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Cody Christian AU: You and Cody fell pretty hard for each other while shooting a movie together. Now that you’re officially dating, another cast member is teasing him about how whipped he is. 

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Damn it, are you drunk? {Theo Raeken}

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Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Theo Raeken X Reader

Words: 963

Warnings: idk, mentions of sex??

Summary: The reader gets drunk and Theo have to control himself to take care of her

A/N: This is probably gonna suck :/ Read at your own risk and let me know what you think.

Theo Raeken was a lot of things ­— a good liar, an ambitious chimera, even a little hot headed sometimes. However, if there was one thing he was not, was dumb. So when his bell rang and Y/N stood by his door with a mysterious smile on her face, Theo knew that something was up.

“Y/N,” he greeted, showing her his usual smirk. “What brings you here?”

What he wasn’t expecting, however, was that she would trip on the small degree in front of his door, falling straight into his arms while laughing hysterically. Usually, she would be embarrassed as hell if something like that happened, but to his surprise, she just ignored the occurred and shakily stood up, staring at him with an uncharacteristic smile.

“Theo~” she muttered in a sing-sang voice, glad to see him.

Theo raised his brows. “Are you…?”

The pieces suddenly settled in his mind, and reality hit Theo like a truck at full charge.

“Damn it, are you drunk?”

Y/N didn’t bothered in answer; instead, she tip-toed in front of him and pressed her lips to his so quickly that Theo couldn’t even think about what to do, confirming his suspicions. Her arms embraced his neck and her rosy lips were soft and hurried against his own, tasting clearly as some whisky Theo had proved before. He resisted the urge to kiss her back, to press his body against hers and deepen the kiss, but could not spare the chance to enjoy the feeling of her lips touching his so willingly.

“Stop,” he managed to break the kiss somehow, knowing that this wasn’t right, no matter how he wanted it to be. Control yourself. Breath. “Stop it, Y/N.”

“No,” she stated dizzily, senseless hugging him closer and pouting like a kid, her lips ghosting over his. “I’m so lonely, why are you being so cold?”

“You are not thinking straight.”

Y/N mumbled a few incomprehensible words, shook her right hand vigorously as if to make her point clear, and leaned in for another kiss, but Theo cleverly dodged it right before her mouth touched his, earning an unhappy whimper from her. Unfortunately, her kiss attained to his neck, making him gasp lightly.

God, you have to stop,” Theo nearly begged before quickly moving her hands away from his face, holding her wrists to prevent her from touching him again. He wasn’t sure that he could control himself if he didn’t keep her away enough.

She stumbled on her own feet, trying to get her hands free from his grasp uselessly.

“Why…?” she asked with a flash of innocence in her stunned eyes. “Don’t you want me anymore?”

These words almost made Theo succumb to his will and forget what was right; damn it his conscience, he couldn’t stop thinking about her ever since their first night together. He couldn’t forget her warm kisses, her soft skin or the way she reacted to his touch, and now she was right in front of him, asking if he wasn’t attracted for her anymore as if it would be even possible. Theo wanted nothing more than to attach his lips to hers and show her how much he wanted to be with her again, but something was holding him back, making him think twice.

A feeling of pure affect for her and deep caring for her wellbeing — something he had never felt for anyone before. He didn’t wanted her to do something that she would regret later, he didn’t wanted to take advantage of her.

“You have no idea what you do to me,” Theo said honestly, still holding her wrists firmly.

Y/N struggled on Theo’s grasp, desperately trying to get free.

“Show me then,” she asked sweetly.

He nearly chuckled, nearly. “I would love to, sweetheart, but I can’t.”

Y/N looked at him disappointed, and then loosened her own weight in his arms, forcing Theo to release her hands to catch her by the waist, impeding her from falling straight to the floor. She gave him a childish smile, wrapping her arms around his neck immediately.

“Am I your sweetheart?” she asked happily, her face so close to his that he could smell the alcohol on her breath.

“You’re such a child,” Theo said with a smile, staring at her innocent expression. It wasn’t longer before she leaned in and planted a kiss on his chin, earning a soft, unexpected chuckle.

Why did she drank that much?

Truth was, Theo was enjoying himself deep down. He was enjoying the fact that she thought about him on her drunk state, that she came to him and that she was so shamelessly saying those things willingly, things she would never have said sober. She was too self-conscious to say anything this daring.  

When sober, Y/N was always discreet and contained to a point that it was even hard to know what she was thinking or what she wanted. Theo always had a hard time trying to guess what she needed, and he was the one to tease her any chance he had. She was usually sweet and even innocent, normally blushing with minimal words.

The woman in Theo’s arms was not that girl.

“I’m never letting you drink again,” Theo decided, lifting her up bridal-style. Y/N chuckled hysterically on her drunk state before resting her head on his chest, apparently starting to feel tired, finally.

He carried her to his bedroom carefully, trying not to think about the last time the two had been in a room alone. Placing Y/N on his bed, Theo noticed that she was already with her eyes closed peacefully.

He sighed, leaned down and kissed her forehead softly, trying not to wake her up.

“Good night, drunk.”

Of course, when she wake up next morning, he would the tease the hell out of her.

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hello, colors (soulmate au)

Prompt: a universe where when you meet your soulmate your world turns from black and white to color. isaac meets his soulmate but she doesn’t see the same color he does. (this is from a soulmate au post, i can’t find it but if someone can link it to me i will add it here so all credits to the creator of that post.)

A/N: hello hello! so there will probably be a second part to this or maybe i’ll make it a series, idk! let me know and please send in more requests, the ones i have aren’t inspiring me, im sorry! ALSO, i would kill to make friends soooooo please send me an ask just talk to me lmao. i wont only write for teen wolf too, send me an ask if you want an imagine done and boom, i’ll try my best. (((SEND ME MORE PROMPTS)))

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Grey. You’d get used to seeing it too if it’s all you could see. At least that’s what people were taught since they were young. Life would be grey until you met your soulmate. Some people saw color since they were young and others had to wait to meet the future love of their life in their sixties to experience what most people long for. However, most people, including Isaac Lahey, met their soulmate within their teenage years.

