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A Father At Last (Peter Quill x Reader)

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By popular demand: Peter finding out you’re pregnant. 

Just in time for mother’s day!

Peter shut his eyes and looked away as he held back your hair. He wasn’t doing the best job at it. A few strands had fallen in your face, but he was too busy trying not to throw up himself, to bother tightening his grip. He’d been in disgusting situations before. He’d grown up around dozens of men who didn’t know what it meant to shower. He’d been covered in god knows how many different types of alien muck. He’d been peer pressured—while drunk—to eat all sorts of strange foods…and he was fine with it all. But when it came to vomit, he could hardly hear the word without inwardly gagging a little.

Thankfully, none of his current shipmates tended to get ill; save for one occasion when Drax caught the A’askavarian flu. Peter physically locked him in the bathroom for the duration, and took to sleeping in the cockpit, as far as possible from any noises. It was a rough few days for his stomach—and Drax’s—but they both managed to survive, no thanks to Rocket’s incessant teasing.

But this situation was different. There was a difference between friends and girlfriends, and that meant holding your hair back, rather than flicking a band in your direction and running away, like he so desperately wanted to do.

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Hi! For a Klance prompt, Lance or Keith (your pick) gets infected by some alien thing that makes them tell the truth so they admit their feelings for the other person, but after being 'cured' they don't remember doing it? thanks!

For sure! Hope you like it :D

           “Lance, what are you doing – get away from that!” Keith grabbed the back of Lance’s armor and hauled him backward as the flower exploded a white puff in his face, making Lance sneeze violently. He rubbed the residue off his face, inspecting the white smear it left on his glove.

           “It’s just pollen,” he shrugged. Keith glared at him.

           “Do you know how many people are allergic to Earth pollen? Who knows what alien pollen might do to you?” Lance rolled his eyes.

           “You’re being dramatic. Look, I’m fine. I feel better than ever.” Keith narrowed his eyes.

           “Let’s just keep moving,” he said, shifting his grip on his bayard. “We can probably find a cave in those cliffs up there, hole up there for the night, try and contact the team again in the morning.” Lance nodded.

           “After you,” he said, gesturing grandly. Keith just rolled his eyes and set off, hacking a particularly thorny branch away with his sword.

           They made it to a shallow, unoccupied cave in the cliff face with about an hour to spare before sunset and managed to build a fire before it got too dark to see. They negotiated guard duty and Keith got first watch, leaving Lance to stretch out and go to sleep beside the fire. Except, in typical Lance fashion, he started to talk instead.

           “I’ve never built a fire before. I never thought I would have to,” he said. Keith groaned quietly.

           “Lance, we’ve got a long night ahead of us. You should really try to get some sleep.”

           “I never went camping as a kid. My family didn’t have the money to make a trip like that.”

           “You can tell me about it later. If you absolutely must,” he added under his breath. “Just please be quiet.”

           “We thought it was fancy when they managed to take us out to dinner and a movie. That was a big day. There were four of us plus my parents, and that’s a lot of kids to pay for, so we couldn’t do it very often. But camping was never an option. My sister really wanted to do it. She begged my parents for months. But they wouldn’t let her. It was pretty awful to watch how crushed she was, but to tell the truth, I thought she was being selfish.”

           “Lance?” Keith asked. There was something off about Lance’s voice. It sounded too flat and monotone, as if he wasn’t actually hearing what he was saying. Lance continued as if he hadn’t heard Keith.

           “She knew they couldn’t afford to take all of us, so either she wanted to get special treatment and go without us, or she was just being a whiny brat and harassing my parents because she got fed up with having no money all the time. I got fed up too, we all did. She could have sucked it up like the rest of us.”

           “Lance.” There was definitely something wrong. Lance never talked about his family like this. Certainly not to Keith, at any rate. He sprung to his feet and walked over to where Lance was flat on his back, eyes glassy and unfocused, staring at the ceiling.

           “Of course I still love her but God did she get on my nerves when we were kids sometimes. But I don’t really think about that these days because I’m so homesick. I just think about all the perfect times we had together. You don’t understand it, you know. I don’t think anyone else on the ship understands how close I am to my family and how much I hate being here sometimes. At least Pidge is trying to get her family back. Voltron just keeps me further away. But you especially don’t understand because you don’t have any family.” Keith slapped Lance hard across the face.

           “Snap out of it!” he growled. “What the hell is…?” He bent closer. Something was glowing faintly white on the edges of Lance’s nostrils. The flower. It had infected him or something, and now he was talking without any kind of filter. “I told you that alien pollen was bad news,” he groaned, rubbing his forehead. Lance’s eyes were still just as glassy as before. He barely seemed to register the fact that he had been slapped.

           “It makes me miserable how much you hate me,” he said. Keith, in the middle of searching for some kind of leaf or cloth or anything he could use to try and scrape the gunk off Lance’s nose, paused.

           “You think I hate you?” he asked.

           “Yes,” Lance said. He started at receiving a direct answer and slowly turned back to Lance.

           “Why do you think I hate you?”

           “Because you’re so much better than me, and I annoy you by trying to compete with you. You know you can win so it’s a waste of your time.” Keith sat down heavily.

           “Lance, no. That’s not… that’s not…”

           “Of course I realized recently that the real reason I want to compete with you is because I want you to notice me,” he continued, “because I’ve had an awful crush on you since the Garrison. I thought I just wanted people to think I could be as good as you, but the real issue is that I like you a lot and I’m terrified of you finding out because I know you’ll just laugh at me.” Keith covered his ears.

           “I don’t want to hear this,” he moaned. “Lance, please, stop talking.”

           “I think you’re the most talented and beautiful person I’ve ever met and I started fantasizing about kissing you about two months ago. I even love the mullet even though I still think it’s ridiculous that you have it. I keep flirting with aliens to distract myself but I only do it because I know I won’t have any success. I don’t want to actually date anyone but you.” Keith’s head was between his knees. He wasn’t supposed to be hearing this. It wasn’t fair the way Lance’s confession made his heart speed up in his chest, made him think of the times they’d both caught each other staring lately, made him remember Lance saving his life on their most recent mission and brushing it off like it was nothing. It wasn’t fair to Lance. “I think I might love you, Keith, and I’ve cried twice about the fact that you could never love me back.” Lance’s speech ceased abruptly, leaving a few seconds of silence. “I’m tired. I’m going to sleep now,” he announced, and closed his eyes. Keith heaved a sigh of relief, coming over with a leaf to rub away the white residue on his nose. He dropped a hand on Lance’s shoulder.

