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i see a lot of posts going around about how the process of making art is essentially just tears and experiencing The Struggle™ and while those are ALL TRUE i would also like to point out the GOOD THINGS about making art!!!!!! 

  • when u finally find that ONE PERFECT SHADE OF COLOR
  • experimenting with different art styles 
  • those tiny mindless doodles u make on the corner of the page
  • flipping ur canvas and seeing that ur drawing isnt TOO asymmetrical 
  • [picks brush u dont often use] why the HECK dont i use this more often??? 
  • putting ur music on shuffle and a song that fits the scene of what ure drawing comes on 
  • turning off ur lineart layer and having a good laugh over how ur color layer looks like a melting ice cream
  • drawing something u’ve never tried and realizing that u LIKE IT 
  • when ur friend does the compliment thing. thank u friend 
  • drawing a curvy line and GETTING IT RIGHT THE FIRST TRY
  • overlay. thats it 
  • blushies!!!
  • spacing out in the middle of sketching/lining/coloring and 5 mins later going like o HEY COOL i can draw
  • that tiny pop when u stretch ur back after hours of arting 
  • seeing the final result and thinking goddamn!!!!!!
  • I Did That!!!!
  • wow!!!!!!
  • i really love art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ever wanted to see two dorks dancing? :^)

Watch Dogs 2 Human Conditions DLC <3

Oh boiii I have a lot to say about this. I also have a clip of Wrench on the DLC being silly… doing stupid stuff- I think it’s spoilers-free since it doesn’t actually spoil the story at all, as I said, just Wrench being Wrench. If anyone’s interested in it I could upload it as well and talk about how much I loved this DLC, no spoilers just general fangirling. Although just in case I’d tag it as spoilers- I don’t want to ruin anyone’s fun uvu Sooo yeah let me know TvT


often times, i hear the words “oppression” and “liberation” be thrown at me. you are oppressed because you are not liberated enough in what you wear. you are not liberated because you are oppressed in what you wear. so what’s liberation? is it me standing on a beach in western clothes with the skin on my arms showing, basking in the sun? is that what being liberated means? or is that me showing too much skin for a muslim girl? is liberation me wearing a tight fitted flowery maxi dress? or is that a little too tight?

and am i oppressed by covering myself entirely with my abayah, with no skin showing? but wait, i’m wearing a face full of makeup, though? is that too much? or wait, is me wearing a bright pink colour on top of my abayah too “out there”? is that me being a bit too loud and calling attention? 

and then i wonder … how can i be oppressed if i can wear all these things, make all these choices in how i want to dress myself, and be happy and myself in all these things? wearing a full face of make up, wearing bright colours, wearing western clothes, and showing my skin a little bit, whether that be at home or on the beach, or covering myself entirely in my abayah with nothing on show. how am i oppressed when i, a happy muslim girl, can make all these choices in what i want to wear, in what i decide to wear, and noone can tell me, or has the right to tell me, if what i am wearing is “oppressing” or “liberating” enough. 

since when did judging my level of freedom and happiness come from how you perceive it, and that too, in what clothes i am wearing? but wait, if i do this, then i’m being too much, and if i do that, i’m doing too less. 

how about this: we simply let people, be.

Bars and Stars

Pairing: Henry Cavill x OFC

Warnings: smut, dirty talk, some plot??? kinda if you squint, yeah

here you guys go, I literally have about 10 Henry smut one shots just back logged, if you want more let me know! Send me an ask! Tag me, hit me up fam!

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Castiel: What is so worth saving?
Dean: Look at me. Help me now. Please.
Castiel: *Changes his mind and his Destiny*

Castiel: I did it, all of it, for you.

Castiel: I do everything that you ask, I always come when you call.

Castiel: I did this to protect you *looking at Dean*. I did this to protect all of you *looks around at Sam and Bobby*.

Dean: Cas? Black goo? I don’t even care anymore, and you know whats even better, I don’t care that I don’t care. *because when he’s not drugged up he does care, a lot*.

Dean: *Searches for Cas for nearly a year even though he could get out of Purgatory any time since meeting Benny*. Let me bottom line it for you, I’m not leaving here without you.

Castiel: I’m trying to stay one step ahead of them. To keep them away from you.

Dean: We need you. I need you.

Metatron: His true weakness is revealed …. He’s in love…. with humanity.
Amara: His Creation - you can’t help but represent that for me.

