let me kiss your neck

Just Another Bucky Smut

Summary: Just a Bucky x Reader smut. There really isn’t much of a story, it’s mostly smut.

Warnings: Dom!(ish)andJealous!Bucky, smut

A/N: My brother walked in and saw me writing this and just sighed so I hope you enjoy the second hand embarrassment that comes with my life.

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BTS reaction to you kissing them by accident and confessing.

Request:  You accidentally kiss one of the boys and you’re both flustered and he tries to brush it off but you confess, then and there.


Jin would give you a cocky smile and talk about how irresistible he was. Once you confessed your feelings and told him you really liked him, he would smile sheepishly and confess his feelings. He would take your hand into his and ask you out on a date “I just need you and food to have a good time. And please use that strawberry chapstick, it smells so good, I will finally be able to taste it” He would peck your lips repeatedly and when he heard you whine he would press his lips on yours for a real kiss.

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Yoongi would look at you with a persistent smirk on his face. He would kiss you back and the little shit would have added tongue if it wasn’t because you pulled away first.
“I’m so sorry Yoongi that was an accident”
“It’s okay, don’t worry” he would nod licking his lips
“Even tho, I really wouldn’t mind kissing you again. I like you, a lot.”
“fuck, thank god because I like you too and I really wanted to kiss you again” He would wrap his arms around you and pull you into another kiss which would be followed by another and another and another….

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Hoseok would pull away as soon as your lips touched his. He would look at you worried and shake his head repeatedly “This is not okay. You can’t kiss me if you don’t like me”
“but I do like you hobi” you would look at him frowning “I like you a lot, but you need to know that kiss was an accident”
“Really? You like me?” Hoseok would bite on his bottom lip nervously “So can I kiss you? If you want we can call it an accident just let me kiss you please?” You would laugh and wrap your arms around his neck as you leaned up to kiss him.

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When you pulled away, you were quick to hide your face on the crook of his neck, your face, and neck a shade of red because how embarrassed you were.
“You’re so dramatic babydoll, it’s only a kiss, it’s nothing” he slowly placed his hands on your hips and rubbed them with his thumbs
“It’s only a kiss for you.” You sighed “I won’t be able to stop thinking about how it feels to kiss the guy I like” You moved closer, clinging to his neck, trying to hide from the embarrassment.
“You don’t have to think about it when I’m willing to kiss you over and over again” Namjoon pulled away slowly and placed his hands on your shoulders “You only have to ask babydoll, you know I’d do anything for you because I like you. I like you a lot” Namjoon pulled you in for a quick kiss that slowly turned into a make out session.

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You would pull away frowning and get confused when he looked at you with a smile on his face. “I’m so sorry it was an accident, you weren’t supposed to move, you said you wanted me to kiss your nose”
“I’m sorry I felt like sneezing and my lips landed on yours” he would smile sheepishly
“Shit, I kissed the guy I like, how am I supposed to move on now?” You curse yourself the moment those words escaped your lips. You were quick to look up to see his reaction.
“about damn time, I can’t believe you only needed a fake accident to confess”
“you planned the kiss didn’t you?”
“You were taking so long to confess and I didn’t wanna embarrass myself so this was the best way to do it” He smiled and moved closer placing his hands on your waist “plus if I was wrong and you reject me at least I would have gotten a kiss out of it” You would roll your eyes and laugh when Jimin leaned down to kiss your neck “Moving fast I see” He would shrug and pull you closer while nibbling softly on your neck.

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Taehyung would try to play it cool and tease you about it, saying how much you liked him and that he warned you at the beginning about falling in love with him “Careful, I’m an adorable guy, everyone ends up falling in love with me, even Jungkook” At that time you rolled your eyes and chuckled but now your face went pale and you kept biting your lip nervously “Are you okay y/n” Taehyung looked at you worried while cupping your cheeks “I’m sorry Taehyung, I should I have told you before, I did fall for you” Taehyung looked at you fondly and moved closer “It’s okay baby, I was kidding, I like you too. You should have warned me about your powers too” He chuckled and slowly leaned in for another kiss “Now for the official one that will make you mine” You felt yourself smile against his lips as he kisses you.

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This boy right here would be too shook to even kiss you back. You would get anxious and pull away quickly to find him staring at you with wide eyes “I’m so sorry, shit. You had this thing on your cheek and I was going to take it off then you turned your face and that happened” You would look at him ashamed expecting an answer but he would freeze in his spot “Shit shit I’m so sorry Jungkook, I been rejected without even confessing” You sighed looking at him and apologized again “What do you mean rejected? I didn’t reject you” he frowned
“But you weren’t kissing me back and you didn’t move and I’m so sorry jungkook please don’t be mad”
Jungkook would place his hands on your shoulders to calm you down “First, calm down, I’m not mad, I’m not rejecting you. I really like you” you thought he was kidding until you looked at him, he had a serious expression and a shy smile made his way into his lips “Now I’m going to kiss you so please kiss me back, don’t reject me” He chuckled as he leaned down to capture your lips in a kiss.

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This was supposed to be posted earlier in the week but I just now managed to finish it. Special thanks to @permanentcross for yelling at me to write it (and for not being mad at me for calling it Snowstorm - she’s cool with it). Let me know if you guys enjoy it! Much love, B xx


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Being stuck at the hotel during a snowstorm, having nothing to do except looking at each other’s faces, Harry’s bored out of his mind. So, while you watch some stupid tv show, he’s lying on his tummy, scrolling through his phone and you’re lying on him, cheek smushed against his bum, cause it’s why not? Even though the heating is on, the view of the city covered in white fluffy snow on your window is giving you chills and you yearn to be close to him but he’s too focused on his damn phone to pay attention to you. 

Tired of the silly TV show and of being ignored in order for him to scroll aimlessly through social media, even though he’s never posting anything, you sigh, moving your head to look up at him, your cheek smushed to his bum as you look at the back of his head. His hair is messy, curling at the ends and with no sunglasses to hold it back, you can truly appreciate just how long his hair has become over the past few months, his sweats are clinging to his long legs and the long sleeved t-shirt make his broad shoulders look even wider with the white fabric straining against them.

He looks good and warm and so cozy that all you want is to snuggle up to him and be close, share languid kisses that make your tummy flutter with butterflies and your toes curl when he presses closer. But he’s on his phone. And, even though your hand is pressing to his back, scratching lightly over his shirt and you’re very much resting against him, he shows no signs of letting go of the small piece of technology he holds so dearly in his hands any time soon.