           “You do that, Lance,” he said. “You do that.”


           Lance woke up to morning light groggy and with the worst crick in his neck he’d ever had. He sat up, yawned, and noticed Keith sitting at the edge of the cave, staring off into the woods. He frowned.

           “Dude, why didn’t you wake me up for guard duty?” he asked. “Have you been sitting there awake all night?” Keith jumped at the sound of Lance voice, turned to look at him, and scrambled to his feet.

           “Lance!” he said. “Are you… You seem normal?” Lance blinked.

           “Yeah, why… why wouldn’t I be?” Keith hovered uncertainly, unsure whether or not to move forward.

           “Do… do you not… do you remember last night?”

           “Yeah, we planned for guard duty, you said you’d wake me up in a few hours, and then you just never did! Come on, man, let people help you sometimes, you’re going to be exhausted now.” Keith bit his lip.

           “So… nothing else?” Lance stared.

           “What happened?”

           “Nothing!” Keith said hurriedly. His cheeks were slightly red for some reason. “I… I tried to wake you up but I couldn’t. You were too sound asleep. So yeah, I’ve been awake all night, asshole.” The insult was only half-hearted and didn’t really seem to land. Lance blinked.

           “Okay,” he said. “Well, we probably better see if we can’t find a way to signal the castle. It looked like there were settlements further up the cliff, let’s see if we can find some alien friends.” Keith nodded in agreement, heading to stamp out the fire. As Lance gathered his Paladin armor, he kept glancing sideways at his rival and his friend, wondering what had really happened last night – and why Keith was lying.

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Façades of Peace (73k)
Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski

“Der Soldat,” Scott announced, dread heavy in his voice.

It took a second for Stiles’ own dread and preemptive fear-logged brain to realize those words meant nothing to him, and the confusion was enough to knock it free for a second from its constant stewing in foreboding predictions of doom.

“Um, what?”

“Der Soldat,” Scott repeated, like that was supposed to mean anything, and judging by his tone, it wasn’t supposed to mean anything good. “The Dread Doctors had him. That’s where I’ve smelled this, in their lab.”

Stiles still didn’t know what that meant, but now he really didn’t want to know. Anything involving the Dread Doctors and by extension their lab was something he wanted nothing to do with.

The foreboding predictions of doom were coming back full force.

“Theo told me me about it,” Scott explained, “the Doctors had an alpha werewolf in this huge tank. They were using him to keep them alive, extracting some kind of fluid?” Stiles wrinkled his nose. “He was some German soldier from World War II, so they called him Der Soldat—The Soldier.”

Stiles’ nose dropped out of the wrinkle and he just straight up gaped, his left eye twitching involuntarily. His doom detector was going crazy—flashing red lights, screaming alarms, full immediate evac advised.

“A Ger—there’s a Nazi werewolf in Beacon Hills?” Stiles was yelling now, he couldn’t help it, because what the ever loving fuck was their lives. “A Nazi were—an alpha Nazi werewolf.”

“That’s what it sounded like, yeah.”

“And you’re just mentioning this now?” He was still shouting.

“I thought Chris handled it. He said he would clean things up.”

“Well clearly he didn’t because the alpha Nazi werewolf is on the loose, Scott. Just—take a second and let that sentence sink in. Alpha Nazi werewolf.”

Scott stared at him a moment, then his eyebrows turned concerned. “You’re freaking out.”

“Of course I’m freaking out! It’s an alpha Nazi werewolf.”

My alternate sixth season minus the memory business and plus Sterek is done. Finally. Good lord.

Dance With Me

Anon said: omgosh a taeyong au where both of you are the “leaders” of a dance crew and oo there’s such so much sexual tension 👀 a make out sesh would be great hoho thank u!!

You hate Lee Taeyong because Lee Taeyong thinks his dance crew is better than yours, and Lee Taeyong is stupidly hot when he dances, and Lee Taeyong has a face you want to kiss and Lee Taeyong stole your heart in 3 seconds and you should hate him but you don’t. You’re ridiculously in love with him.

I feel like this is not what you asked for but… here this is anyways…? this gave me so many step up vibes and now i want to go watch the whole series. Enjoy!

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request: Can you write something about best friend harry!


“You promise you’ll come?”

“Come on, love, have a little faith. I would cross an ocean to get to that gallery opening.”

I smirked at his joke, “Yes, Harry, that’s exactly what I’m asking you to do.”

I heard him chuckle on the other line, “I’ll be there. Promise.”


That was a week ago. I hadn’t talked to him much since and now we were nearing the end of the gallery opening. No sign of Harry. I checked my phone; no missed calls or texts. I tried calling him myself and only got his voicemail.

"Hi! Gallery opening today! Call me when you land, I just want to know if you got in safely.”

“Hey it’s me, just wondering when you’ll be here so I can let the curator know when to look for you.”

“Hi, me again, all the photos of you sold pretty quickly, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised I think most people are more here for you than me. Anyway, call me back please.”

“There’s only a few people left here and the gallery closes in an hour. Where are you?”

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Hyunwoo and Hoseok Reaction to You Trying Running Away From Him After Finding Out He is in a Gang

Part of Trying to leave him

Part I, Part II, Part III


B.A.P: Part I, Part II, Part III ; BTS: Part I, Part II, Part III; EXO: Part I, Part II, Part III; Got7: {coming soon}; Monsta X: Part I, Part II, Part III ; Dean: {Coming soon}

Angst and violent- maybe

Note: This is JUST a reaction. I do not think you should EVER be in a violent relationship. NEVER let yourself get abused by another [mentally or physically]. You’re worth more than that kind of life.

P.S. it’s long.


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Prompt! "I'm just gonna lay down and die for half an hour, okay?" (Clint/Natasha?)

“I’m just gonna lay down and die for half an hour, okay?”

“Clint, no.”

“Nat, yes,” Clint says as he flops down on the couch. He covers his eyes with his forearm, sighing as his body relaxes against the firm cushions. Back from a mission, back from S.H.I.E.L.D., and back from medbay, only to be told they’d be shipped out on yet another mission in the next 24 hours. It’s the life of a spy, the life he signed up for, but damn was it tiring.

“Clint, c’mon. Get up. Wouldn’t you rather be in bed?” Natasha asks, standing by his side. She was as tired as he was, but not about to show it. At least, not until they made it to the mattress. Weariness of their caliber deserved something soft and comforting, she thinks, not something lumpy and small.