Metatron: You draped yourself in the flag of Heaven but ultimately it was all about saving one human right? Well guess what, he’s dead too *cuts to Castiel crying*.

Cain: You’re living my life in reverse (…) First you kill Crowley (…) then you kill the Angel Castiel, now that, that I suspect that would hurt something awful (…) then your brother, Sam.

CastielEveryone you love they could be long dead. Everyone except me.

Dean: *about to blow himself up to save the world*
Castiel : I could go with you…

Ishim: I used to envy you Castiel (…) Now look at you, you’re just sad and pathetically weak (…) I’m gonna cure you of your human weakness (…) by cutting it out *advances on Dean*.

Ishim: Castiel on the other hand, he might live or he might end up a bloody smear on the wall. Roll the dice. *Dean chooses to put himself in danger to protect Cas* Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Castiel: I won’t let you die. I won’t let any of you die. You mean too much to me, to everything.

Castiel: *Looks down* I love you *camera cuts to Dean*. 
*Briefly looks at Sam* I love all of you. 
*Looks at Dean as the camera cuts to him, lip wobbling*.

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Dark Amber Eyes (Jordan Fisher x Reader)

Word Count: 4705 (FUCK YEAH) Request/Summary: This one wasn’t requested, I just got the idea and couldn’t stop thinking about it. Tis College AU. Warnings: Cussing should be it. (:

A/N-  A special thanks to @hamilton-noodles for proofreading, remember I owe ya one. 

Okay, I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted any writing but hopefully this will bring me back into the swing of things. Also Jordan in glasses. You know it’s my weakness. I had to. Enjoy (:

Tagging- @lionhearte-d


Like most nights, tonight, sleep was… elusive. You let a short sigh slip from your lips before reaching over and turning on the lamp, shoving your glasses onto your face. You sighed again and slid out of bed, the cuffs of your over-sized pajama pants dragging on the carpet behind you as you shuffled to the door. With a sniffle, you grabbed your favorite mug from the cupboard and wandered out the door.

You turned on the faucet and tucked your mug under the flow until it was sufficiently filled. After sauntering over to the microwave, you reached for the handle, but your hand bumped into another. “Oh.” You spoke quietly, looking up at the young man next to you. This was a community kitchen for your floor but it wasn’t often you found someone here at three AM. He smiled politely, “You can- I’m not-” You told each other simultaneously before you both fell into nervous laughter. Your laughter soon turned into a fit of coughs. “Are you okay?” He asked, bumping the frame of his glasses to push them back up his nose. “Yeah-” You coughed again, “I’m just a little-” Cough. “Sick.” Cough. “I was going to make some tea.” You glanced down at the mug in your hands. “Hot cocoa.” He replied, gesturing to his own mug. You nodded as a few moments of awkward stillness passed by, the endless thrumming emanating from the lights above you becoming increasingly more annoying.

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Calm down - the teaspoon girl pt 2

A witch turns Y/N into a teaspoon sized woman, and Sam and Dean has to make sure she doesn’t get squashed – and find a cure.

Word count: 1617

Had to break this into parts: it’s been too long since I posted a story. Part three isn’t too far away.

Please let me know what you think – and remember that I’m not English. Also let me know if you want on – or off – my tag list.

From part one:

A tiny object on the floor caught Sam’s eye. Just a doll, but… he bent down to pick it up. It was warm and floppy, and… yeah. This was definitely on the weirder edge of the spectrum.

Coming closer, Dean squinted at the thing in Sam’s hand. “Is that…?”


Sam picked her up and held her in his hand. Barely ten centimetres long, she weighed no more than a small cookie. He shuddered. How was he going to do this without squeezing her to death? Surely she would be crushed in his giant hands. Gently, he turned her over. She was completely still, but limp, her hair spreading out over his fingers: there were no signs that this was a grown, living woman. Except of course the fact that she had a pulse, and was warm to the touch.

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My Real Hero

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Dean, Sam

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Grumpy and kinda drunk Dean and FLUFF! ;-) 

Word count: 964

Summary: Dean is grumpy because he didn’t get to be Y/N’s hero. Little did he know he’s already her hero, her REAL HERO. (Oh well, I suck at this. I’m sorry.) 

Beta: The amazing @imadeangirl-butimsamcurious Thanks!

A/N: This is my first story after the hiatus of almost 5 months. I’ll try to keep on writing as much as I can. I hope you guys like it. Feedback is always appreciated. :-)


“Finally, we ganked those sons of a bitches!” Dean sighed in relief. After all, it was pretty exhausting to clear a vampire nest.