You’ve tried everything already - calling his name, to which he only gave you a mumbled “hum?” and when you continued to speak, you were left with no response from him; you’ve tried pinching his sides but the boy has a brain of steel and when he’s invested in something like he is on his phone, it’s hard to break him away from it. You’ve tried turning up the volume on the TV to see if the movie playing in it would catch his attention and make him move you up to him for a cuddle while you both watch it but not even then had you managed to catch his eye and you were sick of it.

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Bad Boy (Part 2)

Part 1

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader.

Warnings: SMUT. Excessive use of pet names, mentions of bruises and small cuts, oral sex (fr), unprotected sex, slight spanking, instead of his metal arm Buck-Buck has a full sleeve of tattoos, he’s hot. This is for the second part.

Word Count: 1336.

Rating: 18+


So I sent ans ask for @bucky-plums-barnes Sinful Sunday about Bucky having a full sleeve of tattoos and being the kind of guy your parents always told to stay away from, @ryverpenrad said they’d write another version of this, so I’m tagging them and my wives @sexylibrarian1 and @thecrownedrose Because I love them!

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Come lay in bed with me. Show me what it feels like to be loved by another person. Let me run my fingers through your hair, kiss up your neck and onto to your face. Let’s just cuddle until we fall asleep. 🙈💤

Yacht love.

Authors Note: This was requested, “idk if you are taking requests for Harry sorry for bothering you if you aren’t, but could you write an imagine where the boys and Harry your boyfriend of 3 yrs rented a yacht like they always do and you go on it with them and Harry is being clingy (but in a cute cuddly way constantly holding your hand, arms around you, head on your shoulder,kisses,etc) and he barely even interacts with the boys because he is so drawn to being with you and they call him whipped but he doesn’t care bc he loves y/n.” Here is what I came up with, it is not the best, and it was pretty hard to include the boys’ but I tried. I hope you enjoy. Xx

Masterlist found HERE

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At first, you were sceptical about the idea of setting off on a yacht with Harry and his old band mates. Their hiatus has been a prolonged hiatus, lasting the last four and a half years, all of them going off and doing their own thing, starting families, starting solo music careers, living the life they all individually want.

It took a lot of convincing for you to agree to the outing, not for any reason but the fact that the boys’ have no reunited all together for anything other than music events as solo artists. They have cheered each other on from the sidelines, but never have they all hung out at once for anything other than music, there is always some sort of issue when a social gathering is brought up.

They decided to rent a yacht like old times, when things weren’t so rough, when they weren’t off doing their own things, they’d rent out a yacht and breathe, they’d have a few drinks, throw around some banter, and laughs. It was more of a ‘Boys’ outing more than anything. But, since Niall declared he was bringing his girlfriend, you gave in and complied.

You relax on the sun deck, soaking in the sun for a sun-kissed tone, Niall’s girlfriend doing the same as the boys’ do only God knows what, probably causing havoc below deck.

You feel the sun fade away, a shadow casting over you as you open your eyes, your boyfriend of three years standing over you, blocking the sun. “You are blocking the sun.” You comment, sitting up and lifting your sunglasses to rest on the top of your head, a habit that Harry managed to rub off on you.

“Mhm, you goin’ to lie here all day?” He raises a brow, smirking as you take the moment to admire his shirtless body, his toned abs, and his tattoo covered skin.

You shrug, a small grin etching on your lips, “maybe, you going to stand in the sun all day?”

“Maybe.” He smiles, leaning down and kissing you sweetly, the two of you being interrupted by a row of cheering. “Damnit,” Harry mumbles against your lips, moving away from you. You glance over and notice the boys joining on the sun deck, beers in their hands, sunglasses on heads.

“Did all of you copy the trend of wearing glasses on your head?” You question, “They are meant to cover your eyes.” You playfully fool around with them as they scatter around on the other sunchairs.

“Yes, Harry is the only one to wear sunglasses on his head.” Niall nods, gesturing to Harry as he continues to stand over you, obstructing the sun from your body.

“Harry, can I have the sun back, please?” You gaze up at him. With a sigh, he nods, sitting down at the end of your sunchair wanting to be close to you.

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Keep Quiet

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Pairing: Jimin x reader 
Genre: Smut
Word Count: 3.7k
dt: my soul sister, the Ji to my Kook<3

“Shhhh baby girl, try to keep quiet. Unless you’re wanting to get caught.”

What was suppose to be date night for yourself and Jimin, turned into a big gathering when six of your boyfriends best friends decide to crash your date. Things start to get heated when you go into the kitchen to get something to drink when Jimin decides to follow right behind you. 

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platonic? | jughead jones x reader

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prompt: 7-“you make a good pillow” & 22-“you’re the only one I can trust”

you knock nervously on the front door of the andrews house, jughead had asked you to come over for a movie night and you weren’t sure to take it as a date or a purely platonic hangout.

sure you and jughead were close, but so was betty. the three of you worked long after school hours in the blue and gold office and often afterwards jughead would take you to pops and would always try and treat you but you always happily got the check.

the poor boy was homeless for god sakes, the least i could do was pay for some burgers and fries. you find yourself fiddling with your fingers when the door swings opening revealing one red headed archie andrews

“hey arch” you chirp as he greets you dragging you inside the small house, you spot archies dad in his study and you give him a curt wave “hey fred!” he gives me a small smile waving back before archie pushes me into the living room

you collide with a body and wince pulling back “my bad” you don’t even have to look up to know it was jughead, “glad you made it (y/n)” he smiles moving around you and into the kitchen

“are you blushing?!” you jump at the voices glancing to see your three friends, veronica, kevin & betty. “god you scared me!” you exclaim holding your hand on your heart

platonic hangout it was.

“did the boys not tell you?” betty asks giggling away “i didn’t really ask” i admit feeling a little stupid to think it’d just be the three of us, of course the others were going to be there.

moving toward the couch attempting to sit down in the empty spot next to veronica when your stopped “sorry im saving it for arch-he’ll be upset if he can’t sit next to me” she pouts.

a sign falls from your mouth, glancing to betty who’s curled up with kevin talking about god knows what on the other couch a space open next to her, you move toward it but betty stretches her legs out.

“oh come on!” you groan frustrated “you can sit next to your loverrrr” veronica purs dragging out the ‘r’

“he’s not my lover v!” you argue “who’s not?” eyes widening in sock as jughead walks into the room plopping himself down on the couch with a packet of raspberry twizzlers.

“no one” you mutter sighing to yourself, “(y/n) it’s your turn to pick a movie” archie announces as he moves to his seat next to veronica the raven haired girl snuggling into his chest.

“i hate choosing” you complain flicking through the movies before finally choosing one and let it play “you going to sit down or?” kevin teases.

turning to see only one vacant spot, in between the two boys themselves. swallowing your nervousness you sit yourself down between them making sure not to get too close to the brunette boy.

he laughs to himself and extends the candy out to you, taking a few from the bunch nibbling on them “what’d you choose?” jughead asks stuffing his mouth with candy.