“I would, but I’m dead. Half an hour. Then bed.”

Natasha rolls her eyes. “Clint.”

“Join me?”

“What?” Hands on her hips, the redhead stares at him.

“Yeah. Join me. Half an hour, tops, then we’ll relax in bed. Order some take-out. Watch some movies or something.” Lifting his arm, Clint grins at her. He can see she’s considering it. Though her lips are pursed, her eyes seem to focus on the couch and him.

When (just ever so slightly) she gives him a small smirk, he knows he has won. “Half an hour. That’s it. Then bed.” Natasha crawls on top of him and settles on his chest. She cuddles him just as his arms wrap around her. As she lets out a relaxed sigh, he kisses her forehead.

It’s cozy, both the couch and what they have. They’re safe and secure in the comfort of one another. No words need to be said for them. They know through looks and actions how they feel about one another. There’s nothing normal about their relationship, but their life wasn’t normal either. It all fit together so well.

So maybe, Natasha thought, just a little longer. “An hour,” she whispers against his neck. She can feel Clint’s chuckle rumble in his chest. “Then we’ll head for the bed.”

[Prompt taken from here. If there are any others, please let me know!]

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Au where sirius is a famous youtuber and he is married to teacher remus but they've kept it secret so nobody knows it. But then one day remus forgot his lunch and sirius couldnt let him starve, so he go to remus school and everybody is freaking out bc SIRIUS BLACK IS HERE OMG, and sirius takes a few photos aND THEN HE SEES REMUS AND HE KISS HIM AND PEOPLE ARE FREAKING OUT omg i need this

Okay omg this is amazing as it is but I’m gonna try and do it justice

  • Remus thinks it’s hilarious to hear the kids freaking out the day after Sirius has uploaded a new video - they barely pay attention whenever he sets them off on a task because they’re too busy enthusing about it
  • For this reason Remus makes him swear to never upload the day before any tests or exams because “Goddamnit Sirius, these kids need an eduction”
  • Sirius is asked to make merch and OBVIOUSLY he makes stationary just so Remus can never forget that his class love Sirius more than him
  • Non uniform days are always a game of ‘Spot the one kid NOT wearing a Padfoot T-shirt”
  • Remus has to change the background on his phone from a selfie of him and Sirius after a kid sees it during catch up and starts a rumour that Remus is a superfan
  • “OMG did you hear Mr Lupin has met Sirius Black?? He probably went to Summer in the City or something I heard he’s a proper fanboy”
  • The kids start trying to talk to him about it - asking him whenever a new video has come out if he’s watched it and whether or not he enjoyed it
  • He just shrugs and tells them to get back to work - he’d rather not let them know that he’s had to watch 4 different versions of it in the last 2 days to help Sirius decide which to upload
  • On the morning he forgets his lunch he actually stops and swears mid-lesson (thankfully it’s with the sixth formers otherwise he’d be in big trouble)
  • He and Sirius live too far away for Remus to be able to drive home during his lunch break, so the only other option is…
  • Oh God
  • Oh no
  • Sirius can’t come here
  • Remus decides he’d much rather go without, and so he continues with his day teaching until break, when he checks his phone to see a text from Sirius
  • You left your lunch so I’m going to come drop it off xxx
  • It was sent half an hour ago - Sirius would be there by now
  • Remus had thought the corridor outside his classroom seemed louder than usual
  • He peeks his head around the classroom door to see Sirius taking selfies with his class, who are waiting to be let into the next lesson
  • Sirius looks round and sees him, a huge grin spreading across his face - “Hey, babe!”
  • Remus groans, “Did you just call me babe in front of my students?” 
  • He would never live this down
  • The kids are all staring in awe at the scene - some are whispering. It’s pretty well known that both Mr Lupin and Sirius are gay (Sirius’ coming out video has well over 12 million views), but no one saw this coming
  • Sirius holds up the lunchbag he has been carrying and waves it in front of Remus’ face, “You forgot this, nerd.”
  • “Sirius please stop embarrassing me in front of the year nines”
  • “Never.”
  • He waltzes over and kisses Remus on the cheek before placing the lunchbag unceremoniously in Remus’ hands, then turns and walks back down the corridor as the school bell rings, leaving nothing but the faint smell of expensive aftershave and a sea of gaping 13 year olds behind him.
  • Remus flushes red and clears his throat before pushing the door open fully and calling the class in,
  • “If I see anything about this on twitter I swear I’ll get him to delete his channel”
Kyungsoo/D.O. - Break Time

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Warnings: None

Type: Fluff

Requested by: Anon

Request: Cuddly Fluff with Kyungsoo

Authors Note: Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy! :)



“Come on, Kyungsoo. Give it back.” 

“Nope. It’s break time.”

“But I have a final tomorrow and I need to study!”

“You’ve been staring at this book for 5 hours, Y/N. What you need is a break.” 

You let out an exhausted huff, half of your mind agreeing with your boyfriend and the other half incredibly worried of the consequences that may pursue. Grades were really important to you, especially when it came to finals, but you also knew that if you continued studying at the rate you were, then you may not even live long enough to take your final, let alone do well on it. 

“Come on, Y/N. Just come lay with me for like 30 minutes.” Kyungsoo continued to persist. “After that, I promise you I’ll give you your book back and leave you alone so that you can study until your brain turns to mush.”

You let out a small laugh, your eyes closing slightly as they adjusted to looking at surroundings other than the dark words of your textbook. Taking in a deep breath, you gave Kyungsoo a small nod, slowly standing from your spot at the kitchen table and trailing towards him.

“Good girl.” Kyungsoo said sarcastically sweet, his hand reaching out and taking your own before leading you to your bedroom. 

Making your way to your king sized bed, you couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief, all the tension and stress immedietly leaving your body as you felt yourself fall into the deep abyss of the blankets and pillows beneath you. Kyungsoo gave you a knowing chuckle, slowly making his way onto the bed next to you before covering you with the light yellow blanket that sat at your feet. 

“Already feeling better, babe?” He asked, gently wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling your back towards his chest.

You breathed in quickly, the soft touch of Kyungsoo’s hands slightly surpiring at first, but incredibly warm and inviting on your stress induced skin. Giving him a small huff, you turned around, your face now positioned in the crook of his neck rather than looking away from him.

“Yeah, yeah.” You admitted, your eyes fluttering shut as you snuggled further into his body. You felt him laugh, the sweet vibrations radiating from his chest and onto yours. You let out another sigh, slowly wrapping your arms around his waist so that you were as close as you could possibly get. 