“Yeah, finally.” Y/N dropped her duffle on the big map table in the bunker and started making her way towards the bathroom. “I’m gonna shower first!”

“Let’s go to the bar tonight and celebrate!” Dean chirped.

“Well, it’s not the first time we’ve haunted a vampire's’ nest,” Sam said.

“Oh c’mon, Sammy! Lets have some fun you old soul!”

Dean groaned at his brother’s lack of interest.

“I’m in!” Y/N yelled and closed the bathroom door behind her.

“Alright, fine. I’ll go,” Sam finally agreed.

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Unsaid Words

Request Prompt: Hello :) Can I send in a Daryl request for my bday today ? Maybe where you both are dating but he didn’t say the words ‘I love you’ yet. So one day you join a run with some others but you end up getting shot accidentally. Then you’re carried back into the prison and as soon Daryl sees you being unconscious he freaks out and thinks you’re dead. After you get operated, you survive but you’re out for a while. Daryl stays with you and after you wake up, he tells you that he loves you properly ? :) - @diving-down-to-wonderland

Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warning: Fluff

A/N- I am terribly sorry about how late this is. I should’ve posted it a long time ago but I won’t lie it slipped my mind once things gt out of hand. I hope you enjoyed your birthday and here is your request.


I hugged the man I’m in love with close. I inhaled the scent of outside. The scent of Daryl Dixon. I smiled into his back and tapped his shoulder. He turned to look down at me when I stole a kiss from his unsuspecting lips.

“Really?”, he asked moving his hands to my waist. I nodded before kissing him again but more passionately. I pulled away with a wide grin on my face.

“I love you.”, I said in a sing a long voice.

“Mhmm.”, he replied before walking away. My shoulders fell in disappointment. We’ve been dating for 3 months now and he hasn’t quite opened up to me yet. As frustrating as it is, I’m trying to hold up for him. I hear Rick call my name and I turned to see him jogging up to me.

“Hey.”, I greeted masking the feeling of rejection.

“Daryl, Ted, Michonne and I were going on a run to an old farm. I was wondering if you could tag along since you’re good with farming and finding ripe fruits.”, he explained and I nodded.

“Yeah. Just let me get my gear on.” After pulling my boots on I walked outside where Michonne and Spencer waited. Daryl avoided eye contact with me and I let out a small sigh.

“He’ll come around.”, Michonne whispered rubbing my shoulder. The five of us went on our way in one of the vehicles with Ted in between Daryl and I in the back while Rick and Michonne sat in the front. It fueled jealously in me. The way they looked at each other. How they held hands. How they’re not afraid to be vulnerable to one another. I want that but because Daryl is who he is, that’s not possible.

“Were here. Everyone stay together and stay quiet.”, Rick announced cutting off the car. We all got out and I stood to see what was left of the farm. The house was intact but there are walkers scattered around the land.

“If we take out the ones close to the house, we’ll be able get in to check for supplies and then get out.”, Rick explained.

I took out my knife and immediately started killing walkers throughout the yard. I kept my distance so they wouldn’t hoard up as I plunged my blade into their skulls. Once they were all cleared out we moved on into the house. To our surprised there were no walkers inside. We all split ways and I started filling the bag I had with canned goods and fruit.

“Take why you can carry. Don’t over do it. We can always come back.”, Rick stated as Ted went up the stairs a little shaky. I watched him disappear before following behind him. He went into a nearby bedroom and I slowly went to check the bathroom.

“Let’s wrap it up guys!”, Rick called from the bottom of the stairs. I grabbed the bandages and pain pills out of the cabinet before going to get Ted.

“Ted!”, I called before he whipped around to face me, the gun in his hands going off. My eyes were wide as Ted’s face drained. His mouth was moving but I couldn’t hear what he was saying. I turned as Daryl dashed into the room with fear present on his face.

“No.”, he mumbled before I fell into his arms. “No no no no. Y/N? Stay with me babe okay.”

“What happened?”, Rick asked running into the room.

“I thought she was a walker! I didn’t mean it!”, Ted panicked. Their voice echoed as I slipped in and out of consciousness.

“We have to get her back!”, Michonne said with worry laced in her words. The last thing I saw was Daryl looking down at me with tears in his eyes.

