let me know if my french is a little off

“I just feel like laying in bed all day.” (Ethan)

It was around 10:30, Saturday morning, and you were just waking up, Ethan’s bed empty beside you. You sat up and rubbed your eyes just as he walked back into the room, a tray in his hands.

“Good morning beautiful.” Ethan said as he handed you the tray, which you now saw was full of breakfast foods; bacon, eggs, pancakes, and orange juice.

“Morning baby.” You said as he kissed you sweetly. “You made breakfast, I see.” You said with a smile as Ethan got comfortable in the bed next to you.

“Yeah, I was hungry, and I figured you’d be waking up soon, so I decided to make breakfast.” He said as he situated the tray in between the two of you.“I don’t know about you, but I just feel like laying in bed all day.” Ethan added, as he flipped on the TV.

“Sounds good to me.” You agreed. You sat there, watching cheesy sitcoms and enjoying your breakfast.

After you were finished, Ethan moved the tray to his nightstand and rolled over on top of you, hugging you tight and positioning his head on your chest. You began running your fingers through his hair. You sat there for what felt like hours, just the two of you, talking. No conversation topics of importance, but you enjoyed it. After a while, Ethan got up to take your dishes back down to the kitchen, and you pinched his butt cheek as he walked past you. He gave you a smirk and you laughed at him.

“Is that what it feels like when I pinch yours?” He asked. You nodded, causing him to laugh

You laid in bed, scrolling through your various social medias, only to be interrupted by Ethan jumping on top of you.

“Ow, you hit me in the mouth with your big ass head.” You said, playfully pushing him off of you.

“Awe, I’m sorry. Here, let me kiss it better.” He said, planting a small kiss to your lips. He situated back into his earlier position, his head on your chest, and his arms around your waist. “Play with my hair again, it feels good.” He said. You laughed and began running your fingers through his hair again, as he let out a small moan. “I can understand why you ask me to do this now. It’s one of the best feelings in the world.” He said laughing.

“I know. I tried to tell you, but you didn’t believe me.” You said. You got bored and started braiding his hair, practicing your french braiding skills. “Is Grayson still asleep?” You asked.

“Hmm? Oh, yeah. When I walked past his room, he looked like he was dead. But then he let out a loud snore, so…” He trailed off. You sat there with him for a little while longer, braiding his hair and talking about random things again, before your moment was ruined by Grayson walking into the room and making himself comfortable in the bed.

“Good morning to my favorite lovebirds.” He said, flashing his signature smile, trying to make matters better.

“Can we help you?” Ethan asked.

“Can I get some of those pancakes you were making earlier? They smelled good.” Grayson said.

“You can make yourself some.” Ethan said.

“Never mind. I’m not hungry.” Grayson laughed.

“Well, guess I better make some room then.” Ethan said as Grayson made himself comfortable in the bed next to you. Ethan sat up in your lap, giving Grayson more room.

“There goes our lazy day doing nothing in bed.” You added.

“Please. We all know you both were gonna get up to something.” Grayson said with a smirk, followed by a pillow to the face from Ethan.

“Shut up. Can we get our room back to ourselves? Or is that too much to ask?” Ethan asked, and you could tell he was getting irritated.

“Baby, it’s fine. He’s not gonna leave anyway.” You whispered to him.

“Yeah, that’s too much to ask. I’m already comfortable.” Grayson said.

Even though your lazy day plans with Ethan were interrupted by Grayson, you still loved being around the both of them.

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Give me book recommendations

Young Adult

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Fiction and Mystery


So I never got a chance to let Racecar know I was leaving. He was so difficult to get a response out of before I left that I figured I’d just let the whole thing go since I have so much going on.

Usually he pays me on the 20th, and typically he needs a reminder because he’s so busy. But midwalk with my dog this morning I heard the PayPal notification go off which really surprised me. I’ve been running up my credit card experiencing all I can in NYC and have been a little worried to check my accounts, so it’s definitely wonderful.

French let me know after our date that he’d be out of town all last week on business so I had a break from sugar. I’m going to touch base with him tomorrow and try and set up a date.

I’ve already made a bunch of friends and have been going out practically every night. I said a while back that one of the best things sugar has helped me with is being okay with a man paying for me, and thank god I learned that lesson before moving to the city. Every guy I’ve met has more money than they know what to do with.

