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Don’t you think Minho is an awkward dancer? Like he’s not as good as Taemin. Or maybe sometimes it’s just the choreo. Minho is so tall. Sometimes he looks awkward as hell when he dances.


Let’s just ignore the fact that Taemin has been dancing since the 6th grade and is the best dancer at SMent, maybe/probably even all of KPOP. 

My question is why tf do you (or anyone, for that matter) feel the need to compare Minho to Taemin, or even the other members of SHINee. Like….why? Of course he’s not as good of a dancer as Taemin (his dad moves are bomb tho and I love him). Even I’ll say that and I’m Minho-biased as hell. When he first started, yeah, his moves were awkward when he danced, but he was an awkward 16-year old and that’s to be expected. But, even then, SMent wouldn’t have put him in SHINee (or even in the SM The Performance WITH Taemin, to name just one of the dance performances he’s been in) if they didn’t think he was talented enough. I will say, though, that his dancing is a lot cleaner now (to me, at least) and I feel like he’s really graceful and fluid when he dances.

Now…the real issue I take with this question is that you’re comparing Minho to anybody. Like…..*deep breath*…..okay

His parents said that he needed to be more like his brother. They even said when he was cast by SMent that his brother would make the better idol. Since SHINee debuted, he’s been compared to the other four by “fans” who have deemed him useless and said that he should just leave the group….like, what the actual fuck. 

How about, we do everyone a favor and not compare people to each other. Speaking from experience, it’s damaging to your self-esteem and honestly? we should be appreciating and praising people based on them and them alone. If you’re going to compare Minho (or anyone) to somebody, compare him to the person he was the day before.

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🐄+lightshook,alxanderlightwood, howisalexander, omg-daddario ❤️

@lightshook - okay first of all super great content girl! I looooove it! And omg those book asks? Are amazing? You’ve made me update my “must read” list? Thank you so, so much!?

@alxanderlightwood I have to say.. That… I miss you soooooo much :( But now let’s be happy okay/ Okay! BECEUASE GIRL I’M IN LOVE WITH YOUR GIFS?! Omg pls, teach meeeee *.* They are so perfect and beautiful, just like youu <3

@howisalexander Sandra is this beautiful, kind human beeing with her heart made from gold. I love her so much. She;s so protective and can bite really hard, which I amire so much. Plus GUYS LIKE LOOK AT HER BLOG? Both of her tehmes (mobil and detoskop ones) are simply STUNNING *.*

@omg-daddario I miss Sab SO much :( I mean you are such a lovely human beeing! I wanna hug you all the time. And your blog? I simply LOVE it! SO MUCH MATT (you are giving me spam source gal, prepare :P )

@s0ftmalec Simone, you know I love you? Like your blog??? Is?? SUCH?! Quality content? Like omg I LOVE it so much, almsot as much as I love you <3 And you are my funny, beatiful Lemon Godess <3

900 celebration (blog compliments)

Making Out with Peter Parker would include..

- first of all

- look at peter he’s so in love with you he couldn’t even focus for the gif


- anyways

- you two cuties are literally a blushing mess

- happened while watching a movie at his place

- may just left to go get dinner

- him glancing at you

- holding your hand

- ‘hey (y/n) c-can i kiss you’

- ‘peter we’ve been dating for four months why do you keep asking’


- but the little angel was so gentle

- truth is he really doesn’t want to pressure you

- or break boundaries

- what a caring baby AWAWAW

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It was cat day today, so this had to be done– Sae-nyan (or would it be Nyan-ran) goes out to make a friend//

Bonus: a mini Yoo-nyan! ☆

  • YouTube Makeup Tutorials: Now, this look is very easy. All you will need is twenty-four kinds of real horsehair brushes, all of which you can buy at Chanel for about five-hundred dollars, which is such a bargain for something so useful. Anyways, let's take out our palette of pure 24 karat gold flake eyeshadow and get started!