Daryl POV

After we returned back to the prison Rick and Hershel told me to stay outside while they helped Y/N. My nerves were shot and I didn’t know what to do. I want to beat Ted’s ass but I don’t want to move from this spot on the porch. The door opened ripping me from my thoughts and I turned to see Hershel with blood on his hands.

“She’ll be fine. No vital organs were hit. But she needs a lot of rest.”, he told me with a smile and I silently walked inside. I entered the room she was in and immediately felt the guilt rush through my veins. I pulled up a seat next to her and remained quiet. I grabbed her hand bringing it to my lips.

“You should’ve stayed here. This wouldn’t have happened. I should’ve been there. I could’ve-” I closed my mouth squeezing my eyes shut. A few hours passed and I’m still in the same spot as before. After fighting an internal battle the words left my mouth with such ease.

“I love you Y/N. You know that right? I should’ve said it before but I didn’t know how. But with you lying here like this, I figured you have the right to know. That I do love you.”, I muttered and I felt a light squeeze on my hand.

“Don’t sorry darlin, I’ll tell you again when you wake up.”, I grinned as I planted a soft kiss on her forehead.

You Don’t Own Me *smut*- Michael Gray

Request// Hi! Can I request a Michael Shelby imagine(a smut so if you aren’t comfortable with smut I completely understand!) where he cares for the reader so much he is overprotective and to prove to him that she can handle herself she dominates Michael? - @wewillfindanewtomorrow

*Oh yeah, this was a fun one and a great way to start off the PB week. If you want me to tag you for the prompts made in this week, just let me know! xoxox*


“You don’t have to protect me, Michael,” you nearly screamed. “I can protect myself!”

This had been the one argument you and Michael could never seem to settle. Ever since you had begun your job at the betting shop, Michael had become more protective over some of the silliest things. He didn’t want you working without him present or in on anything having to do with illegal business. He would hardly even let you step inside the Garrison if it wasn’t for a party or event.

He seemed to have forgotten that you were raised by a police officer and war hero. You being the only daughter he had not only came with the backlash of being constantly smothered by your brothers, but it also included training to defend yourself against any man who stood in your way. You weren’t raised like the other girls around you, but in a way you were happy with how things turned out. You’re father had taught you to be strong and never depend on a man.

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My Heart Will be There

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Peter Parker X Reader

Kinder Than You – Part 1

Word Count: 2133

Author: Princess Kate (Just kidding it’s Writer Kate… the one who writes)

Warnings: Talks about Stress and Anxiety attacks… sorry if that offends you, but I’m talking about my personal symptoms, and I’m not trying to glorify anxiety, stress, or any other problems whatsoever. 

A/N: HECK YES!!! Two parts in two days! I’m feeling very generous lately… Just kidding, I wanted to surprise you guys since you seemed to like this idea so much… Like I said, sorry about the warnings, but this was originally supposed to be like a way to channel my insecurities, if y’all would remember from part 1. OH YEAH I FORGOT TO MENTION PART 3 IS ON IT’S WAY!!! If you want to be tagged, just asked, I’m totally cool with that… And I’m actually really proud of my ending quote thingy, and yes, I DID COME UP WITH THAT LAST PART BY MYSELF… And I also don’t know why I make these so long since no one is reading anymore, but if you are, Please let me know if you like these little author insights… And go read the stupid fic already.

You were in the kitchen, making a batch of lemon cupcakes while Clint’s kids were watching a movie in the front room. The filling, a raspberry reduction, was almost done, and you were almost ready to start the buttercream frosting. Your phone beeped and a text popped up from Clint.

“Hey, we’re almost home, can you come open the garage?” You read quietly out-loud. You walked into the front room, turned off the TV, and picked up baby Nathaniel. “Cooper, Lila! Your parents are home!” You laughed at their excited faces, and followed them into the garage, pushing the button to deactivate the security system. The kids rushed to their parents as the car rolled in. You put Nathaniel down, and let him toddle towards his parents. You heard the timer go off for the cupcakes, and you slipped back inside. You smiled at the sunny yellow look of the treats. These were Peter’s favorite of the snacks that you would make regularly. When he was younger, he would try to stuff the entire cupcake into his mouth. It was hilarious to watch, but eventually, he learned to savor them, even if that didn’t stop him from eating most of the batch at super-speed. The thought of Peter made you hold your necklace, the one he had given you on your 14th birthday. You missed Peter loads, but the pain was a lot better being far away from him. It had been nearly 3 weeks since you left Stark Tower, and surprisingly, Nat had only accused Clint of kidnapping you a couple hundred times. You started frosting a cooled batch of cupcakes when someone poked your insides making you jump. You nearly dropped the cupcake, and turned to see Clint’s face grinning at you, and you stuck your tongue out at him. Clint had always taken a liking to you, and sometimes treated you like one of his kids, or other times, like his little sister. Overall, your relationship was very strong, like his and Wanda’s. Laura walked in grinning, and you ran up to hug her. Laura had been your mentor with Natasha before she retired, and she was very protective of you too. That’s why you loved coming here when you could sneak away from New York. Lila and Cooper treated you like their big sister, and you were the only person that baby Pietro (as you referred to him, since that was his middle name) would go to besides Laura and Nat. 