I met this guy during the day time through a friend and he invited me to have drinks at a friend’s rooftop overlooking the Hudson. The apartment was absolutely amazing and they had a whole terrace to themselves. We had bottle on top of bottle of rosé and spicy margaritas. My roommate wanted to meet up and go to go dancing. I invited the guy who brought me to the roof and he tagged along.

Maybe an hour in, I started getting weird vibes that he was trying to take me home. I did the meanest thing I’ve done in a long time and ditched him. He texted me the next day making sure nothing bad happened to me, and I straight up apologized for being an asshole. He asked if he could take me to dinner to make up for making me uncomfortable.

He’s lived in the city for a while and has good taste, so I obliged. We went to Indochine and had a $350 dinner, to which he refused to let me pay. His favorite bar was in the area so he asked if I wanted a post dinner cocktail. We went to the Wren and had another drink, then to Acme (which is his favorite) for another. Then my drunk habits kicked in and we ended up going to Catch and ending up at 1Oak at 3am… on a Tuesday.

He wouldn’t let me buy a single round of drinks even though I tried multiple times, so I would say he probably spent another $200 on drinks. I had so much fun with him, but it was strictly platonic. He’s very handsome (Russian) well spoken and intelligent… but he’s shorter than me. I’m 5’-10" without heels and he’s probably 5’-8" which is kind of a deal breaker for me.

But by the weekend he asked if I wanted to meet up with some of his friends for a drink. I didn’t have plans yet, so I threw on a dress and met him halfway in between our apartments at the Nomad. His friends are awesome, so I knew it would be a fun night. After a glass of wine, he got us an uber to Public. It just opened last week and is one of the most beautiful hotels/bars I’ve ever been to. We got in line, but three groups of girls in front of us got denied at the door. We were two couples so I figured there was no chance we’d get into the rooftop bar. But his friends are very well dressed, and so was he and I and somehow we got up. I had three glasses of Möet before we switched venues.

We went to the Blond next, where we got in without a problem and were given a reserved table. We had a cocktail there then went to Le Bain at the Standard for a drink and to dance for a bit. Last, we went to 1Oak again. The minimum for entrance was $300 for a table and the guys shrugged their shoulders and paid for it, which was insane to me. We had so much fun and finally called it a night around 330.

He got an uber to take me home and when we pulled up, I asked if he wanted to come meet my dog because we talked about her for a while that night. I’m pretty drunk at this point, so we went upstairs and popped a couple beers to hang out. Something possessed me to go for it, and we started getting hot and heavy.

We had some of the most wild sex of my life. My apartment has a window that opens onto the rooftop with a couple couches on it and we eventually made our way out there. For being short, he was strong and we got into some of the craziest positions. His dick was amazing… like up there with top three in my life. Thick and long, but not so big that I was in pain the whole time. The sun started coming up and some people on neighboring buildings started hooting and hollering at us, so we went back inside. We had sex for probably two and a half hours and then passed out. He works in luxury real estate and had a showing first thing in the morning, so we slept for like an hour and a half and then he had to go do a showing.

I woke up and my room was trashed. I rifled through drawers to find lube, we had sex just about everywhere. I accidentally lost my phone behind the bed, and I’m still sore two days later. He said his knees are scraped up from the roof and I have like ten bruises. But this has been the biggest lesson to give unlikely guys a shot. I haven’t stopped thinking about our sex since and obviously enjoy the kickbacks from a secure guy.

Sorry to be a bore with vanilla sex, but I like to keep a balance, especially when sugaring is going slow.

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Ehi!! I just read your les mis fic and it's really amazing!!!O(≧∇≦)O I was wondering if you could write one with the Sickie scenario you reblogged with A being enj, B being R and C... I don't know actually... Ferre maybe?

(Okay so here’s the thing: I don’t know what I reblogged. I have a very vague memory of it which I’m certain is right for the most part but I may have missed out some of the detail on the scenario so apologies for that! I’ve said this before but I love writing les mis!! Also sorry if my translations are off! Not native French speaker!)


