comes on the radio

And I break down

It feels like losing you for the first time all over again.

—  It’s 2am, I can’t sleep, and I miss you.

Am I trying to kill you guys with Dazatsu fluff? Yes.

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Pansexual!Drew Tanaka

“All of the boys and the girls,
And the girls lookin’ pretty.
We’re gonna walk on down
To the holy city”


Nijimura Shuuzo | ♥ Teiko Captain ♥ |
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I wonder if you ever felt like I abandoned you….  
If you ever thought I should have fought for you…

The truth of it is I never left.  
I’m still here.  
And I do fight for you - every single day.   
Not to win you…. not to trap you or cage you…  
But for your happiness.

I wage war on myself day in and day out for you.  
Tearing strips off myself, swallowing hatred and tears….  
So if you hate me because I abandoned you…. don’t worry…  
….. I hate myself for it too…
—  Ranata Suzuki
I always thought it was me who lost you. But really, it was you who lost me. Because while I’m asleep in someone else’s arms, receiving kisses from lips that aren’t yours, you’re lying awake trying to figure out how to get me back.
—  I’ve let you go, I’ve moved on, and I don’t love you anymore; March 20th 2016