“Hey, Y/N! How were the kids?” Laura asked, hugging you tightly. Clint was inspecting the cupcakes for the one with the most frosting, just the way he liked them. Finding a suitable one, he picked it off the counter and bit into it.

“Perfect, as usual.” You smiled, genuinely. 

“Speaking of perfect,” Clint said through a full mouth. “I talked to Steve on Saturday. It seems your excuses were all too perfect. Why didn’t you tell us about the Peter thing?” His looked at you with raised eyebrows, and behind you, Laura was glaring at him. She had told him explicitly not to bring it up bluntly, knowing you would get flustered. Your hand flew up to fidget with your necklace again. It always reminded you of him, but you had been too attached to leave it at home, or even take it off. 

“I didn’t think it was that big of a deal.” You mumbled, lying. Clint and Laura looked at each other again, knowing how much the fight was bothering you.

“Apparently he’s been bugging everyone at that Tower to try and find out how you were doing, since you haven’t been answering any of his calls, either.” Clint poked, and you looked at the floor, biting your lip.

“Y/N, we’re just worried about you. Everyone is.” Laura said, putting her hand on your shoulder. “It’s not healthy to keep all your emotions wrapped up like this. I know it’s hurting you, but Peter is your best friend.”

“And your crush.” Clint wagged his eyebrows as he finished his second cupcake. You and Laura gave him the exact same expression at the same time, and he held back a laugh. 

“There isn’t exactly a lot to talk about.” You said, subconsciously rubbing the fading bruise on your cheek. Clint opened his mouth to retort, but the timer went off for another batch of cupcakes, so you slipped behind him without another word. 


“Bye! I’ll see you guys when the team comes out in a few months!” You called giving Lila, Cooper, Clint, Laura, and Nathaniel a last hug. You climbed into the quinjet, and waved good bye through the window as you flew higher and higher. You sighed happily, missing them already. You were about to settle back to write, but your phone beeped from the depths of your bag. You seriously considered ignoring it, but that always ticked Tony off when you ignored his texts, so you fished around for the device, found it, and clicked it on. A text showed up on the front from Aunt May, and you read the message.

“Hey, Y/N! Listen, I know you’re out of town, but we seriously need a shopping trip! When do you get back in?” May’s happy disposition shown through the text, but you cringed inwardly. You loved May, and she had always taken care of you like she was your mom, but you worried if she would ask you about Peter. You hadn’t taken it very well when Clint had interrogated you, and you had spent that night tossing and turning while memories of the fight swam around your mind. But it was May. She would know not to ask, right? You bit your lip, and texted back quickly.

“I’m flying back in right now.” You read quickly, and pressed send. It was only a second before you got a reply.

“Okay! It’s been long enough! How about tomorrow, Friday, since you guys have school off. I can pick you up at the Tower, I think Peter is going over there for his intern thing, anyway.” You sent affirmation to the plan, and sighed at relief that you would be able to avoid Peter. You settled back into the comfy interior of the jet, and watched the rain that had just begun to pound at the windows. 


“What do you think of this dress, Y/N?” May held up a very tight and form-fitting red dress, that would probably look amazing on you, but you were too self-conscious. You wrinkled your nose, and May put it back smiling. It was Friday, and you were having a great time, and Peter hadn’t been brought up once.

“So, why haven’t you been coming over lately? What happened between you and Peter?” May asked, trying to act nonchalant. Your heart dropped, and you knew your mind had spoken too soon. You looked at May, who was looking at you. 

“Pete- he didn’t tell you what happened?” You asked slowly, surprised that she didn’t know. Peter would always tell May everything. 

“Oh, he told me alright, but I want to hear your side.” May said, flipping through a few more dresses. She looked up at you suddenly with a gray sweater dress. You shook your head, trying to think of something to say.

