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Kissing Day Prompt Lists and Writers Circle

This year, Kissing Day sorta snuck up on me but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun. I have goodies for a giveaway, and I’m going to get (at least) one new fic up, but I thought, hey…why don’t I outsource? :D 

You can find more information on the main post [here]. The event will run from September 9-16. For those accepting prompts, once your name goes on the list or you reblog this with “prompt me!” or something to that effect, you can work at whatever pace works best for you, just make sure you get it to me if you want it reblogged next week (or the week after). I’ll take submitted links, tags (me or #Seal’s Kissing Day Celebration) or you can send me a link in chat.

So now that that is out of the way…. 

Prompt lists and outsourcing: A few of you have expressed interest in taking prompts for the holiday. I can’t do that, but I can certainly prompt you and share your name on a Kissing Day Writers’ Circle Roster. Those interested in being prompted for all the Kissing Day fluff and smut* just let me know! *(and angst? I’m not sure about angst, but I say angst with a happy ending would be more than fine). I can add your name to this post, just let me know which DA you’re writing for (1, 2, 3, canon, au, etc) and the characters you want to write about (otp, brotp, etc).  

Kissing Day isn’t just for romance and  while some of these lists are geared toward it, I don’t want anyone thinking this is a romance exclusive holiday. Friendship and family are so important, and affection (especially kisses!) tends to be far too sexualized in my part of the world, so if you’re worried about this autumnal version of Valentine’s Day being all romance all the time, NOPE. We had a lot of great pieces last year that had little to nothing to do with romance. If you want some examples check out the 2016 Kissing Day Masterpost.

Kissing Day Prompt Lists

Kissing Day Writers Roster

Quick note: if you’re sending prompts make sure folks are still taking them (or just add a note in your prompt “if you’re still taking prompts” or some such) as this list will update, but the post going around may be older. 

@poweredbycoffeeandwine ( Dragon Age Modern AU Pairings: Elina Trevelyan x Cullen, Mercedes Hawke x Anders. Mass Effect Pairings: Tavrien Shepard x Kaidan, Camille Ryder x Liam.)

@mysdrym (let me know details? shoot me an ask or a chat and I’ll just copy and paste )

@guileandgall  Mainly Dragon Age Trilogy, Mass Effect Trilogy, Mass Effect: Andromeda, and Saints Row. For pairings, check their character page. 

@scottishvix:  Sai x Cullen (Love universe), but she would also love to do some friendship ones for Lily. (mod note: YES. give me the friendship fics!)

@helluvawriter: Dragon Age.  Siany X Blackwall. Siany is a spirit healer in the inquisition and everything happens tangentially to the main plot, but takes place in a canon. Then Canon Elora Lavellan X Cullen.

@crisontumblr joined us last Kissing with how the Wardens do it in Ferelden. For  prompts; primary ship is Aeron Tabris and Alistair, but cris is starting to work on Gideon Hawke x Fenris.

@kagetsukai  from kagetsukai:  My main pairing is Cullavellan, but I’m willing to experiment with things in any of the DA games. Send me a prompt and we’ll talk :D

(UB)BTS Bias - Taehyung

WOW so it’s been a long time since I’ve done a bias post, but what better way to get back into it then with the Ultimate Bias?!? :D

Kim Taehyung is a multi talented individual, but as almost always I’m gonna start listing the reason I love him. So without further delay, in no particular order…

1) As per always, Look how darn tootin cute he is

I’m weak for pink/purple hair in general but Tae pulls it off so well <3

2) The way he pulls off hats (this is pure jealousy on my end, I look terrible in all forms of head gear)

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He looks great in red hats in particular (Jiminie look fine af in his too)

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lol and he still looks great…

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(Now it’s Yoongi looking fine af  in his hat too)

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And just because it’s too cute (his tongue is making it not so cute but more…you know…)

3) Him with Kids…I mean anyone with kids make me weak but seriously look at them <3

He just always seems to be happy with them

4) Tongue - Just gunna put it out there, it’s not fair

this one was funny, but still..

