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aww I <3 pregnant headcannons do u have any of omega!steve?

YOOOOO, LET HUG YOU *loves her*

  • STEVE IS A BITCH WHILE PREGNANT, in a good way. No, it isn’t. He complains about everything and makes drama if things doesn’t get the way he wants it, so everyone around him has two options: 1) to run or 2) to obey.
  • Is it weird that Bucky loves this? Because Steve has never, ever, ever wanted to be treated like a fragile little thing or just to be spoiled like Bucky knows he deserves, but now that he is pregnant, he just wants to be spoiled by Bucky aND HE IS SO HERE FOR THIS.
  • He spents his days on Bucky’s clothes aka his shirts and boxers. 
  • When his feet hurt, he complains like an old omega about it and Bucky just lifts an eyebrow: “You want me to rub them?” “What? Really?” “Steve, I kiss your feet every day If you let me” and then, Steve gets really emotional and tries not to blush so much.
  • After that, Bucky rubs Steve’s feet every night before going to sleep.
  • Going to sleep becomes a ritual for them: after the feet rub, Bucky let’s Steve nest by putting all the pillows on their house (including the one on the couches) in the bed as he wants them and waits for him to get laid, so he can put an arm under Steve’s head and the other around his waist, hand on his belly. They spoon, back to chest, or chest to chest, but always like that. Bucky doesn’t mind Steve’s belly in their way.
  • During the first months, Steve was incredible horny and Bucky tried hard to resist because he was scared of hurting him but no one says ‘no’ to pregnant Steve.
  • He eats like a starving man in a free buffet, It’s like if eating a lot because of the serum wasn’t enough. Once, Thor told him he was going to get a cute belly after the pregnancy and he was so angry, Thor now never ever eats with him while pregnant.
  • Steve hates maternity clothes, so he just stays with Bucky’s clothes and some incredible comfy and big sweaters Natasha bought him.
  • He also knits with Natasha a lot, even when he kind of sucks at it. But Nat has done really cute things for their pup and Steve loves her for that. She is not doing this to win that ‘favorite aunt’ title, nope.
  • During parenthood vacations, he dedicated his days to complain about everything with his neighbour and now they get lots of visits from the omegas and betas who had becomes friends with Steve. Bucky doesn’t tell him this because he knows Steve has problems with the idea of normality, but he loves to see how normal they actually are.
  • And Steve loves the fact that he can get away from anything by just saying “your baby wants it” and “It’s the hormones, sorry”. Bucky knows this but he is so, so, so weak.
  • If there is a favorite thing he has of all of this, is seeing Bucky’s face every time he leans on Steve’s cute belly to lay kisses and talk to their pup. He loves to feel close like this.
  • Also, his other favorite thing is for him to talk to their pup. He is always talking to his pup and saying ridiculously cute things in an even cuter voice like “here we go to the kitchen” “you want milk or you prefer and ice tea?” “you think your dad would be okay if we go for a walk?” “don’t tell you dad we are eating an entire bag of doritos, okay?”. Sometimes, Bucky hears him and he can spent entire minutes just hearing him talk to their pup.
  • Times has changed and people uses the term ‘baby’ to refer to the sons of alphas and betas but before, int heir time, baby was just for beta sons and pup was for alpha sons. Steve, for some reason, loves to actually say ‘pup’ and he corrects everyone who says ‘baby’.
  • Only god knows why, but Bucky loves that Steve refers to their kid as their ‘pup’.
  • Once the pup is born, he can’t help himself but have the pup on him all day and still talk to him, now even more because the little cute thing smiles at him and laughs and oh god, he loves his pup so much.
  • He also loves to nest and put their pup there, so Bucky was a little reluctant to sleep with them at first because he was scared of hurting the pup. Once the little pup discover the fascinating shiny thing that is his father’s arm, the way Bucky’s expression went from dead scared to incredible relieve and full of love, made Steve cry.
  • Their pup spends their days drooling and sucking at Bucky’s metal finger (that is more clean than the pup at this point) when they are on bed or when Bucky is carrying him/her. Steve loves this, he loves to see them together, it just makes him incredible happy.
  • He still wears Bucky’s clothes, bye.

sleep over saturday!

Oswald x Reader- Good News (Rated M Fluffy Smut) OOC

This was a Birthday request for @lilithslendergirl (sorry it’s so late my dear!!)

‘I was wondering if you could write and smut/fluff fanfic of Oswald x Reader where they make love for the first time and they are both really nervous but adorable then a few weeks later the reader has some big new that she’s pregnant, you can finish however you want’

Im sorry I didn’t make Oswald as nervous as the reader, I just felt he needed to take the lead for this particular moment :)

Warning- Sexual content, fluffy smut, pregnant reader, OOC

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Prompt (if you don't mind): instead of his ship-on-the-bottle aftershave Hannibal can smell that Will has preformed cunnilingus before meeting with him either at the BSHCI or for an appt

I don’t know if this is what you wanted? I hope you like it anyway, even though I made it post season 3? 


There were rumors going around that his husband had a wandering eye. He had heard whispered giggles when he would pass by the professors at the college, whispered talk of “Dante’s talented tongue” and how “Professor Adami must not satisfy him.”

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Good Moments

What Emma missed the most in that moment, she concluded, were her boots. She had never appreciated their soft leather and rubber sole to their just values. Something she now bitterly regretted. She would polish them as soon as they got home, she thought, as she walked through the Enchanted Forest wilderness with nothing better than a pair of sabots. Their wood hurt her feet and made her sweat.

Great she’d have smelly and bloody feet by the end of the day! That was sure to be a turn on for Hook…her fiancé… Nope, that was still too weird. Well, nothing said romance like walking in the mud with feet smelling like a dead fish. God, why the hell did he want to marry her? Stupid pirate and his stupid boots! Because he got to keep his boots. Of course he did. That wasn’t fair she thought watching him walk along with ease in front of her. He got to wear pants and boots while she got the peasant dress and the damn wooden shoes. If he didn’t look so damn good in his new curse-outfit, she would be angrier. But he did. And the view of his backside was not bad either.

“Enjoying the sights, love?” came his voice.

He knew! Of course, he knew. Cocky bastard.

“It’s fine,” she answered careful to keep her voice as bored and detached as possible.

“Oh is it fine? I’m glad to hear it. Don’t forget, Swan, if you want to share your enthusiasm with me please do not restrain yourself,” he said tapping his lips with a devious smile.

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Such Anger...

I am looking under the Anti-SS stuff, and I am both shocked and appalled at how harsh these people are. I understand not liking a ship/story, but seriously?! Is saying that KIDS should DIE really necessary?

People are also claiming that Naruto/Sasuke/Sakura/ Hinata should die! I mean, is all of this anger really worth it? I have had ships not become canon in other fandoms, and I don’t act like THAT.

And calling the characters obscene words is really out of line. Especially if you claim that you are/were a fan.

I mean, c'mon people: it’s just a manga.

EDIT: Apparently, I am cruel for simply stating my opinion. I have taken off the tags. I hope those of you who felt the need to respond to me in a harsh manner do not feel upset anymore. However, I would please, PLEASE ask that you leave me alone. PLEASE! I have had enough, OK? I have done what you have asked. Please be happy and leave me alone. I really would like to continue to enjoy Tumblr. It is the one place where I can act like the nerd I am, and get away with it. Please, and I am begging you here, just stop. I can’t come through the computer screen and kiss your feet. Just let me be. I have enough crap offline. Online is my “happy place.” Please don’t ruin that for me. I am begging you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t possibly phrase it any other way. Thank you. 😊