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We all have that one friend...
  • INTP is telling INFP about how to handle a bully.
  • INTP: ...I know it's hard to ignore him.
  • INFP: It is! I try so hard to control myself and not yell at him, but he keeps bothering me and laughing at me! He tells me so many things that make me feel worthless!
  • ENFP and ISTJ walk in.
  • ENFP: What's wrong, INFP?
  • INFP: It's T! He bullies me, and I wasn't going to tell my parents, but I let it slip last night. Now they want me to tell someone.
  • ENFP: Ahhh. Right.
  • INTP: *Continues giving 3 minute advice lecture to INFP on how to handle it.*
  • INFP: I know, but it's so hard.
  • ISTJ: *monotone* We could kill him.
  • INFP, INTP & ENFP: *Burst out laughing*

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I told my manager that my grandad died and I'd need an afternoon off. He asked if we were close and said yes, even though our relationship was complicated sometimes, but I'm really going to miss him. Then he scheduled me in on the day of the funeral because according to the manager I said that I wasn't going to miss him and that we weren't close. I went to the funeral anyway and if he says anything I'm making an official complaint.

If he says anything I’ll come shove the schedule, pencil and all, up his nose! I’m sorry about your grandpa. Definitely stand up for yourself and report the jackass. Let us know what happens. I’d like to know if justice happened or if you need advice on what else to do to get it. -Abby

kinda hate posts where ppl act as though because fans make memes and jokes about certain aspects of a character, then we automatically don’t understand the depth of that character as well. like hi not every single post has to be character analysis and a kowtow to character development. let people make memes. i promise you they probably also understand the significance of that character too.

Kinda wonder whether what Mary wants is hunting or family, because don’t get me wrong I’m all for both, both is good, and it can work for Sam and Dean and hopefully Cas but I don’t think it’s what Mary actually wants..
I mean, I’ve been buying the ‘kill all the monsters to give sons a normal life’ thing but now I think.. if she really wanted family, she wouldn’t have had the urge to hunt when Dean was a kid and all? Maybe she’s really kidding herself? Or is this also still the messed up cupid/resurrection thing affecting her?

I also wonder if John would’ve been able to/wanted to stop after Azazel’s death if he’d still been alive back then..

What I’d also like them do with this character story is the boys not ‘because mom’-ing everything about her, because that way they can never develop an honest relationship with her. I’d like them to temporarily(!) break with her so she can earn her place in the family by herself and not based on expectations. 

