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Min Yoongi

REQUEST: **So like can I please get a smutty smut smut scenario of s/o skyping with Yoongi (cos he’s overseas) and he tells s/o how or what to do while using a dildo in the shape and mold of Yoongi’s dick…..hope that makes sense. Sorry if it doesnt. :(

Type: Smut

Word Count: 1553

*I do not own this gif, credit to its owner*

It was late, almost too late when you received a text from him. It made you smile softly to see his name on your phone. He had been gone for four weeks now and you missed him like crazy. You’d find yourself stopping anything you were doing just to see him on your screen. Even when it was late.

You up?

yeah I’m still awake

i miss you so much.

i miss you more, yoongi.

I know its late, but can we talk?

i really want to see you

of course, I’m ready when you are.

You flicked the light on and opened your computer, your Skype already up from the last time you talked to Yoongi. It didn’t take long for the familiar ringing sound to fill your room. You excitedly bit your lip as you answered and held  your breath, it always seemed to take years to connect, but when it did you smiled. He was laid in bed, his cheek pressed to his pillow and a sad look on his face that immediately changed when your face appeared on his screen. You looked at him for a minute and remembered the last time you saw him.

There was twenty minutes till he had to leave, but the way his arms were wrapped around your shoulders tightly  and had been for the past hour. You couldn’t help the silent tears that ran down your face. You didnt know why you were crying, you were so proud of him and so excited for his upcoming tour. You’d miss him, sure, but you supported him with his work more than you have ever supported anything else.

He held you tightly, kisses placed gently on your temple. You chuckled remember something and sat up, causing his arms to fall around your waist.

‘I got something in the mail the other day.’ You said, wiping your tears as you smiled. He rose an eyebrow showing he was listning and you shifted to look at him better. You got up tapping his knee before chuckling though a soft sniffle and stood up, walking to your room.

'So remember the other week when I asked you to… you know?’ You said getting shy, circling your hand around your lower half. He nodded amused. 'Well, this is why.’ You said opening the shoe like box and pulled out a flesh colored dildo, your cheeks instantly turning red.

'Is that mine?’ He said pointing at it, smiling for the first time all day.

You bit your lip and nodded, smiling at the sight of him laughing. You squealed as he stood, pulling you into his chest as he kissed you.

'I would ask you if you were going to think of me when you use it but.’ He laughed taking it out of your hand and wiggling it in your face.

'Could I have the real thing before you leave?’ You said making him bite his lip before kissing you roughly.

“What time is it there?” His voice brought you back.

“Almost 2am” You said watching as he rolled onto his back.

“You need to stop staying up so late.” He smiled sadly.

“If it means I get to see you I can live with it.” You said smiling softly.

“Well I wish I was there. I miss holding you.” He said, chuckling lightly afterwards. “Ive started sleeping like Tae, where I hold onto a pillow its embarrassing.”

“You’re so cute.” You said biting your lip as he giggled again.

“God, I always forget how pretty you are little one.” He said licking his bottom lips slowly. “Id give anything to be there with you.”

“I know, I miss you so much. Its driving me crazy not to have you here.” You said biting your lip. Just the sight of him always made your core heat.

“Even with your toy?” He teased.

“Especially with my toy. Its not the same.” You said. “ I mean it feels like you, but it doesn’t have your warmth… or your voice.” You said, your cheeks turning red.

“You miss my voice? You hear me every day.” He chuckled.

“You know what I mean.” You said, your eyes watching his lips now.

“I wish I was there… The things Id do to you if I was.”

“You can’t talk like that.” You said with a light laugh.

“Why not? I thought you missed my voice.”

“I do. But you talk like that and theres no way I’m going to be able to keep up with the conversation.” You all but whispered.

“You’re naughty.” He said smirking, the same smirk he got before the two of you ever fooled around. “What would you do if I told you I missed the way you tasted?”

“Yoongi…” You said, your knees pressing together now. He raised an eyebrow waiting for you to answer him. “I would tell you that I missed the way your tongue feels.” You bit your lip, your thighs pressing even tighter together.

“You’re squirming.” he said, his eyes growing dark.

“I miss you.”

“Touch yourself.” He commanded.


“Please. I need to see you, Im going crazy.” He said shifting himself again.

You bit your lip and rolled to your back to remove your shorts. Looking at him you smiled before letting your fingers find your sopping folds.

“How wet are you?” He asked darkly.

You smiled and stroked yourself, wetting your fingers with your own natural lubricant. You got enough on your hands that when you lifted them up for him to see and spread your fingers he could see the webbing caused by your wet. He groaned deeply from his chest as he watched you bring your fingers to your lips to lick the mess off your hands.

“God, y/n.” He said shifting again. “Im hard.”

“Show me.” You said in a breathy voice, still stroking yourself. Without hesitation he flipped the camera on his phone so you could see him palming his erection though his sweatpants. You couldn’t help the soft moan that left your lips as he dipped his hand under the band of his pants.

“Look at what you do to me.” he said releasing himself from his pants.

“Its the same thing you do to me.” You whispered, your fingers  starting to circle your clit as the sight of him made you pool even more.

“I want to see you.” He said, getting tired of only being able to see your face softning as you pleasured yourself. You pushed your computer back before taking of the shirt you had stolen from him to expose your now naked body. You looked at him to she he had propped his phone up so you could see him stroking himself.

“I need you so bad Yoongi.” You whined as your circling became faster.

“Baby I’d give anything to have you wrapped around me.” He said, matching your pace.

Your eyes that had closed snapped open and you smiled looking back at him. Removing your hand you lent over your computer and opened you bed side table.

“Picture this is you.” You said waving the mold of him in front of the camera, his face lighting up.

You place it on your stomach and rubbed on your clit a few more times, trying to get yourself as wet as possible.

“Put it in baby.” He said in a demanding tone.

You took the tip and placed it on your tongue and let it slide down your throat, wetting it with your own saliva. He groaned loudly seeing the mold make your throat buldge slightly. Bringing it down to your core you circled it around your clit a few times before slowly sliding it in with a light moan. He grunted again at the sight of you tilting your head back and quickened his pace. You matched his speed while trying to keep your eyes open to see the way his face contorted.

“Yoongi…” You moaned.

“God, baby.” He grunted, his pace moving even faster.

Once again you matched it and added your other hand to circle your clit again. You looked at the ceiling before closing your eyes, your breaths becoming short and forced as the tension in your stomach built. You called his name again and was welcomed with the sound of his heavy breathing. The breathing that you longed so much to hear.

“Yoongi Im… I need to…”

“Cum for me baby.” He said pumping himself even harder.

Your back arched and the pumping coming from the toy staggered in the way he did when he was about to come sending you over the edge.

“Oh, Ugh!” You moaned your body twitching sweetly as you unraveled around yourself.

“Fuck!” Yoongi said causing your head to turn, still pumping yourself softly, just in time to see his  load release all over his hands.

“Fuck.” He said again with a shaky laugh as his eyes closed.

“Im buying a plane ticket.” You said, still breathless.

“What?” He said looking over to you.

“Im buying a plane ticket for your next show. I need you even more now.” You said making him chuckle.

Well, well, well… They are back!

Whom am I talking about, in thing plethora of comebacks? Why Monsta X of course!

Monsta X is a group of 7 super talented members!

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Last comeback, they came out with “All in”, a great  song with an awesome(yet super confusing) plot driven music video, claiming that it was only Part 1.

Originally posted by wonhobe

So when i heard that they are coming back i got extremely excited to see the continuation of the story and to hear their new album.

Aaaaaaand to be honest, at first i was a bit disappointed with the new music video, probably because i was expecting something very similar to ‘All in’, a more fluid continuation.

However, when I saw the music video a few more times, it had really grown on me, The shots are great and there were some links to the previous music videos, but i guess i am a bit to stupid to understand right away!

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The ending, however… still feels very random.

The song too is great! I really like Fighter, in fact, i love all the songs on this album! 

And the members… oh my lord are they amazing!

First we have our leader: Shownu

Originally posted by madtwn

He is a great dancer and his stage presence just slays everyones existence! Just watch him on Hit the Stage for some solo dance action(by solo i mean without the other members). So, lets not sleep on Shownu please!

Then we have Kihyun:

Originally posted by kihqun

This boy is a cutie with amazing vocals! Yes, his vocals are truly great! I feel guilty for saying this, but there are times where i can see why Monsta X is Kihyun and friends. And, in my opinion, that is not always a bad thing. After all, there are songs which are truly amazing for him and choruses which just fit his voice perfectly!

Of course, we also have Jooheon:

Originally posted by kihqun

Ok so.. This rapper kills me! And not just because of his skills and voice, but also his persona! He just seems like such a fun guy who can kill with aegyo! He lights up the room and then performs and suddenly everything changes and he becomes just unbearably amazing! And lets be real, i find his sexiness no joke! He just seems like a manly man with a great twist aka aegyo.

