let me know what you think and if you're excited for it or if it's meeh!!!


this is kind of a prologue to the one shot i am working on at the moment. the whole thing will be coming your way some time next week but until then…enjoy this! xx

instead of a one shot you’re now getting a whole fic out of this, enjoy! xx

Paulie was not a relationship kind of girl.

Yes, she liked boys and she liked their company but only in two scenarios: as friends or as hook-ups.

She had tried that whole relationship thing and it fucked her up and ten times over so she decided that it was simply not for her. For the time being she was only interested in simple, no-strings-attached encounters and so far it had gone pretty well for her.

So when one night she met this guy at the pub and she went home with him it was not supposed to be anything more than a hook-up either.

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