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Chemically Imbalanced: Chapter 09: Small Insights

So, despite starting this with angst in mind, I’m happy with how it turned out this time. :) Also! I did my best to get the pronouns for Joan and Talyn right, but please feel free to let me know if I missed any. <3

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Warnings: A Little Swearing, Implied Abuse (please let me know if I missed any)

Word Count: 2,693

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The school day seemed to pass by in a blur for Virgil, possibly because he’d spent most of it glued to his phone. That…well, that wasn’t all that unusual, exactly. It was potentially the why he was glued to his phone that was unusual.

He was a loner at heart. He knew this and had come to accept it fairly early on. There was really nowhere that he fit in. He was too mellow for the emo’s, too ‘bright’ for the goth’s and far too…normal for the scene kids.

And he had friends. Online, mostly, but friends.


Speaking of which.

Virgil glanced up from his phone, smirking gently as Talyn dropped their bag onto the table and promptly slumped forward, chin in their hands.

They regarded Virgil for a few long moments before a small smile spread on their face, “Well well. What has you in such a spectacular mood?”

Virgil snickered, ducking his head and thinking to pull his phone away. Talyn had a habit of taking it when Virgil wasn’t paying enough attention, “Just…a guy.”

They’re bright blue eyebrows shot upward, eyes sparkling with delight and jumping forward a little, “A guy?” they asked, “You can’t leave it at that.”

Another light snicker as Virgil sent his text, tucking his phone into the pocket of his hoodie, “And what if I do?” he teased, tilting his head slightly.

They pouted at him, falling back into their seat with a little huff, crossing their thin arms over their chest, “Virgil.” They whined, eyes wide pleadingly as they pouted, “Please.”

He couldn’t help his snicker, before raising his hands in supplication, “Okay, okay.” Talyn’s face lit up, their arms falling into their lap and shifting forward again, “So…you know how I was looking after Dad last week?”

And that was how Virgil ended up telling Talyn about his successful flirting attempt, the prank he took way too far, and the coffee date that didn’t exactly go to plan.

Talyn’s face went on a wonderful journey throughout the story. Surprise and glee for the flirting, concern for the prank, and even a barely suppressed squeal about their first texts. Virgil didn’t expect Talyn’s face to become sombre when he spoke of the date, and he didn’t expect it to remain that way afterward.

“Why do you think he ran?” Talyn asked, their eyes searching for something on Virgil’s face. It was a look he’d seen a thousand times before.

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+ print prices are available upon request if you wish to receive the actual commission (traditionally drawn piece) we can discuss the price of postage via email or PM.


If you do want to commission a piece from me, please send me:

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You can email me through -  lgregory1999@hotmail.com - or via my tumbrl blog PM. But if you’re unsure or confused about anything please don’t be worried about sending me a message.


  • I will need to receive the payment before starting the actual commission to know that the deal has been sealed
  • Payment can be made through PAYPAL, but if you are unable to do so please let me know and we can negotiate through Ko-FI.
  • I shall send you images and initial sketches to show you the stages of your commission, so in any stage you can ask to make changes or say your opinion on how it’s looking so you can be 100% happy with the overall finished product.


By commissioning me you are agreeing to the following terms of service.

  • That the amount of time it will take to do a particular piece will vary depending how complex each the concept is.
  • Upon commissioning me you will receive a rough concept sketch that the commissioner approves, and once the final approval is received during the last stages of said commission, changes or adjustments can no longer be made to the piece.
  • If the you wish to cancel your commission during the sketch stage you will be refunded 100%, any other stage (such as coloring) they will be refunded by 50%
  • I do reserve the right to deny a commission for any reason so please respect me in that light.
  • The artist retains the right to display all watermarked commissioned work once work is completed.
  • The commissioner(you) may not profit from the artwork in the form of resale of prints or digital files or being non-credited.
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By sending payment, you, the commissioner, are agreeing that you understand and agree to the above terms of service.

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Dance With Me

Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary: In which a first dance becomes the last dance.

Warning: Character death - Pretty sensitive stuff I guess. Tissues may be required!?

A/N: Oh my god why do I do this to myself. This was going to be the last part of a 3 scene imagine/drabble and then I found a prompt about a couple dancing during the apocalypse on pinterest and have many, many regrets. If you want the other two parts, let me know!

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Waiting for your death was tiring. Your ship had gone down after being caught by debris from another destroyed X-Wing. Poe hadn’t been able to keep away.  Now, you were both trapped and cut off from any communications from your fellow Black Squadron pilots and anyone back at base. But you were together. That happened to be enough, for a while.

