let me lick your teeth

A Tempting Proposition.

 TITLE: A Tempting Proposition


AUTHOR: Wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being the most infamous assassins in all of Asgard (possibly even in all of the nine realms.) Having succeeded in ...

RATING: Teen and Up

NOTES: I am so mean with cliffhangers, sorry.  

You looked at him confused, before you realised what was going on. Your shoulders shook as you laughed. “Let me guess, you can’t hear me?” You licked your teeth and waited to see if your theory was correct. The look on Loki’s face told you that your suspicions were spot on. With a nod of your head, you fell against the wall and waited to see if Loki would even listen to you.

You watched as he looked to Sjurd, who seemed less than pleased at the turn of events. He seemed to be reluctant to allow you to be heard, realising that you had a bond with Loki that went deeper than he could ever have imagined. With a huff of laughter while shaking your head, you listened as he argued with Loki not to let you speak to him as you could attempt to use your shared history to save yourself. The man stepped back as he looked back to you to see you glaring at him with pure hatred.

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