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There is a request of an Archie x Reader on my inbox that I will hopefully post before the end of the weekend - I just haven’t figured out the ending in my head.

This however came to me today so let me know if you guys like it. As always thanks for reading.

A few months have passed since Jughead Jones joined the Southside Serpents as well as becoming a student at Southside High.

His friendships still exist within Riverdale - but his new found friends at school have made it difficult to keep his life in Riverdale the same - including Betty.

I was done with the day already - I didn’t want to go to the trivial classes where I seemed to already know the answers. I didn’t want to ditch with my new friends yet either though. As much as they had accepted me as one of their own, they still didn’t know me - and I’m not one to let people in.

Part of me always liked schools - even when I lived in one. Hallways going from an intensive loud rush to a quiet and somber retreat. Classrooms that could remain silent and kept secrets hushed behind their doors. Something about a school, felt more like a home than my actual one.

So when I decided to ditch class by my lonesome - I decided to investigate the new school that seemed to have some secrets of its own.

I walked around for a bit - avoiding the random person in the hall - until I heard some faint music.

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CoreyWW's SU fanfic wishlist

So this is a random thing I thought of doing. I’m gonna list off specific kinds of SU fanfics I’d like to see more of just… Basically just to do it. I’m not sure if anyone will read it and feel motivated to write anything based on this but… Eh, still good to get stuff out there.

If you happen to know things that meet this criteria already, please let me know. I may already be aware of it, but I don’t claim to have read EVERYTHING by any stretch of the imagination.

Anyway, here we go:

- Aged-up connverse fics (number one thing I’d love to see more of. It exists, but there’s not as many fics centered around this as I would like. I really like the idea of exploring Connie and Steven’s relationship as they get older. I also want to emphasize I’m not asking for NSFW stuff with this one, though I’m sure there are people who’d enjoy that, but just fics with them older in general are stuff I love)

- Lars-centric fics (I’m really hoping he gets over with this upcoming special since fics with him can be really good. I personally like Lars just fine. I like Larsadie, I know a lot not people don’t and I can understand why, but even if people don’t wanna do fics with that pairing, just more stuff with him would be cool to see. I can’t just keep being me and @cinnabees writing about this guy, haha)

- Anything with the Cool Kids (I just like the Cool Kids. Explanation over).

- Anything with Peedee (same as above).

- More comedies (maybe it’s just me but I… Don’t really see a lot of fics that have comedy as the focus. See tons of stuff that have humor in it as a part, but not a lot that are just fun goofy sitcoms basically. Would love to see more).

- Priyanka/Doug fics (Cause I like it… Also, off topic, but isn’t it weird that that ship is canon… But doesn’t have a ship name? You ever notice that? Isn’t that weird. It’s a shame.)

- Adult Townies interacting with other adult Townies (I’d just love to see a lot of the parents just hanging out)

I think that’s all the stuff that immediately comes to mind. If you have any suggestions based on stuff I wished for, let me know in case I hadn’t heard of it. Also, if you would also like to see stuff, feel free to make you own list as well. And if you feel inspired to write something just based on what I, an irrelevant fanfic author wished for, I for one thing would be extremely flattered by the notion and would encourage you to go for it.

My Moon, you’re too busy admiring the sun to notice how beautifully you glow.

I have yet to draw these two being intimate so I fixed that

I hope you guys don’t mind if I just tag this ship ShuYuu? No one seems to know what it is (but let me know if there is an existing tag already LOL)

Play With Me, Alpha

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Derek x Fem!Reader

Summery: Derek’s newest beta keeps causing trouble, so one afternoon he gives her a punishment.

It was no secret that Derek had a soft spot for you, it was why you got away with so much. As soon as he’d turned you, you wrapped yourself around his protective instinct, making it easy to get what you wanted.

It started innocently, freshly turned, thunderstorm firing overhead, you’d hung onto Derek like a koala bear. But then it stuck, if you needed comfort you’d seek out Derek, who convinced himself it was better him that Scott or one of the betas. Then Stiles pointed out all the other things, batting eyes, pouting, the fake bad moods until you delightedly got Derek to give in.

Which was how the “detox war” started. Unfortunately for your alpha, his instincts screamed that pushing you away would mean pushing you out of the pack. Completely unaware that it was having the opposite effect.

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Really really long night vale theory

God this arc frustrates me to no end because i just CANT figure it out…!

Lets break it down… Theres multiple realities, our canon night vale and the 1983 night vale. Potentially more. We already know about our night vale, but what do we know about the 1983 reality?

  • Cal exists.
  • Following that, episode 33- “Casettes” likely is also part of 1983. The movement Cecil kept noticing in that episode and the one in 106 “filings” are probably one in the same. Kind of.
  • Leonard Burton met a very very grisly fate, but it may be unrelated to the end of the world the tapes warned us about.
  • The end of the world
  • Bethany didn’t.
My proposal: nuclear bomb. Or something.
  • Cal seems to have radiation poisoning, similar to that of the victims who survived Hiroshima.
  • More subtly, look at the way Cecil spoke of the end of the world in “Best Of?”. He spoke with urgency, but as if it were too late. This end of the world was sprung suddenly on night vale, theres enough time for cecil to talk to his listeners one final time but not enough time to get to safety. It couldn’t be a slow apocalyptic situation that takes time to develop, such as zombies, and its not an instantaneous thing. Theres enough time before the end for cecil and the residents of night vale to live their last moments in despair and terror.
  • Bethany didn’t. Didn’t what? Survive? Many people didn’t that year. Meaning that some people DID. People such as Cal who are now terribly irradiated and absolutely dying.
Now for the third and fourth possible realities:

Bowling Alley

  • The miniature city under the desert flower bowling alley and arcade fun complex
  • having the same residents, all apparently unaware that they exist in a smaller version of the town above them, its not infeesable that our night vale is also a miniature unaware of the larger, identical town housing them.
  • a vague yet menacing government agency steals the miniature cities buildings, perhaps a similar thing is happening with the disappearing buildings in night vale, probably not, but its a fun notion to humor.
Normal Night Vale
  • A normal town where everything is normal and nothing weird happens ever.
  • this is mostly inspired by the fact that cecil referred to bethany in present tense, bethany doesnt exist in our night vale and has been dead and gone for who knows how long in 1983. Meaning the memory of her still existing isn’t in canon OR 1983, potentially pointing to another reality where shes still alive and well.
  • the same thing goes for danas father, that reality is good enough for dana to abandon her night vale, meaning its probably not an irradiated wasteland.
Theres likely infinite other timelines, carlos mentioning quantum physics and the multiverse and all. But these four are the notable ones.

Other notable things are the existence of huntokhar, the distant prince, and the woman from Italy all currently existing in or approaching night vale. These three characters are related to eachother somehow, im sure of it. Coincidences dont happen in night vale. But the question is how? And WHY?

Ive written theories about this before but ive always had a sneaking suspicion that night vale isnt real. Even in the podcasts own canon, i dont think it exists on the same plane as everything else. Cecil makes mentions to the rest of america and the government but doesn’t know common states, when night vale sent a distress call for help to the american government after valentines day the government didnt take them seriously. When looking at a map of america cecil said it was wrong, recognizable but wrong, showing that theres a clear disconnect between night vale and the rest of the country, neither quite knowing the other.

Time is strange in night vale. Carlos himself said that time doesnt work there. This is furthered by the professor at the university of what it is when she came in serve for carlos saying that hes been missing for DECADES. By that point carlos had only been in night vale for, what, three years? But nope. Hes been missing for DECADES.

Something, best shown in the book, is that its hard to leave night vale. It was said that it was hard to come and go in the podcast, but the book showed diane crayton trying and failing REPEATEDLY. She always ended up back in night vale even when she logically shouldnt have. What makes it so hard to find and leave?

Also the dog park. The dog park is the only way to easily leave night vale but still makes return very very difficult. Something we often forget is that carlos and dana are the exception, not the rule. Most people in the dog park are still unable to return to night vale.