“the day after tomorrow- it’s one of my favourites” i catch jughead smiling at me in the corner of my eye, “what?” i question giggling.

“nothing” he replies nestling into the couch as the movie begins, i notice veronica exchanges words with archie as he slowly moves closer to me, almost as if he was trying to push me toward jughead, 

oh my god what a little shit.

“stop wiggling for the love of god andrews!” i complain resting my head against the back of the couch

“your hogging the couch!” he exclaims making us at the raven haired go “could you maybe move over?” veronica asks batting her eyelashes at me

“i won’t bite i promise” jughead whispers to me, a chill running down my spine, i move closer to the boy our legs brushing each other’s.

i feel tense, not paying any attention to the movie and only to the contact between the raven haired boy & i. a few minutes pass before i notice jughead moving his arm behind me, subtle.

i suck in a breathe as he drapes his arm around my shoulder pulling me slightly into him “your so tense” he whispers chuckling, making sure that no one else could hear our conversation.

“im a little nervous” i reply, swallowing my fear and focusing to hard on the tv infront of us. “c'mere” he mumbles pulling my into his body my head on his chest

“you make a good pillow” i utter feeling his chest shake underneath me “you make a good blanket" he whisper back tightening his grip around me.

i could barley focus on what was happening in the movie, my whole body was on fire from the boys touch and i didn’t know how much longer i could sit still for until the others start moving off the couch.

i notice that the movies finished and move away from jughead stretching out my limbs letting out a slight yawn as everyone started to head home

“well i better head off” betty announces kevin standing with her “yeah sounds like a plan- arch could you take me home” the raven haired girl purs placing a hand on his chest.

“sure- (y/n) your staying for another movie right?” i shrug my shoulders “i guess i could stick around for another one” he smiles and grabs his keys whispering something to the raven haired boy before exiting the house.

leaving you and jughead alone, “what should we watch?” he hums flicking through netflix and he finds his spot next to me, a wav of confidence washes over me as i lay myself down my head snuggled into his chest.

he tenses at the touch then relaxes under my touch, his heart hammering in his chest “anything i don’t mind” i mumble moving myself around to get comfortable

he’s arm slips from the couch to my waist drawing small shapes in a calming manner, he mumbles something under his breathe as he aimlessly flicks through the movie selection.

you moved off his chest sitting up, “jug” you sigh gaining his undivided attention “are we platonic” you blurt looking him in the eyes.

his adams apple bobs as he swallows “do you want to be?” he asks worry evident in his eyes “no” you whisper back lowly

“good” he leans forward and presses his lips to yours in a sweet tender embrace, you kiss back your hands finding the back of his neck and his found your waist

you were tugged onto his lap, grinding softly into his hips and you continue to make out on the andrews couch. you break apart grinning from ear to ear “baby” he mumbles stopping your hips from the torture

“juggie” i sing song as we rejoin our lips once more turning into a heated make out session until the sound of clapping springs us apart

jughead bolts up letting me slip from his grasp landing flat on my ass. i wince and cuss as archie makes himself visible a smirk clear on his face

jughead rushes toward me offering me a hand up “oh my good (y/n) im so sorry” i stick my hand up shaking my head getting myself off the ground rubbing my hand over my tender ass cheeks.

“smooth” archie chuckles and i turn glaring at him “it’s your fault” i whine crossing my arms across my chest.

he backs away slowly and disappears up the stairs “ow” i complain feeling a hot breathe against my neck “jug” i complain as he places a kiss on my neck

“let me make it up to you” he begs continuing to kiss your neck tenderly earning quite whimpers from your lips “fine” you mutter turning to face him as he plants his lips on yours

and let’s just say, he sure did make it up to you.

Rescue Me [2]

Part Two of Three

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Word Count: 2640 

Warnings: NSFW 18+ GRAPHIC Smut, Unprotected sex (wrap the willies, sillies!), Oral (female receiving), thigh riding, swearing, dirty talk.

A/N: You guys, I’m such an idiot! I put this in my drafts and forgot to post it!

Part One

This day was never going to end.

You were leaned back in your chair in the conference room, peaking through your fingers at all of the novels you had written through the years lined up on the table.

Natasha had recognized your name and raced to her room to get her collection. “I have read each one at least 5 times over,” she had said at the time. You were flattered, really. It just always made you uncomfortable talking about your work.

Like you were doing now. Tony had asked you about the plot line of each book. And he wanted details.

Steve pointed at your most recent novel, just released 2 months ago. “This one sounds familiar.”

You nodded before sitting up straighter in your chair, “It is based on the jewelry heist that went wrong last year,” you said, pulling the book toward you and flipping through the pages. “You know the one… Julian Marcus and his goons almost made it out of the jewelry store before a security guard that they hadn’t noticed popped up out of nowhere. He had hit the silent alarm and slashed the tires on their getaway car. Julian shot him, point blank. He is currently sitting on death row for his multiple charges.”

You looked up when you were met with silence. Everyone eye in the room was on you. “What?” you asked, feeling uneasy.

Tony shook his head in disbelief, “How do you know all of that?”

You felt your face heat. You had rambled and revealed too much information. Nervous habit. “I um… uh, got granted visitation to meet with Julian for an interview after his court date.” You pushed the book back to the middle of the table. “He told me everything. Even where he hid the jewels before the police had captured him.”

Silence. Again.

Nat was the first to speak, “Wow.” She shrugged when everyone turned to look at her, “What? I’m impressed.”

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Loki/Reader- My King

Originally posted by loptrlaufey

Prompt: Loki x Reader

A/N: I made this into smut

Being the princess of Asgard was no simple feat. You had your daily duties and also had many appearances with your trickster husband Loki. You often hung out with his brother as well because let’s admit it Thor is less uptight about everything than Loki.

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Warning: Nothing 

Word Count: 1000+ Kinda short 

Pairing: Draco x reader 

Summary: Draco is bored and mad the reader doesn't give him attention 

Requested: No

Originally posted by sexyferret


Draco’s bed was comfortable, especially when he gave you all the room. You sat on his bed with books sprawled over his sheets. Draco, paced across the room quickly, he did a lot of heavy thinking. Just knowing he was here with you made you happy, his breathes and his scent, made you feel comfortable. You reached over to his nightstand and put on your reading glasses. You and Draco were the kind of couple who could sit silently, not talking, but still feel comfort in your present. When Dumbledore found out about you relationship he told you how rare that could be, particularly with someone like Draco.

You heard his shuffling stop, causing you to glance at him. He sat down quietly, locking eyes with you as he stared intently. You smiled to yourself, looking back down and reading more. You were in Draco’s room more often than not. Even if he wasn’t there you felt comfort with his bed sheets and his things more than your own.