Then theres I.M:

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Our precious, precious maknae! His raps, great and his singing though… so sweet! Just watching him, makes me wanna hug him, but then he gets all cool and spectacular and all i can think is “WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO OUT OF MY LEAGUE!” He also looks great with the new hair!

Lets not forget Hyungwon, of course!

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So, heres the thing, i admit to the fact that at first, Hyungwon’s look slightly disturbed me. It’s just that his lips and jaw just seem so out of sync with his face… It just seemed like he failed having botox, and so his face got slightly deformed. However, as i saw more of Monsta X and so a lot of their interview I realised one thing: Hyungwon need to be protected at all cost! I believe that its okay if someone does not immediately get attracted to him, but its never okay to hate a human being for that! After all, he is just so sweet, so kind, so graceful that i fell in love with him! Hyungwon is a beautiful human being!(PS, can we please ask for some more lines for this angel?)

Then there is…. Minhyuk!

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Minhyuk is a precious cinnamon role. He is so cute, so sweet, it destroys all Monsta X fans! He just speaks and everyone was to take this puppy and wrap him in blankets! And just like for Hyungwon, can this beautiful human get more that a mere 13 seconds please? 

Also, he has such a cute bromance with the leader, Shownu.

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Bromance and fanservice at its best!

And … for last… we have… Wonho.

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Did I ever think id find a man in a crop top hot? Nop, but things change… drastically.

Real talk now.

I really hope that Wonho doesn’t mind being so sexualised, I really do. Because sometimes it gets a bit out of hand. After all, when is he finally going to be able to do things fully clothed?

Originally posted by kihqun

He doesn’t even get to make stuff with clothes on! And like i said, if he enjoys it, good for him, you go boy! But if it is done against his will, then it is unfair. I just really don’t want to hear, that he is forced to do the whole sexy thing for the rest of his life. 

Originally posted by wonhuff

But other than that, Wonho just seems.. special. There is an aura around him of a guy comfortable with what he is, who has experienced some things( and he has since he was like 14, which for me is totally fine. After all, in my country it is not uncommon to have a drink or smoke at 14-15. In fact, most in the end live a typical life). I do however, want to see a bit more of personality from him. Cause although he seems comfortable, I think he might just be comfortable about his own little safe zone as Wonho, rather than as Shin Hoseok. I don’t know whats going on in his head, but please don’t kill me! I love Wonho and Shin Hoseok, but the is my opinion! But i think this doesn’t just apply to Shin Hoseok, but to many if not most idols and famous people in general.

So, this is the roundup of the groups members, The amazing members!

As a bonus, lets make a bit of a Monsta X spam!

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So yes. This is our beloved Monsta X. The group of beloved, fun loving ‘dorks’(said in the most loving way) who make up a cool kpop group!

BTW: I know that I’m primarily an ARMY, but yo, THEY NEED TO WIN AT LEAST ONES!!! They deserve it so much! So please! Lets give them at east 1 win!

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Thank you for reading!

PS. Wohno can you please stop? Cause every time i try to find a gif for anything all i see is you! I love you and all but.. please… you are killing me!

Lip Biting

Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: NC-17

Request: No

Words: 2.000+

Summary: Luke loves biting his lip out of habit and that is, according to some, the biggest turn on to date. 


“What?” He innocently questioned and looked up at you with his oceanic eyes that showed nothing else but what his tone was hinting at.

Of course he knew what he was doing.  

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12x12 Episode Review - Still Screeching...this time about the colour “Peach”.

I gave my 12x10 episode review the title “Pterodactyl Screeching into the Void” because I was so happy about it I couldn’t help but scream with glee at practically every moment. I also said this: “I feel like there is so much to talk about in this episode that fandom will be chewing on it for months if not years to come.” I still believe this, I just didn’t expect that two episodes later I would be reliving this exact same thoughts and feelings. I considered 12x10 to be a one off, a glorious gift to fandom wrapped in a big destielicious bow. Clearly, we celebrate our fandom birthday only two weeks before fandom Christmas because we just got ANOTHER gift wrapped in an even BIGGER destielicious bow and I can hardly contain my glee. (baring in mind fandom Christmas falls on the tenth anniversary of tumblr and close to valentines day I can’t help but feel this was planned - PRESENTS ALL AROUND)

But anyway. Lets talk meta. Once again I am very late to the party as I doubt I will be posting this any earlier than Saturday evening when you have probably all been talking this to death for the past two days. But eh, I’m gonna do my thing and hope you all agree, or aren’t bored by now if everything I talk about is stuff already gone over by my fellow very talented meta writers.

Starting with the obvious, Director Dick Speight Jr and Writer Davy Perez made this episode an homage to Tarantino movies. Specifically Reservoir Dogs which has so many ties to this episode both visually and subtextually that it is kind of difficult to keep track of my thoughts on it. I have to confess, I hadn’t ever watched Reservoir Dogs all the way through prior to watching the episode because it never really interested me. However, after watching the episode for the first time Friday lunch time I decided that it was in my best interests as a meta writer to give it a go. I watched it and tried to take in everything Tarantino was saying and doing with this movie… 

Being a meta writing, destiel shipper with heteronormative goggles permanently removed since watching this show guess what the first thing I picked up on was? That’s right Mr White and Mr Orange… what WAS going on there anyway? Because these guys didn’t know each other very long but they became VERY close by the time of the heist. Poor Freddie and Larry. Such doomed tragic lovers… do we have a ship name for them yet? Frarry? Leddie? Or maybe just “peach” (hence my title)

I believe that when Perez was writing this episode he had a SPN character in mind for each character in RD (mostly anyway). Cas is obviously Mr Orange (the bleeding out from the stomach thing gives it away as does Davy’s tweet here. Here is who I think the rest of the characters are supposed to be:

Dean – Mr White (duh)

Mary – Mr Pink

Wally – Mr Brown

Sam – Nice Guy Eddie maybe? I struggled here

Crowley – I wanna say Joe. (though I also kinda think Ketch would be Joe here… its not too obvious)

Remiel – Mr Blonde (“yellow” hair)

Explanations and various meta under the cut. This gets long:

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The ‘Exchange’ Program #3

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader

Au: Badboy!Jungkook

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#1  #2

Summary: To say you were excited was an understatement. Your brother had left for Korea and in exchange you get a replacement, also known as an exchange student. Expecting a smart, nice boy,  practically the boy version of you…you got the complete opposite. A bad boy with bad habits.

A/n:I love this gif omg and I’m sorry it’s short (plz don’t kill me)

“Y/n, please be careful around him” Mark warned.

“Maybe if you would tell me why, I could be careful around him” you laughed.

“Okay so” he begins “You know my friend Ashley over in Korea?” he asked with you nodding your head, eager for him to continue. You look over to Jungkook being invited to sit with the populars. You roll your eyes mentally, ‘Of course he would sit with them’

“She’s told me all about this guy Y/n, she goes to school with him. He’s bad news Y/n” he takes a sip of his OJ.

“How do you know its him? I ben theres a million Jeon Jungkooks in Korea” you said.

“She sent me a photo, what can I say I was interested in the guy?” Mark shrugged his shoulders causing you to laugh.

“And what is so bad about him?” you’re curious to find out what he had been doing wrong in Korea. You look over at the table he was sitting at, you found him staring at you. You quickly looked away trying to not make it that obvious.

“Well, he’s been expelled from two schools. For what I don’t know, but Ash thinks its because he fucked a teacher” Mark chuckled.

“Oh my God” you gasped shaking your head laughing.

“He’s a fighter too, apparently he’s like this ultimate street fighter up there. Always skips classes, smokes, player at heart, speaking of hearts he doesn’t have one. And for him to be more of a douche apparently him and his friends motto is ‘Hump them and dump them’“ Mark finished.

The anger boiled up inside of you, you absolutely despised men like that. In fact they shouldn’t even be able to call themselves men. 

You stood up from the table and gave him a death glare, you clenched your fists and walked out with your friends closely following you.

“Tell me about Y/n” Jungkook groans as he readjusts his sitting position. The blonde girl with a nose piercing Jungkook barely knew the name of stated.

“All I know is that she’s a goody two-shoes and is really smart” the blonde girl pushes out her chest, hoping to get him to notice her.

“She’s always so happy” another girl pipes up, slurping her slushy “It’s kind of annoying actually.”

“What about her friends?” he asks again.

“Mark and Jackson? They’re both rich, Jackson is dating Mia and Mark…well everybody knows he has a massive crush on Y/n. She’s a smart girl but she’s so oblivious to everything” Brad chuckled to himself, laying his hand on his girlfriends thigh.

Jungkook felt a pang of jealousy inside him as he watched Mark leaning into you, making you laugh. He didn’t know why he felt this and he didn’t like it.  

“Hey..” he whispered as he climbed into your small convertible. Still angry from what you have been told, you didn’t answer him and sped off in the direction to your beloved home.

