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Welcome Home Chapter 1

Summary: Alexander had made it to the U.S.A, he was ready for what the country was going to bring to him, he just wasn’t ready for what Princeton would be giving him.

Warning: None at the moment! It is a mature story.

Word count: 3647 (I write a lot…)

Author Note:Hi guys, I’ve written thing before, but this is my first Hamilton fic, I’m no law student nor do I debate, so if anything seems odd or incorrect and throws off the story feel free to send me criticism.My french is a tad rusty but I’m hoping its clean, let me know if you’d like the translations in the story, or in my notes. This is a little bit of a slow start, but I have a million ideas for this story that I hope you guys will like. Let me know what you think of the first chapter, I live off acceptance. :) 

Alexander looked out the window, a sigh escaping his tight lips, the plane shifted forward as it began to descend from the sky. He watched as the skyline blew by, the busy highways lit with traffic, the sun beginning to set.

The plane jolted as the landing gears touched the asphalt, Alexander could hear the mumble of the pilot giving exiting instructions over his music, the headphones still tightly snug in his ears. His breath hitched as the plane came to a complete stop.

People began to shuffle, putting laptops and books back into their carry-on’s. Alexander gripped his backpack, placing his iPod back into it. The people in his aisle stood and began to depart, he sat and watched.

Should he hide? Just wait and turn back home.


There was no home anymore.

When his thoughts cleared Alexander realized he was the last person to exit the plane. As he sighed once more, he shook his head from his pathetic thoughts, he tightened his pony tail, the black silk hairs that escaped from being on plane for what felt like days tickled his neck as he pushed himself from the seat. The flight attendant gave him a warm yet fake smile. “Have a great evening!” Alexander ignored their high pitched peppy voice and continued down the jet-way.

He walked past the crowds of people, picking up their friends, family…loved ones, and straight to baggage pick up, he grabbed his bag and slung it on his shoulder. Outside he slid into an empty taxi. “Where to son?” He slunk into the backseat, he watched as the bright lights of the city flew past him. The car came to a halt and he forced his jet lagged body out of the car. “Need help?” The scruffy faced man asked his voice hoarse. Alexander shook his head no and threw his bag out of the car onto the concrete sidewalk. He pulled out a crumpled twenty from his pocked. “Thanks” He let out dryly, handing him the filthy bill. “No problem, good luck kid.” The car puttered as it turned on again and pulled away from him.

Alexander pulled open his backpack and slipped out the piece of paper, informing him of his room, his classes and where exactly to go in the morning.

He dragged his bag a few feet before taking a seat on the bench, he rubbed his aching legs.

His heart was pounding roughly in his chest, it hurt, he’s felt worse pain, he thought to himself. He sat still on the lonely metal bench, considering if he should just stay there till the sun rises.

A heavy sigh escaping his mouth, he stood from the bench and inched towards a sign. One arrow pointed towards dorm rooms, another pointing in the direction of the library.

Alexander could hear people behind him, laughing and talking loudly getting closer by the second. He felt fear surrounding him as he quickly walked towards the library.

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anonymous asked:

So, how does Adrien deal with being trans? Does he take T or..? Does anyone know about him being trans or does he hide it from everyone?

{{ meows in french ⇝

first off !! I just want to thank you for this ask !! it makes me extremely happy that someone is interested in my trans son !!!

Adrien deals with being trans as well as he can - since his father isn’t very supportive of him. He does his best to not let things get to him knowing that he will constantly be bugged by his father to take off his binder as soon as he gets home from school. His father was never really supportive - but it was different when his mother was around. Gabriel was at least a little kinder about the thought of his daughter being his son. He would buy binders for Adrien with his wife always constantly bugging him about it and how she wants their son to be comfy for who he is !! But after she disappeared and Gabriel changed he was more cold-hearted towards Adrien being trans. He doesn’t like his binders and him wearing them. He of course wants his son happy but he’s just…. worried. He doesn’t want Adrien to get hurt and he fears that he will if he’s not who he was born as while in the house. Plus, he thinks its just a phase. He will - however - call Adrien by the name he goes by. Aka Adrien. 

As for taking T - he does not !! As stated before - his father is not supportive of him - so he doesn’t want to waste his money on T for Adrien. Adrien doesn’t really understand why his dad won’t pay for it or thinks that him being transgender is a phase. He tries his best to explain things to his father but he seems to always be interrupted or being told to leave the room because Gabriel is too busy. Don’t get me wrong, Gabriel loves Adrien dearly but he’s just worried that if Adrien starts taking T he’ll lose the lovely child he always saw Adrien as. 

Adrien does not tell people he is trans. School is the only place he can really use his preferred pronouns and no one knows that he actually trans. The only person that may have a clue would be Cholé !! Since the two have been friends for a long while – thats why she’s so clingy around him and such. She’s afraid of him getting hurt or something of the sort !!  Meanwhile, if he is dating someone or really really trusts someone he will tell them the truth because he doesn’t want to tell them small fables. He just wants the truth out there to his friends and to show who he actually is behind the scenes !! He really means well by not telling anyone because he doesn’t want them to see him as someone different. And plus he’s scared of being rejected or getting hurt. 

Also !! Thats why Adrien always gets excited when he transforms into Chat Noir and is such a flirt !! When Chat Noir he gets to act how he wants and has no rules about anything and he doesn’t have to worry about being trans - as when he transforms it turns him into who he sees himself as. This is also why sometimes he just randomly transforms when not needed because he just wants to enjoy some time to himself as how he sees himself.