J'ai mal a la tête-my head hurts
J'ai froid Grantaire- I’m cold, Grantaire
J'ai sommeil- I’m sleepy
Quest ce qu'il fait faire ? -What should I do?
Je suis desolee- I’m sorry
A tés souhaits- Bless you
Je ne me sens pas biens- I don’t feel well
Prenons ta temperature, oui? -Let me take your temperature, yes?
Tu as l'aire malade, Enjolras- You look sick, Enjolras
Restez au lit, oui?- Stay in bed, yes?
Ou est Grantaire? -Where is Grantaire?

Grantaire knows Enjolras well.

He’s spent a long time watching him move, analysing every little thing about him, and he’d fall in love a little more each day. And ever since Grantaire realised that his love was returned, he could only fall deeper in love.

He’d fall in love with Enjolras’s hair in the morning, how soft and perfectly messy it was. He’d fall in love with the look of his sleeping face, so calm, so beautifully natural. He’d fall in love with the way he’d constantly tap his fingers on surfaces to cope, and the little noises it would make. He’d even fall in love with the little stutter and shake to his voice, and even how clammy his hands got when he was anxious. Which was a lot of the time.

But these things no matter how imperfect made Enjolras.

And Grantaire loved Enjolras.

He loved him and all his little quirks. He’d memorised them; a little cheat sheet permanently installed into his head. Grantaire knew when Enjolras was getting sick.

He knew when he came home and his jacket pockets would be stuffed with tissues. He knew when the very tip of his nose would be slightly pink and slightly dry. He knew when Enjolras wore old  hoodies for days in a row. He knew when Enjolras sneezed slightly louder, a little more powerful.

Enjolras pitched forward with a forceful sneeze that doubled him over, but managed to catch wth his sleeve. The sound was obviously strained, but not too successfully, like he had been trying to muffle the sound but had failed to do so.

Grantaire frowned and put down his paintbrush, sighing. It had been the 6th time in the past half hour, and he needed to draw the line. He approached him quietly, gently putting his hands on Enjolras’s shoulders and softly massaging them.

“Bless you, baby,” Grantaire whispered.

Enjolras jumped slightly, face still buried in his sleeve. After he pitched forward with another sneeze he cleared his throat and smiled at him wearily.

“Thank you,” Enjolras said.

Grantaire rested his chin on Enjolras head as he lovingly embraced him, “E, baby, I think you’re coming down with something.”

Enjolras cleared his throat and shook his head weakly, “I’m fine, R, I promise. Just a little tired.”

Grantaire frowned, “I don’t like you working like this. You’re worrying me, come to bed?”

Enjolras offered him a sympathetic smile, “I love that you care for me so much, but I am honestly fine, ‘Taire.”

There was nothing he could do to convince him.

Enjolras sighed, “Here, let me just finish this point here then I’ll come to bed, okay?”

Grantaire sighed and gave him and a sad little smile, whispering a soft little goodnight as he left a little kiss against Enjolras’s nose. He left shortly after towards the bedroom, but couldn’t quite get rid of the anxiety building in his chest once he heard the harsh and chesty cough that came out of his boyfriend.

Enjolras didn’t come into bed until many hours later, and as much as that worried him all Grantaire could think about was the oh so good warmth against his body filling him with love.

They could figure this out when the morning came.

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Out of the Frying Pan (6/?)

“Put them down, love,” he said softly. “You don’t have to make it seem like there was a choice.”

“I would say that I’m sorry, but I’m absolutely not.”

“And here I didn’t bid on that knife set for you.”

“For me?” Emma repeated. “I think you just wanted to save your money. Isn’t that why you got cheap at the end here?”

He crossed his arms over his chest, twisting the Iron Chef emblem in the left corner, and leveled her with an almost-serious gaze. “I’m choosing to see it as confident. I’m simply confident that I can still beat you, even with scraps of food.”

AN: This is another massive update because I couldn’t figure out where to split it, so there’s just 8K of cooking competition here. We might be a bit shorter on Friday. @laurnorder continues to be the word hero I do not deserve and you guys are all fantastic for reading this. 

Living on Ao3 and tag’ed up on Tumblr.

