let me love you down mon

You, in your white t-shirt,
your elegant smile, 
and your deep dimples,
and your brown eyes,
hotter than the sun.
My summer paradise is really made of all 
these things. 
Your tan skin, 
and childish angels, 
wet kisses and watermelon baths. 
My summer paradise is you running 
after me in a field of white flowers,
under the azul sky
and butterflies in my belly. 
Your playful hands and the French music 
in your car, driving all over the city.
You say; mon ami
all eyes on me.
And you are my summer paradise. 
Pink sunglasses and diamond rings, 
we re-new our I love you’s and 
I let my hair grow long for you. 
Kisses on my cheek from kids,
and picking flowers for you.
I promise I will become your summer paradise.
You love me in a sweatshirt 
when my eyes are full of soft rain.
You buy me chocolate
and walk me down the beach at sunset. 
You collect the prettiest rocks for me, 
and you are my best friend. 
My summer paradise is writing you 
love letters. 
Your small prayers, you say
when my head is on your chest. 
God have put all the paradises and all the summers in you, my darling.
—  Summertime Paradise by Royla Asghar 
Late Night, Lafayette x Reader

Prompt: Lafayette + Coming home drunk + Flirting/Fluff - @thatdepends-whosasking

Words: 305

Author’s Note: Quick little fic in honor of Daveed’s exit from the show today.

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol consumption.

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A knock on your door at an ungodly hour usually had something to do with your husband.

You should have expected to be woken up when your husband said he would be spending the night with his friends at the local tavern. There he was, barely being supported by Hercules and Laurens, who were both much more sober than your incapacitated husband.

“Sorry.” They said sheepishly in unison. You rolled your eyes, brushing off their apology and gesturing for them to come in. You led them to your bedroom, where he was plopped face down onto the bed.

“Thanks for bringing him home safe. Will you two be alright on your own? You could take the guest rooms?” They insisted they would be fine, and took their leave with one last look at your intoxicated husband.

You went through your usual routine of stripping his clothes and replacing them with his night clothes. Halfway through the undressing process he found some of his wits. At least, enough to make a pass at you.

“I haven’t even said anything and you’re already undressing me?”

“You’re drunk.” You reminded him.

“Dunk in love.” He drawled, swinging his arms in an attempt to catch you in his grasp. You swatted his arms away as best as you could, but eventually he got a hold of you, pulling you as close as he could to his chest.


“Shh, just let me hold you.” He murmured, smoothing down your hair with his fidgeting hand, “You are the most beautiful thing in this world, mon amour.” He looked down at you, grinning more brightly than you had ever seen him before, “I love you more than anything else.”

“I love you too, Gilbert.” You giggled as he intertwined your legs with his.

“And I’m the luckiest man because of it.”

My Valentine

So, I had an idea for Valentine’s fluff and couldn’t wait to post it. So, here is some baisc fluff with terrible French. 

Pairing: Lafayette x reader

Warning: Awkward use of the word fuckboy

Requested: Nope, but requests are welcomed.

Word Count: 1266


Yes, it was true. It was three days until Valentine’s Day and you had yet to get plans. This didn’t bother you as much as it bothered your roommate, Eliza, and her two sisters, Angelica and Peggy, who were your best friends. The four of you were currently sitting in your and Eliza’s room eating ice cream and going through Eliza’s closet for something suitable to wear on Valentine’s Day.

“Come on, y/n. Peggy is busy with schoolwork, and Angelica thinks all men are insufferable. You’re my only single friend that doesn’t have an excuse,” Eliza pleaded.

“First of all, aside from your sisters, I’m your only friend. Second, I wish not to be set up with one of Alexander’s loud mouthed friends,” you said with your hands on your hips.

You had history with Alex and his three friends, along with a group of their “mortal enemies,” Thomas, Aaron, and James. You personally hated the later three, and secretly enjoyed when a certain Frenchman would chew them out for their ideas on immigration. Being an immigrant himself, he was very opinionated resulting in him talking faster than his brain could translate. He would often stumble over his words, which you thought was the most adorable thing you could imagine.

However, it was ruined when he would wink at you or any other girls in your class after making a suggestive comment, earning him a slap on the back of the head from Professor Washington. This only reminded you of his reputation as fuckboy, along with the other members of Alexander’s squad.

“Yes I am aware that you are my only friend that is not related to me. I’m super lame. You’re always right, you know,” Eliza smiled pleadingly at you.

“Not working today, Eliza” you smirked back.

“Y/n please! Alex has been begging me to set one of his friends up,” Eliza took you by the shoulders before whispering softly. “He still makes me nervous, y/n. I want someone there to help me calm myself down, so I can finally tell him I love him.” She blushed brightly.

You saw the helplessness in her eyes and sighed. The things you did for your friends…

“Fine,” you muttered.

Eliza squealed and wrapped you in a giant hug.

“We’ve got to find you something to wear now!” She shrieked and Peggy and Angelica laughed as you groaned. What had you just gotten yourself into?


The restaurant was beautiful. The roses outnumbered the people, but the radiance of the happy beautiful people out shined that of the roses.

You fiddled with the edge of your phone and self-consciously smoothed your f/c dress as Eliza took your hand and drug you through the restaurant to find Alex and his friend. She wouldn’t tell you who it was, only smirking when you asked.

Alex’s table came into view as you saw a small curly poof sticking up over the crowds. You groaned to yourself as Eliza laughed at your pain.

“Alex!” Eliza let go of your hand to kiss Alex hello. “Y/n, this is Alex’s friend, Lafayette.”

“He has a longer name, but no one has the time to pronounce it,” Alex laughed. Lafayette blushed.

“Y-you can just call me Laf,” he stuttered. His fuckboy exterior gone only for a second before smoothly picking it up. “And what is your name, mon cherie?”

“Y/n. It’s nice to meet you Laf,” you blushed. You nudged Eliza as you sat down across from your dates. This only caused her smirk to grow wider, and for Alex to notice and start smirking as well.

“Your body looks incredible in that dress,” Lafayette winked, pulling your chair out.

“My brain looks pretty good in this dress, too” you said sending him a sarcastic smile and sitting down.

He snorted at your comment, before settling into his own chair.

Throughout the night, Eliza and Alex stayed in their own world. You and Lafayette made small talk. You were beginning to like him even more, yet you still noticed the fuckboy attitude and tried to keep your giggles and flirty smiles at bay.

Lafayette was growing desperate by the end of the night, wanting to make you smile. You, on the other hand just wanted to go home.

Then, Eliza betrayed you.

“Alex and I are going to head back to his place-” you cut her off with a wink and a laughed.

“Oh shut up,” she laughed and continued. “I trust Laf is willing to drive you home?” Eliza said more as a question.

“I’d love to drive mon amour home,” Laf said with a wink.

Eliza left leaving you and Laf to head to his car.

The restaurant was in the middle of the city, which you found beautiful at night. You stared into the beautiful sky. There were so many lights, and you sighed just wanting to see the stars.

“It’s so out pretty tonight. I almost regret that we have to go home,” Laf sighed.

“What if we go somewhere else then?” you said before you could stop yourself.

“What do you mean?” he asked confused.

“Just…get in your car and follow my directions.”

“You’re not going to kill me are you?” Laf joked.

“Only if you’re not going to make anymore comments about how I look in this dress,” you retorted.

Laf nodded. It was only ten minutes before the two of you were outside of the city, near a small field.

The both of you got out of the car and walked into the small clearing. You looked up into the sky and saw the beautiful mass of stars.

“Wow,” Lafayette breathed. “How did you find this place?”

“I was stressed about finals last year and just started driving. I found this clearing. I come back anytime I’m stressed,” you said.

He turned and stared down at you with love in his eyes that you couldn’t see.

You both sat down and started talking. You talked about the future and how the world worked. You found yourself actually agreeing with the things he said.

Lafayette finally worked up the nerve to ask the question he’d been wondering all night.

“Why have you been so cold tonight?” he asked with confusion in his eyes.

“Why have you been acting like a fuckboy tonight?” you retorted, regretting your words the instant you saw the look of pain gracing his features.

“I can’t believe you would actually think that,” he said with hurt lacing his voice.

“It’s not like that…it’s just… I’ve heard stories and I know what your friends are like,” you explained.

“What my friends are like?” He said in confusion.

“You guys are the biggest fuckboy squad on campus,” you said your voice rising in frustration.

“I’ll admit, my friends aren’t the settling down type, and hell, there was even a time when that was me, but then I met you!” he yelled.

Your world froze.

“You met me?” you asked dumbfounded.

“I met you…and I’ve been dying to tell you that. That I love you…That I want to be yours, not a casual fling. I understand your concerns, mon amour, but I guarantee you, that I will never let you feel helpless,” he smiled, cupping your face with his hands.

“I love you too,” you smiled.

He smiled wider.

“Now, I have a very important question,“ he said, in a feigning a serious tone.

“What is it?” you asked in the same tone.

“Will you be my Valentine?” his eyes searched yours nervously.

“Yes” you whispered.

With that, he pulled you close and placed his soft lips on yours.

Goodbye- Poly! Hamilsquad x Reader

A/N: This is a trainwreck, but I wanted some angst.

Warnings: Very little French. It basically all means yes, no, my love, my angel, bye, things like that.

“Why do you do this to me?” she sobbed, falling to her knees, clenching her fists so her nails dug into her palm. “Why do you keep hurting me, Alex?”

