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October’s bonus video is a speedpaint of Jonathan Byers, from Stranger Things!! Along with my Gay Opinions on Why He Should Be Gay!!!

it themed asks

bill: do you have any siblings? if yes, are you close with them?

richie: are you an extrovert or an introvert? 

eddie: do you get sick a lot?

stan: have you ever been mocked for something important to you? (i.e: religion) 

mike: are you home schooled?  are you seen as an outcast?

ben: have you ever been mocked for your physical attributes? 

bev: have you had your first kiss yet? if yes, what was it like?

pennywise: what’s your greatest fear?

henry: which parent are you closest to?

patrick: do you have any crazy conspiracies you believe in?

victor: have you ever had a time where you questioned what your friends were doing? what’d you do about it?

belch: have you ever had a job? if so what was your first one like?

Jay Park - Circles

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Inspired by G.Soul - Circles

You knew the ending— it always ended like this. Even though you knew how it would turn out, no matter how hard you tried to escape, eventually you always went back to him. Even after everything he had done, all the lies he had told, and the scars he left on your broken soul, you just couldn’t walk away.

You held onto that little glimmer of hope that things would turn out differently this time, that all the suffering and fighting wouldn’t be in vain; that it was worth it, because what you two had was special. However, after one argument was settled, another one took its place. If was an endless cycle you both were trapped in.

However, today you had made up your mind. You wanted to end it this time, once and for all. That was really the last time you had forgiven him. You wouldn’t do it again, you swore to yourself. You would stay strong and you wouldn’t waver.


“Technically I never lied to you,” he pointed out with an even voice, as if he was stating a universally valid fact. You stared at him full of disbelief as you let out a short chortle.

“Are you really doing this right now?” You knew he would defend himself at all costs, wanting to prove that he did nothing wrong. You knew he would try to justify his actions. Nonetheless, you still hoped he would lower his pride and show you that he cared about you. You knew it was foolish, but you couldn’t help it. You desperately wanted him to prove you wrong, to prove you that breaking up with him was the wrong decision. But with his actions, he only solidified your presentiments. At least this way, it would be easier to break up with him, you thought.

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hey i just wanted to say i think it's really cool how supportive you are of fanworks and how you genuinely enjoy them i think that's really cool and also great job on the bright sessions seeing that it updated made my day so much better mk that's all thank u *kickflips on out of here*

Are you kidding, it still amazes me that people are making art and things of something I made!?!? It is the coolest and best part of my life to see how the inside of my brain has inspired other people to create. So keep on keeping on and thank you to all of you who share your art with us!!!!

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Oh bless you Amy,,, you do know that the author has another jikook fic right!!!!! It's a homemade porn competition plot thingy and W O W what a (shorter - 86k) ride!!!!! Good luck suffering :") I still haven't gotten round to reading House of Cards yet so fuck me after my exams!!!

I’VE HEARD! The author writes so beautifully, I sent them some love and appreciation bc I’m now truly their biggest fan! i have House of Cards on my tbr list too (i have so much on there right now my suffering-loving ass is very satisfied)!! Good luck for your exams btw bb! ♡

Ps: this is the fic!!

I honestly didn’t expect my angst to be as effective as it was…

Just wanted to thank everyone for all the feedback of the fic. I mean it seemed like more tears than words, but I can live with that. THANK YOU!!

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Inktober 2017
Traveling Merchant AU! Featuring Shadow, Blue, and Vio!

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Hello! I’m interested in buying some merch! Any particular place I should go?

Hi ;v; <3! Oh yes, i just organized all my pics and links so you can go the follow:

Purchase stickers: [here]   (It’s been updated to include the new swr sticker package)

Purchase pins and keychains: [here]  (it’s been updated to include new keychain design and some new pins….. Please note there is a cheaper option for keycharms if you are interested.)

As of now, the only sale deal i have going on is the “Fox Hux” which i still have two remaining. You can check that out [here]

Thank you @hazel-inle for the interest !!!

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lightsbridgearts replied to your post “What does Matt look like as a centaur?”

have you considered “horses in space” at all? XD

*snorts* you bruise me

‘Course I’ve considered, and happily come to the conclusion to not worry at all because damn man, it’s fun, I love these characters and I love taurs

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Okay so I wasn’t gonna post this until tomorrow (today?) but this ask made my night so I’m posting it now and I’ll show you guys the other thing tomorrow. xD;;;

Garlic Ginger Sauce (87 cal)

A few people asked for it, and I love this recipe so I’m gonna share it! It’s a spicy Asian-style sauce that I put on EVERYTHING. Veggies, noodles, brown rice, even chicken (when I ate meat). It’s amazing!

1 Tbsp low sodium soy sauce (10 cal)

1 tsp sesame oil (40 cal)

1 tsp rice vinegar (8 cal)

½ clove minced garlic OR ¼ tsp garlic powder (2 cal)

1 tsp minced ginger OR ¼ tsp ground ginger powder (20 cal)

1 tsp ground black pepper (1 cal)

1 Tbsp low sodium chicken broth (~0 cal)

Optional (but recommended because YUMMY): 1 tsp Sriracha sauce (5 cal)

Just mix everything together and use it however you like! Saute your veggies in it, toss your noodles with it, cook your meat in it, pour it over your rice, whatever you want!!

Most of the calories come from the sesame oil and ginger. I LOVE sesame oil, but if you don’t like it, just ditch it. Same with the ginger. You can always just use less too! It doesn’t make a TON of sauce, but I usually find it’s enough. You can also add more chicken broth or just some water to make it go further. 

Let me know if you try it!!

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any fics that are solely based around how good yoongi is at giving blowjobs?

There actually isn’t many fics that are just about Yoongi giving blowjobs. There are fics where it is featured, but it’s not really detailed or a main focal point. It’s more used for foreplay and such.

Ambrosia by WhitePeach
[Non AU][Slight Exhibitionism][Pre-Relationship]

such a pretty face by sundaytimes  
[Ficlet][Aftermath][Imperfect Sex]

If you would like, Anon, I can list fics that just have Yoongi giving blowjobs at some point. Just let me know if you want me to make that kind of list :}