So i propose that night vale isnt in the same plane of existence as the rest of the world. Not isolated nessecarily, the fictional countries cecil has gone to are on the same plane, but far away and inconvienient. Imagine night vale as an island of abnormality in the sea of our real world. The dog park is the most viable gateway between the reality where night vale exists and where night vale doesnt, the empty desert is where night vale WOULD stand but in this reality (our reality) its just an empty desert where no one decided to build a small town. Since portals between realities are much less common in the real world than in night vale it would make returning EXTREMELY difficult.

I think that maybe, just maybe, the woman from Italy, the distant prince, and huntokhar are trying to merge night vale with reality. That timelines are ripping apart and blending together becaude they NEED to be combined to assimilate into the real world. Night vale might be turning into a normal town, and those who refuse to escape to the new reality being presented to them will have their realities crumble around them. Perhaps THATS what happened to the miniature cities sky.


*me yelling at my screen*: ISABELLA ISABELLA ISABELLAAAA!!!!

Wouldn’t this be the perfect time to reveal that Isabella was sent by the court?

He confidently announced “You’re no match for me!”, so wouldn’t it be the biggest attack on his ego to reveal to him that they had already bested him? 

Now let’s think about the implications for Nygmobblepot. We already know that Ed has been feeling guilt and missing him. And probably the only way he reassures himself is to remember that Isabella also lost her life. But then to find out that he lost Oswald in the name of a woman who didn’t really exist. For the sake of a love that wasn’t even real. And on top of that, we know that Oswald will be the one to help him get out of this situation. So can you imagine Ed finding out that Isabella was sent by the court and then having enough time to let that sink in. Only to have Oswald, in the flesh, show up as his unexpected savior? 

Kill me now because I’m already dead.

Reblog if you don’t mind interacting with an Autistic RPer

Just wanted to spread the word that Autistic people who roleplay do exist. And to also get some reassurance that there are people who won’t get freaked out by me. I’m relatively new, so hate and the like hasn’t happened yet, but it’s bound to and I just wanna know I have people who will support me. 

Queen in the North {Pt. 2}

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Requested: By myself, because I am Trash™. Also some other absolutely lovely people.

Pairings: Robb Stark x Reader

Previously: {Part 1}

Summary: Y/N was sent to live with The Stark family at a young age, and ever since then, she seemed to fit perfectly, maybe even more than she had ever noticed.

Warnings: I just watched the episode so fluff to the max

Word Count: 2,433

A/N: I am so pleased to see how many of you like the first part to this, and I sincerely hope that the second part is even better! Special shoutout to @secretschuylersister for looking over this/encouraging me to actually post it. If you have any requests, please feel free to send them to my ask box!

It was nice of Sansa to say that she was almost done poking and prodding and adjusting your dress, even if you all knew that it was a lie. Sansa had and affinity for dressing you up, claiming that if she tried it with Arya, she would lose a finger. You couldn’t say that the idea was entirely off base.

The dress was lovely. It looked a bit delicate in comparison to the usual style that ladies favored in Winterfell.  It was somehow different and you’re the same as the dresses that you favored on an everyday basis. Although you had lived in Winterfell for most of your life, your mother and father had lived much farther south.

So, you tended to favor lighter dresses, made of silk and lace in a wide array of colors. Jon liked to tease you that you were the brightest thing to ever live in Winterfell. What you didn’t know is how much Robb silently agreed with him. The dress was white, with layers of gray peeking through towards the bottom. It was lovely, although you had no idea how Sansa had managed such a lovely effect in the short amount of time since she had asked you about making a dress.

“I may have been working on it for a little while before I asked if it was okay,” she said, picking it up off of the bed and motioning for you to change into it. “But I knew that you were going to say yes anyways.”

You laughed, she was right. You had a hard time telling people no, especially when they were doing something so nice for you. After all, the Starks were your family. And if they were willing to put the time in to help you, then there was no way that you were going to refuse. It did make your schedule feel a bit cramped at times, in between dagger lessons with Arya and the boys, knitting with Sansa and tea with Lady Stark, who was forever insisting that you call her Catelyn, there were never enough hours in the day, something you often fought about with Robb.

“Well then, put it on!” Sansa laughed, tossing you the dress and pulling out her needle and thread, claiming that there were a few alterations that needed to be made. Sansa worked in silence, adding a few stitches here and there. And somehow, when she was done, the dress looked even more spectacular. She had managed to somehow make it fit you like a glove at the top, yet have the perfect amount of sway and flow in the skirts.

“Thank you, Sansa,” you said, admiring the skirts in her mirror. If you hadn’t been so caught up in how nice it was for Sansa to make you this lovely dress, you might have noticed the smug look on her face as she admired you admiring her dress. And you might have noticed that you were wearing in the Stark family’s colors. “But I really think that I should go see if your mother needs help preparing-”

“I was downstairs with her all morning. While you were fretting over nothing, I was making sure that you didn’t have an excuse to run away.” She laughed, guiding you over to the chair that was set up in front of her mirror. “Now, you have to stay and let me do something with this.” She sighed, motioning to the braid that you wore every day. Sansa took your braid in her hands, making quick work of fanning it out across your shoulders, running a brush gently through the ends or your hair.

“I cannot understand why you never take the time to style your hair unless I force you to. You know that anyone would do anything for you.” Sansa rain her hands through your hair, twisting it one way and then another, attempting to choose a style for that evening.

“I would rather spend my time with other engagements. And I’m sure that every single person in this castle has at least five things that they need to be doing at any given time. And shockingly, none of them include helping me with my hair.” You laughed, raising an eyebrow at her in the mirror.

“And does one of those things include pretending that you aren’t in love with my brother? Or is that simply a given, considering it is something that you do every waking minute of every day?”

You felt yourself tense, your shoulders locking back into place and your teeth grinding against each other. Sansa, on the other hand, continued brushing your hair into place, humming a soft tune to herself. You wished that you had an appropriate comeback, but you were left to sit there, mouth agape, while Sansa fussed with your hair for longer than should have been possible.

You’d hoped that you would have a bit of time to yourself before the feast that evening, but Sansa had insisted that a bit of rouge had never hurt anyone. By the time that she decided you were ready, the both of you were late.

“A queen never arrives at her own party on time.” Sansa laughed as you hurried down the hall. You hated to be late, and it seemed that the only time you were more than a few seconds late to anything was when Sansa insisted on helping you get ready.

“Then it’s really too bad that I am not a queen.” you reminded her, withholding a glare.

She snorted at you in a very un Sansa-like way, simply brushing past you and breezing easily into the banquet. You, on the other hand, were not nearly as confident. You took a moment to steady yourself, a moment to catch your breath, before stepping into the banquet hall.

The noise and liveliness of the hall erupted around you, pulling you in. You glanced around, taking in the musicians and the dancers that took up most of the space in the large banquet hall. And as much as you didn’t want to admit it, you were elated to see Robb standing with Jon and Theon near the edge of the dance floor.

You gathered up your expansive skirts, making your way along the edge of the room to the boys.

“Well don’t you just look dashing in the Stark colors?” Jon teased you, gesturing for you to do a twirl.

You landed a punch on his arm, not hard enough to actually hurt him, but firm enough to tell him to shut his big mouth, paired with an expression that told him you were going to pretend to be cross with him for a while. “If you must know, your lovely sister made me this gown, and as usual I had no say about the colors. But, I’m sure that it is just coincidence.” You attempted to sound sincere, even though you knew what Sansa was most likely thinking when she was picking out the material.

You pretended to listen to the boys ramble on about one thing or another, but your eyes were scanning the room in search of Arya. You knew that she was not particularly fond of feasts, so you always made a point to seek her out and reassure her, even if it was only for a few minutes. After few moments of searching, you spotted her, slumped into a chair, looking like she would much rather be anywhere else but here.

You felt Robb’s hand rest on the small of your back, attempting to draw your attention away from the very important matter at hand. “Y/N, do you want to-”

“Maybe in a minute, Robb,” you said, already making your way over to Arya, not even bothering to look back towards the sound of Jon’s booming laughter.

“Arya!” you laughed, taking her hands in your own and pulling her out of the chair. “Won’t you come and dance with me?”

