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Monty Python's Flying Circus is one of my favorite comedies ever, and I think you can re-write that whole movie scene for scene with the NJPW stables in various roles. CHAOS is Arthur and his knights (Okada is Arthur obviously, Gedo is his trusty "steed" Patsy and the others members are the others knights and so forth), BC can be the French invaders, LIJ are the rebellious peasants., etc. Kota can be Tim, the wizard. Just think about it..."The Quest for the Heavyweight Title."

This is some powerful nerd magic that I don’t know I have the strength to wield. I feel like maybe Tana is Arthur, though, and Okada is Lancelot? Also, I see why you have Kota being Tim the Enchanter (bc he is really strange and powerful), but I also want to submit Beretta for that role? Because the first thing Tim says when asked who he is is “there are some who call me…. Tim?” And of course Trent? is perfect for that bit of symmetry. But yeah, totally can see, for example, Hiromu and Naito fighting about being an anarcho-syndicalist commune and how supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses (not some farcical aquatic ceremony). No wait! That is definitely Zack Sabre Jr.

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I think I'm an obligate Bumblebee shipper. Like, I'm not HARDCORE BUMBLEBEE but the primary shared fic I write for has it as a core ship, so I have to ship it because if I didn't it would ruin the continuity? I can see it working or not. Other fics, I'll ship what works for the fic. Oh, but I do actively ship Party Time, Neon Katt and Ciel Soleil are inverted reflections of each other and just... work.

I’ve never heard of the ship Party Time before ^ v ^ sounds cute! Also when it comes to ships, I’m honestly beginning to not mind anything. Even with ships that I was previously ❌❌❌ about, I think I’m learning to appreciate them more. It’s really nice to see people get excited about their ships, and the fanart and fics and amvs are amazing! And these ships are CUTE! So, todo with Bumble//by, I honestly think its gr8 if you’re a hardcore bee shipper cause why not. As long as no ones being mean and y’all having fun who cares.