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THOSE NEW EPISODES THOUGH HOLY COW. Might clean up and make into a sticker later; idk. So glad I don’t have to justify why I like this character anymore :’’’D

EDIT: thank you all so much for over 500 notes; I.. I feel so honored  

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The sections as things they've said or done in my band
  • Piccolo: Just because you can hear me doesn't mean I know what I'm doing
  • Flutes: *throws tuner across the room*
  • Clarinets: I just didn't realize I'd actually have to do work
  • Alto Sax: Endless sexual innuendo jokes lol
  • Tenor Sax: *comes in late* *salutes behind band directors back*
  • Bari Sax: *comes to every rehearsal stoned*
  • French Horns: *deep throats leadpipe*
  • Trumpets: Let's trip on acid before we perform
  • Trombones/Euphs: I only talk to freshman if they have a watch because that's all that matters
  • Tubas: *gets boner right before a field show*
  • Percussionists: *throws drumsticks into the ceiling*
  • Drum Majors: I just got hit in the boob with a flag, but it's okay
  • Band Director: Pretend your mellophone is a water gun, and squirt me with your sound

Okay, okay, I’ll tell you the best way I’ve ever warded off street harassment.
I was at a traffic light, waiting for the green. I’m sitting there, sipping my coke, and a guy rolls up, looks at me, and makes kissy noises at me. So I did what any logical person would do. I look at him dead in the eye and let out a foghorn of a belch. He just said, “What the FUCK??” and sped off as the light turned green.
I’ve never had a prouder moment.

Beatrice: the fuck kind of reasoning is that??

Battler: don’t talk to me or my quadrillion theories ever again

anonymous asked:

Have you ever seen Liam with man? And have you questioned if he can be gay? I am not a Ziam shipper. Its a question, sincerely. Why I'm asking this is that remember the twitter feud with the wanted? One called him gay. There is something doesnt make sense about Sophia and him like : He fucked with her so many times "I like girls with so much foundation that you cant see the face" or Niall's Sophia pictures. I dunno, have you ever seen him with Zayn or smth

Hello! Thank you for your message. I had to really have a think about whether or not I wanted to get into this, but seeing as Larry is basically a sure thing by now I can finally start to investigate this Ziam thing properly. 

The first time I saw Liam he was with a group of guys, like five guys, which is why I didn’t immediately recognise him. Also, I was listening to Midnight Memories so I just thought my mind was playing tricks on me, but alas, it was him. I’ve never seen him just with one guy one on one, he’s typically with a group. Which is also why I’ve never spoken to him - never really seems like the time or place, plus he looks like a wild scared animal when he’s outside. Legit, looks terrified to be outside which is why I just let him be. 

When I first heard about the Ziam thing I was like, ‘lol, okay. SURE.’ Because for me I saw Larry before I heard about them. I just legitimately assumed that they were out and together. My first reaction was, ‘Oh, that’s cute - two guys from 1D are together.’ Then after some YouTubing it was downhill from there and here I am. In Larrie trash hell writing more blog posts about them than I do about my own life - which is how I became quasi-J List celeb famous in England. True story. Google it.

Anyway, I opened a bottle of wine and watched a Ziam video a couple of months ago out of pure fascination and by the end of it I was like:

Because it seems so. Damn. Real. 

There were so many things that I completely missed or disregarded because there was something Larry happening beside it. Legitimately for every Larry moment there is an equal and, quite frankly, more open Ziam moment. 

So WHY then do we believe so firmly in Larry but, for the most part, completely dismiss Ziam?

Could it be that their management company actually learned from their colossal Larry mistakes? That aggressively shutting down a rumour by having Louis and Harry go from this:

 To this:

Was insane? 

Part of the problems faced by the media industry when One Direction was on the rise to becoming one of the biggest bands in history (forget of the time, because after five years it’s safe to say that like them or not they have left a huge mark on the music industry) is that social media management was not really a “thing” as it were in 2010. No one was prepared for the way in which every moment, every look, every touch would be documented on someone’s phone (or potato as it were in Wellington) and put on the internet for everyone to see. 

At the moment we are witnessing a previously unseen situation in which we literally have a case of seeing what goes on behind the smoke and mirrors. Whether it’s through anonymous stuffed animals or moments captured on someone’s phone that no one was meant to see, there is no way to effectively hide what is going on with Louis and Harry, no matter how many NDAs or shit articles you put out there.