“Um, I don’t… Well, I…” May smiled at your stumbling words. “What I mean to say is, I was just bugging Peter, obviously, and I sort of happened to walk in on this thing that Peter-” 

“He made out with Liz.” May said, her eyes shining with mischievous intent.

“Well, uh, yeah,” You said, laughing with wonder at how she knew that. “And, uh, Peter just got really mad, and it sort of spiraled into the big fight, and then…” You stopped talking, your side and cheek aching at the memory of what happened next.

“And then?” May asked, wondering what you were talking about. Peter hadn’t mentioned there was a second part to the fight.

“I-uh, I left.” You said, not thinking you would make it through the rest of the full story without breaking down. May knew you were hiding something, but she knew Peter had obviously really hurt you, in multiple ways. So she dropped the topic. The rest of the afternoon passed without mention of Peter, and May took you out for a shake before she dropped you back off at the Tower. On the way back to the Tower, May and you were talking in the car about a movie that you had been meaning to watch forever. 

“Oh, I bought that movie ages ago! You should come over tomorrow night and watch it!” May offered. Your face lit up with excitement, but then you remembered that Peter would probably be there. May saw your excitement dim as you bit your lip, and her concern about you heightened. “Peter won’t be there, he’s sleeping at Ned’s tomorrow night.” You hesitated, but then decided against your doubts. 

“Okay! As long as Peter won’t be there, I don’t want to press my presence on him.” You said, looking out into the bustling streets of New York. May smiled sadly at you, worried about how much Peter had affected you. Before long, you arrived at the Tower, and you said goodbye to May as you hopped out of the car. You ran up to your room, and fell back on your bed. You were alone, and the band of your anxiety quickly tightened around your chest, making it difficult to breathe. You froze on your bed, trying to get a grasp. These had been happening since the fight, but you used every last drop of your energy, and even dipped into some of your power’s supply to keep yourself looking normal and happy around everyone else. You looked at the wall, and counted to 10, the way Bruce had taught you when he found out you had anxiety and severe stress. The hyperventilating stopped, and the shaking started. These symptoms were the ones caused by stress, and you stood up quickly to stretch and try to relieve the tension. Spots started clouding your vision, and you fell back on your bed, trying not to think about how Peter would’ve helped you if he didn’t hate you.


“Peter, I’m home!” May called as she entered the apartment. Peter was sitting on the couch, his knees pulled up to his chest and his face in his hands, the way he curled up when he was worried about something. 

“Hey, May.” He said, his voice muffled and dejected. She put her bag down, and sat on the other side of the couch. 

“I was out with Y/N today.” She said. Peter’s head popped up at the sound of your name.

“She’s back? How did she look? What did she say? Is she okay? Where did you guys go?” Peter asked, the questions that had been building in his mind for a month came swirling out. May smiled sadly, the same way she had looked at you earlier. 

“She’s, um, she’s physically okay as far as I can tell,” Peter looked down again, knowing that you weren’t physically ‘alright’ thanks to him. May continued on slowly. “Peter, she seems really stressed, like the way she would get when she was younger. I think she was trying to hide it, but her hands and shoulders were shaking, and her lips were raw from biting them so much.” Peter put his face back in his hands, and let out a shaky breath. He had done this to you, and it had all been for Liz Allen. He wished he could go back, to save you from all this. 

“Peter, I’m really worried about Y/N. And you. Neither of you know how to survive without the other, and I know you can fix this. She thinks you hate her.” Peter flinched at the sentence. He felt it was too late. Maybe if he had caught you before you left, it wouldn’t be too late. But it was, and he had stopped trying to contact you a week after you left. He had given up on you, even though you had never given up on him. It killed him, just thinking about it. He got up from the couch without saying another word to his aunt. He walked into his room, and pulled out a paper he had saved from one of your old notebooks. He fell back on his bed with it, and read the note with the swirling hand-writing.

Friends forever, 

Never apart.

Maybe by distance,

But never by heart.

It was on of your favorite little quotes, but you had added something to the old saying.

He may not love me

But I do not care

For wherever he is

My heart will be there.

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MBTI And Your 7 Deadly Sins

Ok so I thought this would be a little… fun thing to do, so here’s the deal, state your type and then list in order where the 7 Deadly Sins fall for you, with a little note on the side explaining why (because just listing your sins is boring). Then at the end Tag from 5 to 10 different people or tag yourself, and let the party begin.