Once you got to your room you slammed the door right in Jungkooks face, obviously not intending to but the comment that his friends and him made really started to annoy you.

Jungkook walked into his room sighing to himself.

“Why is she all moody?” he asks himself and starts to get un dressed. He started to think what he did today that annoyed her so much.

“Of course I didn’t do anything wrong, if it’s about that stupid maths game..” he snickered to himself and rolled his eyes.


You dropped the plate and cursed to yourself. You had been avoiding Jungkook for so long you thought you were gonna get away with it and go to bed, but obviously not.

“Are you okay?” he asked whilst charging down the steps. He’s asking if you’re okay? Has he eaten something weird?

“Yeah, I’m fine” you smile at him, picking up the plate.

“Really? Because you’ve been ignoring me all day” he smiles, a smile that makes you melt inside.

“W-what?” stuttering, you can’t comprehend what’s going on.

He stepped closer to you, your breathing became more erratic. 

“W-what are y-you doing?” you stuttered again and backed away hitting your back against the kitchen counter.

He came and pressed his arm against the wall, trapping you from moving.

“What do you think I’m doing?” he calmly said smiling to himself, obviously proud of the effect he has on not only you but to all girls.

You couldn’t let this sucker think he owns you in away, you remembered Mark telling you once you could be sassy if you wanted too…so here it goes.

“I think you’re trying to make a move on me but as I re-called last night, you said you had no interest in me and would never make a move on me, or something like that” You smiled and patted his chest “Don’t quit your day job”

You slid out of his arms and walked away casually leaving him in a dumbfounded mess.

“What the fuck just happened?” Jungkook whispered to himself. He turned around to look at the stairs as you walked away.

“Two can play this game kitten, two can play”

Another Carter - Chapter 5

Summary : You’re Peggy Carters grand daughter, living as much as a normal life as you can with a giant secret weighing on your shoulders. What happens when you  ripped from your normal life, and thrown into the avengers hands?

Avengers x Reader (so far)

Warnings: Swearing , fluff, semi smut, nsfw gif 

Marvel Master List

Another Carter Master List

                                                    Chapter Five

  Avoiding Steve wasn’t as easy as you hoped  . Its been 2 days since the awkard situation in the gym, and you’ve barely managed to dodge him.

“ Go away !” you grunt as you roll face first into your pillow . Someone’s been incessantly pounding on your door for about 5 straight minutes. You aren’t feeling today , you just want to stay buried in your blankets all day .  The knocking stops, but you hear your door being opened.

“ Go away doesn’t mean come in.” you mumble . Who the hell would have enough balls to wake me up AND come In my room ?

 "Its time to get up Doll, you already missed training.“ Barnes .

You become slightly self conscious when you feel him lift the blanket from your body . You sleep in a baggy tee and cheeky underwear. 

” Dude!“ you scramble to grab the blanket only to see he already tossed it to the floor. He lets out a long whistle while his eyes roam from your ass down your bare legs.

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” Nice PJs dollface. “ he winks , making your blush even worse. Hes going to make me get up . I need to get him to let me stay in my damn bed.  You send him a sly smirk,

” You know Barnes, there’s room in my bed for one more .“ Please Work .

Bucky mirrors your smirk, he crawls his way up your bed, caging you with his hands on either side of your head. Oh God, I think this was the best idea I ever had.

” Ill have to take you up on that offer another time, Clint made blueberry pancakes & I know those are your favorites.  “ Damn it Bucky .

 His body moves away from you quickly, and before you know it your body is being thrown over his shoulder. You let out a squeak  as he leaves your room with you in tow.

” Buck I don’t have pants on ! “

” Youll be fine. I don’t think anyone will mind the view .“ you feel his shoulders shake as he laughs.

 You finally arrive in the kitchen, letting out a grumble as Bucky places you into a chair. He sends you a wink , then goes and grabs two plates of pancakes. He sits next to you , patting your thigh as he does.

” Don’t be grumpy doll, atleast you got out of training today . “

You sigh , you reach for the whipped cream infront of you and start drowning your pancakes in it , then do the same with the syrup  .

” Well goodmorning to you too Dear.“ Tony says from across the table . You were so busy being crabby you didn’t even notice the rest of the team sitting at the table.  

” Yeah , real good morning Tony.“

” Good morning Y/n.“ Steve says , you look up and see him seated directly across from him . Oh shit.

” Morning Steve. “ So much for trying to keep avoiding him .

 Breakfast goes quickly, small talk floats around the table but you mainly keep your focus on your food. Wanda volunteers to do the dishes, and you don’t think its possible to love her more  .  You kiss her and Clint on the cheeks, then go to leave the kitchen with everyone else, but Youre stopped by a hand around your wrist, you whip around , your eyes locking with Steves.

” Can we talk?“ No

” Sure.“   you follow him out to the tv area .  He drops down onto the couch, patting the open spot next to him .

” Id rather not get too comfortable, my beds waiting for me.“ You say with a laugh , he smiles back making the mood a little less weird.  

” Listen , about the other day  -“

” Steve , we don’t have to talk about It. “ you sigh ,  I really don’t want to do this now, or ever. 

” Obviously we do , you’ve been avoiding me . And don’t say you haven’t, I’m not blind Y/n .  I was just - I think I was just trying to deal with the breakup and in the moment I thought maybe you - “

” Maybe I what Steve?  Wanted to kiss my grandmothers, and cousins ex lover? I’m not that kind of girl .“ you scoff, turning to leave.

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

” I’m not saying you are ! its just - theres something about you . I-“

” Steve, youre obviously upset about your breakup . But I’m not a rebound, hell, no offense but I will never see you as anything more than a friend  & team mate. It just wouldn’t feel right. My grandmother loved you , I know she loved my grandpa, but you were different for her. Her lost love. Being with you in any way other than friendly is wrong to me , seeing you and Sharon together was so fucking weird. “ you laugh , you sit next to him ,taking his hand in yours and placing them on his leg.

” You are a fantastic person Steve, anyone would be lucky to have you in their life. But just because I’m a Carter doesn’t mean we would be good together. I may be a lot like Peggy , but I’m not her.  I’m not going to be her replacement .“

 Steve sighs and squeezes your hand .

” You’re right , Peggy is just all ive ever known, ya know? She was the first woman to show any interested in me before I was Captain America. I see the same traits in you , the way you speak, your actions, I think I just got a hazed and thought maybe there was a chance  . Its hard , being in this world, in this decade, everything is different. I think being with Sharon, made me feel a little more familiar, and maybe I hoped you would magnify that feeling. “ His shoulders slump as his confession . You can see why Peggy loved him ,  you wish you didn’t feel like it was so wrong because you COULD see yourself with him ; hes just your type.

You lean in, kissing his cheek . ” I know this is different, and I cant imagine how you feel Steve. But I am here for you , growing up hearing all those stories about you; about how great, brave and sweet you are made you one of my heroes my entire life. I want to be close to you , be your friend and be here when you need me . “

” I think id like that.“ he replies with a smile,

” Good, because I wasn’t giving you a choice Rogers. “  The two of you laugh , when you stand you tug his hand so that hes standing infront of you . You throw your arms around his waist , hugging him tightly . He returns the embrace, leaving a quick kiss to your forehead before you part.

” Alright, I’m going back to bed" You send him a mock salute, “ Goodnight Captain.”

 " Y/n , its like noon !“ he shouts, but youre already on your way the elevator.  That wasn’t so bad afterall .

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 Being around Steve is easy , you fall into a quick friendship  and completely push aside the weird day in the gym . You’ve caught yourself thinking about being more than friends with him, but you always stop yourself to remind you that its not an option.  You train with him and Bucky in the mornings now, then after you shower you watch movies to try and help them catch up on what they missed. Some days its just you & Steve  when Bucky opts out to take a nap instead . Its never been just you and Buck  , until today .

 ” Cant you give the mission to someone else!?  We were going to start Boy meets world today!“ you whine . Steve chuckles, placing the last of his gear on .

” No can do , It should be a quick mission though , just watch something else and hopefully ill be back by tomorrow so we can start it  .“  you groan dramatically, making him let out  loud laugh .

” You’ll have fun without me.  " You follow behind him until you arrive at the hangar.

“ Be safe, alright?  ” you say quietly  .

“ And use a fucking parachute Punk.” Buckys voice appears from behind you.

Steve rolls his eyes, but pulls Bucky into a hug. How cute.  

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He pulls you in next, holding you tightly to his body .  You say another goodbye & watch as the jet takes off, then grab onto Buckys hand.  He always looks surprised when you grab his metal hand, like he cant believe you aren’t scared of it.

 " Lets go Sergeant, looks like we are starting Disney movies today .“  He doesn’t protest, just lets you drag him along until you guys reach the  communal Tv room.

 Bucky plops on the couch, watching while you flip over cushions and fling blankets around until you find the remote.

You finally find it , when you turn to sit on the couch though you see that Bucky manages to take up the entire thing.