That brings us back around to Zayn and Liam. You could argue that they weren’t censored because nothing was going on, or you could look at the fact that people see Zayn as the ‘bad boy’ and Liam as the ‘aggressively hetero one’ ever since he stepped out to go surfing with a six pack a couple of years back. They don’t LOOK gay, and unfortunately in this current day and age, that is still enough for people to ignore what is right in front of them.

These two:

Display very different mannerisms than these two:

They just do. Though all four have their flamboyant moments, people are looking for Larry moments, whereas an identical action from Ziam is just accepted as bros being bros because it would have been impossible to create a second massive divide in One Direction without making this entire dog and pony show implode.

Have a search through Tumblr for ‘ziam’ or ‘ziam is real’ and I guarantee you’ll find some very interesting information. 

Short story long: this whole band has been shady af since they came in third on the X Factor (you can read about that here: 5 Times One Direction’s Management Company And Record Label Were Shady AF)

Anyhow, I think that Ziam is as possible as Larry. Just better handled. 

And that’s what I have to say about that. 

Hi guys! ^^ Last night was pretty rough and things are still really stressful and uncertain today, so I thought I’d make a post for anyone who needs to calm down! (myself included ^^;;;; ) If you’ve been following for a while you know my number one way of cheering up my friends is sending them pictures of jello molds, so here are a few of my favorites! If you want, take a couple minutes to take some deep breaths and take a relaxing scroll through these jello curves~

It’s like a big fruit-filled water drop!!

Look at that shine :D

I love the ones with the curvy corners ( ´ ▽ ` )

The classic rainbow layer!!

Simple, classy, elegant~

There you go, I hope that helps! It might take a while, but everything will be okay! I love you guys (*^▽^*)

Serving the King Pt.2

Creatures AU- Finn seems to everywhere but nowhere at all. What are Triple H’s plans when he has no idea what happened? Will OC be okay with a target on their back? 

A/N: Starting tag lists! Let me know if you want to be tagged in future work. I’m so glad that you guys are liking this idea. I’m gonna try to post everyday, but please don’t hold me to that, lol. Here’s the next part enjoy!

Prologue, Part 1 

Originally posted by wrestlingoutofcontext

Everything seemed to rush after your meeting with Balor. People were asking what happened, what did he say, and the biggest one are you okay. You couldn’t seem to answer any of them. Your brain seem to go in shock. 

“Let go and I’ll get us out of here.” Aibell told you and you sighed. You released any control that you had and let her take over. 

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Mabel, Stan, and Ford sees Dipper with his boyfriend Bill one day, and they get overly protective because Dipper is innocent and precious to them.

The best way to spend a day with Bill was to find something that the blond couldn’t destroy. Dipper had a hard time doing it when they first met, looking endlessly for places that his rowdy classmate turned boyfriend couldn’t get into too much trouble.

At first, it was the museum, a place that Dipper had hoped Bill would be too focused on to disrupt. It worked for a little while -Bill loved dinosaurs and that exhibit went well- but as soon as it got “boring” his boyfriend tried to climb on some of the sculptures, and in the end, they were kicked out.

He then tried to bring Bill to a much more open, less policed place. The woods. Which also went well, up until Bill got lost. For hours. Luckily Dipper ran into him on his way out and didn’t have to enlist the cops or townsfolk for help finding him.

Bill insisted that he had meant to wander off, but Dipper didn’t buy it for a second.

A few other places failed to keep the blond out of trouble, but Dipper was determined to make something work. One of the few places he hadn’t tried yet, one of the last ones he could even think of, was the park.

They met there after school, Dipper being sure to get there first to scout it out and make sure there wasn’t anything or anyone there that might make Bill rambunctious.

It seemed quiet enough. Little to no wind, the sun was out but it wasn’t too hot, and there weren’t many people out despite the nice weather. There was no way Bill could get into trouble there.

Dipper sat on a bench under a tree, waiting patiently for the blond to arrive. He hoped it wouldn’t take him too long because Dipper hadn’t brought a book or anything to keep him entertained.

After a few more minutes of waiting, just before Dipper was about to pull his phone out to call Bill, the blond’s face was suddenly in front of his, upside down.

“Heya Pine Tree, how’s it hanging?” he shouted.

Dipper jumped back and pressed himself against the back of the bench, his face scrunched in anger. “Don’t scare me like that!”

