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I haven’t been able to find this on Tumblr anywhere but it’s so glorious I think it really needs to be




“Step back a bit (Y/N).” Barry muttered as you stood as high as your tiptoes would let you and tried to look down at the Raptors.


“Why can’t I go help, Blue listens to me to.” You insisted and he chuckled.


“She wants you to think she listens, now just watch your father.” Barry ruffled your hair as you watched Owen work the Raptors.


Delta spotted you and started to wonder off, making soft chitters at you knowing that you were the source of secret treats, Owen whistled and after a hesitant complaint she rushed back into formation.


Twenty more minutes and the Raptors were bored and no longer paying attention so Owen rewarded them and headed over to where you were stood, grinning ear to ear, waving at the Raptors when they all started to stare at you.


“You been giving them mice again?” Your father asked as he stopped next to him and crossed your arms.

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Saeran's Funeral Request
  • Saeran: When I die, I want Saeyoung to bury me so he can let me down one last time.

It’s not even being honest or unbiased or whatever - that translation is literally wrong. About a month ago, when that KTH?/me? fiasco was running amok (and my lord, that shit is still going around ffs), I wrote this essay to tell people to WAIT until they got multiple translations before making any assumptions.

Like the above situation from a month ago, I can actually hear where you guys got confused: 마이 무야지 when said out loud sounds like: Mai mu - ya - ji. Sort of like stretching out My Mochi. But there aren’t any Koreans who think he actually said mochi. I have seen K-fans try to figure out “what” exactly JK was telling Jimin to eat (food? his loveㅋㅋ?) and wtf that kiss sound was, but that’s about it. (I’m one of those fans. JJK, please message me.) 

Again, I get it. It sucks having to wait when we live in a world of instant gratification. And it sucks having to rely on others to understand something. But please, please get into a habit of 1) finding reliable sources, i.e. native translators, 2) being skeptical, and 3) being open to criticism.  

I emphasize the need for turning to native translators because even though we make mistakes too (myself included), we can hear the tiny details in their speech and understand the cultural context that Korean language students may miss. But anyway, I’m ranting. I’m sorry you had to go through that, Anon. I just really hope that people learn to be more careful with translations. 

There’s come a new source of light
In my life, brighter than the sun,
Mostly shining on me at night
When the weary day is done.

Does she know that’s when I most need
Sweet company such as she brings?
We joke, we laugh, we let our hearts bleed
As we talk about most everything.

How can I ever repay one so bright?
Let me be the moon and reflect her light.

—  Happy birthday to one of the brightest spots of my Tumblr experience–sweet, smart, witty, gorgeous, patient Meg @just-4-thought 😘🎂🎉💐
rant about stolen art

>goes into the samurai jack tag expecting to see some cool, original stuff

>instead sees a bunch of reposted fanart w/out written permission to share

>am very disappointed

Originally posted by naomi-ackerman

This blog is never, ever going to reblog reposted art unless it has a link to written permission from the original artist to share. Even if it has a link to the original source, it’s not going on here. That’s not proper sourcing!!! You never know the artist’s wishes, and many are uncomfortable w/ their art being shared w/out their consent or knowledge. As a content creator myself, I can understand how frustrating it can be if your art is stolen. And, yes, it is stealing if it is posted w/out the artist’s express knowledge and permission to do so. I’m also against reblogging/posting art sourced from weheartit.com, bc majority of the time it’s stolen work.

That also means that if you notice that I’ve reblogged stolen art here, PLEASE let me know. I’ll take it down right away. I try to be super careful when going through the tag but sometimes I won’t notice in time.

Stealing art is NOT OK! Whether it be fanart, original artwork, a gif, video, whatever, please don’t repost or share work if you know it’s not properly sourced. If you see some art on another site that’s really awesome and you want to share it w/ everyone, do this instead of reposting it w/ a link to the original source:

1. Check to see if the artist has a tumblr account. If they do, chances are their art is posted on their blog. Reblog it from there! Easy!!!

2. If they don’t, send them a message and ask if it’s OK if you can share it on here or other places! If they say yes, make sure to write that you have written permission from the artist to share in the post, and you can put a link to the screenshot of your conversation for proof. Easy!!!

3. If they say no, then DON’T REPOST IT! Enjoy the art on that site, send the link to your friends, or maybe make a post talking about their great art and put a link to their page! This way, you can bring attention to some cool art w/out stealing another’s content. Easy!!!

This post got way longer than intended, but please share this if you can! I see stolen art all the time, not just in the Samurai Jack tag, and it’s pretty upsetting, especially since it’s super easy to share someone’s art w/out stealing it. If you see some cool art but have some suspicions that it’s been stolen or reposted improperly, chances are that you’re right. Don’t take the chance!

A time-lapse of me drawing my para: Abigail!

You can get to know her better here!

If you wonder why there are a long pause sometimes, it’s because of me undo-ing everything lmao. Also, I made this on my phone and I used my finger, so excuse me if this is sloppy.

And yes, I used a reference but I forgot the source because I got it from another account on Instagram. Let me know if you know the artist!

Tell me your opinion of this :)

anonymous asked:

I've been searching around your blog and I wanted to ask if there is a specific format submissions need to follow.


If it’s one person talking, submit in quote form.


“Quote unquote”

-APH whoever (original: where it’s from…you can put the source wherever, so long as it’s there)

If it’s two or more, use the text post option and have it formatted like a chat post.


A: Blahblah

B: What?

(Original: then name the show/movie/book/whatever) if you came up with the quote yourself, just tell us you made it up and we’ll tag the source as “original: submitter”

I hope this helped! If you have any other questions about submitting, let me know!
Hello little creatures!

i’ve decided to keep this blog up due to all you guys, i didn’t realize how much you enjoy it. Thank you guys for all the support you’ve given me. I haven’t been active much lately, as I am busy, but i’m going to try my best to keep this blog going. I’ll also try my best to find the sources, and if you guys know of any of the artist please let me know so I can credit them. I never wanted to upset anyone. THANK YOU GUYS FOR BEING SO DAMN AWESOME. ily all 🖤🖤🖤

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they could literally just be chillin and i’d still get all warm and cozy inside

and even when yoongi often ignores jimin

meanie hyung




and does things to jimin like

and despite all those endless affection teasing he does

he does subtly takes jimin rather fondly 

and that their fluffiness 

actually goes way back since predebut ©


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