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Don’t hold back on us now! What did you eat??

you got it!

so i cook real dinner for myself all the time, but typically like. pasta. or a baked potato. tonight i made myself an actual chicken dinner, which i’ve always been terrified to do because a: salmonella and b: i HAAAAAATE touching raw chicken god. i mean i don’t think anyone ENJOYS touching raw chicken (and if you know someone who does, stay far away from them) but god. i am not squeamish about anything else but it makes my fucking stomach turn.

but i got over it and made honey lime chicken and it was actually fucking delicious! a little charred, but not pink inside, so that’s good. and then i crapped out on a side dish so i made frozen french fries, and let me tell you. it was all very delicious and i’m proud of myself

but eating my ore-ida french fries in knock-off LL Bean house slippers and my ugly halloween sweater, complete with glitter paint and cartoon ghosts, did make me feel like an early-90s midwestern housewife. like the best friend of someone who got kidnapped in an episode of Forensic Files. like the kind of person who had every family photo taken a Glamour Shots. this probably makes no sense to my international followers but my US homies are getting a very vivid picture of my friday night right now

Why Iggy Pop is the most adorable idiot on this planet

We all love Iggy when he’s going crazy on stage, but consider this:
Soft Iggy at home, enjoying the little things and being an adorable child in his vegetable garden.

First off, we have Iggy wearing a t-shirt with a picture of himself on, just to make sure that you know that he is actually Iggy Pop

He sings to his plants…. Plants gotta know they’re loved right, and what better way to show that you love your plants than to sing to them? And then even in French! *Sigh* My heart….

He chops carrots with a steak knife like a highly focused 7 year old.
Iggy… Honey…. Let me help you okay…

*Fabulous hairflip appreciation*

He does Tai Chi (and then forgets the next step) bless his pure innocent soul

He meditates! Or at least tries to…

Also can we please talk about that little hint of a smile here?
Look at it! He is so proud of himself for getting that pesky fly awwh don’t you just want to kiss his face

Oh and he enjoys gazing over the water from his own private riverbank. If this doesn’t bring your heart at peace, then nothing will!

….he apparently also enjoys this giant blue woman………..

Again, gotta show those plants how much he loves them. This plant is being treated better than most people treat their children. In my next life, I wouldn’t mind being one of Iggy’s plants.

Just playing one of his more classical compositions… On a kid’s piano!
Another indication that this man is closer to 7 than 70!

Alright guys, this has been Why Iggy Pop Is The Most Adorable Idiot On This Planet brought to you by your favourite gifmaker!

Next time, we will take a look on Why Iggy Pop Loves His Transparent Pants.
Stay tuned, and take care! 


Past the Stars: Le Ciel Brule, an Overwatch Fanfic

<Disclaimers: this story features Tracer, Widowmaker, Pharah, Mercy, Sombra, Mei, and Zarya. This story takes place in space. It’s just a fun little adventure story. It is my first fanfic ever. Please enjoy.>

A ship cruised through the dead of space, twin engines crackling with energy as it sped through the star-dotted black of space. It was painted blue and yellow, with ‘Pharaoh’s Mercy’ painted on the side.

In the pilot’s seat, Lena Oxton, a young woman with spikey brown hair, a brown bomber jacket, and bright orange pants, adjusted her orange-lensed glasses. 

She pushed a button marked ‘autopilot’, got up, and dashed down the hall behind her, flicking on lightswitches as she goes. She passed the medbay, the planning room, and the other three bunks, pausing to knock on the captain’s door and shout, “CAPTAIN! DOCTOR ZIEGLER! WAKE UP, BOTH OF YOU!” 

She finally reached the last bunk on the hall, one that she had lovingly decorated the door of in orange and purple trimmings. She threw open the door and jumped onto the bed, landing on the other woman sleeping there. She was cold as ice, but Lena didn’t mind. She never minded. The woman let out a cry of pain and shouted (in an accent unmistakably French), “Lena! Mon dieu, would it kill you to wake me up without collapsing my spine?!” Lena laughed and rolled off her, saying, “Sorry, Amelie, love. You know how I get worked up in the morning. C’mon, it’s time for breakfast!” Amelie groaned and rubbed her back, muttering, “Ma cherie, sometimes I wonder how I put up with you.”

The duo arrived in the mess hall a little later, got their food, and sat down to eat. Their captain Fareeha Amari, an Egyptian woman in a blue t-shirt and black shorts, chose this time to brief the ship’s crew on their current mission. 