Nina buried her face in her coat’s woolen collar and said, “I wish you could see what I do. I can hear everybody on this ship, the blood rushing in their veins. I can hear the change in Kaz’s breathing when he looks at you.”
“You … you can?”
“It catches everytime, like he’s never seen you before.”

BTS Reaction: When you reject their pickup line

Jin: “I can give myself to you.” “Sorry, I don’t accept cheap gifts.” Jin looked at you with utter shocked. “YA, what do you mean cheap? People pay hundreds to see me.”

Yoongi: “What would you say if I asked you to marry me?” “Nothing. I can’t laugh and talk at the same time.” Feeling the weight lift  from beside you, you looked over to see Yoongi just before he left the room. “Yoongi, I was just joking, of course I’d say yes.” Yoongi turning around only to respond with, “ I don’t want to marry your single ass anymore.”

Namjoon: “I would do whatever it takes to please you.” “Okay, please me by getting out of my sight.” Namjoon suddenly stopped, and got off you, seeing him walking out you suddenly hear a faint whisper, “Not today.”

J-hope: “If I could rearrange the alphabet I would put U and I together.” “ They got it right the first time with the N and the O.” Looking up at him you could see that his face fell. “Oh, no, Hobi. I was just joking, you know you are a Q T.”

Jimin:  “ That’s a cute dress. It would look even better on my bedroom floor.”
“And it would look fabulous jammed into your windpipe.” Jimin stared at you with an offended look before speaking. “First my height, then my hands, and now my windpipe.”

Taehyung:  “ Feel my shirt. That’s boyfriend material.” “It looks a little too clingy and hard to maintain.” After hearing the words come out of your mouth he let go of you to get a better look at you. “ I can’t believe you would insult my shirt like that, this shirt cost me my paycheck.”

Jungkook:  “ I just Googled “sexy” and a picture of you came up.”
“You’ll get the same result if you search for “not interested”.” Expecting a response, but not receiving one you looked up from your phone to see him talking to himself. “ Complement them they said, they’ll like it they said.”

Request (PLS) ~Lena

Jimin’s confession


I’m so nice to you all.

Calling me short and stroking my head!

I’m 2 years older than you, I’ve lived 2 years longer!

I’ve eaten 2130 more rice bowls than you!

Members: LOL

Jungkook: When was that?

I like it a lot that hyung’s so friendly…

I’m like that because I like hyung so much


Um but closer seems to be an understatement…

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Watch the other member’s confessions here (this literally happened)


Some stuff I posted on twitter :D 

ch. 52

One of my favorite things about Chapter 52 is Aku being bossy as hell when (literally) riding on Atsushi’s back:

Aku: Wha …. It’s quite a bumpy ride!

Aku: You need to move faster than him. Also, traveling like this is very uncomfortable.

Atsushi: Shut up! You hitchhiker! (nb: the original is “person traveling for free”)

Aku (pulling on Atsushi’s ear): Turn left, to avoid collision

Atsushi (look at his face omg): OUUUUUUUUUUUCH it hurts! This is not a steering wheel!

PS. If I messed up anything in the translation, pls let me know, I’ll fix it, my Japanese isn’t perfect

Dating Yoongi (Suga) includes:

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  • highkey oblivious af
  • a good couple of months was spent of you trying to flirt with him
  • ending up writing him a note saying “i really like you, notice my advances you fucking piece of shit” because he cant take a hint
  • you both are so lazy omg
  • but no one can out lazy min yoongi
  • “Y/N can you pass me remote?”
  • “It’s literally right next to you wtf”
  • everytime he smiles you literally have some sort of camera ready to capture it
  • “Y/N what are you doing?” he asked when he realised a flash was coming from your phone
  • “Capturing art”
  • PDA?? what’s that??? min yoongi doesnt know what that is
  • honestly he just doesnt do it cause hes shy aw
  • him telling you to stop calling him cute cause its seriously damaging his swag
  • you purposely giving him cringey nicknames cause it annoys the shit out of him
  • “How’s my little sugar smoochy honey gummy bear doing?”
  • coming to sit on his lap when he’s working in nothing but your underwear and a fitted tshirt cause you know it turns him the fuck on 
  • you being the biggest supporter when he releases music
  • having songs dedicated to you
  • him showing you his music first cause your opinion is the most important
  • you falling in love with him all over again when he plays piano because its so beautiful and he’s so passionate about it
  • most date with suga include you cuddling up with him with loads of blankets and popcorn and watching the cringiest movies you can find
  • sometimes you have your doubts but then you catch him smiling and looking at you like you’re a goddess and you’re just like lol nvm he still wants it
  • the teasing between you both is un reAL LMAO
  • especially when you try to rap along with him
  • cause lets be real, he raps at the speed of light and you can’t keep up
  • like honestly you were still on the A to the G to the U to the STD part while he had finished like bro can you chill 
  • you once told him to give you that agust D and he threatened to break up with you lol
  • late night texts 
  • “dont the stars look beautiful tonight, yoongi”
  • “it’s 3am bitch tf go to bed”
  • literally the only reason you two fight is because he spends too much time at the studio and doesnt get enough food and/or sleep like min yoongi pls rest
  • “i stg yoongi if you don’t move out of my way,”
  • “Why should I?” he smirks, backing you up into a corner before pining your arms above you
  • “Let me go”
  • bitch his tongue is a force to be reckoned with
  • did y’all hear him when he was rapping the second verse to agust d???
  • we all know hes got that tongue technology damn
  • he’s hella rough during sex man dont give a fuCK
  • but it’s cool cause you like it like that
  • basically your relationship is filled with you two laughing and insulting each other buT LIKE DW CAUSE MIN YOONGI CAN BE CUTE WHEN HE WANTS TO BE AND WILL LITERALLY SHOWER YOU IN KISSES CAUSE HE LOVES YOU A LOT OKAY

hey blacksimmers so today i decided to recolour lunarsims hair and it had no name so i named it the tyra hair anyway i recoloured it because i didnt like the default colours it wasnt urban and it looked too maxis match

download = http://simfileshare.net/download/208796/

mesh  = http://simfileshare.net/download/92859/

before i start let me give credits to lunar sims and simstric and although this is a imvu hair pls dont come after me or ill show you who is boss kmt

@xmiramira  @xxblacksims  @theblacksimmer @xmiramiraccfinds





AND LOOK AT HIS FACE, HE’S LIKE “ugh i don’t want you to kiss my hand at all,”

AND FLUG IS LIKE “??!!!” LIKE “why that guy kissing my boss hand?” AND HE DOESN’T WANT THAT, AT ALL.




Isn’t She Lovely?

Pairings: Slight Stony, ScarletVision, Avengers x Songs older than Pietro, Peter x Confusion.

Tony has created a chatroom: isn’t she lovely

Tony has added Steve, Thor, Bruce, Natasha, Vision, Peter, Clint.

Tony: Isn’t she lovely?

Peter: Who, Mr. Stark?

Clint: It’s definitely not Tasha.

Tony: Isn’t she wonderful?

Natasha: It better not be me.

Tony: Isn’t she pretty?

Steve: Is it Thor?

Thor: Oh… my…

Tony has added You.

You: ummm what


Thor: I agree wholeheartedly with Stark’s questioning statement!

You: thanks, t-bby and thot

You: damn

You: Thor**** this typo happens every time. sorry Thor.

Peter: omg

Loki has joined the chat.


Loki has been disconnected.

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🍼 - kid fic/(accidental) baby acquisition (holsom seems really obvious, but like anything with holster and accidental babies has to be hilarious soooooo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Bullet Fic Prompts. Accepting. 