You felt your eyes refuse to open at this point, the deep want and need to sleep quickly taking over your body and not wanting to let go. You tried to force yourself away from slumber, your hands gently gripping at Kyungsoo’s shirt as you tried to think of something to talk about in order to keep yourself from falling asleep. 

“Go to sleep.” You heard Kyungsoo encourage, his hand reaching up and lightly caressing your hair.

“Only…” You began, your words trailing off as his words became more and more tempting. “Only if you promise to wake me up in 30 minutes.”

He gave you a small nod, slowly leaning down and placing a soft kiss upon you head before wrapping his arms around you and hugging you to him tightly. “I promise, love.”

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hey, can I request number 4 and 98 from the February list with Kai Parker and reader ? 😊 And I wanted to say that I love the new fanfiction with Kai Parker, keep going, loveing it 😍

Kai Parker - “Come here. Let me fix it.”

“Damn it!” You cursed while you stared at your reflection in the mirror. After being at war with your hair for at least half an hour, you were now fighting with your necklace. “Stupid thing! Just click!” You hissed between your teeth and you took another deep breath before you tried it again, but your fingers were simply trembling too much.

Come here. Let me fix it.” Kai held out his hand and you walked towards him and turned around. His hands were steady and calm and within a few seconds the necklace was around your neck. “Take a deep breath.” Kai turned you around and he placed his hands on your shoulders. “Anyone who wouldn’t pick you, would be an idiot.” His eyes met yours and you nodded.

There were quite a few idiots in the world. It wouldn’t be the first time that one of those idiots would be in charge of deciding on whether or not someone would get the internship.

“And if they don’t pick you because they are an idiot, I always have some methods to change that.” Kai smirked. Even though you had told him at least a thousand times that you didn’t want him to use compulsion to get something done for you, he didn’t seem to listen.

“We’ve talked about this…” You whispered, but Kai rolled his eyes and his grip on your shoulders tightened.

“I know. Something with unfair advantage, manipulation, free will, blabla, boring arguments, blabla, more nonsense, blabla…” Kai shook his head and he grabbed your chin to force you to look up at him. “What’s the fun of those vampire powers if I can’t use them to get my girlfriend to get that internship she wants so badly?”

“It’s just not fair towards the others, Kai.” You took a deep breath and you avoided his glance. The last thing you wanted right now was ending up in a fight. You were already nervous enough. “Maybe they are amazing and deserve this internship too!”

“Tss, as if anyone can ever be as amazing as you are!” Kai pressed a kiss on your forehead.

“Kai Parker, just because you don’t have the urge to kill me, like you have with everyone else, it doesn’t mean I’m the most amazing person in the world. Newsflash. I’m not.”

“I can make everyone believe you are? I don’t think it would even be that hard. I just compel a few important people, make them tell it on television or write it down in the tabloids and I’m sure everyone would believe them within a few weeks!” A scary kind of excitement was reaching his eyes, implying that there was a part of him seriously considering doing this.

“No, Kai Parker, no. You’re not going to do that.” You sighed and you shook your head. “If I promise that if that internship doesn’t work out because of some stupid reason you can fix it, will you please let that whole plan of yours to make me the most amazing woman in the world go?”

“I’ll think about it.” Kai kissed your lips and he tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. “But only if you let me fix this whole thing if that internship doesn’t work out. Even if it’s because of a so called good reason, which I can’t imagine.”

“Fine, but let’s see if I can do it on my own first.”

Adored By Him

Pairing: Nate Archibald x Reader x Chuck Bass

Summary: Y/N and Nate struggle with coming to terms with their complicated relationship, which leads Y/N to look towards none other than Chuck Bass to confide in.

Word Count: 1,845

requested by justdreamstars

masterlist | requests, questions, etc. 

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This Was Suppose To Be Easy

Prompt: Ooh… I just want tythan struggling to assemble Ikea furniture Thanks for the prompt anon!!







Tyler sighed in relief.

“It just fell out of place.” Ethan blushed.

“Need a hammer or screwdriver?”

“Uhhh screwdriver.”

“You hold the piece in place, ok?”

“Yepppp! I can do that.”

Tyler laughed.

Soon they had finished putting together all the dining chairs.

“Now, how do we open this.” Ethan asked, looking at the upside down box that held the pieces for a dining table.

“We flip it over.”

“Do you not see the ‘HEAVY’ label on the box?!”

“It can’t be /that/ heavy.”

“Alright big boi, then you try flipping it over.”

“I will.” Tyler said before doing it with ease.

“Show off.” Ethan mumbled.

Tyler laughed.
“Do you have the box cutter?”

“Uh no. I’ll go get it.” Ethan scrambled to his feet.



Tyler grabbed Ethan by his legs and pulled him into his lap.

“I told you no running!” Tyler chuckled.

“No you said no running with a knife. I wasn’t.” Ethan grinned.

“Yes you were.” Tyler chuckled before tickling Ethan.



Ethan couldn’t reply, he was laughing too much.

~small time skip~

“I’m use to sets coming with extra screws. But extra table tops? That’s just weird.”

“Have you ever even put a table together before?”

“As a matter of fact I have.” Ethan grinned proudly.

“Then how do we put this together?”

“Uhhhmm… You put the flat piece here,“ Ethan started singing to the tune of Hokey Pokey.
“And the small piece here. You put this piece here, and you screw it all in.”

“That doesn’t go in there, Ethan.”


Tyler chuckled at him. “Good try though.”

“Did we order the wrong table?”

“I don’t think so… the label on the box is correct…”

“So we’re just being fucking dumb.”

“Honestly we probably are.”

“Should we google it?”

“What would you even search?” Tyler chuckled.

“I don’t know! What to do with too many tabletops?!”

Tyler fell back laughing.

“What?! You have a better idea??”

“Why don’t we check the website?”

Ethan ran to find his laptop.

“Oh fuck. We’re fuckin dumb.” Ethan sighed.

“What is it?” Tyler looked over Ethan’s shoulder.

“We bought a table with extending leafs.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me. We spent, how long trying to figure this out? A half an hour? Just for something as simple as this?!” Tyler let out a frustrated groan.

Ethan burst out in laughter.


“You’re yelling at a table!”

Tyler stared at him for a minute. Then he cracked a smile.

Then a chuckle.

Then a light laugh.

Then he was rolling on his back with laughter.