“You know that I have been skipping my lessons,” she mumbled, refusing to meet your eyes. Somehow, she was in a worse mood than usual.

“I never said that we were going to make our way through the most boring waltz in existence.” You were already halfway to the band, who looked almost as morose as Arya, which wasn’t surprising when you thought about the music that they were being forced to play. “If this is to be the mood for the entire evening, we are all going to die of boredom.”

You let go of Arya’s hands for a few moments to whisper your instructions to the band. They all seemed to perk up immediately, sitting up in their chairs, the light coming back into their eyes. The tune changed from the sullen one that you had grown accustomed to hearing, to one that was jubilant and full of life. Reclaiming Arya’s hands in your own, your spun her around, prancing around in ridiculous circles until a smile finally graced her lips, and then a small laugh bubbled through, and you knew that your work was done.

You gave her one last smile, twirling her in another circle before stumbling off of the dance floor. All of the spinning had made you a bit dizzy, and with all of the skirts that Sansa had swaddled you up in, you weren’t surprised that you had nearly tripped a few times before you had even made it away from the dancers.

Robb’s hand found the small of your back, guiding you away from the mass of bodies that had swarmed the dance floor. You would have been surprised, especially because you hadn’t thought that Robb was anywhere near you, but he had a habit of turning up when you needed someone.

“What was it that you wanted earlier?” You asked breathlessly, collapsing into the chair that he had guided you to.

“Do you remember when my mother was so angry at us for sneaking into these feasts that she made us attend all of those dreadful dancing lessons?” Robb asked, smiling at Arya dancing with Rickon among the masses.

“Of course I do,” you laughed, recalling the many afternoons you had spent with your slightly nasty dance master. “Your mother was so sure that we would never turn up to another ball again if we had to take those lessons, but you were at every single lesson.”

“Naturally, you were so excited, and there was no way that I was going to miss it when you tripped over your own two feet.”

“If I recall correctly, you were always responsible for catching me after I messed up a new step.” You lazily punched him in the shoulder, but the laughter died in your throat as Robb caught your fist and linked his hand with yours.

“And I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.”

It wasn’t the act of holding his hand in yours that caused your breathing to falter. You had been holding pinkies since you had met, so after that, what was a hand? It was the way that his eyes were staring into yours, unwavering. For the first time in a long time, you felt yourself blushing because of Robb Stark.

It wasn’t something that happened often, the two of you had grown up together, after all. Your mother had been best friends with Cat, and when they passed away, it was no question that you were going to stay with Ned and his family.

You had been quiet when you arrived at Winterfell for the first time. It had only been a day or two since your mother and father had moved on, taken from you suddenly by a terrible affliction. You were assured that your friends would all be waiting for you, but that wasn’t good enough. You wanted your parents.

And even though you constantly reminded Robb of that, he was there for you at every turn. Bringing you a flower he found near a spring, hoping to make you smile, or telling you a poorly thought out joke, just waiting for just a glimpse of the dimples he used to know so well. And as much as you wanted to give him a glimpse of your former self, you needed time. Somehow, even at such a young age, both of you understood. And you had remained solemn, until one afternoon, he heard a giggle echoing from her chambers.

Robb threw open the door to find you sifting through a drawer full of dried flowers, picking them up one by one and examining them. He marched into the room, demanding to know why you had been so sad before. You never had been able to give him an answer, simply handing him one of the flowers and telling him that you were sorry. You never had offered him an explanation for those first few weeks.

“Y/N?” Robb’s voice and both of his hands cupping yours somehow managing to effectively draw you back to reality. “Are you okay?” his voice was soft, almost as if he was afraid to scare you away. He should know better than that by now.

“I was thinking about when I first came to live with you, well everyone. And you worried yourself over making me feel welcome, and you were so confused when you found me with that drawer full of flowers.” You sounded dreamy, still thinking about the days when things felt easier.

“You never did tell me why you kept all of those flowers. Especially when they never made you smile in the first place.” He smiled down at your hands, where his thumb was stroking the back of your hand.

“Because I knew that they were going to make me happy eventually,” You met his eyes, hoping that he understood what you were trying to tell him. “And I was right, wasn’t I?” Robb looked like he was going to answer, but you were finished wasting time moping about when there was a party going on. “Let’s dance, Stark.”

And without another word, the two of you were out of your chairs and headed for the dance floor. The musicians had kept their promise, and the music was lively. You were pleased to see that Arya had dragged Sansa into a group of dancers, and it brought a smile to your face to see that everyone was happy, for the time being. It was rare to stumble upon a moment where someone wasn’t squabbling, and when you managed to find one, you most certainly weren’t going to take it for granted.

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You’re a Pipe Dream, Part 1

*Smoke Shop/Hippie AU (please see notes at the end)

Andrew Minyard was annoyed. He finally had some time to himself and he wanted to finish that book Bee had let him borrow at their last session. But of course today Nicky decided that they needed to visit the local smoke shop. Which made no sense. Nicky didn’t smoke; there was no reason why they needed to go. Kevin was irritable, too, because he didn’t want to leave the dorms but he could fucking suffer for all Andrew cared.

The shop was in a miserable strip of stores that were located a few streets away from the heart of the downtown shopping area. From the outside it didn’t look like much—correction—it looked sleazy as hell, the windows dark tinted, ads pasted and peeling from the glass. The sign looked like someone’s idea of “trippy”: wobbly black letters on a tie-dye background. The place was called Pipe Dream and it was, according to the sign, a “smoke shop & adult book store.”

Andrew stared at the store while Nicky fidgeted in the back seat.

“What are we here for, Nicky?” Andrew asked. “Hookahs? Porn? Illicit drug deals?”

Kevin slouched down in the passenger seat, arms crossed over his chest.

“I just want to pick up some stuff for the room,” Nicky replied evasively.

“We don’t need anything they’re selling,” Kevin stated, shooting Nicky a disapproving look.

“Guys, we’re already here, can we please go in? We look like creepers right now.”

Andrew scanned the mostly empty parking lot. Pipe Dream was bordered by a derelict tattoo parlor called Lowkey Tattoo, a chicken wing takeout, and a liquor store. Andrew could already imagine the types of people who would migrate to this spot, hitting up one shop after the other and ending the night wasted, watching porn, sporting an ill-advised tattoo, and getting indigestion from 3am chicken wings and hot sauce.

“Yeah, we’re real creepers,” Andrew drawled. But he got out of the car, pocketing his keys and stretching. At the very least this should be amusing.

Nicky led the way, followed by Kevin, with Andrew bringing up the rear. A bell chimed as each of them crossed the threshold. The shop smelled strongly of incense, with a barely detectable undercurrent of pot. Andrew glanced around the space, taking in the layout and looking for threats. The only person was the guy sitting behind the counter. Once Andrew noticed him he had a difficult time looking away. The kid was cute; his curly hair dyed a deep violet that drew attention to the freckles on his cheeks. His eyes were black and Andrew instantly pegged that the kid was wearing contacts. He had gauges with skull plugs and a wicked little lip piercing. The only problem was the guy’s wardrobe: an oversized Grateful Dead t-shirt and worn jeans.

Andrew kind of hated the whole hippie throwback culture. In his opinion the good times that so many of his illogical classmates idolized never actually existed. If people wanted to do drugs, sleep around, and chill then they should just do it and not make it all about reliving the Golden Years that not even their parents experienced. Which meant that Andrew was already predisposed to dislike the guy, good looks notwithstanding.

“Hey,” the guy said, “let me know if I can help y’all find anything.” He was going for a southern accent but it didn’t quite work. Maybe it would have fooled most people but it didn’t fool Andrew. Dyed hair, contacts, fake accent…who was this kid?

“Thanks,” Nicky said cheerfully. He started browsing the shelves of merchandise, peering into the cases like he might actually buy some of the pipes displayed. His eyes strayed to the room in the back, the one separated from the rest of the shop by a beaded curtain and the handwritten sign declaring it off limits to anyone under the age of 18.

“Did I really bring you here so you could buy porn?” Andrew asked Nicky. He didn’t bother to whisper and Nicky blushed, shooting embarrassed looks towards the guy at the counter, not that the kid was paying them any special attention. Kevin snorted and shook his head.