You sighed, rubbing your blue cold hands together. Poe had gone off in search of shelter a while ago and you were beginning to get tired and worried. Somehow, you knew this was your end. Everything you had lived for had come down to this very moment. It was ten minutes later that he appeared, looking disheartened.

“Sorry, sweetheart,” he shrugged and your head dropped. He stood in front of you for a moment before sitting next to you underneath his X-Wing that only seemed to be teasing you. He had been clipped by enemy fire as he followed your nose dive. The idea of trying to fly it with both of you in the one seat cockpit, surrounded by First Order fighters didn’t have great odds, and then there was the issue of your unknown injuries. You’d managed to smooth out your landing as much as possible, but still, blood and bruising had bloomed against your skin immediately.

He pulled you into his arms and for a second, you felt safe. “I wish you hadn’t followed me,” you mumbled in a voice filled with unshed tears.

“Do you remember the first time we met?” He asked softly and took your hand in his as you glanced up at him.

“I guess, yeah,” A smile graced your face and he returned it, but it didn’t meet his eyes.

“I’d seen you around. When you first arrived at the base and you know why I noticed you?” A head shake from you prompted him to continue, “All you did was try and make other people’s days better… You helped everyone and expected nothing from anyone in return.”

You didn’t think you were that selfless.

“I noticed you before we met too,” you grinned, “actually, it was BB-8 I noticed.”


“I mean he’s pretty loud. I suppose it was hard not to notice you either, with the good looks and all,” he laughed before his expression became sombre.

“I didn’t think it would end like this,” you blinked and he smiled into your hair as you shifted to sit between his legs, back against his chest. He didn’t complain or tease, he just wanted to hold you.

Time was of the essence.

“Yeah,” you sighed because the future was something you had quietly been planning in your mind. Not just your future either, it was the thought of a family that you were excited about.

“I wanted so many kids,” he began and kept tears fell.

You sniffled, “I wanted so many of your kids too,” and he laughed softly again, hot breath tickling the back of your aching neck.

You heard something in the sky, out of sight and the two of you glanced up at the same time. Bad news. Your heart pounded in your chest, this was it. This was the end of your life.

“How did they find us so quickly, and why do they care?” You were almost angry because it wasn’t enough. Your life had not been satisfyingly long enough yet.

Technically, you knew they wanted you dead because Black Squadron had recently received information the First Order was looking for, information that was meant for their eyes only. You and Poe had seen it and now they needed you gone.

The pair of you were not to be spared. You had caused trouble that they definitely didn’t want, time and time again. Love was not part of the equation. 

“Hey, hey,” he mumbled, kissing the top of your head before standing and holding a hand out to you, “dance with me.”


 “The first time we met, you told me you couldn’t dance. Our first dance was a slow song, so all we did was sway. That was when I knew,” he grasped your bloodied hands in his and pulled you to your feet, immediately dropping his hands to your waist, and yours linking together behind his neck, leaning against him.

 “It was that moment, that I knew that you were the girl I wanted to marry. I wanted to have kids and grow old with you, tell stories about fighting for something worth fighting for to our grandkids. I shouldn’t have waited. I knew.” 

“I know,” your forehead bumped against his chest as stars exploded in your head, bright and painful. With a wavering voice, you continued, “I would have said yes.”

There was a pause before you spoke again, “yes, I’ll marry you.”

You both knew there was no chance, but for the last five minutes of your life, you got to pretend you were in the midst of your first dance.

“Then, Mrs. Dameron, will you have this dance?” He asked, your eyes gazing desperately into his before he caught your lips in a kiss, his arms slipping around the small of your back and pulling you impossibly closer to him.

The sound of TIE fighters drew closer, and he began singing softly under his breath, tears welling in both of your eyes. All you could do was hold one another and neither of you flinched as the heat exploded within your bodies.

It didn’t hurt a bit.

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so I’ve started working out primarily to get a bigger booty but also just to build more muscle in general, so if any of y’all know any foods that are high in protein pls let me know. I know some of the main ones, but am interested in hearing your personal recommendations

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When They Know. part six of “when he’s not around” series.

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okay everyone! a little announcement before reading, this is a very short chapter (sorry about that), in the next chapter some news will arise and possibly change everything. it’s gonna be pretty crazy for a bit, you’ll understand in the next chapter why reader was crying in the chapter five. on with the show.

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ivar could tell right away something was wrong. you were pale, your skin completely void of any color, your eyes were red and swollen, evidence of tear stains upon your cheeks.

ivar could feel suddenly feel a large streak of worry fly through him.

how sick were you? what were you sick with?

hvitserk gave you a tight lipped smile and outstretched his hand, beckoning you over.