Pansy of course didn’t like you at all. She was not set on Draco dating a Y/H who was muggle-born. After all, she did like Draco a lot. Draco got up from his seat and walked over to the bed, scooting some books over so he could sit next to you. He took a seat behind you, the bed sunk down from his weight as he scanned over what you were doing. You sat in between his legs, leaning back on his chest intensively. He emitted short, hot breaths down your neck.

“Pay attention,” He whispered into your ear placing a kiss on the back of your neck.

“Draco, let me finish studying.” Despite your plead, he pressed on. He kissed down your neck as his hands traveled up your thighs. You wanted to, but you just couldn’t, not with all the studying that you had to do. Instead you, took his hands in yours and push them into his check, grabbing a book and handing it to him. He huffed in defeat.

“Why won’t you pay attention to me?” He whined into your ear, tossing the book on the ground and pulling you into his chest. You leaned your head on his shoulder.

“When we graduate, get the most greatest jobs, we can talk about you getting more attention.”

“Mother has already told me she would give my wife and I, the house when we get married,” he reasoned. “We could live there.” You laughed at his suggestion.

“You’re failing to forget that you’re mother said that we both have to employed.” You chuckled, grabbing the book from the ground and opening it up to page 112. Draco gasped dramatically.

“A love potion!” He took the book in his hands and pointed the picture. “Maybe I should use it on you!” You laughed at him and took the book back.

“Very funny Draco.” He huffed in defeat. You picked up the gum pack from your drawer and looked at Draco.

You pulled out the last piece of gum from the gum pack and unraveled it slowly so Draco could see. Draco’s eyes darkened. You knew he only wanted this piece of gum because you wanted it. But Draco let you have it. Instead of chewing a piece of gum he would hate he watched you study while you chewed obnoxiously. You glanced over at Draco and moaned erotically. It was more of a teasing gesture than anything else. You knew Draco wanted the piece of gum more than everything, but he gave it to you. He stared at you for a moment getting up from his bed and moving the books off of it so he could sit in front of you.

“That must be some piece of gum,” he hummed still grinning. “There isn’t a chance you just want to make me jealous.”

“It’s a piece of gum Draco,” you replied nonchalantly. “First you want my attention, now my gum.”

“I let you have that, I can get it back easily,” Draco smirked. He pulled you onto his lap and smirked.

“Why do you look like you just have seen me naked, Draco it’s gum.” Yes, you provoked him in the beginning but for the life of him, he would not let this go.

“I bet you would act the same if you were in my position,” he argued.

“No, I would go get a full gum pack from the store,” you laughed. He considered this for a moment, looking away from you and at the wall.

“Okay, that’s fair,” he started. “Then why didn’t you let me just have this piece?” Draco asked. This conversation was odd. It was as if you were having a real conversation, but also fake. All that you could come about is that Draco had an ulterior motive. How could you blame him, he always did.

“Because I would much rather be in my home, chewing gum while listening to music and studying.” He looked down at his hands, trying to analyze what you had just said. He looked back up with the infamous smirking face. “Don’t try anything Draco,” you warned.

“NO, I was just thinking of going to Hogsmeade to get some candy.” Draco leaned into you and a smirk lit up his face

“Draco what are you doing.” He didn’t answer. He just closed the existing space between you two. Your lips moved in sync, your hands moving to his hair and his moving to the small of your back bringing you closer. You both pulled away for breath. You groaned.

“Draco give it back,” You cried. All he did was smirk before opening his mouth to reveal the pink gum on his tongue. He took the piece of gum out with his finger and put it in your mouth before bringing you close to him.

“How about we ditch the gym and do something else.” He whispered into your ear.

“What would that Malfoy?” You asked quietly

“I wouldn’t even say it aloud, it’s just too dirty.”

Friend Zone - Submitted by an Anon

Originally posted by lonely-my-middle-name

This is not my work; All credit goes to a lovely anon that submitted this story to me. Feedback is always welcome, let us know what you all think 💕


You rolled off of Juice and took a deep breath, trying to calm your heart rate. Juice looked over at you and grinned; both of you covered in a thin layer of sweat. “Amazing as always,” he said, pulling you into his side. “You’re coming to the club party this week right?” “About that,” you said, turning over to look at him. “I was thinking we could go together.” Juice looked slightly uncomfortable. “Why don’t we just meet up there?” You glared at him. “Juice, we’ve been dating for six months now. What, are you ashamed of our relationship? Why does this have to be a secret?” “I’m not ashamed, Y/N, I just think…I don’t know, that certain areas of our lives should be ‘friends only’ zones. It’s no ones business what we do. You understand that right babe?” You rolled off the bed and walked into the bathroom. “Sure, I guess,” you said, a plan already forming in your head.

A few days later
The boys whistled as you walked up to the clubhouse. You were wearing a tight black dress with a low neckline that showed off your cleavage. Your makeup was flawless, smoky eyes and deep red lipstick that made your lips look irresistible. You had decided that if Juice wanted to act like you were friends in public, you would make it impossible for him to do so. “Who is all this for baby girl?” Tig asked, looking you up and down. “Only for you Tiggy,” you said with a wink, making your way into the clubhouse, where you ran into Juice. “Hey Juicey,” you said giving him a hug. He kept his hands on your waist as you pulled away, staring at your body. “Juice this is a ‘friends only’ zone, remember?” you asked innocently, pulling his hands away from you. “That isn’t a friends only dress, Y/N,” Juice replied, unable to keep his eyes off your chest. You smirked at him and leaned in close, “I’m also not wearing any underwear,” you whispered, grazing your teeth over his earlobe ever so slightly. You felt him tense up and walked away, laughing to yourself.
The music was bumping and everyone was dancing and having a good time. You were dancing with Tig, and saw Juice eyeing you from the bar. You walked up to him. “If you’re gonna stare why don’t you just dance with me? As friends, don’t worry,” you said flirtatiously, pulling him by the arm. The two of you started dancing; you swaying your hips and grinding against Juice, feeling the bulge in his pants grow with every passing moment. You spun around and continued dancing with him, leaning close as if you were about to kiss him. He leaned in and suddenly you turned your head. “Gotta go, sorry!” you said with a mischievous grin and took off down the hallway, ignoring the angry look on his face.