Guys,” Nicky hissed, “shut up.”

“Oh no, Kevin, Nicky is mad at us!” Kevin started snickering. It really wasn’t that funny but whatever.

“Y’all are the worst,” Nicky muttered, and walked purposefully into the over 18 room. Andrew followed out of boredom and Kevin followed him out of necessity. Andrew snuck a peek at the worker dude but he was seemingly engrossed in some magazine.

Nicky started browsing the shelves of eclectic DVDs, but not with any real interest. Andrew had a sneaking suspicion that Nicky had some ulterior plans at work but so far he hadn’t figured it out. Kevin was examining a pinup of a very voluptuous anime girl being attacked by tentacles. Andrew did not get the appeal but apparently other people did because there was a small section labeled “hentai” in the corner.

“Kevin, if you buy that you are not putting it up in the dorm,” Andrew warned.

“What?” Kevin startled, looking almost ashamed. “No, umm, I was trying to see who the artist is. I think I recognize the drawing style…”

Andrew shook his head once, not buying that excuse at all.

“Oh my god!” Nicky squealed. “You guys! There’s Supernatural porn! How did I not know this existed? Look! Look!” He was holding up a DVD case with a man wearing a trench coat, angel wings, and nothing else. A strategically placed pizza box covered his junk and the title was The Pizza Man Cums. Nicky was beaming like he had found buried treasure. Andrew had seen enough; he left the two college boys to their fantasies and went to see what the smoke shop sold that wasn’t porn or sex toys.

The guy at the counter looked up and offered a small smile. “Need any help?” Andrew drifted closer, pretending to look at the lighters displayed at the counter. Some of them were really cool, much better than the disposable Bics he carried.

“This one’s pretty nice,” the guy said, picking up a sleek black lighter. He thumbed the wheel back and a green flame shot up. The kid stared into the flame with an intense look on his face and Andrew used the moment to read his nametag. The word RAIN was written in neat capital letters. No way was that his real name.

Andrew reached out and took the lighter, his fingers brushing against the other guy’s for a moment. A small skull was etched into the metal.

“How much?” Andrew asked.

“It’s $20. Want me to hold onto it while you look around?” The kid’s eyes were so…haunting. It had to be the black contacts, merging the iris and pupil together in a seamless circle of darkness.

“I don’t need anything else. Unless…” Andrew’s attention snagged on the cigarettes. They were all imports, lined up above a selection of pipe tobacco and flavored shisha. Andrew recognized some of the brands, not that he had a lot of time or interest to be any sort of connoisseur. “Can I get a pack of the Black Devils, chocolate flavor?”

The guy retrieved the pack and put it on the counter next to the lighter.

“You know, smoking will kill you.”

“You work in a smoke shop…” Andrew gestured at him.

“Rain, my name’s Rain,” the kid supplied. He was grinning in a way that Andrew felt was completely uncalled for.

“Yeah, okay. I’m Andrew.”

“Andrew,” Rain smiled again. “Are you a student?”

“Uh-huh. You?”

Rain shook his head, spending those purple curls falling over his forehead. If Andrew just focused on him from the neck up he could forget about the kid’s awful wardrobe.

“You’re not in high school are you?” Andrew didn’t think underage kids could work in a place like this but you never could tell.

“Oh, no! No, no. It’s just, college isn’t in the cards right now, if ever. Life. You know.” Rain’s voice was disingenuously light; he was trying to act like it didn’t matter to him but clearly it did.

Kevin took that moment to join them. His hands were empty and Andrew sneered at him.

“It’s okay, Kevin, I won’t judge you for your hentai fetish,” Andrew said. Kevin scowled and glared at him, then at Rain, who was trying to hide his smile.

“Look, man, I don’t judge, either. I’ve seen a lot of strange shit and trust me, hentai barely makes the list.”

Andrew gave Rain an appraising look. “Oh? What kind of ‘strange shit’?”

Rain shrugged. “I’d rather not say.”

Nicky had also emerged from the room and was poking around the store. He eventually joined them at the counter and set down his findings: sandalwood incense, a gay pride flag, a poster of Johnny Depp playing the piano, and the Supernatural porn. Rain rang it up without comment and put it in a purple bag that had the store’s name printed on the front.

Andrew paid for the lighter and cigarettes. For some reason he wanted to linger but then Kevin started huffing and complaining.

“Jesus, Andrew. You need to quit that stuff. You’re an athlete, you can’t perform your best when you’re poisoning your body like that.” Andrew flipped Kevin off. He had heard this ad nauseam.

Rain raised his eyebrows, glancing back and forth between Kevin and Andrew.

“What sport do you play?” he asked.

“Exy,” Andrew, Kevin, and Nicky replied in unison.

Andrew could have sworn that Rain’s skin paled.

Part 2 Part 3

[Notes: I’ve been thinking about alternate stories for Neil’s years on the run and I thought, what if Mary had gone way off the grid and they hid out in communes and farms around the world? And then I thought of Neil posing as a hippie kid named Rain. The smoke shop inspiration is from an actual shop in the town where I live called Pipe Dream. No lie. I have not been to this shop because it really does look super sketchy. My town has a high number of vape stores and smoke shops, one of which doubles as an adult bookstore. Last thing to note: I’ve never written from Andrew’s POV and I just wasn’t sure about the tone? I’m not sure exactly where this AU is going but I have some ideas!]

An MBTI glossary

Inspired by a few of my recent asks. The goal here is to define basic terms, not to go very deep into function theory, as those resources already exist.

Function: The 8 building blocks of the theory. This glossary will assume you’ve at least looked these up since they’re pretty well documented elsewhere. They are: Fe, Fi, Ne, Ni, Se, Si, Te, Ti.

Stack: The functions in order for a specific type.

  • Main Stack: usually refers to the four functions associated with each type in MBTI. There are other theories (notably socionics and the idea of shadow funtions) that use all eight.

Dominant function: The top function in your stack. People will sometimes refer to types as (function name)-dom (eg: ISTJs and ISFJs are Si-doms)

Auxiliary function: second function in your stack. Abbreviated to aux or (function name)-aux: ESFJs and ESTJs are Si-auxes.

Tertiary function: third function in your stack. Abbreviated to tert or (function name)-tert; INFPs and INTPs are Si-terts.

Inferior function: fourth function in your stack and last function in your main stack. Abbreviated to inf or (function name)-inf; ENFPs and ENTPs are Si-infs.

Looping: oscillating between your dominant and tertiary function, usually due to an unhealthy aux function, unhealthy tert or dom function, or stress.

Gripping, “In the grip”: using your inferior function unhealthily without using your higher functions. Often a stress behavior.

Perceiving: the sensing and intuition functions, which are the functions that determine how you gather and initially process information (Se, Si, Ne, Ni)

Judging: The thinking and feeling functions, which are the functions that determine how you assess and categorize information (Te, Ti, Fe, Fi)

Introvert (MBTI meaning): Someone with an introverted dominant function.

Introvert (not MBTI): someone primarily energized by solitary time.

Extravert (MBTI meaning): Someone with an extroverted dominant function. Extravert is correct; a lot of people, myself included, use the spelling extrovert which is technically not correct but widely accepted.

Extravert (not MBTI): Someone primarily energized by time spent with others. Also should probably be spelled extravert but many spell it extrovert.

Ambivert (not MBTI): THIS CONCEPT DOES NOT EXIST WITHIN THE MBTI THEORY. Outside of MBTI, someone equally energized by time spent alone or with others. Technically speaking virtually all people are energized by both at different times and require a balance, so ambivert is usually used to indicate people who fall fairly close to a 50-50 balance.

Sensor: someone with a dom or aux sensing function (ISFJ, ISTJ, ESFP, ESTP, ISFP, ISTP, ESFJ, ESTJ)

Intuitive: someone with a dom or aux intuition function (INFJ, INTJ, ENFP, ENTP, INFP, INTP, ENFJ, ENTJ)

Thinker: someone with a dom or aux thinking function (INTP, ISTP, ENTJ, ESTJ, INTJ, ISTJ, ENTP, ESTP)

Feeler: someone with a dom or aux feeling function (INFP, ISFP, ENFJ, ESFJ, INFJ, ISFJ, ENFP, ESFP)

Judger: someone with a dom or aux extraverted judging function. Type will end with a J if they’re a judger.