Fareeha stood up, scratched one of the joints that joined her cybernetic legs to her body, and said, “All right, ladies, here’s the job. The Volskaya corporation was shipping some very valuable tech from their factories on Kholodnyy Mir to their manufacturer on Arcadia. That shipment never arrived. They decided to look into it and found out it’s been hijacked by some paramilitary group. Thankfully, they put trackers in their ships, so we’ve tracked it. We’re gonna board the ship and steal back the tech they stole. Sombra, the rest of the details, please.” 

The team’s hacker, Sombra, looked up from her huevos rancheros and pulled up a schematic of the target ship. “Gracias, captain. Now,” she began, “the ship is called the Rasputin IV, and it’s kind of big. But, I’m pretty sure the stuff we’re looking for is in the cargo hold. We go in, search the cargo hold, and if it’s not there we search the rest of the ship.” 

Mei, the ship’s other engineer, frowned and said, “I think we need a full plan. How about Lena, Amelie, and Sombra go in first to scout ahead? If the bad guys show up, the captain, Zarya, and Angela should enter to back them up. I’ll  watch the ship.” Zarya leaned over and slapped her on the back. “Scared, kotyonok?” she asked. “Kind of,” Mei sheepishly responded, “I’m not too good in a fight. Plus, somebody should watch the ship, right?” Zarya  said, “I will keep you company. It is a routine job, the rest can handle it.” Mei smiled and whispered, “Xie xie.”

Fareeha stood up. “Alright everyone,” she said, “Looks like we’re done planning. Lena, fly us to the target and we’ll do this job.” 

Lena jumped up from her chair, saying, “Gotcha, cap! We’ll be there in a flash!” and running off to the piloting console.

Four hours later, the captain’s voice sounded over the intercom. 


The four women rushed into the barracks to put on their combat gear. Lena slipped into her orange fieldweave bodysuit, zipped up her bomber’s jacket, holstered her two submachine guns on her utility belt, slipped her feet into white crocs, and strapped on her chronal harness, connecting it to her glowing chest reactor. Amelie slid into her respective violet fieldweave suit, putting on her targeting visor, her high-heeled boots, her grappling gauntlet, and her bandolier, which held her sniper rifle, several venom mines, and her automatic rifle. Sombra put on her respective fieldweave outfit, her bizarre toe shoes, a purple trench coat, and her hacking gloves, holstering her submachine gun on a belt that also held several pocket teleporters. Angela, the team’s medic, put on her angel armor, a winged jetpack, a sidearm, and her caduceus. 

Once they were done, the captain walked in, wearing her blue flight armor and carrying her rocket launcher. She stared for a second at Angela’s outfit, then snapped back into focus and addressed the assembled crew. 

“All right, everyone’s ready. Lena, get back in your chair and dock this thing. Sombra, Amelie, help her find a way in. Angela, join me in the airlock. We’re almost there.” 

Lena and Amelie winked at each other, exiting to the pilot’s deck with Sombra following behind.

Soon later, the assembled crew were all in the airlock, with the exception of Mei and Zarya. The door opened, and they ran into the ship, heading toward the cargo hold. 

Sombra, the one with the map, shouted directions at everyone as they went. “Brilliant idea,” Amelie muttered with a voice dripping in sarcasm, “let everyone know we’re here. Tu es completement débile.”

Sure enough, when they reached the cargo hold, the first thing they saw was a bunch of pirates playing poker. The pirates, who were dressed in loosely-slapped-together battle armor that was all painted dark green, took one look at Captain Amari’s rocket launcher and Amelie’s sniper rifle and ran off, shouting curses. 

“Well, that was bloody easy!” Lena said. 

“Not so fast, cherie,” Amelie chided her, “they might have a trick up their sleeve. Let’s move out.” With that, Amelie grappled to a high-up platform and set up her sniper rifle while Lena and Sombra dashed out ahead, searching for the tech they were looking for. 

Lena started opening crates, finding a mech’s arm, several wrenches, and a huge crate of strawberries, but no navdrives. “Aw, rubbish!” she exclaimed. Sombra appeared next to her and suggested, “Ey, they’re probably in the back.” 