“ah, (Y/n)! come join us, please” hvitserk said, giving ivar one last icy glare.

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in light of things and for the sake of transparency, i’m just going to remind everyone that i’m 21. if you’re a minor that i follow who isn’t comfortable with my presence or anything of the sort, always know you can message me either on anon (i’ll turn it on soon) or privately. your comfort really does come first. don’t let any adult convince you otherwise.

getting to your 8am an hour early lets you

  • get the best parking
  • get in the bathroom while it’s still clean
  • greet the ladies who work at the cafe and the janitorial staff cuz you know nobody says hi to them all day after this
  • choose whatever seat you want (front row, far right, always)figure out the lights so you can put on whatever brightness you wantopen the windows
  • have a free hour to mess around online, write fanfic
  • ya’ll are missing out

anonymous asked:

hi emma! i just recently got some important exam results and they weren’t as good as i expected:(( i nearly failed some of them too.. i did study hard and i feel like i’ve let my parents down... i know marks aren’t everything but i can’t help but to feel disappointed and mope around everyday... my friends who didn’t really study all have great scores and they’re mocking me about it... any advice? thanks💗

Hey! I’m sorry to hear about your results and whilst you aren’t happy with the results, the best thing you can do now is to learn from it. This post might help. Failure is a part of life though. It helps drive us, gives us purpose and chance to figure out problems that we can fix. Although you might have felt you like your parents down, they might just be disappointed for you. If you and they know that you tried with your studies and it didn’t show, then there is room to be disappointed but also room to figure out what to do next time. And with your friends, they might say they didn’t study but you can’t always believe that. I feel sometimes people lie thinking it is “cool” to say they didn’t study yet they may have done. Also, if they’re mocking you they are very rude and disrespectful. I would be slightly more expletive in my description but possibly not the best idea :’-) It is so rude of them to mock you and make fun for your grades, especially if they can see how it is bothering you. Please don’t take their words to heart. Whilst they might be nice at other times, picking things out like that is awful and not what friends should do xx


Summary: When Dustin’s sister came home from college, the last thing she expected was to get caught up in the search for Dart or have her heart stolen by a certain bat wielding teenager. (Ao3)
Characters/Pairings: Steve x Henderson!Reader, Dustin, most everyone else makes an appearance 
Word Count: 2.8k
Warnings: light angst, a little language, allusions to sexual thoughts
A/N: Requested! Full request at the end. Reader is in her first semester of college. Part 2? 
Tags: @stevieboyharrington  @adumbledorableee @hahaharrington @casual-vaporwave (let me know if you’d like to be added to my permanent Stranger Things or Steve tag lists!)

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You were hoping to surprise your mom and brother when you came home early from school. It took some arranging, but you managed to finish your assignments and none of your classes had any tests until right before the winter break. The last few weeks had brought on a lot of stress and you just wanted to get away for awhile. So, you drove from Bloomington to enjoy a long weekend with your family.

As soon as you walked into the house, your little brother ran by clad in all of his old sports gear holding a hockey stick like it was a weapon. He and his friends were always coming up with new games and ways to entertain themselves, so it wasn’t that weird, but he didn’t even stop when he saw you.

“Hey!” You called out. “Dusty!”

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The New Kid (Part 12) Final.

The New Kid

Summary: You finally have your baby and oh, there’s another twist ;)

A/N: Thank you so much for reading The New Kid! This story has been shown so much support and I love you all! I have two other stories out currently: “Am I dreaming?” Which is a Dacre x Reader story and “When The Truth Comes Out…” which is a Joe x reader story. If you would like to be tagged in any of them please let me know which one!

Warnings: Fluff, that’s it I think?

Word Count: 3576

It was December 24th, Christmas Eve. You were ready to pop and you absolutely couldn’t wait until your beautiful baby was here. You were laying in bed with Billy who was completely passed out next to you. Snow had been falling from the sky, covering everything in sight. Your room was really warm, which was comforting to you. Billy had put up Christmas lights all around your room since you always loved the aesthetic. You were definitely planning on keeping them up after the holidays.

You drifted off and before you knew it, you were woken up to Jillian at your bedside, jumping up and down shouting “(y/n)! Billy! It’s Christmas! Wake up!!” A smile grew on your face as Jillian begged you to get up. Billy sat up and stretched, then he helped you up out of bed. “Merry Christmas princess” he kisses you on the lips and then bends down to your belly and says “Merry Christmas my little bean” planting a kiss on your belly as well, causing you to smile.

