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  • Betty: So, Jug... How are things at Archie's?
  • Jughead: They're okay. Sleeping on that air cushion is kinda hard but... It's okay.
  • Betty: You know... Now that Poly is with Veronica, there's an empty room in my house. Do you want to come and stay with us?
  • Jughead: You know I would love to, Bets, but...
  • Betty: But...?
  • Jughead: Well, let's just say your mom doesn't really like me.
  • Betty: Well, she doesn't hate you either, and that's more than any of us could get ever from her.
  • Jughead: ... You have a point... but I'm still scared of your mom.
Dirty Mouth II


Characters : Jon Moxley (or Dean Ambrose, its more Mox era though) x OC/Reader

Summary: Mox wants more and OFC isn’t quite sure. Follow on from my original Dirty Mouth fic, you don’t need to read the other one but that one is a bit smuttier if thats your thaaaang.

Warnings: NSFW, Sexual Content, Swearing, Dirty Talk, Unprotected Sex.

Do let me know if you wanna be tagged in any of my fics (:  Please please please let me know what you think!


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Let Me Love You

Pairing:  Dean x Reader (Female)

Summary:  Reader has an asshole boyfriend, and Dean can’t stand it any longer.

Word Count: 4.4k 

Warnings: Fluff, probably language, cheating (is that a warning?)… I don’t think there is anything else…

A/N: This is for @melbelle45 “Dirty Pop” Challenge. My song was Let Me Love You by Mario. This piece of work is trash, so I apologize in advance.

(Gifs are not mine)

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vkgothiclolita replied to your post “Posts about weight loss etc will be tagged as they are on this post…”

Well I suspect I have a thyroid problem… I will be going to the doctor sometime next month to find out. I will hopefully get to at least try the medication for it. If it seems to correct my constant fatigue and weight… you will be the first to know. And if you have any questions you would like to know, let me know i will ask. I hope it works for me… partly because then it could be the answer you have been looking for as well.

Agh I’ve been to the doctor about a thousand times about my thyroid, they claim its normal. Which baffles me because I have more or less every bloody symptom of hypothyroidism, but sure.T_T If its not my thyroid, I don’t know what the fuck it is, and they won’t even let me attempt thyroid medication if the tests are showing up “normal”, so I don’t think I’m going to have any luck from that angle.:C

I Won’t Be Responding To Asks Until Monday

Just wanted to let everyone who has sent me asks over the past two weeks who’s questions I have not responded to yet know that I AM NOT IGNORING YOUR QUESTIONS, I PROMISE!!! I’m trying to spend as much time with my kiddo as possible since his dad is taking him out of town for ten days on Sunday. Plus, I’m also trying to rewatch, and reread most of the SnK content before season two airs Saturday and I can’t do that until my son is in bed asleep.

Because of this, I wont be responding to any meta, headcanon, or scenario asks until next week, but I promise to respond to all of your questions as thoroughly and detailed as I can come that time :) This does not mean you should stop sending me your questions if you have any. I do not mind that at all, but nothing will get responses until Monday. Sorry, but my kiddo comes first above all else and I’ve never been away from him for ten days without a personal medical issue being involved.

andallthewildthingsroared  asked:

hey! i wanted to let you know that i think your cas/stages of grief meta was absolutely amazing. cas's story never really made sense to me, it always seemed so inconsistent, like they had no idea where they were going with it, and your meta is the first i've read that made me see some central theme in it after all. so kudos for that :) just out of curiosity, you have any idea where they're going with crowley? bc his story is another one that always felt the opposite of straightforward to me.

Whats your hope for Crowleys arc on this season?

Hi! Thank you so much for all that! I am the most awful person, because not only I’m like, two months late in answering this but I’m also going to bundle it up with an anon ask. Sorry, @andallthewildthingsroared!

(I did write the overly long thing I promised you, though, so there’s that.)

I understand where you’re coming from - Crowley’s arc is sort of zigzaggy, but if you take away what was clearly bad characterization (such as that one-off threat to Sam complete with red eyes which never went anywhere), I sort of feel like we can know who Crowley is, and what he wants.