Suddenly, Amelie’s voice broke out over the communicators they were using. “Ma cherie! Behind you!” Lena instinctively dashed to the side, and the box she was looking at exploded as a shell from a tank hit it. Turning around, she spotted the pirates climbing into a six-legged walker tank. 

“Oh, bloody fucking hell,” she cursed. “Captain Amari! Doctor Ziegler! We need help!” 

Over the captain’s comm, Sombra remarked, “So, jefe, do we have a plan? I don’t feel quite comfy with the idea of exploding.”

Fareeha took a moment to think, and asked Amelie, “Does that tank have any weak spots?” Amelie responded, “None that I can exploit. But, your rocket launcher and Lena’s grenades should be able to take out those legs.” “Perfect,” the captain responded, “We’ll take the legs out, then you and Sombra pick off the pirates inside the tank.” Angela tapped her on the shoulder and asked, “What exactly should I do, Fareeha?” Fareeha, trying her damnedest not to blush, smiled awkwardly at her, saying, “Keep us alive as always, Angela.” 

With that, she rocketed off, nervous due to the assurance that her crush was watching over her while Angela followed behind her, thinking about the same thing. 

Captain Amari took four shots at the tank’s legs, missing two but destroying a front leg. Lena attached a grenade to the other front leg and blew it clean off, unbalancing the tank. The tank responded by firing a blast at Sombra, which missed but caught her in the explosion, causing her to cry out in pain and fall over. Angela immediately flew over and carried her to safety. 

Fareeha, having reloaded her bazooka, took another couple shots, hitting the tank twice and severely damaging it. The four pirates inside abandoned the tank, only for two of them to be picked off by Amelie’s sniper rifle. 

The two remaining pirates immediately surrendered. Lena dashed over and asked them to patch her into their captain. The pirates complied, casting nervous glances at Amelie and her sniper rifle.

 A vidscreen appeared, revealing he pirates’ captain, a drunken-looking old man who was at that point swearing up a storm.

Fareeha immediately greeted him, saying “Good evening, sir, this is your captain speaking. We destroyed your tank. I’m quite sure we can take your entire crew. Now, we’ve come for one thing and one thing only: A box of navdrives.” 

The captain, obviously angry but a good amount scared, growled, “All right. Blue box. Back right of the hold. Take it, and get the fuck out of here.” Fareeha grinned and closed the vidsceen, pausing to thank the petrified pirates for their ‘cooperation’.

About a half hour later, the Pharaoh’s Mercy undocked from the Rasputin IV and soared off into the darkness of space, heading towards Arcadia to collect their bounty.

About a day later, the ship slowed to a crawl and Lena called her girlfriend over to the bridge. 

Amelie came up to the bridge and saw Lena gazing at a shimmering orange nebula, one so bright that it looked like someone had set fire to the sky. 

Amelie wrapped her arms around Lena and said, “It’s beautiful, ma cherie.” Lena smiled and responded, “Reminds me of something an strange man told me, when I was in pilot training. Weird chap, that one.” 

“What’s that?” Amelie asked. 

Lena looked up at her and responded, “There are worlds out there where the sky is burning, where the sea’s asleep and the rivers dream. People made of smoke and cities made of song. Somewhere there’s danger, somewhere there’s injustice, and somewhere else the tea is getting cold.” 

Lena embraced Amelie, balancing on her tiptoes to kiss her beautiful, cold lips. “C’mon, luv. We’ve got work to do.”


And thus ends my first fanfic, ever! What’d ya think? I’d appreciate constructive criticism.  Please reblog if you like.

love and agency in Disney's 'Frozen'

Frozen’s denouement offers so many interpretations - whose heart needed to be thawed, who performed the act of true love, to what effect… what resonates with me is the idea that this act of love isn’t something you receive passively, it’s something you need to give. by “placing someone else’s needs before yours”, as Olaf puts it, you save yourself.

that’s why that particular movie’s happy ending makes so much sense (as opposed to, i dunno, Tangled’s (i loved the movie but Flynn’s resurrection at the end felt a bit forced narratively), and why i don’t think Kristoff’s kiss, no matter how sincere, would have done the trick: Anna’s heart never froze completely - the ice, which started spreading from her fingertips, was never going to get there because the moment she decided that giving everything she had to protect Elsa’s life was worth it, she broke the spell. that’s also why the healing process happens in reverse: the warmth spreads from her heart, bringing her back to life, because it never froze in the first place.