Billy helped you walk down the stairs into the living room and placed you down on the couch. The whole house smelled of french toast and pine. “Merry Christmas guys!” Your mother walked into the living room and kissed both you and Billy on the head. She placed two plates of french toast in front of you and Billy. You placed your plate on your belly and began to eat. It was a Christmas tradition to have french toast while we open up presents on Christmas morning, so you were excited to share that with Billy.

Your mother sat on the floor in front of the tree and began passing out gifts. You had gotten your mother a bracelet that had yours and Jillians names engraved in it. You had gotten Jillian a Barbie Doll that she had really wanted as well. For Billy, you had made him a scrapbook filled with photos and a bunch of sentimental items that you knew would mean a lot to him. Everyone opened their gifts and were so happy. Your mom had gotten you a necklace that had your birthstone on it. It was a heart with the stone right in the middle. It was absolutely beautiful and it really made you happy. You had opened Billy’s gift which was a knitting kit, since you had mentioned that you wanted to start making blankets for the baby.

“Oh my god Billy!!!” You said with a sincere smile. “I’m sorry it isn’t much princess” Billy said with sad eyes. “No baby, it’s perfect, thank you so much!” You leaned over and gave him a kiss. After all of that, you decided to take a nap since you were tired. Your mom had a roast in the oven and she had Billy helping her set the table. Steve and Nancy were coming over for dinner and so was Max.

An hour later you were woken up to Nancy rubbing your arm. “Oh, Nancy! Merry Christmas” you smiled, speaking in a groggy voice. “Merry Christmas (y/n), how are you feeling?” She asked. “Better now that I napped!” You laughed. Steve walked up behind you and sat on the couch, “Merry Christmas” you said to him. He returned the favor and you three were talking for quite a bit until your mother called you all into the dining room for dinner.

You all gathered around the table, passing around the food. Max and Jillian were talking about the doll you had gotten her, Steve and Nancy were talking with your mother about how delicious the food looked and Billy was rubbing his hand on your back. Billy made eye contact with your mom and he nodded. Billy stood up and cleared his throat.

“Hello everyone, I just wanted to take this moment to express how grateful I am for everyone in this room. You all have helped me in more ways than I can explain and I am so thankful for all that you guys do for me. This is what family feels like and I absolutely love it. I may not even deserve it. (Y/n), you have changed my entire life around. I used to be a bitter asshole and now, you’re all I care about. I couldn’t see my life being the way it is now if it weren’t for you. You’re carrying our little angel inside of you, and I cannot wait to meet them.”

Billy grabbed your hand and stared into your eyes. “You have given me more than enough reason to do this, and I want to spend every single day of the rest of my life making sure that you and our child is happy and comfortable.” He then reached into his pocket and he pulled out a small jewelry box. He then falls onto one knee, completely catching you by surprise. “(Y/n), spend the rest of your life with me? Will you marry me?”

Your eyes widen as your body heats up. A million and one thoughts were rushing through your head but one thing was for sure, this was what you wanted. “Yes! Oh my god yes!” You cried out. Everyone in the room cheered as Billy grabbed you and kissed you on the lips. Everything just seemed beyond surreal for you. It seemed like just yesterday that Billy had moved to Hawkins, and that you were in your room tutoring him. Now you’re about to have his baby and now engaged to him.

You all finished your food and you went inside to the living room to watch some television, even though you ended up passing out because of the food coma you were in. An hour later you’re awoken by severe cramps that almost brought you to the floor. You realized your water had broken and that you needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible.

“Help! My water broke!!!” You screamed, catching the attention of literally everyone. Billy ran over to you while your mom grabbed your jacket and your bag and put it on you. Billy carried you out to his car and took off to the hospital. Your mother had Max and Jillian with her in her car and Steve and Nancy followed as well.

On the way to the hospital, Billy couldn’t keep calm. He was trying his hardest to drive safely but deep down inside he was freaking out. His baby was almost here and he didn’t want you to have it in the car for more than one reason, he’s still Billy Hargrove after all.

In the car with Steve and Nancy, they were freaking out as well. “Oh my god! IT’S COMING!!!!” Steve screaming, causing Nancy to laugh. “You sound like you’re giving birth, Steve” she said. “Well I feel like I am!!!” Steve screamed in return.

While everyone else was freaking out, your mom, Jillian and Max were actually excited. “Do you think it’s a boy or a girl?” Max asked. “I’m thinking it’s a girl” Jillian said. “No way it’s a boy!” Your mom teases.