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, tears filling his own eyes. “I’m so sorry.”

She narrowed her eyes, wiping at the tears. “Sorry? After you’ve done this to me? I’m done. I’m done with all of you!” she shouted this last part so all of the boys could hear her. “I-I’m just- I’m done. I’ll go pack my bags.”

“Y/N-” John said softly, openly crying, but she was gone. From the comfort of the master bedroom, Y/N took her suitcase and began to pack. She let the sobs wrack over her body, wiping desperately at her eyes. She knew Hercules and Lafayette were watching from the doorway, but she couldn’t care less. She ignored them, ignored Alexander and John in the living room. She ignored everything except her shaking hands throwing belongings in her bag.

“N/N, please, mon cheri,” Lafayette begged, striding over to her and taking her hand. She ripped it back, glaring at him and letting out a hiss.

“Get away from me!”

“Please, Y/N,” Hercules said, mirroring Laf’s words. “We love you.”

She softened, slowing her breathing and calming down a bit. “I know. And I love you. And I am so, so sorry, but I- I can’t be with him anymore. I know you want to stay with Alex, you’ve known him longer, and so I’ll make it easier on you- I’ll leave.”

“You do that a lot,” Alexander accused, entering the room. “Whenever things get hard, you leave.”

She turned on him. “Don’t you dare blame this on me- don’t you dare! This is you- if you wanted to be with me, you could have kept me. You didn’t- didn’t have to have an affair, Alexander. This was you.”

He furrowed his brow, getting closer to her. “You don’t have to leave like this! Maybe you have to leave me, but do they deserve it? Do they, Y/N?”

“No,” she breathed out, closing her eyes. “No. But that didn’t stop you. If- if they want to come with me, so be it. I would be so much happier with my boyfriends and husband next to me. But I don’t want to make this harder on them. I know they love you.”

Hercules put a hand on her shoulder, pulling Y/N out of her daze. “I would never leave you, princess. We’re here for you. You don’t have to leave.”

She faltered, tears spilling from her eyes again as she stared at him. “I- I don’t?”

Lafayette pulled her into him, and she felt his heartbeat pounding. She realized how upset he was. “Of course not, mon ange. We love you.”

Hercules kissed Laf on the lips, then the top of your head. Alexander watched, frozen in place. Herc turned to him.

“Go, Alexander,” he said forcefully, eyes narrowed dangerously.”Just- go.”

Alex tried to speak, then stopped. He picked up a messenger bag, threw some random items in it, and left. Y/N stared after him, falling to the ground, bursting into sobs. Lafayette bent down next to her, and Herc crouched beside them. They wrapped their arms around each other. Slowly, in a daze, John walked in. He was in the worst shape out of the four. With bags under his eyes, tear-stained cheeks, and a shaking form, he slowly slipped next to the three, letting Laf pull him onto his lap.

“It will be okay,” Hercules soothed, whispering in Y/N’s ear. “It will all be okay.”

“Will he be back?” Y/N asked softly the moment she entered the kitchen. Herc, Laf, and John were all congregated, sipping coffee at the table while the breakfast cooked. John looked down at the table, and Lafayette focused on him. John did look better, he had calmed down, but he was broken inside.

Hercules was the one who answered. “I don’t know, princess. I don’t know.”

Breakfast was lonely without Alexander. They talked in hushed voices about whatever they could, carefully avoiding the subject of Hamilton. But there was little to speak of, and they soon fell silent.

“How did it get like this?” John whimpered, causing Lafayette to pull the smaller man into him. “What did we do wrong?”


She smiled at the young man behind the counter.

“Hi, welcome to Starbucks, how can I help you?”

The man nodded, running his fingers through his short black hair. He furrowed his eyebrows and looked at some smudged writing on his hand.

“Um, I don’t know much about this,” he said with a chuckle. “My boyfriends- boyfriend, I mean boyfriend- they- he- like coffee a lot, and they- he-”

“It’s okay if you have more than one boyfriend, sir,” she assured him, giggling.

He nodded and sighed in relief. “Great. So, um, they told me their orders, but I decided to write them down on my hand, and-” he showed her the writing. “I have no idea what that says.”

She playfully squinted, studying it, before scribbling something down on a pad of paper. “Got it. Can I have a name?”

“Hercules.” He laughed, impressed. “How do you do that?”

Y/N shrugged. “Practice. I know the menu like the back of my hand.”

“Can I see you again-” he looked at her name tag. “Y/N?”

She was about to answer before her boss forced her away. With a sigh, Y/N moved onto her next job. As she prepared Hercules’ drinks, she suddenly had an idea. With a smirk, she jotted something down on one of the cups and handed it to the man, pointing at it and giving him a look. He grinned.

“Your number?”

She nodded. “Yep. Need anything else?”

“No,” Hercules said happily. “See you soon, Y/N.”

“He left,” she sobbed, returning to the present. “He’s gone.”

“Ssh, ssh,” John mumbled into her hair, stroking it. “It’s okay.”

She tried to believe him, but she couldn’t. She put a hand on her stomach, more tears escaping.

“He left us,” she said pointedly, gazing at John, the only boyfriend home. “He left the baby, and he doesn’t even know.”

John nodded, kissing her forehead and squeezing her hand. “It’s okay.”

She wished she believed him.

“This is John,” Hercules told her, gesturing to the boy next to him. John had long, curly hair that was currently smoothed back into a ponytail. He was adorable with freckles and a cheerful face. He stuck out his hand.

“I’m John,” he introduced with a laugh.

“I’m Y/N,” she said, shaking his hand.

“Herc has told me so much about you,” John said excitedly, giving his boyfriend a quick peck. “Laf and Alex are at work today, but you’d like them, they’re so nice and I love them!”

Y/N giggled, making Hercules smile. She didn’t notice how he studied her, how he felt his heart flutter when he saw her. She didn’t see the way he looked at her like she was the cutest, most precious thing on the planet. How she should be protected, and he would protect her.

“Want to see my turtle?” John asked randomly, taking her hand and dragging her away. She shot a look at Hercules, a huge smile on her face. He grinned back, chasing after them. He would do anything to make her happy.


“Alex texted me,” she said suddenly, her eyes widening. Laf quickly ran to her, looking over her shoulder.


She looked at Laf helplessly. He nodded for her to reply.


They stared at the screen for a while, but no reply came.

“Come on, mon petit,” Laf whispered. “Let’s bake, non?”

She nodded slowly, biting her lip. “Oui.”

He laughed and scooped her up, easily carrying her to the kitchen where he propped up one of his grandmother’s cookbooks.

“Something French, yes? Reminds me of home.” He got a dreamy look in his eye, wistful and far-off. She brought him back to reality with a kiss on the cheek. “What did you have in mind?”

Laf found the page easily, feeling more comforted with every touch of the familiar, worn pages. He smelled the scent of hundreds of baked goods before him, and he inhaled it.

Y/N studied the page, then turned to him with a smile. “Ready to bake?”

He grinned. “Oui.”

He put his hands over hers, guided her through every move. When they were finished, he wiped the flour off her cheeks and kissed her nose.

“Love you, mon cheri.”

“Love you too, Laf.”

“Hi, what can I help you with?” she asked cheerfully, a cup in hand, ready to write down the tall man’s name.

“Um, oui, can I-” he struggled to find the words, frowning a bit. He pulled out his phone and read a text, reciting his order. “I apologize, I am fluent in English, but sometimes it’s hard to find the words.”

“Oui,” she said in perfect French, surprising him. In French, she told him it was no problem, and asked for a name. He grinned.

“Merci. Um, Lafayette.”

Y/N nodded, scribbling the name on the cup. She bit her lip a bit as she wrote, concentrating as she wrote down a little note.

She quickly prepared the drinks and handed them to Lafayette.

“Merci,” she said.

“Merci,” he looked at her name tag, then up at her. “Y/N? You’re the famous Y/N?”

“Famous? I’m flattered.” she giggled.

Laf grinned. “I’m Lafayette, you know my boyfriends John and Hercules?”

She nodded. “Ah, that Lafayette! I meet so many.”

They laughed, and he reached for her hand, kissing her knuckles. “It was a pleasure to meet you, Y/N. Au revoir.”

“Au revoir, Monsieur Lafayette!” she called after him as he left the coffee shop.

Alexander was last. She thought of him alone in the master bedroom, thought of him as she read through her letters, the paragraphs he had masterfully crafted for her and only for her. She thought of him as she tore up the letters, throwing the remains in the fireplace and smiling, tears dripping down her face.

“I hope that you burn,” she sang, throwing the last of the letters she had written to him in the flames. “I hope that you burn.”

“You’re Y/N,” Alexander breathed out, looking her up and down.

“You’re Alexander,” she teased, raising an eyebrow.

He shook her hand. “I’ve heard so much about you-the girl who stole my boyfriends’ hearts.”

She shrugged sheepishly. “Sorry.”

He kissed her hand, raising it slowly with a smirk. “It’s no problem. I wouldn’t object to you stealing my heart, Y/N.”

She blushed, grinning. “I might just take you up on that offer.”

“Goodbye,” she mumbled, her eyes shiny with tears, her vision foggy. He smiled sadly.

“I always said you’d steal my boyfriends’ hearts,” he told her, taking her hand. She let him have this one moment to redeem himself. “I always knew it would be you they loved and not me.”