Bill let his arms dangle loosely while his legs stayed tightly hooked on the branch above them, a large, goofy smile on his face. “You’re not going to Spiderman kiss me? After all this work of climbing up the tree. I’m offended.” In a smooth motion, Bill lifted his upper body just enough to grab the branch, righting himself so that he could drop out of the tree onto his feet.

Scowling, Dipper relaxed again and crossed his arms, watching the blond fix his upright hair. “Kissing is for boyfriends who don’t scare the crap out of their significant other.”

With a shrug, Bill joined Dipper on the bench and wrapped his arm around the brunet’s shoulders. “I can just steal one, then.” Tightening his grip, Bill tried to pull Dipper closer for a kiss.

Dipper resisted and laughed, knowing that Bill wanted to play fight. That was at least something that wouldn’t get them into trouble.

Or so he thought.

The two fell to the ground while laughing, their arms locked in a struggle. Neither of them actually tried very hard to pin the other until Bill was winning, straddling Dipper while he held the brunet down by the shoulder.

“Any last words, Pines?” He smiled and lifted his fist as if he were going to punch Dipper in the face, but Dipper knew all too well that when Bill did that, it only meant that the blond was about to lightly hold his face in place so that he could kiss him.

A loud gasp made them both look to the side, seeing that Mabel and the Stans were rushing over out of the car from the lot nearby.

“Dipper! Oh my gosh! I knew you not coming home on time meant trouble!” Mabel looked ready to rush Bill, but the blond lazily rolled off of Dipper and seemed indifferent to the Pines’ shocked faces.

“So you came looking for me? I thought I texted you,” Dipper grumbled as he stood up. His family didn’t exactly like that he was dating Bill. They knew that the blond was destructive and had a bad reputation, and it was often that Mabel and Ford told him that he should probably keep his distance.

Stan never seemed to mind, though he looked ready to kill Bill after having just witnessed what looked like the blond trying to beat Dipper to a pulp.

“Of course I came looking, Dipdip! We’ve had to come get you before because of…” Her eyes shifted to Bill and the blond tilted his head, his neutral expression turning into a confused one.

“Because of me?” Bill crossed his arms, looking to Dipper. He opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by Ford.

“Well, yes because of you,” Ford grumbled. “You get Dipper into trouble all the time. He’s a good kid, and you’re more often than not pulling him down with you.”

“Bill isn’t pulling me down,” Dipper snapped. He took a deep breath and rubbed both hands over his face. He had had this fight with them too many times to count. “Look, just- Go home. I’ll be home later, alright? I’m not in any trouble, and it’s fine.”

“But-” Mabel started.

“No, I don’t want to talk to you right now. I want to have my date with Bill.” He turned around and folded his arms in a huff, not moving until his family had gone back to the car and left, knowing that they wouldn’t win the fight.

Once the Stan Mobile could no longer be heard, Dipper finally relaxed and looked to Bill.

The blond’s smile had gone, replaced by a frown. He kept his gaze on the ground and didn’t look at Dipper when the brunet sighed.

“Bill, they’ll come around, they just think-”

“Am I that bad?” Bill finally looked up to Dipper, his eyes glistening with tears that hadn’t yet fallen.

“No, no, Bill, you’re not bad.” Pulling Bill into a hug, Dipper hugged him tightly and rubbed his face against the black hoodie Bill always wore. “They just think that. You’re a good person. You just get…excited sometimes, and society doesn’t always like that. But guess what?” He pulled his face away from Bill’s chest so that he could look him in the eyes.

“What?” Bill finally returned the hug, his smile already slowly coming back thanks to the hug.

“I do. I love it. It’s exciting and fun, and I don’t think I would be as happy with anyone else.” He pulled an arm in between them to tap on his lips. “Want that kiss now?”

Bill’s smile returned in full force, his light blue eyes still sparkling in the sun. “Hell yeah! Can we do it upside down, though? I kind of really actually wanted to do the Spiderman kiss.”

Laughing, Dipper released his hold on Bill and motioned to the tree. “Go ahead then, Spiderman.”

Once Bill was back into place for the kiss, he made grabby hands at Dipper. “Come to me, my Mary Jane.”

The kiss was horribly awkward. Even when tilting their heads they couldn’t exactly makeout properly, but it was okay. Dipper didn’t mind it because he was happy. Happy that he found a place where they would be fine so long as his family stayed out of it until they came to terms with Bill, and happy that he had the blond in his life.