  • Hanji: "The Attack Titan"
  • Eren: Huh?
  • Hanji: That's what you just did. You stared into the middle distance and said "The Attack Titan" without any prompting.
  • Armin: Well I guess he did do that.
  • Levi: Who gives a shit. He's 15. He's an edgelord. Of course he's going to stare into the middle distance and say dramatic shit.
  • Hanji: Also you're free to go. Let's go see the queen.
  • ---------------------------
  • Historia: Hey bitches.
  • Everyone: All hail the queen.
  • Historia: Jesus christ guys it's still me. No need for that. Also Let's go read Ymir's letter.
  • --------Ymir's letter--------
  • Ymir: Sup Historia. Reiner's letting me write this letter, but he's reading everything I write so I figure this is a good time to mention that Reiner will never, EVER get laid.
  • Ymir: Anyways, sorry I left you. I don't know what came over me.
  • Ymir: So basically here's my backstory. I used to be an orphan but this guy gave me the name Ymir. I started calling myself Ymir and everyone started worshipping my ass. But then some guys (read: Marley) came along and told me my ass was whack but I responded "Bitch my ass fine and also I'm a goddess" even though I wasn't.
  • Ymir: Not a goddess, that is. My ass fine.
  • Ymir: Anyways, they sent me to Paradis and made me into a Titan and yadda yadda you know the rest.
  • Ymir: They are probably going to kill me now. It was a good life, though. I'm happy with it.
  • Ymir: I do have one regret, though.
  • Ymir: I never got to marry you.
  • ----------Later that day---------
  • Zackley: Okay guys so we haven't revealed this info to the public yet. Lets go over it real quick and see if we can figure out what to do.
  • Hanji: So basically everyone in the world wants our asses dead.
  • Zackley: Well shit.
  • Hanji: Also, according to Eren's flashback:
  • ----------Eren's Flashback------------
  • OKay Fuck me I'm not sure exactly what this part is saying, but basically the mindless titans were used as military might by Eldians and now are used by Marley. The First King is using the titans to keep the Eldians in "Paradise", but believes that one day all of Eldia should be wiped out, lest it wage war again. One translation says the Marley want to control the titans, another one says they want to kill the titans so they can harvest resources from Paradis. For this goal they need the coordinate. There is a debate in Marley on whether or not to exterminate all Eldians or to use them as weapons. Kruger want Grisha to steal the coordinate so that this debate will open up again... for some reason. I'm waiting for a better translation.:
  • -----------Back to present day-------------
  • Zackley: So pretty much, if I'm understanding this, if a Reiss has the coordinate then we can't use the power, but if a non-Reiss has the coordinate we can't use the power.
  • Hanji: Ya
  • Eren: *Remembers he could use it when he touched smiling titan*
  • Eren: *Remembers smiling titan is Dina, and therefore royalty*
  • Eren: *Realizes if he tells people this they might make him eat Historia to merge with royal blood and unlock coordinate*
  • Eren: *Says nothing because he doesn't want Historia to die and let's be real she probably tastes terrible*
  • -----------Back to Eren's Flashback----------
  • Kruger: Grisha, when you get to the walls, start a family.
  • Grisha: And just betray Dina?
  • Kruger: Yeah boi
  • Kruger: You have to. Otherwise we will continue to repeat the same mistakes and the same history again and again.
  • Kruger: You have to do it if you want to save Mikasa and Armin.
  • Grisha: Who the fuck are Mikasa and Armin?
  • Kruger: I have no fucking clue. Why the fuck did I say that?
  • ----------Chapter End-------------------

Like who he tryna kid though?

  • RotomDex: Mimikyu: Its actual appearance is unknown. A scholar who saw what was under its rag was overwhelmed by terror and died from the shock.
  • Me: Dude, he's right here.
  • Mimikyu: "sad noises"
  • Me: And that seems like an exaggeration. Here let me show you.
  • Dex: Don't do it. You don't know what he looks like.
  • Me: He'll look like a friend. 'lifts up disguise'
  • ~~~5 seconds later~~~
  • Me: See? Was that so bad. 'hugging Mimikyu without the disguise'
  • Dex: Well I guess it wasn't. I wonder who wrote that though?
  • ~~~In Kanto~~~
  • Blue: Gramps, the sun is still there. Please stop writing pokedex entries.
Sakura Dialogue
Fire Emblem: Fates
Sakura Dialogue

For dantemustdie00 and gallade-x-treme!

This completes the Hoshido royal family! Disclaimers as usual.

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they call me.
Lost, forgotten.
My snakebite heart
growing colder
by the second.
My gooseflesh skin
greying ugly in the dark. 
So it goes. No matter. 

What awaited me
in the land of the living?
His hand creeping starved
between my thighs?
The sweet stench of rot
choking itself in my hair? 

Let me be honest here,
whisper my story in your ear. 
Let me tell you 
how I was silent as he turned,
how I never reached for him
as Death’s cold fingers 
curled around my waist,
how I wanted him 
to look back,
how I craved it
with all of my unbeating heart. 

Let me tell you how I chose hell.

—  Emily Palermo, Eurydice. 

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✋ -bcbadcck //love him

Send ✋ to hold my muse’s hand

        she might have been shaking just a little bit when she felt the other hold her hand—- she’d tried really hard not to let any squeaks escape, though, even as she felt her heart nearly pound out of her chest.

                               “…niiiiiiiiiiiiiice babadook thingy….please don’t kill me. i’m a good person. i would really rather not die today.”

             next time she found that babadook book in her apartment, she was going to have to chuck it far far away. she was not good with scary things, not at all. // @bcbadcck

The way Nicole looks when Champ is all up in her face calling them disgusting fucking kills me. You can see it in her expression that she’s heard it before and she’s already practiced at steeling herself against it. The town that they live in, I’m not surprised. No one seems to really know Nicole is gay either, though she doesn’t look to be hiding it but even Nedley’s reaction, he wasn’t expecting it. And her looking up at him on the stairs to see how he was going to react, like she wasn’t sure. Nicole bb, you’re valid and amazing and I love you okay?