“Don’t try to turn this on me, Alex,” she begged, squeezing his hand. He set down his bags and placed his other and over hers, enclosing it in his warmth.

“Sorry, my love,” he whispered. “You do know I love you, right?”

“Not as much as you love Maria.”

He frowned. “That isn’t true. You will always be first in my heart, Y/N.”

She shook her head. “But you chose her, Alex. You can’t- you can’t undo that.”

“But I would if I could,” he said, closing his eyes.

“Goodbye, Alexander.”

He looked into her eyes again, and she found herself helpless- lost in his eyes. Maintaining eye contact, he kissed her hand, imitating the way he did so when they first met.

“I love you.”

She nodded once. “How I wish that was true.”

With that, she closed the door- on Alexander and on her future. She put a hand on her stomach, swallowed, and opened the door once more, staring down at Alex, who was on his knees on the steps of their townhouse. He looked hopefully up to her.

She took a deep breath. “I’m pregnant. It’s yours.”

He inhaled sharply. “What?”

“This is what you left,” she said sadly, rubbing her stomach. “Me, our boyfriends and your husband, and my child. Your child.”

“If I had known, I never would have-” he breathed, but she shook her head again.

“I love you.” She closed the door again, and this time, she forced herself to walk away. To walk into the arms of her boyfriends, John and Laf, and Hercules, her husband. She walked away from Alex, the man who had hurt her beyond repair, and towards the men who could fix her, who would never hurt her.

“Goodbye,” she said under her breath. “Goodbye.”

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Egobang where arin always carries dan around bridal style and dan always complains but they both know he loves it.....ending with kisses

Arin grunted as he lifted Dan into his arms. “Wha-Arin, dude, you gotta give me a warning before you do shit like this man.”
“Sorry, i couldn’t resist,~” Arin teased, sticking his tongue out.
“Pfft- whatever, man. Can you put me down?”
“Nope, I don’t think so.”
“And why not?”
“I don’t feel like it”
Danny was beginning to become flustered over the feeling of being in Arin’s strong arms.
“C'mon, dude let me go,” Dan pouted.
Arin suddenly bent over, causing Danny’s head to be inches from the floor. Dan shrieked.
“Arin! Oh my God that fucking scared me.”
Arin gave Dan a smug look.
“I’m afraid I cannot put you down, my sweet. We still haven’t had our honeymoon,~” Arin joked, causing the red in Dan’s cheeks to darken.
“Quit fuckin’ around, dude,” he whined.
“I will never stop fucking around, and you of all people should know that.”
Danny giggled and wrapped his arms around Arin’s neck. He’ll play his stupid little game.
“You better not drop me, O Charming Prince,” Dan grinned.
“Or what?” Arin pushed
“Or I won’t kiss you, nerd.”
“WOAH! That’s a little harsh don’t you think?”
“Not at all.”
“Wow, rude. I do so much for you and all I get in retu-”
“Shut the fuck up and kiss me already, Arin, Jesus!”
…And they made out all night.

We let the story begin with money
Watch her clink clink clink
Ooh, look at her pretty tan skin
Like a curved ocean wave of lotion leg

But she rattles, too, a broken down shell
Watch her fall fall fall
Ooh so sexy no shelter tanned body

We let money decide our worth
This lady walks very suburban streets
Wonky hat straight from Raiders of the Ark
Black T-shirt exposing décolletage
Carefree days, beach fun, tumbled rock brown skin
Breasts plopped raindrops, dripping down chest
Black yoga shorts and cowboy boots
Talking nonsense to sweatered dog

If she was on skid row, what would they say?
Remember child, you can be anything
As long as it makes you loads of MON-EY


*because apparently Valentine’s Day mildly makes me want to riot :/

{ tell me so }

pairing: lafayette x reader

a/n: hi, friends! i must apologize, 1) for this lame chapter name (i can’t think,, it’s getting late where i live) and 2) because i did not update five’s company this weekend. i was busy with school + there was just some stuff i was trying to figure out before i sat down and wrote something. i’ll try to get it up asap. thank you for your patience!

i hope this little drabble makes up for it. (it’s similar to a john one that i’ve written before!) i just had a bit of a busy week this past week and i wrote this to kind of help me cope, i guess? if you will. i hope this helps some of you if you’re having a bad day/night/week/month. i love you and you’re going to be okay. let me know if you need anything. i’m so glad that you’re here + i wish you lots of good days/nights to come.

t/w: hinting at suicidal thoughts

“L-Laf?” You called out. 

You felt your hands begin to tremble, your eyes water, and your head started to spin. You needed him. Needed him here. Needed him before you got -

 "Yes, mon petit?“ He looked down at you. “Are you alright?" 

 You shook your head no, wiping your eyes. You sniffed a little, reaching out to him. 

You never really gave in this easily if he knew you were frustrated or upset. You’d let out a quiet “I’m fine” or “it’s alright.” For you to admit defeat told him that you really weren’t okay.

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Eternally Yours [Lafayette x Reader]

Length: 3719 words

Genre: Angst/Fluff

AU: HamilTime

TW: Insecurity / Poverty / Suicide Attempt

A/N: I did change the title of this fic because I liked this one better! It used to be called “Yours in Our Next Life”- sorry for the confusion guys!

You stared at the blade in front of you, it was not small, but it wasn’t the size of the swords that the men carried with them. It was a gift from Gilbert, a family heirloom. He was worried about how you would fare without him during the war, and he decided to give you something to defend yourself with- if the time ever came. You let your thumb make its way against the blade, feeling a small prick, and seeing the blood run down your skin. You nodded, licking the blood from your hand, deciding it was sharp enough. You sighed, letting your mind drift to a certain Frenchman. You remembered when you first met Gilbert- it was perhaps a year or two ago when he had first come to America. He barely spoke English, and you spoke barely any French. By some sort of luck or fate, you bumped into him- or he to you, either ways the both of you scrambled to find words to apologize to each other that would make sense to the both of you. By the end, you both started laughing at the situation. Somehow, you figured out he got lost looking for the library. You offered your help, and got there. The first thing you did was find a French-English dictionary, and that’s when you started tutoring the man. He picked up English much faster than you were picking up French, but you managed to get some of the basics down, eager to learn more from him. It was perhaps a few months ago when he had asked to court you, and there was really no reason that you would refuse. It took him until that moment to reveal to you that he was an aristocrat, coming from a large sum of money, but that made no difference in your eyes. Unfortunately, it was during this time that both of you found out that he was engaged to another.  Ever since then he was writing endless amount of letters to his family, refusing to get married to another when he was already courting you. He was probably writing another letter right now. A tear fell down your face as you regretted every decision that had made you meet Gilbert du Motier de Lafayette- every decision that made you fall deeply in love with the Frenchman. You were just a nobody- you had nothing to your name. This way he won’t have to struggle anymore, you thought, letting the cool blade rest on your neck. Every time you saw him, his eyes are sunken farther in, and his eyebrows are permanently furrowed. Every time you asked, he would smile and say nothing was wrong. The drunk Alexander you took home a week ago said otherwise. Apparently, his family is relentless, and decided your union is out of the question. Gilbert has been fighting through his words from the other side of the world. You heard the door behind you unlock, and you turned around to meet your courter. Your eyes wide- like a deer in the headlight. The blade you held up pushed against your skin, and you could feel the pricking sensation again. 

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We’re Engaged

Pairing: Lams

Modern AU

Warnings: maybe swearing, i don’t remember

Word count: 989

A/N: i wrote this forever ago and just never posted it. this is kinda to celebrate both 200 and 300 followers (what the heck). thank you all so much for your support!! i love each and every one of you!!



All day, Alex had been trying to work up the courage, and he had reached a conclusion.

He could not do this.

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Say You Won’t Let Go

Poly Squad x Reader

“I met you in the dark, you lit me up

You made me feel as though I was enough”

You looked to the man that appeared next to you all of the sudden. It was John Laurens, one of your boyfriends. With a guitar.

You had been studying hardcore these past few days for finals, and your boyfriends were getting a worried about you and your stress levels. They had been trying everything to get you calmed down, but nothing had been working.

So far.

This music that John was playing and singing was beautiful.

“I knew I loved you then

But you’d never know

‘Cause I played it cool when I was scared of letting go

I know I needed you

But I never showed

But I wanna stay with you until we’re grey and old

Just say you won’t let go

Just say you won’t let go”

Two more voices joined John, and you turned around to see Lafayette and Hercules. You gave a small giggle whilst happy tears started flowing down your face.

The two of them sat next to you and wrapped their arms around you.

The three of them stopped singing and you heard Alexander start from behind you all.

“I wanna live with you

Even when we’re ghosts

'Cause you were always there for me when I needed you most”

He carefully wiped the tears off your face and kissed you on your nose before they all started singing again.

“I’m gonna love you till

My lungs give out

I promise till death we part like in our vows

So I wrote this song for you, now everybody knows

'Cause now it’s just you and me till we’re grey and old

Just say you won’t let go

Just say you won’t let go”

When the song was over John set his guitar down and crawled into the hugging pile that you all were in.

“We know you’re stressed mon amour but you need to take a break,” Lafayette said. John nodded.

“Please Y/N, this isn’t healthy for you,” Alexander told you. “I should know.”

You giggled but nodded.

“Okay. I’ll try my best.”