” Move it or lose it Barnes. “ you warn playfully,

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” Doll theres another couch .“

” Yeah but this one is right in the center, best view of the TV!“ you argue back .

He shrugs and doesn’t move, Fine, you want to play it this way ?  You don’t think twice about it , as you move and sit yourself on top of him . He lets out a oompf sound as you adujust yourself on him.

” This is not comfy.“ he pouts.

You send him a ’ tough shit’ smile before scrolling through the movies on the screen . Bucky grabs onto your waist , moving himself so hes no longer laying down , but sitting up with you on his lap .   I win.

You move to sit next to him , but his grip on your waist tightens.

” Where do you think youre going?“ he asks, pulling your back to you back is resting against his chest. 

” To sit next to you?“ you question , trying once again to move off him.

” You started this, you’re staying right here Doll.“  his voice  is firm, but playful .  Why did that just slightly turn me on , is that weird?    You let out a sigh of defeat, letting your body relax against his , separating your legs so they rest on the sides of his. 

  You chose Cinderella to start the marathon, deciding that you don’t really want to watch them all in order . As the movie begins you start to squirm in Buckys lap .  His hands migrated from you hips, to resting on your thighs. Everytime you move even the tiniest bit, you can feel his fingers slightly dig into your bare thighs; and you love it.  You and the boys always want to be comfy during your movies, so you all wear your pajamas . Today you chose light pink shorts, and a baggy black tee ; Bucky went with comfy silver gym shorts and a white tee . No matter how simple the clothes, him and steve always manage to look like God in them and it drives you nuts.

  ” Buck this is so not comfy .“you whine, wiggling around  once again . His hands hold you in place , his fingers digging a little harder into your thighs and pulling a soft , unexpected( & unwanted) moan from you. oh balls, I hope he didn’t hear that.

You feel him shift behind you , then his breath hits your ear, ” That was a cute little moan there Doll. “  For fucks sake.  You look over your shoulder, catching the smirk on his face.   OH so we are playing that kinda game ?

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You send him a wicked grin, before experimentally grinding yourself slowly down on his lap.  You hear his breath hitch ,letting you know you got him.  You repeat your action again, this time placing your hands over his on your thighs, and slightly arching your back .

” Don’t start something you aren’t going to finish Y/n .“ he warns ,his lips back at your ear again . This time though, they graze against it, making you have to bite back a whimper. You can feel yourself getting more and more turned on as you disregard his warning and continue moving yourself against him. The way his hard bulge moves against you feels way to good; for the both of you . His hands go back to your waist, guiding your movement and pulling small groans from him .  You manage to twirl yourself around so youre facing him while you straddle his lap . His eyes are completely lust blown, and his lips are parted.  His hands stay at you hips, still moving you against him . You place your hands on his shoulder to hold you up, the rubberband in your stomach is so tightly wound your positive its going to snap within seconds.

” Do you like this doll, rubbing against me like this?“ his voice was raspy, making you internally groan at how much hotter it made all this.

” Feels like youre enjoying his just as much as me .“ you quip , pushing down a little harder as you grind .

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 Bucky leans in, but just as his lips are about to hit yours , you both hear the elevator ding. The sound of footsteps knocks you out of your horny daze, making you fling yourself onto the couch next to him . You grab the closest blanket and toss it over both of your laps.   You look over to Bucky, hoping your face doesn’t match his ; he is flushes, and you can he his chest rising and falling quickly. If he looks like that, I can only imagine how crazy I must look .

 ” You guys started Disney and didn’t call me !?“ Sam bellows from the doorway . Bucky sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose  when Sam lays on the other couch  . You send Sam a smile, and turn your attention back to the movie. Well, you try to at least, your mind cant seem to stop thinking about the way it felt to be on the super soldiers lap ; and how much you want to just climb back on him.

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How yall edit the gifs, the pics and write all these wonderful things when I haven’t stopped shaking? I wanted to write so many things soon after the update but I couldn’t. I couldn’t form coherent words in my head. I couldn’t type a word even. So this is probably when I am calm enough. . Just enough, not fully. I need time.

I will tell you what I feel about the story of Isak and Even. What it means to me.

What we just saw, was pure. So pure.  When people say that it’s fetishizing of two white boys kissing, it hurts me. It’s not that, not atleast to a majority of people rooting for them and feeling represented by them. But I can not claim that as a straight woman, but I can definitely say one thing that we all relate to as a humanity, it’s the love. We all want a love like theirs. Don’t we?

When two people, any two people, find each other in the midst of chaos - it’s the most beautiful thing. Ever. This is what we relate to, this is what we want in life. Ultimately, to find that person who is good enough for you. Who will make sure that you are happy and let you know that you are loved. Isak and Even found that and we can not be more happy to see a healthy and happy relationship on screen. We feed off of that. And I don’t think theres anything wrong with it.

 I think a love like theirs is inspiring for people to understand their worth and look for a love that they deserve, to get out of toxic relationships and wait for the person of your dreams. To be better to your loved ones. To go that extra mile to see a smile on their face. To me, they are the symbol of hope.

@noora-knows-best you are an angel, Rose, for helping with the NRK IP thing. I can never thank you enough for being there to listen to all of my craps. The first friend I made in this intimidating world of tumblr.
bts reacts: you’re recovering from an injury

anon asked:  Hi hi!! Can I have a BTS reaction to the reader recovering from a knee injury but she keeps trying to do activities when the member are encouraging her to rest? Thank you~~

sure thing my lovely! 

note: i try to keep these gender neutral, so let me know if i use a specific pronoun- also none of these gifs belong to me, ain’t talented enough for that, all credit to their original owners!

yoongi: “___, you literally only just got out of a cast last week, why are you even attempting to go on a morning run, of all things?”

“come on, it’s completely fine, see?” he’d cock his head and press his lips together, and then disappear into the hallway without a word. “yoongi?” after mere seconds, he’d reappear with a hoodie half hanging off of his shoulder, and another one draped over his arm.

if you’re going, i might as well come with you, right? at least this way, i can make sure you don’t push yourself too hard.”

hoseok: “y’know, you really should rest- trying to clean everything all the time probably isn’t going to help your knee at all, ___.”

“but… everything’s a mess, and there's clothes everywhere, and glasses on the counter, and i can’t remember the last time that i unloaded the dishwasher-”

“hey, hey, hey, calm down.” he’d say gently, grabbing a soft hold of your wrists to grasp your attention away from everything you’d been doing before. pressing a light kiss to your forehead as another way of guaranteeing the last word, he would add, “i can take care of it, you go rest now, okay?”

namjoon“where are you going?”

“ah, i told my friend that i’d help her go food shopping for that party she’s hosting this weekend- i’ll only be a few hours, and then i’ll be back to spend time with you, i promise-”

“no, no- that’s not what i meant! i was just wondering why you were going when you told me only hours ago that your leg was hurting again and i had to help you get out of bed?” before you could even protest or think of an excuse, he answered for you. “do you want me to call her up for you? i’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you delayed it for only a day- i’m not stopping you from going, i’m just thinking about what’s best for you…” he’d raise an eyebrow at your limp, which was completely obvious, and you’d sigh.

“okay… thank you.”

seokjin: “but what if i told you… it’s okay for you to just slow down and rest for a little bit? i’m sure everything’s fine at work, you’ve got nothing to be worried about!” he’d know that the stress you were feeling was a compilation of the fact that yiu had no control over anything that was happening at your workplace, and the fact that you were going a little stir crazy. “like, i’m not sure if this would be any help to you at all, but if you would like, i can just drive you places, if you’d want? y’know, just to get you out of the house?”

jungkook: “is it still hurting?” he’d lift the ice pack for a second to look at the impact, but then meekly put it back down right where it had been after a few seconds. “i’m going to be completely honest with you here, ___- i have no idea how to tell if anythings wrong. i can’t even tell if the swellings gone down, or even if there was any in the first place, let alone the best thing to heal it the fastest…” he’d bite his lip, his nose scrunching in thought. “the question is, do i go and get frozen peas because this is completely melted, or do  i just tell you to sleep it off?”

jimin: “___, you really could have just told me that your knee was hurting again and we could have rescheduled for another day, it wouldn’t have been any bother!” he was standing on your doorstep, the autumn evening orange and pink behind him.

“it’s just- i knew you’d been planning this for a while, and i didn’t want to ruin y-”

“___, shh. everything’s fine, you’re more important than some night out, okay? you get back to bed and rest- oh, can i ask you something?”

“sure, go ahead.”

“would it be okay if i slept on your sofa? i can’t be bothered to go back home tonight, and i promise i’ll still be here when you wake up in the morning, okay?”

taehyung: “you know, sometimes i wonder how you get yourself in these situations, ___. like, how does a person even manage to fall up stairs? if you’d fell down them then i’d understand a little bit more, but you literally just slipped going up them- that’s talent right there!” you’d narrow your eyes in a way that was meant to be seen as threatening, but he just laughed. “seriously though ___, how?”