“Tyler. Tyler! You need to breathe! You can’t die on me now!! I need help with the table!!”

That just made Tyler laugh even harder.

~time skip~


Ethan burst into laughter.
“You’re holding it upside down, Tyler!”

Ethan was too busy laughing to realize that Tyler stood up.
Then suddenly Ethan was being held upside down by his ankles.


“Can you read it now?” Tyler grinned.

“Oh fuck off and put me down.” Ethan squirmed.

“Stop squirming or you’ll fall.”

“Yes let me fall to my death. The sweet release of death!”

“Why are you so over dramatic?”

“Because you love me.” Ethan grinned.

Tyler layed him down on his back and hovered over him. Ethan looked up at him. Tyler leaned down as Ethan leaned up.

“Hey! No fair! I was gonna kiss you!”

“Well too bad. I’m kissing you.” Tyler grinned before kissing him.

“Ok come on. We gotta finish this fucking table.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

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How would the bros react to finding out their new love interest is living out of their car/homeless and struggles to find food but hides it from everyone?

Mm, this one was a little difficult, but I think I figured it out…*Fingers crossed*



You stood in a rather stunning apartment, turning as you looked to the owner of said apartment removing his shoes, before raising a questioning eyebrow to you.

“Uh, make yourself at home.” Noctis stated.

You opened your mouth to reply, “I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but you don’t have to do this Noctis.”

Noctis glanced over his shoulder, before moving to the couch collapsing on it, “I know, but I want to.”

You fidget with the large overused duffle bag, holding every last piece of item you had left in  the world.

Somehow the Prince had gotten wind of your currently living situation, it was kind of difficult to explain, your parents were supporting your housing situation, yet when you got a ‘B’ on a final they stopped supporting you and you were immediately evicted from your apartment. Fortunately your Grandparents had purchased your car, so you had been living in the backseat, living off of To-go soup cans and the veggies that Noctis often picked off his food.

Yet the moment Noctis found you, going back to your car after an evening out with your friends, he immediately, jumped into the passenger seat and demanded you take him home. Only to trick you at the door, demanding you come up. Stating there was plenty of room, and Ignis wouldn’t mind cooking for you as well.

“If you’d like a shower, it’s down the way to the left. When’s the last time you ate?” Noctis asked, tapping away at his phone.

“Uh, about 2 days ago.” You thought, it might have been longer, since you were actually much shorter on money.

“I’ll order some take out.” He stated.

You smiled weakly, “Thank you.” You were lucky to make it to the bathroom before you broke down crying.



“Hey, y/n!” Prompto  cheered,  on his morning jog through the park.

You looked up from your everyday perch as you watched the blonde, “Morning!” You called back, you always marked his half way point.   Only noticing that he was holding a white back, which meant the sunshine, had washed your clothes, and brought you something to eat. “Thanks.”

You had only been living out your car for a few weeks, and if you played your cards right you would hopefully be moving into an apartment by the end of the month. It wasn’t in the safest part of town, but it would at least allow you a warm place to stay.

“So when are you getting the bigger place?” Prompto asked, as he handed you the bag.

“Hopefully by the end of the month.” You beam, “Thanks again for all the help Prompto.”

“No problem!”

“But it is, to tell you truthfully, I was worried I’d have to move back in with my Dad, but thanks to your kindness, this has been a lot easier. I mean you let me crash at your place anytime you can , and you keep feeding me. You’re amazing, I could never repay you!”

Prompto chuckled, as he scratched the back of his head, “Well there is one thing.”

“Name it!”

Prompto’s blue eyes glanced toward you, than away, “Instead of that place, would you mind moving in with me? It’s a huge apartment and just me, so it would just be safer in numbers.”

You seriously wanted to cry, “Prompto.”

“We can move in next week, but there’s one thing before that.”

“Yeah?” You asked, unsure of what other strings were attached to this deal.

“You have to let me take you out for dinner, sometime.”

You couldn’t stop the bright smile over your face. “I’d be honored!”



You jumped as you heard something brush against your tent, you hoped it was a racoon! It had better be a racoon! You thought, hand going to your hunting knife.

It was just one thing after another, Week one your parents kicked you,  then week two your lost job due to downsizing. Now you spent all your time trying to find a job and not starve to death while doing so.  Lucky you still had your gym membership so that you could take a shower, refill your water bottle, and charge your phone and emergency backup battery.

Now week three and you were about to protect what little you had left from a raccoon! Well you had a lot of rage from the last couple of weeks so bring it on!

“Y/n, are you in there?”

You put down your knife, “Gladiolus?” Stumbling from your one person tent you, stared at the large man standing before the opening. “What are you doing out here?”

“I could ask you the same thing.”

You glanced around, you were camped up in one of the larger camping areas on the outskirts of the city. “Camping?”

“For 2 weeks?”

“You been stalking me?” You gasped accusatorily.

Gladiolus rose an eyebrow, before kneeling before your tent opening, “Y/n, come out.”

You groaned, before disappearing back into your tent, pulling on a hoodie to cover your tank top. Before crawling out the tent, checking your phone to see that it was about 10 at night. Standing full height as you looked to the man, who was still staring you down.

“So…” You begun.

“So start packing this stuff up.”

“Excuse me?”

Gladiolus motioned toward the large SUV behind him, “You’re staying with me.”

“I’m sorry, what?”

Gladiolus groaned, running a large hand through his hair, “I can’t have you out here, just stay with me until you get back on your feet.”

You made to retort, only to glance at your small tent, it was old and patched up, letting out a sigh, as you turned back to the large guy. “Give me a second to pack a bag.”

Within half an hour your old home was tossed into the back of Gladiolus’ truck, and you sat in the large front seat, holding your backpack, to your chest. The two of you riding in silence, as he drove you to his large home.

“Gladiolus, thanks.”

A large hand found your head, as the man chuckled, “No problem.”



You paused your morning routine of cleaning the breakfast dishes, you had been living with Ignis for about 2 months now, prior you had been couch surfing on friends couches. As it turns out an internship at the castle, and working part time at a cafe, didn’t allow for you to afford a full meal, let alone  a place to live.

The truth came out, one evening while working at the castle, you had delivered some papers to Ignis, only to faint on the man’s floor after not eating a full meal in about four days. The man had allowed for you to rest on his couch, and even let you use his suit jacket as a blanket.

When you came to, the man had provide you with a hefty lunch, and feeling guilty about scarfing down his food, you explained your situation. The man opened his home to you right away, stating that you could stay with him until you saved up enough money to get your own apartment.