“Good,” Hercules replied, kissing the top of your head. “Now how about we get you out of this stuffy house and go out for dinner?”

“That sounds amazing.”

They all smiled and kissed you again.

“We love you Y/N.”

“I love you guys too.”

‘Just say you won’t let go

Oh, just say you won’t let go’

anonymous asked:

Personally, I don't see nothing similar! I have asked because i see a lot of people comparing damon and mon el and saying that karamel is abusive.

I don’t think they are the same at all. 

Damons existential crisis is: I’m in love with a woman who wants me to be a better man but I like killing, compelling and raping people too much

Mon-El’s existential crisis is: I’m in love with a woman who wants me to be a better man but I’m just not sure if I’m up for being a superhero and saving the world, I might just be too apathetic and would rather be a bartender. 

Damon: Hero or Serial Killer?

Mon-El: SuperHero or Bartender?

Not the same thing, if you ask me. 

Plus, if Kara rejects Mon-El, he’s not going to go on some mass murder killing spree or hunt down and snap the neck of anyone Kara loves. He’s not in love with his brothers girlfriend and he never rapes or physical harms anyone that doesn’t deserve it (i.e.: villains). Sure, he’s keeping a secret from Kara and that’s not healthy, but it’s also common, the stakes are way less intense and as we can probably guess, he’s gonna pay his dues for that one. 

Another thing with Damon is that Elena lets him do whatever he wants. She asks him to be the better man and then he just…isn’t, and she forgives him anyway. She lets him kill and rape her friends and then just forgets about it. Mon-El is keeping a secret about the fact he was a prince and not a guard on his home planet and as we can see from the previews alone, Kara’s gonna give him some serious shit for it. 

Why? Because Kara actually helps develop Mon-El as a character. In just two episodes we have seen him go from selfish and self serving to compassionate, caring, understanding boyfriend who supports her and listens to her and puts her first. That’s character growth, and thats far more important that how he started out in the series. Not to mention he doesn’t hurt Kara’s character growth either, the way that Damon absolutely obliterated Elena’s. Kara is Kara, she is strong and she is powerful and she is good and no one is going to shake that…ever. 

And that’s not even touching on the context. Damon was a human, now a vampire but still living on earth. Still knows what it means to be a respectful and good person. Mon-El grew up on a different PLANET. Everything is different for him, and he’s choosing to learn to do the right thing because he is a GOOD PERSON deep down. Not that he’s perfect, he’s seriously flawed, but toxic and abusive? The same as DAMON? Not even close. 

Apples and oranges people, apples and oranges. 

Kismet - Epilogue

I am so sorry for the delay in uploading this. I was just too tired this week to even think about editing it and I wanted it to be good before uploading it.

Title: Kismet

Pairings: Karamel/Sanvers

Chapters : 5/5

Previous: 4


“Karen!  Connor! Stop running!” Alex panted, sweat beading across her forehead. She was fit but as she was only human there was no way she could keep up with her super powered niece and nephew.

They were hell bent on driving their Aunt Alex and Aunt Maggie completely crazy with their antics. This was the last time that she was going to be the ‘cool’ Aunt Alex and let them eat their body weights in sugar and crap especially since they had agreed to take the twins for the week while their parents were finally on a well-deserved honeymoon. Lesson most definitely learnt.

“When’s mommy and daddy coming back? I want mommy!” Three year old Karen demanded, stomping her feet and folding her arms like a mini version of Supergirl. It was almost uncanny with her bright blue eyes and shoulder length blonde curls.

Beside her, her brother frowned and looked like a carbon copy of his father with the stormy grey eyes and dark brown hair that fell into his face rather messily. “Mommy promised me that she would take me to the zoo”.

“And I’m sure she will when she and daddy are back which will be later today”, Maggie added, also exhausted with chasing two super kids around their apartment which was thankfully small.

“Meanwhile, why don’t you two go jump on our bed for a while?” Alex suggested, ignoring the glare from Maggie as the kids cheered and did just that. It wasn’t as if either of them would get hurt if they fell. The only damage they could do was to the bed but Alex had been wanting a new one for a while now anyway. Once she and Maggie were alone, Alex smiled sheepishly at her wife.

“Is this enough to put you off adopting an alien kid?”

“No, I still think it’s important and I know you want to be a mom as much as I do but I definitely think we’ve learnt some lessons from this”, Maggie sighed. “If we get a powered kid, we definitely don’t feed them way too much sugar”.

“I’m going to be turning to Kara for help…like a lot”.

“Yeah, that’s if she doesn’t come back from the honeymoon pregnant with another one”, the cop smirked.

“Don’t even joke about that! The birth was a nightmare”.

Alex remembered when Kara had gone into labour. Mon-El had been stuck on Barry’s Earth after he’d called for help, Kara had insisted Mon-El go, and it was too dangerous to use blue Kryptonite so any pain relief was definitely off the table. Maggie had been the unfortunate person holding her hand (getting it broken in the process) before J’onn took over and her fingers still felt it to this day. Mon-El managed to return just in time, fainting at the sight of his child coming out from his fiancé and Alex was almost knocked out by the baby’s super strong foot as he exited the birth canal. Yep, it was definitely a memorable night.

Suddenly the apartment door opened and Kara’s voice rang out. “Alex, we’re home. Where are my babies?”

“You’re babies are currently jumping on the bed in our bedroom”, Maggie explained flatly just as a loud crash went out.

“Did you guys give them sugar again?” Kara sighed causing Alex to shift defensively.

“You try saying no when you have those two giving you big puppy dog eyes. They definitely take after their parents!”

Kara opened her mouth to respond when Mon-El slipped in through the door. “Don’t tell me that she gave them sugar again”, he frowned, clearly hearing his super kids giggling in the room next door.

“I better go check out the mess. I’ll buy you a new bed Alex”, Kara – Supermom as Alex jokingly liked to refer to her as – vanished into their bedroom.

“We were planning on buying a new one anyway so save your money”, Alex shrugged.

“So how was the honeymoon?” Maggie interjected, smiling at Mon-El who smirked smugly in return. Suddenly she regretted asking.

“It was…productive”.

Maggie shot Alex a pointed look, who in turn shot Mon-El a glare. “You better not have knocked up my sister again”.

Mon-El looked at her in alarm. “I hope not…I mean I’m not against more children but those two aren’t even four yet and are more than a handful”.

“Guess it’s a game of Russian roulette with you two since you constantly forget to pick up your super birth control from the DEO. Don’t think I’m not aware of when your pills need refilling”, Alex chided. She had been their unofficial OBGYN and birth control Doctor for the last few years, making up a specific formula that would help to prevent anymore unexpected babies from happening since she theorised that normal birth control like condoms would not be effective enough for their super bodies.

Her brother in law rubbed a hand over his neck sheepishly “Ah…”

“Daddy!” twin voices chorused and two little bodies appeared and sort of run and flew simultaneously at their father who immediately caught them on instinct and laughed as they held onto hm.

“I’d be jealous if they hadn’t just given me the same greeting”, Kara exclaimed as she reappeared in the room with a large grin on her face.

“I’m just glad that you’re back now and taking these two with you. As much as I love them, they have worn me out with their antics”, Alex confessed as her sister smirked knowingly at her.

“So you wouldn’t be up to babysitting the next one?”

At the same time, Maggie and Alex both bellowed, “Next one?!”

“Ha, just kidding. I overheard you talking and couldn’t resist”, Kara giggled impishly, and completely oblivious to the fact she’d almost given her husband a heart attack while he was in the middle of carrying their toddlers on his shoulder.

“You’re evil”, her older sister glared at her.


Suddenly the conversation was interrupted when Kara and Mon-El suddenly froze. Alex sighed, knowing what was about to happen. “Did you hear that?”

“Sounds like something big is going down in National City”, Mon-El agreed.

“Let me guess? You two need to leave and need the two of us to keep on babysitting the terror twins?” Maggie sighed, already rubbing her forehead.

“We’ll be back as soon as we can. Love you, sis. Kids behave for a little longer alright?” Kara dropped a kiss on their small foreheads before spinning into her outfit and flying out the window, shortly followed by Mon-El who also gave their kids a similar parting.

The children turned to look at their Aunts after their mom and dad had flown off to save the day.

Alex blurted out the first suggestion to come into her head. “So…how about I get us some popcorn and soda and we pop on Moana?”

Stomach Bug (Requested)

“Can you write a harry one shot where you guys are going to visit your family and he complains of feeling sick but you think he’s just nervous but throughout the time there he just keeps getting worse and by the end of the night Harry’s throwing up and really ill all through the night and you’re really worried about him??”

Let me know what you think, and if you have any requests for future oneshots, you can ask me HERE.

2801 words.

“C’mon then love!” she called, tugging her suitcase down the hallway. They were already running late, and her mum hated when she wasn’t on time. Considering she hadn’t seen her family in a little over three months, she didn’t want to be late when she finally did. Her and Harry had been planning this trip for months now. In fact, Harry was supposed to have gone with her the last time she went, but work had gotten in the way (as it often did), and he hadn’t made it. Her family had been disappointed, but they knew that there wasn’t much to be done about it. As long as she was happy, they would support her. So, when a weekend became available where the pair were both free and keen, they had made the plans and locked it in.