You never know when your soulmate will walk into your life and neither did Isaac. Since he was young he was taught by his dad that he was nothing, not worthy of love so when he bumped into Y/N on the first day of freshman year and his whole world turned to color, he had no clue what to do. The beautiful girl he just bumped into, however didn’t see the same color he did, nothing changed for her.

He was in shock and he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know her name or what classes she was in so he did what any normal teenage boy with low self esteem would do. He stared from a distance recognizing every single part of her body. Where she would breakout, what she would do when she was nervous and of course, the laugh. “God,” thought Isaac “that laugh could drive me crazy” or maybe it was her smile.

It took him a little less than a year and a bite from a werewolf for him to gather up the courage and talk to her. Flirting came easier after the bite but not with her. He could feel his throat closing up whenever she approached and suddenly it was like he was human again, in a good way nonetheless. She made the blood in him come alive and he couldn’t tell which part was worse, the pining after a beautiful girl who didn’t see the same colors as him or the way she didn’t feel loved despite his endless loving for her.

He felt things beginning to change one night when him and Y/N were studying together in her room. She pressed the eraser of her pencil to the side of her cheek, sweeping up some of the makeup on her face in the process as she sighed in frustration.

“I don’t get this at all. Health is so dumb, all this soulmate crap means nothing.” She complained looking up at Isaac at the desk across from her bed.

“I don’t think so, I think the soulmate thing is kind of beautiful.” He smiled to himself, bringing his eyes up to hers but upon seeing her intense glare he quickly looked down and turned the chair around. “I don’t know.” He quietly said shaking his head.

Y/N got up and sat at the edge of the bed spinning the chair around. “Isaac, please don’t tell me you’re buying this shit. I’ve seen grey my whole life and I have a feeling that’s not going to change.” She stated, tone sounding more sad than she intended.

His eyes shot up at her confession, he had always thought she didn’t see it too but something inside him had hoped she just ignored it. “I see in color,” He trailed off, averting his eyes to the furry pink carpet on the ground. “My soulmate doesn’t though. So in a way I guess you’re right. It’s stupid.”

Y/N looked sadly at her best friend but her eyes went wide as she remembered something she read earlier. She shot up from her spot on the bed reaching for her health textbook flipping through the pages.

“Wait, I read something about that earlier.” She bit her lip as she flipped through the pages. Isaac stood and moved to the opposite side of the bed as he studied her.

“Here,” she said turning the page around to Isaac and sliding it across the bed.

Isaac began to read aloud. “In some rare cases both soulmates will not see color. That is due to a tough soul, a soul who is too stubborn to believe in love or believe they can feel love. It is the job of the soulmate who sees color to make sure the other begins to feel worthy of love, and as a result, seeing color.” Isaac sighed. “Shouldn’t it be the other way around?” he thought.

So Isaac tried his best to show his best friend, his soulmate, that she was loved. That she put the color into his world, made everything brighter and boy was that a challenge.


update: i tried calling it, the number does not exist so if anyone wants to go out there and do like a “dean winchester’s number” thing  (if you don’t know what that is, dean winchester is from the show supernatural and back in its early season his phone number was released and if you called it a voicemail message would play of his voice and said “This is Dean Winchester. If this is an emergency, leave a message. If you’re calling about 11-2-83, please page me with your coordinates.” and then after a while it changed to “Dad, we really need to hear from you. Leave me a message, text me, check your jwinchester1246 gmail, Anything. We have new info.” the number no longer works so don’t try calling it).  But i think it would be cool if someone could figure out how to set it up and leave a message of tyler’s voice that would be pretty cool

10 Years (The End)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

A/N: I did plan on this being a longer series, but somehow, we managed to reach the end already - this is my first series that I’ve ever written and I hope it gives you a little taste of what to expect from me in the future! Thank you to all that have stood by this fic from the start to the end and the wonderful comments people have left me!

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So, here it goes….

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The first time you woke up in Stiles’ arms, you decided right then and there that he was your safe place. How they tightened around you every few minutes, and the flutter of butterflies erupted in your stomach. He was special, and deserved the world. It was something you thought and believed you couldn’t give him.

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okay everyone, it’s been like 10 hours since i watched the latest episodes of Teen Wolf and I’m still really emotional about it so I’m making this post at the risk of looking like a loser BUT

I am really, truly, sad to see this show end

Teen Wolf Fandom was the first fandom I’d ever been involved in. It’s the first time I’ve connected so deeply with characters and had the opportunity to share those feelings with people who felt similarly. The only other universe I’ve felt so connected to was Harry Potter, but I was never part of the larger fandom community for that experience, instead it was just me and my best friend sitting in the gymnasium on the first day of sixth grade wishing we had gotten our Hogwarts letters. 

It’s true, there are some many part of the TW fandom that make me regret this whole thing. The fandom and the show itself can be range anywhere from annoying to infuriating at times, but with that came friendships with amazing people that I would never have without Teen Wolf. 

So shout out to @sleepy-skittles, my salt mate, and @derekslaura for watching the new episodes together and yelling about them, and for torturing each other with every single rarepair and/or worst case scenario possible. It’s been so great to have friends in my corner still excited about this show. (And also salty about the same things I am lbr).

I would probably never have made friends with anyone without @queerlyalex (ILY), who has led me to not only making friends with Kat and Ellis, but also @clarz, @rohruh, @kristsune, @littlerosetrove, @mermaid-reyes, @queerlylonnie@hadeshadaheart, @stripeysocksandoxfords , @notenoughgatorade , @raleighrambles , @authorkurikuri , @somnambulipstick @50-points-for-ravenclaw, @bladeofsolstheim , @bleep0bleep and  @veronicabunch .Thank you to @anamelesstraveler for always encouraging me to write, and always being ready to yell about Derek Hale/Hoech, and to @lena221b for the appreciation of fine ass men and cows, of course. Shout out to @blackfeatheredthing, @athenaohwise1 , @tinderbox210 and the rest of my derek x lydia fans (maybe one day I’ll write them again…. hopefully). 