Perceiver: someone with a dom or aux extraverted perceiving function. Type will end with a P if they’re a perceiver.

Dichotomy: MBTI typing done without using the cognitive functions, just I/E, S/N, T/F, and J/P. Usually not very accurate, but it’s what most online tests use. It’s an okay starting point, but studying functions is an expectation.

That Warm Feeling

Summary: A reoccurring warm feeling keeps showing up in Danny’s life. He doesn’t think much of it until he realizes the reason for this feeling–Arin Han//son.

Genre: Fluff, Humor, (very slight) Angst, Realizations, First Confession

Warnings: a very slight sexuality crisis

A/N: Hey! So this is already up on my AO3, but I wanted to post it here to get people aware it existed. It’s a happy snapshot of the Gru//mps’ life, and it’s a little cheesy but why not, right? Also, Suzy and Arin aren’t married in this very slight AU. They’re super close friends still! (This is mainly because I’m still struggling to write a pairing where one of them’s married.) Anyway, I hope you like it and please let me know what you think!

It started as a feeling that would spread through him during the seemingly random times throughout the week.

Danny had walked into the Gru//mp Space to be met with the sight of Ross and Barry laughing their asses off as Arin proudly strutted around with a pink tutu around his waist.

He started to laugh along with his friends, his face going red at the sight of Arin’s goofy grin. The artist turned and saw Danny standing in the doorway, immediately wiggling his butt in Danny’s direction. “Hey, Dan. You’re just in time.”

“You’re so ridiculous,” Danny giggled fondly, rolling his eyes and dropping his stuff in the beanbag next to him.

Arin flipped his hair triumphantly, sending Barry and Ross into a new set of laughs. Ross slapped Arin’s ass as he walked past, and Arin let out a small yelp and the four men practically howled with laughter.

A warm feeling was spreading throughout Danny’s body, leaving him with an afterglow of pure, unadulterated joy in his heart. This feeling had come back several times lately, especially when he was in the Gru//mp Space. He didn’t think much of it, just assuming he was enjoying his time with his friends.


The next time was during a Gru//mp session, and Arin was frowning at the game. Danny was snuggled underneath a blanket, a smile on his face as Arin grumbled over the directions.

“Shit, dude, does this make any sense to you? Because I’m at a loss.”

“Nah, man, it’s screwy,” Danny responded, not even looking at the game, keeping his eyes on Arin’s expressions. He liked seeing Arin’s face shift into the funniest expressions, from confused to irritated to angry to just tired.

Then Danny would say something, and Arin’s mouth would twitch, his brown eyes lighting up as he fed off of Danny’s joke, occasionally letting out a chortle.

The best was when Arin did voice acting; his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down, his face screwing up in concentration, his lips pursed just right as a completely different person’s voice flowed from his mouth.

Danny could watch him do that for hours. How concentrated he’d get, how amazing the acting was, how his eyes would twinkle and his lips would twitch…

That new, warm feeling came back as Arin got frustrated with the game, and Danny stopped even responding, too busy watching his friend’s facial expressions. The warmth spread through his chest, making his fingers curl and his cheeks heat up. He knew he was staring, but honestly, he didn’t care and it wouldn’t be the first time.

Danny pondered a little when he felt that joyful feeling possess him, warming his body and leaving him with a feeling of peace. He snuggled into the couch, letting his feet bump against Arin’s thighs and wriggled closer to his friend.

Arin didn’t even react to his movements, throwing out a comment about the weird storyline and joking about a character. He shifted slightly to let Danny cuddle into his shoulder more comfortably.

As the warm feeling washed over him, Danny smiled sleepily. He wouldn’t think about the feeling just now, instead deciding to enjoy the feeling of being content with his best friend.


The next time was a beautiful day after doing a Game Gru//mps live. He’d had a rather busy day, so he was relaxing outside in the fading sunshine, watching the sunset. Arin was still inside finishing the goodbyes and thanks with everyone who’d shown up or helped.

He was feeling a bit sleepy when he heard footsteps behind him and an affectionate, “You alright, buddy?”

Danny turned to grin lazily at Arin as he crouched beside him. “Hey, Big Cat. Yeah, just kinda tired. It’s been a long day.”

“I feel that, man. I’ll drive you back to the Space so you can grab your car.”


Arin started to get up, presumably to get his car, but Danny frowned and tugged on the younger man’s shirt to force him to sit back down. “Sit with me for a minute. I haven’t been able to talk to you properly all day.”

His friend chuckled and sat again, next to Danny. “True. The sunset looks pretty, too.”

Danny subconsciously leaned against Arin’s broad shoulder, letting himself relax wholly for the first time all day. “You’re really warm.”

He could feel Arin’s laugh vibrate through his body from where he was leaning against him. “It’s so hot up on stage, dude. I was like a ball of sweat.”

Danny stared at the pink and yellow streaks across the sky, his breathing evening out as his eyes started to close. Arin was soft and warm, and Danny always felt safe with him.

He was vaguely aware of Arin lightly rubbing his arm, absently tracing patterns into Danny’s skin. It felt comfortable and familiar.

That’s when the feeling started as a glow in his chest, heating up from where his shoulder touched Arin’s and where Arin’s hand touched his arm. It spread quickly, his mouth curling into a smile. Maybe he should think about this new feeling rushing through him, but he was too happy and too comfy to think about it right now.


He’ll never forget that day for as long as he lived.

They were all at the Gru//mp Space: Arin, Suzy, Barry, Ross, Matt, Ryan, Vernon, Brian, and him. Holly had stopped by to see Ross, and they were all lounging around, talking and laughing.

He was sitting beside Arin, chuckling at something Barry had said, when he felt Arin shift and his eyes lit up. Danny prepared for Arin’s witty comment, smiling fondly as he leaned back.

Arin said his joke and Danny was the first to laugh, closely followed by everyone else. He allowed himself to watch Arin’s face as he continued to build on his joke, how his eyes gleamed and his mouth stretched wide and his tongue poked out just a little when he giggled.

His heart felt like it’d burst with affection and suddenly he stilled, his face going pale as realization washed over him.

Ross nudged him. “What’s up with you? You went quiet.”

Danny forced a smile and got up, carefully avoiding touching Arin’s leg. “Yeah, I just…gotta take a shit. Be right back.”

He practically fled to the bathroom, locking the door and gripping the sides of the sink. He could hear the laughter emanating from the other room, but he was a little preoccupied.

Danny stared at himself in the mirror. “I’m in love with my best friend.”

He allowed a few moments to process this statement, staring at his own conflicted face in his reflection. His eyes stared back at him. He expected confusion, worry, fear…but his eyes only held warmth.

Somehow, this relaxed him, and he released his grip on the sink. Running his fingers through his hair, he sighed deeply and repeated the statement: “I’m in love with my best friend.”

All the memories of the warm feeling came back to him, which had started since he met Arin but hadn’t overwhelmed him until recently.

He set his gaze on himself, biting his lip and saying softly, “I’m in love with Arin.”

He was startled by a knock on the door, jumping nearly a foot into the air. Arin’s voice floated through the door: “Dude, you in there? Are you okay? How’s your dump going?”

Danny snorted before he could realize it, and steadied himself before responding. “Just gimme a minute, man. I’ll be out soon.”

He heard his friend shuffling away from the door, and he tried to think about how to go about this. He’d never had feelings for a man before. Was he bisexual? Hell if he knew. Maybe he was just Arin-sexual.

But it wasn’t like he just wanted to sleep with him. He wanted to snuggle with him in the early hours of the morning, he wanted to curl his fingers through Arin’s when they walked, he wanted to pull Arin’s soft hair through his fingers, he wanted to smile and remind Arin every day how funny and unique and beautiful he was.

He took a deep breath. Okay. So what should he do about this? Should he tell him? Should he wait to see what happens? Should he try to shove it down and hope it goes away? He grimaced. Even to himself that idea sounded stupid.

