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Thunder & Lightning

A Bucky x Reader / fluff

A/N: I got this request and I just adored it and had to write it right away. I’m not usually a very fluffy person (smut is my specialty) but I just love writing fluff for Bucky. Let me know what you guys think! I love hearing from you!
(Also, just an fyi, my requests are open so send me all the things!)

Based on a request by Anonymous: Hey! Can I request where the reader has a fear of thunderstorms and Bucky always sneaks into her bed when it’s storming and wraps his arms around her protectively. Just sweet protective Bucky!! The reader is always really happy to see him and hugs him close like a giant teddy bear ❤️

Word Count: 1,336

- none, unless you’re afraid of storms.

Tags: (at the end)
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The large, bay window in your room at Stark Tower gave you a full view of the entire city. Most nights, it was simply breathtaking. Tonight, however, a strong storm was being carried in on the wind, sure to bring ominous thunder and lightening; everything you were utterly terrified of.  Right now it was only pouring down rain, the huge, wet drops hitting hard against the glass of your window. You snuggled under your covers deeper, bracing yourself for the first impending boom.

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