@brandibees you were literally one of my first mutuals, and one of the very first people I ever spoke to on this site, and i appreciate you so much, okay? 

There’s so many more wonderful people I’ve become friends with, like @acountrygirlsfun, @fandom-madnessess, @banshee-cheekbones, @lozenger8, @elfysparkles88, @sterydia, @carpelucem, @tatesraekens, @shelleyshennigs, @clarissamorgentern, @petals42, @haleandlightwood, @ti-re-elintes, @burritomistress, @sunshineandtigers, @whatthehellisahoechlin, @shakendust, @isaaclydia, @braedens, @draeden, @stilesbansheequeen, @stilesanity, @bistiles @fighthaus and @aussietonkin (I’m sure I’m forgetting people, but just know I love you all)

So long story short - thank you Teen Wolf, for giving me the opportunity to interact with so many amazing people, and for creating a universe and cast of character that I love so much.

I will miss you.

(ps - if anyone wants to join a gchat for the last episode on sunday, let me know)

Imagine #1

Imagine Isaac  seeing you for the first time at the lacrosse field and trying to impress you

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That’s My Girl

Note: yooo I know it’s been ages since I’ve last posted anything and idk if anyone still cares about this account lmao but I was reading Void imagines the other day and it inspired me (y’all know I’m a damn sucker for him) so… this happened ahaha. if you guys want a second part (might write one anyway tbh depends on the feedback this gets), let me know!

Warning(s): slightly uncanon (I haven’t watched Teen Wolf in at least two years tbh oops); malicious reader; creepy Nogitsune Stiles

Fairies are typically depicted as sweet, docile creatures in literature. They’re small, winged, and can typically wield woodland magic.

         The misconceptions about my species are just as plentiful as the accuracies. Yes, I’m small with supernatural abilities – but I am not winged, and there are all kinds of dark things bouncing around in my brain.

         I don’t look like the type of person to be cruel. In some ways, my innocent appearance holds truth; I’m not innately ruthless. I’m a little on the shy side, and I’m definitely the quietest in my pack. I’m not sarcastic like Stiles, and I’m not outspoken like Lydia.

         There are times, though, when I’m so consumed with these twisted thoughts, rantings ricocheting in my skull coming from forked tongues, that I feel crazy. Evil, even. There’s no one I can talk to about it. If I did have someone I could trust enough to discuss these demonic daydreams, I would still be afraid of saying anything. My pack is supposed to be fully good, dedicated to protecting the inhabitants of Beacon Hills from the nasty paranormals of the world. Protecting everyone from people like me.

         The suppression of these seductive, sinful, spiteful spirits, though, has only made them multiply.

         I hate it. But there’s nothing I can do.

         Now, for instance: I’m sitting on the counter in the McCalls’ kitchen. He called a pack meeting to check on everyone. A few days ago, Scott and Kira were attacked by smoky figures robed in black – the same mysterious beings that Allison and Isaac have encountered before, too.

         Everyone’s here, huddled around the rickety old table that Scott and his mother have had for what seems like forever.

         …well, everyone except Stiles, who apparently was admitted to the hospital for health issues earlier in the day. He hasn’t been sleeping lately – anyone can see that, based on the absurd pallor of his skin and the constant disarray of his hair and the sagging dark circles beneath his dreary eyes.

         There’s something wrong with him. I know it. Scott knows it. Everyone in this room knows it. The tension of the situation hangs over us like a storm cloud. We’re just waiting for it to burst with the news.

         “So, what do we know about these… Oni?” Scott tests the word out, like he’s unsure of the correct pronunciation. I don’t blame him. I’ve never heard of them in my life. For some reason, though, I’m overwhelmingly intrigued by them. If what my fellow packmates’ accounts of their meetings with the Oni are true, then they are very powerful, possibly magical.

         It’s wrong to be so taken with the idea of supremacy. I know it is; that’s practically the first sign of someone losing it: their thirst of control. I can’t help it, though. I’m so tiny compared to the strong, towering werewolves in the room. They can bare their teeth and draw their nails and rip someone to pieces.

         What can I do? Make trees grow faster than normal. Make grass shorter with a flick of my fingers, no lawn maintenance needed. Make flowers more vibrant.  

         Well, that’s not all I can do. That’s what I’ve let the pack see. If they knew what I’ve been rehearsing in my free time, though…

         Another thing they can’t find out about.

         “Apparently, they can’t be stopped by any man-made weapon,” Allison says. Her voice is edged. “They’re a force of nature summoned by a dark Kitsune to carry out a task.”

         Inadvertently, everyone’s eyes flicker to Kira, who blushes and keeps her gaze downcast. As the only Kitsune in our pack, she must feel a little uncomfortable with the assumptions that could be made.  

         “Unstoppable. Great.” Isaac grimaces, crossing his arms. “So, what are we supposed to do if they come back?”

         “Maybe they won’t,” Lydia muses. Her brow is furrowed in concentration. “The marks you found on yourselves after your confrontations… it’s as if they were checking something, and you guys were cleared.”

         I press my lips together, wanting to speak up, but too apprehensive of interrupting and having all attention on me at once.

         My phone buzzes in my pocket, causing me to jump. Kira notices, looking at me with concern. “Are you okay?”

         So much for not attracting scrutiny.

         “Yeah.” My face is hot as I mindlessly fumble for the stupid cell, yanking it free with a little more force than necessary. “Just… just got a text… um…” I bite my lip as I stare down at the message.

From: Stiles

where are you

Frowning, I open my mouth – planning on telling everyone – then think better of it and seal my lips.

Why would Stiles be texting me that? Why would he be texting me in the first place? Isn’t he supposed to be drugged and unconscious in the hospital?

Stiles and I aren’t close. Sure, we have the pack bond, the thing that keeps everyone in this room together. But it doesn’t go beyond basic friendship. I’m certainly not the kind of person he would think to ask for if he needed something.