So, just as a summary - we know he was a bastard, and that he had a stable enough relationship with his mother that he remembers her (not fondly), and that she up and left soon enough that it felt like she was abandoning him (eight is a bit soon to fend for yourself, even in the seventeenth century). We know he had a son, and since Gavin’s mother is never mentioned, I want to say unremarkable entity who died in childbirth? Because if this had been his great love, and if she’d survived long enough to be remembered by Gavin, I hope to God that would have been brought up in the narrative (come on). So, either Crowley didn’t give a damn about her, and got saddled with the kid for some reason, or he cared a lot and she died pretty early on and that’s possibly the reason he started being so awful to everybody (hello, John Winchester’s parallels). We also know he was a tailor, which, in those times, and for an orphan, implies either that Rowena used magic to help him out (unlikely for a number of reasons) or that he was actually a very smart, very talented kid who had to work his ass off during his apprenticeship, as was usual for the times. In this case, we’ve got someone whose life was out of his control from a very young age, and who knows what it’s like to be at a master’s whim. 

Demon deal

Now, what doesn’t fit with this picture is the idea a kid like that would sell his soul for a longer dick, as Crowley boasted to have done (also, as amusing as it is, this would be a moot point by now, since Crowley’s in a different body). What I consider more likely is that Crowley’s current vessel - the literary agent in his late forties possibly all work and all play as that job often entails - tried to make a similar deal (and that would be a reason for Crowley to stick with the body afterwards; after all, we know he’s vain and likes to sleep around, so, vessel for vessel, why not go for a bigger dong?); as for Crowley himself, I really can’t guess what happened. Gavin remembers him as a useless drunkard, and he certainly had no riches to pass on - so much so, Gavin was forced to emigrate to the Colonies. What did Crowley gain, exactly, in exchange for his soul? An intriguing possibility is that, like Dean, he took the deal to save someone else - perhaps Gavin himself from some childhood fever - and became a drunk asshole out of blind panic the closer he got to the deadline. I like this explanation, because there was always this weird pull between Crowley and Dean, and this would go a long way towards explaining it; but, really, this is one of those things it’s useless to speculate about - either the show will tell us, or it won’t.

(Another possibility I like, but which would have come up by now, is that Rowena sold her kid’s soul to pay for her own magic - a plot bunny I explored here.)

Whatever his reasons, Crowley’s time in hell took this primal lack of control over his own life and made it a thousand times worse. We still don’t know, exactly, how demons are created, how long it takes, and who decides which eyes you’ll get, and which job you’ll do. This is, like, one of the 2000 things the show could get into instead of inventing new lore (I’m not complaining, though - S11 was magnificent, and S12 has been very good so far). What we do know is that the entire process is excruciatingly painful; that it distorts, or takes away, your human soul. If we think about other soulless creatures we’ve encountered, what Crowley is makes a lot of sense. It’s not about being evil, exactly; it’s more about a lack of caring and empathy. There are moments where Crowley actually reminds me of soulless!Sam - like when he pushed Dean into Cain’s arms just because it was convenient on the short term. 

Crowley the crossroads demon

Becoming a demon is also the worst kind of punishment, we should assume, because it completely takes away your free will.

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xtaticpearl said: Wait wait wait, you got a new fic out? oh my gosh I have you on my subscriber list and I didn’t get any notif! I wanna read!! I always wait for your fics and I ALWAYS love them!! Chuck the hater out, honestly, cause you’re a brilliant writer.

I just reposted a Tumblr fic over at Ao3, so nothing exciting. :) and I mean, if I did it wrong, fair game, let me know and I’ll fix it, but when you’re excited about a comment and it’s just someone condescending at you… *sigh*

i-need-to-work-on-my-evil-laugh  asked:

Hey I'm new on Tumblr, so forgive me if I'm doing this wrong, but I love your blog. I don't really have any questions. I just wanted to, sort of, let you know. You're awesome. K bye.

First, welcome to this madness that is Tumblr!

Second, you’re doing it just fine. In fact, you can do this again whenever you want! lol

Third, asjdahsdfghfdgfgjkfgjfj awwwwwwww Thank you love, you’re being too nice with me!

unrepentantauthor  asked:

Hi Zach! Saw your post welcoming asks - I want to make friends in the mtg community around here, but I'm generally nervous about approaching people and wouldn't know where to start! What advice does the dragon wagon have for me?

Some folks won’t answer, and that’s okay, but send asks! Just like you’ve done with me. Send asks and interact with folks on their posts. There are a lot of folks out there whose stuff goes relatively untouched and would probably love the attention. 

Let me see if @flavoracle has any advice for you too…

anonymous asked:

Some camren songs to fuck you up: Emma Bale - All I Want // Sleeping At Last - Turning Pages // Turning Pages - Saturn // Natalie Taylor - Surrender // Keane - Somewhere Only We Know // Cinematic Orchestra - To Build a Home // Florence + The Machine - Never Let Me Go (if you're going to listen to any, listen to the first 4, it'll make you cry your eyes out)

Oh my gosh!!! Thank you Lovey. More songs to add to the Camren Playlist. Yes!!! 😩😭😂

Can I Get Your Opinion?