Finally arriving at the hospital, Billy gets out of the car and runs over to your side to help you out of the car. He helps you take your time to get to the emergency room entrance. You walk over to the front desk and you speak to someone. “My water just broke” you said in an out of breath voice. A nurse runs over and grabs you a wheelchair. Billy helps you sit down when Steve and Nancy run into the ER. They run over to you, “How are you feeling?” Steve asks. You let out a painful scream. Nancy slaps Steve’s arm, causing him to laugh.

The Nurse grabs your wheelchair and wheels you over to an elevator. You grab Billy’s hand very tight to try to relieve some of the pain you were dealing with, however that didn’t work. “Breathe, breathe.” Billy said. Before you knew it you were in the delivery room. Billy helped you get changed out of your clothes and into a hospital gown and then helped you climb onto the bed.

A nurse hooked you up to an IV and took your vitals. “I need an epidural please!!!” You shouted out. “Yes of course, after the doctor see’s you we’ll administer that for you.” One of the nurses said, smiling. You took a deep breath and nodded your head. 5 minutes later your mom came into the room, “how are you doing sweetheart?” She asks, rubbing your head. “Okay, I’m just in a lot of pain” you answered, almost panting.

Steve and Nancy were waiting in the waiting room with Jillian and Max. They were sitting watching TV. Jillian and Max were sitting on the floor playing with a deck of card that was sitting on a table where the magazines were. “Steve, Nancy! Play with us!” Jillian cheered. Steve and Nancy look at each other and then sit on the floor with them. Max passes them some cards and they played while they waited to hear any news.

Up in the delivery room, your doctor has now arrived and you can not wait to get this baby out of you. You really didn’t imagine this ever happening to you, fuckin’ Billy Hargrove man… But it was okay. There wasn’t anyone else you’d rather start a family with.

“Hello ms (y/l/n)! I’m doctor Petrik and I’ll be delivering your baby. Where’s the pain level at?” He asked you. “I’m at an 8 doctor” you whimper. He nods his head. “You mentioned that you wanted an epidural? We can get that started for you” he said with a warm smile on his face. “How dilated is she?” The doctor asked one of the nurses. “Shes 3 centimeters” she responded. He nods his head and puts on some rubber gloves, then takes a syringe and has the nurses sit you up and turn you so you could get the epidural.

“You may feel a little sting but that will go away” Dr Petrik says before rubbing an alcohol swab on a lower part on your back and inserts the needle, causing you the flinch and squeeze Billy’s hand to oblivion. Billy was so freaked out by this whole experience, he had no idea what to expect. One thing was for sure though, there was no way he was watching that baby come out of you, he would rather stay by you and hold your hand instead. The nurses help you lay back down.

“Okay (y/n), you will be feeling that shortly. It should help make the birthing process a little bit easier for you. If you start to feel a little “odd” that is completely normal, so don’t worry.” The doctor explained. “We need you at about 6 centimeters before we can deliver your baby.” He continued.

You were laid up in this hospital bed, extremely uncomfortable, still in a decent amount of pain and you just wanted french fries. “Can I get fries please?” You shouted out. “Sure, I’ll go get you some” a nurse said, smiling. Billy began to laugh. “There’s my girl” he said, giving you a kiss on your forehead.

A few hours passed and the girls were getting restless. “Do you think she had it yet?” Max asked everyone. “Hm, I don’t know. Do you guys want snacks?” Steve asked. Everyones eyes lit up as he walked over to a vending machine and pulled out his wallet. He got 4 sodas, 2 bags of potato chips, a bag of trail mix, 2 packages of chocolate, and 3 snickers bars. He had all of this piled in his hands, handing out all of the drinks and then spilling all of the snacks on the floor. “I introduce you to… The feast of Steve.”

Upstairs, you were reaching your 6 centimeter mark and it was pretty obvious at this point that you were actually ready to give birth to this baby. A nurse paged the doctor as he walked back through the doors. He sat down on a chair right at the bottom of the bed and examined you. “It looks like we’re right about there.” He says, going to wash his hands and then put rubber gloves on his hands. He sits back down and begins to give you instructions.

You open your legs, grabbing onto Billy’s hand. He begins rubbing your back to try and soothe you. “Alright (y/n), on 3 I want you to push” “1…2…3.” You start pushing. There’s a sharp pain thats causing you to squeeze Billy’s hand even tighter. “It’s okay princess, breathe.” He says in a warm, loving tone.

