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book aesthetics: girls reading v2: woc (x)


Like who he tryna kid though?

Modeling is definitely one of those “endeavors outside of music” she’s been working on

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

Imagine Woozi trying his best to help you sleep better when he finds out that you haven’t been sleeping well lately.

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do you have any prompts about your OTP taking care of each other? Like being sick and such.

  • “Holy heck, babe, just lie back down. You’re coughing up a lung and can barely stand up. Just let me get you some juice and take care of you.” AU
  • Character A has just gotten back from getting their arm/wrist/leg/etc. in a cast and uses this as a playful way to have Character B take care of Character A.
  • It’s date night, and Character A has come down with a bug and has to text Character B that they’re canceling…except Character B shows up at Character A’s house with ice cream, hot tea, and Character A’s favorite movie to help them feel better.
  • “I work kids all the time, so I’m pretty much immune to whatever gross colds that they try to give me, but my significant other has no tolerance whatsoever.” AU
  • For a cute date, Character A has planned a romantic walk through a nature park, followed by a homemade picnic for Character A and Character B to enjoy together. This would be perfect, if Character B wasn’t crazy allergic to the pollen/cedar/dogwood/etc. that’s in the air.
  • “Babe, I know I’m feverish and half out of my mind from cough medicine but oh my gosh….ooooh my gosh. I love your face….so much…” AU
  • Character A is incredibly stressed from work. so Character B arranges a relaxing night of taking care of Character A, complete with back rubs and relaxing aromatherapy candles.

whew! the batch of ml fashion requests, finally! these took so long for me to spill out you can actually see my style change. thank you to everyone who requested, you all have the best ideas i swear. also sidenote: if you don’t see your request here, that’s because i have bigger plans for it >vo+

Evening Mint Tea

Pairing: Amami/Saihara (AmaSai)
Characters: Rantarou Amami, Shuuichi Saihara, Kaede Akamatsu, Kokichi Ouma (mentioned), Miu Iruma (mentioned)
Words: 2,476
AO3 Link: here

Description: “A mint-haired fox whose entire personality is a syrupy disguise… His type are ones that never dare to take the risk with owlish guys.”

A/N: Very loosely based on this prompt. Almost 100% headcanon-based, self-indulgent stuff! I kept a lot of things vague on purpose, since I feel that it works best that way considering the limited info we know about NDRV3. At the time of writing this, I know <5% about the characters’ canon personalities, so if anyone’s reading this in the future for some reason, please keep that in mind. This probably won’t be IC at all when the game actually releases, but it was fun for me to muse about and write up.

With all that said… I hope you enjoy the fic under the cut! Likes/reblogs are extremely appreciated if you do~ ☆

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Johndave week - Day 4: Hurt/Comfort

Haha shit I’m late?? I haven’t done comics in literal years soooo. Yeah, this is something I think about in terms of John quite a lot. I can’t help but think it might bug him a lot now and then, even if he fixed a timeline, and when confronted he might lash out. Also, bonus pic;

northern downpour // panic! at the disco

`、ヽ  `ヽ`⚡ ヽ`、  ヽ``、  
a thunder shower makes for a cozy hour 

The companion piece to Himawari’s room. And another collab between ammeja (who did the incredible drawing) + me (who did the animation)! Everyone could use a good thunderstorm and blanket fort every now and then ⚡ 

image credit.

i never expected to get above 50 on this blog– i’m mega-selective, tend to play favorites, and only venture out of my comfort zone to yell profanity at people who try to be nice to me. but somehow i’m at 100! i value all of you, even if i don’t follow you back. even if we don’t talk. wykkyd has grown into much more than an impulse blog. i’ve made friendships, i’ve been able to get into new fandoms, i’ve had tremendous amounts of fun even though i know my portrayal is a little bit unorthodox.

directed mushy sh-t under the cut.. yknow.. if you’re into that.

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Mari Christmas! (*^∀゚)ъ

When gift boxes start falling from the sky, everyone thinks it’s a Christmas miracle. The scores of solid objects blasting through the roofs of their homes moments later remind them that just maybe, they should be worrying about the laws of gravity as well. Some choose to hide from the barrage in their homes, while others decide to scramble outside to seek shelter elsewhere.

Bad choice. The townspeople scream and dive out of the way as a pink helicopter swoops low to the ground. Eight children are nearly decapitated. They’re being comforted by their parents after this traumatizing experience as the helicopter slows its descent and hovers in place.

The door to the aircraft slams open to reveal Ohara Mari wearing a red Santa suit and obviously fake white beard. She takes in everyone’s terrified faces with interest. Then, Mari winks, forms a circle with her thumb and forefinger, and whispers, “It’s joke!

No one says a word. Perhaps they’re in shock over the whole situation. Mari doesn’t pay them any mind and says, “Ciao~” before closing the door. The helicopter begins to pick up height, and the bystanders shake themselves out of their stupor so that they can quickly back away before they’re blown off their feet by the resulting winds. Mari’s helicopter veers sharply right and takes off, nearly colliding with a power line. The crowd watches the helicopter slowly fade from sight in stunned silence.

Thousands of homes are destroyed. The entire town is laid to waste, and children weep at the loss of their image of Santa Claus.

But it’s okay, because Dia is money. Mari will drop off the bill for the damages at the Kurosawa estate in the morning.

She chuckles to herself as her helicopter flies off into the night. With this, Dia will definitely regret telling the Ohara heiress that Santa wasn’t real when they were first years.


VIXX-OTPS has reached its third year and has achieved 20,110+ followers! I hope you all enjoyed the 15-day countdown this year and thank you very much for these 3 years! ♥ I hope we would be able to celebrate again next year~