1. Gluttony: I just really love food, I love the taste of food, I love eating food, and I often follow my cravings… which is probably why I am in the shape that I am in, because as soon as I crave something I just… I need to devour it immediately. Should I hold back? Yeah probably… and I try, but sometimes temptation gets the best of me… especially pastry sweets… oh man.

2. Wrath: So I don’t… “Speak” my feelings I show them, or react to them, and since Wrath is pretty much an emotional thing when you think about it, it would make sense that it would make this high in the list. Now most of the time my anger is either bottled up, or I go somewhere to pout/sulk until some one snaps me out of… there are times when I can lash out… mostly verbally because I tell you… that… that Fi… it can be vicious. Now mind you most of the people around me have stated that at those times it’s more of a righteous anger… but still Wrath none the less.

3. Sloth: Is… is this really a surprise? I mean I know I’m not as productive as I’d like to be, I know I’m not as organized as I’d like to be… and I tend to procrastinate… a lot… like a lot a lot… Even the things I feel are important I tend to procrastinate on… so yeah kinda wish this was lower on the list… but it’s not.

4. Envy: I have a little issue envying others… not necessarily what they have, that doesn’t really matter, what matters is often how they’re able to focus on either one thing… go after one dream, be in shape, have a better wit… so what I’m saying is I envy the personality of others before I go rambling on… and sometimes I envy what they’ve obtained due to how their personality is able to get them to those areas where they are able to… have what they do.  I try not to… buuut it’s there.

5. Pride: Everyone has this somewhere on their list… and for me it’s lower, not going to lie, when I know something or am able to do something others aren’t… I can get a little arrogant and it can show… Of course there is that issue of taking pride in your work… while also not falling into being prideful… which is always tricky, but yeah… to the people who don’t think INFPs can’t be arrogant, amongst several other things… well let’s just say they can be as prideful as anyone else.

6. Greed: So most of the time I try to be selfless, but there are times when I can be incredibly selfish… like when it comes to my time itself… or when I buy things I want and ignore whether or not somebody else may want something as well, which I do try and take into consideration and I do tend to feel bad about it afterwards… but generally I do things based on self first before I focus on others.

7. Lust: I only… slightly know what this feels like… slightly… I mean normally Lust is referred to when it comes to sex or other pleasureful activities that may send the body through euphoria… but I only know what this is like in the realm of imagination, I haven’t really had a chance to experience it all that much myself… or maybe I have and I’m just not aware of it.

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Just Leave

Summary: You’re depressed and feel like the Winchesters would be better off without you.

Word Count: 2666

Warnings: Depression, mentions of self harm and suicide

A/N: So this isn’t a fic that I was working on or was on my to-do list but I’ve had a shitty week and had some emotions to expel. I wrote this in only a few hours and only read through it once, so just ignore any grammar/spelling errors. I’m sure I’ll get around to it later this weekend.

Version en Español: Vete

You couldn’t take it anymore. Trying to hide everything behind a fake smile and coming up with bad jokes to hide the fact that you were so broken. The Winchesters didn’t know that you cried yourself to sleep every night. They didn’t know that you would wake up at three in the morning with a painful, dark pit in your stomach, clenching until you couldn’t breathe. The monsters in your mind weren’t just mental now; they were physical. Nothing you did could kill them. You cut and you scratched and burned, but nothing helped. They were still there, inside of you, just under the skin.

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Love Yourself // Tom Holland (Part 3)

Pairings: Tom Holland +Reader (Y/N)

Description: Reader is slowly finding comfort in being away from Jeff and enjoying her company with the cute Barista from Starbucks.

Warnings: Strong language (curse words). TWO MORE PARTS! Let me know if ya wanna be tagged in future postings :)

“Hi, can I have a Venti coffee?”

“Sure, do you want that just plain-?” I smiled at Tom as he looked up and it registered that it was my ordering again. “Hey, you didn’t call it a large this time.”

“Yeah, I was practicing all the way down here. How’d I do?”

He laughed before nodding, “You did good.” It’s been three weeks since I had seen Tom in the coffee shop, and I’ve come back about four more times just to see him. I don’t think he noticed me, considering I never went up to talk to him. I was still getting past what Jeff had done and couldn’t find the courage. Well, until now. He went to grab a cup but stopped when I held my hand up, signaling for him to put it down. “What’s wrong? Did you want a different size?”