15 minutes later, the baby was finally out. “Congratulations guys, it’s a baby boy!” The doctor said. You collapse into the bed, holding Billy’s hand still, absolutely on the verge of tears. A nurse cleans off and wraps up your baby and brings him over to you. She places him in your arms and you completely lose it. He was so beautiful. You and Billy glanced at each other and you burst out in tears. You couldn’t believe you just gave birth to this miracle.

Billy couldn’t contain himself either. He was hysterically crying tears of joy and so was your mom. This experience was something you didn’t expect, but you were so beyond glad it happened. The nurses take the baby for an hour while they transport you into an actual room of your own, a room where everyone could come and visit you. You got settled in pretty quickly. Steve, Nancy, Max and Jillian all piled up into the room with their faces lit up.

“Congratulations guys!” Nancy came over and gave you and Billy a hug, Steve following suit. “What is it?!” Max and Jillian went back and forth. “We had a boy!” Billy cheered out. “Wow Billy, I’ve never seen you this happy before!” Max joked. “What did you guys name him?” Jillian asked. You and Billy looked at each other with a puzzled look. Sure, you both have discussed names but you never decided on one. “Uh, we haven’t decided yet…” you say. “You could name him Jeremy! What about Jonathan? Or maybe Dylan?” Max adds in. “What about Steve?” Steve jokingly adds making everyone laugh. “What about Nate?” Billy looked at you. “Yeah I actually kind of like that.” You responded.

The nurse family brought back baby Nate and everyone filled the room with “Aw’s.” Steve and Nancy were in awe, Jillian and Max were extremely ecstatic, your mom couldn’t believe she had her first grandchild and you and Billy were admiring what you two had just created. You had to stay in the hospital for a few days but that went by quickly. You and Billy spend the next couple of months getting to know baby Nate. He had been growing so beautifully, and your mother was teaching you how to do the basics of everything on how to take care of a baby.

You and Billy learned how to change diapers, how to soothe Nate, how to properly change and bathe him, and your mother helped you learn how to breast feed him. Everything was going perfectly. Nate was in perfect health, he was gaining weight and was growing at a healthy and normal rate as well. Everyone always came by to see Nate. Everyone always brought over things for him such as blankets, dolls, stuffed animals, pacifiers… All of the good stuff which you and Billy were always grateful for.

Fast forward to a year later… Baby Nate was a year and a half old at this point. He began to babble and was crawling all over the place and was in the process of learning how to walk.

One day you and Billy needed to run to the supermarket so you both obviously decided to take baby Nate with you. You were strolling up and down the aisles with Nate sitting in the front of the cart. Billy was pushing him, making him laugh at the silly faces he was making while you had the list of things you needed. You had turned into the aisle where the cereal was when all of a sudden you see Max.

“(Y/n)! Billy!! Nate!!!” She shouts, running over to you guys with a full smile on her face. She kisses baby Nate and gives you and Billy a hug. Max wasn’t alone though… behind her was Neil and Max’s mom. Neil’s eyes widened as he saw you and Billy with a baby. He walked over to the cart and looked at us.

“Billy… who is this?” He asked Billy, pointing to Nate. Billy swallowed as he continued, “(y/n) and I had a child.” He said, very hesitantly. Neil’s face went pale. “What? When were you going to tell me?!” Neil said in a stern tone. “Listen… I don’t want you to hurt him like you’ve hurt me. Neither of us deserve it and neither does (y/n). She’s the girl of my dreams. She’s helped me, she’s made me better. I graduated high school dad! I bet you didn’t think I could. (Y/n) pushed me, she helped me. I’m working full time too. I think you know why I didn’t tell you!” Billy explained. You could tell Billy was hurt, he was choked up.

He hadn’t seen his father in almost 2 years, and since he was no longer living with him he didn’t feel like he needed to hold back anymore. “Billy… I’m sorry, okay. There’s no excuse for how I’ve acted, I’ve had a lot built up since your mother… You know. Things have been more calm. I know you’ve changed. I noticed when Max is constantly talking about you and how she wants to go over to “your house” and see you, your girlfriend and her sister.” Neil proclaimed. Billy clears his throat and shoots his eyes to your ring finger, showing Neil that you have a beautiful diamond ring.

“You two are… engaged?” Neil asks, clearing his throat. You nod your head. Neil was extremely surprised. He never thought he’d see Billy settle down with one girl let alone graduate high school, work a full time job, have a baby and get engaged with one. “Congratulations. I just can’t believe I’m a grandfather…” Neil says hesitantly. “Would you like to meet him?” You ask, Billy shooting a look. You give Billy a reassuring look and then look over to Neil. He walks over to face baby Neil and a smile forms on his face.

