let me just pick up those names i dropped



surprise surprise, it’s me again!! matt, your friendly neighborhood trashcan!! or, for those that don’t know me by name, i’m the mun behind rkdawon and jihyork!! i know this probably looks really bad since i just picked up siyeon only to drop her one week later, but i promise that it was all for the best!! i’ve wanted to bring in exy for a Long Time™ and i knew that i wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if i didn’t bring her in now!!

let’s see.. well, sojung’s originally from chicago but she moved to seoul when she was twelve!! she’s (in my opinion) really cool and i love her so much and i hope that you’ll love her too!! she really wants to be known as a triple threat bc she truly wants to become the greatest. have i mentioned that i love her?? i have a lot more information on her profile page here, so feel free to check that out if you’d like!!

okay, so, to get down to business, please like this if you’d like to plot and i’ll fall into your inbox and i’m sure we can come up with something!! if you need to contact me, you can find me on twitter @dawonsbf and we can plot or chat from there!! i promise that i will shower u with love because i doubt that i’ll be able to resist!! also, if you’ve read this far, thank u and ily. i look forward to plotting with you all ♥