You offered to not to stay just for free, so you often cleaned up the house on your day off, or when going in late to the part time job. You two often arrived together to the castle most mornings, which of course got rumors going.

Yet Ignis never once provided the actual nature of your relationship.

As the two of you fell into your routine, you found it very difficult to find yourself the will to move out and by the way you found the the apartment listing brochures in the recycle bin, Ignis also felt the same way.

A smile played on your mouth, as you picked up your grocery basket, Ignis left a list on the table this morning of a new recipe that he would  like to try out.  It would be an exciting evening,

It’s just after 2am in the morning UK time, and just after 6pm in LA when the phone rings.

“Has Andy managed to peel you off the ceiling yet?” Zayn asks.

There’s a laugh on the other end, light and happy and Zayn knows if he was anywhere near a mirror right now, he’d have to turn away cause he knows he’s grinning so wide.

It’s not a complex equation at all.  Happy Liam simply equals the best Liam.  Okay, any Liam is good but happy, giddy Liam is right up there.

“Shurrup you, or I’ll remind you how you were the first time we met him.”

“Leeyum! I thought we agreed we were never going to discuss that again.”

He hears the sorry that’s caught in and amongst Liam laughing once more.

“Andy was more star struck than me though, and Adam had his mouth open and closed like a goldfish all night, I was coolness personified.”

“Then why did it look like you were crying with joy in that pic babe?”

Liam lets out an indignant sound and Zayn pictures him pouting, plumping out his lips and if he wasn’t expecting visitors in the next half hour, there’s only one way Zayn would want this phone call to go.

“Was not, anyway shurrup or I won’t tell you about our plans for world domination, me, him and you” Liam’s words interrupt Zayn’s thoughts but as he’s about to reply, continue the playful sparring Liam carries on.

“Missed you though, Drake’s amazing and okay Andy may have taken far too many pics of me standing there just staring at the stage with my jaw almost on the floor, but you’re my main squeeze babe.”

Zayn giggles.  “Good to know love.”

Silence fills the air for a moment, and he’s sure he hears the sound of Liam yawning then.

“It’s great though this innit? What we do, that what we do, from where we started out, we’re doing this, could pinch myself a million times and still don’t believe it, even though we’ve paid our dues, we’ve earned it.”

The sound of a sigh fills the line.  It’s true though, from five teenagers with questionable choice in fashion to them all rubbing shoulders with people Zayn whispered the names of with awe before.

“It’s going to get better,”  there was a time when Zayn would say that, sound all confident but still doubted that, wondered if everything they wanted ultimately wouldn’t happen.  All too much of a mountain to climb.

Not now.

“It is,”  Liam’s voice is filled with certainty, just like always. “2 little boys from Wolverhampton and Bradford.”

“Always smashing it.”  Zayn finishes.  

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14 with tododeku ❤

14. 'All this stress isn’t good for you.’

Midoriya is staring into space again, his hands still moving robotically as he folded his clothes. Except he’s been folding the same shirt for the last half an hour or so, and Shouto is a bit concerned.

“Hey,” he says, tapping the washing machine so as not to startle the other boy. “Midoriya?”

“Huh?” Midoriya drops the shirt, blinking up at Shouto. “Oh, Todoroki-kun! What’s up? Did you need to use the machine? Sorry, I was just thinking about… something, um. I’m almost done! Let me just move—”

“It’s fine,” Shouto says. He studies the other boy as Midoriya struggles to heft his clean laundry into his basket. “You know. All this stress isn’t good for you.”

Midoriya pauses. He doesn’t look up. “What do you mean, Todoroki-kun?”

“You’re thinking about All Might again, right?” Midoriya keeps his gaze on his clothes, but his hands are clenched over a pair of jeans, too tightly. Shouto lowers his voice. “You know there’s nothing you could have done. It’s not your fault.”

“I know that.”

“No, you don’t.” Shouto steps forwards, until his shadow falls over Midoriya and the other boy glances up. “Midoriya. You’re not weak. You’re a hero, and you do make a difference. You matter.”

The jeans in Midoriya’s hands suffer until Shouto is worried he’ll rip it apart. Then Midoriya’s grip loosens, and he bows his head. His expression is obscured by his hair, but the tension in his shoulders have deflated. “I know that,” Midoriya says, softer this time.

“Good,” says Shouto. He hesitates for a second, and then reaches out to rest a hand on Midoriya’s shoulder. “I—and the rest of us—will be here to remind you if you forget.”

“Okay,” Midoriya says, and when he looks back up, there’s a smile on his face. Not quite his usual bright grin, but at least it’s not the fake one he uses when he’s thinking too hard on his own. 

Shouto squeezes Midoriya’s shoulder, and watches when Midoriya’s smile grows. He smiles back.

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Anger Issues - Peter Pan X Reader



“Y/N?” I heard Peter call out as he walked into our shared treehouse. “What’s up, Pete?” I said smirking, knowing he hated when I called him that.

“You know I told you never to call me that right? I hate it.”

“And that…” I said putting my arms around his neck and pecking his lips, “Is exactly why I continue to call you that.”

I leaned in for another kiss but Peter turned his head so I couldn’t, “Uh uh,” He said, amusement in his voice, “You don’t get a kiss after calling me Pete.”

“Fine by me,” I said simply, playing his game and turning and walking. I however didn’t get very far before Peter appeared in front of me, stopping me and leaning down, giving me a sweet yet passionate kiss.

“I knew you’d crack,” I smirked. Peter just rolled his eyes.

“Now was there something you needed, or what?”

“Oh, yeah, shit.” Pan said remembering, “Have you seen Simon? I sent him to get some pixie dust over three hours ago, and he’s not back yet.”

I shrugged, “No, I haven’t seen him.”

“Dammit!” Peter said angrily. Peter knew where his lost boys were 24/7, so one disappearing was definitely unusual.

“I’m sure everything is fine Peter, Simon probably just got a little lost, he’ll be back soon,” I said, placing my hand on Peter’s cheek, calming him down.

He nodded, “If he isn’t back in four hours, we’re going to search for him,” Pan said. I nodded in agreement.


Four hours passed by slowly, and Pan spent the whole time obsessing about where Simon was. And I spent those four hours trying to calm Pan down.

“Peter, you need to calm down,” I said, getting him to sit down and running his back.

“It’s been four hours, we’re going to-”

A rustling in the woods cut Peter off, and in a matter of seconds Simon came bursting through the bushes, stumbling, but catching himself.