Danny knew what he had to do.


It was a quiet evening.

They’d been recording for a few hours and the older man was a bundle of nerves the entire time. Arin had noticed, obviously, because Danny kept squirming and biting his lip and would jump every time their legs brushed or Arin would laugh loudly.

Arin’s eyes kept flickering over to Danny, concerned, but Danny determinedly spoke about the game and refused to let the conversation lull so his friend could bring up the singer’s preoccupation.

Danny was also facing another huge hurdle: now that he knew of his feelings for the other man, everything Arin did was mesmerizing. Every time Arin laughed or licked his lips, Danny would force his gaze to stay on the screen. Every time Arin shifted on the couch, Danny was hyperaware of how close he was. Every time Arin would say his name, in that deep, lilting voice, it was torture.

Danny was a goner.

Finally, however, Arin switched off the recorder and timer, scribbling down the times in his shitty handwriting. The musician’s eyes traced over the back of Arin’s hand, watching the sloppy writing with a smile of endearment.

Good God, he was a mess.

Arin turned to face him with a determined glint in his eyes, and Danny knew there was no wriggling out of this. His friend knew something was wrong and wanted to know what it was. Arin would never pressure him into telling, but Danny could never lie to him, and he knew this would have to come out sooner or later.

He tried to steel his nerves. “What’s up, buddy?”

“I should be the one asking that,” Arin replied ruefully, settling into the couch. His knee bumped Danny’s and he felt his face start to heat up shamefully. “You’ve been acting weird all night, man. It something bothering you?”

I’m just tired. It was on the tip of Danny’s tongue. It was true–he was tired. Tired of sitting there day after day, wanting nothing more than to kiss Arin’s face and shower him in compliments and snuggle up with him until they were asleep.

But he knew that wouldn’t work. He needed to be honest. Even if Arin just brushed it off, even if things were uncomfortable for awhile, he could live with it. He knew nothing would ever scare Arin away from him, and that included…this. He’d just have to suck it up and sit on these feelings. For his and Arin’s sake.

“I, uh…I need to tell you something.” His voice sounded small.

Arin blinked, eyebrows furrowing as he leaned his face against one hand. “Sure, Dan. You can talk to me, you know that.”

“I…think I might be…bisexual,” Danny whispered, trying to ease into it. Surprisingly, even though he was whispering, it wasn’t hard to say those words. He supposed it was because he was talking to Arin. He could tell Arin anything without fear.

Arin’s eyebrow quirked slightly, but he smiled. “I’m glad you told me, Dan. I’m proud of you. I think it’s–”

“I’m not done,” Danny interrupted, swallowing. His next few sentences came out jumbled and rushed. “I’ve never liked guys before, I’ve always liked girls, but then you came along, you with your silky hair and beautiful arms and gorgeous lips and wonderful laugh and goofy smile and your ability to make me laugh at anytime…”

Arin’s face looked puzzled, but his mouth was twitching. Danny pressed on, finally letting the words spill from his mouth.

“And the way you always know what I’m thinking, and you support me at everything, God, you help me no matter what, you care about me, you’re the most genuine person I’ve ever met…you love everyone and spread so much joy, you’ve made me so happy and you don’t even realize it! And then I look at you and you are just so perfect, so cute, so amazing and I just want to hold you and squeeze you and love you, but I was scared because you’re the first guy I’ve ever had feelings for, and I just…I just want you to be mine.”

He was breathing heavily after his outburst, staring directly at Arin. The younger man, for the first time in his life, seemed to be rendered speechless. His mouth moved slightly, and he licked his lips. He blinked slowly, seemingly unable to process all this information.

Danny’s heart was thumping in his chest, and he stumbled on: “You–I know you don’t feel the same way, I, uh…I understand if it’s a little awkward for you…” His heart felt like shriveling up and disappearing. “But…I’ll just…put the feelings aside until, until I can do something about them…I just wanted to tell you because I thought you had a right to know.”

Arin finally moved, taking hold of Danny’s hand. The musician stared at the intertwined fingers, feeling tears prick at his eyes. He instinctively tightened his hold on Arin’s hand. That’s all he wanted. He just wanted to do this without worry.

“Danny.” Arin’s voice was so soft and warm Danny could feel the tears threatening to overflow. “You’re an idiot sometimes, y’know?”

He looked up to meet the animator’s warm eyes, and he swallowed. “Why’s that?”

“Did you really think I don’t love you too? Selfish bastard. Why do you think I always want to make you laugh? Why do you think I flirt with you all the time? Why do you think I want to help you and be with you and always support you?”

Danny’s chest was filling with that warm feeling again, only this time it threatened to burst out of his chest. “Arin.”

“I love you.” Arin moved closer, his own eyes looking less than dry. “I always have. I just…I thought you were straight, so I didn’t want to push it…but, ever since I laid eyes on you, I loved you.”

Danny couldn’t handle it anymore. He lunged forward, tackling Arin back against the sofa, blubbered laughter and tears coming from him. He didn’t care, though. He didn’t care.

He was pressing kisses anywhere he could reach, Arin’s cheeks, nose, forehead, chin, neck, mouth. He reveled in the fact that he could do this, and Arin was just giggling beneath him. Eventually he rested his face against Arin’s shoulder, squeezing him tightly.

“Are you okay, Danny?” The animator’s hand was lightly stroking his back. Danny hummed.

“Yeah. You make me okay.”

“That was cheesy as shit.”

“Shut up. I’m in love with you. I’m allowed to be cheesy.”

He felt Arin’s laugh underneath him and let himself grin like an idiot, because he was so happy.

He loved Arin. Arin loved him.

That warm feeling came back, but it felt different somehow. More bubbly and happy than before, with none of the nerves mixed in. It overwhelmed him quickly, and he sighed into Arin’s shoulder.

Danny was never letting go of this man–or the feelings he brought with him–ever again.

About princesses and dragons

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, Angst (but fluff cause I’m a slut for fluff!) 

A/N: So, in Spain today is St. George’s day. A day when girls receive a rose as a present and the boys a book from their s/o. It’s a day based in the world knowed legend about the princess who is rapted by a dragon and a knight who comes in her rescue.

Summary: The legend says that the princess awaits for a shinny armor knight to come and rescue her from the terrible dragon… But maybe you don’t want to be saved at all from your Dragon

A bubbly laugh echoes through the walls of the compound followed by your delighted chuckles. 

- He’s the cutest thing ever - you state amazed by the tiny human on your arms. Elisabeth, a brilliant scientist who works for Tony, had bring her new born son to the compound so all the Avengers can know him. This little boy should be very proud of himself by having grown ass men and women, who had fight againts aliens, amazed about his small existence. They all are making a circle around you and him while his mother can’t stop laughing.

- Let me grab him - Tony makes grabby hands demanding to hold the little one

- You already hold him! It’s my turn - Natsha pushes him with her elbow placing herself in front of you. You handle him to her carefully and the small boy tangle his fingers on Nat’s red hair. 

You step back, your grin threaten to break your cheeks by the cuteness of the situation. Turning your head you realize that Bucky is nowhere to be seen. He has been there a minute ago… Crossing your gaze with Steve he shoots you a sad smile. You frown.

Leaving everyone on the livingroom you walk through the compound searching for him. He is nowhere, what the hell? The only part of the tower to look is the one which Stark is remodeling, but no one goes there, there’s no lights, neither windows yet. But your instinct makes you do a step forward and before you realize you are walking over bricks and empty cases searching for him. 

You really don’t expect to find him there so you startle a bit when you spot his figure in the middle of the dark.

- B-Buck? 

He doesn’t move his head from between his legs and you can’t see his face because his arms block your view. You step towards him and kneel. 

- Bucky? - you try again. This time he raises his head and you gasp noticing his red and puffy eyes - Hey, what’s wrong? - inmediately your hands go to his face to check for possible injuries - What happened James?