Tears start forming from his eyes, he couldn’t believe he was a grandfather. “Dad, you don’t have to like me or (y/n), but I will protect out baby at all costs. He is my world, and if you can’t be tame around him, you can’t see him. If you can show me and (y/n) that you can be a better person, you can see him whenever.” Billy says. Neil nods his head. “This is just so surreal…” Neil mumbles.

You flash a smile over to Max’s mom and signal her to come over. She pushes the wagon to where you guys are and she comes around to see Nate. “Aw! He’s so precious! How old is he?” Susan asks, cooing at Nate, making him smile. “He’s a year and a half” Billy smiles. You all engaged in some conversation for a bit which was a surprise for Billy and Neil. They had an extremely volatile relationship before and ever since Billy had moved out, it seemed like it gave them both the wings to grow and prosper. Deep down inside Billy still hated Neil for everything he has ever done to him, and still didn’t trust him, but if he would be an conscious effort to prove that he has changed, he would allow him to see Nate.

You, Billy and Nate made your way back to your house with a car full of groceries. Your mom had met you outside to help Billy bring in the groceries while you brought Nate inside the house. You had placed Nate in a bouncy chair that happened to be his favorite and it would keep him occupied for hours, which was great when it came to putting away groceries.

Once all the groceries were put away, your mother made dinner. She made lasagna, so everyone gathered around the table to eat. Nate had gotten the lasagna all over his face, meaning that he needed a bath. You gave him a quick bath and then put him down for bed. You and Billy crawl into bed, extremely exhausted. You cuddle into his arms as you both slowly drift off to sleep. You were content. You didn’t need your father, he wouldn’t have played a significant role in your life and you were glad he didn’t know you had a child. You were completely satisfied with all of the people you had in your life. They were all you needed. But most of all, Billy Hargrove. This kid turned your world completely upside down and backwards, but was what you needed. He taught you how to loosen up a little, he taught you how to love. You both created another life that you will worship until the day you die. If it weren’t for him, you would have no idea where you’d be. Thank god for The New Kid.

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Hey do you have any blog recs? I trust your judgement because you are cool 😎

lol um i’ll give you some of my favorite blogs (let me know if you meant you wanted just writing blogs)

@1aeil @ueo @markleetrashh @markgf @tensthighs @johnnystransbf @hansolsdeliciousanus @yitaeyong @fingerstoe @yutastoes @chipsandwaffles @softmanscoups @wonlwoo @haobf @wennjunwho @hansolmates @smilingseo @jisoodrinkssopretty

i’m definitely forgetting a ton of good blogs but these are all i can think of rn

@taylorswift I was just listening to The Moment I Knew and although I’ve heard it a billion times before this time was different. My eyes opened for the first time. My boyfriend of 6 years didn’t come to my 21st birthday party that I had in September. Everyone was asking where he was and I was so embarrassed and hurt but yet I still wanted him there. We’re still together because I love him too deeply to let him go but that night I was crushed. I know EXACTLY what you were going through at that point. The lyrics resonate with me more than in any of your other songs and I just want to say thank you for sharing that personal experience with us because now I know I’m not the only one who has felt alone in a room full of people.

I love you T ❤️

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I have writing burn out, and need to leave fandom and my WIPs for a bit. Any suggestions for how I can word a note in the last chapter, letting readers know that I am taking a break, but will be back and intend to continue?

Maybe something like…

I want to thank you all for reading this fic up to this point. Your interest and support have meant the world to me. I need to take a break from this fic for a little while, but I’ll be back. You can subscribe to the story or follow me on [social media] to find out when I update, or look for it in the story listings. I look forward to meeting you all again when this fic continues. [signoff of your choosing]

Opening this up to replies if anyone  has a better idea or some concrit for this one :)

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I'm a newbie simblr or I'm thinking of making one. And how do you take screen shots???? How do they look so clear. And dumb question but like how do you get so that little green icon isn't there. I know, I know. It's so dumb sounding but I really don't understand it. 😰😰😰😰😰 have a good day.

hey there babe! 

so the best way to take screen shots is when in game, hit the tab key! that’ll take you into like a picture mode and you can move around your camera with ease and then hit C to take the screenshot!

as for removing the plumbob, you can use the cheat headlineeffects off/on to toggle it!

i personally don’t like to take it off because i like the effects above their heads, so i just switch between people in my household so it isn’t in my screenshots! 

i hope this made sense, if you have any other questions feel free to shoot them my way! and let me know when you start up your simblr!! i’d love to follow! :)

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someone i used to look up to and admire just told me demisexuality isn’t a real sexuality...i’m secretly a sensitive person and what they said is kinda making me feel sick rn and i need some reassurance...on the other hand, how can it not be a real sexuality if it’s what i am? just let people identify how they want


But on a more serious note… I am so sorry that happened. Words like those are generally spoken from a place of ignorance, and not maliciousness. I don’t know if that helps any. You are correct though in that it is a real sexuality, and you are valid in your feelings. I full heartedly agree though, let people identify how they want. Especially if it isn’t hurting anyone. 