Despite how strange the request for my location is, I answer.

To: Stiles

at scott’s

The reply is instantaneous.

From: Stiles

you don’t want to be there

It’s not an inquiry. He states it like a fact, like he knows all the messed-up nonsense going through my mind, like he knows how uneasy I have begun to feel any time I’m forced to be around the people I’m supposed to love and trust more than anything.

I don’t have time to respond.

From: Stiles

come see me instead

Anxiously, I glance up to check on the pack on the ridiculous notion that, somehow, they’re able to read my messages from their seats across the room.

They’ve returned to one another, thankfully, further pondering the presence of the Oni within Beacon Hills – well, all except Isaac, who is staring at me with worry and confusion in his expression. No doubt he can hear my heart, and is probably wondering who I’m texting to make me feel like that.

I decide to follow Stiles’ wishes – even if they’re out of the ordinary. Besides, he was right to a painful degree. I want to leave and I want it to be now.

To: Stiles

where do you want me to meet you

He writes back a few seconds later – record time for him, considering all the other times we’ve communicated via text he takes several minutes to respond.

From: Stiles

hiking trail

From: Stiles

come alone

From: Stiles

and now

I choose to walk to the hiking trail, opting for an enjoyable walk at dusk, surrounded by nature. Everywhere I walk, the withering plants perk up and the sidewalk’s puddles evaporate and the deadened grass appears a little greener than it should in the winter.

         It’s involuntary, something that naturally occurs whenever I’m at peace – and I am now that I’m out of that house and away from those people.

         I frown at my thoughts, staring at my ankle boots. They’ve stayed remarkably clean, probably due to my powers eliminating anything dirty from my path before I can even cross the natural mess.

         I shouldn’t be this way. There’s something wrong with me. Something inside me. Something wicked.

         When I reach my destination, I see that Stiles is waiting for me. He’s lounged against a tree, examining his short fingernails. Somehow, in the day we’ve been apart, he looks even worse than before, near corpse-like.

         “Hey,” I greet softly. It’s cold out, unbearable when you stand still. I stuff my hands in the pockets of my brown leather jacket, breath swirling in front of me. “You wanted to see me?”

         If I wasn’t thrown off by his weird messages and strange choice of meeting place, the way he looks at me would definitely hint to something being off.

         It’s in the way his head leisurely rolls, raising a fraction to look at me beneath his long eyelashes. “Yes,” he says simply. Now he’s straightening his stance, a faint smile on his lips. “Come.” He starts into the woods.

         For a moment, I hesitate. I’m wearing a floral pattern dress and heeled boots. Not exactly the ideal outfit for taking a hike. Stiles is wearing a navy shirt, jeans and a pair of grey Vans. Definitely not equipped for a hike or the chilly weather.

         He’s so insistent, though, and his dark eyes are oddly appealing in the dim light. I glance over my shoulder to check that no one is around, then follow him onto the red gravel.

         We walk in silence for a little while, immersing ourselves deeper into the rustling forest. The sun has completely set now, but fireflies have swarmed our hunched shoulders, lighting the way – just as they always do whenever I’m outside at night, no matter the weather or the season.

         “So…” I start awkwardly, cheeks warming in embarrassment at how loud my meek voice seems among the still foliage. “What did you need?”

         “Why do you assume I need something?” His face is shadowed.

         “Um…” I blindly search the branches. “I just… you don’t usually… I guess I just expected that you would want to talk to Scott or Lydia when you got out of the hospital.” With trembling fingers, I tuck my hair behind my ear. “How are you feeling, by the way?”

         A particularly noisy firefly darts between us, illuminating the amused smirk on his pale face for a moment.

         “Soothed,” he murmurs. “It’s relaxing to be around someone I can relate to.”


         Stiles is nothing like me. He’s boisterous and snoopy and witty. I’m reserved and conservative and timid. Somehow, though, he’s seemed to discover some similarities between us, and I’m intrigued to hear them.

         He chuckles lowly. “Don’t you know?” He purrs the words.

         “Know what?” I press. We come to a bend in the trail. He decides to stop here. I turn to face him. Fireflies zoom around us, floating close to my scalp and his lean biceps.

         “You don’t have to hide from me, Y/N.” His eyes are dead, but there’s amusement in the corners of his thin, chapped lips. “I know.” He wets his mouth, still looking at me with that same dissociated yet dizzying stare. “I know all about your black heart and your pretty little twisted mind.”

         My throat feels thick. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Whispered, because I can barely summon the courage to speak.

         Stiles knows.

         He grins now. It’s a slow, gradual process, and when it finally takes his face, he hums. “Don’t lie.” He’s shaking his head now. “You can’t. You can’t lie to me. Not to me.” He dares to step closer, and when I stumble back, one of his hands grip my wrist and yank me forward. I’m pitched against his chest. His nostrils are flaring, and he’s looking down his nose at me with a pinched expression, like he’s agitated that I tried to get away. My wrist is bruising beneath his freezing fingers; I can feel the mar developing as he continues to keep me close.

         “Don’t run from me. It’s futile. You won’t get far before I catch you.”

         I swallow hard. “Stiles-”

         “Drop the act, Y/N. You don’t have to pretend any more. I know who you truly are, what you are – a malevolent, bloodthirsty-”

         Vines snake up from the ground, wrapping around his limbs, jerking him off his feet and throwing him across the path. Rocks spray as his body skids, the denim of his jeans producing a rough shriek of protest as they struggle to hold together.

         I’m panting, rubbing over my wrist. I know I should run, but I can’t bring myself to move. I watch his crumbled form with interest, wondering what he’ll do and how he’ll react. Part of me is curious about what he’s saying, too.

         “I’m impressed,” he drawls as he pushes himself up on all fours. “You’ve been holding out on the pack. Manipulating nature?” He’s standing now, his lips pursed. “That’s a bit of a dark talent. What else can you do? Choke people with branches? Rip their limbs from their torsos? Plunge sticks through their chests and hold their hearts aloft?”