You were halfway down the hall when you felt someone grab your arm and push you roughly against the wall. “Are you having fun?” Juice growled, pressing himself against you. You could feel his hardness pressing against you. “Yeah, I am Juice.” You replied, feeling yourself getting wet immediately. “Let’s get out of here.” Juice’s face was inches away from you, his nose touching yours. Your breath quickened, but you refused to back down. “No. If you want something, say it. Right here. What do you want, Juice? What. Do. You. Want?” You demanded, pressing your hand against the tent in his jeans and squeezing slightly. Juice moved like he was going to kiss you, but you turned away. “Say it.” “You,” Juice growled, and smashed his lips against yours. You kissed him back, and he suddenly spun you around, your front pressed up against the wall, with Juice keeping you there. He grabbed a handful of your hair and pulled your head back as he sucked and bit at your neck, making you even wetter, if that was possible. He pressed his hand against your outer thigh, slowly lifting your dress. “You thought you could just tease me in front of my brothers and I would take it? You’re gonna have to pay for that, baby girl,” he whispered in your ear, slipping a finger inside you. “Then take me to your room already,” you gasped.
The two of you crashed through the door in Juice’s dorm, not bothering to lock the door behind you. Juice threw you down on the bed. “Take off your clothes,” he demanded, pulling off his kutte and shirt. “Make me,” you smirked, sitting back on your elbows. Juice glared at you and grabbed your legs, pulling you down on the bed. He ripped your dress off and shoved two fingers into you. “I said I wanted you. Do you want me?” Juice asked, kissing your neck, his fingers not letting up. You moaned but didn’t say anything. “ Say it Y/N. Say you want me.” He breathed, moving his fingers even faster. “YES. I want you Juice,” you all but screamed, your legs shaking as you came. “Good.” With that, Juice turned you over and pushed himself inside of you with a groan. You sighed and arched your back as Juice pounded into you, gripping your hips hard enough to bruise. “I knew you’d give in,” you said, earning you a rough slap on your ass. You gasped and Juice slapped your ass again. “Who do you belong to, Y/N?” Juice asked, panting from how hard you he was fucking you. He pulled out of you and put you on your back again, pinning your arms above your head. “You baby. I belong to you,” you said, your voice barely there. “Damn right,” Juice smirked at you, holding your wrists with one hand and rubbing circles on your clit with the other. You arched your back, allowing him to go even deeper. “FUCK, Juice,” your screams got louder as your second orgasm ripped through you, tightening your legs around Juice’s waist. Juice let go of your arms and buried his face in the crook of your neck as he reached his release as well. He collapsed on top of you and stayed there for a minute before rolling off of you and wrapping his arms around your waist. “So are we official now baby?” Juice nuzzled your neck. You grinned. “Yup. No more friend zones.” “I think I like the sound of that,” Juice said, placing soft kisses along your neck and shoulder. “I’m gonna keep seducing you at parties though,” you said, straddling Juice and kissing his neck again. “I’m ok with that,” Juice rolled you both over, and your laughs turning into moans as you went into round two.

You woke up the next morning, sore but happy and well rested. “Morning baby,” Juice said, that boyish smile on his face. “Ready to go out and face them?” “Ready as ever.” The two of you got dressed and walked out into the bar, where the rest of SAMCRO was out there eating breakfast and nursing hangovers. “Well shite, we thought you two would be in there all day,” Chibs greeted you. You looked at the boys in surprise. “You guys knew?” “No,” Tig said sarcastically. “You guys were fucking in the secret hallway that no one knows about.” You blushed and hid your face in Juice’s kutte while the rest of the guys whistled and hollered at you. “Well, now that you know, I guess we can make it official. Y/N is mine, so hands to yourselves. That means you too Tiggy.” Tig put a hand on his chest in mock hurt. “What, no more dances?” “I’ll always dance with you Tiggy!” You giggled, before catching Juice’s expression. “Babe, you know it doesn’t mean anything.” “I don’t know Y/N, it looks like last nights lesson didn’t quite stick. Maybe you need a reminder.” Juice’s cocky smirk got to you as always, and you felt yourself getting wet for him yet again. “Maybe I do need another lesson,” you purred, running your finger down Juice’s chest to his abs. Juice grabbed your hand and pulled you down the hallway to his dorm, hearing Tig groan, “Ugh. Couples.”


All Credit for this post goes to the lovely anon who wrote it 💕

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Shaking Hands With The Devil (3)

Supernatural AU

Genre: Incubi(incubus) Yoongi

Warnings: it might mention sex, but nothing further than that… for now SMUT, if you feel unconfortable with it don’t read.

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Since a cutie asked for it @youngmalums here’s part 3

“My sin was not specifically this or that
But consisted of having shaken hands with the devil
The devil held me in his clutches
The enemy was behind me” Demien - Hermann Hesse

Part 1, Part 2

Ever since the kiss Min Yoongi was now an integrated part of your dreams it took a long time for you to notice that this was only his incubus influence on you, it was way different from your previous dreams with him… But if anyone asked you, you would deny it till your death.

“I’m curious about one thing, and you won’t leave my dreams anyways, so just answer it.”

“Fine… but I’ll want a reward” he winked and you rolled your eyes.

“Was it worth it?” You asked and he was expressionless, you loved when that happened, it was because you had pulled a string “I mean, all the books say that you were kicked out for your unsatisfying lust for women, don’t you regret?”

“Babygirl, have you ever had sex?” He shook his head “of course not, that’s why I’m here right now. You can’t talk about things you don’t know, I could show you in hundreds different ways why heaven is way disposable when compared to sex.”

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Warmth (M)

Character: Jimin x reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Word count: 1,535

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Kiss [Rick Grimes x Reader]

This is for @eurusholmmes who requested a Rick Grimes kissing imagine! This one kind of got away from me, but I really hope you enjoy it! Sorry it took so long!

Originally posted by saviorswaan

Words: 3,500

Summary: The course of you and Rick’s relationship told through the kisses you share. 

Warnings: Fluff, Angst, Sadness, pretty much everything you can think of

A/N: I am so proud of this; this is like my 9th symphony. I hope you all enjoy.

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Facetime Healing

So I’m having kind of a really crappy day… Can you make a one-shot with lots of fluff where Alex or Maggie are out of town or something like that, and the people around them are being terrible, so they call the other or they tell the other about it when they are together again? I understand that you’re busy but I would love to see this… Thanks 

^^ prompt from LittleSanvers over at Ao3

She’s never really used facetime.

Kara would just fly over when they wanted to see each other, and whenever she called Eliza, it was better for everyone involved that they couldn’t see each other (Eliza seeing Alex’s eye rolls and tightening lips and – pre-Maggie – chugging of bourbon to get through the conversation wouldn’t exactly help matters).

But with Maggie?

Now, facetime is the only way either of them get through their respective trips for work, because now? Now, going an entire day without seeing the other’s face would be cruel and unusual punishment.

Especially when one of them had had a day like Maggie’d just had, alone at a specialized training conference with a bunch of cishet white dude cops who weren’t even a little bit interested in listening to the small brown woman giving them a workshop on addressing the needs of – rather than punishing – queer youth who live on the streets.

