let me know if i've credited this wrong

this is me compiling all the theories I've read on the love yourself highlight reel

i do not own the theories, i’m just linking all the ones i’ve read based on how i’ve interpreted them! if i’ve credited the theory to the wrong person, please let me know!

this is only based on what the last part of the latest reel has told us, not including the white lighter myth and jihope’s link and stuff - i wrote a little about that here.


in one reality, jin is going to return the notebook that was dropped to the girl who dropped it.

down here, we see that the flowers are still upright as he’s putting on the jumper.

and suddenly after he gets his head through the jumper, the flowers have fallen over.

but, he pays no mind to them and puts on a suit to meet the girl to hand her back the notebook.

here, we know the girl dies after being knocked down by a car while going to meet him.

we know that he visits her grave with the same flowers he was planning on giving her. [credit]

then we see him back at the house where he catches the vase of flowers and puts it back upright. he can do this because he’s already seen the vase fall, he already knows it’s going to fall. [credit] the flowers in the vase represent the boys and their hardships. [credit] catching the vase before it falls represents jin saving them before they can experience those hardships. [credit]

however, we then see him take off the same jumper he was putting on before the vase first fell and he didn’t manage to catch it, but he looks very tired now. why would he look tired if he hasn’t gone out to meet the girl yet and only tried on a couple outfits?

it’s because this is after he’s seen the girl die and tried to return her notebook but he is sent back to before he has even left to return her the notebook as you can see, the notebook is still on the table next to the flowers. 

then, we see that he puts on his cap and walks away without touching the notebook because now, he knows that if he goes to return the notebook, the girl will die. not returning the notebook will prevent her death. [credit]

from here, the theory is that, with preventing the girl’s death, he sets out to do the same for all the other boys who have suffered - jungkook’s car accident, taehyung getting arrested / killing his father, etc. he is now aware that he can prevent them from suffering. all the other outfits he puts on are each from a different time he is sent back to the day before he has to return the notebook, to prevent each boy’s suffering.

he starts with reconnecting with namjoon. [credit]

@mimibtsghost has more theories and posts about it so look through her posts for more :)


Heya Fellow simblrs!!! I've edited another mesh..a normal non crop sweater!

“Tara Sweater”

  • 18 swatches
  • Standalone Item
  • Ea’s Mesh modified by me
  • Download Link Sims File Share : http://simfileshare.net/download/46952/
  • Made with Sims4 Studio Photoshop and Blender
  • Patterns from Spoonflower
  • Please feel free to recolour just link it back here for mesh:)

Please let me know if there’s is anything wrong :)Feel Free to Tag me if you use them.TOU:  Please don’t upload them anywhere else and don’t take credit for them.

Photo Credits: Jeans by @tajsiwel  Shoes @sentate Poses by @flowerchamber