This was a big step for her. She had never brought a boyfriend home. It had just never felt right. But Harry had been with her for almost a year now, and it looked like he wasn’t leaving any time soon. He was the first person she had ever felt she might want to stick with forever, and it was exciting and nerve-wracking and genuinely the happiest she had ever been. He adored her and always made sure that she was a priority despite his busy schedule. She never really felt hard done by due to his career. Sure he was busy, but so was she, and the pair worked hard to make sure that the other never felt under-appreciated or left behind.

Harry had seemed a little nervous about the prospect of meeting her family, especially her dad, but she was pretty optimistic that they would like him. She knew that they thought he would be like any other young person who has had as much fame as Harry has thrust upon them during such formative years; slightly up themselves, but she also knew that Harry was different. She had literally never seen even a glimmer of arrogance or entitlement in the whole time she had known him, and even when she thought he had every right to indulge in those traits, he had stayed humble. He loved people, and all he wanted was for people to love him back. He was good at making conversation, charismatic, funny, sweet, and great at genuinely listening to whoever he was talking to. She was sure that his parents would meet him and fall in love with his character just as quickly as she had, and she had told him all of this in the hopes of settling his nerves.

“Coming,” he answered, his voice still a little rough from the sleep he had so prematurely been pulled from. They had gotten up at 6am that morning, an early, crisp Saturday, in the hopes of getting to her family home earlier rather than later. They were only staying until Sunday evening, and so she wanted to make the most of the limited time they had together. She grinned as he appeared from through their bedroom door, an overnight bag slung over his shoulder, he hands pulling a grey beanie over his unruly curls. He leant down and pecked her lips, offering her a sleepy grin. “Shoul’we ge’ going?” he murmured. She smiled back at him, nodding and leading the way out to the car.

“You drivin’ or am I?” he asked. “I can,” she decided, pulling her suitcase up into the boot, helping Harry with his own bag. She may have packed a little too much, but she could never be too safe considering the arctic temperatures of the English winter they had been subject to the last month or so. They settled into the car, fiddling about getting their seatbelts on, adjusting the heater to the perfect temperature, and gearing up their road trip playlist. It was stacked with an eclectic assortment of their favorite music, and she hummed happily as the first few notes of ‘Killer Queen’ by Queen spilled from the speakers.

“Thanks fer drivin’ love. Don’ really feel up’ter it,” he murmured, his hand finding her thigh. She glanced at him quickly, her forehead wrinkling with concern as she took in his paler than usual complexion. She hadn’t really noticed till now, having been too distracted by the bustle of trying to get out the door on time. “Oh baby… You alright?” she asked, her voice gentle as she pulled her eyes back to the road. “Yeah. Yeah, think m’jus’ a bit nervous,” he answered, chuckling weakly as he gave her thigh a slight squeeze. It was unlike Harry to be so viscerally nervous. She knew how anxious he got before performing or doing a big interview, but he was usually so good at keeping his nerves at bay. This was different, she supposed. This was her family, and it must have sparked a different kind of nervousness in him. “Silly thing. They’re going to love you,” she reassured. “How about you tilt that seat back and get a little more sleep love? You had a late one last night,” she suggested. He had been out at the launch of a friend of a friend’s debut novel, and while he had assured her that he would be home in time to get a good night’s sleep, he had gotten caught up in a conversation (or ten) and hadn’t made it home till past 1am, waking her up with a sloppy kiss to the forehead as his warm arms had wrapped around her.

“Y’sure? Don’ want yeh t’have ter drive by ye’self,” he said, hesitant to agree to her suggestion. “Don’t be silly. C’mon, lie back. Get comfy. There’s a blanket on the back seat.” He hesitated before giving in, reacheing back to grab it, pulling it over his body as he tilted back his chair. She glanced at him again, the sight of her big, strong boyfriend curled up under a mink blanket causing her to smile as she turned her attention back to the road. “Sweet dreams darling,” she murmured. His hand never left her thigh as he began to drift off, his grip starting to slacken as sleep pulled him closer, but not before he had the chance to mumble “Love yeh,” under his breath. “Love you too,” she smiled fondly.


The drive was only supposed to take about two hours, but it took them the better part of an hour to just get out of London, so by the time they were nearing her family home it was almost 10am. Thinking it was better to wake him now so he had a few minutes to get reacquainted with the world, she pulled the car over, her hand reaching over to push gently through his curls as she pressed a kiss to his temple. His skin was abnormally hot against her lips, and she frowning, her teeth nibbling the inside of her cheek. “Haz… Baby… Time to wake up,” she murmured, watching as his eyes opened reluctantly. “Hey,” he mumbled, his voice coarse. “You’re burning up sweetheart,” she frowned, handing him a bottle of water as he shuffled to sit up, adjusting his seat so that it was upright once more. He gulped back half the bottle in seconds, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. “Jus’ thirsty,” he smiled, slumping back against the seat. She wasn’t convinced, sighing as she started up the car again, deciding it wasn’t worth the fight. Harry wasn’t one to admit when he was unwell, preferring to just solider through it, and she had long given up trying to change this about him.

“Almost there now,” she told him, navigating her way through the familiar suburban streets. It felt strange to be back in this neighborhood. It was so engrained in her memory; she knew every little sign and bus stop and tree, and yet it felt so far away. She was a visitor in her own childhood memories, and it was an unsettling feeling, her stomach twisting slightly as the nostalgia rolled over her in waves. She pulled into the driveway, looking up at the home she had grown up in. Harry found her hand, giving it a little squeeze. “Does it feel weird t’be home?” he asked, his eyes searching her face as he tried to read her expression. He knew better than anyone what it felt like to be a stranger in your own home after being gone for so long. “Mm,” she hummed in response, turning to face him. She took a deep breath, offering him a smile. “Ready?” she asked. “Ready.”


The day went by reasonably quickly, in a whirl of hugs and grins and conversations about what everyone had been up to. Just as she had thought, Harry had fit right in, and her mum was completely smitten by him his special Harry charm. It warmed her to see him there, right in the midst of her family, his big hands cradling one of the many floral mugs her mum had collected for as long as she could remember. While she was relieved that everything was going so smoothly, she couldn’t help but notice there was something a bit off about Harry. He hadn’t eaten much of anything at all, pushing his lunch around his plate and nibbling on a single plain biscuit during afternoon tea. Blaming this on his nerves was the best she could do, and while her worry lingered constantly in the back of her mind, for the most part she was able to relax and enjoy herself.

Her mum was cooking up one of her famous roasts for dinner, and she sighed happily as the smells of the home cooked meal filled the living room. Her dad and Harry were chuckling at some lame joke her dad had made, and she grinned contentedly, falling back against the plush sofa and sighing happily. “Dinner!” her mum called as she bustled about in the kitchen, the sounds of her laying out plates and opening the oven door following her announcement. They made their way into the dining room, and Harry was quick to help her mum bring through the multitude of dishes she had so lovingly prepared. They settled down at the table, and her dad raised his glass, waiting to speak. “Look, I’m not much of a speech maker so I’ll keep this short, but I just wanted to say- we just wanted to say, Harry, we are thrilled that you are in our daughter’s life. It is abundantly clear that you make her extremely happy, and we are glad to be able to welcome you into our family,” he finished, raising his glass a little awkwardly, his cheeks flushing red.

She blinked back her tears, grinning as she clinked cheers with his glass. It meant the world for her dad to so openly give his approval, and his little speech was the cherry on the perfect, homemade cake that had been the day. Harry leaned in and pressed a kiss to her cheek, and her head dropped to his shoulder, overwhelmed with love for each person sitting at the table with her. Her mum smiled at the pair as she began to spoon food onto their plates, loading them up with liberal amounts of potatoes, veges and chicken. She straightened up, reaching for the gravy and pouring a little over her food before turning to Harry. “Gravy?” Harry nodded a couple of times, his eyes closing for a moment and skin paling much the same way it had earlier that morning in the car. She set the gravy jug down, looking up at him, concern creeping across her features once more. Harry breathed heavily through his nose, eyes closed tight, before he bolted up, rushing down the hallway to the bathroom. She hurried after him, eyes widening as she caught up with him, his head hanging over the toilet bowl as he vomited violently. 

“Oh baby…” she murmured, dropping to her knees beside him, her hand rubbing over his back. “C’mon… Get it all out,” she soothed as he continued to vomit, his hands gripping the rim of the toilet, his knuckles whitening from the intensity of his grip. He vomited four times before finally raising his head, panting, his skin waxy and pale, sweat beading along his hairline. She pressed a kiss to his clammy forehead before standing, wetting a wash cloth and filling the cup by the sink with water, joining him again on the floor. “Here we go…” she murmured, dabbing at his mouth with the warm facecloth and handing him the water. “Than’you,” he mumbled, sipping at the cup. “Reckon there’s more? Or bed time,” she asked, a hand stroking back his curls. He leaned into her touch, his eyes flickering shut at the feeling. She waited patiently for his answer, continuing her gentle stroking. “Bed,” he croaked finally, pulling his eyes open reluctantly. She nodded, helping him up, an arm around his waist as she guided him to her old bedroom.