Not saying a word he grabs your wrists and push your hands away from him

- Nothing, go away - he says, deadpan

You froze. You try to reach him again

- Buck what…? - but before you can touch him again he flinch back and looks at you sternerly

- I said go away, I don’t want you here - he grunts

You feel a pang on pain in your chest and it becomes difficult to breath naturally

- What the hell? Why are you talking to me like this? - you spat hurted, why is he being so rude with you? - James, please, talk to me, what’s the problem? - Because of the lack of light you can’t utterly read his facial expression and you are getting nervous

- I don’t want you here - he shakes his head - I don’t need you, go away Y/N - he says a little bit louder 

- Bucky…. - you blink fast trying to contain the tears

- Leave me alone, damn it!! - he shouts. You flinch away a little bit scared, he has never shouted to you

- No!! not until you tell me what the hell happens! - you shout back

He grunts tired and stands up ready to leave you alone in the dark room. With your heart beating fast on your chest you jump on your feet and put your body on the door, blocking the only way out of the room.

- Move - he just says not meeting your eyes

- Move me - you dare, some tears escaping from your eyes

- Y/N… - he grunts but doesn’t move a muscle to touch you

- Bucky - you retort

He sighs shakily and raise his hands to his face

- Just give up… please - his voice small, fragile, opposite to the one he used just a second ago - Give up on me

- What are you saying Buck…? 

- I’m saying that i’m letting you go Y/N, you are free, you don’t have to be stucked with me in the dark, damnit - you can’t see his eyes but you know that he is crying 

- W-what? - the world start spinning dangerously, your blood pumping hard by your veins

- Be happy doll, I want you to be happy - he ducks his hands and between his eyelashes you can see his blue tired eyes sparking because of the tears - Go away from me, found someone who can give you all what you deserve

- Stop, Bucky, stop - is hard for you to gulp now - what are you saying? W-Why are you saying this to me? - you plant your hands on his chest and this time he doesn’t reject your touch

- I don’t want to drag you with me to the darkness, and that’s all I am… darkness - your mouth falls open, he thinks that he’s not good enough? 

- Buck stop right now, you are not! You are a good man who makes me truly happy - you raise your hands to his face and force him to look at you - I don’t want anyone else, never crossed my mind. I’m happy Bucky, you make me happy

- You deserve so much better Y/N - his eyes detach sadness - What if someday you want kids? I’m not sure I can give you all what you need doll, I’m not enough… - he has seen you with Elisabeth son? All of this is because it?

- Stop saying this Buck! You are more than enough, you hear me? You are the man who I choose to love, with everything that you are, your present and your past. I want and LOVE all of you, James. I don’t know where life will bring us, neither if I’ll want kids or.. iguanas - you chuckle -  but I just know one thing - he looks fixedly at you, eyes a little bit wider - Every step of my life I make, I’ll do it with you by my side. We are in this together, okay? I love you Bucky, forever. You are enough, you hear me? Never say that again, please - you voice cracks a little by the end and your eyes get wet again seeing how, down his cheeks, run tears which he doesn’t try to wipe away.

- Doll.. I…I - he tries to talk but emotions overwhelm him and you are suddenly wrapped by his arms which hugs you close to him. The embrace you share is full of emotions and you correspond to it with all your forces, rubbing his back when all his body trembles while he sobs, face hided on your hair.

- I love you Bucky - you say, one time and another - I will repeat it to you until you believe me, I don’t care how many times I’ll have to say it

- I do - he sniff kissing your scalp - I do believe you Y/N, I love you so fucking much… 

You push back softly and raise on your tip toes to peck his swollen lips. He corresponds the kiss and lifts you from the ground to deepen the kiss. Your arms round his head while your legs make the same on his waist, and you drop little kisses over his jaw and face until he stops crying. 

- You are stucked with me forever man, I don’t care how awful your taste on music is - you tease playfully and your heart inflates on your chest when he gives you a wide brigh smile.

- My pleasure doll - he kiss your lips tenderly

And like that, the most dark room on the tower, gets the brightest for you. Happily you will spend your days stucked in there with him.

A/N: Yeah, I have always had a weak spot for the dragon :)

Callout even though I hate making callouts, but this shit is taking a toll on my mental health so.

Okay so someone nice went for me to dogsanddiscourse and very politely asked him to take down this post of me with the close to 100 notes that has a number of screenshots from my blog. (Complaining about me repeating myself a lot about certain issues… because they upset me a lot and are extremely harmful and have still not been addressed.) I had this person blocked and also told him before after he vagued me that that shit hurts my mental health, which he already ignored at the time. So then a while after I told him this, in the post this is about he screenshotted my posts and vagued me again. With more people in the notes, most of whom I also had/have blocked, responding to talk more shit about me.

No one of the many ppl who reblogged/liked the post let me know it existed and also I can’t address the shit being said properly without engaging people I have blocked, in part for mental health reasons.

So you have a ton of people ignoring my boundaries and being really nasty to me to mock me and make bullshit “arguments” against my posts on the screenshot post, and now dogsanddiscourse and his supporters are saying they have no sympathy for me and that I deserve it for saying things that annoy them and because other inclusionists have done Bad Things I guess, and also before knowing this was about me they said mentally ill people should not be on public website if they can’t handle being vagued and having their posts screenshotted (it’s an anon ask and he basically agrees)

dogsanddiscourse also said ableist shit before about how ppl supposedly just claim to have mental illnesses/call ppl ableist bc they have “one symptom” among other things

Also he’s saying “my friends” posted shit about him and that’s why I don’t deserve to be treated with basic decency. I don’t know who he thinks are “my friends” that I’m responsible for, all other inclusionists? Idek, but it’s not an excuse to disregard my mental health and boundaries and the fact that I have him and his crowd blocked

Anyway this person is shitty and ableist as fuck and I was gonna let this go because callouts stress me out, but after that reaction I’m too upset and furious

Eta: also I want to add if my posts annoy someone, they can literally just block me holy shit wtf


“No more hiding who I wanna be. This is me

“That’s the song!”

“So that must be the girl?”

“Ya think?”

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but… Miraculous Ladybug Camp Rock AU. Because I accidentally found a Marinette/Adrien “Wouldn’t change a thing” on YouTube.

If this AU already exists, let me know, cause I’d love to see it.

Happy Birthday Pauline!!!

So here is a little present for you I hope you like it and if not well…it’s the thought that counts…right?

Note: this is set in the future.

We Could Be Friends, Me and You

Six months ago.

Robert didn’t know what he was thinking - Okay, he knew, he was just pretty sure he was nuts. He was standing outside the garage, contemplating going inside to speak to Cain about Aaron’s nightmares. It had been three months since Aaron came home from prison and the bad dreams were still happening, just as regularly as they had when he’d first gotten released.

Robert was more than a little bit pissed at Aaron’s therapist. She seemed fairly useless, with only broad spectrum ideas on how to fix things, but his husband needed someone to talk to and at least she could be that for him.

“Why are you loitering on my property Sugden? Shouldn’t you be home, doing gross newlywed things to my nephew?” Cain said when he spotted Robert standing there.

Robert wasn’t about to back down or give up just because Cain was giving him the stink-eye. “I need to talk to you about Aaron he…”

“No,” Cain said, dismissing him before he could finish. Robert watched as Cain walked back into the garage and out of sight. He wasn’t afraid of Cain, he could totally do this. He was more afraid for Aaron, getting so stressed by the nightmares that he might hurt himself on purpose or from lack of sleep. “It’s important, it’s about his time in prison. He’s still having nightmares. Please, Cain, you must know I wouldn’t have come to you if it wasn’t bad,” Robert said, as he followed Cain into the garage.

“Worried about him messing with your beauty sleep?” Cain mocked, wiping his dirty hands on an even dirtier rag. It was distracting. Why would anybody bother?

Robert pulled himself out of his internal quest for logic and said “What? No, but he does keep trying to move into the spare room because he doesn’t want to keep waking me. I could not give two shits about losing sleep, I just want to sleep with my husband beside me and I am worried if this continues he might revert to self-harming. I’m already checking him every night for new marks. He knows what I’m doing and he’s humouring me for now, but Cain, we can’t keep this up. He’s hurting and I don’t know what to do.”