I saw Pan’s eyes go dark and his face morphed into rage. Oh shit.

“SIMON! WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN FOR THE PAST SEVEN HOURS!” He yelled, drawing attention from the other lost boys.

“Pan, I-I’m so sorry-” Simon started but a strangled sob escapes his throat. I now noticed the injures which covered his body.

His lip was busted, he had a black eye, there were cuts that scattered his body, some deep, some superficial. His clothes were ripped and tattered, blood stained his shirt.

The poor boy had been tortured.

Pan, however, didn’t seem to care. He pinned Simon against a nearby tree, “Where. We’re. You.” Pan asked him again, his voice dark and threatening.

“Peter, calm down!” I said, growing worried for Simon, who was still sobbing. “Look at him! He’s hurt!”

I tried my best to pry Peter off of the poor boy, but his grip only got tighter.

“Peter!” I yelled. “Shut up!” He countered, not taking his eyes off Simon. I was taken aback by his outburst, and I backed down.

“Talk.” Peter instructed Simon, who was trying desperately to collect himself. “I-I was ge-getting the dust from where we hi-hide it, but one of Hook’s crew caught me before I could get to it.”

“Th-they kept hurting me until I told them wh-where the dust was. I’m so so-sorry, I couldn’t- it hurt so much.”

“So you told them where we kept the pixie dust?” Pan said through gritted teeth. The boy hesitantly nodded, bursting into tears again.

Pan reached into his pocket and took out his dagger, holding it to the 9 year old’s that. Simon let out a whimper. “Pan no!” I screamed.

“Traitors don’t get to live!” Peter announced.

“Peter stop! He’s just a kid!” I yelled, but Peter still kept the knife to his throat. “What if that was me? Would you kill me too?” I said, that seemed to hit him, but he still didn’t break.

I slowly walked towards Peter and placed my hand over his hand which gripped the dagger. Blood began to drip from Simon’s throat.

“Peter, let him go.” I said quietly, yet firmly. He still wouldn’t budge. “I SAID LET HIM GO!” I screamed, yanking Pan’s hand back, pulling him off of Simon.

Simon crumpled to the ground in a sobbing mess, and Pan turned to me, staring at me with menacing eyes, he still held the dagger tightly.

He held the dagger up to my throat now, I knew he would never actually hurt me, but his anger took over his entire body.

“Go ahead, I fucking dare you,” I challenged him, there was no fear anywhere to be found in my body, I was only worried about Simon.

Peter stood there, his evil eyes not breaking contact with mine, after a few seconds he stormed into the woods, mumbling to himself.

I quickly made my way to Simon who had his head in his hands. When I touched his shoulder he let out a yelp. “It’s okay, it’s just me, Simon,” I said softly.

Simon instantly wrapped his arms around me, and clung to me, his tears and blood staining my shirt.

I held Simon for a good thirty minutes, waiting for him to stop crying so I could take care of his wounds.

I looked into his eyes with nothing but care in mine. I ran my fingers through his curly, golden hair, and wiped the tears from his face.

He let out a shaky breath, “I’m so sorry, I messed up. Pan’s gonna kill me.”

I shook my head, “Pan isn’t going to lay a finger on you. This is not your fault. Now come on, let’s get you all fixed up.”

I took Simon’s hand and led him to Peter and I’s tree house. “I shouldn’t be in Pan’s treehouse,” Simon said, worried.

“It’s also mine, and I say it’s okay,” I said, giving him a small smile. “Besides, all the medical stuff is in here.”

After patching Simon up I got him to lay down in Pan and I’s bed. He laid his head on my shoulder and cuddled up close to me. I ran my fingers through his hair, causing him to doze off.

Hook and his crew had really done a number on the poor kid, and Pan surely didn’t help the situation at all.

It took about two hours for Pan to return to the camp. “Y/N?” He asked as he walked in. I quickly shushed him, gesturing to the sleeping Simon.

Pan gave me a weird look and started walking towards me. I hugged Simon tightly, “Get away from him, Pan. You’re not going to hurt him.”

Pan rolled his eyes but backed up. “Can we talk?”

I looked down to Simon who was sleeping peacefully. I looked up at Pan and nodded, I kissed Simon’s forehead and got up, being careful not to wake him.

I walked outside into the chilly night with Peter. “What?” I said, still mad at him.

For a moment I thought he was about to apologize, I should’ve known better. “What the hell was that earlier? You have no right to challenge me like that, this is MY island. These are MY boys.”

I scoffed, “You are so far up your own ass, oh my god Peter! The poor boy had just been beaten and tortured and you were going to kill him!”

I tried my best not to tell so I wouldn’t wake the lost boys.

“He needed to pay-”

“He already did Peter! Have you seen him? I held him for half an hour while he cried! He’s been through enough.”

Peter stared at me for a bit, but I wasn’t going to let him win. “And you think that gives you the right to challenge me in front of my boys.”

“Well it looks like one of us needs to calm the fuck down,” I spit at him. Peter just stood there, I could tell he was trying his best not to yell at me or hurt me.

“There’s s difference between respect and fear Peter, I suggest you learn it, cause right now I have neither for you. Come find me when you grow up.”

As ironic as that last statement was, it was true. I turned to walk away, but I heard a scream coming from the treehouse. Simon.

I quickly climbed the ladder and ran into the room, Pan following. Simon’s eyes were still closed, but he was thrashing around.

I wrapped my arms around him, “It’s just a dream Simon, wake up,” I said. Simon’s eyes shot open, I was quick to comfort the crying boy.

“It’s okay, Simon. Nobody’s gonna hurt you.” Simon hugged me tightly and buried his head into the crook of my neck.

I looked up at Peter, who for the first time, had a look of concern and guilt displayed on his face. He slowly sat down on the bed, and placed his hand on Simon’s back. Simon flinched and looked at Pan with fear.

Before I could tell Peter to fuck off, he did something unexpected. “I’m sorry, Simon.”

Both Simon and I were shocked, “And I’m sorry to you too, Y/N.” I could tell it was hard for Peter to admit that he was wrong.

“Thank you,” I mouthed to Peter. “Go back to sleep Simon, I’m right here, and so is Peter. And we’re not gonna let anyone hurt you. Isn’t that right Peter?” I shot Peter a look.

Simon turned his head to look at Peter, who nodded, and simply said, “You’re safe now.” Peter looked extremely uncomfortable.

It took a while to get Simon to fall back asleep, but I somehow managed it.