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pretty sure Big Hit added these in because of the ruckus we made in WOH MV. We brought this upon ourselves

5) He’s so goofy. Like Dork Maximus. All my biases are major dorks, but I suppose since all of BTS are dorks this is almost a moot point…

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5) Alright not gonna lie I had up to 7 written and my screen refreshed :( again.. So from memory - His Stareee

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6) Hi Smiless - It’s so open and happy that it makes my heart fill with happiness too

7) His voice! OMG I’m in love with ALL of his covers and am so glad he got (and everyone else) got a chance to shine in the solo songs. His is honestly one of my most played tracks (Gosh I tried to insert his song but tumblr wont let me :(, oh well just go listen to it while you look at the rest :P)

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Here’s just some of my fav gifs <3

This Photo shoot is still one of my all time favorites, he just looks so soft

Love him in Gray!

OTP - I’m a die hard TaeKook/VKook shipper, cause like come on, look at them:

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I’ve found that I am also unfortunately a Tae shipping hoe, cause like Vmin man :

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and Taegi….

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Sorry Tae Tae. my shipper brain refuses to be silenced :(

If any wants me to upload another Bias list for another group just let me know! :) (Lowkey wants to do another one but not sure which yet!)

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fic recs for every haikyuu ship you ship?

omg are u serious i could just cry

ok so i made a kagehina and asanoya post a while back but i’m just gonna list them all here and keep updating this post every time i feel like there needs to be an addition. plus my opinions kinda changed so well.

i dont usually read ongoing fics btw cause i’m impatient and cannot handle waiting for updates.

and while we’re at it, let me just say that i’m very angry about the fact that there are a) such few kuroken fics out there - kuroken is my haikyuu otp, and b) there are like zero good quality kenhina fics like GUYS WHY but here you go anon:

edit: last update 9/9/2014: 06 45 GMT +5

Keep reading

youcraycray2  asked:

Hi!! I'm a fan of your AUs (esp the opposite ones) and if I may, can I ask for some supernatural AUs?? I hope you don't mind and thanks for the daily dose of creativity! xD

(ahhh thank you so much i love opposite aus a LOT :D) and of course! :)

  • think romeo and juliet but with different races; cliche but why not
  • i’m a fancy elf and you’re my angry drunk dwarf best friend and you try hooking me up with this person you know please don-okay nevermind who are they
  • i’m a pirate and you’re a pissed off dragon because i stole your treasure hoard (took this from my other blog actually :3)
  • we’re both on the run for various reasons and meet up except we don’t know each other’s languages so know we have to travel together and communicate through charades while slowly teaching each other our languages
  • i’m a mercenary and i was sent to hunt you down except you seem really nice hey why is this person trying to kill you
  • you ran away from an arranged marriage and i was told/hired to bring you back but from what you’re saying they sound really evil hmmm
  • there are hunters after you and i know i’m a hunter and all but you’re just trying to live your life with the humans peacefully here let me help you blend in
  • our mothers totally want us to get together but we don’t like each other that way we’re just friends (right??)
  • little do you know that i’m run away royalty you’re just helping me because i’m completely hopeless on my own

I hope these were what you were thinking! If not then let me know so i can write something else :)


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1 and 3

I’m going to assume this is for Supergirl, but if anyone wants me to do other fandoms, let me know. (I won’t list all my fandoms but for example: the other shows in the Arrowverse, the DCEU & MCU, their cartoons and comics, Avatar/Korra, Star Wars, etc.) 
1. What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?* 
I had to think about this for a minute. I mean, I objectively understand why people might ship most of the ships in the fandom, whether I ship it too, I’m indifferent to it or it’s a NOTP (even though with certain NOTPs they’re simply wrong.)

I guess I don’t get Winnara, but I don’t think it’s anyone’s OTP. 

Then I remembered Kalex is a thing. I just don’t get why incest ships are still a thing in 2017. 

3. Have you ever unfollowed someone over a fandom opinion?
Yes. While I do believe in agreeing to disagree/shipping and let ship, that doesn’t mean I have to follow someone if they are constantly spamming my NOTP or are against one of my OTPs. I’m always open to conversation and debate when it’s respectful and it’s good to be aware of what the other side’s mindset is like, but I don’t need to surround myself in that environment all the time…it’s not healthy. Similarly, there are people within my fandom who ship the same things as I do, but their thoughts and actions were toxic and couldn’t be overlooked. 