that’s for the literal ice in Anna’s heart, but there’s also the metaphorical one in Elsa’s, which is a lot harder to heal. she’s saved by two acts of love: the one she receives when Anna gives her life for her and Elsa realises just how much she was loved all along, and on a deeper level, the one she’s been performing over and over again since she was a child, putting Anna’s (and her kingdom’s) needs above her own well-being. sure, she locked herself away out of fear and anguish, but mostly out of love. it’s crystal clear when she turns around to look at Anna in her ice palace and sings Please go back home, your life awaits, go enjoy the sun and open up the gates. it’s no coincidence that the music takes on a very regal quality for a moment (00'34" to 00'42" in the second ‘For the first time in forever song’ from the OST), because right then and there, she’s not speaking out of fear, she knows exactly what she’s ready to give up. Olaf, a literal extension of Elsa’s love for Anna, was right when he told her that sometimes, the ultimate proof of love is to leave the person you cherish the most, which is what Elsa did. she was wrong of course, because isolation turned out to be an unsustainable, hurtful answer to her problems, but it doesn’t matter. she believed with all her heart that her own solitude was an acceptable price to pay to give Anna a chance at happiness.

when you’re capable of loving someone that much, your heart can’t freeze, be it literally (Anna) or symbolically (Elsa). when Anna tells Hans that he’s the only one with a frozen heart, it’s accurate, because he sees others as mere means, never as an end unto themselves. the typical Disney message, ~Love conquers all~, is usually such a cheesy turnoff… but Frozen’s subtle take on it really surprised and moved me: sure, being loved is incredibly important (by your sister, your lover, your friends, your reindeer), but ultimately, loving matters more than being loved. and loving (someone else, yourself…) isn’t a passive state of being, it’s an active one – if you live by it with all your heart, if you do what you can, things will be all right even when you stumble and make mistakes, because you’ve already saved yourself. 


(also, off-topic but very important! you know how the lyrics are a little different in the Demi Lovato version of 'Let it go’, the one that plays when the credits roll? there’s a line i wish had been included in the movie version: I know I left a life behind, but I’m too relieved to grieve. for some reason, i really like that bit. anyway, the second time i saw the movie, my friend made a mistake and instead of the English + French subs version he wanted to see, we got tickets for the French dub and didn’t realise it until the icebreakers’ song started. i gasped in horror and wailed a bit, but promptly recovered because it was… amazing? so i got to hear the credits version of 'Let it go’ by Anaïs Delva and guys it’s so different, much better than the one by Demi Lovato! and that line I know I left a life behind, but I’m too relieved to grieve? well, it became Farewell to spring and summer, my witchcraft is what I prefer and i just ardfgdfgrt. i love those variations, they open up so many interpretations. you can listen to it here.)


1. #FratStar

Fuck, I am not looking forward to having to deal with this guy.

Adam introduces himself as “your typical lovable fraternity guy” and I’m left scratching my head. I can easily picture hundreds of typical fraternity guys, yet not one of them would I consider lovable. The very idea that he thinks being a drunk asshole makes him in any way admirable shows he has a warped perception. As I watched him brag about partying, all I could think was he’s in for a wakeup call when he graduates college, leaves the fraternity, and discovers that the real world isn’t nearly as tolerant of this obnoxious behavior.

AND THEN I NOTICED THAT HE’S 26! That means that Adam is more than a few years out of undergrad and just clinging to this fraternity identity. I can decide whether it’s more pathetic or scary. He tells the judges, “I’m somewhat of a legend in my fraternity. They actually still have a pledge event where they ask trivia questions about me." 

Hmm, is that actually an honor? If I were to guess what some of the questions look like:

  • How many times was Adam admitted to the hospital with alcohol poisoning?
  • How many times did campus security write up Adam for stealing their golf carts?
  • How many sorority sisters regretted waking up next to Adam?

Every reason to hate Adam is apparent in his ideal schedule:

Tyra might like Adam’s "energy,” but at least it’s clear that the editors despise him. Notice how they listed Adam’s first sex session at just two minutes long.  