Without him, things just wouldn’t be as fun, and he didn’t ever want to let that go.

Commentary Crew preference – The reader has ferrets.
A/N I hope this is okay 😊
• he would love them. Sometimes you thought that he loved the fluffy pair more than he loved you.
• One night, he was gone from bed when you woke up, you got up half asleep and wondered around the house only to find him sat by their cage, watching the two animals sleep quietly
• “Niall?” You asked, placing a hand lightly on his shoulder. “Everything okay?”
• “I love them y/n,” He muttered, touching the cage lightly and turning to look at you. “I love you.”
• Your friends never understood why you loved your small furry children so much, but you did and it was adorable.
• Roman was initially shocked by the arrival of the three small animals when you came to his door, ready to move in.
• “What are those?” He asked, pointing to the cage clutched firmly in your hands “Will they be okay with my cat?”
• “Yes of course, they’re well behaved I promise”
• Although he seemed hesitant and unsure of them in the beginning, they grew on him and he loved them.
• “Who is this?” He gushed, bending down and introducing himself to the small animal on the cage on your kitchen side.
• Alex loved them. I needn’t say more.
• “What the fuck was that like?” He exclaimed as a miniscule white flash dashed across your carpet.
• “That’s my ferret.” “Your what?” “My ferret, Dave.” “Right”
• Once you introduced him to Dave, he loved him despite being apprehensive to the newly found animal.
• “Nah I’m off your house is haunted.” “It’s just my ferret.” “Nah I’m off bye”
• “Look at this little bloke. Love him, absolute legend,” He said, holding the ferrets while sat on your burgundy sofa, “This one looks like a bit of a nonce though.”
• “I’m gonna eat it.” He stated, petting it lovingly “Nah nah, joking, I mean yeah I am nah nah seriously get the pan out.”
• “I like these, my mum wouldn’t let me have them.”
• “Can I use them for a video?”
A/N I was gonna do more but I couldn’t think of anyone lol, hope this is okay xxx (posting a WIP a 8:30/9)

  • My brain to me: I neeeeeeed sleep, like get me in bed in five minutes or I will actually explode.
  • Me to my brain: but I neeeeeeed to aimlessly scroll Tumblr for like ten more minutes, at least
  • *45 minutes later*
  • My brain: *is on the verge of breaking down* get. me. to. bed.
  • Me: okay just let me post about this this is good material
  • My brain: *screams*

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OKAY BUT LIKE 2 IS PERFECT (from that post of the fanfictions)


idk if this is a request or just generally appreciating the prompt ?? so imma just write it


btw i didn’t check over this lol let me live plz so its not very good lmao

(This contains a car accident scene and some angst and i swear a lot so beware !!!!)

This is after watford.


Today was one of the better days. One of the days where the sun was shining both metaphorically and literally. Baz and Simon strolled together, Simon several paces ahead of Baz. Simon was talking about a recent episode of Doctor Who, ranting about aliens with an intensity Baz didn’t understood but despite that Baz loved to see Simon so happy. They were crossing the road, Simon hopping along in front of Baz, clearly distracted. They were both distracted, Simon chatting away happily and Baz relishing in the joy that leaked out of Simon’s words. Neither of them heard the sound of the car coming towards them until a horn was blaring inches from making contact with Simon’s body. Baz lept forward, pushing Simon out of the way of the car, letting it roll over his body and out of sight. Simon sat up in daze, the events suddenly crashing over him, before rushing to Baz’s side.

“Babe! Baz, what the fuck? Oh my god, shit. Shit. Shit!” Simon said through gritted teeth, gripping Baz’s shoulders. Baz reached forwards to brush away the tears that were now quickly streaming down Simon’s face.

“Simon it’s okay really, I should have-” Baz stroked the back of Simon’s head and spoke smoothly. Simon was on the verge of sobbing.

“You fucking fuck! You can’t fucking say everything is okay! You are not okay you fucking prick!” Simon was lifting Baz’s body into his arms, taking him over to the path and off the road. “Help! My boyfriend’s hurt! Please!”  Baz shushed Simon.

“Snow. Simon! Babe, I’m immortal, please stop crying you’re upsetting me.” Baz said cooly. Simon stared at him blankly for a moment, his face slowly turning red.

“You fucking what? The fuck? You’re upset? You prick! You shit! You tell me now? Oh my fucking god!” Simon yelled between sobs. Baz slowly lifted himself off the ground revealing his body completely intact besides tire tracks across his shirt.