“i don’t know, i just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?”

“well, there’s one good thing that can come out of this.”

“and that is?”

“we now have a perfect excuse to sit here and work through all the television shows that we couldn’t watch because you wouldn’t sit down to rest! i mean, it’s not like you have a choice, but anyway…”

i don’t how i feel about this one bUt Oh wElL

here’s my masterlist, in case you liked this and maybe wanted to check any of my other stuff out  :)))) requests are open again for everything- ships, reacts, one shots, moodboards, the whole shebang. as long as it’s fluff, i gotchu.

last post: self indulgent; taekook moodboard

last react: you’re late to their concert

thanks for reading!

-tash 💕

father + husband!park woojin

summary: what would having park woojin as a father and husband be like? 


  • i think woojin would b a great dad honestly and a husband
  • his proposal would be super cheesy. he’d have some cameras around but its pretty private
  • its the cutest thing ever
  • he’d be an aMAzing husband
  • treats u right
  • there are some arguments in between about like jealous n stuff
  • since i think woojins a pretty jealous cutie pie
  • but there wont be quite a lot
  • he knows how to treat u and his kids right!!
  • tbh the genes would probs be mainly from him sorrybut
  • like maybe one of his kids having his snaggletooth?? CUTE
  • one of them having his rapping skills yes
  • and duh,
  • you’d have a talented family
  • kinda runs around the house
  • probably would have a pet
  • his kids love their hyungs/uncles/oppas ??? lol
  • would get jealous over them lol
  • he’d take his wife imma just put ‘you’ lol and kids to some behind the scenes
  • sometimes you dont tag along to photoshoots n stuff“where’s y/n?” daniel asks
    “she didnt want to come. she didnt want to know the spoilers” woojin says
    “i see- OOF! hi little one,” daniel feels a kid smash on his broad back
  • sometimes you dont want to bc spOILERRRRS
  • everyone in wanna one is a great uncle lmfao?
  • ong makes ur kids laugh so much they could probably die
  • “whos ur favourite uncle?” wanna one members gather around
  • “uncle ong!” ur kids say in union
  • woojin laughs
  • he’d be very caring, keeping an eye on his kids or he’d ask a staff member
  • “thats right” cocky ong says “ah u all are so cute! come give ur uncle ong  a hug!”
  • but tbh all the kids would probably like all their uncles but ong is lowkey #1 in their hearts lol
  • SO
  • what happens around the house?
  • obviously the wanna one members come around. lowkey just for the kids tho
  • the kids are fuckin terrified of jaehwans laugh like one time jaehwan was chasing them and laughing lol
  • and ur daughter was like “dad!!! tHERES A PSYCHO IN THE HOUSE!! MUMJSDHRHCH”
  • they love daehwis hair so much
  • “kekkeke,” your daughter laughs as she plays with daehwis hair
  • obvs they love ong bc hes so funny
  • ong tells ur kids jokes and then they pass it on to u and woojin
  • and ur like
  • they live for minhyuns looks like they always touch his face lmfao
  • when u and woojin are on a date or something u leave them with their fave uncles and they adore jisung so much bc hes like their next mum 
  • jisung: shall we go out for dinner??
  • ur kids: H*CK YEAH
  • ur kids love jihoon. so fucking much. they make jihoon do nae maeum soge jeojang 25/8
  • ur daughter is probably the one who has a crush on jihoon
  • “jihoon oppa! do u have abs???”
  • insert daniel giggling in the background
  • jihoon gets shy and says yes until ur daughter lifts up his shirt
  • your son(s) aim to be as sweggy as guanlin, so they look up to him very much
  • “u-uncle guanlin!! am i $weggy yet???”
  • jinyoung often gives ur children piggybacks
  • “uncle jinyoung!!! piggyback??”
  • jinyoungs on the floor as he just gave them one each, breathing heavily, “ah…”
  • now, to daniel
  • they like to go to daniels place bc yknow, cats
  • “uncle daniel!!! dye ur hair blue!!”
  • “okay cutie.” daniel pinches their cheeks
  • whenever u and woojin have to let ur children stay at their place
  • and they like to snuggle on sungwoon and make him sing them to sleep
  • woojin takes care of u a lot ok
  • if ur sick he makes sure that youre eyed on 24/7
  • the sweetest husband ever :’)
  • like woojin might not be experienced but he definitely learned some advice from jisung mum
  • if it was sickness he had no idea about jisung and google are his first priorities lol
  • the kids tend to hug u and always say: “get better mum! fighting!”
  • the kids love playing wanna one on tv
  • probably would do their greeting
  • “daddy!! teach me ur greeting!”
  • “you do this: all i wanna do, wanna one!”
  • they do it along with him and its sUPER CUTE
  • you find woojin having the cutest moments with ur children, like when they make cookies and theyre like messing up the entire thing and woojins like “ah! dont do that love!”
  • and he does the same with you, hes so thankful for u as his wife 
  • like playing uno and when u lose ur children go boo but then one of ur kids are like “dont say that to mummy! it hurts her feelings!”
  • you laugh bc of how cute
  • woojin just smiles widely bc Hes dying loWkey
  • Ok this is gonna get a bit angsty:
  • obviously being married will have some arguments
  • but i guess the arguments would probably involve the children like their grades, hanging with other people and not acknowledging the other person whos feeling neglected, jealousy
  • maybe his kids would feel mad at him too
  • and you as well 
  • like coming home extremely late, which is likely woojin since you only do day shifts
  • “daddy.. you weren’t at dinner,” his son says
  • “im sorry..” he knows that you’re upset bc you cant be seen
  • “where’s your mum?”
  • “shes upstairs”
  • woojins a little bit upset
  • “are you mad at me?” he asks his son
  • “a little bit.. but we’ll sort it out”
  • if its a big reason to fight your children would find out immediately bc of the shouting and they all begin to cry
  • and you and woojin turn to them
  • “g-go back upstairs, munchkins,” you say
  • “n-no.. why are you and dad fighting?” your daughter bursts into tears, “we dont like you fighting like this..”
  • “i-its just.. a couple thing.. dont worry, okay?” woojin says, “we’re just… overwhelmed..”
  • your daughter runs away to go upstairs crying and you and woojin feel guilty, you couldnt help but shed some tears
  • “please sort it out..” your son sighs before going upstairs too
  • ok, so when its you that makes woojin upset:
  • sometimes you’re a little bit stressed and woojin wants to calm you down but you kinda snap at him
  • “y/n, calm down-”
  • “how can i calm down, woojin?! this is so important to me and if i don’t do it right-”
  • you stare at him, your gaze softening
  • “im s..sorry i uh..”
  • “i get it. you need time alone.” he walks to the door and slams the door behind you
  • just know that woojin will always be there
  • he loves u and his children very much
  • will actually do anything his children says
  • he loves them so much
  • sometimes when ur children have bad nightmares u all snuggle in one bed
  • so cute
  • supposed to be non idol smh me smh me smh me kill me
  • ALSO just saying just bc i find gifs on google does not mean that i steal these gifs! i dont credit gif owners but just know the credits go to them :)
Jealous! au - Yuto

Ok so since u guys are so obsessed with Yuto (understandable) & this was requested here u go :)

Originally posted by hyosjong

(I was gonna use a gif that related to the story like when hes shouting “Shinee!” but this one was too cute i couldnt resist)

  • Imma just say this before I ain’t into unhealthy jealousy crap so y’all are gonna get pure comedic bullshit lets go
  • So u & Yuto meet through Hongseok cuz he thinks u guys would get along really well
  • U & Hongseok are english buddies so that’s how yall met, but when u meet Yuto its completely different
  • Like he may seem stoic af but he gets so excited about the little things & just a pure ball of fluff
  • So u guys bond over learning more about South Korea like the culture & the language etc
  • And eventually u guys branch out and he nonstop talks about japan, and then after u nonstop talk about where you’re from
  • So its basically a learn about the world while also learning about each other relationship
  • Cuz when u talk about ur countries ur also talking about ur experiences and the dumb shit u guys did as kids lol
  • So in a short matter of time y’all become super close like u already know each others dreams & talk/text all the time because it just works u guys click easily
  • & ofc the members notice but u know yuto he will just get red, giggle, stammer out a “no”, and change the subject lol
  • So ofc u gonna like him its fuckin yuto????? U dumb if ya dont lol
  • & after the members, especially hongseok, continue to pester you day after day and trying to convince you that yuto likes you too (even tho u never told them u like him????? lmao)
  • U just easy to see through lol
  • So u get so fed up u take matters into your own hands & attempt to make him jealous
  • Like dumb & childish u already know but ur too much of a wuss to confess out of nowhere lol
  • So u text him a picture of taemin cuz 1 hes hot af and 2 just a super influential figure in kpop and so u text the picture and then send a message saying “isn’t he so great!? He’s so hot”
  • & like u even cringe at ur message but it gets the point across lol

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I LIED ~ Mark Tuan x Reader

Originally posted by blondetuan

I know I don’t usually post fanfictions, but I guess this is one I thought I should post, so let me know how bad/good it is, and if you guys would even want more in the future idk, but enjoy x

SHIP/TYPE: Mark tuan x reader 

CATEGORY: angst / fluff ??