         When I don’t answer, he smiles. “You don’t know, do you?”

         “No, I don’t. I don’t want to know.” I press my lips together. “Stiles, look you can’t tell anyone, okay? Scott and the others… they won’t… they’ll freak out, and I-”

         He sighs and I stop speaking. “Lying again, Y/N? Now that just won’t do.”

         The fireflies around me shudder. Suddenly Stiles and I are surrounded by masked men in black, tendrils of smoke oozing from them.


         I gasp, spinning around, seeing that there’s nowhere to run. It dawns on me that they must’ve been summoned, and the only person who could’ve done so is standing in this tight circle with me, wearing the guise of a friend.

         “You…” I trail off, gaping at him in amazement.

         “What? Finally caught on that I’m not Stiles?” He staggers toward me. “Certainly took you long enough.”

         “But… but how…”

         “Don’t you see? You’re not the only one with a dark side.” He’s right in front of me now, the toes of our shoes touching. “The only difference here is that Stiles gave himself over to it.” Nose inches from mine, breath fanning out across my face. “It feels so good to embrace the bad, Y/N. So good.”

         I’m shaking my head. “No, it’s… we’re supposed to… uh…”

         Stiles hums in enjoyment. “Fox got your tongue?”

         “No, I just…” My hands are quivering, and my voice does the same. “This is so…”

         “Unexpected?” He quirks a brow. “Think of how shocked I felt when I woke in this body drawn to you…” He leans even closer. When I turn my head, he follows me. “…a pretty little fairy…” I turn my head again, and he chases after. “…who is just the sweetest girl on the outside…” His fingers take hold of my chin and force me to look at him. “…but on the inside? Oh,” he groans in delight. “Quite the naughty opposite.”

         Shame washes over me in waves, stinging at my eyes. I look up at the treetops, trying to steady my breathing. “Stop,” I mutter.

         He shakes his head, letting his nose slide along my cheek. “Not until you accept it.”

         “I won’t,” I tell him.

         “You should.” Trailing along my jawline now. “You don’t have to stay with your pack anymore. Come be yourself with me. I can promise you a lifetime of chaos and freedom.”

         Tempting. So tempting, and he knows it. He’s grinning when I shut my eyes and shake my head. “I can’t.”

         “Yes, you can.” Nuzzling my neck. “I believe in how bad you can be – if you let yourself.” An exhale against my ear, one that has a shiver passing through my body that isn’t caused by the cold. “Give in, Y/N. That’s all you have to do. It’s very easy, I promise.” He pulls away now, piercing me with solemn and sincere eyes. “Just give in.”

         “No!” I shout, flustered and finally at the breaking point. I shove against his chest, placing distance between us. The ground shakes, and small fissures form, separating myself from Stiles and the Oni. The shifting of the Earth is loud and causes dead leaves to fall from the trees.

         If I thought this feat would cause him to back down, I was wrong. If anything, it just entices him more.          

         “You are special, aren’t you?” His eyes are sparkling. The movement of the ground caused him to fall, and though it has since stilled, he remains sitting. “Think of how great you could be, though.”

         I let out a harsh breath. “No.” I run my hands through my hair. “I’m going to my pack now. I’ve had enough of this. Goodbye.”

         He laughs. “What are you going to tell them? That I was harassing you?”

         “I…” My momentum is lost. “That shouldn’t matter to you,” I manage. “They’re going to keep me safe.”

         “I think they are the ones who need protection.” That easy grin still resides on his face, like we’re old friends reminiscing. “You’re dangerous.”

         “No. Not to them. I’m different with them.” Then I shake my head and correct myself. “I’m who I’m supposed to be with them. I like that version of me.”

         “You don’t.”

         My teeth grit. “I do,” I assure him, trying to convince myself, too. My hands clench into fists, and he catches the small movement.

         “Are you threatening me?” He inquires, nodding to my aggressive posture. “That would not be wise.”

         “I’m not.” I force myself to relax. “I’m leaving, and I don’t want you to follow me,” I tell him firmly.

         “I don’t have to. I’ll find you if I want to see you.”

         “Not if I go somewhere you can’t.”

         Now he genuinely laughs. “Y/N… it doesn’t matter where you go. I will find you, and the darkness will have you. You can’t run from yourself, and you can’t hide from me.”

teen wolf texting headcanons

[very very light sterek/thiam. only 6b characters are included. LONG POST.]

- Stiles is a very fast typer, and besides a couple of typos, his texts are always legible and easily decipherable, much to the relief of his father. If he does mess up, he always catches it and makes the correction in a second text. All of his texts are completely lowercase, except when he’s texting his dad. His contacts never have their actual names, which is partly due to his father’s perpetual nosiness, but the sheriff could probably figure most of them out if he was so inclined. Jackson is saved as ‘hISSS,’ Derek as ‘broody mcbrooderson,’ Lydia as ‘she who must be obeyed,’ and the nicknames only get more creative from there. He never uses the emoji keyboard outside contact names, electing instead to use parentheses in increasingly creative expressions. He’s probably texted every single person in Beacon Hills at some point or another, except Peter Hale.

- Like Stiles, Lydia composes her texts at the speed of light. They’re always lowercase, but unlike Stiles’, they’re always perfectly punctuated and spelled. No emojis from Lydia; she has a reputation to uphold. Her contact library is extensive, but not as endless as Stiles’ is. Really, it’s not the texting Lydia finds enjoyable, but rather the accumulation of mild blackmail from the drunken texts of her fellow students.

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Where are you? || Scott McCall Imagine

Originally posted by stiles-and-lydia-tho

A/n: i dont think this was requested, but i wrote this about 6-7 months ago when stranger things came out. So this is kind of Teen Wolf meets stranger things kind of thing. I don’t know if i already posted this but whatever haha. I hope you guys like it tho and oh it’s long. Enjoy x

 (Btw i found this on my Wattpad) ( if you want a part 2, let me know)

 You were pretty happy with how things were going. It’s been over a year since you guys fought the Dread Doctors and after that nothing has been chasing you and your friends. You want things to stay like this and you pray to whatever God that nothing evil is lurking around here and planning to do some shit. 