Quotes About Heartbreak For The Signs
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> "Love will hurt, but it should not harm you."<p/><b>Taurus:</b> "I sleep to avoid all my problems, especially to avoid the aching thoughts about you."<p/><b>Gemini:</b> "I get so used to you talking to me that when you leave, my world collapses."<p/><b>Cancer:</b> "I want to give up on you, but my heart always wonders 'what if'."<p/><b>Leo:</b> "Perhaps you're the sun and i'm the moon, so all i do is revolve around you."<p/><b>Virgo:</b> "I want to know what it feels like to receive the love i've been giving out all these years."<p/><b>Libra:</b> "I lost myself trying to please you, now i'm losing you trying to find myself again."<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> "So let's ignore each other, try to pretend the other person doesn't exist, even though it wasn't supposed to end like this."<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> "Oh how quickly the butterflies went up in flames and turned to ashes."<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> "Another love gone wrong, another heart to shatter, welcome to reality, where feelings don't matter."<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> "I see galaxies in your eyes and meanwhile i'm not even a star in your sky."<p/><b>Pisces:</b> "It was words that i fell for. and in the end it was words that broke my heart."<p/><b></b> // to all the people out there who are going through hard times at the moment, remember that heartbreak doesn't last forever and it simply makes you a stronger person than you already are. We all experience these things and after hours of crying and screaming, you HAVE TO go out and show everyone what this has made of you and that you moved on because life is beautiful and there aren't just bad people in the world. You derseve to be loved, feel hugged! <3<p/></p>

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I don't know if this is just me, or if you've done this on purpose, (if so, ignore this) but I think the tab thing on the right side of the blog is messed up a little? The Patreon image and link is gone, as well as anything else that was there. (The welcoming text is still there, though.) I hope this isn't a bother! It doesn't look bad, if you did do it on purpose; I just wanted to let you know in case it wasn't!

That was not on purpose! Thank you for letting me know!


I can’t remember how I made the Patreon link before.

I can’t believe people are surprised about Viktor’s personality. I know he seemed to be perfect in episode 1, but since the first time I saw his design, I knew he would be kind of an asshole. I saw it coming.

I’m actually happy about it, because it means he has flaws, and it’s a kind of flaw that champions like him often have. He really gives me the Plushenko vibe. I mean, I remember seeing Plushenko in interviews and answering questions being way too honest and straightforward, to the point that it could almost come off as cruel. But you couldn’t deny the truth in his words. (He doesn’t talk shit about other skaters, though, as far as I know, unlike other skaters. Not naming names, but you probably know who I’m talking about.)

And let us remember this.

No, I’m not surprised about Viktor’s personality 'twist’ (if there ever was a twist to begin with). I don’t know if the creators were thinking of Plushenko or if this is just a coincidence, but I’m glad that the more I know about Viktor, the more he reminds me of Plushenko.

So… this wasn’t one of the ficlet prompts, but I just felt the need to finish up the “Sally-Ann goes up the mountain” story line that I had written about before. Fair warning: this is slightly NSFW, but just slightly – suggestive, but nothing more… :)

The barest hint of light was curling through the interior of the cabin, peeking past the gaps between the wooden walls, visible through the open spaces that gave view to the shadowy wilderness beyond. Birds faintly chirped, calling out to each other in a greeting song, as the world began to come awake.

Sally-Ann blinked her eyes open, trying to remember where she was, and then she felt the warm and solid form underneath her, her gaze slowly turning towards the familiar face of the man who had brought her here. He was still asleep, his features made more boyish in the half-light, his hair in rough disarray across the top of the mattress. She watched him for a little while, enjoying the luxury of being able to look at him unobserved. For once, he was still, a shift from his normal state of expressive animation. His eyelashes were so long, fanning downwards to his cheeks, and even as he slept she could see the shallow diagonal indentations that cut so broadly when he smiled. She lingered far too long on his mouth, on the tiny lines arrayed in parallel down the roundness of his lips. There was a tiny spot near his chin that he had missed while shaving, and she was barely able to restrain herself from shifting against him so she could reach up and touch it. 