“You’re really good with them,” Peter said, “The lost boys.”

“They need a loving mother figure, just like any other kid,” I said simply. “You’re pretty good with them too, well, when you’re not threatening them.”

Peter sighed, “I said I was sorry.”

“I know. But you have to remember they’re still kids, Peter, they’re going to make mistakes. Show a little compassion every now and then.”

“Are you still mad at me?” He asked. I raised my eyebrows and gave him an ‘are you serious?’ look.

Peter leaned over Simon and pecked my lips, “What about now?” He said smirking. I rolled my eyes.

“You’re not out of the dog house yet Pan.” I said, a small smile playing on my lips.


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Give Me Love-- Harry Styles

All I want is the tastes that your lips allow,

My, my, my, my, my, my, Give me love. My, my, my, my, my, my, Give me love.

Give me love like never before.


I sit on my bed, staring straight at the creme-colored wall of my bedroom opposite of my bed. My eyes have lost the redness and puffiness from crying, the tears now long dried onto the flushed skin of my cheeks.

 Every time I see his face flash across my mind, I take a swing of the odd yet effective combination of Vodka, beer, Whiskey, and Rum mixed together into the glass beer bottle. In the other hand, I hold what I think to be my eighth cigarette, and I’m gripping onto both objects as if they were the only things that were keeping me alive. 

Come to think of it, they probably are. Every time I think of him, the heavy cloud of emotions that is suspended over me crashes down onto me, threatening to suffocate me under the ruthless, painful memory. The substance of alcohol I hold and a long drag from the nicotine seems to be the only thing that can fix it.

 No. It does not fix it; it suspends it again.

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Faking It (Part Two)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: there’s like one or two curse words

Series Summary: When a young billionaire who’s a former friend of yours becomes the target for the Avengers, you’re sent on an undercover mission. The mission should be easy; one week on the Upper East Side with Bucky as your “boyfriend.” The only problem? The two of you can’t stand each other.

Note: Sorry this one’s pretty short, I didn’t start writing until really late and I have to be up early tomorrow, but I promise it’ll pick up a bit more tomorrow.

Originally posted by enochianess

The car ride to your family’s apartment is dead silent. You and Bucky both put in headphones and begin blasting music immediately, neither of you wanting to argue for the second time this morning. He had finished your favorite cereal without even apologizing for it until you yelled at him. It was little things like this that made it almost impossible for you to coexist peacefully with Bucky. You consider him to be a selfish ass and he thinks you’re insane. What a great start to your fake relationship. 

The few hours of silence are welcome after the previous yelling and before the coming storm. As you get closer to your destination, the anxiety you feel builds. You don’t notice the veracity with which your fingertips are playing with the hem of your t-shirt until Bucky unexpectedly places one of his hands over both of your own.

“If you keep doing that you’re going to rip it,” He removes his hand as soon as you stop your movements, “I’ve never seen you this nervous.”

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long distance relationship au

okay so i’m still emo about this one where Shiro and Keith are together but obviously aren’t in one place but they make it work because they are willing to try. So here are the ones I drew of ShiroKeith & the finale for visual purposes.

  • Shiro is two years older than Keith
  • They got together in college because they had the same Advance International Governance and Law class
  • Shiro was graduating to pursue med school (I want to help people, Keith)
  • Keith was friggin proud of course and he’s an art student
  • They talked it out because Shiro’s school will be somewhere far and if they were still going to continue their relationship and Shiro was worried because long distance relationships sometimes don’t work but
  • Keith kicked him “are you kidding me? of course we are, you idiot! or are you tired of me already? we just got together this year after 2 years of pining, Shiro wtf”
  • So they make it work
  • Shiro started med school and at first it was fine cause not much stuff going on yet. They skype after class and have skype dates 
  • Until exams happened and they got busy but they still do the usual skype thing but most of the time they just leave it on while they do their stuff and do small talk from time to time “Oh god, Keith I can’t seem to get this one right” “You’ll get it eventually–ah dammit my paint just spilled”
  • It’s so they can at least pretend they are still together in one place
  • But of course it’s fun too. They send each other silly photos of random stuff that remind them of each other. Shiro would send something red most of the time to Keith while Keith replies with a grumpy emoji because that grumpy cat doesn’t even look like him AT ALL
  • Keith does part time at the university library and whenever he arranged books in the YA section, he’d browse and totally-not-intentional would read and he would take a photo of a line from a book “she ran her fingers through his hair and gave him a kiss on the cheek” and he’d send it to Shiro with the caption “me to you” and SHIRO CRIES and he gets so emo because it was Keith’s first time sending that kind of photo and he loves it so he tells Keith that
  • and so Keith would send him lines from the books he’d read that he wanted to tell and do to Shiro. sometimes he’d take a photo of a tree that was so big and tall with the caption “this is you” and Shiro would be dying of laughter but he gets Keith’s humour
  • Shiro saved EV E R Y TH ING
  • They get matching everything–from beanies to shirts to bracelets to friggin lockets because they are that sappy couple
  • They send each other stuff thru mail like “i saw this set of paints that you’ve been wanting for so long and they have it here so i got it for you! enjoy!” “this mug is really nice it would match your stupid beautiful eyes that i apparently love for some really WEIRD reason –love keith”
  • It would go on for the whole year until term break happens and to hell with it Keith booked a flight to Shiro’s place with all his part time money
  • Shiro was excited! After a year of not seeing each other, he was finally going to see Keith. HE CLEANS HIS FLAT LIKE A MAD MAN EVERYTHING SHOULD BE SPOTLESS
  • Shiro drives to the airport and waits at the arrival area impatiently
  • Passengers have already started coming out and he looked around frantically waiting for a certain someone UNTIL HE SAW SOMEONE WALKING WITH A RED SUITCASE WEARING A CAP
  • And Shiro was so worried because KEITH STOP OMG YOU’RE BUMPING INTO PEOPLE but no Keith went on and when he was so close to his boyfriend, he lets go of his suitcase and glomped at Shiro (who thankfully was able to catch him good lord) and Keith hugged the hell out of him without saying anything
  • They remained like that for what felt like half an hour and they didn’t care if people were staring until Shiro heard a sob
  • Shiro rubbed his hand on Keith’s back without saying anything just letting Keith take it all in
  • “I’ve missed you so much” Keith finally said as he tightened his grip on Shiro burying his face even more into his neck
  • Shiro wanted to cry because god he loves Keith so much it’s crazy
  • “Me, too, Keith. Me, too.”