Alex knows the moment the calls connect, the moment Maggie’s slightly pixelated face pops up on her phone’s screen, and her smile of anticipation fades into a look of cautious concern.

“What’s wrong?” she asks instead of her usual greeting, and she watches Maggie stiffen, watches Maggie work harder to arrange her face into something that’s not exhausted, something that’s not defeated, something that’s not rage boiling under resignation, under determination, under self-hate and under hopeful hopelessness.

“What? Nothing, it’s whatever, Danvers – how was your day? I heard Supergirl – “

“Yes, Kara had an eventful day, and yes, Kara is fine, but you, Maggie? You’re not. Talk to me,” she insists gently, she insists firmly, she insists steadily.

And it’s that steadiness – Alex’s steadiness – that makes Maggie gulp, that makes Maggie talk.

“Whatever, just… some assholes pulling some all lives matter shit, making a joke out of the kids I work with, and they don’t…” Maggie’s face swoops out of Alex’s view for a moment as Maggie shifts on her hotel bed. “They don’t get it, or care, I don’t know, who they’re hurting. How violent they’re being. Whatever, it’s whatever, I – “

“No, no, Maggie, it’s not whatever. You’re not whatever. I… Maggie, I’m sorry. I’m sorry you have to hear all that nonsense. I… what do you need? What can I do? I can get Vasquez to come out there with me and we can kick some ass with you.”

That gets Maggie’s lips to turn upward, and she shakes her head before staring deeply at the screen for the first time this call, at Alex’s face, her eyes, for the first time this call.

“You’re beautiful, Danvers, you know that?”

“So are you, Maggie. So are you.”

A long pause. A lot of staring at each other. A lot of silent wishing that their hands could touch everything their eyes were feasting on.

“Why do they have so much hate in them? I mean, them, my… my father, hell, Lena’s mother, it… why – do you get it? Because I don’t.”

Her voice is small and her eyes are liquid and Alex’s heart breaks as she shakes her head slow, soft, somehow reassuring.

“I wish I could hold you right now, babe.”

Maggie’s breath comes out in a ragged exhale, and the static from it grates Alex’s ears, making her wish even more she were actually with her instead of just Facetiming her.

But they both have good imaginations. So Alex smiles faintly at Maggie’s trembling jaw.

“Close your eyes, babe.”

“So the yoga has been catching on after all, ey, Danvers?” Maggie tries, and Alex hears the sadness, the defeat, roiling underneath Maggie’s attempt at levity, but she lets it go.

“Hush up and close your eyes, Sawyer,” she teases right back, and she’s almost surprised when Maggie complies immediately.

A stray few strands of hair fall over her face, and Alex itches to tuck it behind Maggie’s ear.

A few days. She’ll be home in a few days.

Until then…

“Okay, so,” Alex starts, and she’s awkward, because she’s not good at this kind of intimate, emotional thing.

Or, rather, she never used to be. Because she never used to like it. But now? With Maggie? She’s miles away and she’s in pain and she doesn’t want to talk and it’s unfair to try to get her to when she’s all alone, and Alex just wants to help her.

So she’s awkward, but she tries.

“So,” she repeats, “imagine where you want my hands. I want… I want to smooth your hair out of your face…” Maggie smiles faintly with her eyes closed, and she pushes her own hair out of her face.

“Like that?” she whispers, eyes still closed.

Alex nods before realizing Maggie can’t see her.

“That’s right, babe. Except… except I’d kiss you, too. Your cheeks, your temples, your forehead. The bridge of your nose. And um… and I’d hold you. If I were there. I’d pull you close to me and kiss the back of your neck and let you listen to my heartbeat and I’d… I’d tell you I love you, and I’d tell you that you’re worth it, and that your feelings are real, and that I know you did an amazing job today, no matter what those assholes said. I’d tell you you’re perfect and I’d give you a backrub and I wouldn’t let you go until you fell asleep in my arms and had the sweetest dreams. Okay?”

Another long silence. So long Alex is mildly concerned that Maggie’s fallen asleep sitting up.

“You love me?”

Her voice is so soft, so low, that if Alex hadn’t watched her lips move, she wouldn’t have realized she’d said anything at all.

“I love you more than I ever thought it was possible to love anyone, Maggie,” she says, and her voice shakes, and Maggie’s lower lip quivers, and her eyes open, and they’re full of tears, and they’re full of something Alex swears means I love you too.

And she’s absolutely right.

Guns N’ Roses

Mafia!Jin X Reader

Genre - Angst - Smut


For the beautiful @minjinbiased

Originally posted by yoongichii

A sigh escaped your lips as you heard the front door unlock and close. The hurried steps of Jin rushing to the bathroom. You were used to the sound. The sound of the tap running as he washed the blood of his hands. It was like music to your ears. It meant Jin was home, and that he had a good day at work

You lay on the bed, the petals of red roses that you had picked from the park earlier that day spread around on top of the white sheets. It was the 14th of February. And you had decided to treat your boyfriend, after all he had been working so hard lately.

Wearing red coloured lace underwear, covered with a white satin night dress, you waited impatiently as you waited for him to walk into your bedroom.

The sound of the tap running had stopped, suggesting that Jin had finished cleaning his hands. You positioned yourself into a ‘sexy posture’, kneeling in the middle of the bed, your hands placed onto your thighs as you looked at the door.

The creak of the floorboards warned you that he was getting closer and closer. You took a deep breath as the door handle turned. It opened fully, you saw him looking down as he wiped his hands against his jeans, before looking back up, a surprised look settled on his face as he took in the beautiful view in front of him.

“Well this is a pleasant surprise.” He raised an eyebrow, a smirk tugging at the corner of his pink lips.

Jin moved towards you, his thumb tracing your jawline, the moisturised skin was soothing against yours. It made you shudder slightly at the soft touch. He smiled, “All for me?”

“All for you.” You whispered, your hands were now caressing his face, your fingers tracing his cheekbones delicately, he did the same, the soft pads of his fingers stroking the side of your head.

“You’re so beautiful.” He whispered back, his lips pressing against your forehead. You closed your eyes, treasuring this moment. Your cheeks flushed as a cheesy grin settled on your face.

Before you could reply, his hand wrapped itself around your waist, turning you around. You didn’t oblige, nor complain, but instead got on your hands and knees, letting Jin moan at the glistening juices that trickled down your thighs.

His hands settled themselves on your ass, grabbing the flesh hungrily. You bit into the pillow as his teeth sank into the soft skin, You released a moan, the pain that shuddered through your body aroused you.