WARNINGS: ?? female things

He held my hand as we walked into the waiting room.
“Are you okay?” His hand gripped tighter around mine.
“Yeah.” I doubted the words that slipped my mouth.
“Are you sure?”
I squeezed his hand to reassure him. We were here because he was worried about me. It was weird having someone worry about me, it was strange.

Mark came with me to the doctors because I couldn’t speak Korean fluently yet, so he was basically a translator. I feel helpless when he has to do this. I didn’t even want to go to the doctors, but it got to the point where Mark was threatening not to go to practice because he was worried. I didn’t see why it was such a big deal anyways, he shouldn’t risk his job, his life, for me.

I had missed my period here and there, Mark gave the idea that I could have been pregnant, but we both knew that wasn’t it considering he had been on tour for a while, they were getting bad again. Ever since I was younger I always had irregular periods so it was normal to me, I never paid this much attention, until he did.

The doctor walked in holding some forms and he started talking, Mark explained he was going to translate for me.
“He asked what seems to be the problem lately.” Mark whispered his hand still glued to me.
“Can you just answer for me.”
“I don’t know the whole story.” He squeezed my hand again, somehow it was comforting.
“Basically, I’ve had irregular periods since childhood, and now Mark’s worried something might be wrong as they’re getting more and more irregular.”
Mark explained what I said to the doctor, then the doctor asked more questions. This went on for a good 10 minutes. I didn’t see why it was a big deal.

“You’re going to have to go for some tests.” Mark said to me standing up, while I quickly followed behind. The doctor led us to the front desk giving me some paperwork for blood tests.
“He said once they get the results back for this, we’ll have to come back in a week.” I nodded and headed off with Mark to the hospital to get my testing done.

The car ride home was silent, it wasn’t awkward though, it was comforting. His hand sat across my thigh and his other hand on the wheel while my phone played softly in the background, I was looking out the window wondering what he was thinking. I was a burden to him, why did he stay with me?

Later that week Mark and I were laying on the couch watching Weekly Idol, it was a special episode with GOT7 featured because of the new comeback they had just had, we knew Mark would be leaving on Thursday that week. The phone rang and Mark got up to answer it leaving me alone with the popcorn watching him and Jackson dance hand in hand.
“You have an appointment on Friday.’ Mark sat back next to me on the couch lifting my feet up, then placing them back on his lap.
“They’ll have a translator, so you’ll be fine on that problem.”
“Whats the other?” I was worried with how he was acting
“I’m leaving before then, I don’t want you to do this alone.” His smile from earlier had faded now.
“Mark I’ll be fine, they’ll probably just say its nothing and that I need to take some vitamins or something.” I gave him a reassuring smile shovelling more popcorn in my mouth.
“Are you sure?” He eyed the popcorn in my hand off.
“Yes I’m sure.” Throwing the popcorn at him, in the back of my mind I knew that I wasn’t going to be fine, but I couldn’t let him know that.

It was Friday, Mark had left to go on tour and I was waiting in the same room with just as much anxiety but without Mark, I was terrified. The doctor called me in and I had a translator with me during the appointment.
“Your results are back. We will have to send you off on one more test to make sure of the results, but we will get them back right away.”
“So I’ll know the results later this afternoon?’
“Yes.” The doctor had a doubtful tone in his voice, I needed Marks hand.

I came back after one more test, the doctor sat down and lent on the desk taking his glasses off and putting them on the table, I didn’t know what was coming but I knew it had to be bad, theres no way you deliver good news like that.
“I have bad news, Miss (Y/L/N)” the doctor started but my heart stopped. “The reason you’ve had irregular periods” blah blah blah. He went on with his explanation but I didn’t hear anything until the translator said.
“I’m sorry but you’re infertile, you won’t be able to have kids.” Tears started to form but I held them back as well as I could. The doctor gave me the results and sent me to reception to fill out more paper work.

I couldn’t tell him.
It would kill him.

Mark was still on tour and didn’t know, I told him that I was right, low vitamins.
We had talked about it here and there, we would go out for walks to the park and see kids. We would mention how amazing it would be, one day. But now it’s never. It hurt, there’s no way he would stay.

He was back. We were walking through a park like old times.
“It’s been so long.” He looked at me with his cute smile he has, I missed it and I was glad it was back.
“It has.” I leaned my head on his shoulder as we sat on a bench near the playground. Then it happened,
“You know we should have kids one day, like not now, but when we’re ready.” He looked at me with his smile again
I broke then and there I couldn’t take it I had to tell him.
“I’m sorry if you don’t want to we don’t have to.” He held me in his arms trying to comfort me, it wasn’t his fault but he didn’t know that.
“How about we head home so you’re not out in public.” I nodded and we headed home. We spent the night cuddling and watching movies, he knew I didn’t want to talk about it. But I needed to, eventually.

“When or if you want to talk about it you know I’m here, right?” He sat down next to me on the bed putting his arm on my leg rubbing it to comfort me.
“I know, I need to because it’s important, but I’m afraid you’ll hate me if I do.” Tears started to form again.
“Theres no way in the world I could hate you! I love you for you and there’s nothing you could say to cha..” Before he could finish I cut him off.
“I lied.” He didn’t reply just stared, I had to explain.
“It wasn’t just a lack of vitamins, I’m infertile, I’m never going to have kids Mark.”
He looked shocked and I was in tears, it was a mess. I was waiting for him to leave, he stood up I was ready for him to yell. I hid it from him for months.
Walking out the room Mark was gone for ten minutes, I thought I heard the front door so I just layed down and tried to cry myself to sleep. I was interrupted when the bedroom door flung open and hit the wall. Mark walked in with almost a life size teddy and chocolate.
“What?” I had the most confused look on my face. I could tell he had been crying, but thats to expected with news like that. “Aren’t you going to leave me?”
“Why in the world would I leave an amazing girl like you?” He smiled.
“Mark seriously don’t play games if you’re going to leave, leave don’t make this worse than it is.”
“IM NOT LEAVING.” Mark violently whispered. He grabbed me and pulled me off the bed and embraced me in the best hug in the world.
“Why would I leave you.”
“Because theres no reason to stay with me we can’t have kids.”
“Well here’s reason 1 of 569 of ‘Why you’re amazing and I’m never leaving you’, you..” I covered his mouth with my hand, which he then licked.
“You put it there, I lick it.”
“That sounds wrong Tuan.” I started to smile again, but then it dropped.
“But seriously I can’t have kids.” I tried to pull away but he wouldn’t let me.
“We can adopt or not have kids, simple. Plus, that isn’t important to me, you are.”
Tears streamed down my face, how did I become so lucky?

gif is not mine, credit to the owner

BTS Reaction to you flinching when they’re mad

Kim Seokjin

Honestly I don’t think Jin would be the type of person to get in alot of fights, but every now and then he may get a bit mad, he’s a very lighthearted person protect him.

“It was like a grandma on the road! I’d want to check if they even have a driving license” He says as he raises his hand to point at the road, You flinch quickly and block him with your arms, thinking he’ll do something.

“Oh my god- did you think I was going to-I’m sorry Y/N, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to let you think I was gonna hurt you” Jin says and apologizes repeatedly as he wraps his arms around you.

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Min Yoongi

I love Yoongi, He’s my bias BUT look him into his eyes and tell me he doesn’t get mad frequently, you can’t? That’s because he does, like remember the time our precious Jiminnie made him a piano with marker and it got on Yoongi’s hands and he gave him the death glare and knocked it away?

“I swear to god Y/N! This is MY job, stop talking about how I spend ages there, its MY job, for fucks sake!” he says, this was the first time he actually sounded mad and you didn’t know what to expect, or how mad he was. He was about to put his hand on you shoulder then you flinch and yank it away.

“Y/N…” He’d say hugging you, kissing your head “I didn’t mean to scare you, seriously I’d never hurt you”

Originally posted by jimiyoong

Jung Hoseok

Hoseok too, seems like a person who wouldn’t get into that much arguments, but then theres J-Nope which IS a meme but still gives us a hint that Hoseok may be a sunshine, but has a side that rarely comes out.

“Y/N stop forgetting everything like” he says then stops to close the door behind him, making you flinch.

“…did you just flinch? That’s it, forget it. Movies and cuddles?” he says as he kisses your forehead.

Originally posted by hobies

Kim Namjoon

I feel like Namjoon also has bad tempter, having to deal with a grandpa, a alien, a baby, a sunshine, a mochi, and his wife. So he’ll accidentally scare you.