His skin was so warm against hers as she lay half-way against him, her head tucked into that hollow where his shoulder met his chest. For a moment she wondered what it would be like in winter, with the cold and the snow raging outside, their bodies cozily nestled within a cocoon of blankets. She knew she shouldn’t think like that; it was foolish, envisioning anything beyond each day they shared together, but still it tempted her, this thing she knew she couldn’t keep but wanted fiercely anyway. His arm was heavy draped around her waist, the fingers of his good hand lightly grazing her skin. She looked over at her own hand, how it partially covered the tattoo on his chest, the prongs of the deer’s antlers just barely jutting out beyond her fingertips. 

All their clothes had come off quickly enough, as they had lost themselves in the excitement of discovering each other. By now, of course, it was more of a re-discovery, but a satisfying and enjoyable one regardless. There had been sense enough to extinguish the two lanterns before they collapsed entirely, worn out not only from their immediate exertions, but from the half-day’s uphill journey it had taken to get here. 

At some point, though, in the darkest point of the night, they had woken and silently found each other, moving quietly, his hands and his mouth giving her every cause to cry out, even though she knew she shouldn’t make a sound. 

Right before she fell asleep for the second time, she had started to think about how all of this – all of her time on the mountain, really – had begun to resemble a dream, one she would soon wake up from, requiring her to return to the sad realities of her life. Even this moment, as they lay together in the early morning quiet, seemed so surreal, as if it existed somewhere beyond the recognizable world. If it was a dream, though, she had no desire to leave it, even as she acknowledged the harsh truth that it would end regardless of her feelings on the matter. 

“Ya ‘bout done?” Even as a low rumble, his voice startled her, a rough intrusion into the quiet. 

“Done?” she asked quietly, glancing up at him. His eyes were still closed.

“Lookin’ a’ me,” he said gently, a corner of his mouth raised in amusement. “But don’ stop. Don’ wan’ ya ta miss nothin’.”

“You…” She stopped, nearly ready to fire off some retort, and instead sighed and pressed her cheek more firmly against his chest, settling her body across the length of his. He said nothing, but curled his arm tight against her waist, his left hand reaching over to clasp her by the shoulder. He was encircling her, pulling her towards him, until it was hard for her to imagine a way that they could get any closer. She didn’t mind, though; as long as he held her, she didn’t have to leave, she didn’t have to wake up. 

Everything was so still, so quiet. The light outside was growing stronger, but even so, she wanted it to stop, for the whole world to stop its spinning, for this moment to stay suspended in time, the way a bird hovers in a draft of air. She could feel his heart beating underneath her palm, a soft rhythm that echoed her own. 


“Hmmm?” she murmured.

“I don’ know…” he half-whispered against her hair. “I jus’… I jus’ wan’ ya ta stay here, wi’ me. I don’t wan’ ya ta go…”

Now that he had said something, given voice to the thoughts she had been turning over in her mind, it was almost as if she felt the need to counter them, to bring both of them back down to reality, if only to make it easier in the long run.


“I know, I know… ya gotta… But a man’s got a right ta dream, don’t he?”

That was the thing about Hasil: he was a dreamer. He could afford to be. But she didn’t have that luxury. Sometimes it seemed like the whole world was conspiring to tell her who she was and what she could do, how to act and talk and how to look, and it wasn’t something she was allowed to just ignore.

And the world definitely did not want them together. This thing they had – this wonderful, surprising, miraculous thing – she knew it could never last, not with everything that was stacked against it. Maybe it had been doomed from the very start. She could sense, if only faintly, how much it was going to hurt when she had to let him go; perhaps it would be better to do it now, before she fell any deeper.

“Hasil…” she half-whispered, finding it even more difficult than she had anticipated to say the words she knew she had to say. “Maybe after today, you should jus’ stay up here, for a while.”