The sound of his lips releasing themselves from your ass made a loud popping sound, “Why don’t you taste me?” You asked, you knew not to be cocky around him during his time of need, but tonight was a special night, you might aswell spice things up.

“What if I don’t want to?” He asked teasingly. You rolled your eyes, you could already feel his hot breath against your heat.

“Then you’re missing out..” You rocked back slightly, he was inches away from your core. And all you wanted him to do is devour you right there and then.

Before you could speak again, his hands gripped the sides of your waist, his nails digging into your sides. You groaned, your pussy was practically dripping at this point.

The hot, warm feel of Jin’s tongue pressed against you made you gasp. He licked a long strip up your folds, flicking his tongue playfully. You released a chorus of sounds, biting your lip as he pushed a finger inside of you, his long digit sliding in and out of you easily.

His warm, wet touch felt like ecstasy on your skin, his finger brushing against your weak spot sending you over the edge. You rasped, the tense knot that lay in your stomach unravelling. Jin carried on, kissing the juicy pink flesh lovingly.

“Jin..” You groaned, the oversensitivity making you twitch.

He chuckled, sliding his finger out of you, a tusk escaped his lips, “Turn around, now.”

You raised an eyebrow, turning around to see Jin, kneeling on the bed, his index finger raised, it glimmered with wetness, “Look what you’ve done.” He shook his head, dragging the finger down your lips. You opened your mouth happily, sucking the finger slowly. You tasted yourself, the metallic taste rather pleasing.

“I want to suck something else.” You mumbled, looking up at your partner who was now kneeling over you.

He smirked, nodding before looking down at his belt, you started to unbuckle it, letting the material slide down his legs. You smiled, his light grey boxers stained with precum. Hooking your fingers under the waist band you pulled them down, his member popped out, the tip angry and pleading for your touch, you kissed the tip, the slick feeling of precum settling itself on your lips.

Jin groaned for you to hurry up your pace. You did as told, giving soft kitten licks before wrapping your lips around him, bobbing your head up and down as much as you could. His shaft reached the back of your throat, causing tears to sting from your eyes. Jin stared down at you, admiring how beautiful you looked sucking his cock.

His breath hitched as he started to reach his peak, you were obliged to carry on, but Jin stopped you, stroking your hair gently, “I want to fuck that pretty little pussy of yours baby..”

You nodded as you gone on all fours once more, the hot feeling of his shaft teasingly sliding up and down your folds. You whined, growing impatient. He released a happy sigh, knowing that you didn’t need teasing right now.

He filled you up, your juices making it easy for him to fuck you senseless. His hips snapping against yours as his pace quickened, you both released a series of moans and whines as you both were beginning to see stars.

You ignored the sound of a click, and focused on the pleasure you were feeling right now, you ignored the cold feeling against the small of your back, until Jin stopped his movements, the vice like grip that was once settled on your hips was no longer there.

“If I’m correct, I’m pointing directly to your vertebrae, in which if aimed perfectly could possibly paralyse you.” Jin mumbled, his heavy breathing combined with yours sounded like harmony

“Jin, what are you doing?” You were curious. Not so much scared, seeing as you were used to unexpected things like this.

“I was washing my hands when I came home..” He mumbled, the metal that lay against your skin felt like it was turning.

“Yes, I noticed- Jin what the fucks going on.” You started to look around, the roses that were once scattered gracefully around the white bed sheets, were now torn and ripped, the petals transferring the blood red colour onto the crisp white material.

“I love the colour red.” Jin sighed happily, “It reminds me of roses, like the ones you put out baby..” A chuckled filled the room from him, the piece of metal had started to get warm due to the heat from your skin, “Turn over for me, I want to see your beautiful face.”

You turned over, looking up at your lover, you had suspected that maybe the thing pressed against your back was handcuffs, but what Jin held in his hand, was a gun, his favourite actually, the engraved detail of flowers embedded into a dragons head along the barrel. His fingers were wrapped around the trigger, pointing directly at you.

You didn’t know how to react, you were shocked, but you weren’t scared. You had never been scared of him, even if he did have a gun pointed towards you.

“Are you scared?” He asked quietly, his eyebrow raising.

“No.” You whispered, your reply blank yet honest.

“Fucking liar.” He growled, moving the gun to the side of your neck, “Are you scared?” He asked again, through gritted teeth.

“No.” You replied once more.

He tusked, his finger faintly moving backwards against the trigger, you closed your eyes, waiting for the bullet, you had never been scared of Jin no matter what he did to you, if you died, you died, and you died under someone you loved.


You opened your eyes, confused at why you weren’t dead. Jin grinned. You released a deep breath, a wave of relief going over you.

“Do you really think I would shoot the person I love?” Jin rolled his eyes, throwing the empty gun towards the pillow.

You shook your head, practically speechless at what he had done. Your boyfriend of 3 years just put a fucking gun to you as a joke.

“Now, let me finish what I started.” He , kissing your neck lovingly as if nothing had happened.


dis is real shitty, I apologise.

Listen to me

Negan x reader 

Words count : 2,093 

Warnings : Negan language, smut, NSFW, Y/N. 

Fandom : The Walking Dead 

You were a new member of the Saviors. You’ve been on your own for about a month after you lost the members of your group. You came across members of the Saviors who got you back to their place, the Sanctuary. You’ve met Negan and he, obviously wanted to make you one of his wives, but you said no. He wouldn’t give up that easily.

Originally posted by marythenurse

You woke up this morning, kind of tired after yesterday’s run. You lazily got up, got some random clothes on, it wouldn’t matter that long since you were going to take a shower. You took some clean clothes, and some underwear Negan got you. You told him that you wouldn’t become one of his wives but he kept on trying. And even though you would never become one, feeling desired again felt kind of good. You headed outside your room, walking down the corridor when suddenly you felt someone holding your wrist tight enough to make your hand turn red. There he was, Negan. “Ouch, you’re hurting me !” you screamed, causing him to hold you tighter. “oh, you have no fucking idea how fucking hard it’s been for me. Seeing you walking this fine ass around, flirting with those pricks when you can have, ME.” he said as he leaned over you, his husky voice sending shivers down your spine. 

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Hyung Line (+Mark) reaction to their GF kissing another guy&and finding out she was forced

 Story Line- 

Nobody knew that you and *NCT Bias Name* were dating. He was an Idol and SM Entertainment was very strict about it. It was NCT Anniversary Party with all the SM Artist included. Of course you were invited as an close friend.

 As you sat by the bar with a few friends of yours, they decided to play Truth and Dare. Of course you had to do a Dare it’s just a game right? Wrong.

 You were dared to kiss the cute guy who was sitting across the bar. At first you denied it but the forced you.

 "You even don’t have a boyfriend why are you making such a fuss about it.“ They said.