“See Simon? I’m fine, babe. I’m sorry, alright? It’s a vampire thing, I didn’t want to freak you out.” Baz planted a kiss on his cheek. Simon scoffed.

“You didn’t want me to freak out? You shit, you fucking shit!” They embraced, Simon held Baz tight to his chest whilst relishing in the feeling of his warm skin against his own (Baz had fed earlier that day). 

“I can’t lose you.” Simon whispered into Baz’s ear, Baz patted his shoulder whilst trailing kisses down his neck and along his collarbone.

“I know, Simon.” 

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pjo/pacific rim

hi everyone ur friendly neighborhood nobody here about to post some IDEAS so here we go with some pjo pacific rim au!

alright so i don’t have much but here’s the basics for like pilots and the likes

Annabeth/Luke: Grey Lightning
-they’ve been in the program since the beginning bc sadly a Kaiju killed their friend Thalia rip
-they are like at the Top of Their Game like they have the action figures and the clothing lines designed after them they are the It Jaeger
-one battle with a Kaiju is pretty rough and bangs them up a lot, Luke gets injured and it really shakes him up
-once he recovers he bails on Annabeth and leaves the program without telling anyone
-Annabeth is obviously Shook so she develops major trust issues bc even while in the drift Luke had kept that fear and wanting to leave from her
-she becomes more like Mako/Pentecost in like a military leadership/strategist type position

Percy/Grover: Rogue Tsunami
-they literally are Drift Compatible in the books how could they not be co-pilots
-this is a year or so after Luke leaves so they’re the new #1 jaeger and they LOVE it
-try not to let it go to their heads but they both own the Rogue Tsunami sneakers and action figures (with additional Kaiju)
-the bro talk is never ending with them like Leo in the control room gets so tired of it sometimes
-they’re in the middle of taking down a Kaiju when BAM it goes for the left side (Grovers side) and Rogue Tsunami is down
-Percy has to pilot alone and almost loses it 3 times but he makes it to shore somehow without dying while Grover is unconscious the whole time
-Grover makes it out alive but can no longer walk normally so he gets crushes and officially retires from being a Jaeger pilot, much to the dismay of both of them :-(
-Grover becomes the new Press Rep for all Jaeger pilots and still works closely with Percy cos that’s his Best Bud how could he not??
-Percy is restless and trains and trains thinking he should’ve done better and blames himself entirely (although Grover disagrees 100%)
-also Rogue Tsunami is totaled and has to be scrapped for parts instead of put in a museum (both percy and grover are very upset and hold a memorial service with Grover in a wheelchair singing “In the Arms of an Angel” and lots of blue food)

Percy/Annabeth: Greek destruction?? Athena’s storm? ??? idk yet
-they become co-pilots p much how Mako and Raleigh do in the movie
-but Annabeth’s the one who is pestering Percy bc it’s been so long since she’s been out there but Percy still thinks it’s been too soon (even though he’s p restless himself)
-Grover is the one who pushes Percy to agree to it (cue Emotional Speech with Tears about getting back out there and how Grover just can’t be a pilot anymore :c )
-percy was going to give in anyways tho bc Annabeth is a higher rank than he is
-they both chase the rabbit but not like in the movie, there is no threat of damage bc they both help each other immediately
-they are (guess what) the NEW #1
-they steal the slot from Clarisse/Silena bc they have a newer Jaeger than them ha >:-)
-honestly they are always just so happy that they are co-pilots and always so protective of each other on and off the battlefield
-new toys new clothes new shoes new shows based off their Jaeger are made and it’s amazing they make fun of everything
-of course it turns romantic but not for a while and not until some serious injuries!! :}

okay sorry this is so long lol let me know if u want more :-)


Essa Trevelyan:

Okay so first I had no idea I have so many amazing pictures of Essa. These are my top ten favorites but I have more favorites, tumblr just wouldn’t let me upload more lol Quick mention before I get into Essa: a huge thanks to @rayeliann, @cerulean–blues@szajnie, @captainceranna, Nop, @cobaltash and @fanfoolishness for their amazing work. You have, each in your own ways, captured Essa perfectly. 

I’ve been writing Essa for two and a half years now. In canon and multiple AUs and I cannot believe I’d never made a character post for her until I realized I needed one of @dragonageaspecweek! (check that out! they’re doing great stuff this week!)