 It was another Saturday night and you were sitting on the sofa with your boyfriend, Scott, watching some movies. While Stiles was sitting on the floor, doing whatever on his laptop. You leaned your head on Scott shoulder, inhaling his cologne that you love dearly. Scott turned his head to look at you and gave you a smile before turning his attention to the movie again. 

 “Isn’t this great?” You asked after staring at Scott for a while. Both Stiles and Scott turned their heads towards you and Stiles gave you a confused look.

 “What’s so great about staying home on a Saturday night?” Stiles questioned and i rolled my eyes at him. 

 “That’s not what i meant!” I exclaimed as i leaned forward to grab the remote to pause the movie. “I mean, nothing bad has happened to us in a year.”

 “Maybe someone or something is making a year long plan before attacking us.” Stiles replied and i stared at him, wondering why can’t he accept the fact that for once we are at peace. 

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Golden//Liam Dunbar

Can you please write a Liam x Reader imagine where the reader and Liam has been dating for a while and liam reveals to the reader that he is a werewolf and the reader also reveals to Liam that she is a werewolf and liam is really surprised and happy that they are both supernatural. Liam asks Scott to add the reader to the pack. Sorry if its a bit confusing. Thanks :) x

Originally posted by i-fell-in-a-hole-x

Liam POV

Y/N and I are suppose to meet tonight and I’m so nervous I’m almost sick to my stomach. We’ve been dating for a while and I can’t hide it from them anymore. I need to tell Y/N I’m a werewolf and about the pack so badly I can’t take it. Y/N’s noticed the bruises and cuts after a fight before they had the time to heal, and they’re worried. I can’t keep holding this secret in, it’s a part of me and Y/N deserves to know.

After school I head to their house for our movie date. I thought this would be the best time since we’d be alone but what if after I tell Y/N they won’t want to be together anymore? What if I scare them? As the terrifying thought of losing Y/N whirls around my head I didn’t even realize when the door opened in front of me.

“Liam? Earth to Liam!” Y/N says while waving a hand in front of my face.

“Yeah, hey” I muttered as we walk inside.

“Are you okay babe?”

I tell them I’m fine as we sit on Y/N’s bed.. “I need to show you something, and you’ve gotta promise to not freak out, okay?” I ask.

“I promise”

I bowed my head, and it took every ounce of strength I had to lift my head back up.


As Liam brings his head up to look at me, I saw the most wonderful thing. Beautiful glowing gold eyes.

“Oh thank God” I say with a sigh of relief. I had a suspicion that Liam was a werewolf but he hid it so well I could never make sure.

“What did you say?” He asked stunned.

Instead of a verbal reply, I mirrored Liam’s action and lifted my head up to show my own warm golden eyes. As I did, I don’t think Liam had ever smiled that big before.

“I didn’t even know Y/N! How did I not know?!”

“I guess I just know how hide it well” I said with a smirk.

As the night went on, I had never felt this close to Liam before. A weight had been lifted off both our shoulders. Best date night ever.

*the next day*

Liam and I walked happily into the school hallway, hands intertwined. We walked up to Scott with huge smiles on our faces as Liam asked “Can Y/N be in the pack?”. Scott stood in front of his locker in confusion until I flashed my golden eyes at him and Stiles. “I knew it Scott! You owe me 20 bucks!” Stiles shouted as Scott turned to both of us and said “We wouldn’t have it any other way”.

Writer’s Note: Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t been posting a whole lot but let me know what you think! Also requests are open! -M

DO NOT re-draw it, re-post it, copy it, remove the watermark, or steal it in any form. Please respect that I worked hard on this drawing.

Sooooooo, after a request from my best friend Tahlia, (dylan-obisexual) , I have made sterek paperchildren! This is the first piece of Teen Wolf I’ve done, so I really hope that you all like it!
Please let me know what you think, and if you print it off make sure to post a photo and tag me in it! :) xx

I always imagined a scene like this after stiles almost dies:

Lydia comes barging into his room screaming at him and feeling so infuriated over the fact that Stiles could have died over something so stupid. And stiles just knows that she’s feeling over emotional so she’s letting it all out through anger. But after all the screaming and violent hand signals she starts crying and grabs both of his arms. “Look I didn’t mean to-” Stiles softens up to her “I know” Lydia looks up to him “it’s just, if you die I would literally go-” stiles takes a hold of both of her cheeks and completes her familiar sentence “out of your fricken mind?” She almost chuckles as tears roll down her face “yeah”


Holy crap, you guys. So as you have all probably seen I’ve been messing around with the Sims 4 and Teen Wolf. Mish-mashing them together and the response was overwhelming. A few people encouraged me to go further with it….

So here it is. This is the link to my YouTube channel where Sims 4 Sterek Let’s Plays will be posted! Nothing is up yet. I still have to finish making Beacon Hills and then record the first video. However this is just another step in the right direction. Just wanted to let you all know where the channel was and what is going on. 

Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX2Jqt1EaR1KQsg21lVKufw

(bonus image because this was too good not to share:)

Picture Perfect - Nick Robinson


“Could you write a Nick Robinson one where y/n and Nicks Parents are good friends and y/n is super protective over her sketchbook and does not let anyone look in it (because she’s been drawing Nick - she thinks he’s taken). But then Nick finds y/n sleeping with the sketchbook left wide open. The rest is up to you”

I was not opposed to noise, I just simply preferred to work in silence.

My fingers danced quickly across the plain piece as I gripped the lead pencil tightly in my long fingers.

My eyes carefully watched each action as the small stick created beautiful lines and shades on the empty page, the image slowly coming to life with every stroke.

Smiling with pride I glanced at the half drawn image, another beautifully accurate illustration of Nick.