Salty Ask List

First allow me to introduce you to the people who are of a consistence pain in the ass – bringing on the feels and God knows what else;

leon-s–kennedy - So this right here has been the leader of emotional distress, clearly on my own part. I adore this person IC and OOC, Ada may not have chose him for her heart, but all be damned if she’s going to live happily without knowing he cares. For the record? OOC? Leon-Mun is a damn sweetie. A wonderful writer and a character himself, I’m not sure this blog would even still be existence if it weren’t for this fellow here.

nomorextears - Helena. Oh lord, if you hate on Helena you are wrong on so many levels. This lovely lady pulls her off beautifully and frankly? I adore our interactions. This here is a lovely roleplayer, writer, and a card OOC. Shares my interest in beautifully tragic death scenes – what more could anyone ask for?

diaboluscarnifex - I still don’t know much about reboot – or devil may cry in general. Thing is? I adore this Dante, and the Mun is always around to bring a smile to my face, and be protective when I’m getting all sappy ‘n shit. A good friend, and an amazing writer. Also – kudos on 'dat Helena ass. Wink wonk.

zombiexpress - Leon, leon, leon, leon. I love you a lot okay? One of the best roleplayers to ever exist. Easily a person you could get along with, and should. Sweetie tbh, though gotta’ get passed snarky ass Leon. He acts all tough, but he’s really a big old dork. Ask Ada. She knows the truth.

domumxinveni - Still haven’t played TLOU, but goddamn this little girl has Ada’s heart. Mini Spy ain’t gonna’ die anytime soon, why? Because Ada’s kind of just accepted responsibility for Ellie, and do you assume that Ada will ever let anyone she gets close to die? Hell no. Mun. I love you, you aren’t the chattiest thing – but all the times you’ve made me laugh or gave me feels? Girl. I adore you, keep being awesome.

rebeckychambers - Alcohol brofisting. & awesome lesbians. I mean – nah. Rebecca-Mun is amazing and oh so precious. I love the way she writes and I sure as Hell love drunk bonding. But lord woman stop trying to get in Ada’s pants! Coughs. I love this roleplayer. Writing is flawless, portrayal is the most unique I’ve EVER seen. Much love. Much quality.

lavitaxnuova - Maxx is so damn fantastic. Three beautifully written OC’s and such an amazing person behind the screen. I know we don’t always get the chance to talk, but you’ve been here forever girl. I love you, love your muses.

gunpowdergallows - Jesus H. Christ if you are not following Deanna-butt you are on so many levels of wrong. We’ve been following each other for gosh like over a year at least, and I’ve loved your writing since the start. STILL ALWAYS GONNA’ BE YOUR PAPA GIRLY. Ahem. Truth is, this is Deanna Winchester to the core, the greatest genderbent RP blog I’ve ever seen and I love you.

crownofsmiles - Probably my longest lived friend via Roleplay. Shay? You and I go way back and I hope I’ll never lose you. Your OC has been around so long, and you’ve put so much work and development into Sora and just… I cannot wait til the day your game gets made, remember you owe me a free copy, mmkay? Your writing is perfect and I am so pleased with the fact that Ada and Sora are gonna’ have this AWKWARDLY forced mother daughter relationship. Aw yis.

furyofbahamut - Fangu-Butt. FANG. I love you, sunshine. I love you lots, and I swear one day I'mma just kidnap you and we’re gonna pop off to Hawaii and live off pineapples. You’ve been a loyal friend, and one I probably don’t even deserve. But Hell, you know I’ve got your back, darling.~ You know I love you.

carlaradames - Spoiler alert, this chick is one of the most amazing roleplayers to ever exist. It’s gonna be a damn shame to see your Carla go, because I can’t lie – you’ve given me more feels than any blog could probably hope to. Reminder that you are a damn quality writer and you’ll be missed, girl you’re a Hell of a writer. Don’t ever forget that.

marginalfighter - Ziggles, I am so happy to have you. You are one of those people who I know when I see you on the dash that I can always go to you and just. I don’t have to know your character that well to know that Ada and I both think you’re wonderful. We will always follow you, even if you can be the most awkward turtle ever.