I wouldn’t mind Adam so much if he were just a stupid frat guy who knows at some level that he’s a loser but is too much of a lush to make any life changes. Adam, however, genuinely thinks his frat-brother-for-life attitude makes him a champ. He also keeps boasting that he’s smarter than everyone else, too. [Like Miss J’s masculine side, though, “footage not found.”]   

“Everyone parties,” says Adam. “I’m just better at it.”

Case in point: if these people were partying as well as Adam, would they have to have their faces blurred? Didn’t think so!

“I’m in the top 1% of partiers in the country,” he also asserts to Tyra. I love how casually and confidently he breaks out that statistic as if that figure is in anyway scientific. Site your source, Adam. How does someone measure who is a better partier? Which academic publication is ranking American partiers and placing you in the 1%? 

That said, I would agree that Adam is in the top 1% of making me throw up in my mouth a little bit, especially when he says things like, “I’m gonna be on alpha male mountain looking down at all the people who are less attractive than I am. Hello, ladies! I’m gonna come in hot. I’m coming in like a banshee outta hell. Probably french seven or eight of them just off the bat, let ‘em know I’m here to play.” Oh, and then he growls like a lion.

Thank goodness we have someone like Miss J who is happy to mock Adam’s weird grunting and growling. He did lose me a little bit, though, when he mentions he “wants some of what [Adam] got.” No. If Adam does happen to share any pills with you, double-check to make sure it isn’t a roofie.

At least Kelly Cutrone has an accurate read on Adam. After he leaves the room, she says, “I hope my daughter never comes home with a guy like him.” Look, I don’t even think I like you, Cutrone, but even I think you and your family deserve better. We ALL deserve better.

8 Funniest Moments of ANTM Cycle 21 Episode 1 

anonymous asked:

and it just gets incREASLINGLY WORSE like flipping desks and then fucking escalates to like I DONT KNOW BUT IT DOES

Now they’re on the announcements bashing each other or Jefferson teaching his students how to say Alex’s name formally in French but really teaches them ‘Mr. Dumbass’ (idk guys I don’t know French, I barely know English) not knowing Alex knows French, and Alex hears it and gets so mad, storming into Jeffersons office (our teachers have offices idk if that’s my districts thing or something but) and he’s about to go off on Jefferson and Thomas groans in French ‘Oh my god, do you have to wear those pants? God stop teasing me with your ass!“ And Alex stops and is like “what did you say?” And Thomas just gives him a grimace and is like “wouldn’t you like to know.” Alex is taken aback by how Thomas is oblivious to the fact that French is Alexs native language. So Alex gives him a little smile and just lets Thomas go on thinking that he is getting away with his French.

Let’s please talk about this.



December is one of, if not, thee coldest month of the year. Although the scenery is nice, the temperature reaches below thirty sometimes and no way is that enjoyable. Any other year, I would have complained about it and possibly stayed inside but this year was different. I even felt it too. All my legal problems were put behind me. I was done with serving time, Austin was doing better than ever and most importantly, I felt at peace. Even though Bailey and I weren’t official, we were exclusive which meant we were pretty damn close to being official with one another. I understood that Bailey wanted to take things slow and move with precaution and I was going to do just that for her because I know that’s what she wants and I also know that she’s not going anywhere either.

I was extremely happy knowing that Bailey and I were once again reunited after such a long time apart. There wasn’t a day when she didn’t run through my mind. I thought about her more than I should have and the distance was honestly killing me.  When I had the urge to call or text her, I was reminded that, that might not have been the smartest choice. Looking back, I wish I had gone against those specific instructions to withstand contact but I couldn’t deny the time apart just expanded my love for her tenfold.

Now that she was back in my arms, no one could take her away. Not even her father. I could understand his frustration and anger towards the situation but if Bailey is honestly happy with me, her dad needs to fall back and hop off. Bailey is a grown ass adult and I won’t let her father stifle her from doing anything she actually wants to do. And I damn sure won’t allow him to get in the way of my relationship with her either. Although we haven’t talked explicitly about her father, I know she has concerns about him and I know she values him just as much but if it were to ever get to that point where Mr. Banks and I come head to head, then so be it.

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