Some would say I was obsessive; if they were to take a look into my sketchbook and peer at the images I had recreated with nothing but a pencil and my own slender hands. I would simply justify that I knew how to capture a piece of art when I had seen it, and trust me ;he was a piece of art.

“Y/N are you almost ready? We need to leave!” My mothers shrill call broke me from my lucid state, my hands quickly dropping the pencil and slamming the book shut, imprisoning the pages and works of art. 

They were for my eyes only.
I loosely slipped on my jacket and shoved my sketch book into my bag, slinging it lazily over my shoulder and exiting the room.

We were heading to my mothers best friends house, Denise Robinson.

“Come in, come in! Ah y/n, so lovely to see you” Denise shut the door softly behind me, her smile blinding as she took my jacket and reached for my bag.

“Oh no, it’s okay, I’ll Keep hold of this!” My voice was rushed and my heart thumped harder in my chest. No way could anyone get a hold of my sketchbook. Especially not Nicks mother!

She nodded, a smile still on her face as she looked at me. She was always so happy, how?

“Go on up, Nick’s in his room” she turned and left with my mother, leaving me at the bottom of the stairs; contemplating my next move.
Gripping my bag tighter I began up the stairs, my movements sluggish and tired as I pushed on.

I thought of all the times I had been to Nicks house, in Nicks room. I thought back to my book full of drawings of Nick, what would his girlfriend think?

Girlfriend. The word rang in my head as I moved upwards, almost at the top. I had never shown any one my drawings and i would definitely never show Nick, he’d think I was obsessed and his girlfriend would most definitely hate me. I mean, how stupid would I look? Obsessing over a taken guy? perfect.

Reaching the top i knocked softly on his wooden door, the sound echoing slightly on the empty landing. After minutes of no answer I pushed the door open slightly, the room was also empty.
Upon entering I heard the soft patter of the shower and walked in further.

Slipping off my shoes I sat down on his large bed and decided to wait. Pulling out my sketchbook I turned the pages slowly and admired each drawing I had done, they hardly captured the beauty that Nick was but it was pretty darn close.

My eyes grew heavy after 7 minutes but I powered on, the sketchbook gripped tightly in my hands as I took in the images. The images blurred together as i slowly but surely let sleep lure me in.
The sound of turning pages woke me up. My eyes opened rapidly and my hands gripped around me in a desperate attempt to get hold of my book. No, no, no!

I jumped slightly when I noticed the tall figure sitting  in front of me on the bed. His dark hair was damp and he was clad in a pair of slim sweats and a random band shirt. It wasn’t until I spotted the large book resting open In his Palms that I felt sick, my body freezing as my heart pounded harder than ever before.

“Nick I-” my voice caught in my throat, this was never supposed to happen! He’ll think I’m crazy!
“Y/n these.. Wow!” His own eyes caught me own in their gaze and I was shocked at how amazed he looked. I moved closer to sit next to him, the both of us looking down at the covered pages, Nicks face splattered across most of them.

“I’m sorry I-” I couldn’t finish what I was saying, his head already snapping to look at me.
“Are you kidding me!? These are amazing!” Our faces were close, too close. I would have felt overwhelmed with pride if our faces weren’t Inches apart, his minty breathe fanning over my face ever so slightly.

“Nick..” My lips were captured in his own, the movement fast and breathtaking. I was shocked, my chest tightening as I moved my lips against his own. Was this really happening? Oh my

I pushed his shoulders away from me, face red as I looked him dead in the eyes.
“We can’t! You-Your girlfriend!” I was mortified, how could I have done that?
“Girlfriend? Y/N what are you talking about?”
“wait, what?” He didn’t have a girlfriend??
My cheeks heated up in embarrassment, I just ruined it!

“I thought- I just assumed you have one okay?” My voice was timid as I refused to look at him, his hearty chuckle making me feel even worse. He was laughing at me!
His long fingers gripped my chin loosely, pulling my face to look at his own, eyes lighting up and crinkling as his smile widened. He was truly a masterpiece.

Shaking his head slightly he leaned down once more, his lips growing closer as my heart harshly hammered at my rib cage, what was happening!?

Capturing my lips in his own once again my mind emptied and I began to feel light, like I was floating. Our lips moved sweetly against one another’s and he smiled cheekily into the kiss, was i even doing this right? I didn’t care, I was on top of the world.

Not even the greatest artist could capture the beauty in this picture perfect moment.

HI IM AM BACK!! I am finally posting again and I am finally free from school and all things in the way of writing for 10 weeks. My goal for the summer is to improve my writing and post a lot more so
Stay tuned:)

This was a request I got a while ago, I hope you enjoyed it:) it’s shorter than I wanted buttttt, i tried. let me know what you think! (Excuse the mistakes - unedited) 

Something in the Water//Stiles Stilinski

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Can I have an imagine with Stiles, where he save her from drowning during gym class and then decide to teach her how to swim? (Maybe with a moment when she just stare at his torso with admiration (damn we never got a Stiles shirtless scene in the whole serie)) (I saw the gif where Stiles is saying that their swiming team sucks and I just got that idea lolol) Please and thanks 💕


(I did female pronouns because that’s what the request used, you you guys prefer when I used gender neutral pronouns? Let me know!)


 Gym class was never my favorite, but sitting here listening to our teacher go on and on about the proper safety regulations and equipment was putting me to sleep. That’s one of the worst things about the beginning of a new class, all the boring speeches from every one of your teachers.

 My class was sitting in the aquatics center listing to the swim coach lecture on and on about not touching the swim team stuff, I mean, who wants to take a one of their swim boards?

 When class was dismissed, everyone got up in quite a hurry. Having gym at the end of the day was a blessing and a curse. You got to go straight home after working up a sweat, but everyone rushed to leave so quickly.

 During the rush of other students, I dropped my bookbag and bent to pick it up, only then a swarm of girls bolted past me and knocked me into the water.

 “No, no, no”  I thought, as my body began to sink.

 Water began to fill my lungs and my arms and legs flailed to keep my head above the water. My head began to pound and body became tired. My vision became blurry, and then eventually faded to black.