“Y/N we don’t have time for that!” He’d say pointing at his work as you flinch, At first he’s confused on what to day then he pulls you into a hug without telling you anything.

“I would never hurt you”

Originally posted by knjedits

Park Jimin

Everyone mentioned Jimin being crazy when he’s mad, I decided to look into his astrological features and with my gathered info it should be like this;

“Y/N! I told you to stop!” he says, wanting to hold your hand and yank it away, you flinched making him stop at his tracks and not know what to do, he looks at you in concern and hugs you, having no idea what to say or do.

bless this gif i lobe you jimin

Originally posted by stylishlyswift

Kim Taehyung

It took me ages to find out what to write for Taetae, I researched about him and his astrological facts and it should go like this;

“Y/N! Stop acting to weird!” He says as you flinch at his sudden change of tone, he’d look at you,seeing your terrified expression from HIM,then his heart would break, He just scared the person he loved.

“I’m sorry, I love you, okay? I didn’t mean to scare you”

Originally posted by chimchams

Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook wouldn’t get into much fights, because hes very kind and outgoing but if he DOES get in a fight it’ll go like this;

“Shut up” He says, wanting to cover your mouth, you flinch, making him jump and making him confused, he wouldn’t get near you, scared to make you even more scared, so he talks it put with you when you both calm down,

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hey, I’m new to posting on tumblr, send in requests please :) (mtls reactions scenarios written or selca ship)

anonymous asked:

Hey , do u know any fanfictions where theres alot of smut ? Or where sasuke is so overprotective/obsessed with sakura?

SS M-rated fanfic/one-shots megapost (lmao?)

Funny this is the second time someone’s asking me about smutty fics XD

Umm… I had to go through my fanfiction list and anon, that’s a LOT.

Overprotective/Obsessed Sasuke:

Incomplete by the.terrorist

Little Piece of Heaven By Leanne Ash (Not M-rated. A little overprotective Sasuke)

Quite smutty fics (all completed):

In times of Peace by SouthSideStory

Empire by pastel daisies

The Last Will and Testament of Uzumaki Naruto By BlushingLotus (You will be rolling on the floor laughing and merely escaping death due to suffocation caused by extra laughing by the time you finish this lmao)

The misadventures of Sasuke and His Hormones by pluhsauce (This one is hilarious okay)

Judging a Book by another.creative.lover (I just read it and I’m not regretting it a bit)

Smutfics/Smut one-shot (collections):

We did it by DeepPoeticGirl (now ongoing due to smut month!)

Of love and lust, and shattered control by DeepPoeticGirl (one-shot)

Venom and Heated by BlushingLotus

Sensual Phase by Sammiekinz09 (I have no idea how I tumbled across this. Probably during one of my fanfic hunts. VERY smutty anon. very smutty.)

Hot Water, A Breathless sort of Attraction and Drabbles by WellHowAboutThat

My Boys by HinatasHelper (SasuSakuNaru smut-shot with Sakura in the middle and SasuSaku hints somehow. Read it only if you are okay with the three of them being together)

Chains by Boriqua-chan

Eternally by Asha3 (For all you Harry Potter and SasuSaku lovers out there.)

Just Persuasion by SilverShine

Uh… That’s all I can think of for now. And let me end this using a GIF I’ve wanted to use for SO long (finally!)

7.07 Thoughts

First off - the leaked scripts were real. It was actually pretty annoying. I felt like I was watching the episode twice. I hope Season 8 doesnt have a lad leaker. I really do. I enjoy watching the episodes raw. And lets be completely, dead honest here - I would not have known about the leaks or seen them accidentally if I wasnt as active on Tumblr. At least on Reddit I can choose to avoid certain subreddits. On tumblr, if someone posts a spoiler there is absolutely no way of blocking it preemptively. I dont want to have to leave Tumblr next season…

My sister (the family that is visiting right now, that I posted about not too long ago that we do not get along), doesnt watch GoT because she doesnt have HBO. She keeps up via snapchat and posts on Facebook. She thought that Longclaw blinking was super important, if that helps you understand how she keeps up with GoT. In gifs and screaming southerners on facebook. Anywho, when Jon said he pledged himself for D@ny, my sister leaned over and whispered “that made her super horny.” Yes. I didn’t see “horniness” in Danish Pastries eyes, but that was literally what was written in the leaked script - so obviously it translated to a very VERY casual viewer. So I asked her it she thought Jon was in love with D@ny and she acted like I was crazy for even asking. Obviously he likes her. Like a boy is mean to his crush on the playground, she said. That didn’t make me feel much better.

Honestly, I dont think Emilia is a bad actress. I think she plays stern, cold boss bitch very well. Or screaming entitled delusional girl. (which I honestly mean because Emilia is such the opposite in real life) And when directors told her to play heart eyes, she did heart eyes. I dont think shes a bad actress. I just find D@ny as a character boring now. Up until saving the Wight Hunters, she hadnt done anything redeemable or “good” since maybe Season 2-3. Anywho- off track.

All this talk about honor and keeping his word and being Ned Starks “son” really struck me. He promised to fight for the north no matter the odds. So him pledging to D@ny is his own way of protecting the north. Protecting his family. But how can he talk about honor and keeping his word if he’s secretly undercover? I really think he’s being sacrificial. Thats something Jon would do. Give up his dreams and personal gain to save everyone.

When Cersei, the coldest, baddest, most heartless bitch in all of Westeros, talks about how seeing just ONE wight made her fear for the ones she loves - imagine how JON FEELS seeing thousands of them. He is AFRAID for his family. He will so whatever it takes to protect Sansa, Arya, Bran and the North who chose him as their leader.

I dont know if Jon realized immediately, that once Viserion died the NK had him. If Jon did, then that absolutely would have put him on express mode.

Now - one big thing when Jon was with Ygritte and the Wildlings, is that they ALWAYS said “burn my body so I dont end up like them.” I can just imagine Jon remembering those words every time he thinks of Sansa, Arya and Bran or the coming walkers. That he doesnt want his loved ones to turn into wights - because it was even what the wildlings feared most. Its a fate worse than death. He burned Ygritte. He’s burned so many people so they dont turn into wights. He is trying to save his family from that morbid fate.

Then we have Theon and Jon talking. So - I think Jon’s “it might look that way on the outside” is a hint at his undercover/sacrificial ways. But, whats also really interesting to me, is that Theon brings up RAMSAY. And Jon narrows his eyes like “yea, tell me more about that monster who hurt my Sansa.” As if he wants to hear about Ramsay and what Theon went through - as if to understand Sansa more. To get more insight on what happened to her. Theon bringing up Ramsay would make Jon think about Sansa here.

And they’re talking about THEON saving his SISTER. And Jons response is “why are you talking instead of doing? What are you waiting for?” YES. YES. YES.

Jon is so sure that the right thing to do is to put yourself in danger to save your family - your sister. He doesn’t think about it. His answer is instinctual. Because thats what hes doing now. JUST DO - dont think. His answer is everything to me. SO MUCH. SO MUCH.

Sansa didnt seem that upset when Petyr suggested Jon wants to marry D@ny. Which to me says Sansa has NOT considered a romantic relationship with Jon - YET. And what usually happens in romantic plots, is that theres an awakening moment that brings one of the interests to realize what they want. Maybe this is Sansas wake up call. That the idea of Jon marrying another leaves a bitter taste in her mouth. But we dont see full on jealously in this episode, really. At least I didnt.

Okay - now to boatsex. We have a brief moment of Jon standing in front of her door before knocking. He goes TO HER. Which bothers me. I just cant imagine canon!Jon initiating sex with anyone. Hes too noble and honorable. Sex outside of marriage? Possible bastard babies? Reading signs wrong? But this could be a moment where hes deciding - welp, I have to do this to earn her undying loyalty for good.

Im not completely sold on ignoring my “he’ll fuck the first girl who isnt his sister” or “he has to prove something” headcanons either. I mean, I believe he is giving into D@nys affections because he has nothing else to lose. Sansa is his sister. D@ny is beautiful. And Jon might see something good in her, especially after she has postponed her quest for the throne to save mankind - but deep down their characters are so different that HOW could he really be in love with her?

And the fact that their sex scene is over cut with exposition and dialogue means that this scene is more than just a romance. Its a plot point. It has to be spelled out. Its still mysterious. D@ny is in love, but Jon? Jon searches into her eyes as if he has to convince himself to stay hard.

I think Jonsa is endgame - but the real question here is, does he love Sansa or D@ny? Will he love both? Or does he love neither?