Sending you all of my love and support,

<3 Mod Kit

I know y’all dont want to get your hopes up about Klance becoming canon, but need I remind you that Dreamworks has tagged several videos as Klance, dodged questions when it came to LGBTQ+ content in the future, have literally said that Keith and Lance are compatible in every way, and have included scenes between Lance and Keith that are unlike any other scenes in the series between the other characters (ie. the shirtless elevator scene, the bonding moment, literally all of season three, etc.)

Let me be clear - either they are totally queer baiting us or they’re implying something. Why else would they use the Klance tag? Why else would they be vague when questions about future LGBTQ+ content unless they wanted to avoid spoilers? Keep in mind, they have told us that they DO NOT want to bait anyone; if they truly didn’t intend to include an LGBTQ+ character/relationship in the show, they would have told us directly and would not have done all of what has been previously stated.

Hey! I’m searching for a boyfriend for Mekanika!sans (or Meka)! Winner will be awarded!

Please let me know if you want to propose any OC.

We would like skeletons, very nice OR very mean.

We would prefer OC with a definite past.

No sin. Sancest authorized.

The OC must be yours. The selected OC will be rewarded with the authors choice drawing. (Again, no sin.) (Without a detailed background)

There’s no time limit, but if i’m desperate, i’ll stop searching after a month. Probably.

I’ll send it to everyone I follow, don’t worry if you don’t have any OC to present…

please, reblog! I need help… cause Meka deserve someone great.


I decided to do some spring cleaning with regards to my current muses / plots, and realized that there are so many characters I would absolutely love to play and yet I haven’t found anyone to play them against. Below, you will find a list of the characters I would like to play and if any tickle your fancy, please do not hesitate to reach out to me! HERE are my 1x1 guidelines, please let me know if you have any questions. I’m open to any and all plots, and would love to branch out and create so many more connections for my characters.

  • RILEY EVANS (Candice Accola); 29, divorced single mother of two girls, works in politics, pro baker, PTA mom extraordinaire, will fight everyone.
  • SLOAN PRESCOTT (Katie Stevens); 24, fashion photography intern at vogue, her brother is the lead singer of a popular band, always falling for the wrong guys, has a thing for drummers.
  • KENDALL CRAWFORD (Phoebe Tonkin); 26; had an abusive uprising, single mom to a little girl, her ex was arrested for a hit and a run, waitress at a local diner but dreams of becoming a nurse.
  • SELENE LOCKHART (Carlson Young); 25; orphaned at 16, ballet dancer, a little bit damaged, a pushover, living off her inheritance but she ain’t good with money. 
  • BLAIR ROMERO (Nathalie Kelley); 28, wealthy heiress, daddy’s girl and also his favorite, got a degree in business so she could take over from her father, protective of those she loves, takes no shit, will cut you if you touch her. 
  • CATALINA VASQUEZ (Camila Mendes); 22, daughter of the head of a major modelling agency, always tried to live up to her mother’s expectations, party girl, workaholic, does what she likes.
  • SCARLETT MERCER (Candice Patton); 27, her mother is the editor of the local newspaper where she is a journalist, very reckless, will do whatever it takes to get the story, dreams of becoming a crime writer.
  • LUCAS WILDER (Chris Wood); 30, firefighter, single father to a little boy (his ex-wife left to pursue a music career), had a thriving NBA career before he was injured.
  • ROMAN SHAW (Luke Mitchell); 30, just got released from prison, bad bad dude, leader of a motorcycle gang, gives no fucks, spends most of his time in strip club tbh.
  • CARTER FONTAINE (Nico Tortorella); 28, tattoo artist from las vegas, grew up in the foster system, has trust issues and some drug problems but he is ride or die.
  • MARCO SACCONE (Milo Ventimiglia); 35, assassin for the italian mob, trying to live up to his father’s name, lost his son a few years ago and is out for #revenge.
  • DOMINIC CARUSO (Matthew Daddario); 30, famous actor, son of a well-known hollywood producer, grew up in the limelight, managed to let go of his bad boy image to take on more serious roles, wants to become a director.