I have a prince!jimin fanfic I’ve been writing on wattpad, and I wanted to know if any of you would read it if I began posting the chapters here as well.

Here’s the shortened summary:

“in which prince jimin doesn’t know that his future wife is not only trying to steal from him, but is also trying to kill him.”

Please let me know in comments or messages whether or not you would read it! I don’t want to upload it if no one is going to read it.


Commissions info!

2-3 colors/tones - $35

Digital Color: 
2-3 colors/tones - $30
Full color - $45

$15 per additional character

*Prices are for full body. Let me know if don’t want that and we can work something out.
*Additional cost for complex backgrounds.

EMAIL: hedittvo@gmail.com
*Payments via paypal
*Payment upfront
*Commissions are for non-commercial use only

You want your OCs drawn? Your pets? Your favorite cartoon/anime/comic characters? Kpops? Let me draw you cute and silly things!! And feel free to hit me up with any questions you have.

anonymous asked:

Do you ever find yourself forcing things to happen because certain transits tell you that such and such a thing would happen? Currently with the retrogrades in my Aries stellium it'd make sense for me to go back to exes, and I have actually been messaging exes and past crushes. I think I'm doing it because I'm hoping the energy right now that's catering to getting back with past loves will help me out. It's hard for me to let go of ANY ex or crush.

I don’t force anything to happen… I don’t know, I just let the Universe do its thing. I mean, yes, Venus RX gives you a chance to go to your exes, past crushes, and even past friends, but you gotta use the retrograde in the way you want… I’m not in any position to tell you what to do during a retrograde since it’s your life, but I hope you don’t really “force” events to happen. Things that are forced are not meant to be.

anonymous asked:

I love her and I thought I was as in love with her and she is with me, but I think it was just loneliness and lust.. and now I don't know what to do, she's been my best friend for 3 years and I made the mistake of dating her. If I let her go, I lose her completely. Any advice?

If you tell her that you cant date her anymore bcs your feelings aren’t there (anymore) she maybe understands. It will hurt her probably but there are still chances that you can continue as friends. But when you aren’t in love with her you should not let it continue bcs the longer this keeps going the more it will hurt her in the end plus you yourself aren’t happy atm either. Be honest and open about what you feel/want and hope for.

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this

oc questions: sleep edition

1) how does your oc get ready for bed?

2) does your oc prefer a warm or cool bed?

3) how many pillows does your oc need/use?

4) which oc sleeps with stuffed animals?

5) which oc prefers to share a bed with someone else?

6) which oc would be an absolute nightmare to sleep with (stealing blankets, cold feet, etc)?

7) which oc snores?

8) in what position does your oc sleep in?

9) describe your oc’s sleepwear.

10) how long does it take for your oc to fall asleep?

11) does your oc remember their dreams?

12) which oc experiences sleep paralysis?

13) is your oc more likely to have a good dream or a nightmare?

14) does your oc require certain conditions in order to fall asleep?

15) is your oc a restless sleeper?

16) which oc sleep talks?

17) which oc sleeps the most?

18) which oc can naturally run on less than 5 hours of sleep a night?

19) which oc is an insomniac?

20) a fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night while your ocs are asleep. how do they react?

21) what odd locations have your oc been found sleeping in?

22) which oc could probably sleep through the apocalypse?

23) where is your oc’s typical napping spot?

24) what is your oc like immediately after waking up?

I want lance and allura to become best friends in that way where they call each other ‘wife’ and 'husband’
- “hang on let me get my wife’s opinion - HONEY, SHOULD KEITH WEAR THE RED SHIRT OR THE BLACK SHIRT”
- “sorry my husband is the handy man around here” “allura I just want to know how the toaster works”
- random declarations of eternal commitment during briefings
- “my handsome soulmate, my dear husband, your footing is wonky and it’s throwing voltron off balance”
- “my dear, sweet allura - would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? - because right now your name is 'angry tired and stressed’ and I need u to take a fucking chill pill”
- “allura, the love of my life, the essence or my being, would you come shopping for sparkly shit with me?” “of course, my little dove”
- coran introduces a 'one term of endearment per sentence’ limit to keep meetings efficient
- shiro is 'the mistress’
- hunk is 'side ho number one’
- pidge is 'side ho number two’
- keith is 'side ho number three’
- “lance I’m ACTUALLY your boyfriend why the fuck am I side ho number three” “first come first serve bitch”