He shifted, quickly turning his head down towards hers.

“Wha’d ya sayin’? ‘Stay up here’?”

“I jus’…” she stammered. “I jus’ I don’t see how this is gonna work.”

“‘Work’?” he repeated, and with his two good fingers raised her chin up so he could look her directly in the eye. “I’m here and ya’s here, and we’s together. Wha’s gotta work?”

“It ain’t that simple….”

“‘Course it is. We th’ only ones tha’ matter here. Unless…” He paused, his gaze shifting away, no longer meeting hers.

“Unless what?”

“Unless ya no longer reciprocate my sent’ments.”

He didn’t move, but she could see the pain from that idea slicing through his features, and then she saw something in his eyes she had never seen before: fear. It cut through her, too, just the mere thought that he could consider himself alone in his feelings, and she couldn’t bear to have him think it for a moment longer. 

Sally-Ann raised herself up onto her elbows, staring down at him until she finally caught his eye.

“Nothin’s changed, Hasil. I still feel the way I did before.”

He let out a sigh, some of the color returning to his cheeks, and then ran his fingers over the top of his head. 

“Then this is jus’ plain foolishness. All our troubles, they’s nothin’, really. You and me, we’s stronger t’gether. We’s happier t’gether. And I’ll do wha’ever I can ta make ya see that.”

He spoke so forcefully, with such conviction, it was nearly impossible not to be swayed entirely by his words. He believed so strongly; maybe that was enough, enough to silence her doubts and then carry her through the times that tried her faith in the two of them. She could only hope it would be. So she simply nodded, and laid her head back down against him.  

“We should get goin’ soon,” she said, after a time.

“Yeah, a’right… But let me kiss ya good mornin’ firs’, righ’ proper.”

And then he took her face in his hands, the full light of the morning sun pouring in all around them, and his lips found hers, softly, tenderly, like they had all the time in the world. 

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I just finished my resume and would like to submit it for review. Problem is, I don't know how to upload it for you to see, should I just copy and paste? (omitting my address?)

Um. You don’t submit at all. I don’t offer resume reviews and especially not through the ask box or, god forbid, fanmail. Plus, copy and pasting would completely ruin your formatting, but more importantly, you didn’t even ask? You just assumed I’d be willing and only worried about the submission process? 

I’m considering offering resume critiques in the future as an alternative for those who don’t have access to free options and can’t afford the $400 ones. It’d be pretty cheap ($20?). If that’s something people would want for the future, let me know. But until I announce such a service, do not assume it exists. I can’t offer to review everyone’s resumes whenever; I would be completely overwhelmed.


Here are some of my favorite homestuck cosplays from animefest this weekend! I have hundreds more from the photo shoot, but my phone camera took a lot of blurry ones :/

Click through to read my thoughts on all these beautiful people! ALSO! If you recognize yourself or someone let me know and I’ll credit you!

traded-my-fins-for-legs is Porrim in the 6th picture!

Prettymageoflight is the Skaia Jane in the first picture!

artfulImpersonator are the Gamzee, John, and Lil’ Cal!

