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Art Collab #2 with @bev-nap

Aaaaaaaaaa! Yeeesss—I’ll never grow tired of coloring your lovely line work! Went with a different approach for the second one and still love what I’ve come up with for you! Who knows—-maybe I’ll start throwing a bunch of my unfinished stuff at you to color if you have time! I mean, I do love drawing Prompto and Noctis—–PROMPTIS LOL But anyways, thanks for this golden opportunity to tackle another piece of yours! Art twins 5ever!

Sketches can be found >>Here<<

Private Practice - 4x22
Naomi Bennet & Gabriel Fife

Naomi: “Gabriel…why aren’t you on the…”
Gabriel: “…on the plane? Because I knew you’d come rushing after me…it was easier this way.”
Naomi: “I can’t believe how cocky your are!”
Gabriel: “Can you still call me cocky if I’m right??”

Gabriel: “You’ll have to forgive me for not going down on one knee..but…”
“Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes.”

The ER.

Characters: Dean, Reader, Charlie, Ellen, Sam and a mention of a few other SPN characters.

Pairing: Detective!Dean x Doctor!Reader

Warnings: Swearing, blood, some angst. But just for a hot moment. Then it’s fluff, promise.

A/N: it’s an AU because I love those.This was sitting unfinished in my drafts for a while and today inspiration struck. Thank you for reading! You like, let me know because I looooooove feedback!

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