infusedblues - Oh my darling, it hasn’t been that long since we met but I absolutely adore your company IC and OOC. You portray Zack in such a wonderful manner, and truly? It’s always a pleasure to chat. Keep being amazing, you precious thing.

tyranniical - Tracey. Darling, your Wesker is the most amazing thing to ever exist in the history of forever. I can’t even help but shower him in attention and Ada’s like – bitch I know I shouldn’t, but old habits die hard and HE’S SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD. Ugh. You are such a sweetie OOC I don’t even know how you pull off Wesker so well, but I love your muse. I love you. So good to see you back, even part-time. Ada will be sure to make your life Hell. I swear.

illusiveguns - Trish. We’re still the badassest of bitches ever. I don’t even care if that doesn’t make sense. I adore you, I adore your writing, I adore everything you do. You are so damn precious and I miss interacting with you, and just. I will never unfollow you. No matter what muse you traverse to, and no matter where I vanish. You. Are. Amazing.

brandedbyanangel - Oh hello there you. Deen-Butt. I tell you now, you are such a pain in the butt. WITH YOUR ’ U ’ IN SAVIOR. IT DON’T GO IN THERE GIRLY GET OUT. Wait. No. I adore you, you are such a perfect writer and you are such a wonderful Dean. I fucking love you. So y'know always gonna’ be your papa too. Always. Coughs. But the fact that you insist on rping themes that break my heart has to stop one day. We should do a happy thang, gotit.

apocalypticcowboy - & there’s a reason I saved you for last, you fucker. Ahem. Thank you for making me question my otp, but let me just – I love you. I have no idea how you pull Rick off so goddamn perfectly, but you do. Couldn’t ask for a more amazing shipping partner tbh. Not to mention someone willing to ax any fuckers that irritate me. Which are a lot – hurrhurr. You’re so damn amazing, I could go on for hours on how fucking awesome you are. But I’d probably just swear a lot and be like, bitches gettin’ married and fleein’ to Russia? Yeaaah. You’re amazing, keep murdering my feels k.

Now to get to the list of all these amazing people who maybe haven’t made an impression on the spy bitch yet, but oh I know you lovely folks aren’t going anywhere and I need you to know that you are loved;

curseofthecolossi , praeliia , groundedvalkyrie , alexander-kozachenko , maya-torres , assholeinahoodie , fourthsurvivor , deus-ex-zeus , bsaa-sniper , relinquox , hhhawke , coeurcourageuxx , ravagedgrace , tacticalxkiller , veneii , angelicpromise , apexpredateur , mustprattle , silverwolfzinoviev , bloodybluerose , blackmarketbaroness , sequencefinale , transientgunner , tritusaugeous , pickamuse , devilbrought , crimsonheartbreaker , reverse-gaia , chineseghostlygirl , hellfirexx , iaintnokid , cryokinesiis , foolreversed , engineofdestruction , moonwalkinandy , affinityforsecrets , pierssureshotnivans , roseuscrystallum , apricatex , leonsurvivorkennedy , rifiutare , immortalguardian , verbotii , notadeadgirl , theyoungsir , keptshort , andthisisgonnahurt , reachedout , didyoueverflashythingme , crimsonslayer , cynicismxatbest , fugitivi , tripledshot , thebirkinsaviour , lionharted , angelchildxdesire , pilota-zingaro , fightuntilbroken , sonata-blues , thegovernmentlapdog , ebonyredgrave , lastlivingpotter , yellowascot , stxrcrossd , athisbest , protoxhipster , doctorbirkin , militusx , aintnohomocidecop , perfectxheist , ancientlily , hopefulxgreene , justxdifferent , bnehlacc , cybersniper , leonskennedyask , imabetterfather , leeurbaneverett , fiestymudblood

I’ve been getting some asks in my box on why I don’t ship SF anymore, and I’ve had this rant stored in my notes for awhile that I’ve been trying to post but it keeps getting eaten up, but I’ll try again cuz I’d rather just put up one long big explanation instead of answering questions separately.


So maybe some have you noticed that I don’t have Swanfire listed in my OTPS anymore and been caught saying that I don’t ship it anymore. I’m sorry to my coconut sisters, but I have been completely turned off by this ship so much that I get uncomfortable seeing them together.