When Your Friends Know Shady People
  • Co-host: *knocks at door*
  • Cameraman: Ugh, yeah?
  • Co-host: Are you okay? You look like garbage.
  • Cameraman: I got really high and stumbled through the woods all night. What about you?
  • Co-host: ...I did something terrible. *trembles*
  • Cameraman: Yo, come in and relax a bit.
  • *in the living room*
  • Cameraman: Coffee?
  • Co-host: No.
  • Cameraman: Let me guess, you had a fight with her. *sips coffee*
  • Co-host: I killed her.
  • Cameraman: *spits out coffee* You what!?
  • Co-host: It wasn't her, though. It was her double. But, she acted just like her. She came over and we got into an argument. I got so upset and I lost my temper. I blacked out, and the next thing I remember is stabbing her again and again. I decapitated her, but she just kept growing back. *breaks down into tears*
  • Co-host: I thought it was her! I thought I was really killing her! I didn't even feel anything while I did it. If anything, it was like I was just letting off steam. Am I a bad person?
  • Cameraman: ...
  • Co-host: I need you to help me! She's still there. Tons of her. They just keep growing and I don't know what to do. *sobs*
  • Cameraman: I don't know what you think I can do about this.
  • Co-host: It looks like a living crime scene in my apartment! There's blood everywhere! Body parts are crawling around the place and more keep growing! It's a nightmare! You know people! You can fix this, right!?
  • Cameraman: Yeah, I "know people", but I don't think any of them want to deal with this Twilight Zone shit.
  • Co-host: Please, I don't know what to do. I don't want to go to jail... I don't want her finding out.
  • Cameraman: *sighs* Alright, I'll try to find someone who can do something about this. Just stay here and calm down in the meantime.
  • *later at the apartment complex*
  • Cleaner: *wearing a hazmat suit, breathing heavily* THIS IS PLACE?
  • Cameraman: Yeah, this is it. I don't know what it looks like inside. She told me some pretty crazy shit, though. I hope it's not too much.
  • Cleaner: *opens apartment door*
  • *blood spills out room*
  • Flesh Things: Helen. Why did you hurt me. I'm sorry. I love you. Mark? Help me. It hurts. Why? I'm so sorry. Forgive me. Wanna fuck? AAAUGH!
  • Cameraman: Jesus fuck! *runs off to vomit*
  • Cameraman: *listens to strange sounds coming from apartment for an hour*
  • Landlady: Excuse me.
  • Cameraman: Oh, hello.
  • Landlady: I got complaints of a junkie loitering around the hallway. What are you doing here?
  • Cameraman: Me? I'm just waiting for a friend.
  • Landlady: Are you friends with the strange girl who lives in this apartment?
  • Cameraman: Yeah.
  • Landlady: Good, tell her that all of her candles are stinking up the place. I'm very open about running cheap, terrible apartments. In fact, I'm proud of it. The walls here are paper thin, and the scent of lilac candles seep through everything. Tell her to knock it off or I'll evict her.
  • Cameraman: Uh, sure thing, ma'am.
  • Landlady: Now get the fuck out of my hallway before I call the police.
  • Cameraman: *leans on wall outside*
  • Cameraman: Alright! Cool, that's no problem, dude. *gets nervous* But, uhh, about your payment. I'm kind of broke now... so.
  • Cleaner: HAHAHAHA! *forcefully pats cameraman on back*
  • Cameraman: *goes flying into a garbage can*
  • Cameraman: Fuck! I can't stand up, dude! I think you broke my back, dude! FUCK!
  • Cleaner: *walks off*
  • Puppy: *growls and barks at cleaner*
  • Lady: Whoa, calm down there! *scoops puppy off the ground*
  • Lady: Sorry, my doggo usually doesn't get so upset with strangers.
  • Cleaner: *glares at puppy*
  • Puppy: *violently gnashes at cleaner*
  • Lady: Doggo, what's your issue?
  • Lady: Sorry, sorry! He's just a puppy!
  • Cleaner: IS NO PUPPY. SIMPLY A NEUTERED MONSTER. I SHALL BE TAKING MY LEAVE NOW. *gets into car with a mysterious woman and drives off*
  • Puppy: *growls*
  • Lady: Jesus, doggo. You're not acting like yourself. What's wrong?
  • Puppy: *wan* *wan*! *licks lady's face*
  • Lady: Hehe, that's more like it!

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Hey Line! Would you happen to know where I could find the video of Meryl and Charlie where she is talking about skipping her lecture class to train, and the teacher found out that she wasn't in class and showed everyone their skating videos? Random, I know. But I can't seem to track it down again. Thanks!

Hi! So I have never heard about this, so sadly, I have no idea where you could find it. If you do though, please let me know.

anonymous asked:

dude I gotta let you know that a post came up on my dash and it was this white couple holding this big sack of weed and I though it was u and your boyfriend for a second I was flipping out like "wft is she doing??? what happened to the art?? weed??? she's posting weed now???" but when I saw the url didn't have "butt" in it I realized it wasn't you. So thank u for not posting pics of giant sacks of weed

Ur incorrect it was me. Smonk wed everytday.