Cain just stood there for a minute, looking at Robert as if he was silently judging his entire existence. Cain pinched the bridge of his nose before letting out a deep sigh, the harsh gust of air illustrating his irritation.

“There’s this thing, that I did after getting out, that helped but it will only work if Aaron agrees to it. He must be committed to finding a solution out of it, otherwise, it is a waste of time,” Cain said, his words clipped and low as if to stave off the chance of anyone overhearing their conversation.

Robert knew better than to interrupt, he waited for Cain to continue.

“It’s call IRT, basically Aaron will need to write down all the details from his nightmares and then change the theme. Give the dream a new ending, write a joke, make him taller than his opponent, something to change the flow of the dream. The other thing he can try is to think about what he’d like to dream about instead. He needs to do this for about twenty minutes before falling asleep each night, to help break the negative thought processes surrounding those memories,” Cain explained. He turned back to his work clearly finished with Robert, it was an obvious banishment.

Five and a bit months ago.

Cain looked up from the engine he was pulling apart and let out a grunt, “Why are you here?”.

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Six Steps ~ Chapter Four

A Byun Baekhyun Playboy & childhood friend AU

Requested by baekmuffin

Genre: Angst // Romance // Smut 

Member: Byun Baekhyun

Summary: (of this series) As childhood best friends, you and Baekhyun were and are close in every way possible. Except for the fact you unfortunately have feelings for him and he happens to never look at you that way. What happens when he does?

Summary: (of this chapter) Let’s see. Baekhyun’s confusing actions and words are explained. Sangmi is here too :) And…another confession. 

{Chapter one} {Chapter two} {Chapter three} {Chapter five, coming soon}

WARNING: There’s smut here, so I warn you in advance. If you feel uncomfortable AT ALL, you can legit just skip that part. I won’t be offended at all :) Also, it’s not important, I’m serious, I just wanted smut. It will not impact the story in any way if you don’t read it. 

“Mhmm. Is that promise…do you still want to keep it?”

“Why?” he says, dodging your question.

“Because,” you say, pushing back the thought of telling him how you feel. Unable to say anything, he patiently waits in front of you.

“Princess?” he asks.

You think of the promise he made you years ago. So you decide to tell him anyway. “Would you still stay with me if I told you that I love you?”

His face says one thing, but his words say another thing. “Princess,” he whispers. “Don’t-”

“No,” you say, cutting him off. “Don’t you fucking dare not give me a straightforward answer.” you look at his face and already see the answer there.

It’s a mix of several different feelings. Confusion, vexation, anger, and the last emotion you expected to see. Love. But it isn’t the type of love you wanted to see. It’s a love he doesn’t want existing. He loves you, it just so happens he doesn’t want to. But you need to hear it. You need to know for sure that you’re right.

“You do, don’t do?” when he doesn’t answer you and just stares, you repeat yourself. “Baekhyun, you love me, don’t you?”

“Yes,” he says, letting out a breath and blinking rapidly.

You already know what he’s going to say next. He’ll back up his answer. “But?” you say, prompting him.

“But…I don’t want to.”

You knew this was coming, but you just thought he wouldn’t say it for the sake of your feelings. “Why?” but you already know.

“Princess. You know who I am. You can predict my every action and word I’ll say or do next. You should be able to predict this one.” he says jarringly as he opens the lobby doors and walks out.

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Worries-Brett Talbot

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

A/N: Not my gif so thank you to the original creator! This is just a little thing I whipped up, especially because I wish there was more Brett out there. Hope you enjoy!

“Brett will you just stop for one second and talk to me!” You insisted. For some reason your best friend has been ignoring you all week and won’t tell you what’s going on. You’re starting to get impatient with his attitude, so today you showed up at his house, unannounced, and have bombarding him with tons of questions. 

But to no surprise, all he does is keeps ignoring you and shrugging it off. Sure he was stubborn, but you always thought you were the one person he could talk to.

“Dammit Brett, will you just stop already” your voice was the loudest he has ever heard, causing his eyes to instantly lock to your face. However, he wasn’t prepared to see you have tears flowing down your face as you stood there with your fists clenched.

“(Y/n)” he cooed. His breath was shaky and uncertain, almost as if he was carefully choosing each word in order to stop you from crying. “I’m sorry, I really am. But you need to believe me when I say it’s better for you if I’m not in your life. You’ll be happier and safer.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean” you snapped back. He goes to reach for you, but you instantly retreat. “How can you just throw away our friendship just like that. You can’t expect me to give up that easily, you know that right?”

“Trust me, I know. I just don’t want you getting hurt” he sighed. He felt defeated and you could tell that there was something to his story that he wasn’t telling you. He sits on the edge of his bed, with his hands roaming through his hair.

“What do you mean you don’t want me getting hurt. You’re my best friend, my rock. You are the one person who I trust with my life.” You say as you sit next to him on the bed. You grab his hand from out of his hair, and lace your tiny fingers with his much larger ones.

“That’s what makes you so vulnerable, and puts you in the most danger” he says softly.

“Danger? What do you mean danger? I thought you were talking about hurting my feelings” you pause “but that’s not what you meant isn’t it?”

“No. I mean of course I would never hurt you emotionally, but I mean hurt as in physically. Because of how close you are to me, you may become an easy target.”

“An easy target for what” you question. When he doesn’t answer you right away goosebumps begin to fill your arms. “Brett, please. You’re scaring me. Just tell me what’s going on.”

“I haven’t been completely honest with you over the years” he says as you give him a look of confusion. Before you could say another word, his eyes glow a bright amber color and you let out a light gasp. “(Y/n) I’m not exactly what you think I am. I’m not normal, and my lifestyle is dangerous and wouldn’t dare bring you into that.”

“Brett I’m already in it, and I’m not going anywhere, so just tell me what’s going on and let me help.”

“I’m a werewolf, okay? I know, I know. It sounds crazy but it’s how I was born.” Brett began rambling on and on about his other life that you knew nothing about. An hour passed and now you two were laying in his bed, each on your side so that you are facing one another. Brett talked all about his pack, his special abilities, and the supernatural. You laid there in awe, as you never believed such a world existed.

“Brett can I ask you something” you finally spoke up after listening to him talk for awhile.

“Sure, I’m now an open book, and I’m sure you have millions of questions” he says with a chuckle.

“Why were you so scared to tell me” you say softly. He reaches to tuck a strand of loose hair behind your ear.

“Because you’re my best friend” he replies. A small sigh escapes your lips as you had hoped for a deeper answer. “And because if you ever got hurt I could never forgive myself.” He says as he sits himself up.

You copy him and look at his face which is covered with a worried expression.

“(Y/n), You know I love you” he says while taking your hands in his.

“Yeah I love you too, that’s why we are best friends” you say giving a soft smile.

“Yeah, of course. But I love you more than that.”

“Brett what are you talking about.”

“I’ve been in love with you. For awhile now actually. And I was so scared of telling you because if any of my enemies ever found out, you would be the first person they would go to hurt. That’s why I was just going to try and hold it all inside and just not talk to you anymore.” As he speaks you feel your heart sink deep into your chest, as you could never imagine a life without Brett in it. “What’s even worse is I’m so scared that you wont feel the same, and now I may have just lost you even more than if I were to just ignore you.”

A slow tear begins falling down Brett’s cheek and so you take your thumb to wipe it away. You keep your small hands on his cheeks as you go to turn his sulking face towards yours. You take a deep breath before you do something you’ve been longing to over the years.

You slowly inch your face closer to his, until your lips meet each other’s. Each of you move slowly, as if you want to make this moment last as long as possible. The kiss grew deeper and more passionate, as you situate yourself to where you are not straddling Brett.

“Does this mean you’ll go on a date with me” Brett says through kisses. A soft laugh escapes your mouth as you pull your face back to look him in the eyes. 

“Of course you idiot. I love you too. I was just so scared to tell you in case you didn’t feel the same” you say. He plants a small peck on your nose, which causes your face to scrunch.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt.” His tone was serious again and full of fear. “We need to be careful, and if you ever feel like something is wrong, or sense even an ounce of danger, you need to tell me. I can’t lose you.”

“And you never will” you say as you place another kiss on the boy you love.