And it’s all because of Emma-Fucking-Swan. Because to me, the true death this season was not Neal Cassidy, it was Emma Swan.

Now let me be clear, I still think SF is true love (despite my dislike of the pairing now) and I will definitely still support and defend this ship because it was a beautiful and poetic ship. And it could have grown into something even more beautiful. The lost boy and girl finding home together, the product of true love, the son of the dark one, both with troubles pasts finding one another and creating a beautiful baby with the heart of the truest believer. The fact that it’s such a pretty ship and it got completely shit on breaks my heart. A&E were very obviously setting things up between them in S2, it was incredibly obvious and if you say that SF had no hints of being true love and it was “a thing of the past” you are a fucking moron. Everything was being put into place, it’s what made S2 bearable, watching their story unfold. Emma still carrying a torch for him, her jealousy of Tamara, the flirting and stolen looks between them, the reunion, Tallahasse, their first meeting, the portal scene, IT WAS CLEARLY ABOUT TO TURN INTO SOMETHING.

And then a smelly hunk of leather came in and fucked EVERYTHING up.

I refuse to think for one fucking second that Hook was supposed to be where he is today. He was a sniveling piece of shit that hit men and women that were forced into submission, and left children to fend for themselves. That’s all he was in S2, while Neal was off kicking Cora and Regina’s ass, learning to be a good father, rebuilding bonds with Emma and Rumple, S2 was SWANFIRES season, and if you try to tell me that they were setting up Captainswan you can go suck a fuck because you’re a fucking moron. They were setting up CS to be endgame when Hook was abandoning team princess? When he manipulated poor Aurora and took something precious of hers? When he verbally taunted Emma? When he threatened the life of Henry? Ooo what about when he shoved Emma so hard into the wall she knocked out for a second? And the fact that he pinned her down with a sword and made gross sexual comments? Don’t even get me fucking started on what he did to Belle and Archie, poor babies. You’re telling me that they were “setting up Captainswan” by showing how abusive and shitty Hook is? because I HIGHLY fucking doubt that A&E were putting their little ducks in rows for them at the time. They were too focused on swanfire, the REAL endgame.

And if A&E truly were setting up something romantic with them in S2, then I’m doing relationships all wrong. Should I leap into the arms of the guy who slapped me around and threw me to the ground when I was in his way? Or what about the guy who threatened the life of my CHILD SISTER? Maybe the friend who pinned me down freshman year and sexually terrorized me? In A&E and CSers minds, is that the first steps to a beautiful romance? Because if so I am so utterly fucking disgusted. It makes me want to throw up if they actually think that is what romance is. And what makes me even more mad is that they wrote Emma, who shouldn’t be putting up with Hooks abusive bullshit, to be ok with this.

I will never stop loving Neal, I will never stop shipping him with happiness because after all the shit he’s been through, he fucking deserves it. But I have come to realize that Neal can’t be happy with Emma, because Emma died. The Emma I’ve seen in S3 is a complete stranger. The Emma I know, wouldn’t throw herself at a man who has laid his hands on her aggressively and forced her into submission, the Emma I know wouldn’t blush and giggled when a perverted man makes a comment about her breasts when she’s in pain, the Emma I know wouldn’t leave her “love”, the father of her fucking child, to die yet save a random ass woman she’s never met. This is not Emma Swan, this is not the kick ass, don’t take shit from anybody woman that I adored in past seasons. They’ve replaced her with some horny bimbo who lashes out and hurts the wrong people.

