let me know when kate has her baby

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so let me see if I BP staffers are talking to the press? who are they trying to kid?This desperation they have to put her in close proximity to the Queen is ridiculous. I don't even know why the Queen will invite H&M to a BP staffers party when neither has or will be living there.

“Desperation to put her in close proximity to the Queen” is right . At the rate Meg’s pr is going they’ll be co-knitting hats for Kate’s baby by Boxing Day.

Prompt from Clarkson124 on fanfiction: In 6x04, Beckett is pregnant and before Rick goes into the dentist building he kisses Kate and her belly. This is for my 400 followers here on tumblr. Thank you all, so much! 

“Listen, I’m kinda looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you, so don’t do anything stupid in there, okay?” she says, adjusting his vest, gaze traveling the world surrounding them, falling onto anything but his eyes.

Because he knows, if they were alone, in the privacy of their own home, or really, anywhere but surrounded by the people that were her co-workers only a few months ago, she wouldn’t be telling him she’s looking forward to spending the rest of her life with him, but that he now has a baby to be there for, to help her raise, to love.

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