Essa has been in several works, (mostly) canon and au, all long fics (some really long lol but all complete). There are always some differences between stories, as our lives shape us as surely as our natures, and Essa is a bit different in each, but in every incarnation she is a mage who came into her powers late, after training her entire life as a warrior. She’s a demisexual and on the autism spectrum and she suffered childhood neglect and trauma (she’d admit more to the latter than the former). Also, she wouldn’t necessarily use the labels we do, and they aren’t words that are used in my fic (largely because they’re anachronistic) but as these are my own identifiers, I feel comfortable in giving them to Es. She was certainly written that way.

More on Essa and her fic below the cut because with all my pics this turned into a long post?

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will i lose followers bcuz of this lol

i feel like people followed me bcuz i usually (try) to do paragraph writings but bcuz those take me forever to do, i might have to do some requests in bulletpoint form? like i said before, i feel really bad for not being able to post alot and i have no idea what any of my followers think since my inbox is just filled with requests that are waiting to be done and it kinda makes me sad that i cant really communicate with you guys more :(( 

but yeah please let me know if you’re okay with me doing scenarios in bulletpoint style or any thoughts you have on any of the writings that i posted before!!! <3

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Arghhh Robin's indeed twelve years old because he wears velcro shoes

Lol ♥ Hehe smol kitty :’) Yeah look at those shoes. I’m sure Cory is teaching him how to fix his shoe laces, soon he’ll be a big son! aah good opportunity to post this pic again. Let me tell you how this pic went:

Photographer: Okay everyone squeeze in together in the frame come oon!
Cory: *Squeeze Robin closer to him*
Smaylor: *Continues*
Photographer: Okay wow chill you ARE in the frame now okay wow dudes.
Smaylor: OH OKAY WE JUST WANTED TO MAKE REALLY SURE! Fine then I’ll just move away from Mister Cory’s lap :( *still all cuddle up*

what a shitty banner lol


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love, fran

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Minncon 2016 with my best friend. I can’t even begin to describe this amazing experience. This is my last con and it was just so invigorating everyone was beyond wonderful and it truly was a great experience for my two friends. Highlights of the weekend were My JDM pose because after he kissed me on the forehead and I fangirled the fuck out lol. My pose with jared (not posted) he has been such a friend to this fandom making sure we were all okay and know that we are a loved and are enough and I did a simple pose with him to let him know that he was enough as well. My Matt op which I won’t be posting. he is literally the sweetest person and unfortunately gets the most objectification at cons, my pose was simple and sweet and he actually thanked me for the pose. This was my last con but the memories were worth it all.

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i'm not a terf & disagree with the majority of their stuff but i wish y'all would leave lesbians alone who wouldn't date/are wary of trans women. i'm sure there are lovely trans women existing right now but trans women's violence rates are scary. they match men's, women's are 10x lower. a trans women murdered a black lesbian couple & their black son not long ago. they rape/pester for sex from women in shelters. they blackmail lesbians into sex. seriously grow up and stop being afraid of radfems.

i have no problem with lesbians knowing what they’re attracted to and dating who they want to date, that’s everyone’s own decision to make for themselves. but that mindset that you have of demonizing trans women is extremely backwards and transphobic. trans women are not sex-crazed murdering rapists?? in fact, trans women (especially trans women of color) have the highest murder rate in the united states, with already 15 reported murders in the us in 2017 alone according to the Human Rights Campaign (http://www.hrc.org/resources/violence-against-the-transgender-community-in-2017). and where are your sources of trans women attacking/killing/raping lesbians? because the only things i could find were extremely offensive and transphobic threads on reddit and an article that referred to being a trans woman as a “psychological disorder that causes them to claim that they are actually female, even though they are male.” despite what you may believe, anon, trans women are not monsters. they are people, and extremely marginalized and discriminated against. although there is an argument that trans women harbor a tendency for violence like men, there really isn’t any data that can prove that, and i really see that as yet another way to invalidate trans women identities and demonize them. it’s very much like when white people like to generalize all black people as lazy and violent when that really isn’t the case. while i’m sure that there are violent trans women in this world, it’s dangerous and transphobic to let the actions of a few speak for all trans women. ultimately, i think that you are very poorly informed on this topic and are allowing fear mongering and transphobic opinions to cloud your view of trans women. seriously grow up and stop being afraid of trans women (lol). and again, if you disagree with me that’s fine, just don’t follow my blog or interact with me. i promise i’m okay with that.