I am most definitely not fucking bitter because “swanfire didn’t work out” if this is the Emma that would have been involved with Neal, I’d say he dodged a fucking bullet, a huge one. First of all, I don’t think Emma owes Neal ANYTHING. I don’t think she should he forced into anything with him just because he’s Henry’s father. HOWEVER, it pisses me the fuck off when Neal does all this shit for her and she doesn’t even acknowledge it, instead she pushes him away and lashes out at him, clearly causing him extreme pain when all he’s trying to do is help her, make her happy. Neal has so far, put himself in front of her when there’s danger, came back to her to make sure Rumple didn’t hurt her, stepped up to the plate and became an amazing daddy to their son, got up from a fucking BULLET WOUND LIKE IT WAS NOTHING, and traveled between lands for her and Henry, to protect them, to make sure they were safe. He has tried to talk with her about their past, he has apologized multiple times, he owned up to his mistake, learned from it, and told Emma she owed him nothing and could be as angry as she wanted with him. THIS IS WHAT LOVE IS. PUTTING SOMEONE ELSE BEFORE YOU. Emma tells Neal that she loves him, that she *needs* him. In Neal’s mind, he is probably ecstatic, relived, happy, he finally knows that the woman of his dreams still loves him after everything he did to her. He then let’s go of her hand to make sure she doesn’t fall down the portal with him. So then Neal works his (incredibly sexy) ass off to make it back to her. He deals with the shadow, escapes Felix, THE WHOLE GENIUS SQUID THING, turning into a total badass and getting his son back for a few short moments. When he gets captured and Emma goes to rescue him, she totally tears him down and breaks his heart. He had just been told that Emma loved and needed him, and now she’s taking huge steps backwards by telling him she’d rather him dead and gone for good so she didn’t have to deal with the pain of losing him. (This is where swanfire started to go downhill and you could almost hear the sound of A&E back pedaling away from it.)

But Neal sits there and takes it, he let’s her get all out because he knows he deserves it, he knows he hurt her. And instead of forcing something onto her, he gives her a hug. Because that’s what she needed most right then. When they get back, he tells Emma he will never stop fighting for her. This does NOT mean he’s going to pester her into something romantic (cough cough HOOK cough cough) it just means that he truly learned from his mistake of leaving her and not fighting hard enough. He’s not going to give up on her, hell always be by her side. So after jumping into things immediately to get his son back, he is told that by Hook, that the woman who just got done telling him how much she loved and needed him, made out with him. It was 5 days since his “death.” Really shows how much she truly loved him. And he of course is pissed, I mean Emma just fucking told him she loved him and needed him, wouldn’t you be pissed?! Neal had every right to lash out, to punch Hook, the man who slept with his mom and played a role in breaking his parents up was now coming onto his love. But what makes Neal such a good person, is that he didn’t do those things. He forced a smile and pretended things were ok because if Hook was making Emma happy, he wasn’t going to stand in her way.

Oh baeby you are such a good person please come back to me.

And when he is caught acting childish, he once again owns up to his mistake, and backs away from Emma, telling her the most important thing is Henry. And what does Hook do? Smiles like the smug little shit he is. While Neal was being respectful and giving her space, Hook got in Emma’s face and told her he *will* win her heart. Like Emma’s love was a prize and not a gift. THIS IS EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG WITH CAPTAINSWAN. A WOMANS LOVE IS NOT A FUCKING PRIZE YOU PIECE OF SHIT. And can we talk about the fact that Emma didn’t give a shit when Neal was being attacked by the shadow?! She cried “Hook!” But nothing for Neal?! The goddam FATHER OF HER CHILD, THE MAN WHO PUT HIS LIFE ON THE LINE FOR HER AND HENRY?! Oh but no, she cries out to Hook, the piece of shit who beat and taunted her. You fucking heartless bitch.

When they get back to SB, Neal wants to make things right with Emma. He just wants to sit down and talk with her, so they can work through their baggage. That was all he was wanting to do. He didn’t push her into anything, and he said if she didn’t want to, he’d leave her alone. And Neal was left there in the diner by himself, clearly in pain from the hurt of rejection and embarrassment of it all. Swanfire is taking some giant ass steps backwards at this point, all hope for me was gone this ep. I just couldn’t see a future for them anymore.

I knew that when Hook was the one to show up at her door at the winter finale, Swanfire was done. Captainswan has somehow managed to come in like a fucking wrecking ball and destroy it. It should not have been Hook to show up at her door. It shouldn’t have been Neal either, personally Rumple would have been cool, but It shouldn’t have been Hook! This is when A&E started pushing Hook onto the fans, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why. He is not relevant at all and they were trying is hard to make him that way. His arc is total shit, he’s a creep, and he’s just not important! So whatever Captainswan had their little fanfic adventure, it was totally lame.

I’m not even going to touch on Neal’s passing because it’s just too painful for me.