 You had to do it. Nobody should now that you were dating. That’s what your boyfriend wanted. So you did it. You didn’t kissed him right. Just a peck and run off.

And then you heard his voice. “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!” you heard him screaming, walking past his band members rushing to you.

 "It’s not what it looks like babe…. let me expl-“ He cut you off.

 "It’s not what it looks like my ass.” Everyone at the party was watching you both. “I shouldn’t have dated you.”

 He said while looking into your eyes. “*his name* what………"your voice was shaking. Your tears running down your cheeks. 

 "You were just a waste of my time” and with that your heart broke. 

 Your friends watched you. Watched you running of the club. Crying. They rushed over to your Boyfriend.

 Telling him the truth.


 As your friends told him the truth he would immediately rush out of the club. Searching for you. But you were gone.

 He tried calling you, messaging you, leaving hundert of voicemails. You were sitting on the bench at the park were you guys first met.

 Your mascara was all over your face. You were shaking from crying. He found you. immediately rushing over to you. 

Telling you he was sorry telling you he loves you. And pulling you into his embrace. Where you could feel his heart beat. It was beating so fast that you thought it’ll explore. Are you going to forgive him?

Originally posted by taeilsgirlfriend


After your friends told him what happend he was to ashamed to run after you.

I think he would be standing out of your door that day after. Hoping you would open the door for him. In his hands your favorite flowers. 

As you opened the door he pulled you in a tight hug. Telling you he was sorry for not believing you. Telling you he was sorry for the things he said to you.

And giving you a light kiss on the forehead. Don´t wanting to let you go.

– I think WinWin wouldn´t cry but very angry about himself. –

Originally posted by fairyprincewinwin


Johnny is not a guy who cries easlily but in this he would cry. Johnny takes love and realtionships very seriously so he would run after you.

You were standing in front of your apartments door as he did hold your waist pulling you into his cheast while crying.

“I´m so sorryy babe…….I was just so angry…and I couldn´t control my anger…..I know you would never cheat on me…….” his voice was shaking.

It was the first time that you saw Johnny like this. The tears running out of his eyes, his hands shaking.

You would pull him into a big hug. Telling him it was okay and that you love him.

After his and your tears dried he would open the door of your apartment and would start kissing your neck.

“Let me make it up to you. Let me show you how much you mean to me.” 

Originally posted by fxlse-prophets


Taeyong would blame everything on himself. It was now two weeks after the party and you still ignored him. Everyday he would knock on your door. Asking you to let him in. Telling you it was his fault.

The other boys started worring about him. He wouldn´t eat or sleep. He couldn´t dance or rap. He was nothing without you.

Johnny and Hansol called you and told you everything. You couldn´t leave Taeyong like this even if the things he said to you wasn´t right.You loved him.

 So you came to th their dorm. Knocking at Taeyongs door and going in.

His eyes teared up as he saw you his voice started shaking.

“Babe…please don´t leave me please….I´m nothing without you…..I don´t want to lose you….so please don´t leave.”

seeing him like that made your eyes tear up too. 

As you hugged him you could feel his heartbeat going back to normal as his tears slowing dried.

“I´m not going to leave you Tae….not again”

Originally posted by teeuai


Yuta would be so angry.

“HOW CAN U GUYS FORCE HER DOING SOMETHING LIKE THAT!” He would scream at your friends making everyone looking at him.

His members trying to calm him down.

“Yuta calm down. You should go after Y/N now.It wasn´t her fault.” they said.

As Yuta finally calmed down he run out ouf the club.

There were you. But you weren´t alone. There were a guy. Holding your waist trying to pick you up.

“Come on sweetie I just want to have fun with you.” the guy said as you tried to remove yourself from his touch.

“NOo let me goo!” you screamed. In that moment Yuta came. Punching that guy over and over again.

“YOU BAS*ARD HOW DO YOU DARE TOUCHING MY GIRLFRIEND!” Yuta punched him harder. The guys eyes stared to close.

“YUTA THAT`S ENOUGH!” you heard the other boys shouting. They stopped Yuta from doing something more dangerous and trying to wake up the now knocked out guy.

Yutas frist bleeding as you hold his hand. He looked in your eyes pulled you then into a long kiss.

“I´m so sorry…..”

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes


Douyoung would get very angry too. Not just because of you but because of your crazy friends.

He would be too ashamed of himself. He would wait a few days before starting to call you. 

As you guys finally met he would still be angry. Telling you to search for new friends and telling you he felt betrayed, yelling at you, telling you it was your fault.

You two would start fighting which would leave into a break up. But a week later he would call you again. Telling you he was sorry for everything and telling you he wants you back.

But you coulnd´t take someone back who didn´t trust you.

Originally posted by muraldepaleta


After your friends explained everything to him his mind would go blank. He would rush out of the club seeing you walking on the street trying to catch you.

“Y/N……..I….I`m so-rry I didn´t…” he couldn´t bring any other words out he was just so confused and wou were just so angry.

He tried to pull you into a hug but you pushed him away.

“Don´t touch me Ten. I´m just a waste of your time anyway.” you said while galring at him.

“No…Y/N please just listen…I-” you cut him off.

“Ten I can´t do this anymore. It´s over. you said. You gave him the promise ring back he gave you last year.

 And left. Leaving him completly shooked and alone.

He tried everything to get you back but

it was just a waste of his time.

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(aww my poor Jae)

He would be the most emotional one of the boys. He would stay in front of your apartments door everyday. Begging you to let him in. Telling you he was sorry.

After three days of ignoring his calls, messages or knocks on your door you let him in.

As you opened the door his tears would start falling faster than before. Seeing your also puffy eyes, messy hair and tried tears.

“I´m so sorry babe……I´m so sorry for everything..sorry for not believing you..it was all my fault.” and with that he felt on his knees. His hands on his face his cries going louder.

You bend over to him pulling him into a big hug, crying with him.

“No Jaehyun…it was my fault…I´m so sorry….I love you so much…”

You guys stayed like that in silence just listening to your own heartbeats.

As Jaehyun pulled away he put his hand on your chin pulling you in for a kiss. The kiss that he missed so much.

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(Why is it so hard to find gifs from Jaehyun where he looks sad?)


Mark would blame everything to himself. He would be sitting in the dorm in his bed thinking about a way to apologise to you.

He loved you so much and hated himself so much for the things he did to you. He would ask his hyungs for some advice . They would tell him to just speak to you and telling you he was sorry.

So he did. He called you over to the ice cream shop where you guys had your first date. And would apologise to you. Begging you to give him another chance.

And you accepted his apologise because you knew it was your fault and you told him that. 

You loved Mark so much and he loved you and you guys knew that since that day your love started growing more and more.

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