Stiles POV

 Class was boring as usual, well, more than usual. I followed the crowd of students outside and started heading towards the jeep. I rummaged around in my pockets for a few minutes until I realized that I must’ve left my keys where I was sitting next to the pool. I sigh heavily before turning around and making my way through the flood of kids, back towards the pool.

 When I pushed open the heavy aquatic center door, my eyes were immediately drawn towards the movement and splashing in the pool.. Was that a girl?

Without another thought, I slipped off my shirt and toed off my shoes before diving into the baneful blue waters. My eyes stung from the chlorine as I saw her drifting deeper and deeper. I swam to her and wrapped my arms around her body, securing my grasp before pulling both of us to the surface.

 Once I had her out of the pool for a few seconds, my heart dropped when she wasn’t waking up. I pressed both of my hands on her chest, praying for a response.

 A small cough escaped her lips, letting go of the water that infiltrated her lungs. A few more coughs came from her body before her eyes began to flutter open.


 The taste of chlorine whirled in my mouth, waking me up from the darkness I had been encaptured in. As my eyes tried to adjust to the light, I noticed I wasn’t alone. His figure came into focus as I slowly began to sit up.

 “Woah there, take it easy” he said, helping me up by placing one of his hands on my lower back.

 “Are you okay?” he asked.

 Memories began to flood back to me, the girls who pushed me in, the feeling of water filling my lungs.

 “I almost died”, I said shakily, tears threatening to spill from my eyes, “I almost drowned”.

 “Hey, hey” he said in a low calming voice, “you didn’t. You’re okay now, I promise”.

 I looked up to see the most beautiful brown eyes, and a kind smile. After steadying my breath, I spoke again.

 “Thank you..”

 “Stiles, Stiles Stilinski”.

 “Stiles” I repeated, I like that name.

 After staring into his eyes for what seemed like forever, his phone near the bleaches buzzed. He glanced over to it and became aware of what time it was. 

 “Oh crap”, he said “I came back in here to get my keys and..”

 “And you saw me”.

 “Yeah, I saw you” he replied, shy smile on his face.

 He stood up to grab his stuff and came back over towards me. The way the afternoon light highlighted the drops of water still clinging to his broad chest made my mind go fuzzy. He held out a hand to help me up, and I happily took it. We made our way past the pool, safely this time, and towards the parking lot. Stiles walked me to my car as I tried not to let him catch me staring.

 “This is me” I said, holding up my keys, “thank you again Stiles, you really saved me back there”.

 “Don’t worry about it” he replied, a soft blush on his face. I opened my car door, and threw my bookbag in the backseat. Just before I got in, Stiles turned back to me.

 “You know, I could help you” he said, “I could teach you how to swim”.

 “You’d teach me?” I asked, watching as he nodded. “I’d love that”.

  A few weeks later, Stiles and I had plans to meet at the aquatic center. I walked out of the changing room with my bathing suit on and looked around for Stiles. Luckily, he’d already found me, giving me a very interested up and down look over with his eyes. God, he was cute.

 We got in the pool and my hands started to shake. Stiles must’ve noticed because he came over to me held my hands in his.

 “You’re okay Y/N, I’m here. I’m not gonna let anything happen to you” he reassured.

 Our lesson consisted of Stiles holding my back as I practiced floating my body, treading water and him guiding me through the pool with a swim board. I was feeling more comfortable in the water, and especially more comfortable with Stiles.

 I practiced more and more on my own, becoming more confident with every supportive word from Stiles.

He swam over to me and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“This has been really fun Stiles, I think I actually like swimming now” I told him with a big smile. My eyes flickered down to his plump pink lips and I saw him do the same.

 “I think I like something else besides swimming” he said with a smirk. A few moments later, our lips met, neither of us minding the taste of a little chlorine.

 When our lips pulled apart, we both gasped for air, smiles all around.

“You up for another lesson next week?” I asked with a cheesy grin. Maybe the water isn’t so bad after all.

 Writer’s Note: Hey everyone! I know I haven’t posted much recently, school has been a mess and my family is moving so things are a little hectic. But!! Requests should be opening up in the next few days and I’m going to have a lot more time to write. As always, thank you anon for the request, and I hope you like it! Let me know what you think! (Also I found the gif lol)

Broken Pieces Pt. 1

Part 2

Requests Open

Warning(s): swearing

Characters: Reader, Stiles, Scott -on the phone, (others come later)

Pairing: tbd


When a new girl arrives in Beacon Hills, everything changes. 
They don’t know what she is, and neither does she, but she knows exactly what happens to everyone in Beacon Hills, and she’s here to stop it all.

Y/n doesn’t remember anything about herself or her past. She keeps getting these visions and thoughts of a place called Beacon Hills and the people who live there.
She sees all the hurt and pain they go through- all the hassle they struggle with trying to fix the messes they get themselves in. It’s like they’re all trying to put puzzle pieces together without ever seeing the picture.
And she knows that that’s what she needs to do- that’s her job, she has to help them with their broken pieces.

*Y/N = your name *Y/L/N = your last name

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Polaroid Pictures

Title: Polaroid Pictures
Pairing: The Pack x Reader
Word Count: 1,403

A/N: I was supposed to post this last year with me graduating, going to university, and all that, but I was procrastinating a lot. I think it’s perfect time for me to finally post it because there’s some of us that starting uni and having a hard time adjusting I just wanted to let you know that you’ll be alright. 

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Hi guys! I decided to make another psd pack to share, so here they are. Of course you have to adjust them for  certain scenes, and you can always ask me if something won’t work for a certain scene. Please like or reblog this post if you save them, then send me an ask off anon for the download link of the psd you want (just mention the name like ‘arrow 1′). I hope you like them! (click on the names for examples)

agents of shield / the 100 / quantico / shadowhunters / legends of tomorrow / daredevil / arrow / teen wolf

* some of the psds will look different because of tiny adjusments, but these adjustments were mostly brightness or color balance!