So days after Neal is gone, Emma is totally flirty with Hook like what the fuck Emma, your supposed love just died and you’re pulling this shit AGAIN? IF YOU DIDNT FUCKING LOVE OR NEED NEAL IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU SHOULDNT HAVE FUCKING TOLD HIM THAT. CLEARLY HE WASNT THAT IMPORTANT TO YOU IF YOURE DOING THIS HOOK SHIT AGAIN.

And the finale. The mother fucking. Finale. It’s not even Once Upon a Time anymore, this is Once Upon a Captainswan Fanfiction. Seriously?! Hook went back in time with her?

IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN FUCKING NEAL. A&E YOU FUCKERS GAVE THE STORY NEAL SHOULD HAVE HAD TO HOOK. Seriously! The two thieves back for another adventure, using their skills, bonding, sharing tender moments together like Emma watching her parents meet? Neal should have gone with her. It would have made so much more fucking sense. They are trying so hard to make Hook relevant and it’s embarrassing.

This is the ep that they stripped Emma of her intelligence and dignity. If there was any last shred of the real Emma Swan left in the bimbo the replaced her with, it was destroyed in this ep. Emma puts on a corset that hurts her ribs, and Hook just says “I don’t mind, it’s a nice view”? And Emma blushes and acts flirty?? WHO THE FUCK IS THIS WOMAN?!! The REAL Emma Swan would have snapped her fingers at him and said “hey! Eyes up here!”

Know what Neal would have done? Probably helped her loosen it and told her she looked fine.

And then the whole Past Hook seduction scene. I’ve seen the clip. It was the most disgusting thing I’ve seen Emma do. Now I get that she was trying to distract him but….that. was just not Emma. That was not the Emma I know. This woman is a complete stranger and honestly I’m a little frightened. Something in that scene disturbed me. It was complete fan service, so CSers can wet their panties at a totally OOC Emma seducing Hook. A&E actually wrote her showing off her breasts, touching his thigh(?), meeting him up for promised sex, making out with him, etc. What kind of message is this supposed to be sending? It’s almost as if they wrote themselves into Emma in this scene because they clearly have huge boners for Hook. It’s like Emma was the female embodiment of A&E in that scene. Why don’t they just write themselves into the show and have Hook fuck them and leave Emma the fuck alone.

And then the scene that just shattered any hope of regaining respect for Emma for me.

Emma had the chance to save Neal. The chance to stop a good and selfless person, the father of her child, her love, a man who risked everything for her, dying.

And she didn’t. She actually said she wouldn’t do it because he died a hero and didn’t want to “take that away from him.”




Neal would have done everything to save your fucking ass if it had been you!! He would have fought tooth and nail to do what he could to bring you back and you just fucking let him die?!! You cold hearted bitch! And to rub the salt in the fucking wound, you save a random ass woman’s life??? YOU LET NEAL DIE BUT YOU SAVED HER??

She has NO FUCKING RIGHT to make the decision that henry should grow up without his father. “He died a hero.” WELL HE FUCKING LIVED AS ONE TOO AND HE WOULD HAVE GONE BACK AND SAVED YOU. I am utterly appalled at how disgustingly OOC this moment was. The Emma I used to know and love would NEVER let someone she loved die for a stupid ass reason like that. You had the chance to bring that poor little lost boy back so he could have the family he always wanted, and you just let him fucking die!! That poor lost boy who’s fate was sealed in that moment, who would end up fighting so hard and long for absolutely NOTHING because a dumb bimbo decided his fate for him. I don’t even know how to express how angry this makes me. And it hurts the most knowing that Neal was fighting so hard for someone who didn’t give a shit about him and what his life was worth. This was the final confirmation I needed. Emma did not deserve someone like Neal Cassidy. She chooses a man who hit her and countless other women, a man who threatened her sons life, a man who was a backstabbing liar and left her for dead, over a selfless man who put his life on the line for her and their son.

*slow clap* you bimbo. Oh well. It’s your fucked up disgusting relationship, I just wished that you hadn’t fucking led Neal on and let him FUCKING DIE when if you had just been straight and honest with him, and saved his life when you had the chance, you could have avoided so much pain and suffering.