She sat him on the edge of the bed, busying herself with taking off his shoes and helping him out of his clothes, rummaging through his bag for some clean sweatpants and a hoodie, helping him pull them on. He did his best to assist her, but his actions were weak, his sickness draining all the energy out of him. “Nice room,” he mumbled, offering her a weak smirk, but a smirk all the same. She giggled softly, shaking her head. The room was a pale pink color, the same pink she had chosen when she was the ripe old age of thirteen. Her parents had guided her away from her initial choice of hot pink, compromising with this slightly more subdued tone, and she was eternally grateful that they had done so. Hot or not however, the room was still pink, and she flushed slightly, having forgotten that Harry was seeing this for the first time amidst being so caught up in looking after him. “Quit it, you. Or I won’t snuggle you,” she fake-warned, waggling a finger in his face. He let out a soft whine, looking up at her with sad eyes. “Don’t give me that look!” she said, shaking her head. He broke into a sleepy grin, his hand coming to rest on her waist. “Yeh love me,” he mumbled. “I do,” she replied, kissing his still-clammy forehead.

“C’mon, in you get,” she instructed, guiding him under the covers and pulling them up around him, tucking him in. Her hand came to his forehead and she sighed, feeling his hot skin on hers. “I’m gonna get you something for this head of yours love. And a bucket, and some water. I’ll be right back, okay?” she assured, kissing his forehead once more. He whined, a weak hand reaching out for her and then falling to his side in defeat, his hazy eyes watching her as she left the room. She hurried about, collecting a water bottle, a bucket, a cold flannel, and a few other supplies. Her mum helped her, offering a sympathetic murmur as she explained how unwell Harry was. She headed back to the room, slowing her movements as she realized he was asleep, tip-toeing about the room as she set everything down.

She changed quietly into her own pyjamas, and then slid in carefully next to him, watching him sleep for a moment before reaching for the cool flannel, laying it carefully across his burning forehead. His eyes flickered open and he smiled weakly at her. “Feels good,” he mumbled, eyes shutting again. “Ssshhhh,” she hushed, holding the flannel to his forehead as he sighed in relief. The heat from his fever crept through the damp flannel, and while the relief was temporary, it was what Harry had needed. She placed the flannel back on the bedside table, shuffling in close to Harry. “Comfy?” she asked, her voice soft as she watched him. “Mm,” he hummed, eyes opening and closing slowly. “Wan’… Can… Can I…” he mumbled, and she knew exactly what he wanted. She lay back, her arms opening as if to invite him closer. He gladly obliged, shuffling in against her, his head on her chest and limbs warm and heavy as he draped them across her. “Than’you,” he mumbled, pressing a blind kiss to her body before settling in against her. “Always, sweetheart. And next time, you tell me how sick you’re feeling before I make you drive all the way to my parents, okay?” she chuckled softly, her hand in his hair again, fingers gently massaging his scalp. “Okay,” he hummed, drifting off to sleep against her. It wasn’t long before sleep took her too, safe and warm beneath the covers.

Gatekeeper p.3

Comments: This is like late I’m sorry but this is the begining of #babymonth. I hope ya love it.

Pairing: LafayettexReader

Warning: cursing i think thats it like smut but not really smut cause it’s like- you’ll figure it out. If it is smut to you then blast me in the comment section

Song Inspiration: Kill You- Eminem

Words: 1,071

“Yo Laf let’s go we made ego’s and we’re gonna watch a movie.” Hercules said from the other side of the door.

“Mon chéri would you like to watch whatever silly kids movie they have decided to watch?” Lafayette asked cupping you’re face in his hand wiping away some tears.

“I would love to Laf but I’m not sure that you’re friends would like that very much.” You said looking down.

“My friends will not care they are good people” Lafayette said ducking down to meet you’re eyes.

“Ok but if they feel awkward please inform me I don’t hesitate to tell me please” You said wiping the last tears from of you’re face.

“Let’s go then mon amour they have made eggo waffles the easy waffle” Lafayette said as he lead you out of the room.

“You know that it’s just called ego’s?” You asked jokingly.

“Non they are called eggo waffles” He said taking a seat on the couch.

“No it’s just ego’s Laf I promise” You said laughing a little.

“Wanna bet?” He asked smirking.

“I’m gonna win but sure I don’t care”You said sitting next to him.

“Hercules we need you!”

From that day on you and Lafayette had been inseparable constantly going to movies or just other cute coupley things. In the next week you had noticed that you were late with you’re period. Due to that you took a pregnacy test, it showed positive,you wanted think of a creative way to tell Lafayette.

That Night:

“Mon chéri I’m home” Lafayette said as he walked into the house that you rarely left.

“I’m in the room” You said as you got ready pulling out the box.

“How was you’re day sweetheart?” You asked not getting off you’re bed but waiting till he came closer to you.

“It was fine work was work got some really great pictures published.” He said sitting down next you.”How about you?”

“Oh nothing much I made dinner and I went to the mall” You said trying to sound as nonchalant as possible knowing that to both of you that was a big deal.

“Oh what’s for dinner- Wait you went outside!?” He asked getting off of the bed.

“Oh yea me and Eliza went out to the mall I wanted to get you something” You said giggling.

“But what about the paparazzi weren’t they following you?” Lafayette asked pacing across the room.

“No we had John tip them off that I went to Nobu for lunch” You said a smile never leaving you’re face.

“You shouldn’t of gone out someone would of tipped him off” Lafayette said.

“I don’t care about him. I went out to get my boyfriend something nice and I was going to do it either way.” You said folding you’re arms.

“I’m not worth you going out I promise.” He said pausing in front of you.

“I got you a gift” You pulled the box from behind you’re back and handed it to him.

“Y/N I can’t-”

“Lafayette you will open it this instant” You insisted.

He sighed and pulled off the wrapping paper and opened the box to reveal a white shirt that said “I’M A DADDY” in bold letters. He looked down at the shirt and then back to you.

“You’re?” He asked. You nodded and smiled probably the biggest one that you ever did you’re life.

“Y/N you’re pregnant!” He said picking you up and spinning you around you both giggling at the same time.

“But mon chéri we have not?” He said pausing for a second the smile slowly fading from his face.

“I know the baby she- I mean they aren’t yours.” You said sighing as he set you down on the bed.

“Oh I do not care I will raise them as my own son anyway we can name him George.” He said smiling as he kissed you’re cheek.

“What if it’s a girl?” You asked smirking as you sat up.

“It will not be a girl trust me I can feel it” He said dashing towards the doorway. “I must tell Alex, non we must tell Alex” He said running back over to you and extending his hand which of course you took.

“Alexander please will you come here?” Lafayette called from the living room.

“I’m really busy right now please can it wait?” Alex asked from his room.

“Alexander this is very important.” Lafayette said smirking. You heard some  rustling and he emerged from the room.

“This better be good” Alex said sighing as he crossed.

“Mon ami you are going to be an uncle!” Lafayette said smiling

“You know adopting a dog and calling it you’re child doesn’t make t you’re actual child right?” Alex asked turning around to go back to his room.

“No Alex were not getting a dog Y/N is pregnant!” Lafayette exclaimed.

“You guys really need to stop joking with people before we start a prank war” Alex said turning back to face you.

“No no I swear on every american flag I own even the t-shirts!” Lafayette chimed back.

“And I swear on the unborn child that’s growing in me that I’m pregnant Alex” You said laughing slightly.

“Wait you’re being serious?” Alex asked

“We have been being serious this whole time mon ami!” Lafayette said

“Oh my god you’re pregnant!” Alex said giving you a hug “I’m gonna be an Uncle! And you brother you’re gonna be a father!” Alex said going and giving Lafayette a hug

“I’m going to be a dad!” Lafayette said squeezing Alex back.

That Night:




“I’m coming” You said getting up and of the couch

“Mon chérii you should really stay of you’re fet now that you’re carrying a tiny human.” Lafayette said from the couch.

“Well you don’t seem to be getting the door do you.” You said as you opened the door. His cologne hit you before you even saw his face and you knew who it was as you looked up his icy blue eyes met yours.

“Well hello gorgeous I’ve been told we’re expecting” Ozzy said that permanent smirk still on his face his body leaning against the door frame.

Karamel Appreciation Week: Day 2.

My favorite quotes are TOO MANY, so get ready:


•"Any courage I do have I learned it from you.” I feel like a lot of people forget that before a girlfriend and a friend, Kara is his mentor and his guide. And I just love this.

•"I’m also thankful for you, Kara, because not only you’re understanding but you’re also gracious. Out of anybody who could’ve found me in that pod, I’m the luckiest guy in the world that it was you.“ This is just adorable and it melts my heart everytime..Mon-El would’ve been a totally different person if someone else found him, but destiny brought him to Kara.

•"You don’t wanna mate with me, do you?” because it’s just funny asgsjshshw

•"You know you look beautiful.. The weight of all these worlds on your shoulder.“ A classic. Mon-El sees Kara like nobody else, he knows her so well in such a short time, and he’s just the sweetest in this scene, Kara thinks he’s saying all that stuff just to make her feel better but he really understands her struggle, he means all of that.

•The whole “Comets” scene. Enough said.

•"I kept writing you off and you kept proving me wrong..and it just got me thinking, maybe I can have it all”. Finally Kara is letting her walls down, she knows what she wants and she’s not afraid anymore.

•"You are my kryptonite.. I mean, my feelings for you, I’ve never felt like this about anyone, I didn’t even know there were this many feelings to even be had. “ Just because Mon-El being overwhelmed by love is adorable.

•"Why don’t you tell me what you need? I’ll listen.” “Just be here with me.” [..] “Do you need anything else?” “To wake up with me.” That is just my favorite scene, being together isn’t easy, but the little things like this make it special. Kara is glad that she has Mon-El’s support anytime she needs it.