  • ransom and holster kiss for the first time after their first game of their senior year. they lost the game but they were both so proud of each other for being good captains that all their unrequited emotions came bubbling out and BOOM now they’re dating
  • both of them had hooked up with other people earlier in the year but they don’t think much of it. one of the people holster hooked up with was a girl from Samwell’s Jewish community group named Tsega and they still hang out sometimes 
  • on holsom’s one month anniversary Tsega tells holster’s she’s two months pregnant and just found out
  • holster doesn’t know what to do. he immediately freaks out but Tsega’s like ‘hey, i’ve never been pregnant before i don’t know what’s going on all i want to do is dig up bones’ (she’s an archaeology major)
  • naturally they turn to ransom, who is “both organized and beautiful and the smartest, most handsomest man on the planet and i also love him”
  • they come up with A Plan. Tsega’s never really been interested in having kids (again, she just wants to dig up bones) and already has a Fullbright grant to fund a year long dig in China after they graduate but has decided to have the baby and put him/her up for adoption so holsom have a Grownup conversation and decide to raise the baby
  • ransom and holster’s senior year is pretty much the same as canon except for the doctors appointments with Tsega, constantly mounting stress and knowledge that they’ll have a baby and graduate in the same month
    • so it’s a lot different is what i’m saying
  • there’s still kegsters and games and shenanigans but it’s also going to the obgyn and holsom’s job angst is magnified by about a million
  • then. it happens. Tsega goes into labor early IN THE MIDDLE OF A PLAYOFF GAME. she can’t get in contact with ransom and holster because there’s a no phones in the locker room or on the ice and they thought they had weeks before they had to be on constant alert
    • holsom turn on their phones after a tough loss to find that they have, between the two of them, 73 missed calls, messages, and texts
    • it’s the most stressful bus ride of their lives. they’re taken straight to the hospital and the entire team pours out of the bus, all in their game day suits and flood the waiting room
  • holsom burst into tsega’s room, terrified they’ve missed the birth of their baby and she’s just chillin, still not fully dilated
    • she greets them with a  “heard you lost, tough break boys”
    • holster: almost passes out in relief
    • ransom: has to catch his giant boyfriend as he almost passes out
  • the next thing holsom knows they have a tiny little baby?? that’s theirs?? forever??
  • they name him asher birkholtz-oluransi and he lives in the Haus for his first month of life
    • there’s a strict “no baby on the couch” rule 
    • newborn + finals is not a good combination but luckily they have a haus full of teammates to help 
      • “bitty babies can’t eat pies” “holster i KNOW but he can still smell them and i want him to know what good pie smells like”
      • jack and tater swing by and they bring asher lil jerseys and ransom almost dies when tater starts trying to teach asher russian
      • “dex stop glaring at my son” “for the millionth time this is just my face” 
      • nursey reads poetry to help asher get to sleep. it doesn’t work.
      • asher’s first stuffed animal is one of chower’s shark plushies and holsom literally weep when chowder gives it to him
      • shitty comes by and spends an hour affirming asher as he sleeps to make sure his self esteem is high enough
      • lardo makes him a mobile of bedazzled tiny hockey objects
      • the tadpoles are actually baby superstars?? which no one expected??
      • asher attends all of ransom’s finals because he actually feels much calmer with his lil sleeping baby strapped to his chest
      • holster binges like 2 seasons of 30 rock because he’s mcfreaking out about school and graduating and moving 
        • “look asher, that’s tina fey. can you say i love tina fey? ti-na feeeeeey”
        • “holster our sons first words will not be tina fey”
  • asher attends his parents graduation and holster gets him a lil robe because “he just graduated the womb, dude”
  • they have the cutest graduation pictures on the planet, hands down. no competition. it’s not even close. 

You know that thing couples superiors do when they gather together and make a very big announcement having a joint conference with each other’s family squad members?

Squad Hange: Really now, buntaichou? It was Levi-heichou all along?
Squad Levi/ 104th: I don’t know about you guys, but you know, they were pretty obvious. Like, come on! Mom? Dad?