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there’s like 2 eps left and i’ll admit a very small smart of me is still hoping that they let bamon happen at like, the very end. the build up is there, they just need to follow through. the satisfying thing about it happening in the finale is that the writers can’t fuck it up after that, you know? they can walk off into the sunset together, bickering, and smiling at each other in that way they do, and i can fill in the rest of the blanks without the writers twisting it up unnecessarily


Happy Holidays, @oomph833!  I was your Secret Santa for this year!

You said all your favorite ships involve either Koujaku, Noiz, or Aoba, so I thought I would try to give you all three!

And before anybody asks…This IS based on a true story.  Call Center Adventures am I right?!

I couldn’t decide whether I wanted Noiz to be wearing a silly t-shirt or a business suit…So I combined them into a massive meme of a man…

Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful holiday.  And if you don’t celebrate, I hope you just have a wonderful day!

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Okay but like, Revali starts to regularly groom Link's hair AND MAKES HIM LIL HAIR ACCESSORIES OUT OF HIS OWN FEATHERS

omg that’s so cute imagine if you could get a special revali-edition rito headgear in-game i would Die So Much

Maybe for April Fools we should all write pranking fics??

Marauders… Harry bonding with the kids… Lily pulling one over on the boys… what would a pranking Pansy be like? No one is sure if Luna is actually kidding… Miscommunications galore…

So…I’ve been a bit obsessed with mapping Robert’s star chart recently (entirely blaming @dingleautomotives gorgeous post) and while it’s not perfect since: 

a) Robert isn’t a real person and therefore was not born under the stars and
b) Emmerdale isn’t a real place and can’t be mapped exactly

a lot of the details are a bit tricky BUT I did find that his Moon [aka your emotional state where your needs, mood, and habits form] and his Venus [aka love, pleasure, desires, and relationships both romantic and platonic] had strong ties to Robert’s actual character

Note: Since we know that Robert was born sometime between 7:40 PM and 8:10 PM on April 22, 1986, I’ve used 7:50/8:00 PM as an average of the times (both times mapped the same way so there wasn’t a shift as Robert isn’t on any cusp) and used a general location in the Yorkshire Dales as a map for Emmerdale

Robert’s Moon lands in Libra

Moon in Libra people have a strong need for partnership. Without someone to share their lives with, they feel utterly incomplete… Both men and women with this position are often quite charming. They can be very attractive to be around, and are often given to flirtatiousness… When [they] argue with their long-standing partners, they rarely let up until they win. And, winning an argument is a Libran specialty – in fact, they may not even believe what they are saying, but will adopt all kinds of ideas just to get the last word… They love their family and home, though it may not be openly apparent to all. They are affectionate and encouraging to those around them. They seem to attract more than their share of good and bad situations with legal matters, life-changing decisions and partners.

I’ve put in bold key terms that caught my eye the most. As we know, Robert has all but mastered the art of “conceal, don’t feel” to those who are not privy to the inner workings of his mind (and heart). Robert’s biggest fear is being alone, which is interesting in itself when it comes to Robert’s Venus, which plays on his need to project and put up a screen which separates himself and others, which in turn allows him to isolate himself so that others cannot make the decision for him. Robert thrives when he is in control of a situation, even if it means ultimately self-destructing.

Robert’s Venus lands in Taurus

Love for Venus in Taurus centers on the physical world and creature comforts — they revel in sensual surroundings. These people project themselves as solid and comfortable. In fact, something about their manner promises they will be satisfying lovers and partners… Pleasing Venus in Taurus involves emphasizing your loyalty, and their worth to you… These lovers, however, are stingy with emotions and possessive because they fear losing control. They fear emotional vulnerability. They just don’t operate well on the emotional or mental wave-length. These are physical, material, earthy creatures who care about money and security, not feelings or abstract ideas. You may have to pry hard to get them to talk about their feelings, but it will do them good because they have an underlying need for emotional security.