•"You have so much to offer this world, so don’t let Snapper or anyone else tell you differently.“ Mon-El shows again that he’s always ready to comfort Kara whenever she’s feeling vulnerable, I’m pretty sure that everyone would love being told this, to never feel down because we have a lot to give.

•"And I love you. With everything that I have, I love you.” Mon-El doesn’t expect anything in return, he loves Kara because he loves his life through her, he loves the world through her, he doesn’t have much but gosh, he would give her the world if he could.

•"I figured that since you were good enough to take me back, I should be good enough to fill every moment of your life with joy.“ Mon-El doesn’t take this second chance for granted, and he’s just happy with loving Kara, again, he doesn’t expect anything in return (probably because of his family situation?) and he’s genuinely surprised when Kara shows how much she appreciates him.

•"You came after me.“ “Every time.” No matter what they go through, they’ll always gonna be there for each other, they would do anything to save each other.

I actually love many more quotes but yeeeah, these are enough.

BTS Scenario: Getting Jealous When You Hang Out With Other Guyfriends


“Jagiya, I’m not mad that you have guy friends…I just… Want to be more important to you than they are.”

He would feel somewhat guilty for saying these things but he could feel a fire burn inside himself when he sees you with other guy friends. Of course he’d try to hold you by your waist or hold your hand any moment he could get but he didn’t want to smother you either.


“Of course I care! It may not seem like it but I do! I don’t want you running off with another guy that’s better than me and its scares me to death… I need you.”

As Suga is normally the guy to conceal his emotions, that changed when he would notice you were hanging out with different guys more. He would get mad at the fact that you think he didn’t care. He’d even get so mad that he would start crying and hitting things. You’re “his” girl and no one else.


“Me? Jealous?! Of them? Oh no no no… Maybe a little- But Jagiya you have to understand!! It isn’t easy to see your girl go off with a bunch of nobody’s when there is a perfectly good man waiting for her with open arms right here!”

Of course he’s in denial about being jealous since he didn’t want you to win the war. The war where you would say about how you get jealous when girls/fans surround him constantly so you should technically be allowed to hang around guys. Not that you’d ever cheat on a teddy bear like him.

Rap Monster:

“Hell yea I’m angry Y/N. They are not the ones you should be having fun with or hanging out with much at all! I’m your boyfriend… I just… Want to feel loved and not like you’re already starting to leave me.”

Rap Mon seems like the type to get angry then cools down only to get extremely upset. He has every right to be upset since he lost his one girlfriend to unfaithfulness and trust issues. It’s enough that he even let you in after all that’s happened so when he begs to you he does it with a sincere heart.


“Well, one thing is for sure, they aren’t as cool as me and they don’t have the skills I do so what’s so special about them Jagiya?”

He definitely shows his jealous and shows it well. He may be sweet but he’s also the type to be cocky about who he is but only to remind you of what you got. He loves you and that’s why he gets the way he does when he notices you drifting away or hanging out with other guys.


“This is not okay Y/N, at all! I’m not jealous but you shouldn’t be hanging out with other guys like that! It’s risky and they could take advantage of my girl!”

Even if he says he’s not jealous, you know not to listen to him because he truly is. He’ll say almost anything to change your mind about hanging out with other guy friends or even being their friend period. He’ll use the puppy eyes on you too!


“I.. I thought I was yours? Why are you always hanging out with those buff nice looking guys? Am I not good enough? I work out everyday and I try to take care of my appearance.. Please don’t fall in love with those guys.”

His innocence would slightly kick in but him being upset and jealous would definitely over power that. Insecurities would fill him and he would begin to question trust even though he loves you like crazy.

How the BTS members would kiss you after a fight

Jin- You and Jin had just been fighting on the phone. It was because of something stupid and you were tired and had just hung up. You curled yourself in you bed under your covers and cried. You had cried so much this week. You where so sick of crying and yelling at people. You were the reason you and Jin were fighting and you hated how all you wanted right now was to sit in his lap and have him hug you until you forgot about your worries and real life even though you had just insulted him over the phone. There was a loud knock on your door and you slowly crawled out of bed. You only got a chance to unlock you door when it flew open and Jin rushed in, kissing your lips before you even had a chance to ask who it was. “Babe,” you say quietly but he shushes you. “I hate fighting with you, you know that.” He breaks the kiss softly and wraps you in the hug you were longing for.

Suga- “Fuck you!” you’d scream and slam your boyfriend’s door shut. Work had made Yoongi go crazy, and he couldn’t deal with hearing you say another word about if he was getting enough sleep and eating well when you knew he wasn’t. But you couldn’t help it. You didn’t know what else to say or do because he was so busy. The two of you started yelling before you knew it and you were running out the door. “Fuck.” he’d mutter and run after you. It was raining and your car was parked in a parking garage a few minutes away from where he lived. You wrapped your arms around yourself as you walked in the freezing rain, crying. “Y/N!” you heard him yell. You stopped walking and turned to look at your boyfriend running after you. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close to him. “I’m so fucking sorry. I’m so fucking sorry. I don’t deserve you. God, I really don’t deserve you.” he’d kiss you after he was done speaking and the two of you would run back into his apartment.

J-Hope- Fighting with Hoseok would be rare but when it happened it would hurt a lot on both sides. “Y/N,” he knocks on the door softly. You wouldn’t answer and pretended to be asleep. You were really listening from the other side of the door. You would sit in front of the locked door and just listen to him go on softly about how he was sorry and hated making you cry. “You’re beautiful, your hair is soft and you always smell good. I love the way you make me feel like I matter and how your little hand fits in mine perfectly. I hate how much pride I have and how I don’t listen to what your saying when you are angry with me but I hope you are listening now because I love you so much and I want to kiss you and show you how sorry I am. Please let me make this right.“ He stops for few seconds and you unlock your door. He opens it slowly to see you leaning against the door frame. He sits down at your level and slowly leans in to kiss you. He falls in your lap to kiss your cheek and wraps you in a tender loving hug. 

Rap Mon- “Okay, but I’m tired of you not listening to what I have to say!” Namjoon yelled back. The two of you stop yelling and just look at each other for a moment. “I don’t want us to be that couple. The couple that fights over stupid shit.” You say and lean on the counter top tiredly. “I don’t like fighting with you.” you continue and start to cry. Namjoon rushes over to you to wipe the tear that fell down your cheek and held your face in his hand. “I love you so much, you know. I don’t want to fight either, or lose you. I don’t want you to stop loving me one day because of nights like these and it scares me to death that-” “Shh.” you shush him softly and wipe a tear that fell from his eyes. “I know. Me too.” you whisper and press your lips slightly to his. He pulls away to kiss your nose, cheek, forehead, shoulder until the kiss turns into a big hug.

Jimin- The two of you would be yelling at each other over something that really shouldn’t have caused yelling in the first place. You and Jimin are two much in love and care too much about each other that scolding turns into yelling and fighting. But it would’t be a fight with Jimin without sexual tension. “Would you just fucking listen to me to me!!” You’d yell as he’d try to grab you hands. You swatted his hands away and pushed on his rock hard chest. You tried to get him away from you because he was backing you into the kitchen counter top. “Listen!” you yelled again, pushing he until he grabbed your hands and pulled them above your head. “No you listen to me.” he muttered as he closed in the space between the two of you. You dropped you hands from above your head and gripped the counter behind you. Jimin was looking down at you, his gaze strong. No matter how piercing his gaze was, you held you ground and looked back at him with just as much strength. His hands lifted you up on the counter, squeezing onto your thighs. You let out a shaky breath, and the two of you crashed your lips into each other’s, forgetting the fight completely. 

V- Fights with Tae were silly and childish. You would be yelling back and forth things that didn’t even make sense. You would try to be serious however and explain why you were upset. Taehyung would pretend to listen, nodding his head and keeping quiet until you would end your pacing around and say “Do you get what I’m saying?” and he would smile and shake his head. “Taeee.” you would whine and he would say he was sorry and was just messing with you. He would give you a quick peck on the cheek and ruffle your hair a bit as you hit him softly on the arm for not listening like you’d asked.

Jungkook- Jungkook wouldn’t really know how to handle fighting with you any other way than just listening. He would stay quiet until you were finished and then he would begin singing softly. He would sing about the things he loved about you and how he was a stupid and so in love with you and how smart you were. He would slowly walk up to you, making you cry because of his sweet words. You knew he meant them. He would kiss the top of your head and hum a soft song until you where done crying.

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Cooking With French Fry

Lafayette x reader

Modern AU

Author(s): Laddie

Warnings: Implied smut, intense kissing, terrible cooking, badly translated french

Word Count: 1239

(f/c) - favorite color

“No put this one on!” You protested as Lafayette pulled one of his Beatles record out of it’s case.

“(Y/N), you choose the record last time. It’s my turn, remember?” Laf smirked, putting the record onto the record player.

“Fine.” You huffed, putting your own favorite record down.

“Je t'aime, mon ange.” He smiled at your pouting face, pulling you in for a hug.

“I love you too, french fry.” You tilted your head up towards his, your lips barely brushing, “You going to teach me those french recipes now, or what?” You pulled away quickly, earning a groan from, Laf.

“You’re evil.” He mumbled, as you tied a (f/c) apron around your waist.