I have more posts about the other characters this episode, the writing, and the problems soon. This is just my quick post episode Jonsa reaction. My phone is at 4% so I will have to come back later. (OMG PLEASE DONT DIE ON ME) Lets just say that I think JonxD@ny is fanservice, and that we shouldnt trust D&DBs writing completely or write any possible outcome and plot turn off. And love each other, we have fanfiction and remember they are fiction. (but Jonsa is endgame ;) )

OH- And “the dragon and the wolf”? The writers obviously thought they were being clever to get a double meaning out of a title, about Rheagar and Lyanna and Jon and D@ny. Doesnt mean theyre a couple - theyre just the most important plot reveal this episode. :p

Boyfriend! au - Yan an

Yanan is cute and i’ve missed him this comeback :/ enjoy :)

Originally posted by mistressnicey15

(theres so many good gifs tf i couldnt decide between this one and the one where he has giant glasses & says hes never seen harry potter :/ a disgrace but he looks real good)

  • Okay yall we’re going down the cliche path again sry not sry lmao
  • So u and yanan are new neighbors
  • Hes the age to move out (this boy went crazy & went to South Korea but whatever thats another conversation)
  • & ur either doing the same thing or ur still with ur parents i dont know ur life homie
  • So u guys are neighbors and honestly you don’t notice he’s there more than half the time
  • He’s quiet and honestly the perfect neighbor
  • He even cleans up ur shit for you like if the wind knocks some of ur clothing off the line he folds them and puts them on ur welcome mat
  • And u try to thank him every time u see him but he just kinda smiles and nods at you while rushing off
  • So eventually u think hes a little weird…. A little too quiet for your liking….
  • So after a long night of thinking u conclude hes probs a serial killer & u decide to avoid him
  • That is until u see him in your Intro to Chinese class
  • And hes literally so talkative (to the chinese teacher that is but still not creepy quiet)
  • And he makes eye contact with you and just smiles
  • U just hope youre not a target and take ur seat lol
  • So ur class passes and he was a bit out of place….
  • Instead of sitting with the rest of the class he sits alongside the teacher
  • You soon realize he’s better than all yall and is helping the teacher teach Chinese
  • And you realize this is probs the reason why he doesn’t talk to you - he’s still improving in the language you speak
  • So u have a newfound admiration for this beautiful Chinese beanstalk
  • Despite this everything continues as normal, yall dont talk, just sometimes awkward glances since youre coming from the same place smh
  • Yall both weenies lets just get that out there
  • So after a month your grade in your class has continuously decreased which causes your teacher to confront you
  • Basically telling u that despite ur decent study habits, the only way to really learn the language is speaking and indulging yourself in everything Chinese
  • So while they’re being helpful and give u websites and stuff youre making plans of your own
  • Like its not an evil plan…. Just annoying….. And u should feel bad…

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My First Kiss at the Public Execution - 11 [final]

PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3 - PART 4 - PART 5 - PART 6 - PART 7 - PART 8 - PART 9 - PART 10

a/n: it’s the end! like part of me is so satisfied to finally wrap this up but im also sad it’s over… I hope you enjoy it!!!

@beautifulramblingbrains @frecklefaceb @feminamortem @anditcametopass @dauntlessmetalmom @pathybo @mimigemrose @ag-delights @abfoster1s @sparklemichele @jojuarez26 @purple-puddin @audreyfulquard @sharknadoslut @societalfailure @insertamazingwords @megnificent07 @roslea @nochillqueenbreyonce @beltz2016 @imhereforthedisco @captstefanbrandt @ljvosscmt @thatwinterschild @ariwolff14 @emmysrandomthoughts @kenzieam @lauraaan182 @gaia25 @lexbugz @lostinthebeans @kiiiimberlyriiiicker1995

Warning: Theres one NSFW part to this chapter in the middle

Eric X OFC // Divergent Trilogy

word count: 3,364

[gifs by the lovely @heartofdevastation​]

my body is a cage
that keeps me from dancing
with the one i love
but my mind holds the key
to set my spirit free

Taking a deep breath, I tried to calm my rapidly beating heart before lifting my fist to knock on the wood of Max’s door. Part of me wished I was still bent over Eric’s desk, that he had been given the extra time to finish. At the same moment, I was happy to have the undeniable excuse to get away from him.

Hearing Max’s voice beckon me forward, I hesitantly twisted the handle and stepped across the threshold. Looking up I saw the head faction leader sitting behind his desk with his hands clasped in front of him, wearing an oddly patient expression. Max was a stern man, which was more than expected from the head of the warrior faction, but now his features looked uncharacteristically soft. He looked older without his scowl.

“Mott, please take a seat,” he suggested with a gesture to the open chair across from him. Stepping forward, I finally noticed who occupied the matching chair next to it. Rachel gave me a sympathetic look over her shoulder as I sat down.

“What’s going on?” I questioned, hesitantly looking between the two of them.

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anonymous asked:

hi so I was wondering if you could tell me the best way to start off writing fics on tumblr? It feels like I'm asking a stupid question but there's just so many blogs on tumblr and I always feel so silly when I post, and end up taking them down, partly because of the fact that having it sit there gets me anxious and partly because I feel like my writing is... crap. Yeah. Help?

I get this question a lot and I never know what good advice to give because I don’t think there’s something you have to do if you want to post your stories online. If you love writing and you want to share your stories with people, you should post them. Don’t doubt yourself and your writing! 

  • Notes - Don’t worry about notes at all, especially if you’re just starting out. Notes don’t guarantee quality at all. I’ve read great fics with a lot less notes than they deserve, and I’ve read fics I didn’t really like that got a lot of notes. I know it sucks to post something you’ve worked hard on and not get any feedback on it, but everyone started out that way. It’s a lot easier to start if you already have some followers, or if you’re friends with someone who has a lot of followers, or if someone shouts you out. If not, you will have to start from scratch, but if you like writing, you should focus on that and not the notes. I think I’ve said this before, but when I first started writing Sin City, nobody was reading it. I liked the story that I had in my head and I wanted to write it down, even if there were only a couple of people that gave some sort of feedback on it. You just need to keep posting if you like what you’re posting, and try not to worry about the notes too much. A lack of notes doesn’t mean your stories aren’t good! Maybe people still didn’t get a chance to find out about your blog. Also, there’s a lot of people who follow you and read your stories but never give any type of feedback, and I know for a fact there are people who don’t follow you, but read your fics anyway. And when I first got into BTS, I’d read fics even though I didn’t have a Tumblr, so I couldn’t like or reblog anything. Just keep posting your stories and try not to worry about the notes too much.
  • Tagging - It’s really important to properly tag your stuff. If you’re a fic writer, there’s no need for you to tag a Jungkook story with “Yoongi smut” or “Jimin gif”. Personally, when I’m looking for something specific, I hate seeing stuff that doesn’t belong in that tag because it makes it so much harder for me to find what I’m looking for, and I’m definitely not going to click on a Jungkook smut story if I’m out there looking for a specific Jimin gif. The first five tags are the ones that show up in the search, so those are the most important ones. Tag the genre and the members that are involved. 
  • Networks - I don’t know when exactly, but I joined @kwritersnet and it’s  a great network for sharing your stories with people, but also for finding new stories. Since the tags are full of things that don’t belong there, I never go through them. When I look for new stuff to read, I usually scroll through the network tag and I find something new every time. I suggest you try joining that network or a similar one - it’s a good way to meet new people and share your stories with them.
  • Asking other writers to read your stories - I see that a lot of people do this, and I’m conflicted about it. I’ve never felt confident enough to send a story of mine to someone and ask them to read it, but a lot of people have sent me their stories and I didn’t have a problem with that. The thing is, the busier you get, the less time you have for writing, let alone reading. So sometimes, writers won’t really have the time to read your story and you’ll put them in an uncomfortable position if you ask them to read something of yours when they don’t have any free time. I feel horrible when I have to turn people down, especially if I know they read my stories, but I have so many things to do that I can’t even keep up with the fics I’m already reading.
  • Feedback - This might be just me, but I feel like a lot of people on this site expect feedback even though they never actually give it. I’ve had a lot of people message me for the first time saying they love my stories and asking for me to reblog their story or read it or give feedback, which I have no problem with, but I’ve never even seen their urls before which means they never gave any type of feedback to me, whether it be likes, reblogs, asks, messages. I’m not saying you have to give feedback, but if you’re claiming you love someone’s work, why aren’t you giving them any kind of feedback, but expect them to give you some? I feel like some of these messages are just generic messages that get sent to a lot of writers at the same time, and I don’t like being treated like one out of 50 options. Besides, if you’re a writer, you know how much feedback means, even if it’s constructive criticism. If you interact with other writers, you have a better chance of them noticing your stories and checking them out. I’m saying this because I know @noona-la-la-la, for example, found my blog because I reblogged a story of hers and gave feedback in the tags. I found a lot writers that way too since I always check the tags on my stories. 
  • If you follow me, you can always send me a link to your story and I’ll add it to my stories to read post :)

Good luck !! :)

bangtangy’s super cool 3D gfx tutorial

hey everybody, ur lil slug friend is here to give you a super hip, super rad graphics tutorial! (request via @fabtaebutt)

so today I’m going to teach you how to make this picture:

do this:

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