I shook my head. “No, I don’t actually want coffee. I just wanted an excuse to talk to you.” His face turned a pale shade of pink before looking down and smiling at his hands. “I was across the street and didn’t even realize I was this close to you. I was actually going to pick up my phone and use that number you gave me. I decided I’d much rather prefer to see you instead.”

“I was wondering when you were going to call. I’m glad you came over instead, though. I’d prefer seeing you, too. You’re lovely to look at.” It was my turn to look down and smile at the ground, hearing him laugh a little. “If you want to wait for me, I’m off after I serve this costumer patiently waiting behind you.” I turned around, forgetting that he had costumer’s to serve and rushed out a string of apologies to which the man behind me waved off. “Sorry for making you wait, Sir. What could I get for you?”

Tom shot me a wink before turning his attention back to the costumer he was catering to.

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yoshifics  asked:

So I completely understand your point about Tony and Steve's mistakes, but I feel like the way you worded it makes it seem kind of ableist until I read your tags? The tags explain it all but since not everyone checks them for clarification before backlash happens, I feel like you might want to put some of the content in the tags in the actual post? I'm not sure if I make sense but fandom wank can get quite ugly and misunderstandings happen so yeah, just wanted to let you know. Thanks!

Hey yo! I don’t really expect that post to get notes but can you tell me why you thought that? I’m having trouble about which part came across badly but I’m willing to learn!

foxoftheasterisk  asked:

I'm'a do my typical thing when requests are opened and just say "make something weird". (No, weirder than that. Whatever you're thinking of, make it like twice as weird. And then a little more. Yeah that's good.) But since that's probably not very inspiring, let me throw you some tags, of which you can use as many of few as you like: #succubus #stilletto heels #bodysuit #gravity #memetic hypnosis #absorption #candles #egglaying #possession #vines #impossible #mirror #inanimate #candy. Have fun!

You’ll be wishing you’d chosen some more mundane tags when the wave of changes hits you. You’ll scream. Your body is growing, full of a sudden energy. A pair of pert breasts will push their way out of your chest. A strange feeling fills your back and without warning a pair of leathery wings protruded from your back. Suddenly you’ll lose your balance and fall to the floor, looking on in terror as your heels lengthen, and your toes blend into one… shoe? You’ll look like you’re wearing stilettos, but they’re your feet!
You’ll struggle back to your feet, knowing what is happening to your testicles. As you try in vain to escape from your fate, what remains of your clothing will shift, growing softer and blacker. You’re wearing a tight evening gown, and what’s more you can’t seem to take it off! You never learned to walk in heels let alone had to deal with constricted legs! You can barely even walk, but what scares you more is the growing overwhelming desire for a throbbing penis. Not one of your own, but one to worship. One to satisfy. One to fuck.

You’re a succubus now, and there’s no escaping it.

ampersands-and-guitars  asked:

I feel like you're maybe, just maybe, going through my Beauty and the Beast tag right now. :p

I mean, I did say yesterday that I would. :p And by the way, thank you again for raising my expectations for this movie and it still somehow meeting them. 

I still can’t believe how late I am to this movie though! You and Grace have been in love with it since it came out and now I’ve finally seen it and I’m like  “this movie is just so good!” Like, way better than it has any right to be when you compare to what it’s remaking. But they gave their freaking all into it and the effort shows, man. And it’s grown on me even more now that I’ve been reblogging so much of your tag lol. Yeah, the fact that it made a billion dollars is only going to let Disney pump out more of these live-action remakes and they might not all be good (*cough Lion King cough*), but for now I’m glad we’ve got this amazing trifecta of Cinderella, Jungle Book and BatB.

I got tagged by @omgwordart for another tag gamu ;^)

rules: ask 20 5 followers you’d like to know better 

name: Daniel

nickname: Danny and Dan are pretty common for me

sign: aquarius

height: 5′4′?? i seriously don’t know my height 

orientation: bike

favorite fruit: mango

favorite season: winter

favorite book: the apple trees at olema by Robert Hass

favorite flower: mint?

favorite scent: freshly washed blankets

favorite color: green, blue

favorite dogs, snakes, and birbs

coffee, tea or hot chocolate: tea then coffee

average amount of sleep: lmao i think like 6-5 hours on week days and maybe 7 hours on weekend

cats or dogs: dogs but i’ve also always wanted a cat 

favorite fictional character: it’s gotta be between kanbaru suruga or kyoko sakura

number of blankets i sleep with: usually 3 but since its almost summer i just 1 

dream trip: going to europe would be nice, then japan

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