I cannot believe that A&E destroyed a beautiful and poetic ship, by dumbing the female down and killing off the male. They set everything up perfectly for them, and shit all over it in S3. I will never understand why. I will never understand what made them drop the ball so fucking fast. Did they really think trying to erase Neal and pushing CS was going to make everyone forget about Swanfire? I mean they created the ship, they obviously wanted it to go somewhere, and then they just tried to erase the whole thing. Professional writers my ass. My 10 year old sister writes better things in her journal than these two morons.

With this new Emma Swan in place, I’m almost glad that Neal is gone. Almost. Because now he doesn’t have to suffer anymore pain and confusion because of her bullshit. And if Neal ever comes back (he will, don’t take that away from me, nealfire WILL come back) he needs to find his own Tallahasse because Emma is not worth the pain and the fighting. She let him die, she decided his fate, she thinks an abusive perverted pirate is a better choice than him, she’s dug her grave.

I admire those of you still shipping Swanfire, you guys have some tough ass hearts and I wish you the best. You WILL survive Captainswan, because you guys know in your hearts that this was not the story that was meant to happen. You know what the real Emma’s Tallahasse is, and it doesn’t involve a smelly fucking pirate. But I however cannot stand seeing them together anymore, I can’t stand seeing Emma smiling and giggly around Hook when she let Neal die. Emma Swan was the real death of S3, and Swanfire was buried with her. I never once thought I’d abandon this ship, I fell in love with these two the moment they were on screen together in Tallahassee. I shipped them so hardcore and they gave me hope for my own happy ending. That I, like them, would fight my demons and find love and happiness. But according to A&E, I am doing romance all wrong. Apparently a “sorry” is more than enough reason to brush evil doings under the rug and throw yourself into the arms of the man who’s hit and terrorized you.

And to the people agreeing with this, saying “Hook apologized to everyone, it’s all ok now CS can be endgame!” Let me tell you something.

When I watched the scene of Emma being pinned down by Hook, I’m reminded of freshman me. Scared, shy, stressed to the max, wide eyed, but hopeful that a fresh start at a new school would be good for me. Only a few months into my freshman year, I too was pinned down by a recognizable face, a friend from middle school. I was told what was going to go inside me and I was sexually terrorized. It has left emotional residue and has just been added to the list of abuses I’ve suffered from men. And even though it’s been years and I’ve moved past it, I still wouldn’t accept just a fucking “sorry.”

But according to this show, a sorry is all you need to move past these things, and it opens doors to romantic possibilities. Emma Swan and A&E have set this example and endorsed it. Jmo has talked up Hook and made him out to be a perfect example of a love interest, A&E have called him a gentleman, yet all jmo has said about Neal is that Charming should punch him in the face.I’m so glad my little sister has stopped watching this show with me, because I will not have her grow up thinking this is acceptable. That a man who forces you into submission can have everything he desires by saying “sorry” but a selfless man who would do anything for you deserves a punch in the face.

I am appalled and disgusted by the messages A&E are making OUAT send, and I’m thankful I was able to smell the bullshit from the start and steer my sister away from it. No matter what Neal did for Emma, no matter how hard he fought for her, she still decided he should die because a heroes death is apparently worth more than the heroes life. This is why I cannot go on shipping Swanfire. Because Neal Cassidy deserved so much better. My vision for Neal includes a partner who pulls their weight in the relationship, someone who would fight just as hard as him and would risk their life as he would too, someone who would always love him and never make him feel alone or inferior to someone else. Neal deserves happiness, and family, love and acceptance. His well earned all these things, he deserves them. But he certainly does not deserve to get stuck with the bimbo they have replaced Emma with.

To my SF followers, I am so sorry for the anti-Emma, but I can’t swallow this shit anymore, it’s giving me an infection. I will always love Neal Cassidy, and I will always ship him with happiness. It’s the true endgame to me. Neal deserves so much, and I believe he will still get it. But I can’t stick around to see if he end up with the bizarro Emma, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Neal’s Tallahassee is not with Emma Swan, I don’t know who his Tallahassee should be with, but whoever can make that puppy smile and love him as much as he loves them, they’ve received my stamp of approval.

*Tinkerbae shipping intensifies*