“I know.” You winked, “Now what are we making first?”

“Well, (Y/N), considering the fact that you burn everything, let’s start with something simple.” He tied his own apron around his waist, making his way to your cooking supplies.

“I don’t burn everything!” You exclaimed, not wanting to admit that you really were a terrible cook.

“I’m not trying to offend you, mon amour. It’s not a bad thing that cooking is not one of your, how you say, talents.” Laf stated calmly, “I’m first going to teach you how to make a crepe!”

“A crepe? Wow, a stereotypical french food? I expected better from you, Laf.” You watched as the frenchman continued getting ingredients, rolling his eyes.

“It was the only thing I knew for sure that you would actually eat. I know you will be able to make these perfect, Ma moitié, I promise.” He placed the ingredients down, moving to stand next to you.

“Okay, let’s do this! Start the music and teach me how to cook!” You pulled your hair back out of your face, prepared for what you thought to be one of your biggest challenges.

New confidence surged through you. Knowing that Lafayette thought you could do it, made you positive you could. In the several months you had been dating Lafayette you had realized one of the most important things. Whenever Laf had faith that you were able to do something, he was right. He was your number one fan. He was always there to be your support and shoulder to lean on. He believed in you when no one else did, including yourself. So, knowing Laf had faith in your cooking made you more confident than you had been all day. You knew, that you could do this.

Lafayette grinned at this new confidence (Y/N) had and walked over the the record player. The record began to spin as he slowly dropped the pin onto the record. The sound of The Beatles filled the kitchen and house. Laf immediately began bobbing his puffy ponytail to the music, dancing as he came back to where you were standing. He continued to dance to the beat as he moved the bowls and ingredients in front of you.

He instructed you slowly, helping you make the batter at your own pace. Laf couldn’t help, but fall deeper in love with you while watching you make it. The focus and pure determination on your face made his heartbeat speed up. He loved watching you at work. You didn’t notice Laf’s loving stares while you worked. Instead, you blocked out the world, making sure everything was perfect. Laf smiled, watching your face light up with pride as you finished the batter.

“Did I do it right?” You looked up at Laf in excitement.

“Well,” He pretended to expect the batter. You heart almost stopped, thinking you had done it wrong. “It’s perfect! I couldn’t have made it better myself, Ma chèr!”

“Yes!” You danced around in excitement.

“Let me heat up the stove. This may take a moment, mon ange. You should sit down and take a break. You have been working very hard.” He winked at you, making your heart bang against your chest.

You sat down, watching Laf get to work on heating up the stove and spraying the pan. A light smile graced your lips, listening to the tall man sing the words of The Beatles quietly. You watched as he got louder, dancing by himself as he set down the pan he had been spraying. You couldn’t help but giggle at the dance moves he attempted and failed to do. They were disastorous to watch, making you tempted to film it for your snapchat story.

Then, the song suddenly changed to one that both you and Laf loved, Blackbird. Before you started dating, Laf had heard you playing this on the guitar to a few of your friends. He had loved it and approached you asking you to teach him. This had been the spark that started your relatinship. Blackbrid, was considered your song. insturmental

Lafayette slowly turned to you as the instrumental of the beginning played. A smile lit up both of your faces as Laf quickly approached you, singing the words to his fullest.

“Blackbird singing in the dead of night. Take these broken wings and learn to fly.” He grabbed your hands, pulling you up from your seat. “All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise.”

“Blackbird singing in the dead of night. Take these sunken eyes and learn to see.” You sang back to him, just as loudly. “All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to be free.”

Laf lifted you up, putting your feet on top of his. He kept his arms around your waist, as you moved your arms around his neck. He moved you slowly to the beat, singing the song softly in your ear. You laid your head against his chest, sighing in content. These were the moments in your relationship that the two of you lived for. Those quiet moments when you both knew what the other was thinking. These were the moments when you both knew you loved each other more than anything in this world.

“Blackbird singing in the dead of night. Take this broken wings and learn to fly. All your life,” Laf sang quietly, moving back to look you in the eyes.

“You were only waiting for this moment to arise. You were only waiting for this moment to arise. You were only waiting for this moment to arise.” You both sang the end of the song together, looking at each other like they were the only person that mattered.

As the guitar strummed one last time, Laf moved in slowly to kiss you. The kiss was slow and meaningful, taking both of your breaths away. You moved your hands through his hair, tangling it with your fingers. His hands traveled up and down your spine, giving you the chills. He smiled into the kiss, picking you up slowly and placing you on the counter.

The kiss deepened, but did not become any less gentle. Laf stood in between your legs, moving his hands to rest on your thighs. A beep from the stove made Laf pull away, much to your discontent. He rested his forehead against yours, smiling coyly.

“Je t'aime, (Y/N)” He panted, out of breath from the kiss you had just shared.

“Je t’aime, Lafayette.” You said softly.

“Let’s finish these crepes later.” Laf’s smile turned into a smirk.

“Sounds good, french fry.” You returned his smirk with one of your own, before pulling him in for another kiss.

The soft warmth of l’amour

“Can I buy any chance convince you to come home with me, Monsieur?” The person leans down to whisper in LeFou’s ear, the gesture earning a view odd glances. LeFou giggles quietly, turning around on the barstool.

“But Monsieur Stanley, what will people think?” LeFou smiles softly and Stanley grabs his hand, tugging him off the stool. “I couldn’t care less about what the villagers will think of us. And after tonight everybody will know who you belong to.” Stanley smirks, loving how LeFou’s breath hitches and he colours a delicious shade of red. LeFou tightens his grip on Stanley’s hand as he follows the taller man out of the tavern.


The pair stumbles into Stanley’s home, kissing furiously, grabbing and pulling at each other. “LeFou, mon amour.” Stanley breathes heavily, grinning as he takes in the sight of LeFou in front of him, top buttons of his shirt undone and hair hanging loosely in strands around his face where the hair has slipped out of the ponytail he was wearing earlier.

“You look stunning.” Stanley smiles, before pushing LeFou onto the bed. LeFou pulls Stanley on his lap, letting Stanley straddle him, and holding him tightly. “Je t’aime Stanley.” “I love you too, mon petit garçon.” Stanley pulls his shirt over his head, and unbuttons the rest of LeFou’s shirt, pushing the fabric off his lover’s body. Stanley brushes his lips over LeFou’s, but pulls back as LeFou tries to kiss him properly. “Not so impatient, mon cher.” Stanley smirks, leaning back down and trailing kisses all over LeFou’s face. When he attaches his lips to the shorter man’s lips, he looks up immediately when LeFou lets out a sudden giggle. Stanley allows his fingers to wander the same path down LeFou’s neck, drawing another laugh from him. LeFou blushes bright and tries to bury his face in Stanley’s neck, yet the other man won’t have it. “Let me hear you, mon amour. I love your laugh. I didn’t know you were so ticklish.” “Stanleeeeey.” LeFou whines, pulling Stanley’s fingers from his neck and pulling the man down to kiss him again.


LeFou hums happily and cuddles closer to the warmth, as the sunlight falls upon his face. He wraps all his limbs about Stanley, holding onto the other man tightly. Stanley chuckles and the sounds vibrates through LeFou’s body. “Good morning, mon amour.” “Mornin’.” LeFou mumbles, burying his face against Stanley’s neck. Stanley nuzzles LeFou’s hair, pressing kisses along his hairline.

This past while has been the happiest period of Stanley’s life, he’s certain.

After everything that went down at the castle, the curse being broken, Gaston falling to his death, it all caused things to get slightly out of hand for the villagers.

It were dark days for LeFou especially. He had just lost his best friend to his own ego, and LeFou became the blame of all that Gaston had done and caused. The villagers had wanted nothing more than to see the poor man dead for what he had done, not listening to reason. They had threatened to hang him, before Adam and Belle had come and rescued LeFou from his cruel fate. While they were busying themselves convincing the villagers LeFou was in fact an innocent man, Stanley led LeFou away from the crowd, towards the quiet of his home, patching up his extensive wounds, cringing when he discovered that for some reason the poor brokenhearted man was missing a finger.

That was almost a year ago and to say things have changed for LeFou and Stanley would be quite the understatement. It has taken Stanley months to convince LeFou that he was worth living, that he wasn’t responsible for everything Gaston had caused, that LeFou too, had been a victim of the hunter.

Yet here they are, engaged (With Adam’s blessing) and living together, and Stanley still can’t fully comprehend how gorgeous LeFou looks asleep next to him. He always looks stunning, but there is something so calming and innocent about watching LeFou sleep. Stanley can’t grasp the fact that this beautiful man is his, and soon to be his forever. LeFou has been so full of warmth and love and even acceptance for Stanley’s dresses, it fills Stanley with emotions and makes his eyes water. If only his maman could see how well he’s ended up.

“Braid my hair?” The question takes Stanley back to reality. “But of course, mon amour. Will you sit up for me?” LeFou moves up and Stanley sits up behind him, leaning against the headboard. He carefully combs through LeFou’s hair, before braiding the soft locks together and tying a pink ribbon to hold the braid together. “All done.” He whispers, pressing his lips to LeFou’s neck, earning him another giggle and a squirming LeFou.

LeFou leans back against Stanley and sighs in content as Stanley wraps his arms around him. “Thank you, Stanley. Pour les tous.” “It is my honour and privilege, mon cher. I would do it all again when given the choice. Je t’aime.”