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Can you pls rec me som long joshler pics


okay so there arent a lot of well written long joshler fics but the ones that are good are REALLY GOOD. i dont know what your definition of long is so im gonna put the word count down too

Light a Match and All Ill See is You (131k wowser)

this ones amazing like my absolute favorite, when i first read the description i was reluctant because i saw the word superheroes and thought it would suck but its so good and it has a nice ending but definitely read the tags

Kik (16k)

this ones a wip but its being regularly updated and i really like it, i think its a really cool concept.

Breaking Free (12k)

also a work in progress but so good

Surrounding All My Surroundings (26k)

okay so this one is another one of my favorites, im a sucker for a college au. its really cute and funny and i just love it so much

I Miss Missing You Now and Then (12k)

its one chapter but its 12k words so?? that counts right?? idk but its good (enemies to friends hell yeah)

Stay in Place (Sing a Chorus) (9k)

this thing is a masterpiece honest to god but you need to read the tags, i can not stress this enough. it does not have a happy ending what so ever but its so damn good

Get Down on Your Knees and Tell Me You Love Me (5k)

basically josh is a moody petulant child and takes it out on tyler but its okay bc sex later

Don’t Fear the Reaper (8k)

this ones so cute man which is weird because its also really dark but yeah. please read the tags.

We Could Fly Far Away (55k)

just so cute okay. tyler is ftm in this fic. its SO FKN CUTE

again i apologize for taking so long, if any of the links are broken pls let me know and ill fix em. hope you enjoy!!!