Robert is naturally alluring to others, especially those without preconceived ideas about him (and often even to those who know exactly what he is capable of), which only aides his ability to control others. This does not necessarily have the negative connotations that the word “control” typically has. Robert projects himself through his perceived stability, needing to always seem above the influence of his own emotions when others are relying on him. He is able to “control” others’ emotions by providing support and comfort, even when he himself may be faltering.

It is interesting to note that Robert is also a Libra Ascendant, and combined with his Venus in Taurus presents complications in how he deals with his relationships, both romantic and platonic.

Their relationships are often characterized by bickering or competitiveness until they learn to drop their sweet image once in a while and to stop blaming their partners for everything that goes wrong.

Robert’s need for control and need to have the last word, often without regard for how scathing those words can be, combined with his unending devotion and loyalty to the few people he allows himself to love, creates a war within himself so as not to once again put up that emotional screen that the stars themselves created for him and that he has spent his entire life reinforcing. 

…[emphasize] your loyalty, and their worth to you…

Robert’s Moon and Venus essentially rely on knowing that their relationships and vulnerability are not for naught. 


Finally managed to work past my art block (kinda)!

Jedi! Shmi is dedicated to the magnificent @mirandatam. I hope this helps out with your writer’s block, friendo. (I also hope this shade of green is okay. If not, lemme know and I’ll alter it a bit <3)

(And pssst, other peeps. Mira has a Jedi Shmi AU that is pretty damn popular. Take a looksie. I definitely gotta read it myself soon!)

Okay, so like, I know Whiskey has been kind of Problematic™ so far, but the boy has such a #look, ya know?

Anyway, I guess this is a companion to this piece I did before I even had a side blog of Tango wearing a flamenco tango outfit.

This is slowly becoming a series……

(Edit: Added a vignette for the #aesthetic)

Redraw | Rahkeid Dragneel - Chapter 494

Guys, this is a candid. This is a candid photo of my best friend. Look at how pretty she is. Look at her. She’s incredible. How dare she look this good at random.

So... Would anyone be interested if I posted a 3-Chapter fic about my version of Shakespeare's friendship with the Bottom Brothers before SR! Events?

I’m gonna post it eventually (in about a month), but I was just wondering if anyone would actually be interested lol

Continued from here 


“I would be hurt by that, but I choose to be the bigger person,” Jesper muttered, taking a few steps back, until he was at a safe distance from a very pissed off Kaz. He added a few steps to account for the cane, doing his best to look at ease as he rested against the wall that blocked any further retreat.

He entertained the idea of setting Ketterdamn on fire, but dismissed it as he thought of Wylan’s judging look if he dared. Besides, what he had to say was important enough to rouse Kaz. It’s been days since he had any rest and he drew the short stick when it came to deliver bad news.. 

 “Pekka Rollins is being slightly more active lately. He seems to want to build his empire once more. Not in Ketterdam,” he was quick to add, “however there are some who might be interested in his dealings.” He supposed even a man like Rollins reached the bottom of his coffers after a while. 

“We thought you should know before…”before you heard it from someone else. 


Just wanted to let you all know - I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been getting inbox spam lately - starts with ‘hi’ or similar and if you reply you quickly end up with a request for photos or private chat. They have blogs with nothing on, fairly nondescript urls and a selfie of a young woman as their avatar.
I wanted to give my advice for younger/vulnerable people on here, so I hope you’ll forgive me sounding like your mum.
Here’s my suggestion, if you get a message from someone you don’t know and who isn’t following you, with an empty blog:
Don’t reply to the message.
Mark it as spam if you want to - I’ve started doing that.
Don’t ever send pictures of yourself.
Don’t feel pressured into chatting with someone you don’t know or sharing anything personal.
I have no clue what the gain is for people doing this but I guess they are hoping people will get talked into sharing images.
Stay safe. If you’re not sure something is a good idea, it probably isn’t - trust your instinct. If you feel uncomfortable, stop. Ask someone in real life that you trust - a parent, a responsible adult..
Look after yourselves and avoid nonsense.